Kate's Lastest "Help" on Coupon Cabin

Kate's latest advice is in the Coupon Cabin post.

What are the lies and inconsistencies and where does she go wrong or could be more organized?

I'll begin with I don't think she has 8 closets in the three bedrooms for the kids.  The measurements of those rooms aren't large enough for that.  I think the children are all old enough to do a large portion of the sorting and culling, removal, and replacement.  My kids were taught to put any outgrown items in a special basket thus saving the need of a big semi-annual purge.  She sounds like she thinks she invented saving hand-me-downs and putting them in storage bins!


heavennoseven said...

She didn`t invent it. Its been happening for years. I doubt she even organizes the cloths. I bet she has someone do it or the twins.

I wonder if she makes the kids use the TV show money for cloths. I don`t think she is gifted much anymore.

March Winds said...

I think she's confused about the drawers and the closets. At the beginning of the blog she says 8 drawers, but farther down she writes "Once I have sorted piles of each size needed, moved all of the current season of clothing out of each drawer (about 20!) and each closet (8!). If there are only 20 drawers for eight kids, that means each of them only has two and a half drawers. I find that hard to believe.

If there are six bedrooms in the house, then each of the five bedrooms for the kids would have a closet, and it's totally possible that a bedroom has two closets, and there also may be one or more hall closets that she's using for the kids. She doesn't say that the eight closets are all in bedrooms.

Jillian said...

In other news, all of Kate's books can be found at my local Dollar Tree! Stock up now...the pages make great bird cage liners! ;)