December, 2015, The "New Season"

Dec. 8: School's Out
 School is out and the Gosselins are heading to Florida for some beach time! The kids enjoy the waves, and will they be able to use teamwork and get out of an escape room in time? Kate cooks the family a traditional Korean BBQ dinner and talks heritage.

Ratings:   955K viewers and a .4 rating

Dec. 15: Florida Fun
Kate and some of the kids try deep sea fishing again, but sea sickness takes over. Mady and Cara look up recipes to cook the family a healthy dinner. To finish up the trip, the little kids have a blast at their first trip to a waterpark

Ratings:  736,000 viewers and a .26 rating.  Cancellation territory.

Dec 22:  What's Old Is New
Kate takes Mady antiquing. 62 minutes.

Ratings:  787,000 viewers and a .24 rating.  Neck and neck with the 7 Little Johnstons.

Dec 29:  Landscaping
Rats ratings were up:  1.159 M viewers and a .4 rating.  People must have been bored. 7 Little Johnstons was up also.

Jan 5:  Deck Party
1.186 M viewers and a .35 rating.

Jan 12: Another Project
1.289 M viewers and a .4 rating.

Jan 19: Blind Date
1.079 M viewers and a .34 rating.

Jan 26; Kate yaks about prior season clips
907K viewers and a .3 rating.


Sarah said...

Great.. we get to watch Vomit Fest all over again. Will not be watching

Heffner Road said...

Kate Gosselin Flaunts Bikini Body & Spars With Daughter Mady

Mother-daughter rivalry heats up on the season premiere of Kate Plus 8.

Posted on Dec 9, 2015 @ 9:10AM

Kate Gosselin and her brood headed to South Florida on Tuesday’s fourth season premiere of Kate Plus 8, where the reality TV star showed off her sleek bikini body.

Last season, viewers saw Kate battle the then-10-year-olds Collin, Aaden, Hannah, Joel, Alexis, and Leah as she packed their bags on their trip to Maine, and on the premiere Tuesday, the now 11-year-old sextuplets packed their clothes for the very first time.

Alexis had the most difficult time packing, while Mady, 15, pressured her to branch out in terms of her clothing.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin’s 21 Monster Mom Moments

Watch the video on

“She wears the same clothes just over and over again … like in schedule,” Cara, 15, said in a disparaging tone, while Maddie asked, “Alexis, you’re only bringing two pairs of shoes?”

Mady was successful in getting Alexis to try on a cute white embroidered jacket, to which Alexis responded, “I look ugly!”

Watch the video on

When they finally arrived at the beach, Kate showed off her bikini body as the kids ran to the water. (This season, Gosselin will be seen dipping her toes into the dating pool, as well as the ocean: She’s been linked to millionaire Jeff Prescott as well as her bodyguard Steve Neild who was cut from footage in Season 3.)

Gosselin wasn’t the only one who is doing some flirting this season: Mady and Cara were spotted flirting with boys on the beach in this episode; always with some snark, Gosselin said that Mady “doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

PHOTOS: On The Warpath! Bethenny Frankel Slams Kate Gosselin, Giuliana Rancic & Other Reality Stars In Blistering Radio Interview — 10 Epic Disses

Later, we saw Kate’s ultra-competitive side, when she and the kids visit a recreational “escape room.”

This was, according to Kate, an attempt to bring the family together as a team, and work together as a team, but of course the two alpha females in the group ended up taking over and battling each other a bit, as Mady and Kate both accused each other of trying to take over.

Although Jon Gosselin is rarely spoken of on camera, Kate chose to cook Korean barbecue for dinner. She explained that their Korean heritage is important, and used the meal as a means to celebrate it.

Sharla said...

The first episode got a big nobody cares with 955,000 viewers and a .4 rating.

leeron said...

Kate Gosselin Admits Spanking & Whipping Kids, Calls Herself ‘Horrible Mother’

By Radar Staff

Posted on Dec 10, 2015 @ 6:58AM




Just as Kate Gosselin returns to TV with the new season of Kate Plus 8, the star's nightmares are becoming a terrifying reality. Author Robert Hoffman has rereleased his expose, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, complete with the 40-year-old mother of eight's private journals from 2006 and 2007. reveals her deepest, darkest secrets about motherhood and marriage.

Kate Gosselin

Debbie H said...

If this is the only interest generated for the FIRST show, then ratings will only continue to fall- could be that we are FINALLY at long last seeing the FINAL nail in the Kate Gosselin ridiculous extensions of her 15 minutes of fame....She just might have to dust off that nursing license after all:)

Windsong said...

I'm betting that the ratings will go up for the Kate and the Blind Date episode.

Nope. We have not seen the last of her. There are those who have said that for quite a few years. One would have thought when her show was cancelled, that would have been the end of it. Not so. She came back with a new season, and unfortunately, she will figure out a way to do more.

Heffner Road said...

‘Kate Plus 8’ Fakery! Kate Gosselin Admits Staging Scenes With Kids On Reality Show

The TV mom confessed to faking the first day of school in diary expose.

Posted on Dec 11, 2015 @ 6:42AM

‘Kate Plus 8’ Fakery

Kate Gosselin confessed to staging scenes involving her young twins and sextuplets in alleged private diaries exposed by author Robert Hoffman in the rerelease this week of his book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.

PHOTOS: On The Warpath! Bethenny Frankel Slams Kate Gosselin, Giuliana Rancic & Other Reality Stars In Blistering Radio Interview — 10 Epic Disses

In a September 12, 2006 entry, the mother of eight discussed filming then 5-year-old Mady and Cara‘s first day of kindergarten for the very first season of their TLC reality series.

A producer “wants to film Friday as if it were the first day of school,” Gosselin wrote.

However, the girls actually began school two weeks prior. (On August 30, she said she felt “old and very privileged” with the twins going off to kindergarten the next day.)

PHOTOS: More Yearbook Shots Of Kate Gosselin

Five months later, the 40-year-old, then married to ex-husband Jon, 38, admitted she “faked” being out of the house for a scene with the children and their nanny.

“We faked Janet being here while we were ‘away,'” she wrote.

As Radar previously reported, the shocking new book also contains alleged confessions of spanking and whipping the children, who were as young as 2 at the time.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Growing Up

After son Collin knocked highchairs to the ground, she claimed she “grabbed him and spanked him as hard as I could and thought I may seriously injure him so I sent him to his crib…. And whipped him into it very hard!”

Nine years later, Gosselin is now a single mom raising the children alone while consistently battling her ex in the press and in the courtroom.

Irish 33 said...

I dare to say with the horrible television TLC puts out as long as this witch grabs a half of million viewers they'll be short seasons or yearly specials, why i'll never understand because man oh man is it boring repetitive programming same ole same ole,an i don't wanna be cruel but none of those kids are cute little toddlers anymore,they are now........never mind

Denisean said...

She didn't "whip" them... that article is inflammatory...
She commented that she "whipped" him into the crib, meaning she threw him in there aggressively... not defending that action, but that is not whipping them like the article is insinuating (like with an actual whip). With 8 kids, I'm sure anyone would be bound to lose their temper and throw one down too hard a time or two. These were her private thoughts in her journal- how disgusting for someone to publish those. That is akin to your therapist writing a tell-all.

Elspeth said...

TLC's cancellation point is dependent on production costs vs advertising revenue with the break point usually around 700K or 750K.

Shoka's Understudy said...

Denisean, Kate threw Joel very hard into his crib. She BEAT him unmercifully until she thought she would severely injure him. She was so upset because Joel violated the 5 day potty training policy. A 2 yr. old child only has 5 days to learn how to use the potty. This is Kate's hair brained and stupid rule. She found Joel had had an accident and she screamed, We do not live like dogs! Then Joel paid the price as a 2 year old by violating the 5 day rule. After she beat him unmercifully, then she called Jon to come home. Jon was having to come home on a regular basis because Kate would call him freaking out like this constantly. Those were not her private thoughts! Those were her private actions! She didn't want it to see the light of day. Thank God when she forced Jon to move out of the apt. she ordered everything out of the garage apt. Jon grabbed what he could and left. The next morning, Kate got rid of the remaining items and there just happened to be the CD's of Mommy's Journal in the trash on the road. By law, if it is in your trash can or on the road, anyone can get it out and do whatever they want to do with it. SCOTUS says so! We knew it was bad living as a Gosselin kid in that house, but we had no idea how horrible it really was and still is. I believe her abuse is getting worse, especially with a certain child. She needs to be stopped before she kills one of her kids!

Daydream Believer said...

ds, I'm sure anyone would be bound to lose their temper and throw one down too hard a time or two.


You're kidding right? This must be sarcasm. Not every parent loses their temper and throws the children into the crib. No matter how stressed out I was with several kids under the age of six, the thought (and action) never crossed my mind. The mere fact that these were still "babies" in cribs is even more disgusting. Those kids should have been taken away from her if she couldn't control her temper and was afraid that she would seriously injure them.

In her own words, "I spanked him hard." A two-year old little boy? It gives me nightmares to even think about this.

Heffner Road said...

go to Radaronline to see story about Kate forcing her kids to go fishing and they all get seasick... she is a wicked mother...

Irish33 said...

TV by the numbers are out an she couldn't crack the top she can't be making a dime for that station....TIME TO GO AWAY

Sharla said...

If you look at the main post, you can see that I found the numbers for the episode and no the episode did not crack the top 100 cable shows of the day. If the ratings decline continues, she won't be back. :)

Denisean said...

I watched 5 minutes of the show (not continual, I was flipping in and out). How totally boring. First of all, how many 'vacation' shows do we have to watch. Of course there is nothing else to film because the kids are in school all day. But this one especially...they already went fishing on another vacation. Fishing, the twins making dinner, how boring. It is utterly ridiculous that tlc even made that episode.

By the by, I was not defending kate- I was just saying diaries are private. And I'm not sure I can believe that she accidentally threw away her journal- she is Miss Super Organized. I think Jon leaked them.

Debbie H said...

I wish I could be a fly on the wall in Gosselin house with these hideous ratings! I bet Kate has just taken to her bed at the prospect of having to possibly WORK for her money in the foreseeable future...I would say IF she didn't save her money(well, the kids money)and she wasn't smart with her money, she is going to be in big trouble...And we know she was NOT smart with her money because she has been all over national TV moaning about how broke she was...So, it looks to me the writing is on the wall- And of course, now her "millionaire boyfriend" has flown the coup as well...Ahhh...I may just start back believing in KARMA again:)

Sammie said...

And we know she was NOT smart with her money because she has been all over national TV moaning about how broke she was..

I'm sure she has good financial advisers. She's dumb, but not that dumb. Are you referring to October of 2009 when she cried on the Today show about the bills in her purse? She may not have had liquid resources, but according to reports she had eleven bank accounts. Her being poor was a lie and those were crocodile tears.

Kate will not work for her money, not now nor in the foreseeable future. She has it squirreled away somewhere and I really doubt that she's worried about the ratings. She's being paid nicely for these episodes. Karma isn't even close.

The ratings were declining when the show was cancelled in 2011 and she came back.

Debbie H said...

I couldn't wait to see how fast someone would jump up to defend her...Frankly, none of us KNOW a thing about her financial "advisers" or her bank accounts...we only know what she says...She does have 8 kids to raise with no financial help from Jon and she hasn't really made much money with TLC the past several years because they haven't been ON TLC but a very few times- What we DO know is that she didn't have enough money to pay off her mortgage and did have to refinance THAT a while back- So if she has so much "squirreled" back, it does seem like her super smart advisers would tell her to avoid paying that interest every month with that gigantic loan- And if someone actually thinks that Kate isn't worried about ratings, I wonder how much you know about Kate- Without ratings, this show will DIE and if this show DIES, her free trips and gravy train of easy money will DIE...Oh, I bet she's really worried about ratings, because if there's one thing I know about Kate is that she doesn't want to work a "mediocre" job beneath her majesty...And rich as you may think she is, I just highly doubt she is financially set for LIFE to the tune that she NEVER has to worry about money for the next 50 or so years- I don't buy that....not one bit- And if you don't believe in Karma, stick around- it's just opening the door now and the best is yet to come...:)

laura linger said...

Nice zits and black roots, Kate. If you're going to be bound, damned, and determined to be on TV, at least get ready for your appearance. Your makeup must have been applied with a trowel.

Debbie H said...

Laura, Kate won't be around LONG enough to have to worry about them zits and dark roots...LOL...Ratings have been low but NEVER as low as this time- I mean, to not even crack the top 100? THAT is a BIG deal! If this show is cancelled, I can't see her having enough money packed back to be able to avoid having a J-O-B more than a couple or 3 years MAX...She made a few dollars off the show, but her expenses maintaining that huge house, her groceries and utilities, clothing and education for 8 kids- NOT CHEAP, and I seriously doubt she is getting FREEBIES for the kids now that they have gotten older ,the way she did when the show was in it's prime- And supposedly a portion of the earnings of the show has to be put away in an account for each of the children, so her greedy hands can get most of their money, but hopefully not ALL of it- PLUS now that they are older,it's not as easy for her to "steal" their money from them without them catching on- I imagine Maddy,at least, is wanting to know about HER money from the show!So contrary to a differing opinion here , I just don't see Kate having it made too much longer at ALL- TLC is NOT in the charity business, and if the ratings continue to stay this low and/or drop even lower, there is just NO way TLC will have her back- They cancelled her show(basically) before and it wasn't even doing THIS badly when they did it...Sorry, but I can hear the violin music getting a little louder each day...:)Does anyone know how many more shows are left or have an idea what she was paid per episode this season?

Denisean said...

Laura, I commented to my husband about how horrible her skin is. She looked the best while fishing. All the heavy makeup makes her looks worse and older. She is too old now to wear heavy makeup-less is more as you age.

The twins have terrible acne as well- can't she get them some proactive? In this day and age, there is no reason for kids to suffer with acne.

Heffner Road said...

Kate Gosselin Turns The Heat Up On Her Kids With A Cooking Competition

Get the reality recap right here.

Posted on Dec 23, 2015 @ 8:17AM


This week on Kate Plus 8, competition is in the air!

Hipster daughter Mady Gosselin,13, loves vinyl, vintage, the color grey, belittling her mother Kate Gosselin (impossible), and redecorating her room (ironically made possible with her mother’s credit card).

Consequently, the mother-daughter duo goes antique shopping for the third episode of TLC’s hit-show. While antiquing, Mady discovers cute bedside tables as Kate loses whatever dignity she had left by referring to multiple statues as her betrothed.

“Are you saying this is my second husband?” Kate asks the room as she points to a wooden Native American statue.

PHOTOS: On The Warpath! Bethenny Frankel Slams Kate Gosselin, Giuliana Rancic & Other Reality Stars In Blistering Radio Interview — 10 Epic Disses

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough for the so-called “monster mom,” Mady is always reliable in pointing out the obvious, “I can’t wait until you get remarried so we don’t have to hear these jokes anymore.”

Kate loves rules. Kate loves team building. So what does she have her family do on Kate Plus 8 this week? A blind picnic basket challenge a la Top Chef, of course. Oh producers of Kate Plus 8, you are so very clever!

The eight children are split into teams. Each team is instructed to make a savory dish and delicious dessert dish with five ingredients. Team leaders are picked by birthright — Mady and Cara take the role of team leaders, each picking who will be their teammates one-by-one.

Soon into the game, Kate’s competitive nature rears its ugly head.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin’s 21 Monster Mom Moments

The reality star’s so-called sage advice to her children is, “Be a team and win!”

Not missing a beat, and keeping this show almost single-handedly afloat, Hannah asks, “Isn’t it about having fun?” To which Kate responds, “Winning is fun! That’s my motto.”

Mady rolls her eyes, “Well, we didn’t notice.” She notices. Everyone has noticed that Kate has pegged child against child, team against team, for her own enjoyment

irish33 said...

Look at TV by the numbers at 9 o'clock and see some of the shows that are beating her in the ratings it's comical man How long can this show possibly go on with those numbers

Debbie H said...

It's not even in the top 100 for the second week in a row- I think it's DONE...They cancelled the show(basically) a few years ago with far better numbers than this, so I can't imagine them keeping it around now when it has to be losing them money...Yep, Kate better be getting out that dusty old nursing license because her kids aren't going to be able to keep supporting her- She's going to actually have to get a JOB to support THEM!! Ha! Imagine THAT :)And for those who are going to say she has tons of money packed back, HOW? When did she make all that money? The show hasn't been making her very much money since the train wreck days when she went crazy over Maddy eating "STEVE'S" pizza...and it takes a TON of money to maintain the house and send the kids to private school as well as feed and clothe them....And I doubt she's been getting too many FREEBIES for the past 5 years! So, no, Kate is not set for the rest of her life without having an she better be coming up with something...

Denisean said...

They (her and John at the time) should have been putting money away and managing it better back when the show was popular. They really didn't need that huge house. A bigger one, yes, but they could have still got one smaller than they have. And they certainly didn't need all that land- Kate is not even an outdoorsy person. Kate thinks she's a celebrity and that is why she got that big house with gates and all that. Now the money is gone. Should have thought more practically- like this money might have to last us a long time, and we have 8 kids. Stupid. For all her coupon cutting, I would have thought she would have planned better.

Marshmallow World said...

Now the money is gone.


How is it known that the money is gone? She has a nice income right now from eight new episodes and she's still managing the upkeep on that property and the kids don't seem to be wanting for anything. She has it stashed somewhere. She gets paid for filming regardless of the ratings.

"I couldn't wait to see how fast someone would jump up to defend her...Frankly, none of us KNOW a thing about her financial "advisers" or her bank accounts...we only know what she says."


Nobody defended her and we do know about her bank accounts because there were numerous articles written about it at the time and Jon confirmed the existence of bank accounts. I think there were twelve or so. She has money. Of course she has financial advisers. Kate isn't smart enough to invest that money by herself. It may not last forever, but she's not hurting in any way right now. Nobody has said she is set for life. It will only last so long, but for right now she's managing. People thought when the show was cancelled, that was the end of Kate. Surprise. She came back. I have never seen anything like it, and as much as it would be nice to see her fade away, get a job and get those kids off television and stop supporting her, she will find a way to worm her way into something in the entertainment industry to make money. It should be interesting to see what that will be, but she'll do it.

The ratings have been lower before. There was an episode in 2010-11 with a rating of 681,000.

Debbie H said...

4 Days...LOL...I knew someone would come around to let us know Kate is still rich and not hurting with plenty of money...Like I said, we don't KNOW what is in her bank accounts and we for sure don't know IF she still has 12 bank accounts..OBVIOUSLY, she is not making the money they had been making at that point in time...They were getting paid per episode and it was on constantly...Now the show has hardly been on at all til just the past year or so, and that is probably due to that "lower" rating someone mentioned...THAT is what happens to Kate when the ratings get low- she goes away for a long time...Of course, I wonder if the person researching that low number checked to see if that was by chance a RERUN? I have a feeling it was...Anyway, when this is gone, mark my words that she will NOT be back..She will be gone THIS time because the public is SICK of her and the CONSISTENT low ratings prove that...So for those thinking Kate has plenty of money, figure her living expenses per year- And with her being off TLC all this long time, I am sure she has depleted much of all that "savings' she may have had stored away- We know she gets no money from Jon, so she is spending tons to live- I doubt she was even making the income to send her kids to school...I bet she was having to get into that money just to live...and with the kids grown basically( in TV time anyway), there will be few opportunities to use them for money, because, as we see, the public is BORED with them and has no interest in them either...SO, even though some here think she will always be on TV and always have plenty of money, I don't...I think it OVER- Kids are not cute and neither is Kate...The expiration date has FINALLY arrived- If by some miracle she DOES survive and returns on TV, I am just going to go away from this board and all things Gosselin, and just tune out because I just cannot take her anymore...

Heffner Road said...

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RealtimeMom said...

Very well said! I agree with you. I had to stop reading that book because it bothered me so much, her extreme violence against babies is shocking. Children show what they've been taught-- which is why 2 of them were expelled for hitting both children and adults when they were in Kindergarten.

Heffner Road said...

Kate Gosselin Has Her Kids Landscape For Fun On ‘Kate Plus 8’

The reality star puts her brood to work while destroying their secret hideout.

Posted on Dec 30, 2015 @ 7:49AM

The Gosselin gang was in full work mode this week on Kate Plus 8, with Kate Gosselin as the foreman, of course. This time, Kate and her eight kids tackled a landscaping project which sought to disrupt a sacred hideout spot as well as a Gosselin pet cemetery.

As we found out, Kate, who told her children last season that animals don’t have souls, freezes goldfish in her refrigerator until enough of them have died to have an efficient funeral.

“I’m glad they value our pets and they value life,” Kate explained as we watched her bury six frozen goldfish in their front yard.

Though Kate has hired a landscape architect and many “workers” to complete this project, there wouldn’t really be a show to watch if the kids weren’t doing any manual labor.

PHOTOS: On The Warpath! Bethenny Frankel Slams Kate Gosselin, Giuliana Rancic & Other Reality Stars In Blistering Radio Interview — 10 Epic Disses

Kate announced that she’s done with stones and all the stones in her garden must go. In Kate Gosselin’s garden kingdom, mulch is king.

Hannah, Collin, Alexis, Joel, Aaden, and Leah agreed to rake and shovel stones in exchange for turns driving the “gator” (a John Deere all terrain vehicle) to the chicken coop trail where they deposited the stones to pave Kate’s road. There’s no doubt Mady and Cara were laughing to themselves while watching the efforts go down from the comfort of the air conditioned house.

Meanwhile, Hannah, Collin, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Leah quickly figured out what kind of horrible deal they had made with the devil, as their project concluded before the commercial break could even take place.

Windsong said...

It appears the expiration date has not arrived and she is not DONE. Latest ratings are over one million viewers, and unfortunately, not bad enough to cancel the show.

I didn't see anyone here defending her. Of course she has money or she wouldn't be maintaining the lifestyle she now has. She is not living on her looks. It won't be enough to last a lifetime, but she will come up with something to keep this gravy train rolling down the tracks. It's funny how year after year someone says she is done, it's over, stick a fork in her, but alas, she is still there and if the ratings stay above one million, TLC will continue to use her for filler. She doesn't care how the shows are being used; she gets paid nicely and she laughs all the way to the bank.

irish33 said...

It was just one week windsong,let it play out,the ratings could just as easily go the other way,but starting next wk Little Couple is the lead in for Gosselin an that's there most popular show

Debbie H said...

ONE WEEK she had decent ratings and someone is ready to have her up there hosting the Emmy's- Yes, she is DONE this time if the ratings don't pick up- This time is different than before when she was OFF TV for a couple years because the kids are OLDER and less cute and also they are old enough to start having some say about whether they want to be on or not- I think there are a couple on the board who are secretly rooting for this woman, although I don't see how anyone that begins to know her history could hope this woman succeeds at continuing to exploit her children and LIVE off her children working for "her" income- But yes, this is ONE week, and it was a week when everyone was home and probably not much else to watch- but I will be amazed if it's the same next week-

Windsong said...

Irish, unfortunately, the ratings are not at their lowest. Latest ratings...

1.186 million viewers and a 0.35 share compared to 1.159 million viewers and a 0.40 share last week. Darn.

Heffner Road said...


On Kate Plus 8 Episode 5, Kate Gosselin plans an epic deck party, but first — there are tricks! Tricks are for kids as the saying goes but in this case, tricks are also for Kate.

Kate decides that the boys will take a magic class to learn enough in order to put on a show for Kate and the girls. Why was this show so important and so stressful for Kate? No one knows. During the magic class, the so-called “monster mom” even pretended to be stressed out while her boys learned how to put on a convincing magic act for their sisters. Eddie was the “worker” as Kate calls every stranger, or some might refer to him as the Magic Teacher. Eddie “The Magician” managed to pull off a balloon stunt, putting Kate’s cell phone in a balloon as Kate pretended to be worried about it. The boys were not impressed.

At this point in the episode one might ask, “What is this really all about?” or “Why is Kate so involved in their magic learning?” This wasn’t about the boys at all. Kate, the perennial stage mother, was planning a show and the show needed to be perfect.

PHOTOS: On The Warpath! Bethenny Frankel Slams Kate Gosselin, Giuliana Rancic & Other Reality Stars In Blistering Radio Interview — 10 Epic Disses

“I wasn’t trying to micromanage them. I was trying to look out for their best interests so I was helping them along…I really really wanted this to go well for them,” she told cameras.

At lunch, Kate let the boys relax, giving them some room to talk amongst themselves — just kidding! Instead, she went over planning for how the show was going to work, repeating over and over that it doesn’t matter if the girls make fun of them. Thanks, Mom!

The next stop was the party store where the boys (mostly Kate) picked out festive decorations for the magic show. At the store, Kate pondered the great questions in life, “Is magic spelled with a g or a j?” and picked out some silver chocolate coins for the girls, aka, “It will give them something to do while they’re watching lame magic.”

“Since I didn’t quite fit in as an audience member we decided I would be the assistant,” she told the camera as she instructed the boys to “remember to introduce me as your assistant!”

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin’s 21 Monster Mom Moments

Delusional, she explains, “That way, I’m an assistant and not a micromanaging mother.”

Despite Kate’s meddling, the magic show went off without a hitch and only received minor heckling from the girls.

As evident in episodes of Kate Plus 8, Kate’s number one skill is to take inherently fun actives and turn them into a painful disappointment for everyone around her. The deck “party of a lifetime” was no different. Setting up for the party included unnecessarily stressing out, decorating with the perfect pillows, manual labor, bossing the kids around in a very shrill tone, pointless complaints about wanting things be perfect and repeating that this is her “dream deck.”

Kate has friends! She said there were about 30 people in attendance including babysitter Andrea. Unfortunately, she was only filmed talking to about two of them.

By all appearances, the deck party was a success. The kids had a blast in the pool, Kate grilled pounds of shrimp, and the pillows (oh the pillows!) were just perfect.

The party concluded with a toast from Kate — who was really toasting herself for putting one such a great party — and a reminder all that this is Kate’s deck, they’re just sitting’ on it.

Kate Plus 8 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

By Mia O'Malley

Kate Gosselin Kate Plus 8




by Taboola

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Denisean said...

Kate is totally missing the mark with these "special" days. They started out, firstly, as ONE ON ONE time with each kid- not smaller groups. Now she doesn't want to be bothered, so she lumps them together, even if all the boys or girls don't want to do the same activity. But secondly, SHE is not even doing anything special with them... For example, the magic lessons- the boys could have just as easily been dropped off for a lesson while Kate did something else. Like dropping your kids off at soccer practice. Just because you stay and watch the practice, that isn't "special" time with your kid. Same at the salon, Kate didn't have her nails done even. She sat there while the girls got their hair and nails done- big whoop. This is set up as if Kate is supposed to be interacting with her children on a more individual basis, doing something each kids likes to do. What a crock.

And why did she comment that she doesn't have time to do that more often- give me a break. You have every weekend, summer break, etc. Just take one day a week in the summer per kid, and same on the weekends. She isn't working a 9-5 job during the week, she has plenty of time to herself- so take every Sunday, say, and spend time with an individual child, even for a couple hours.

Everything she does is like she is trying to do what she *thinks* a good parent does, but you can see she doesn't really have the instinct. Also, did you notice how she commented that this special time alone with her was SOOO SPECIAL to the kids- yea, I'm sure they were up all night excited- please. Those poor kids probably think- oh, great, alone time with mom, less kids for her to yell at, so the more I'll get yelled at.

Also, I couldn't help but gaffaw when she said she would still be in that house once the kids are grown, and her grandchildren will come visit her there... Why in the hell would she need that HUGE house when she is there alone? Grandkids can come visit you and sleep in one spare bedroom in sleeping bags and have a blast. Why would she want that huge house for herself. Ridiculous.

Suzie O said...

The episode recaps are hilarious!!! Thanks for posting them.

Debbie H said...

So ratings managed to be picked up JUST ENOUGH to cross the million viewers- Is it possible these numbers are being manipulated in any way? I mean, nobody is watching and then ALL OF A SUDDEN 200,000 more people get interested in watching the show???

corgi mom said...

I think the new time slot has helped.

Heffner Road said...

someone please tell me how they get those numbers???? Do they have lets say 1,000 households that are already in their computer and then had a magic mulitplyer to get the results they need/want... something is fishie....

Denisean said...

I am curious to see how Kate measured up (ratings) against the State of the Union.

Windsong said...

Ratings are in from last night. 1.289 million viewers and a 0.40 share compared to 1.186 million and a 0.35 share last week. Best ratings so far. I have never seen ratings disputed, so I don't know how anything could be fishy. Unfortunately, these seem to be getting better with each episode. At this rate, they could be filming another season. It just doesn't stop.

Sharla said...

Please note, I put the ratings in the main post each week. Following The Little Couple is giving Kate a nice boost.

Heffner Road in Florida said...


Kate Gosselin ✔ @Kateplusmy8

'Kate Plus Date' on #KatePlus8 THIS TUESDAY AT 10pm on @TLC ..Wait.What? A #BlindDate ? Yep. Watch&see what happens..I'm SO nervous! Still!😁


Southern said...

In the small snippet trailer, it looks as if this is a job interview instead of a date

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

Kate Gosselin Goes On Her First Blind Date On ‘Kate Plus 8’ — Do Her Kids Approve?

The reality star brings some emotional baggage to the romantic night out.

Posted on Jan 20, 2016 @ 7:52AM



Romance is in the air!

This week on Kate Plus 8, “Williamsburg” pal Deanna stopped by the house, flitting around in a flowing dress as she prepped Kate Gosselin‘s hair for a date later that night.

“He’s very good looking,” Deanna reassured Kate of her potential new man. “I told him you were a very hot blonde…with 8 kids.”

Kate’s blind date was with Vann, an “interesting” man who shared Kate’s love of the “open waters,” but didn’t live in Pennsylvania, which forced Kate (and Deanna) to take a town car to New York City for the occasion. It’s safe to say no one told Kate about Tinder.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin’s 21 Monster Mom Moments

Before the night out, the so-called “monster” mom’s brood of eight expressed their opinions on her potential coupling.

Daughter Mady offered, “I think it’s good for her to find a husband so she doesn’t die alone.”

Joel was a tad gentler, saying, “Finally little birdy has sprouted wings and flown the nest.”

Meanwhile, challenges aside, pal Deanna was dead set on making Kate’s date a success, perhaps because she was looking for a potential spinoff show.

PHOTOS: On The Warpath! Bethenny Frankel Slams Kate Gosselin, Giuliana Rancic & Other Reality Stars In Blistering Radio Interview — 10 Epic Disses

What a catch! Living in New York City, Vann resides where there is quite literally a man shortage. Despite the plethora of single women to choose from in the Big Apple, Vann decided on none other than Kate Gosselin, mother-of-eight from Pennsylvania (that’s a red flag, ladies).

In any case, Vann and Kate took a helicopter ride over Manhattan, where Kate stuck to worldly topics like, “Oh the Statue of Liberty! I once took a boat around that,” or “I think there was a navy ship I visited in North Carolina.” She pretty much nailed it.

Then, the pair went to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant in the city. Always the charmer, Kate laid some great lines on Vann the Navy Man. They were sweet nothings every man wants to hear on a first date: “I don’t date” and “I don’t get out of the house much.” No pressure, Vann.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Jogs

Watch the Video on

These two had so much fun at dinner that they ordered some dessert and coffee. That’s where things really started to heat up! Just kidding, Kate brought up her kids again and Vann just nodded a lot.

Outside the restaurant, Kate was awkward, even for her.

“I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do and there are all these cameras around,” she lamented in confesisonal. “End of dates are weird to me!”

As Kate leaned in for a hug, city slicker Vann gave her a kiss on the cheek!

During her on-camera interview, Kate reflected on that subtle kiss, saying, “That was just awkward to me.”

Even Deanna, a woman full of hemp oil and good vibes called Kate on her hang-ups, “I don’t think that’s awkward though.”

Grow up, Kate — at least before thirteen year-old Mady sees this episode and starts rolling her eyes.

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

Heartbreaking Video

Monster Mom Kate Gosselin Keeping Kids From Ex Jon, He Claims

'I haven't seen my son in a year and a half and I don't know why!'

Posted on Jan 21, 2016 @ 18:25PM

Jon and Kate Gosselin have been divorced for more than six years, but the bitter hatred between them has not cooled down in the least! As Kate begins dating again on her show, Kate Plus 8, her ex Jon made an explosive appearance on the Steve Harvey Show to claim his infamous ex is keeping his kids from him.

“I haven’t seen all of my kids together in about three years,” Jon, 38, told the stunned audience.

He explained that he sees them once a week for dinner and every other weekend, but of the eight kids, he said, “Most of the time I get four.”

PHOTOS: On The Warpath! Bethenny Frankel Slams Kate Gosselin, Giuliana Rancic & Other Reality Stars In Blistering Radio Interview — 10 Epic Disses


Florida Drivers Are Stunned By This New Rule

Provide-Savings Insurance Quotes

“With my custody … I pull to the gate and whoever comes down the driveway, that’s who I get,” he claimed. “I’m not privy to any information. I don’t know who I’m gonna get.”

Shockingly, he claimed, “I haven’t seen my son in a year and a half. I don’t know why. I can’t talk to him. Nothing. Zero. It’s like stopgaps, stopgaps, stopgaps. It’s very frustrating.”

And it’s not likely to change any time soon for twins Cara and Mady, 15, and sextuplets Hannah, Collin, Alexis, Aaden, Leah, and Joel, 11.

PHOTOS: More Yearbook Shots Of Kate Gosselin

“We don’t coparent,” Jon told Harvey of his relationship with Kate, 40. “Theres’ no coparenting. I parent; she parents. At one point in time I’d love to coparent but I just don’t see it happening. So now the kids are stuck in the middle between us.”

Irish 33 said...

I guess people saw right thru the "fake" blind date episode, T.F.W gotta realize if the episode focuses on Kate an not the kids the ratings bottom out....what do people think another season or just specials from now on ??

Deborah Cohen said...

what were the ratings for that last very boring episode. And which son cannot see Jon?

Sharla said...

Look in the main body of the post for ratings.

Denisean said...

I don't feel bad for Jon at all- get a lawyer and go to court- that is what they have family court for. He doesn't want to make an effort to see his kids, and just wants to play the victim.

Debbie H said...

Amazingly enough, still clinging to a million viewers, but only barely- Hopefully, TLC will realize those numbers had nothing to do with them, but rather the previous show- It's easy to leave the TV on, I suppose..:)

Carracosta said...

Debbie Cohen, I watched the video of the interview and they showed a pic of Jon with two of the little girls, Joel, and Aaden so I'm guessing it's Collin he hasn't seen

Heffner Road from Fl said...

Kate Gosselin Remembers Previous Episodes Of The Show: ‘This Was Us At Our Worst’

Watch the reality star look back on seasons past of the hit show.

Posted on Jan 27, 2016 @ 8:04AM

Kate Plus 8 Season 4 has come to a close and for the finale episode, TLC managed to pull together a montage of video clips from seasons past without a glimpse of Kate Gosselin‘s ex-husband Jon. In fact, it’s as if he never existed at all — much to his chagrin. Instead, Kate’s bodyguard (and rumored off-screen boyfriend) Steve Neild, a silver fox, made a few cameos.

Though the final episode was titled Kate’s Advice, it should have been called Kate’s Regrets. The entire show was full of cringe-worthy moments from the reality TV family’s past, featuring Kate yelling, criticizing and even bickering with her children, friends, and crew.

The very best part of the episode was the hilarious evolution of Kate’s hair. From a short modified mullet (also known as the “Can I speak with your manager” haircut), to the layered and bleach-blonde “Rachel,” to the period where Kate was super into her straightener, to her present day look: a sleek, smooth style that’s, well, normal. You’ve come a long way, Kate!

PHOTOS: On The Warpath! Bethenny Frankel Slams Kate Gosselin, Giuliana Rancic & Other Reality Stars In Blistering Radio Interview — 10 Epic Disses


Only A Real Fan Will Know These 13 Facts About Kim Kardashian Will Know These

Viral Mozo

In one flashback clip, Kate conquered her fear of heights with time to spare for berating her skywalk guide.

“You are annoying me!” she screamed like a TLC diva.

Ultimately, Kate made the jump but lamented later that she never sent an apology note to the well-meaning employee.

Then, in other clip, he so-called “monster mom” overreacted over just about everything: a little bit of yogurt on a t-shirt, a rogue drawer knob, and some gum.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Through The Years

For example, when a bit of yogurt spilled on one toddler’s t-shirt, Kate screamed, “She’s ruined! She’s ruined.”

An older, wise, long-haired Kate agreed during confessional that she’s been too harsh in the past.

The RV trip from hell may have been the most cringe worthy clip. On this doomed excursion, Kate managed to yell at her children, her friends, her silver-fox bodyguard, and her producers.

“Pizza is not a freaking big deal!” screamed an exhausted friend through an RV window as Kate babbled in response.

Perhaps it dawned on Kate, watching this clip, that this may have been the very reason she had so few friends at the deck party last summer.

Advice from older Kate to younger Kate: design a house with a sick room, don’t threaten to throw out your child’s favorite bear, and realize that physical messes are not as big of a deal as emotional messes.

If only Kate had watched these clips before filming Season 4, perhaps we would have seen a better Kate Gosselin and not just a better haircut.

By Mia O'Malley

Kate Gosselin Kate Plus 8

Daydream Believer said...

Someone just tweeted that she's been chosen at Costco to be filmed for the next Kate episode. Kate is not done yet. This goes on and on and on and doesn't appear to be be ending anytime soon as much as we want it to, and expect it to. I don't know how she manages this, especially since ratings have been declining.

Ratings are in for 1/26: 907,000.

irish33 said...

Man oh man if those ratings get you another season on TLC that's got to be the worst station on cable,Those numbers are pitiful

Deborah Cohen said...

I have been following this blog for years now. I can appreciate how everyone feels as I feel the same way about Kate. Enough is enough. The show is boring. Maddie is a disrespectful brat. The kids are just too old to find cute. But TLC has nothing else to offer. This is why they hang on to Kate... Low ratings and all.

Debbie H said...

Filming at Costco? Doesn't mean it will ever air if the show is cancelled- They have not aired other things with Kate and if they don't air it, Kate gets paid $0 even if she went through the trouble of filming it and everything- I personally think TLC is thinking long and hard about whether this is worth it or not- And I do think it's over- It's dying it's last few breaths- Also I don't really understand what "chosen at Costco" to be filmed means- and just because someone says it doesn't make it true!

Summerwind said...

Then I guess all of the people who saw them at Costco this morning were imagining things?

Kate gets paid for the time she is filming. She doesn't get zero if the show doesn't air. She's not working for nothing. It would never happen. She doesn't do anything out of the goodness of her heart, if she even has one. It doesn't matter if they air a show or not, or if the ratings are bad; she laughs all the way to the bank.

Daydream Believer said...

Yes, indeed they filmed at Costco. The tweets are all over the place, as well as photos. Someone even tweeted that she had to sign a release because she was shown in the background.

Here we go again. It doesn't end.

Jenna PA said...

If you go to Kate's twitter timeline, you can see today's tweets from people who were at Costco while TLC was filming. In addition, there are also photos posted there. Steve was along for the ride.

Debbie H said...

Sorry, but Kate only gets paid for episodes that do actually air- I have read that somewhere or heard someone say that- and that is standard for reality shows. You are assuming she gets paid for her time - She is actually paid per EPISODE- not for her TIME- It's only an episode once it's put together, edited and AIRED-

Debbie H said...

Nobody was DENYING Kate was filming at Costco- the original poster of that did not have first hand knowledge and she worded it "chosen at Costco to be filmed" which made no sense to me- chosen? Made it sound like it could have been an ad for Costco or something entirely different than an "episode" to be MAYBE aired later or NOT aired- Up to TLC- JUST because they TAPE does NOT mean they will ever air what they tape- Just ask Mama June about that-

Michelle ny said...

I was involved in production for many years, and the terms of her contract dictate if she is paid only if a show is aired. This also includes reality television. I know exactly what is involved in production costs, how a network figures what it needs for producing and editing, and a network seldom eats the production costs if it has no intention of airing a show. Additionally, the production costs of everything used in putting that show together (such as goods purchased at Costco and are used in the episode) is paid for by the network.

Filming was done on Saturday at Costco and Sunday at Target. It never ends.

Daydream Believer said...

JUST because they TAPE does NOT mean they will ever air what they tape- Just ask Mama June about that-


That was an entirely different situation. They filmed and then cancelled on her. As far as we know, Kate's show was not cancelled. Of course they were not going to air a show or shows after their cancellation announcement.

Debbie H said...

Daydream- I believe Kate also shot another show called "Twist of Kate" didn't she? How many of those episodes did you ever get to see? Again, just because they shoot it doesn't mean it will EVER air...

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

where is Kate....not on her web site since 2/13

Michelle ny said...

Debbie, they didn't spend too much money filming Twist of Kate. There weren't episodes (plural), They shot one show and canned it.

Realtime Mom said...

kates journal is published online and can be read at

Hazel said...

That's a year old article.

Elizabeth said...

It may be a year old but it's still an interesting read. I am struck by how young and in love with Jon Kate seemed to be. It's amazing that someone who really thinks this way can do that much of a compete turnaround.

There's was never "Thanks to so and so we found a way to feed our family this week" in the tv episodes. There was actual thanks for Jon and all he did during the tummy tuck when it had it's less glamorous problems.Kate was actually planning weekend family trips they all could take together because that's when they could plan it around their work schedules and finances. They met the friends they used to have for 4th of July and Church dinners, before she kicked them to the curb when the greed monster took over. It was nice.

Parts of her journal, wow.I found it remarkable to read how she used to be. I am not used to her being so normal and THANKFUL for the good in her life. I was never shown that and it made me wonder what kind of life they would have now if that is what TLC would've decided to market rather than the demanding ungrateful B* they ran with?
I am not exscusing her behavior in these journals,btw. I am just struck at the difference. She was waiting in anticipation of Kevin and Jody's baby, taking a trip with Jon to Florida Keyes and saying its the best time that's ever happened in her life. She was normal once. She loved all of them and lost it all through what? Greed, or just what TLC wants us to think?
She could've been a multimillionaire ten times over if she had stayed THIS way.

Unknown said...

Realtime Mom.. is that link correct? I can't get it to work

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

Does Katie Irene still have the flu??? she is sure quite