Monday, June 6, Episode 6 Now Kate's Night Out Episode 9

Will it air and what will it be?  How many viewers will watch?

(30 minutes)

May be 60 minute episode 9.  TLC seems to having trouble deciding what to do next.

Kate's best friend Jamie surprises her with a birthday weekend in New York. The two have a night on the town, including dinner and dancing! But how will Kate handle a loud club full of people? Meanwhile, Ashley watches the kids back home make a mess!

60 minutes

My two cents:  Don't try to hand us it's a surprise any more.  We know it was all a TLC scripted event and had to be arranged well in advance and to find a place that would allow filming.  So TLC is now trying to capitalize on Kate as a freak rather than the alleged perfect mother? 

Also the next episodes listed are 10 and 11 although scheduled to be shown reversed.  6, 7, and 8 are missing somewhere.