It Should Be About Them - Happy Birthday Cara and Mady

At least it's a birthday with no fear of having a camera crew there.

Happy Birthday Maddy and Cara! I googled Queen Kate (can't bring myself to go on her website) and found it interesting that she is planning a "Kate-sized" party for the twins, she talked about "her" delivery and how the twins remind "her" to laugh, blah blah blah.....Its always about you, isn't it Kate? There is a pic that is floating around taken of the girls - you can see an immaculate room in the background (no toys in that family room for 8, count 'em, 8 kids..) A plastic cloth covering the table - god forbid that kids make a mess. And each girl has a cupcake for a b-day cake. I'm surprised that she didn't make them wear bibs.
From Anitia Coffee