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What Kate Has Lost

Let's all begin a list of hosts or co hosts or talk shows who no longer have Kate on and probably no longer answered her tweets/emails/calls/calls for help: Bill Bush Mary Hart Letterman Leno Meridith Veira Natalie Morales Oprah Barbara Walters Joy Behar The Insider Jimmy Fallon Rachael Ray Dr. Phil Dr. Oz Paula Deen No Cooking Shows at All, NONE None of the Mother Shows Now I know I missed a lot, but I also wanted to bring to everyone's attention that Kate does not have a column in ANY magazines like Good Housekeeping Redbook Oprah's Magazine Style Sure you folks can think of a few Also, there are all the Web sites that she does not have a column on like I Village (for women) Sure you folks can think of a few Now, there are also the stores, products that no longer give her free stuff: BJs Costco Jamboree Giant Milk Companies Diaper and Wet One Companies Juicy, Juicy again, your folks can come up with more. Started you on what I can call: The Clock That is Ticking Away the 15 minutes. PS No one took credit for her dress of her shoes, did they on these last 2 appearances? Beside Steve standing backstage during the Lopez show, was there any Paps outside to take her pic? There were paps outside, as there is when Stars enter thru the Stage Doors and when they exit the Stage door.None of them took her picture. Know why? It cost more money to take the pic/send it to the agencies than it returns as no one is interested in bidding for first publication on their websites.

Credit:  Wives of Pap People

How Could Kate Cut Expenses and Realistically Increase Her Income?

What are the realistic steps could take to return the normal life that is awaiting her?