Star says Kate hired a nanny who had shoplifted

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Heffner Road said...

Was driving on Heffner Road today, and I noted Kate's new mail box is smashed. Usually kids i.e. teenagers do this sort of thing, damage a whole string of them. The only one damaged was Kate's. It appears someone does not like her. Also did you read on Radaron Line yesterday, that one of her nannys was convicted of shop lifting at a store while she was working for her. This was back in 2009. She resigned in 2010.

shockandawe'smom said...

Wow I'm no fan of reality TV but every mother needs to be able to support her children. I don't really know who can afford the prices for that cruise but if people are willing to spend money to hangout with Kate Gossling more power to her!

irish wonder said...

Well heres the problem, don't have more children then you can afford to support.

I have no empathy for Kate, or for that matter Jon.

If they had continued to live a middle class lifestyle they could very easily have been finacially set for many, many years.

But they had to purchase an estate, Jon rented an apt in NYC for 5K a month, several expensive cars, and on and on.

They should have banked most of what they were paid, and they didn't do that.

I do feel sorry for their kids, for having their childhood put on display they should all have enough for college and to be able to purchase a home.

But not enough money was set aside for them, at least not anything close to what should have been.

Proud Grandma. said...

irish wonder said...
Well heres the problem, don't have more children then you can afford to support.

****They should have stuck to the lovely twins they were blessed with, thanked their lucky stars and God. They should have continued being a middle class family, two jobs, kept their ties with their family, and church and been content with life.

tiffches said...

Even with 8 children, Kate does not have to be on TV to support her family. She wants to be a "star" to get money enough to live like she wants to live. If she worked full time as a nurse, moved to a 3 or 4 BR house, enrolled the kids in public school and kept 1 van, they could make it. Jon pays childsupport. She nor the kids deserve a huge house and multiple trips. That is a want and not a need. She needs to learn the difference and teach it to the kids.

Teasdon said...

don't have more children then you can afford to support.



Kate and Jon were getting by with two children and their combined incomes. They had no extra money, nor any expectation that either of them would begin to earn a lot more money in the future. Yet they blithely went ahead with a fertility process that frequently causes multiple pregnancies/babies.

I know it was on purpose by Kate, but I'm not so sure Jon realized exactly what was going on until the deed was done. Kate wanted a HOM pregnancy and when it didn't happen the first time, she conned another doctor into the treatments (which Jon's father paid for) and second try, hit the jackpot.

For anyone who has already been blessed with one or two healthy children, and has an income that supports a small family but not a larger one -- they need to be responsible and not have any more children.

Kate could still support her 8 children by working a "mediocre" nursing job, fulltime, with the added income of child support that she receives from Jon. That would mean scaling way down, just like the rest of us "mediocre" people. It's called living within your means.

Just because Kate and the children got used to a certain standard of living does not entitle them to continue to live that standard. Economic ups and downs are a part of life. I don't begrudge Kate earning a living, but I think she could earn a better, more stable living if she buckled down, learned a new trade or skill, or returned to nursing. (Although she's so completely unsuited to nursing, and it would be grossly unfair to anyone who was her patient. So I actually wish she'd train for some other profession that doesn't require her to interact with other people much.)