Kate Interviewed for Coupon Cabin

Kate on WGN Chicago.

Kate's First Day of Work


Shoka's Understudy said...

So, she got a free trip for her and Steve to Chicago.

She didn't say anything new. Just the same old same old.

She really didn't talk about Coupon Cabin much.

I love the post someone put on about her Cover Girl, I believe, makeup, using coupons and finally only paying 0.21 cents. Beat that kate!

To me, she looked tired and rough. Not fresh. I can't believe she is only 36 years old.

She looks much older.

Gin said...

Kate looked angry and distracted in her new "job" representing Coupon Cabin on the Chicago news show. In the first shot of her she reeked of meanness. The only time she shows her enormous posed smile is when it's all about her or she's doing something she thinks is high profile. She attempted to make this interview about her by once again grifting for more trips for her poor little kids who have to stay home and miss the TLC crew's attention. And, of course, as to how her kids will feel about having their childhood recorded for posterity, she "knows" how all eight separate individuals will feel. I hope Coupon Cabin realizes the error of their ways.

jons 8 R gr8 said...

What a horrible interview. I don't think she is going to be getting many more.

Jenny O said...

I only was able to watch 2-3 minutes of that interview, but I did find the body language a little interesting. There are two male "reporters"(?), then a female, then Kate. The guy on the far left is asking the questions, and he is very slightly turned toward Kate but not leaning forward. The guy next to him is actually leaning slightly away from Kate - does this signal dislike?

The woman seems to be focusing on keeping neutral. First shot of Kate is of her unsmiling and looking almost angry. Did something not go her way?

She can't seem to sit still either, and is constantly moving her body. Reminds me of someone in need of a drink or a smoke - that kind of nervous energy, so unpleasant to be around.

Her demeanor was cold, her smiles forced, and her tone condescending. Coupon Cabin - you've made a terrible choice! LOL

People who don't know Katie Irene like we do will see this clip and find her unlikeable, simply because she comes across loud and clear as a world class bitch.

Brummygirl said...

I bet that really went against the grain for Kate, having to take orders from someone on how to use the computer. She is so used to everyone fawning over her and doing her bidding.
Does she have to stay in that office every day or can she work it from home? Somehow, I cannot see Kate in a 9 to 5 job, what happens about the kids, who is looking after them?
I don't give this job very long before she blows. Do we say welcome to the real world Kate?

jojow said...

Is the "First Day" article actually saying she doesn't know how to use a computer? And, is she going into an actual office somewhere? Isn't blogging about coupons the kind of thing you can do form home?

No wonder she accepted the job; it gets her away from her kids, on the road, and treated like royalty again.

jojow said...

Hmm, the video interview was interesting. First of all Kate, stop bouncing that leg. You were bobbing up and down the whole time.

She sounded weird. Very quiet. I don't watch a lot of Kate interviews, so maybe this is her new thing - the quiet, gentler Kate?

I loved that they actually asked her some real questions - and mentioned the money, which of course she shot down. Do you think your kids will look back unfavorably on the experience? Kate: oh, no never, they loved it (basically). They watch the dvds.

Gosh, I hope that's not true, at least the later years when their parents hated each other and had a fake wedding. Maybe seeing themselves as babies is fun.

I do believe they ask about the next trip. Who wouldn't? I'd like to take my kids on free trips too - and they would love to go!

I'm sure Coupon CAbin was thrilled she spent 10 seconds talking about their site:-) A good representative would have known how to turn everything back to the coupons. Instead, she turned the coupons back to her show. Someone should tell her it's canceled.

Katykat said...

She will never be able to compete w/ the women who make couponing their full-time jobs. Her heart's not in it. There will always be better deals out there because she won't be willing to put in the time. Or she will resort to plagerising someone else's hard work.

Tiggersmema said...

I watched the interview and was not impressed. The bouncing, eye shifting, ums, and sing-song voice were very off-putting. She did not exude any warmth or charm.

As a "Q-pon" cabin rep, she deserves a demotion for her lack of promotion efforts. I suspect the person, whose idea this was to bring her on-board, will soon be demoted too.

MabelD said...

Kate Gosselin Is ‘Miserable’ Without TV Gig!


Kate was all smiles on the first day of her new coupon job Nov. 10 but a source close to the star tells us she’s ‘faking’ her happiness.

Kate Gosselin has her sights set on Hollywood and she’s not giving up. HollyBaby.com has just spoken to a source close to the mom-of-eight who tells us that although Kate is relieved to have found a job as a coupon blogger, she’s still hoping for a job in TV.

“Kate would do anything to have her own job as a TV host,” a source says. “She’d even do reality TV again if someone asked her to. She’s happy to have something to do while the kids are at school and she knows a lot about being on a budget, so the coupon job is good for her. But is she thrilled to not have cameras with her? No! She craves the spotlight.”

So why hasn’t Kate landed another reality show?

“Kate’s really unwilling to show her personal life outside of being a mom so not many networks are interested in another reality show,” our source adds. “That’s why her TLC show bombed, it became boring.”

What do you think HollywoodLifers, is Kate’s celebrity coming to an end?

Minerva said...

Kate is unwilling to show her personal life outside of being a mom because she does not have one. What does she do besides shallow and vain such as manis and pedis? Jog a little?

I'm not opposed to manis and pedis, but that seems the high point of her life not a little side benefit.

NT said...

I wonder if she is allowed to bring her bodyguard/lover to work with her? How inappropriate!!

Jenny O said...

“Kate’s really unwilling to show her personal life outside of being a mom so not many networks are interested in another reality show,” our source adds. “That’s why her TLC show bombed, it became boring.”

Twist of Kate = major fail. TLC accepted the reality that Kate cannot "carry" her own show - because she's nutso and completely unlikeable.

As to blogging for the coupon site - surely she can do this from home? I see no reason why she'd have to go into an office, except of course, to pretend to be busy and get away from the kids.

ncgirl said...

It did say Kate will work at home blogging. The Chicago trip was probably just a kickoff thing, a way to get publicity for the site. I know Hollybaby has been inaccurate, but I believe Kate is miserable with out a TV gig.

Brummygirl said...

MabelD said...
Kate Gosselin Is ‘Miserable’ Without TV Gig!


My comment on this after viewing the photo is, what are all those rings on her wedding finger? Did she and purse/camera/manager boy get secretly hitched? :)
I really do not know where people get the idea that Kate knows how to budget because she had to.
I have said before, before those tuplets were born, they had money from Jon's father and ever since the birth, they were on the grift wagon.
Of course Kate wants to be on t.v., that was her mission from day one. Unfortunately, twenty "ums" in a short interview would not look good on her resume.

Jenny O said...

I have no doubt whatsoever that Kate is completely miserable because she's no longer on tv. I wonder if it is sinking in at all --- that she had her moment in the sun, she blew it and tha thaa thaaat's all folks!

The golden gravy train is over. No one likes her. Her children are healthy and have nice features, but they are not child star material.

A dating show is not in the works. A cooking show is not in the works. A co-hosting gig is not in the works. The only thing she has is blogging for a coupon site, which are practically a dime a dozen. She's not even especially pretty anymore. I see pictures from before she went crazy with the botox and everything, and she really was quite a pretty lady. Now she's just a facade, and an aging one at that.

mama san said...

Either no one has given Kate advice or she hasn't taken it. I watched Kendra. She went to a media consultant for advice and then had two come to the house and film her. this was in advance of her audition to be on a show with Jon Lovitz. At Least Kendra was aware enough to be willing to learn. Kate's gift of gab is just not There. Her belief that she is still "ratings gold" is gone with the wind. Steve you aren't doing your job {?}.

pinkdiamond611 said...

Kart wanted to be a major movie star. I actually think she believed it would come true. That is why she threw away her Mommy brand, along with Jon. She could have been a multimillionaire by now if she just held onto her brand and played her cards right. She actually had the world believing that she was a coupon clipping, church going, modest clothes wearing, SUPER MOMMY. I could see her hosting her own coupon clipping show, with that persona. Fortunately for the world, the real Kart showed up, so we won't be fooled again. She is now known as a delusional, mean woman, and I feel so sorry for her children.

senior citizen said...

- Kart wanted to be a major movie star. I actually think she believed it would come true. --

Wasn't there an interview where she said that should could play Julia Roberts type roles now hat Roberts was getting older?

jonandkatewho? said...

She looks strange to me, like she has had something done to her face. It doesn't look the same. I wonder if it's just the way she is wearing her makeup.

In the clip at the news station, her eyes are really tilted up at the edges, and it gives her an evil look.

Does anybody else think maybe she has had some work done on her face again?

Blogging jobs don't really pay all that well, do they?

duck said...

It seems pointless to comment anymore; Kate seems to live a charmed life...but I just have to say something. It is impossible to take advice on how to save money from someone who seems to have soooo much money to spend. Most of us are more interested in shaving dollars off our grocery/gas/heating and utility bills-something I can't fathom Kate cares about. THe only advice I can see her sincerly giving is how to save money on first class trips around the world, hiring workers, and buying cars for a discount. I relate to her as much about couponing as I did as her being a mother. Should be happy the kids are off camera-but as long as she is in spotlight-she will drag the kids in too! The entire thing is tiring.

Annie2 said...

I dont need Kate or coupon cabin to tell me how to save money on coupons. I save 50% on my grocery bill on a bad week. She makes it sound like such a big deal because she did that once.

Liz said...

I think Kate had Botox. Her forehead looks weird and she has no expression above eye level (aside from the movement of her eyes).

She is so vain.

Anonymous said...

From the basic coupons in the two newspapers I buy on Sunday, Khart will already be a week or so late in her first blog entry.

Everyone knows that weeks just before Thanksgiving are the best time to stock up on a years worth of canned and frozen goods!! (The !!! is in honor of her need to prove that she is happy!!!!!).

E said...

Liz said...
I think Kate had Botox. Her forehead looks weird and she has no expression above eye level (aside from the movement of her eyes).
I agree Liz - that, and/or she's using something to pull back her eyes - she's definitely had something done. Her eyes look different.

I heard incidentally that bloggers get money based on the clicks the site gets (I think it's the site as a whole, not just the bloggers blog). Then, if people click on adverts or other hot links on or within the blog or site, they get $$$$ for that too.

I imagine, rather than wanting Kate for her "couponing" skills, they want her simply for the click factor - lovers and haters alike will click on Coupon Cabin to see what she's doing, bringing traffic to the site. It's only about traffic, not Kate's ability to save $1 on organic Sake.

If she gets money for this, for anything, without exploiting the kids, I'm all for it. I'm not going to click on it or support it, but she can do whatever she wants as long as the kids have a chance to get out of the public eye and be kids.

O-Hi-O said...

WHUUUTTTT??!!! Kelly Rippa is replacing Regis Philbin and NOT Our Little Katie???? Bwahahaha!!!

I'll bet there are some panties in a wad in GosselinLand.....