Katie G on Katie Couric, October 3

I admit I delayed putting this one up as I kept hoping it would go away. 

Reality TV is more than a guilty pleasure for many of us – it’s who we are. TV has been bringing us into one another’s homes for decades. It’s become a place where people put their lives on display and others go to experience reflections of themselves. In this show, we’ll explore the reality TV phenomenon through some of today’s best shows that take a snapshot of America while shining a light on who we are. And one of the most well-known mothers of reality TV, Kate Gosselin, will tell us how she’s now doing it all on her own – as a mother of eight.
From TitanTV:
Scheduled: reality TV stars reveal what happens behind the scenes, from Kate Gosselin, to Abby Lee Miller, the cast of "Gold Rush", and medium Theresa Caputo.
Kate on Andy Cohen October 11, 11 PM, Bravo