Kate on The Today Show?

Kate tweeted she'll be on The Today Show on Monday.  When will she be completely gone?



Katie Cry-duh said...

She is not going to go away gracefully. I can guarantee she has been begging to go on any talk show since her last "press day". Roll eyes. She probably finally has something to announce...the marathon I suspect. She IS done, IMO. Just hasn't accepted it.

Heffner Road said...


Kate Gosselin‏@Kateplusmy8

Tune in to @todayshow tomorrow morning - I'll be giving updates on my family and sharing my money saving tips from @CouponCabin!

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Katherine said...

Well, here it is a rainy day in Penna, at least here where I live. Put on the coffee, open the blinds, put on the TV and there is Kate Gosselin with her Keratin hair straightening sitting on the Today Show Sofa, as Ann Curry says "kate gosselin will bring us up to date on a new program she is involved in. A look at those pictures and the sextuplets are 8, growing fast"

Now while we wait, the Tanning Mom is being interviewed for being known as The Tan Mom. She is brown skinned, has 5 kids, she makes pancakes in the a.m., then wakes her 5 children up for the All American Morning before going to school.

This woman, the Tanning Bed Woman, is the best interview right before Kate Gosselin. I am laughing. As this woman sounds a bit crazy, but her face is "overly bronzed"

So this is kind of funny to have a woman in Missouri whose little baby, 6 months old, named Lisa, has been missing for 6 months. She has cried, she admits to having several drinks the night her baby went missing.

Then this "overly bronzed" woman has been interviewed and she sounds a bit shall we say crazy?

Great start to Katie's interview day. All the crazy mothers.

I hope you all get to see Katie's hair, it is string. I wonder if Steve is nearby protecting her from the camera people. Her hair is string and she too is "overly bronzed"

Love it.Oh, by the way, Lester Holt and Ann Curry are there and Matt is on vacation. darn!!!! Haven't seen Natalie Morales who will give a hard interview, but we shall see.

She's come undone said...

Just watched it. Almost first words out of her mouth were "the children are wanting to do another show and keep asking when can we do another show, blah, blah, blah." She was almost begging. She really had nothing of importance or interest to say but did say that she and Jon are communicating now and things between the two of him are "peaceful." In pictures of the children, Cara looks as sad and unhealthy as she always has if not more so. The children are average children now, and I really can't see how a show would be interesting.

booKate said...

Kate, your couponing tips are so weak! Everyone knows this already. You are so unoriginal and so boring. Nobody cares about you anymore, even your "fans" are ignoring you!

Heffner Road said...

Well Kate had her five minutes..

lots of bull

All kids doing excellent in school

Save money packing 8 lunches everyday

Plus the old coupon sales pitch

Ann Curry never asks hard questions

The whole interview was a joke

Katherine said...

What was said: Kate is hoping to get her cookbook together (she has
8 testers at home)she is running a half Rock N Roll marathon this coming weekend.
The kids are fine, school is fine and all the kids are EXCELLING ACROSS THE BOARD (Kate repeated this twice about the excelling), and the kids miss the filming, they keep asking when are we going somewhere, when? Their TLC contract has expired so they are looking around for something else possibly.Plus my communication is better with Jon as he is more available.
Anne then asked about her job as a blogger:(Kate forgot why she was there to push coupon cabin.com)
I am also doing a Blog,yes I am about coupon saving. I can go into Target store and see a product, go home, get online and find a coupon which gets me the product for less than I would have paid in the store.(empty air)
My Blog which is printed once a week, she writes one blog a week,
is where I give everyone suggestions that they may not be aware of like I recycle throughout my house and I pack 8 lunches EVERYDAY versus paying for lunches.
As her eyes open very wide she says YOU WOULD BE AMAZED AT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN SAVE by packing 8 lunches vs paying for 8 lunches. (empty air again)Anne does not expand this conversation.
Anne wishes Kate good luck with her running in the marathon.( end of interview) Exactly 1.30 minutes. It was fast, it was boring. Re: Jon to which Ann says "just goes to show that over time, everything works out".(empty air time)

When Kate spoke of all the children excelling, absolutely excelling all across the board in school. Anne only replied with"oh, really, hmm" and left it there hanging in the air.

Donald Trump is there now with his winner of Celebrity Apprentice, but Kate was removed from the studio really fast after her interview. If you have ever been up in NY watching as they interview, from outside. There are 2 sides to the room which are used. One wall has no outside windows so the fans can't watch. The other interview section is by the windows and either comfortable chairs or quick stools for a fast interview.

This big sofa was put together and then.........Trump, Ann, lester holt, Savannah, Al Roker, Arsenio Hall are all sitting together on that long sofa.
All laughing, all joking, celebrating the charities they were involved with. NO KATE GOSSELIN, as Celebrity Apprentice is discussed. Very comfortable interview, lots of time, everyone talking, like a family.

Donald Trump was asked "who do you want to see on future shows" and Donald Trump named all the wonderful people who appeared over the years on CA and never, ever was Kate Gosselin mentioned, nada.Remember Kate was just there and Trump had to know that, watching the monitor before he was on camera.

Amy 2 said...

She didn't get 5 min on air. It was fast. She stared with the kids wanting to be back on TV and how they are looking for a show. The interviewer had to remind her about coupon cabin. That was the reason she was there and she kept talking about herself and her kids. Bet this gets her fired.

Townie D said...

she was just about begging for a show with ann curry today.I'm sorry but those kids are not cute little adorable babies anymore an no one wants a reality show that follows a family from birth to high school graduation.Go away kate just not interesting anymore

Protect8 said...

That was one strange interview. There has to be some contractual reason why The Today Show has to put KG on air - over and over again. Of course, there is a solid backhanded compliment to Jon in the middle of the whole thing. Jon "is working with me" which sounded a lot like Jon has come around to doing what she wants which is what their whole reality show was about. Of course, no mention that she might have changed for the better. Because according to kate - she is always right.

The rules of the interview apparently included not being able to mention the canceled cruise. If there weren't enough "fans" to make the cruise a go it seems unlikely that there are tons of fans wanting a reality show.

Loved how surprised Kate looked when it came around to the coupon blog and Ann had to carry the interview when Kate started to look confused by her own tips. Recycle around the house? What in the world was she talking about?

Pathetic attempt to get a reality show where her children can be exploited once again. And why oh why does she still dress 8 year old boys alike.

Katherine said...

The interview feed to the west coast is totally different from what we saw on the east coast. We did not see Kate from the waist time. Plus we saw a photo of the kids and Kate at East and film footage of the kids. West coast saw charts of what coupon cabin does. No photos of the family or the kids.

Bet the coupon cabin PR person who was there watching that east coast interview was furious. So they edit between 8:30 to 9:15 and that interview was edited so that all the conversation was pulled together without so much dead air and coupon cabin was mention more and their charts were inserted instead of any photos of Kate and her kids. Wow.

Kate may lose her job over this one. She started out talking about her and her kids: recipes, testers at home, TLC contract expired, kids want to be filmed again, miss the crew, kids excelling, etc.

Talked to my sister on the the West coast? Totally different interview. Still stupid Kate but full length Kate, her hair looked different, color matched. on the east coast Kate's hair looked like 3 toned hair.

Kate was not kept for Hoda & Kathie Lee's show, not a pre recorded portion, nothing.

Kate was finished within the first hour of Today Show, not kept around as Stars usually are.

This may be the last Limo ride for our dear Katie.

But I agree with my sister. She thinks Kate is trying to get another show with Jon on it, not living with them but traveling with them as he dates. Anything to get back on TV. Even Jon will do anything as the older these kids get, the more expensive it gets.

Reality is what is occuring to Kate and Jon, finally.

Maddy said...

Guess what Kate was suppose to be on The Today Show for? The PR Re had arranged for Kate to announce on The Today Show the "new app for cell phones for coupon cabin.com" which you could use while out shopping, you could find a coupon to use.

She really screwed it it. It was not mentioned. All I remember Kate saying was everything about her and her kids and recipes, getting along with Jon, having a blog but nothing about coupon cabins' big announcement for immediate coupons while out shopping.

She screwed up big time. She was not on The Today Show to discuss her personal life.

Coupon Cabin.com has a big announcement headline about Kate announcing coupon cabin's new advantage for shoppers The App for Your Cell phone.

Did anyone here on the east coast or west coast hear about it?

Sad. She said Yeah I have a blog and couponing is a game, see it in the store, go home and get it for less on line.

kinman said...

Kate will never get a TV hosting gig unless she can stop saying "Um" after every other word. I love how The Today Show acts like Coupon Cabin is a new job for Kate when she has been doing it for months now. Such a waste of an interview. I bet Kate is doing some preventative damage control before Jon's book comes out (by saying that their relationship is so much better and peaceful now etc..)She will want to make him look bad if he says anything negative about her in his book. I hope all of these interview shows will realize after today that there is nothing new to be gained by interviewing Kate, and her wonderful cost-saving tips were nothing that everyone does not know anyway (nothing earth-shattering or new).

Anonymous said...

Kate Gosselin left the bldg before the Trump interview for CA. Her entire interview had to be reedited as the PR people for CC has procured an appointment for Kate to be on The Today show to announce CC's new app avail on cell phones which gives the customer the discount in the store and not have to order online.

After Kate left, our editing dept worked quickly to make this interview about CC but we did not have Kate there to do any voice overs for our other station feeds.

Anne Curry had notes and tried to get Kate to talk about CC and her blogging but Kate spoke about herself and her children and what she wanted and the kids wanted.

It was a fiasco for CC.

Heffner Road said...

whats this all about?

Kate Gosselin‏@Kateplusmy8

Inside Edition airs TODAY... Check your local listings

Katherine said...

Kate tweeted last night per Heffner Rd that she was going to share her coupon sharing secrets with viewers.

Well she didn't do that did she?

I did check cc web site and they announce that Kate was announcing on the today show about their new phone app. I love this, Kate bombed.

Guess worked by writing one blog a week was overwhelming and tiring, huh?

Heffner Road said...

CC should fire her

Hannah said...

How stupid. You see something and go home to find a coupon. What a waste of gas money. You do it before, Kate.

Peaceful: Um, didn`t you just bash Jon and say he lied about child support? When he defended himself.

Jon would have to sign on any show. I doubt the kids miss flimming. They miss the love the crew gives them, that you don`t.

I think someone writers her blogs for her and she doesn`t even read them half the time.

Aunty Kim Kim said...

on todays show she said all kids are thriving in school , but then in the next line said they miss going places and seeing the crew and want to film again....she just doesn't see the connection...good in school without cameras', not so well in school with cameras...........plus they don't go away anymore because Kate uses all the money on herself for her trips....none on the kids and even day trips...so of course they miss that part of the filming (going away).....she did finally say something good about John,,,that they were getting along better....but in the end she's still saying tons of followers want to see more shows..(maybe about 10-20) and she's looking into getting another contract for another reality show...never gives up!

Anonymous said...

Her big inside edition cameo lasted exactly 55 seconds with her begging again to get back on tv.Its only been 8 mos you troll, aint gonna happen

Border Collie said...

The west coast feed that I saw still contained the shots of the kids, no charts from CC. The phone app was mentioned at the very end after prompting by the interviewer. I would have been interested in that, but she failed to talk about it.

WonderButton said...

When you hear the same thing from two different sources, the credibility increases. More than two posters said that Kate was on the Today show to promote CC's new mobile app, and she did not.

I personally have been invited to speak on behalf of equipment manufacturers at a few conferences. The manufacturers paid my travel expenses, and they expected me to promote their technology (which I did). I could not conceive of doing anything less, nor would I have agreed to go to the meetings if I didn't believe in the claims of their products (which I did use first-hand).

Anyway, if I were the person in the company who booked Kate on the Today show to promote CC's new app, and she self-gratifyingly (is that a word?) spewed more nonsense about her personal life, I would be furious. That was a dumb, dumb, dumb, DUMB move on Kate's part. I wouldn't be surpised if she got her walking papers.

Despite this, I don't wish anything bad on Kate - and through the Gosselin train-wreck-saga that I've been following since I was having trouble conceiving naturally about 3 years ago, I do wish her well. Of course, I wish for the kids to have wonderful, carefree lives. My little blessing celebrates a birthday this month, and I am forever grateful for that.

WonderButton said...

One last thought about Kate wanting to get back on TV - I would recommend that she see the movie "Quiz Show". Maybe then she will see how unbecoming her begging to get another show is.

Annie said...

I am signed up for Couponcabin.com and today I received a notification from cc, in the subject area were the words "Kate promotes use of new app for cc" and I opened it and half the page was Kate in that pink
dress and something about the phone app. So I do belive she was sent to today show to promote CC and not her children, her possibly getting another show. She didn't do her job.
Sorry I hate to bash her but if we don't do our jobs, we get fired today.

Heffner Road said...

little late kate... you should get fired

Kateplusmy8: CouponCabin has an iPhone app! Savings right on your phone! Check out my fave @CouponCabin app features here:

Lissa said...

I kind of want to check out that Coupon Cabin app, but I don't want it to look like I did because she promoted it. Maybe I'll wait a week :)

katehasnofriends said...

From the Huffington Post:

Kate Gosselin Surprised Networks Don't Want Her

Debbie H said...

Does she really think that the "powers that be" haven't been aware of her and that she's ready willing and able(well,that one's debatable)to do any and everything to be on TV?? She acts like she has to repeat the same thing everytime a camera graces her just IN CASE there is one more soul out there that would be dying to give her a TV job if ONLY he knew she really really wanted one...and OH, that the kids are REALLY missing having their every move filmed and they are just DYING to get a freebie vacation somewhere, just ANYWHERE, if only that ONE person out there sees her today that didn't know she wanted this....excuse me while I run to the bathroom....AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Time & Memories said...

Don't kid yourself. It's all a publicity stunt. She is saying she has made her peace with Jon because she knows that she is a "has been" and thinks she is going to get another TV show. If she says she's made her peace with Jon, she's probably thinking that the networks will think she is a nice person, which she is not.

And what is with that overproceesed, fried, dyed, rat's nest on top of her head? For what she probably pays to have that done, she looks like "you know what."

Miss the kids, but I don't miss her.

Barbara M. said...

Kate was on the Today show to promote CC's new app? You would never know it from the interview - she spent most of the time begging for another reality show for herself and her kids, and only mentioned the app briefly when prompted by Ann Curry.
She did something similar a few weeks ago, when she devoted her entire weekly blog on CC to dissing her former DWTS pro, Tony Dovolani, after he told Anderson Cooper that working with her sent him into therapy.
I'm surpised she still has a job at CC.

SuzieO said...

"She acts like she has to repeat the same thing everytime a camera graces her just IN CASE there is one more soul out there that would be dying to give her a TV job if ONLY he knew she really really wanted one."

She can't forget the time in her life when all she had to do was mention something she needed on her show and it would magically appear. Many would appear and she could keep the best and sell the rest.

From the big toaster to the tummy tuck, teeth bleaching, hair plugs... I remember Jon saying that sometimes while walking someone would come up to him and give him cash!! She did think it would last forever and it must be really hard now to have to beg and get nothing.

Katherine said...

So I guess since she has been pregnant with the tups, she has had constant attention, had hand maidens all this time. Nurses changed to Ashley & Jaime and all those wonderful volunteers who sorted the clothes, someone else washing the clothing, someone drying the clothes (putting it in the machines and I think she was 2 mega washers and 2 mega dryers, right) and then someone would take everything out of the dryers. Then someone would FOLD the clothes, someone would hang some clothes, someone else would do the ironing, someone else would separate the piles of clothes and someone else would put the clothes away, into drawers.

How Kate kept those tuplets in their cribs for 4 hours every after noon, crying their eyes out, pleading for someone to let them out of the cribs, someone to hold them, hug them, change those wet diapers. It was sad.

Yet Kate was having a nervous breakdown when she didn't even clean her house. On Saturdays she sat on that white plastic chair in the garage while her husband and her children were out on the sidewalk, in the street learing to ride a bike. Never did I see Kate take a walk with her husband and her children.

Kate had that ring holder, each kid had to hold that ring and that was how they walked to the local parade, but that became too much, too many people getting too close to who? Kate? Kate was not a friendly person; yet, she had the whole camera crew and bodyguard around her plus her husband, no one was going to get close to her. They were trying to make contact by saying hello.

I remember anytime theose kids wanted to eat something, they were stealing from cabinets, her own handbag had candy in it. It was a hard time for those tups even though there were so many volunteers around wanting to help, Kate made sure she was the final word on everything and no one was going to take credit for their births but her.

Finally the ratings went up and all Kate had to do was mention something and she with her wooden spoon. I remember Emirle Lagasse (sp) coming to her house to cook a massive piece of fish and she stood there with her coffee cup (paper, as though someone had a starbucks machine for her majesty) and that wooden spoon in her hand. She would either hit Jon, the kids or she finally hit Emirle and he just looked at her, like are you crazy.
A 20 lb or more Salmon left there for her to eat with Jon and she just got use to that type of treatment.

Once she got that big home, the next big problem? Get rid of Jon, she was now thinner, had blonde hair and she had steve the bodyguard but she was traveling, book signings and people were begging to be around her. People were begging to give things to her. She was so busy, she needed someone to guide her through her busy days, but never was she at home with those kids.

If she was around them, it was to embarass them in someway, like having the boys sitting on potty chairs in the driveway and I remember how sad those boys were, crying, trying to pull up their pants.

No, I don't think needs another show to embarrass her children, if she is allowed to use those children any longer since they now have a normal life, she will be responsible for the
saddest children and how horrible their lives will be as they approach their teens. Even the twins do not need to be on camera at this time with Kate talking about their bras.

Kate, go get a job, just do it, get out of the house and maybe you will be invited to another Kentucky Derby.

Just leave those kids alone to live their normal lives. For they do not seem to miss the pap people (you taught them the cameras were the enemy) and yet your children had problems speaking, sitting them on high chairs until they were over 7. Sad, very sad.

Now, do your own thing but leave the kids alone. You had your opportunities to become friendly and you claimed you were shy. But I never met a shy person who could scream at the flight crew on flights and scream at people staring as you dragged those kids thru the airport.

No, you are not shy, you are angry. Still are.

sglily said...

I check in here from time to time, and absolutely could not resist putting in my two cents after seeing Kate's pathetic Today Show appearance. I agree, she is on her hands and knees begging for anything any media outlet will give her (so long as it's a PAID gig, of course.)

The kids miss the show? No, actually what the kids miss is being able to skip school and go on freebie vacations and trips out of the country (which Kate even admitted when she said the kids ask her when they get to go places again.) BTW, what kid wouldn't? She says they miss the crew. They probably do since they've basically grown up with them, so they're like family members (they weren't able to spend time with any of their ACTUAL family members as Kate gradually made herself estranged from each one as the show went on). As anybody knows, these things do NOT translate to the kids liking/wanting to be on TV again.

Kate is obviously trying to make some kind of comeback, since she brought up all the things that made her popular to start with (way, way, way back, for a few minutes): "SuperMommy" cooks organic and makes all her kids lunches from scratch..check. All her kids are "doing awesome, and excelling in school"..check. Getting along with, and things are "peaceful" with Jon..check. And, oh, the facade of not being washed up-cookbook in the works (has been for 3 years), blogger for Coupon Cabin (giving out tips people already know and have known for years), and running a marathon (as she exercises and trains for it instead of being with her kids).

Kate is on her last leg, and looking for anything to keep her name out there. She probably paid the Today Show to have her on. As always, I feel desperately sorry for the kids. Cara and Mady look like they've got a lot of issues that need to be dealt with-it's written all over their faces, in every picture. The tups are 8, yet Kate treats them like they're 4 or 5.

All I can say is I hope Jon is able to step in more, and start mopping up the mess Karen continues to make.

Xanadu said...

Katherine said,

Don't kid yourself. It's all a publicity stunt.


What is all a publicity stunt? Isn't her life just one big publicity stunt?

barbee said...

she said all eight (yeah, eight, count 'em, 8) kids are excelling in school across the board. Well, on the mother-figure's day cards two of them had letters backwards. Cutesy as toddlers of say 4 who try to write something but by 8 you should know the way letters go. And this is not to knock the kids, they have had no teaching/training of any sort from the head witch at the home.

Barbara M. said...

I actually believe Kate when she says the kids are always asking when they are going on another vacation - I'll bet that, despite the ever-present cameras, the kids did have a good time at Disney World, Bald Head Island, Hawaii and the other places they visited on TLC's dime.
Since Kate doesn't spend a cent of her own money on trips for the kids - turning every vacation into a "staycation" - I can believe that the kids are bored staying at home all the time. Spending an entire summer in your backyard is boring, especially if you've gotten used to staying at luxury resorts.

Katherine said...

I agree Barbara, those kids did get use to not having to go to school full time and they went to great places and treated as celebrities. How sad that they had
a difficult time adjusting to full time school, but they put a full time school year in and I think it is great.

Any trips over the past have been Kate going away. Not the kids. But the kids are now among school mates and perhaps someday they won't think back to the DVDs of all of their shows and trips. Perhaps it is time for Kate to put all of that away now.

It is over, let the children get use to their normal lives, don't keep feeding them the DVDs of the trips that most of them don't remember much of being so young.

Kate needs to disappear. So does Jon.

All they are now is a joke.

Of course she still has her sheeple and it is pathetic, they were talking about putting the money together so Kate could take her brood to Baldeagle, NC., isn't that too rich for you? People who work, earn a living, donating money to send Kate to NC so she can relax near the sun, ocean and sand?

It is sick.And sad, of course.

Cannot wait until those 3 boys of her and Jon get to be teenagers. Wow, that will make a TV show. They will get even with Kate

Mary said...

I bey she tells the kids its all Jon's fault they have no show and don't go ony more vacations. They really did not have fun of those any way. when at the beach they only went down to the water and sand to film,when that was done it was back to the house where Mommy could rest.


Mary said...

I bet Kate tells the kids its all jon's fault they do not have a show anymore Plus the free trips. Those kids did not have fun on those trips any way. Atthe beach they went down to the water and sand was to be filmed. Then it was back to the house. She made they go out on boats knowing full well the kids would get sick and she would abandoned them when they did get sick and later hold up plastic bags laughing to show everyone. TI am not a mother but if my kids got motion sickness I would not let them or a boat or get meds for it.
Those kids were not allowed to even speak to another child. so they were stuck at a house where a few feet away was sand and water to play in. Kate had her Trophys she could parade aroiund with. If they went and did a project kate could never leave them alone and would laugh and belittle them. I feel bad for the kids when they become teenages and finally see what the word freedom means. Poor kate thinks it hard now. She will never get out of bed she will be so stressed. Do you think they will obey her when she tells them to get home at a certain time.
Poor kate will have no friends she will be alone. Steve will be long gone. Her hairdressed she will not be able to go see him. Those kids are hungry now wait until they become teens.


Xanadu said...

Of course she still has her sheeple and it is pathetic, they were talking about putting the money together so Kate could take her brood to Baldeagle, NC.


I think that they'd rather go to Bald Head, which is where they rented the house for a week and filmed their vacation there.

Party's Over said...

Bald Head Island is not happening this year, or ever again. It's so over for them. The "Mediocre Fairy" came down and bonked Kart on the head with a Coupon Cabin gig.

Charity Case said...

Well things can't be too bad when I saw Katie flying buy in her sports car this week. Really, let's all contribute so she can go to Bald Head, NC and lay around that gated area in her bikini with her kids waiting on her. Oh, yeah we don't have enough room in the car for anyone other than another male, those twins aren't 12 yet, right? Can't sit in the only other seat which is up front in the car. So guess Steve will be going with her. Protection, you understand. Hope he uses it. Lordie Bee we wouldn't want another set of multiples to ruin that figure, would we?

Xanadu said...

"Oh, yeah we don't have enough room in the car for anyone other than another male, those twins aren't 12 yet, right? Can't sit in the only other seat which is up front in the car."


They have a Mercedes van that they use for all of the kids. The sports car has a backseat, with two seat belts. It's a tight fit, but there are four seats and each seat has a seat belt.

Debbie H said...

Kate will find a way to do what SHE wants to do...if it means sacrificing the kids, well so be it..If she wants to go anywhere, I guarantee she will find the money "somewhere" when she realizes nobody is giving her a free trip...And mark my words she won't be taking the kids along if SHE has to pay for it herself...She gets what SHE wants one way or another...Must be killing her she can't snap her fingers and make a TV show appear...She better be holding on to those dollars her kids earned for her...I can't wait til a year or 2 has passed and she HAS to get a "mediocre" job when she has gone through all the TLC money...

The greatest mother ever said...

Never in her mind did she buy that sports car with her kids in mind. She is still rewarding herself for giving birth. Remember she has 8 kids. Did you all forget she deserves so much for what her vagina and uterus did. Those kids will be reminded of that until they leave that house at 18 or sooner.

Her Uterus will go to the Smithsonian someday.

Hey Kate, take the kids to Washington DC, you are a train ride and all of the museums are free. They do know about DC? Maybe Pres will invite you and your uterus to the White House. I mean war veterans get invited and your uterus, well, we know how much you have given.

Xanadu said...

Never in her mind did she buy that sports car with her kids in mind


Of course not. It is for her. My response was to the poster who said that it is a two-seater. There is room for two kids in the back.

"Hey Kate, take the kids to Washington DC, you are a train ride..."


I think she's more of a train WRECK. I've never heard her called a train ride! :)

alana said...

It's SO obvious that kHate is the one who wants back on t.v., misses the crew (babysitters), et. al.

She is dying for attention and First Class treatment; I believe she became wholly addicted to that life of "fame and fortune."

Even people who had bit parts on reality shows are smart enough to spend a few sessions with the psychologist who is available to debrief them when it's over; some have a harder time than others making the adjustment back to real life reality.

Can you imagine what a blow it's been for the great kHate as her phony world came crashing down around her? Oh yeah, KARMA.
She is one of those people who is starved for anything that will put meaning in their lives; the thrill and notoriety of having eight kids didn't last long, neither did acting in a reality show and taking trip after first class trip, the "high" of sitting alone in her big bedroom with her box o' wine , watching re-runs of J&Kplus8is temporary and doesn't cut it either.

I don't think kHate has a clue about real happiness and how to achieve it and she probably never will. She's just one big EMPTY bottomless pit of need and greed. She is a liver of the Quick Fix and meaningLESS tricks, one big LIE that never amounts to anything except more unhappiness. And unhappy people are MEAN. Poor children.

Katherine said...

Alana, you said a mouthfull. For someone to post about "haters" continually, to have a quote on her web site about "hate" is so typical of those who don't accept the love they receive but are more concerned that "how dare someone dislike me" but in Kate's case the word is always "hate" and that is, in my world, the strongest word you can every use.
Why would strangers "hate" you. They would not "like" you but they would never "hate" you. They will give you their opinion as Kate gives her opinion "why don't more people do for me, give to me, give me my show back, I had 8 kids, I had 8 kids, I have 8 kids"......
Buy does she ever, ever talk about what she is doing for anyone?

Buying supplies to make a gift for the teachers? Another ride to shop, another ride to shop.

I have to watch youtube.com whenever I have a bad day and check out Kate dancing. Why? Because she makes me laugh so hard I almost start choking, sneezing and losing my water all at the same time.
Even Jimmy Fallon imitating her is funnier still. OMG

No, I do not hate you Kate, but I don't understand why you still fight the fact that so many people don't like your selfishness and greed. Got that?

Seasons In The Sun said...

I have to watch youtube.com whenever I have a bad day and check out Kate dancing. Why? Because she makes me laugh so hard I almost start choking, sneezing and losing my water all at the same time.


I've seen some of those videos, and I don't laugh, choke, sneeze or need Depends. What I see is an untalented woman who thinks that she can dance but has no skills, is totally unaware of herself, and yet continues the charade of putting herself out there for her own ego-boosting...all to stay relevant. I really don't find anything funny about it, but rather I pity her for "not getting it" and putting herself on public display, thinking that she actually has dancing ability. When you think about it, it really is quite sad, and yet she continued to do it, never realizing that she was the comic relief. It's a psychological look at Narcissistic behavior. She does have some mental issues going on, and that's no laughing matter.

It's possible that she may be back to do it all over again...if that's what is going to boost ratings, still not realizing just how untalented she really is.

Jessica Sannon said...

This is very sad to see. I was away but I tape these shows. I was surprised that Ann Curry had no empathy for Kate, none at all and stayed or kept her distance with sitting. Kate looked as thought she was gonna cry, for sure. She couldn't think of anything except her recipes. When she realizes no one buys into her and the Mother of the Year thing, she will stop with the kids, the recipes, all the mother things and try to get a job for herself. Her kids are no longer a selling point. Only Kate can do that, try to get a job on a soap opera, some people are just stand ins, like they sit at receptionist desks, pretend they are busy, etc. Or a group of people in a hospital, sit in a waiting room. Kate could do that. Get rid of that God forsaken ugly hair and that color on her skin. What in this world is going on with her? Who is she trying to look like Pam Anderson? Well the great TV actresses are skin without tans. They do everything possible to stay out of the sun, even african american women stay out of the sun if they are on TV. No one wants to be darker, develop lines on their faces. And I don't think I have seen that color hair on anyone on TV. Must be a wig.

Kate should go back to being Kate with the darker, short hair, and just get a J.O.B., does that word make her cry. No more TV not for her and those kids. Sorry, stop begging.

Amy said...

I also think it is sad that Jon works all of those extra jobs on the weekends to make the child support bill and Kate travels to San Diego. What about the kids? Do they get real fun time with a parent or don't they really know their parents, other than on the reality show when it was a family, then a divorced family with one parent?
Was that the only time the kids had family and friends?
That is very sad. Some of them, especially the boys always look sad to me.

PA Woman said...

Amy said...
I also think it is sad that Jon works all of those extra jobs on the weekends to make the child support bill and Kate travels to San Diego. What about the kids? Do they get real fun time with a parent or don't they really know their parents, other than on the reality show when it was a family, then a divorced family with one parent?
Was that the only time the kids had family and friends?
That is very sad. Some of them, especially the boys always look sad to me.


It's only natural to try and take advantage of your "15 minutes of fame". Jon tried it for about a year, then realized it was time to get a regular job. Something tells me Kate will take a lot longer, especially with support from Jon coming in.