Gosselin Free Discussion, Last Three Quarters 2017

Please use this post for discussion about the Gosselins that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere. Also please remember that while Gosselin discussion is fading (which is a good thing), this blog is for Gosselins only. We will continue as long as Kate is seeking public attention for those who wish to comment.

We have reached the wonderful point where Kate is rarely discussed.  


MossHill said...

"Gosselin Free Discussion, Last Three Quarters 2017
We have reached the wonderful point where Kate is rarely discussed."

Just when we thought it was safe ...


"Sergeant Grim of the Wyomissing, PA police department confirmed [that] Jon and Kate Gosselin were at an orthodontics office when they got into an argument over one of their eight children, who remains unidentified. Grim [stated] that the dispute took place at 1:10 PM [August 22]. “Officers were dispatched for [a] verbal domestic dispute between Jon and Kate Gosselin over child custody over minor children,” Grim explained.

When police arrived, both parents had conflicting versions of their current agreement in place,” Grim said. “The child left with [the] father while the mother was referred to Berks County District Attorney’s office for a more clear interpretation of the child custody agreement. The current order is vague, according to B[e]rks Co. DA and so the DA is going to interpret and inform the mother’s attorney to contact the DA’s office for clarification of the order.”

DebbieH said...

So now there is an article stating that Kate was yanking Hannah by the arm trying to get her out of Jon's car- and that she had to go to the hospital for that because she said her arm was bruised and hurting- does anyone know if there is any truth in this? I certainly wouldn't put it past Kate to continue to be as abusive with them at 13 as she has been with them since they were young- poor kids- no wonder Hannah and probably the rest of them as well wants to live with Jon- they are desperate for PEACE-

Irishwhisper said...

Jon's brothers Facebook post is encouraging people to help stop the abuse of the Gosselin children! He is Mark Gosselin and here is the link.