What Will It Take?

I've seen everyone speculate for years that the show is "circling the drain". It never seems to die........ What do you think would make TLC seriously end the show?

Submitted by Jaimie

Monday, June 13, Episode 10, 10:30 PM, Chicks & Eggs

The Gosselins are finally sharing their Easter celebration with viewers for the first time! Watch as the kids decorate their own special Easter treat and dye their own Easter eggs. Of course, Easter wouldn't be complete without a good old fashion(ed) egg hunt.
(30 minutes)

Monday, June 13, Episode 11, 10 PM, 6 Becomes 7!

The sextuplets are turning 7! With only 5 days to plan, Kate is determined to have a pool party to remember with a surprise addition to the pool. But as everyone knows, pulling off a birthday for six excited kids is no easy task.
(30 minutes)

Episode 10 at 10:30

Why does TLC keep pushing the idiot idea of rushing to plan birthday parties?  It isn't like the parents don't know it's coming up.