Rules For Posting

1 Do not be rude to other posters or call them names.
2 No online petitions.
3 Do not be rude about the children or call them names. Commenting on the behaviour that we have seen is acceptable, but no name calling.
4 Do not refer to calling CPS.
5 Watch profanity.
6 Don't tell the moderators how to run the blog.
7 Be careful about boards on boards and please be careful discussing and do not provide links to other Gosselin boards.
8 No diagnosing or supposing about mental/medical conditions.
9 No posting addresses.
10 Along with not being rude don't tell other people how to think, act, or behave - don't try to tell other people what to do or not do including taking people to task for watching.
11 No using the kid's names or moderator's as your screen name.
12 Comments including "I'm sure you won't print this" will never be printed.
13 No unsolicited recaps either in email or submitted as comments.
14 The administrators are not able to verify the identity of people who comment here. Believe what you choose to believe.
15 Please use proper grammar, spelling, capitalizations and punctuations in your comments. No instant message type speaking.  No @ either and especially not multiple people in one comment.  Your comments are to the board and not to individuals.
16 If you have questions, please email one of the mods in the above post. That includes explaining the rules or why comments are rejected. Please include the comment.
17 Please try to read a page or so of posts in the thread before you comment.
18 We are not a blog about religion, please do not comment or assume that we are all Christians.
19 The shorter the better. There is a limited amount of time, please use it wisely, longer posts may be rejected. Also please reserve bolding for quote or emphasis. Comments in all bold may be rejected. Please do not quote from more than one or two other comments at most.

Revised 10/27/10