Kate Whining in People this Week

Kate has her (last) People cover.  She's whining about the show being cancelled.  My question is why does People think that is newsworthy?  Why cover worthy?

Sorry to be late with the comments, but I was out of the house a few hours yesterday and got home about five minutes before the power "zapped" in southern California.  Luckily I was in one of the first areas to get it back but we only got power not cable and phone service at first.  I'm not complaining, hearing the fridge kick in was music to me.

Monday, September 12, The Finale

Kate and her 8 kids have made unforgettable memories over the past 7 years of filming. As the show comes to a close, the Gosselins say goodbye to the fans and reminisce about their favorite memories. Also, hear from family friends about their experiences.

60 minutes

Hopefully the last one forever, but there may be an occasional further "special."