Kate Alleges She Was Bullied

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Betty said...

Ha! Maybe she shouldn't have bullied her husband and her own children on TV. She can't tell the difference in people commenting on a TV show that she chose to make and was further paid to do than actual bullying. More poor me from the queen of begging.

Nova said...

I shouldn't have been surprised that Khate has turned to the "Poor me, I'm being bullied" bs. While there are plenty of people who are actually being bullied, I've noticed that it is almost 'the thing' these days to claim to be bullied. It's like when all the celebrity ladies were running around with tiny dogs.

The comments on the Bullyville site are sad. All those people writing in to tell her how brave she is are rediculous. Have they never watched her show or saw an interview? Khate is the bully and she richly deserves the contempt many people feel for her.

jennine s said...

It takes one to know one. Kate bullied her husband and children, nanny, staff. etc. for years. I think that this is a desperate move to get some attention.

cali-girl said...

What??? Kate was bullied?? Puh-leeze.
KATE bullied her husband, her children (still have that image in my head of her pushing Collin down into the seat on the open-top bus during Ice Cream Gate in NYC), bullied and berated Tony Dovolani when he was attempting to teach her to dance, bullied Maddy over Steve's piece of pizza, made her sick children lie on the floor of the laundry room, etc. etc. etc.

And how do I know this? It's all on TV (almost all of it on the show she was PAID to do).

Don't like what people are saying, Kate? Don't read it, and stay off of Twitter.

expat said...

I'm delighted to see that Google hasn't even picked up on this story. When you google "Gosselins", it doesn't even come up. Either everyone recognizes what a load of bs this is (everyone except the poor naive peeps at Bullyville), or nobody cares enough to notice. Whichever it is, I can only say "yay!".

Ruthie said...

Desperate for attention. How oblivious can she be? Her many acts of bullying have been documented on tv. Wish she would just go away.

Protect8 said...

I was hoping by now there would not be enough traffic to justify this wonderful GWOP site - a site I truly believe was greatly responsible for bringing the mistreatment of the Gosselin children to the attention of the State of PA and of course, many, many others.

But apparently this forum is still necessary as Gosselin embarks on her latest "look at me, look at me" tour. People are over her divorce from the awful mean husband tour, her alarming stint on DWTS, her marathon or whatever running, her so-called couponing - so what is left?

"Look at me, I'm bullied."

This will probably be followed with:
"Look at me, I was abused as a child" (or did she already do this one?)
"Look at me, I'm kind of hinting that maybe but not necessarily I was molested as a child."
"I have an eating disorder."
"I have an exercise disorder."

All as she exerts a great deal of energy trying to live her life in front of a camera at the expense of her children's privacy.

I think it is high time that TLC starts showing re-runs of Jon and Kate Plus 8. (They are probably loathe to pay her royalty fees) Unfortunately there seems to be a group of people who have bought Kate's oh poor me victimization story and missed the whole part of how for years, until she didn't have any left, she expressed hatred for fans. They should at least watch the episode of how she treated everyone, including her poor kids, when she did the very safe jump from the Sky Tower. That behavior folks, is true classic Kate Gosselin.

Sure, there are true "haters" as she likes to call all critics, who pop up on tabloid sites and even here occasionally. These are the people who say nasty things about her looks, her hair, the way she dresses, the superficial things. But the vast majority of critics aren't haters of Kate Gosselin. We are haters of the way she treated/treats her children and how she continues to try attempt to manipulate the media at her children's expense.

So shut up, Kate Gosselin. You've given your quest for reality TV celebrity fame your best shot. Now just go about your life like 99.9% of all mothers do and you'll find out that you are not a victim of bullies and haters. In fact, your kids will be grown soon and you'll discover that people will forget who you were. Or is that the problem?

han said...

She has bragged about how the kids want to with her and how she waits my the phone, when they at Jon`s. Thats Bullying.

She is nasty to her kids and embarrasses them on live TV. That lead to issues in the school.

Exhausted said...

And besides Kate, who is more of a bully than TLC/Discovery? Haven't they bullied anyone who has tried to come out against Kate with their lawyers and cease and desist notices? They bullied Jon when he tried to get out of their "brand." They put all these kids on these abusive shows where idiot adults are making horrible decisions (e.g. Toddlers and Tiaras and many more) that they have to live with...instead of staging an intervention to help all these poor kids the way they should have done with the Gosselins. I've never seen a bigger bully.

Babsie said...

Babsie said...
I have never met a bully who didn't believe they were the victim and being picked on. I have met many verbally abusive people who when the tables were turned and they were attacked went sobbing "Why is everyone picking on me?"

I'm Ready, Mr. Demill said...

"Reality Show Celebrity" is a title that is a big joke and yet the "Stahs" seem to thrive on this distinctive title. They will do anything to stay in the limelight and they become more ridiculous as time goes by.

I wonder how many calls were made to the ladies of The View about this latest Kate misfortune. BooHooHoo, "Baba, HELP...you said I was a Stah and the bullies are after me."

Nova said...

Babsie said: ... "Baba, HELP...you said I was a Stah and the bullies are after me."

There is no way Barbara is going to take Kate's call. She'd be afraid Kate would try to come help her with her chicken pox recovery, and you know how Kate treats the ill.