Off Topic - What Kate Should Truly Consider

We received this as a comment to Kate giving back and are posting it as received.  We have no verification if it's real or not.
Any show that talks about the homeless shelters, kids, us adults and how much we need to get back on our feet is good, even if it is Kate. I was homeless.When I lost my job, kept looking for jobs, stayed with everyone I knew for a week or two,that wears out real fast. I had my stuff in storage and was paying that. Sometimes to get away from it all, I would go to the storage unit and just sleep in there. I desperately needed to be by myself.But you have to return to the shelter by the time they close for the night otherwise you lose your meal and your bed, your ability to shower 3x week, wash your hair, look and smell like a lady. Use a bathroom stall with toilet paper. I did that for almost a year and then got a job again in the computer world, but I had no money, had to sell my stuff in storage. Saved enough to get an efficiency apt, but slept on the floor. I was so grateful when I could buy more than 2 bars of soap at once, had a shower. First purchase was my toilet paper, no paper towels, learned to use rags and I hemmed those and washed them. But I bought a used Futon. I thought I was in heaven. My employer did not know about my living in the homeless shelter and did not hold it against me and gave me a job. Do you know the discrimination when you say you are out of work and living in a homeless shelter? I wasn't with drug addicts and alcoholics, I was with regular families, who had lost control of everything when they lost their jobs, sold everything, out lived their welcome with family and friends. Oh yeah, you get invited to Sunday dinner but you can't take anything back into the Shelter with you.You wake up the next night thinking of food. Yeah. Because when dinner is over at the shelter, it is over. Lights out and that is it. Did I ever live large and have my hair colored? Use to, use to buy the good clothes on sale, now I am so grateful that I have the short hair, don't need half the products I use to buy at the drug stores. Have a moisurizer, mascara, lipstick, blush and that is it. Soap smells so good and a nicely priced body lotion and deodorant. Now, I am the mgr. I have been out of that shelter sponsored by the ARC and I just got my 15 year pin, cause I damn well did go back 2 x a week on weekends and I brought cookies, gum, candy bars for those kids who are stuck there on the weekends, have no family to invite them over for dinner. It gets lonelier in the shelter. I have taken kids to get ice cream, I'll make time during the week to take mothers, kids to doctor's appts. The High school coaches come and pick up athelete students, who could qualify for a scholarship, it breaks your heart, but you feel good the coach picks the boy or girl up,they still keep up with activities while their lives have fallen apart, they are ashamed they are living in a homeless shelter. We do need to bring this out and that TV show, I didn't see it, but was told by some friend who called me that they showed one. I don't care about that women and her inability to be a better mother, but I hope she does more for these homeless shelter. If she went to one each week and filmed and showed how bad it is in this country. We need people to not only donate food, but see if you qualify to help the families, the single people, which I was. I was destitute. I needed any help you would have extended to me. Kate may be using TLC to get all the extras in life like lots of ridiculous shoes, but one pr of her shoes would buy 100 prs of flip flops for kids in a shelter for an entire summer. What do you pay for flip flops compared to those high heels? Please help
By Nancy in Providence RI on Monday, June 20, Giving Back, Episode 8 at 7:47 PM