Kate Plus 8, Season 6 Begins July 10, 2017

The promos are on and the new season begins a bit earlier than originally advertised.  It will be airing after the Duggars.

On ET last night, they said Kate Plus 8 was cancelled last September, but that update shows would occasionally be produced.  Thus we have a three episode "season."  They also showed headers that look more like Hate Plus 8 than Kate Plus 8. 

July 10:  918K viewers and a .28 rating.
July 17:  781K viewers and a .22 rating.
July 24:  801K viewers and a .22 rating


Duggarsbegone said...


Irish 33 said...

I watched it last night something I haven't done so in a couple years... I was really bored... this show without a doubt has to be the most boring reality show ever... talk about an unlikable family that can't keep viewers attention for 2 minutes... why in the world would TLC keep this train wreck on television

Debbie H said...

Did anyone catch her bitching during her "rant" about doing everything herself for the party? This was during the Halloween party episode which may be a rerun I hadn't seen- anyway, it was "no assistants and no cleaning lady and no babysitter"- REALLY? Just curious who else moans about not having a babysitter for 12/13 year olds- Sounded just SO scripted to me- the whole break down- I guess they think that sells the show or something-

little dumpling said...

anyone see kate on the ski hill last night? afraid of putting skies on because she would fall and I remeber when they went to utah John loved to ski with one of the twins? I think John was the outdoors person were kate hates sports. why take them were if you hate it.

MayDay said...

That is really scary that TLC focused on the rats in the barn and what she thought was a dead chicken. Really sick that they think that is what attracts viewers.

Marion R. said...

Wondered if anyone noticed the girls (13yrs) all have braces. Didn't see them on the boys????

So sad to see Collin wasn't at his birthday party. Why can't Kate take him out on special occasions and holidays. Too be honest, why can't Collin get help at home.

Where's the parrot she had sitting on her kitchen counter? I feel bad the poor dog has to stay trapped in a fenced off area. Why does she have pets?

So Steve is back? Thought he was gone. Must admit he's a dud like Kate.

Marion R.

Lizzyb said...

Haven't watched any show about the Gosselins in years but was flipping channels and caught the twins 16th Birthday party. So sorry that Collin has been banished from the home- can't imagine that his problems are so severe that he can't live at home and either be tutored or attend a private school nearby. My thoughts after watching the show- it's still all about Kate! The younger kids are adorable and sweet. Maddie is mouthy and bossy as she was when young- I fear she has Kate's personality. Cara is a little alarming- flat personality. Does not seem to care about much- this should be a fed flag to Kate!

Last thought- once this dreadful show is finally cancelled, how will Kate pay for the upkeep of this huge property? It has taken a lot of money to raise 8 children and I don't believe this show can continue to pay for the lifestyle. I'm not saying they shouldn't have moved to a larger house- but they don't live in that expensive of an area and I wondered why they couldn't have found a nice 5 bedroom home with basement that was much less costly than this million dollar plus property!


Kate Gosselin celebrated her sextuplets 13th birthday on Monday's all new episode of Kate Plus 8, but one of the reality star's children was noticeably missing from the festivities -- her son, Collin.

Five of Kate's sextuplets -- Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Leah and Joel -- had a great time at their camping-themed party, which was filmed back in May, and included fun activities and tents set up in their back yard.

As part of their celebration, the boys foraged for supplies that their mom had hidden around the property, and went on a scavenger hunt while learning how to use a compass. They also cooked their own food -- like corn and hot dogs -- over a camp fire.

WATCH: Gosselin Family Celebrates Sextuplets' 13th Birthday With Glamping and Camping Parties!

See photos of the Gosselin family through the years:

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Gosselin family through the years

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Meanwhile, the girls decided to have fun "glamping." They made flower crowns with arts and crafts kits and got mani-pedis from an on-site manicurist. Their fancy dinner was filet mignon served on a table, just like how elegant people camp.

Finally, after all the fun and games, it was time for their cakes. That's right, two awesome cakes to commemorate the milestone birthday. For the boys, there was a cake decorated with fire, while the girls enjoyed a regal, two-tiered pink cake, complete with a pink tent on top and the number 13.


NEWS: Kate and Jon Gosselin Share Birthday Messages for Sextuplets on Their 13th Birthday

While a good time was had by all at the party, the kids' 13-year-old sibling, Collin, was nowhere to be seen.

Kate revealed in August that she had enrolled Collin in in a program away from home to help him cope with "special needs."

"[There's] a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things," the 42-year-old reality star told People Magazine last year. "This has been a struggle we've had for a very long time."

Kate said she and her seven other children miss Collin all time, explaining, " it's been hard because there is a huge hole in our family without him here... But it comforts us to know he's where he needs to be right now, and I can feel good about that."

See photos of Kate Gosselin through the years:

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Kate Gosselin through the years

See Gallery

Tanya T said...

I watched the birthday party episode ( camping for the boys and Glamping for the girls) I see good old Steve the bodyguard is still around and for what? They are self sufficient teens now, it's not like anyone is going to kidnap them when Kate isn't looking. I find it strange that a "body guard" is helping her set up a treasure hunt and party supplies. She looked pretty cozy with him on that sport utility vehicle, with her arm stretched out behind his back. I noticed in the close ups, Steve was not wearing a wedding ring. Anyone know if Kate managed to steal him away from his wife now?

Debbie H said...

About Steve- I also noticed kate has been wearing what looks to be a very nice size engagement ring on her left ring finger as well as a band on her right ring finger- Is it possible she and Steve are married or engaged? The fact that he is still around must mean that she indeed did finally manage to steal him from his wife- but I think that happened a LONG time ago! And finally, with the last of the horrid ratings in, does ANYONE believe that TLC will ever give her another special or "series" of anything? It is without a doubt the most boring show ever- and with so many NEW shows with multiples to watch now, who needs to watch THEM? Their shelf life expired a long time ago-

Sandcastle said...

Kate has been wearing that ring for a long time. I think she once explained that it was a gift from someone and not an engagement ring. She said in a recent interview in People that she's open to the idea of dating. She wouldn't say that if she were engaged.

Steve is around because he is her "road manager," and most likely the only one who will put up with her. It doesn't mean that the two are a couple or that he and his wife are divorced. She stopped referring to him as a bodyguard when the show was cancelled a few years ago.

Check pictures from many years ago. Steve has never worn a wedding ring.


Gosselins argue in Wyomissing dental office

Wednesday August 23, 2017 12:01 AM
Reading Eagle
Wyomissing, PA —

Police responded to an argument between former reality TV stars Jon and Kate Gosselin at a Wyomissing dental office Tuesday afternoon, according to borough police.
Police responded to the Reading Orthodontic Group, 1268 Penn Ave., shortly after 1 p.m. and escorted Kate Gosselin out of the office after she became disruptive during a dispute with her ex-husband.
Police said the argument was over a custody issue regarding one of the couple's 13-year-old daughters.


The Gosselins, former residents of Wyomissing, appeared with their eight children, including sextuplets, in the TV series "Jon & Kate Plus 8" from 2007 to 2009, when the couple divorced.
"We ended up asking the child, 'Who do you want to go home with?'" Wyomissing Police Chief Jeffrey R. Biehl said of Tuesday's incident. "She wanted to go home with her dad. Mrs. Gosselin didn't like that and she got loud, so we asked her to leave."
Shortly afterward, Jon Gosselin contacted Wyomissing police again to report that his ex-wife's friend, who is an attorney, arrived at the dental office and threatened him with legal action. That individual was not at the scene when police arrived.
"There was no arrest made or charges," Biehl said. "It was really a non-incident."
A spokeswoman for the Reading Orthodontic Group said Wednesday that the company did not wish to comment.