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Elvira said...

Kate somehow made the cover of People yet again. She's a great beggar apparently.

Proudgrandma said...

I refuse to buy a copy, but I wonder if the girls are being paid, or threatened, to say nice things about their mother.

BigBet said...

This time she's (shock) prostituting the twins. They're going to "tell all." Seeing the pic of the twins with Kate makes me think this article is going to lean heavily towards "Kate's the best mom in the world and Jon totally sucks." Wanna bet? Wonder what goodies the twins were promised in return for this sure-to-be nonsense?

Heffner Road said...

Kate Gosselin Wants A New Show With Kids, Says Ex-Jon: ‘I Consider That Exploitation’

Posted on Jan 8, 2014 @ 14:17PM | By Radar Staff

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Splash News
Splash News

Jon Gosselin is calling out ex-wife Kate, saying he believes she’s exploiting their eight children for financial gain, and to regain her relevancy, and we’ve got all the details for you right here on

“She uses them as her props,” the single dad groused to InTouch. “It’s a problem for her that she can’t afford her old lifestyle anymore.”

“I think she wants a show on TV again — I consider that exploitation.”

PHOTOS: Jon & Kate Plus 30 Scandals – Secrets & Lies Of Reality TV’s Former First Family

An insider told the magazine that Jon’s premonitions are on the mark, as the 38-year-old mother-of-eight “didn’t think she would end up like this; Ever since she got divorced and her show failed, Kate has been struggling financially and emotionally.”

Jon said his children have been “upset” and “embarrassed” by Kate’s mad dash to see her name in lights.

“A lot of them do not want to film, and they come to me and tell me that,” he said. “They are enjoying having an ordinary childhood rather than being filmed all the time, and now they realize that it made them feel different.”

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces

The former Ed Hardy poster boy said that his children “shy away from cameras, and I don’t think that is normal.

“Developmentally, they have problems with their peers, and they have problems with talking to other people, and their problems with wants and needs and manners and morals and what’s right and what’s wrong,” he said. “I think some more so than someone who grows up off TV.”

Jon said that despite the toll its taking on the kids, Kate will continue the full court press to get a new show because “she has to stay relevant.

“It’s her pride. She wants to prove to everyone that she’s still got it

Kat said...

I'm waiting until they are adults out of Jer house, we won't get any real responses from the kids until then.

jennine s said...

Kate and Jon has been at war for years. For Kate to join the interview and allow her children to throw their father under the bus is despicable.

Umm Madiha said...

I just read an article about the article on Yahoo. Ughhh,... Let's see, the twins say their mom is annoying (just like regular teens and say their dad had too many girlfriends, " like one every second." They refer to Alexis as, " rabid" and "wild child". I wonder how many hours the twins had to rehearse their answers before the actual interview?

sglily said...

This has absolutely got to stop, just needs to stop. Read a preview of the People article online, and I cannot believe. They just turned 13, IMO I don't see how People can publish stuff about their feelings of Jon's girlfriend days after the divorce, Kate dressing in a crop top, Alexis acts like a wild animal, and their self-proclamations that they aren't "messed up" and they're just fine. Oh, and by the way, they still want to get back on TV...please, for the love of pete, somebody jump in and stop allowing the Gosselins, ANY Gosselin, any more minutes of "fame". Their responses may just sound like the teens they are, but come on, at the age of almost 10, a "tween" girl, Alexis will be "ok" with being called a wild animal published on a page for millions to see, just because her teen sister felt like saying that, and it's "typical"...
Jon complains his kids are being used as props by Kate. So I guess his concern for them on an emotional level ends there, since he's clearly not thinking about how his appearance on a "couple's therapy" TV show with his "girlfriend" will impact them? I'm sure as teens & pre-teens, the kids can't wait for all their friends at school, not to mention everybody and their brother, to get to see all of their Dad's personal & relational "issues" sorted out on national TV. Jon has said he's only doing the show because they really need the therapy and otherwise couldn't afford's free...Omg, these people are crazy, absolutely crazy. And, yes, I will say exactly what the interview in the People article mocks: POOR KIDS. It's clear to me they have no idea how this all has, and continues to, affect them. IMO, they've been desensitized to the max. Absolutely unbelievable...

MayDay said...

Kate is just jealous that Jon is on Couple Therapy and she is not.

Anonymous said...

In the immortal words of Kate Gosselin herself..."you can never go back"....

Barbara M. said...

Just when you think Kate couldn't stoop any lower, she does this. Does she have any idea what kind of emotional damage it does to her kids - having her twins give an interview to a national magazine saying awful things about their father and their siblings? Or does she just not care? Reportedly People magazine paid her $ 75,000 for this - not even Kris Jenner has stooped so low.

SAHM said...
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Eye Of The Tiger said...

They just turned 13, IMO I don't see how People can publish stuff about their feelings of Jon's girlfriend days after the divorce, Kate dressing in a crop top,


It's called business. They will publish what they think people want to read, regardless of the ethics of it all. They are out for profits, readership.

Kate wore a cropped top? I looked at the photos and didn't see a crop top. Where was that? What page?

jennine s said...

Jon is not including his children in the show. That is o.k. with me.

Betsy said...

I don't for a minute believe the "interviews" with the twins were spontaneous statements from them.

Heffner Road said...

Kate Gosselin ✔ @Kateplusmy8

HUGE thx 2 Jessica,Kate, Nigel,Deanna & every1 who worked on Mady&Cara's @peoplemag shoot. You made their 1st covershoot SO FUN&MEMORABLE!


jennine s said...

The twins were definitely "programed" IMO

MayDay said...

the interview I want to read is from the six younger kids. I bet Alexis and Collin will tell all and tell the truth. Just a little over three years to go and they will be 13. Maybe Kate will allow them to be interviewed.

sglily said...

"Kate wore a cropped top?"

No, she didn't end up wearing it...programmed, set-up, business... agreed. As in, one excerpt told how Mady & Cara didn't like their mom's fashion choices, like when she supposedly came out in a crop top they said ewww, gross-guess that's why she didn't end up wearing it? Or, rather, just so the twins could chime in on another aspect of finding their mom "annoying"? The general public is annoyed with Kate (including how she dresses) so IMO they figure if they get the girls to say this stuff, they might seem more "real" or funny, or whatever and people will buy into this? THAT is what's annoying.

More propaganda "thanking" everyone for the girls cover, the desperation is just pouring out like smoke from a burning building.

Exhausted said...

My god, Kate's people work overtime. How they can still get her on the cover of People is beyond me. There are a lot of A-listers who haven't been on the cover as much.

And yes, Jon, it's fine for you to broadcast to InTouch that your kids have problems with their peers and air their dirty laundry. It's only because Kate is so despicable and cruel that you look decent next to her. Otherwise, you're pretty lousy, too. Poor, poor kids.

Heffner Road said...

Jon Gosselin Slams Kate Gosselin… AGAIN! Says She's Exploiting Their Children!

1/09/2014 4:31 PM ET | Filed under: Love Line • The Gosselins • Kate Gosselin • Reality TV

jon gosselin says kate is exploiting their children

Stop us if you think that you've heard this one before!

In case you haven't gotten the memo by now, Jon Gosselin is NOT a huge fan of his ex-wife Kate, and if you already forgot, he's giving us a nice little reminder!

As if we didn't get enough of how dysfunctional his relationship is with Kate and their children from reading all the honest deets their 13-year-old twins revealed!

This time he decided to slam the mother of 8 by saying she's exploiting their children by putting them in front of the cameras and not keeping their private lives private:

"She uses them as her props. It’s a problem for her that she can’t afford our old lifestyle anymore. It’s so unfair to them. I work really hard to keep my kids safe and then she just goes and tweets about them all the time. I don’t have a Twitter anymore and even when I did, I never tweeted about my kids. I kept their lives private."

Jon went on to say that he doesn't think that it's a good idea for his kids to grow up in the spotlight, and that he's worried how it will affect them down the road:

"They shy away from cameras and I don’t think that is normal. Developmentally, they have problems with their peers, and they have problems with talking to other people — I think more so than someone who grows up off of TV."

Being in front of the cameras is definitely not for everyone, especially little kids. But it's pretty interesting to hear it coming from Jon's mouth considering he's airing his own dirty laundry on TV in Couples Therapy!

Oh, and did we mention he did this interview with a tabloid for everyone to see?

Something tells us this wont be the last we hear from these two!

[Image via WENN.]

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Carol said...

Kate wants a new show and if she gets it, it will be a failure. The kids were cute when then were little and people enjoyed watching them. But now that they are grown, that cuteness has worn off. No one wants to look at Kate anymore either. We all know what a fake and phony person she is. She can try all she wants, but the ratings will be down.

Shi said...

Anyone that chooses to engage their brain will realize that children and teenagers are more likely to be "screwed up" if they're thrust into fame. Jon doesn't really need to divulge this information via a gossip rag.

I understand why he's saying it, though--he doesn't want his kids on TV anymore--but I also understand why the twins might feel the need to say to everyone "we're not messed up". If I were them, I wouldn't want Jon to go around saying that stuff. My guess is they deal with enough crap from people already.

Only thing looking up for this family is that the little kids are still off television and not giving interviews (For now, anyway). God save the Gosselin eight.

Seriously? said...

and 13 year olds are qualified to self assess as "undamaged"??

Diana said...

I'm surprised People magazine chose to put them on the cover. It will be interesting to see how the magazine does in terms of sales.

Eye Of The Tiger said...

My god, Kate's people work overtime. How they can still get her on the cover of People is beyond me. There are a lot of A-listers who haven't been on the cover as much.


Two words. Kate Coyne.

sglily said...

Re: Jon on Wendy Williams, etc.
I would really like someone to ask him what he thinks his kids think of him being on TV for this couple's therapy show and if he does in fact realize how it will affect them as teens/pre-teens among their friends, friend's parents, classmates. He basically mocked his kids when he talked about the People article where they referred to the many girlfriends after the divorce. Jon said to Wendy he doesn't want his kids filmed, but he never said he wouldn't ever be on TV again...fine, but if he's concerned about his kids emotional health in regards to TV, media, etc. this absolutely will affect them in some way even albeit indirectly. So much for disappearing and being "normal"...

Leigh Ann said...

I'm not surprised People did a story on the twins when they turned 13. We heard about the McCaugheys and the Dilleys at 13 and the McCaughey kids turned 16 in the last couple of years and they got a story about that. What got me was this was supposed to be about Mady and Cara and it came off being about Kate. She was in all the pictures. She managed to steal their spotlight because heaven forbid she should step back and let the kids have their turn. She'll probably wear white to their weddings. And they'll write a tell-all book when they can. I don't think Mady will hold back.

HereIAm said...

Christy said...

I *shuddered* during the interview on the TODAY show this morning! Kate forcing, and yes I DO believe she forced them!, the twins to appear on the show is a form of CHILD ABUSE!

It was BLATENTLY obvious that the girls didnt want to be there and poor Cara wanted to melt into the sofa cushions :( I was speechless, just like the girls were...but my silence was prompted by my recognition of Kate's CONTINUED AND INCESSANT quest to remain relevant! I had hoped that she would have come to her senses but alas, I was sadly wrong.


Zoey said...

I wish I saw the today show interview...I'm reading that it was a train wreck and awkward

shadow said...

Poor kids. The "reality" shone through in the Today show interview. Mady and Cara were terrified to say anything, lest they stray off script and inadvertently say something not approved by Kate. How sad to be that scared of your mother, and think that it is "normal."

Katy said...

Wow, has anyone seen this video of the twins on Today?

ND mom said...

Oh my goodness, that Today interview was even worse than I expected! Cara and Mady are so terrified of saying something that their mom won't approve of, that they say nothing at all. How awkward and miserable that was. And boy did Kate come off looking desperate!

Zoey said...

It's incredibly interesting that kate says she "doesn't waste time worrying about it" in reference to false stories about her. Yet she took her kids out of school to appear on the today show to defend herself to the public. I for one know that when I'm NOT worried I always call the today show to talk about things I'm not worried about

sglily said...

I too shuddered at that Today show interview...omg, Kate just has to stop doing this once and for all, just stop. It was clear to me that it was not nerves, last minute tongue-tie or any other excuse for how the girls presented themselves. It was plain awkward, IMO looked like they were forced to be there, and did not want to be there. Cara did not say one word, she looked like she was going to be sick, cry and other times glaring at Kate. BTW, she is growing up to be just beautiful. Mady is as well, and I can still see her same spunk and independence. When Kate "joked" with her to "use your words", Mady clearly glared at Kate looking annoyed then embarrassed, and then looked as though she'd been stifled and cued to perform. Don't know about anyone else, but this was actually sad and hard for me to watch. At the end when asked about wanting to do another show, Mady chimed in rather quickly and happily, I think just because she herself would like some kind of an acting break. Not for Kate, but for herself, as her own person. Don't think it had anything to do with another "show". This interview did prove something to me, and it was NOT that the girls were "ok", but rather what Jon has been saying all along to be the truth.

Hard to keep loving Jon said...

Not only was the interview totally painful, but did you notice the little ones are still drinking from sippy cups???

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

Revealed: What REALLY Happened Off Camera At ‘TODAY’, As ‘Furious’ Kate Gosselin ‘Rolled Her Eyes’ In Anger At Twins After Humiliating Interview

Posted on Jan 16, 2014 @ 11:24AM | By Jen Heger - Assistant Managing Editor

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A furious Kate Gosselin made no secret of her displeasure at twin daughters Mady and Cara after the disastrous interview live on TODAY Thursday during which the pair sat virtually silent and refused to answer questions, a show insider has told

When the reality television trio arrived at the NBC’s New York studio, there was not a hint of any drama, the insider dished.

“Kate and the girls were very talkative, but the girls were definitely sleepy. Cara and Mady’s manners were impeccable and they chatted with producers before the segment,” the source said.

PHOTOS: Jon & Kate Plus 30 Scandals – Secrets & Lies Of Reality TV’s Former First Family

“But as soon as the girls got on the set, their mood immediately changed. It was obvious to anyone watching they simply froze on camera.”

When the interview ended, off-camera, mom Kate, 38, asked Cara — who didn’t say one word during the entire interview with Savannah Guthrie — what happened.

“She kept asking what happened and she simply shrugged her shoulders,” the source said. “This seemed to make Kate even angrier and she rolled her eyes to onlookers nearby.”

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces

The bizarre interview couldn’t come at a worse time for Kate: It occurred just a day after the children’s father Jon claimed that his ex-wife exerts such rigid control over her brood, that they “can’t breathe the wrong way without upsetting her!”

Thursday’s appearance did little to dissuade such a notion, as the twin girls, 13, had to be prodded by their mother when host Guthrie asked them questions as innocuous as “How are you doing?”

When the girls had trouble answering, mama Kate jumped in with the zeal of a Hollywood publicist doing damage control.

“So this is their chance to talk, this is the most wordless I’ve heard them all morning — I don’t want to speak for them but, Mady, go ahead”

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Through The Years

“They’re more aware of what is out there, the inaccuracies, things that are said by the general public, their father, whoever in general because their friends talk about it at school. So I sort of am forced to kind of inform them,” Kate said. “And I think the most upset — we talk about it a lot and the most upset they are is because they get really frustrated that people assume certain things in our house and they always say, ‘But that’s not how it is, mommy. Why do they say that about us?’”

Said our show source: “We all genuinely felt for the girls. Kate is a tough cookie to please, it’s obvious that she expects a lot from Mady and Cara.”

After the cringeworthy appearance, Kate addressed her daughters’ silence, writing, “Thanks to @TODAYshow for having Cara, Mady and me on the show today! 1st live interview can render even the gabbiest girls speechless :)

dan said...

simple to see that those kids wanted no part of being on that show this a.m....this evil vile woman will stop at nothing to extend her non career, I honestly felt horrible for those kids today,what station even with all the cable outlets see any kind of show with these charecters p.s. jon keep them safe when mommy dearest gets them home

mom2boys said...

Such a sad interview. It isn't that the girls didn't want to talk. It looked like they were having a hard time remembering what they were supposed to say or didn't know quite how to answer and before they could even think about it Kate had to jump right in. She is just such a sad person trying so hard to stay relevant. The girls can google - they know what is going on. I hope they turn out ok once they are out of the house.

HeatherW said...

Just saw it. It was cringe worthy on every possible level. Even Guthrie's interview questions were awkwardly worded.
My daughter is about the same age as the Gosselin twins, and I got the distinct vibe they resent their mother for making them do this and are not at all comfortable with being pimped out. She's probably telling them that their college tuition depends on their "fame".

WonderButton said...

I just watched the Today Show interview. Way to go Cara!!!!! Honestly, her silence spoke volumes. I read her behavior as totally passive aggressive - in a good way - she is standing up for herself in the only way she can. At one point I thought poor Cara might burst into tears. I totally get her silent resistance. There were things about my family which were so messed up - family secrets - like my mom's previous marriage and my half-brother and (oh I could go on) - and we were told to NEVER mention ANY of that to ANYONE - EVER. So when acquaintances would tell me how wonderful they thought this or that was with my family, all I could do was force a semi-smile half heartedly and sort of nod in ascent. I still have a hard time answering the question about "so do you have any brothers or sisters?" - and I am in my 40s. UGH.

I also think that Mady was initially trying hard to stand up to Kate - maybe she and Cara had a pact, but Mady caved in. I think the "insiders" report that the girls were talking and interacting with the production staff before the interview shows that they were talkative and interacting normally before the interview.

Did you catch how Mady "told" Cara that Cara also missed doing the TV show? I wonder if those are the same words Kate uses to the kids.

I hope that body language expert jumps in and analyzes the girls' body language. Oh, no, Kate - no damage there.....none at all. Poor Cara was screaming through her silence.

Erica said...

If you look at Kate when Madi actually starts to say something, she starts mouthing the words along with Madi. This proves that the whole line was given to Madi. I truly get the feeling that none of her kids are allowed to be individuals with their own feelings, likes, dislikes and personalities. The girls seem almost emotionless. It is very common for children of narcissists to have bland affects. Their existence is only to validate their mother and they are not allowed their own emotions.

Anonymous said...

I hope those kids find the r/raisedbynarcissists subreddit when they're older. Kate is a piece of work... I bet those girls had hell to pay once they got beyond the cameras, poor things.

jennine s said...

I wonder if "the Bodyguard" accompanied them to New York.

Diana said...

I agree the girls did not want to be there! Their silence spoke volumes.

sglily said...

Kate, Cara & Mady will now be on The View Mon. I'm sure Kate will be rehearsing with them all weekend long. Instead of "this is your chance" to "speak up", it will be "this is your chance" to fix the disaster that happened Thurs. Thing is, it won't fix anything. IMO, and I hope, everybody saw how it really is and therefore nothing will be able to sweep that under the rug.
Funny observation: in one of Kate's damage control tweets yesterday, she tagged #notactors... haha, she's been promoting Mady's love of acting and "natural" talent since the show premiered, but now all of a sudden, it's "not actors".

Leigh Ann said...

The girls looked really nervous. They talked a lot during the magazine interview and the people said they were chatty before the show then as soon as they got on camera, they froze. Mady looked like she relaxed a little more. Clearly Cara didn't want to be there. She looked she had more than a case of nerves. I thought Mady came off looking a bit shy (unusual for her) and Cara was just mad. I don't believe they want to be on another TV show. They didn't want to be on this one! but teenager really wants their whole life put on TV.

Unknown said...

well katie should have given her that water years ago. as they say payback is a you-know-what.

CakeIsGreat said...

I can't decide if I think the whole thing was staged or not. I want to think it wasn't but I don't trust anything Kate does. Especially since they are going to be on The View Monday, now with "hype." Interesting too this is happening as Jon is doing TV again. I can't buy into his "I don't want my kids on TV" totally because if that were true HE wouldn't be trying to hang on to his fame too. It seems like a competition as to who will "get back" in the spotlight, with the kids of course still being the real losers. What kind of devil deal did they make that People, View, Today, still are giving them the time of day? Legit talent can't seem to stick around like this Succubus of both Men and Children. Why, Media, WHY?!

Exhausted said...

"This interview did prove something to me, and it was NOT that the girls were "ok", but rather what Jon has been saying all along to be the truth."
So sad. Kate belongs right beside the dance moms and toddlers with tiaras crew. Ugh. I think their silence speaks volumes, and again, who keeps providing pathetic Kate with a forum? I guess because people watch the show, people buy the magazine, etc. when she's on. I wish no one would.

And if things are as bad as we know they are, I wish Jon would stop giving interviews about his kids and focus on getting them more time with him, getting counseling for them, and finding a way to restrict media events like this. I would not rest if I knew my kids had to endure what those kids do. I know some divorced couples who have to have both parents' consent for the kid to even play a sport or be in chorus, so I'm not sure why this TODAY interview should be any different, especially with their having to go out of state for the interview. Don't stop fighting for your kids, Jon, until you have succeeded. Their time with Kate must be so hard and endless.

cshelto said...

MSN had a story yesterday saying Kate gave the twins a loud verbal tongue lashing backstage after the interview that put them both in tears. Witnesses claimed she was yelling at them that they embarrassed mommy on national television. So sad these girls are nothing more than pawns in Kates ongoing game of "I wanna be famous".

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

What could be more awkward than Kate Gosselin urging her tongue-tied daughter to "spit it out" during their squirm-inducing appearance Thursday on the "Today" show? How about the alleged aftermath?

The New York Daily News contends the former reality show fishwife gave her 13-year-old twin girls, Mady and Cara, an earful backstage after they clammed up during their sit-down with Savannah Guthrie.

"She went type-A crazy," alleges a source. "She was upset that they had a chance to speak for themselves and defend her and they blew it. She told them, 'You embarrassed mommy,' and some people heard. She was not happy."

Whatever happened, the fame-loving matriarch was quick to defend the oldest members of her eight-kid-strong brood.

"1st live interview can render even the gabbiest girls speechless :)," she tweeted.

When one follower opined that the girls looked "scared of saying the wrong thing, that's why they kept looking at you," Gosselin fired back, "There were no right or wrong answers. They just had a case of 'stage fright' #notactors."

As the interview kicked off, Guthrie directed her first question to Mady, asking how she and her sister were doing in the aftermath "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

"Um …," responded the teen, prompting a wide-eyed Kate to clap her hands and chide, "Mady, your words. It's your chance. Spit it out."

But Gosselin insisted on Twitter that she couldn't have been happier with their performance: "I'm SO proud of my girls...we had a great trip to NYC together. Did a couple of interviews, shopped, dined, bonded etc. #biggirlfun #homenow."

Kate's ex-husband-turned-nemesis Jon Gosselin said it was "horrible" to watch his twins' "deer in the headlights" moment.


ncgirl said...

"I wonder if "the Bodyguard" accompanied them to New York?"

Somebody on another site said they saw him on a video. I don't know which one. I wouldn't be surprised. Kate can't pee without him.

hannah said...

I think there should be a law that protects children under 18, from giving interviews.

How come Jon didn`t have to sign off?

Anonymous said...

inaccuracies, things said by the general public, their father, whoever in general because their friends talk about it at school....

Way to go Kate throw you kid's father under the bus in front of them on national TV. Oh wait that is not the first time you have thrown Jon under the bus on national TV. That was a low low move but wouldn't expect anything less from you Kate.

BTW turned over every People magazine and InTouch magazine with Kate on the front of them while out shopping this week.

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

Have a question..can't wait for Monday #The
View? anyone know what this means...hope she is not on the View tomorrow.

Sherry V@arkchix
@Kateplusmy8 can't wait for Monday #TheView
Retweeted by Kate Gosselin

Zoey said...

I think cars was mad about something actually. In the clip, when TODAY is showing the clip from their home life (snippy cups and all) you can hear kate whisper CARA! As if something happened .

ncgirl said...

"How come Jon didn`t have to sign off?"

He said he didn't know. Kate doesn't have to tell him what happens on her custody time same with Celebrity Wife Swap.

She and the twins will be on The View Monday. There's speculation it was pretaped because of the MLK holiday.

Hard to keep loving Jon said...

Obvious to all of us who watched the shows, Khate was "shopping" a show. Sadly, the girls forgot to cooperate and we know all hell broke looooose.
There's no way Jon will ever break even on this mess. I know she threatened them with their very lives and welfare regarding what to say -- and you'll never have an iPhone without it! Khate lied like a rug when she said their college is "paid for." We know that didn't happen early on and was only taken care of in the most minor way (10%).
Wouldn't miss them on the view...........

Jasper12 said...

It makes me sad, that the parents are not out, working, making an honest living. Reality tv has ruined this entire family. Kate needs to go back to work, rather than working her "fame" for cash.

Her children obviously do not want to be on television shows.

Judy said...

Just watched The View interview. Terrible, the girls kept looking at their mother for approval for everything they said. I hope she saved a lot of her income for therapy for these kids later.

I' m ready, Mr. DeMille said...

The newest appearance on the view was not much.
Cara was asked first about household chores and answered in a halting uncomfortable manner but (bless her), she managed to get through it.
Mady was much more talkative but looked at Kate before anwering. She referred to this as a dramatic pause. Coached anyone?
Barbara asked a question about Jon and Mady looked at Kate and froze.
Segment over! Very short.
Evidently "Jon questions" were off limits. Say bye bye.

Zoey said...

Listened to the view on line...I think kate and the kids have a show lined up...maybe shopping it. Barb said to the girls "how do you feel about the cameras" then part of it was mumbled but she said "you had cameras follow you and you might have another show,..,

Eye Of The Tiger said...

It makes me sad, that the parents are not out, working, making an honest living.


Jon is working two restaurant jobs. He is trying to make an honest living.

justsayin said...

Must have gone right from the TODAY show to the VIEW, all three were wearing the same clothes

jennine s said...

Interesting, most of the replies on Kate's twitter site are negative.

sglily said...

Yup, I'm sure they are shopping a show. There's really no other reason why the all of a sudden publicity of the "now teen girls"...and at the end of the Today Show interview when asked if they would want to do another show, both Mady AND Cara made sure to be all smiles and enthusiastic looking. Ugh. Kate also said about another show, if it happens, it happens and if it doesn't, it doesn't. Obviously there's some idea in the works, and floating a test balloon for the people's responses to the Gosselin kids.
The View obviously appeared to have been taped right after the Today Show, as they had the same exact clothes on and Kate's hair was starting to look stringy and greasy at the roots. Yuck. It was very evident to me Mady was over abundantly trying to make up for what happened on Today, as was Cara, who still did not look one bit happy about being there, but as if she was told she better speak up and say something or else. Kate was beaming when Mady started coming out of her shell and attempting to charm with jokes, esp. when Whoopi said she is loving Mady's responses or attitude, or whatever, you could tell Kate was taking full credit and tried to keep the ball rolling. Too little, too late though, as the writing was already clearly on the wall, no matter the plan of attack for damage control.

Debbie H said...

So happy to hear that Jon Gosselin is suing Kate for custody of the soon as he has the money, anyway...Does he have a chance? Kate would DIE if for no other reason than she wouldn't control(and be able to SPEND) their money and also she wouldn't even have a HOPE(not that she does, now, but)to use them up again to support her in a TV show:) Maybe people can start donating money to him to speed things up...

jennine s said...

Jon needs to put up or shut up. Is he getting paid to contact In Touch with these stories?

LALady said...

The embarrassment those kids will have to endure after tomorrow's Couple's Therapy episode has me sick in my heart for them! (I put this thot in Gen. Disc, coz abt kids not just C.T. Hope that's ok!) I wonder how much of this recent media tour is damage control for the fall-out about to hit? The girls looked so luvly and I am rooting for them in a terrible situation! Best wishes for all Gosselins- for the sake of the 8 children!-LALady

Beth Anne said...


"So happy to hear that Jon Gosselin is suing Kate for custody of the soon as he has the money, anyway..."

I usually have more sympathy than most for Jon and think, at heart, he's a good guy, but find this whole thing disturbing. How can you ask for custody for only some of your children, and not all? I know 8 kids is a lot to handle, but how will this news appear to Mady and Cara? Like, he doesn't love them enough to fight for custody of them, too?

I do believe Kate probably violated their custody agreement by not allowing Jon the opportunity to watch the kids while she took her "budding TV stars" off to New York, so he may have some legal recourse on that end. So, so sad all around.

So Over It said...

What (if anything?) is Jon getting paid for appearing on Couples Therapy? How much would it cost to start the filing process? Did Kate violate the custody agreement by not informing Jon of their trip to NYC so HE had the option of caring for the 6 while they were gone (instead of the nanny or whoever)? If Jon did know about the trip, why didn't he speak up then asking to care for the 6 while they were gone? And is it true Cara & Mady have not seen Jon for 9 months? (sure sounded like that would be the case after seeing their response to the 'do they see their dad' question on The View)

All this while Kate keeps posting on Twitter. Why did she post a pic of the kids watching The View to excitedly see their 'big sisters', but not of that segment shown on the TV, but rather the opening table discussion? Wow, hope there weren't any 'TV 14' hot topics that day (didn't see that part) There was a comment posted that said exactly what I was thinking though: how "excited" are the kids watching their big sisters on The View calling them "so annoying" and making it sound like having to live with them is unbearable...oh, I know, they're just typical teenagers saying typical stuff...and they get to watch them say that about them on national TV, but isn't that special?

Hard to keep loving Jon said...

I read that Jon bought a house near Khate with his Couples Therapy money.
Any truth to that?
Good for him if it happened.

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

how much was he paid....hard to believe enough to purchase a home,

I live 9 months a year near them, other 3 months in Florida, and the homes near Kate's are $300,000+

Anonymous said...

Last night's epi of Couple's Therapy will destroy Jon and humiliate his kids. Btw his girlfriend is pretty gross and you csn tell Jon obviously has very low self esteem to date her.

I' m ready, Mr. DeMille said...

I caught the end segment of the "celebrity" reality show on Thursday and all that I can say is..
Why Jon, why? Bad move on your part.
How much money would cause you to degrade yourself like that? Guess you didn't learn from previous experiences with reality TV.

Zoey said...

So the girlfriend is kind of trashy but I love that jon chose this outlet to get his kate digs in. And tell his side of the story for once. I think it's brilliant. His words can not be twisted and he comes off better in person rather than in black and white news print.

MayDay said...

disgusted with the couples therapy show and them filming Jon in the bedroom and discussing what he is doing in bed. That whole segment grossed me out and when Jon spoke about it I was very saddened that he would stoop so low to even engage in conversation about what he was doing in bed. His girlfriend is very offensive and I can not see what he sees in her. I think about if Mady and Cara googled couple therapy and saw the discussion about their father in the bedroom. So so sad.

shilohpeace said...

Oh lord, I never thought I would see anybody worse than Kate on tv.. until Jon's new supposed gf. She is sickening to me. Just so gross. Has no class or manners. What is with the torn jeans and looking like such a bum. And she treats Jon like crap. And that whole thing about him beating off. that was just disgusting.. just disgusting.. I always loved Jon and still do but why does he pick such horrible controlling women? I loved the fact that he just wanted to hug when they met and she made a mockery of that even. Why can't Jon meet a decent woman?

Eye Of The Tiger said...

I read that Jon bought a house near Khate with his Couples Therapy money.
Any truth to that?
Good for him if it happened.


Did you read that he "bought" a house, or that he moved? I haven't seen anything in which he said he actually purchased a home, only that they moved, which he stated in the Wendy interview.

Eye Of The Tiger said...

Kate would DIE if for no other reason than she wouldn't control(and be able to SPEND) their money and also she wouldn't even have a HOPE(not that she does, now, but)to use them up again to support her in a TV show:)


Why wouldn't she be able to spend their money? It's in a trust that allows withdrawal for the welfare, health, and safety of the kids. Is it stipulated that only the custodial parent may withdraw it? I don't know, but if not, she would still have access to it.

LALady said...

Keeping in mind how TV works...Jon was paid for and shot/completed Couples Therapy, months ago. He had months or weeks of preproduction time, also. Did this set off Kate to beat him to the punch,exposure wise? (She did an emb.2 EPs of a local cooking show,(made meatloaf)& got schooled by a 13 yr old (w/his shepherd's pie!) & that was post cookbook hope, but did correspond w/Jon's CT announcement.
Cara and Mady are at prime sell-your-soul-to-Disn_y/Nick__odian! Every year thousands of moms bring their kids in to town for auditions... these are held about two/three times a year. The sudden press on the twins coincides w/that coming up.Just some thots for us to throw around! Ty for letting me join!

thinking thoughts said...

I could never understand why Kate doesn't try for on-camera work in a local market. Other celebrities have done so successfully. Perhaps a regional talk show? Work as a master-of-ceremonies or large event coordinator?

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

did anyone notice on twitter, Kate Gosselins account has been suspended...anyone know why?

Zoey said...

I think she can't get work locally because the locals have all hated her for a lot longer than the general population has figured out her greedy ways!

Her twitter was suspended. That's weird. I read the rules regarding being suspended and I don't think she broke the rules. Perhaps Jon's attorney filed an investigation and need her twitter account in tact.

jennine s said...

I wonder if Kate's lawyers told her not to tweet anymore.

So Over It said...

Maybe Kate has went into hiding after Jon's appearance on the Couples Therapy show. Maybe he is getting ready to sue for custody and she's planning her next sob story for the Today Show, like when she whined through crocodile tears that she had a stack of bills in her purse she couldn't pay.
Poor Jon, though. Honestly, seeing him and Liz I can definitely agree he still seems to have very low self-esteem. Actually, it played out exactly how I hoped it wouldn't, but knew it would, only worse. Whether or not his own kids saw or heard any of their "therapy" is beside the point, because other kids and their parents will have seen it, and that alone is the ultimate embarrassment. Showing Jon under the covers in bed while Liz questions what he was doing and Jon going into all the detail, plus Jon recounting when he was still married to Kate and stayed out all night at a bar. I don't know how he could think going on national TV with that stuff wouldn't affect his kids to the point even his girlfriend might say 'I don't think this is such a good idea.' Just proves to me even more the kind of women he gravitates to. Even young Hailey went on TV on that show she was on talking about Jon's man part and how small it was, I think she specifically said 'teeny-tiny' multiple times, including saying how she even talked to her mom about it...just plain gross.

BonitaMom said...

Great new article in Daily Mail. Kate's sister is speaking out…also includes facts that bodyguard is gone!

seasidebreeze said...

Great article. Her sister speaks out and says Kate has absolutely no one in her life. She ran them all off, including her parents.

BsGma said...

Yes, that DailyMail article is a great article. Finally, one of Kate's sisters is speaking out--although I wish she would have years ago. Please--band together for the children.
I truly think that the umbrella of Discovery/TLC/NBC--'People' also want to keep any negativity about Kate doing harm to the kids under wraps because they were privy to it all along. (Or any unsavory people that worked on the show--around the children.) The almighty $$$$ always wins.....but it only works when people keep their silence.



Kate Gosselin ✔@Kateplusmy8

I'm SO perty...home from my favorite groomer/friends(Leesport Pet Resort is THE BEST!)&now taking my midmorning nap!

RedHatLady said...

on Kate + my 8 she just put out a tweet 6 hours ago about how pretty the dog looks after being groomed. She is still tweeting.....

Anonymous said...

kate can't get a local gig, because no one around here likes her. We've all known for a LONG time what she is really like! She actually threw out hand-print ornaments that the sextuplets made for her in preschool!!! She made jon throw them in the church dumpster!


but she was absent for five days....something going on



Kate Gosselin’s Brother-In-Law Arrested For Criminal Attempt Of Theft: Pled Guilty To Disorderly Conduct

Posted on Jan 29, 2014 @ 13:28PM | By Amber Ryland - News Editor

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Kate Gosselin‘s sister made headlines last week when she spoke out about the controversial reality TV family for the first time ever, and now has exclusively learned Kate’s brother-in-law was arrested last summer for criminal attempt at theft.

According to the Lititz Borough Police Department in Pennsylvania, Jeffrey Michael Wilber, 44, — Kendra Wilber‘s husband — was arrested on May 29, 2013 and charged after going through a homeowner’s personal belongings while there on a drywall job.

Jeffrey owns J M Wilber Drywall and while in a home on the 200 block of South Spruce Street authorities say “he was seen on surveillance camera…going in and out of rooms where no work was being done, rummaging through dresser drawers and looking in closets and under beds.”

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Through The Years

The case was sent to Judge Edward Tobin of the Pennsylvania Magisterial District Court and on June 7, 2013, the Criminal Attempt of Theft charge was dismissed, however Jeffrey entered a guilty plea to “Disorderly Conduct Obscene Lang/Gest.” and the case is now closed.

As Radar previously reported, Jeffrey’s wife and Kate’s sister, Kendra, spoke out for the first time revealing she hasn’t seen her sister or eight nieces in nephews in six years.

“Kate does not speak to her family at all. It is very painful… The last time we saw and spoke with her it was in our church parking lot. That was years ago, I have lost track of time,” Kendra said.

PHOTOS: Jon & Kate Plus 30 Scandals — Secrets & Lies Of Reality TV’s Former First Family

“I guess we weren’t totally on board with what was going on with the kids, I guess we weren’t excited enough for her and were concerned about her family.”

Kate has reportedly cut off all ties from her family — including her own parents — after Jon & Kate Plus 8 catapulted her and ex-husband Jon‘s family into fame.

“I guess we have our own life and she wants a big life and we don’t fit in,” Kendra said.

PHOTOS: Jon And Kate Gosselin’s Sextuplets Over The Years

“We are just normal everyday people and she doesn’t want us to be part of her life.”

jennine s said...

This incident happened early last summer. Interesting that ROL prints it now.

Zoey said...

That Is Kate's PR people trying to deflect the real issue. Regardless of the husband, it doesn't take away from the family's feelings

Leigh Ann said...

Did anyone see this week's InTouch? Jon wants to sue for custody of the sextuplets. He says not only is Kate mistreating them but she's turned the twins into "mini hers" and they boss them around and treats them badly. He claims that Kate leaves it up to them to enforce the rules with the younger kids. He said he doesn't see much of Maddy and Cara because Kate guilts them into staying. But I did notice on the Today Show in what little talking the girls did do they said their little brothers and sisters were annoying and pains. Now, I get sibling rivalry and when you get six little brothers and sisters at once, it's a big adjustment. But Kate didn't step in and say in and tell the girls that wasn't nice or say anything in defense of the younger kids. It seems like there's a real us vs. them mentality going on and Kate's encouraging it.

Real time Mom said...

Interesting article on Kate and the twins body language during their tv interviews by Dr Lillian Glass

Leigh Ann said...

That was really interesting. I didn't know they were on The View. Is there a link for the interview?

Leigh Ann said...

I hit publish too soon!

I find it interesting that on both shows the girls talked about how annoying their younger siblings are. So after they did that once, Kate didn't tell them that wasn't very nice, next time come up with something nice to say. She's letting two of her kids trash the other six on TV and doesn't seem to have an issue with it.

Leigh Ann said...

I found the link for The View. Both girls were more talkative but you could tell they didn't want to be there. And Kate let them bash the other kids.

Beth Anne said...

Re: She's letting two of her kids trash the other six on TV and doesn't seem to have an issue with it.

Well, that's pretty much what she did to Jon both during and after their marriage, it's totally in line with her own behavior. She's teaching the twins that, as long as they elevate themselves by cutting down others, that's all fine and good. It's the way she's operated her whole life - making herself out to look like a victim and the most saintly person possible, whereas she's ungrateful and annoying.

Real time mom said...

A good mother doesn't let anyone trash talk her kids. This includes siblings.

Heffner Road fm Fl said...

Kate Gosselin ✔@Kateplusmy8

Finally!Most of #BeKindGetSigned books are signed&labeled! Who will find #LoveIsInTheMix at their door? #Any1sguess

Show PhotoReply

Kate Gosselin ✔@Kateplusmy8

@akachrystal drained! Sorry. Little misses happen in every book :/ unfortunately! Enjoy! I almost made them w chicken tonight! Yum!

Protect8 said...

Real time mom said...
A good mother doesn't let anyone trash talk her kids. This includes siblings.

I so agree wit this! It has always bothered me that both Jon and Kate were/are fine with the kids hitting each other. Jon and Kate often spoke about their kids in derogatory terms and so of course, the kids act the same way to each other and apparently, other kids at school which is why two of them were suspended a few years ago. Don't blame the kids -

Heffner Road fm Florida said...


Kate GosselinVerified account‏@Kateplusmy8·
...Up to my eyeballs in paperwork, emails and phone calls today. #HavingFun-Not #ButStillSmiling




Heffner Road fm Florida said...

Kate GosselinVerified account‏@Kateplusmy8·
#BeKindGetSigned (copy of my cookbook Love Is In The Mix) List will b posted soon! Check here: #HINT:SurpriseInvolved

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

Over the holidays, my kids and I had the opportunity to read hundreds of stories detailing kind acts that you emailed to me in response to my #BeKindGetSigned tweets! It has taken forever to get through them all, but we were each so blessed by your kindness!

Thank you to everyone who has gone out of their way — and not just around the holidays, but all year long — to do something kind for someone else. Small things can make a huge difference to someone who is struggling. We all have our own struggles and sometimes all we need is a smile, a hug or a little surprise to remind us that someone cares and to “keep on keeping on.”

We couldn’t all agree on ONLY 12….. So I’m sending out a total of 28 signed copies of my cook book, Love Is In The Mix to the people listed below:

to be continued

Heffner Road fm Florida said...


1. Lauren (Pennsylvania) – volunteered for Salvation Army with her children and bought gifts for a child in need. Great!

2. Sidney (Georgia) – collected clothing for kids in need and donated them after being inspired by a similar program at school. Awesome!

3. Carrie (Massachusetts) – lives her life donating and volunteering and teaching her kids to do the same! Her list is long! Great job!

4. Sam (Massachusetts)- he and friends make people smile by Christmas Caroling with their friend ‘Steven the Snowman’ (think Frosty the Snowman). So fun!

5. Vanessa (Canada) – baked treats and delivered them to people in the hospital, patients, families and staff! Wonderful!

6. Yvonne (Wisconsin) – helped numerous people in need with seemingly small things, but she put smiles on many folks faces! Great work!

7. Emily (Missouri) – helped buy gifts for a struggling friends’ kids so they could enjoy a lovely Christmas! Thank you!

8. Sydney (Virginia) – was a big part of a big school run operation to help local kids to have a Merry Christmas. Great lessons learned for her and classmates too!

9. Austin (Missouri) – bought gifts for kids in need in his local school district. Way to go!

10. Shoshana (Pennsylvania) – volunteers at three different local organizations through out the year! Wow!

11. Tricia (Canada) – shops all year and donates items to a local organization that helps kids in need to have a wonderful Christmas! Thumbs up!

12. Amy (Ohio) – each year, she donates a full Thanksgiving Dinner to a local needy family. She lost her job this year around the holidays and STILL carried out her tradition! Way to go!

13. Karen (Indianna) – helped a homeless man in the grocery store and made his day with her kindness! She was blessed as well. Wonderful story!

14. Kelly (Maryland) – she and her mom blessed a struggling family at their church by buying them gifts and included encouraging notes! Wonderful!

15. Traci (Canada) – she and her two boys shopped for toys and blankets for kids in need and baked goods for the firemen and delivered them to their new local fire station! Awesome job!

16. Cassey (Minnesota) – bought lunch for a lady in line in front of her! Well done!

17. Jessica (New Hampshire) – came up with an idea to make holiday sweatshirts for homeless kids in a class at school! Great idea! Beautiful job!

18. Allison (Georgia) – saved her money all year and surprised a struggling family who she babysits for a huge flat screen tv! That is awesome!

19. Sommer (Florida) – volunteered to sort toys for Toys for Tots! Thank you!

20. Naomi (New Zealand) – bought a gift card for a struggling friend at work to help her have a Merry Christmas! Well done!

21. Beth (Wisconsin) – their family did their own 26 acts of kindness in honor of the Sandy Hook victims! So awesome!

22. Nicholas (New York) – bakes cookies each year and packages them in holiday tins and gives them out to ‘people in need of a smile’! I love this!

23. Kelly (Florida) – helped a homeless family by giving them money and buying them dinner! Heart wrenching and heart warming story! Great job!

24. Courtney (Canada) – took it upon herself to plan a fun day filled with crafts and games for four families kids (7 kids in all!) so the parents could Christmas shop .. And she babysat them free of charge!!! This is great!

25. Jessie (Illinois) – when her friend went into labor a bit early (and on the day she had planned to do all her wrapping!) she surprised her friend and wrapped all her presents for her! Perfect!

26. Patty (Michigan) – she cares year round for an elderly lady who is otherwise all alone! Wonderful!

27. Brandy (Indianna) – rescues dogs and donated an excess of dog food given to her to other dogs in need! Great job!

28. Elysa (Illinois) – volunteered to help families that were affected by the recent tornados in the Midwest. What a story! Wonderful job!


Heffner Road fm Florida said...

Jon Gosselin‘s bitter feud with ex-wife Kate Gosselin reached a new boiling point in a preview clip of Couples Therapy obtained by, when the father of eight slams Kate in an expletive-filled rant, calling her a “piece of f**king sh*t,” a “sh*tty human being” and says, “She can f**kin’ die.”

Frustrated by his damaged relationship with Kate and the multi-million dollar lawsuit she filed against him, Jon finally explodes after a text conversation with her.

“Great f**kin’ wife. Why do I f**kin’ try?” he asked his girlfriend, Liz Jannetta.

PHOTOS: Jon & Kate Plus 30 Scandals — Secrets & Lies Of Reality TV’s Former First Family

“It’s narcissistic, bullsh*t behavior. And she can go out and talk about the kids anytime she wants! She can tweet and have a f**kin’ website dedicated to them, every f**kin’ book she’s ever put out because she wants to keep being on television which is never gonna f**kin’ happen, so she can f**kin’ die.”

And just when you think he’s cooled off, there’s more: “There’s your honest depiction of Kate Gosselin. Piece of f**king sh*t. What a sh*tty human being.”

Earlier in the clip Jon is less agitated, telling his Couples Therapy cohorts about his tell-all book and reveals his favorite phrase about Kate.

PHOTOS: Mady & Cara Gosselin Smile For The Cameras After TODAY Show Appearance

“I wrote my book, I’m just afraid to publish it. It took my two years. It’s everything that happened…my side, my emotions. And then the legal team gets involved and says, ‘You can’t say this, you can’t say that, that’s defamatory’ but if I say ‘I feel,’ they can’t take away your feelings, because no one can tell you how you feel. It’s not defamatory or libelous,” he explains.

“The lawsuit, that hurts me. It’s like, I would never do that to her. I don’t care how bad sh*t was. She’s suing me for millions. I live in a three-bedroom cabin!

“That was my statement: You hate me more than you love your children.”

Scorned Exes Tell All: Inside Hollywood’s Ugliest Splits

Jon has talked a lot about Kate and his children in past episodes of the hit VH1 show, describing his marriage to her as “ten years of a business transaction.”

What do you think will put an end to the feud between Jon and Kate once and for all? Sound off in comments below…

jennine s said...

although the acts of kindness are all wonderful, many are not random acts. The contest rules were "random acts of kindness."

jennine s said...

Jon and Kate IMO need individual counseling and parenting counseling.

abc said...

TFW sent out 28 books? That's probably the sum total of all the letters she received. Hundreds? Another lie.

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

Jon Gosselin’s Explosive Rant Against Ex Kate Was ‘Completely Staged’ Claims Source: ‘There Was No Phone Conversation’

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 @ 12:30PM | By Amber Ryland - News Editor

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Jon Gosselin exploded on a recent episode of Couples Therapy after a conversation with his ex-wife Kate got him all fired up — to the point where he said “she can f**kin’ die” — but a source close to the mother of eight exclusively tells that the entire thing was a set-up just to stir drama on the show.

According to the insider, Kate, 38, purposely avoided having any conversations with Jon while he appeared on the VH1 reality TV show.

“Kate never talked to Jon on the phone during his Couples Therapy tryst,” the source told Radar.

PHOTOS: Fraud, Feuds & Fights — 27 Reality Stars Who Are Out Of Control

“In fact, Jon and Kate haven’t actually spoken on the phone in years; they just text. But either way, the entire scene with Jon exploding and going off on Kate was just something he orchestrated to make himself relevant on the show and make sure he got screen time.”

As Radar previously reported, Jon, 36, engaged in an expletive-filled rant, bashing Kate.

“It’s narcissistic, bullsh*t behavior. And she can go out and talk about the kids anytime she wants! She can tweet and have a f**kin’ website dedicated to them, every f**kin’ book she’s ever put out because she wants to keep being on television which is never gonna f**kin’ happen, so she can f**kin’ die,” he raved.

PHOTOS: Jon & Kate Plus 30 Scandals — Secrets & Lies Of Reality TV’s Former First Family

“There’s your honest depiction of Kate Gosselin. Piece of f**king sh*t. What a sh*tty human being.”

And while it’s no secret the one-time couple had an epic breakup, they continue to publicly bicker over their children and finances.

“The whole point of Jon being on the show is to work on his relationship with Liz Jannetta. But instead, he’s using it as a platform to trash Kate,” the source said.

Scorned Exes Tell All: Inside Hollywood’s Ugliest Splits

“Which you almost can’t fault him since that’s basically what reality TV is these days.”

In case you missed the clip in question, you can watch it below:

Betty said...

What a shock! An alleged reality show isn't real! Kate should know all about that.

Eye Of The Tiger said...

Dr. Jenn answered a tweet in which she verified that Jon did call Kate and the therapist personally witnessed it.

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

Kate Gosselin ‘B*tched Out’ Her Daughters At Demi Lovato Concert… While Holding Hands With Her Bodyguard!

Posted on Mar 7, 2014 @ 3:41AM | By Amber Ryland - News Editor

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Getty Images

Kate Gosselin took twin teenage daughters Mady and Cara to the Demi Lovato concert on Sunday night, where she gave onlookers their own version of “Heart Attack.”

An eyewitness has exclusively told it was an intense outing for the family — who was accompanied by their mom’s bodyguard (and boyfriend?) Steve Neild.

According to a fellow concert-goer, mother-of-eight Kate got harsh with the girls while shopping for merchandise from the Fairfax, Va., show and made a small scene.

“We were at the Demi Lovato concert on Sunday night and had just entered the building and were browsing the merchandise table. I turned and saw a girl who looked familiar but turned away and didn’t think much of it. Next thing you know we heard someone yelling, ‘You both need to come back here now! Get over here and stay together! Where are you guys going?!’” the source told Radar.

PHOTOS: Jon & Kate Plus 30 Scandals — Secrets & Lies Of Reality TV’s Former First Family

“I turned around and lo and behold, it was Kate Gosselin b*tching out the twins. The girls seemed embarrassed and their faces were pleading, ‘Please don’t know my mother.’ They looked deflated. Myself and two friends were shocked and appalled.”

The insider reveals that Kate, 38, and her crew came through the same door as everyone else — no special treatment — but she did have her long-time rumored boyfriend and bodyguard on her arm!

“The biggest surprise of all was who she was holding hands with. She was holding hands with Steve Neild, her ‘bodyguard,’” the eyewitness told Radar.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Through The Years

“They are most definitely a couple and were NOT trying to hide it. We were surprised considering we kept up with all the Jon & Kate Plus 8 drama.”

The source tells Radar that at one point they tried to take “selfies” so they could catch a photo of Kate and Steve in the background, but failed.

“Kate ducked behind us during the photos and yelled to the twins, ‘Girls, bend down, you’re going to ruin their photo!’” the source said.

PHOTOS: Mady & Cara Gosselin Smile For The Cameras After TODAY Show Appearance

“She seemed paranoid after we took the photo.”

Oh, and about that no special treatment thing?

“We decided to go to our seats and as we turned around we saw the twins, Neil and Kate walk to the side and bypass the entire merchandise line to be served,” the insider added.

Scorned Exes Tell All: Inside Hollywood’s Ugliest Splits

“I guess these days they make their own special treatment!”

Debbie H said...

Apparently, Kate and Steve ARE still a couple now, and not hiding it...and she is still yelling at the twins every opportunity she gets..check this article out..

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

on the radaronline link....her picture...did you ever see a more mean looking woman?

I' m ready, Mr. DeMille said...

While I can understand getting upset with the girls for wandering away, I don't understand why 2 adults have to be so wrapped up with each other not to stop them from wandering in the first place. Two adults, two pre-teens, too much to handle?

Grammajude said...

Saw on RadarOnLine that Khate is possibly being considered as a contestant on "Celebrity Apprentice." All I can say is, "OMG!" Couldn't pay me to watch it.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan by any means but have to admit its a very smart move by Trump to cast her. SHe does bring in ratings you can't really deny that. Good for her to be able to earn some money for once WITHOUT the kids. Very happy for them.

Dan said...

its my understanding that contestants on the Donald's show donate there earnings to a charity of there you see the selfish witch doing that...I may be wrong about that

Debbie H said...

No doubt she will probably be the first to be fired...She has never played well with others and I have no reason to believe she has changed...Wonder what her "charity" is? She is just desperate for TV time and would do anything to get her face out there..She is probably thinking this will lead to her own show of some kind...She will be still waiting for that to come along 20 years from

Liz said...

I wonder what she'll do with the kids while filming. Isn't that show kind of 24/7 for the contestants?

Oh Susannah said...

Debbie H said...
No doubt she will probably be the first to be fired.


Not necessarily. Think back to other contestants. If they bring in the viewers because of drama, because they *are* difficult to work with and are a royal pain in the butt, they will stay on there for the hate factor. That's why polarizing celebs are hired in the first place...same with DWTS. She was kept on because viewers wanted to see her make a fool of herself. If she's on Celebrity Apprentice, she won't be the first to be fired.

Kate and Steve as a couple? This was an anonymous source who contacted ROL. Were they holding hands? Who knows, but the fact that it was Radar that came out with this, and given their history of reporting erroneous "facts" from "insider" sources, I wouldn't trust their information as far as I could throw it.

suzieo said...

Has anyone else noticed that TLC has started showing Kate Plus 8 again starting with episode 1, season 1 this last Monday and it is on every morning 9 am Mon. through Fri.

Oh Susannah said...

Anonymous said...
Not a fan by any means but have to admit its a very smart move by Trump to cast her. SHe does bring in ratings you can't really deny that. Good for her to be able to earn some money for once WITHOUT the kids. Very happy for them.


The money goes to charity. She's not going to walk away from that show with mega-bucks in her pocket.

Heffner Road fm Florida said...


‘Kate Will Flip!’ Jon Gosselin Has Penned Tell-All Book ‘About My Feelings And My Marriage’

Posted on Mar 13, 2014 @ 8:41AM | By Radar Staff

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Splash News

Jon Gosselin says ex-wife Kate Gosselin “will flip” when she turns through the pages of the book he claims he’s written about the marriage they once shared.

“It’s about my feelings and my marriage,” the reality star, 36, tells In Touch. “No one really knows what happened … I think people want to hear my story.”

PHOTOS: Jon & Kate Plus 30 Scandals — Secrets & Lies Of Reality TV’s Former First Family

With rampant speculation as to what salacious content Jon’s tome could uncover, the publication cast an eye toward the mother-of-eight’s murky relationship with her bodyguard-turned-business manager, Steve Neild.

During their break-up five years ago, the Couples Therapy star publicly questioned what was going on between his then-wife and Neild, a silver fox originally from New Zealand, but Kate emphatically denied anything was going on with the handsome Kiwi.

PHOTOS: Fraud, Feuds & Fights — 27 Reality Stars Who Are Out Of Control

While his ex-wife — who was able to suppress the release of writer Robert Hoffman‘s tell-all book on her two years ago — and is likely to be furious about the upcoming book — Jon Gosselin told the magazine that “at this point, I don’t care about Kate’s reaction.”

Keep it right here on Radar for more news about Kate Gosselin.

YoureFired said...

Maybe not rich, but she DOES get ~$25K for being on the show, and I'm sure she thinks this will jumpstart her leap back into TV and fame. Of course, I'm sure she thought that about DWTS, too.

Heffner Road fm Florida said...


Jon Gosselin ‘Can Expect A Lawsuit’ From Ex-Wife Kate If He Publishes Explosive Tell-All Book, Pal Reveals

Posted on Mar 14, 2014 @ 3:16AM | By Amber Ryland - News Editor

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Splash News/Getty Images

Jon Gosselin has written a tell-all book about his feelings over his failed marriage to his ex, Kate Gosselin, but an insider exclusively tells the father of eight better be prepared, because if he published the book Kate will take legal action against him.

While appearing on VH1′s Couples Therapy, Jon boasted that he took two years to write a tell-all book and claimed “it’s not defamatory or libelous” because it’s his feelings and “no one can tell you how you feel.”

“I wrote my book, I’m just afraid to publish it,” Jon told his housemates.

PHOTOS: Jon & Kate Plus 30 Scandals — Secrets & Lies Of Reality TV’s Former First Family

And according to a source close to Kate, he should be afraid to publish it.

“If Jon’s book is published he will have numerous lawsuits against him — and not just from his ex-wife,” the insider told Radar.

“It’s unfortunate that Jon cannot find peace within himself. The only time he gets press is when he’s either bashing Kate or his children, which is very saddening for the little Gosselins. Kate has moved on from Jon and his antics. At this point she wishes he would be a father to their eight children, instead of selling stories to the tabloids about them.”

Scorned Exes Tell All: Inside Hollywood’s Ugliest Splits

Jon gave an interview to a tabloid magazine this week further discussing the tell-all book, acknowledging that Kate “will flip.”

“It’s sad that Jon pays ZERO child support and barely sees the children or talks to them, and the kids are old enough now that they acknowledge that and are aware of it,” the source added.

“He makes a career off selling sorties to the tabloids about his eight beautiful children.”

PHOTOS: Fraud, Feuds & Fights — 27 Reality Stars Who Are Out Of Control

If he publishes, would you read Jon’s tell-all book? Sound off in the comments section below…

suzieo said...

Jon's book is too little too late. People have long ago formed their opinions and most think he cheated on her and are not likely to change their minds. Especially after seeing him on the Couple's show his book will seem defensive and mean spirited. Being on that show and writing this book is not showing that he has his kids best interest foremost.

I'm curious why TLC put Kate plus 8 back on daily. They must think enough people will watch to bring in ratings and if this is true does that mean she could get another show? Jon's book would just bring her back into the interview circuit.

Heffner Road fm Florida said...


"Celebrity Apprentice" is still weeks away from announcing its latest contestants, but TMZ spies have come through again ... with a list of celebs who will be duking it out this season.

TMZ has learned Geraldo Rivera and former "Cosby Show" star Keshia Knight Pulliam are among the cast members for the upcoming season.

In addition, our spies say two "Real Housewives" -- Brandi Glanville from Bev Hills and Kenya Moore from Atlanta -- will also be doing the show.

Kate Gosselin's name has been rumored for a while now ... and TMZ can confirm she'll be trying to get on Donald Trump's good side as well.

"Celebrity Apprentice" is still a ratings force on Sunday nights and has helped re-launch the careers of Joan Rivers, Arsenio Hall, Trace Adkins and Piers Morgan.

Wait, maybe not that last one ...

See also
Omarosa -- I'm Running for School Board ... And I'm Gonna Win!
Omarosa & Bethenny Frankel Have Epic TV Catfight

See More:
Geraldo Rivera, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Brandi Glanville, 5 MoreKenya Moore, Kate Gosselin, Celebrity Apprentice, TV, Reality TV Hide these


Read more:

jennines said...

IMO they are all past their 15 minutes. D list at best.

Real time Mom said...

I read the ROL article. I noticed in the comments section, Kate still has die hard wack-o's who will not listen to a negative word against her. One even posts negative comments against every single negative poster who said anything negative, true or not. Yet, she has not one civil thing to say about Jon. Maybe that wack-o is Kate! LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is such a joke. Kate doesn't have any rich and famous friends to call for raising money for charity. Plus, Kate and her kids do not qualify as charity. I don't know if I can stand it anymore--she's going to get chewed up and spit out by the housewives in the cast--lol--which might be entertaining because she deserves someone to tell her off. The celebs with contacts are always silent dark horses who emerge the winners. Of course, she's not there to win anything but more exposure to win a new show for herself. NEVER gonna happen.

Ohio Buckeye said...

I a so glad to have witnessed a raising of the standards for women of reality shows. at rock bottom in 2008-9,we were being fed Kate Gosselin, whining about how hard her life is, how much she deserves weekly mani and pedis, and acting as if she should be awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for the oh-so-labor-intensive task of being a sinle mom who has to (gasp!) change a window screen in her mansion.

a big round of applause for the current women now on tv, those who save, restore, and renovate homes without acting as if they are award-worthy! Yay for the likes of Nicole Curtis, who shows by sharp contrast just how much of a joke Kate Gosselin has always been.

CA Spoiler said... has CA spoilers if anyone is curious.

Heffner Road fm Florida said...


is CA done with taping all the shows? If yes, any leaks how Kate did??

Sharla said...

I saw on one of the spoiler sites that she was gone. I can't remember exactly when but maybe half to 2/3 of the way through.

Mary said...


Has kate been asked to come back to the Kentucky Derby

Anonymous said...

TLC has certainly become the trashy channel. I hope the show does not have high ratings. We saw her be abusive to those children time after time on the original show. So many of us quit watching because of it. A father should be able to stand up for his children & their well being. I am shocked no judge in PA would allow this

laura linger said...

I am roughly 20 pages into the Hoffman book and it is already so devastating to Hate, I almost feel sorry for her.

Heffner Road said...

how many pages are their?

sjb said...

Reading (and enjoying) the book and just came across my first gwop reference -- made by Kate, no less!

Dianne said...

I have been reading Mr. Hoffman's book and although I did not go into it as a Kate Gosselin fan, I am astounded at her many untruths and the manipulative behavior.
It makes me wonder if Kate will officially be known as the Joan Crawford of our generation.

Heffner Road said...

go to article on Kate....interesting

Sharla said...

Anonymous said...

Seriously? The woman that LOST HER MIND when her friend gave her kids gum have out betta fish to kids without their parent's permission?? Her own fish are doomed because she couldn't be bothered to do a little research and learn that bettas are NOT ok with just a bowl of water. They need a 10 gallon tank with a filter, heater and bubbler. Pet stores lie when they claim bettas live in puddles, it's just not true.