Kate Has Sunk to Octomom Level

Vivid made a job offer. 


Seriously? said...

They have "binders of women"??? Too funny in light of a recent political gaffe!

The only real surprise is that the offer involves K8's nudity. I've always pictured that harpy as a Dominatrix, so full-on leather, studs, and kinky boots would make for sense for Our Little Katie.

Heffner Road said...

Have a question...

I see she is going to Australia in November and to California in December for a marathon...

Who is paying for these trips?

Duckman said...

I doubt she could even entertain the notion of taking this gig, for doing so would show the world she has an engineered rack. Not to mention all the other engineering that's been done to her body.

Besides, even when fully clothed, Kate has proven to be a total loss and epic fail at hosting anything.

sglily said...

Newsflash for Vivid-Kate's body may look good from afar (to you), but it's far from good! She spends oodles of money on hair, tans, nails, botox/procedures, bras, etc. etc., and to no avail. Kate saying she's one of the rare ones who actually "de-age"? I say Bahahaha! Her face has so many wrinkles and lines that the pounds of pancake makeup she wears just settles in all those nooks & crannies. Combine that with the sun damaged leather look, and, Yikes! When she paraded around in her bikinis, her belly button looked off-center and about 2 inches too high. The many times she's sported the no-bra look, her tatas were saggy like a poor granny. Other areas of her body look like sun-damaged leather, and her feet always look like they need to be washed.

I'm sure Kate is actually flattered by this offer (esp. after her "de-age" comment), and she'll be at the gym first thing in the morning toning up, waiting to tell America, "eat your heart out-looking pretty good for a mother of 8!", and basking in her narcissism. Poor kids.

egoKate said...

She probably thinks this is the opportunity of a life time. Oh no, having 6 babies and a total of 8 kids was her opportunity of a life time.

Karma, Kate, Karma.

realtimemom said...

You know I may not like what Kate did to her kids filming wise; I do not wish her in the depths of hell either.

I am not gloating she was fired from her blogging job. On the contrary. She was doing a legit job not using the kids. That was fine by me.

She signed a pact with the devil when she signed on to TLC. She wants to do Anything to keep that kind of money rolling in. She isn't qualified to DO anything else! Her argument is I cant go back to nursing to support my kids. Our argument is that you WONT!

dotsicle said...

Not "gloating" over Kate getting fired; just amused. Anyone who can't post a relevant comment once or twice a week about COUPONS doesn't deserve the job. As for taking a nude job,that's laughable too. Way to embarrass the kids, Kate.
What I truly despise about Kate is her treatment of the kids, and I'm not a "child advocate", just a mom who cannot imagine another mother pulling a toddler up by its hair or hitting a child so hard that she was afraid of injuring said kid. Who does that?


Yesterday I was channel surfing...and saw Kate..so I stopped and listened for a few moment...The show was the one where she went into a nationally pet store with her 8 kids..they were walking the isles, kids just throwing items in the cart. They had enough items in the carts for 6 dogs....Does anyone remember, was this a freebie?

She is discusting..


Anti-Kate Gosselin Author Slams Her For Using Insensitive #SuperfunSandy Tag Anti-Kate Gosselin Author Slams Her For Using Insensitive #SuperfunSandy Tag 38 78

Posted on Nov 01, 2012 @ 04:00PM print it send it
Splash News/TwitterBy Amber Goodhand - Radar News Editor

The man whose anti-Kate Gosselin tell-all book generated a wave of controversy is now slamming the mother of eight for her insensitive tweet about Hurricane Sandy in which she used the hashtag #SuperfunSandy, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

"Winding down now with some uber exciting Disney channel.. #SuperfunSandy," Kate wrote on her Twitter account Monday evening.

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Titled "The Most Disgusting Human Being I Know…" author Robert Hoffman took to his blog the next day to express his anger at Kate using the term "super fun" when describing the horrific hurricane that devastated the East Coast.

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People died.
People lost their homes and all of their possessions.

People will be without power for weeks in some places.

A man died in a collapsed home near Kate Gosselin.

But she is so self-absorbed and insensitive to others that she would take to her Twitter account to declare #SuperfunSandy.

But how could anyone expect anything less from the same clueless, heartless person who described the September 11 terrorist attack as "the Sept 11 bombings or whatever."

PHOTOS & VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Goes Southern Belle On Us

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Robert made shocking accusations against Kate in his book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, claiming that she hit her children with a wooden spoon and was cruel to the family pets.

The book was quickly removed from sale barring legal threats from Kate's camp and despite that, Robert is still threatening to release even more damaging information about her, including photos.


Gaunt & Tired Looking Kate Gosselin Shops At Full Price Now Her CouponCabin Days Are Over

Anti-Kate Gosselin Author Hints He Has Another Bombshell Against Her

Kate Gosselin Firing Came As No Surprise To Company Insiders

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38 78


Jon Gosselin's Kids Photographed With Pit Bulls, Sparks New Controversy Jon Gosselin's Kids Photographed With Pit Bulls, Sparks New Controversy 97 190

Posted on Nov 02, 2012 @ 05:30PM print it send it
Pacific Coast NewsBy Amber Goodhand - Radar News Editor

Jon Gosselin's girlfriend caused a wave of fury when she posted photos of he and Kate Gosselin's children nuzzling with a pit bull dog, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

"The most pure and genuine kind of love & affection," Liz Jannetta tweeted last weekend, showing one of Jon's daughters hugging a pit bull.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin: Keeping Up With The Kids

The photo immediately sparked outrage among some of her followers because of the dog's stereotype of being aggressive and unsafe around children, so Liz followed up by saying, "My kids r around pitbulls every day.. Frm Dobies, to German Shepherds to Rottweiler, now Pits- the desire 2 blame wil nvr fade."

Liz then posted another photo of one of Jon's sons with the pit bull and wrote, "Photography enables such devotion and feeling… <3 these two."

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Through The Years

One follower shot back at Liz implying that Kate would be upset if she saw the photos.

"Sure u want 2 be stiring things up Liz..or u wouldn't be tweeting another woman's kids with pit bulls..Yes did U have permission?" they wrote.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Goes For a Run

"permission from.... Twitter?? Yes, "another woman's kids" also the children of my boyfriend. Kindly... Keep comments to urself plz," Liz shot back.

Jon's ex has been embroiled in her own controversy recently, with an author named Robert Hoffman alleging Kate hit the children with a wooden spoon and abused their family pets.


Mary said...

I cannot believe this women She is so happy that Ted is in business. I posted to her sight but I am blocked. Can you imange she is happy her hair dresser is in business . I asked I am sure the people living on the streets as as happy as her. She not human. She has no heart. I pity the children