Free Discussion August 2011

Please use this post for discussion about the Gosselins that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere.   Also please remember that while Gosselin discussion is fading (which is a good thing), this blog is for Gosselins only.

Monday, August 8, DC Cupcake Visit, 9:30 PM

Kate takes Mady and Cara and their two best friends, who are also sisters, to visit and bake with the stars of TLC's DC Cupcakes, Sophie and Katherine. Back home with the sextuplets, it's a boys vs. girls summer games competition. Who will win?
TLC finally put it up 8/5.
30 minutes

TLC does yet another "repeat" type episode. 

Monday, August 8, 8 Movie Makers, 9 PM

Although the eight Gosselin children are no strangers to being on camera, they have a lot to learn about being behind the camera when making their own movie! Once completed, they take to the red carpet, Hollywood-style, for the premiere of their film.

TLC finally put up description 8/5.

30 minutes