Would That They Are Right

and the sorry saga has ended.  Link

Gentle reminder to please not use the children's names as your screen name much less two of them.  Thank you.


Lead Belly Sings Good Night Irene said...

Amen to that link.
Now Missy Irene sits on her couch wrapped in her Red Cross blanket with her box of whine and watches the shows that replaced her and her 8 count 'em 8 kids. By exploiting her children and hanging her dirty laundry out for all the world to see she opened the door to various classes of humanity that reality TV will cut a cheque to.
Swamp People, Lady Hoggers, Hoarders, Virgin Diaries, DUI, Cellblock 6: Female Lockup, Moon Shiners, Secretly Pregnant. Ye Gads. And thats just TLC.
If they had kept the original concept of the show, ordinary people raising 8 kids, put the money in the bank, they could have lived a good life and not be tabloid fodder. But she wanted to be a stah and Jon was holding her back.
So you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around and the chickens always come home to roost. And Missy Irene's goose is cooked.

Hard to Keep Loving Jon said...

How terribly sad that you are spot on, Lead Belly.

heavennoseven said...

So, if my name is Hannah just make up something else?

logical said...


RiseandShine said...

Melancholic for sure.
When I think about the very public demise of this family I am reminded of a quote by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It resonated with me and I found it "centering" after being thrust into single parenthood. I lived by it and it served me and my children well.
It goes like this: “If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much.”
Katie Irene never considered it.

Sharla said...

Yes, please do not use the children's names as screen names.

Brummygirl said...

I am not sure that the saga will ever be over. Kate is driven, so driven that she is putting herself out there for anything to stay in the limelight.
Never, as I saw her sit on her white plastic throne in the driveway giving orders, did I ever think she would have the guts enough to run in a marathon.
Kate+8 is over but still people love to talk about her.
One thing the writer of that piece had wrong, it is a New Zealand bodyguard not Australian, although "body" is a debatable point.

ronlee said...

Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
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RONLEE said...


Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
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O-Hi-O said...

Re: the article: but this author assumes Jon and Kate were once what they portrayed - kinda like believing that Santa really did once live in the North Pole.

Further, 'normal', every day, well grounded people are unlikely to sign on for any kind of a reality show. The selling of one's integrity and privacy is something that appeals only to those who WANT constant attention, 'fame', and lots o' $ without having to work a real job.

"Reality" tv did not ruin Kate Gosselin. She was severely damaged goods long before "K+8".

TLC excels in finding and exploiting the same basic personality type over and over and over again and tagging it 'reality'. The Gosselins, the Kardashians, the supposedly sainted Duggars - the adults in these families who sign on to expose their family to a tv viewing audience are all the same basic garden variety narcissist as Kate Gosselin.

"Reality" tv has never been more than a very grim Grimm's Fairytale - the stories portrayed in front of the camera NEVER WERE 'reality'.

Leanna Lanai said...

Anonymous heavennoseven said...

So, if my name is Hannah just make up something else?


I'm Leah, but I'm signing on as Leanna. I like it better, by the way!

"Further, 'normal', every day, well grounded people are unlikely to sign on for any kind of a reality show."


The Hayes family did...they appeared to be normal and well-grounded. Thankfully, they got out of it before the glitz of celebrity lights blinded them and turned them into a Kate Gosselin.

heavennoseven said...

shows that bit the bullet this year

kate is listed