Kate at CouponCabin.com or How to Waste Three Minutes of Your Life

Kate's Coupon Cabin "posts."


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Shoka's Understudy said...

The less hits the better!

Elvira said...

Does anyone think that Kate wrote that column? Where are the exclamation marks and made up wordsish?

MomAgain said...

1. Not a new/interesting bit of info to be found

2. She needs an editor (comma errors and other sentence errors). Sad.

I hope she isn't paid much for this!

Katykat said...

More gifts=more smiles and hugs?!?!?!

What a materialistic bitch! Way to teach your kids the true spirit of Christmas, Kate!

Janice said...

Thanks, You hoo. I was curious abut Kate's blog. I don't think she wrote it, either. Don't people type in the same style they speak?

barbee said...

Blah, just BLAH!!!!!! !!
Who needs blogsites for coupons? Can't people find what they want on their own? I wouldn't take anything she has to put out there.

ronlee said...

One of Kate's latest tweets. Hey Kate, I know you read this site - does this mean you don't take a bath for a whole week? you probably jog in the same outfit. what a slob.

Also Kate. you have coupon competition. Coupon Suzy. go to www.couponsuzy.com. to see some good deals.

The best thing about being a 'bus stop mom' is wearing the same outfit (sweats &sweatshirt) ALL week 2the bus stop.. Any mom no what I mean?

Can't See Sheep said...

Thank you for posting that Yoo hoo.
OMG that's awful. Me, me,me, I, I , I. You can hear the ums even though they're not typed in, they're there. Didn't learn anything new about black Friday or k8. same old same old.

When on earth was she stranded at home with the kids, that's not something I recall. I recall Jon was working to support them, so I don't really see how stranded fits in there. Was he supposed to be at work & home simultaneously to please her??? Work to support them & care for the children so she can sit around on her white plastic throne. What a way to look at caring for your kids. Stranded.

Can't See Sheep said...

And what about using that money she saves to give back to the community instead of buying more presents? Make donations in the children's names as a part of their presents, teach them the importance of giving. She's been such a charity leech, she should be giving back. There are so many people, the moment they can afford it, they give back as they know how lucky they were to recieve. She really is shameful & life's lessons are so completely lost on her.

wait...what? said...

...and how many times did she mention she has 8 kids?

IF she is so busy cooking Thanksgiving and then cleaning up, how does she find the time to sit down at her laptop on Thanksgiving afternoon to Christmas shop?

Angela said...

So what is important, is that her children get material possessions on Christmas morning, while she receives the smiles and hugs. She does not give the smiles and hugs, she receives them.

Yep, sounds like Kate.

lindahoyt said...

Hey, very good column.

I definately believe she wrote it herself, with assistance from the staff.

'Course, I do not believe that she makes a huge dinner for her kids. How sad that they aren't like the rest of us, and have grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins over to their big house, for a THANKSGIVING feast. That would mean being thankful and giving, on the part of Kate...two things she has a very hard time with. And she doesn't let the poor kids eat anything "yummy".

Nor do I believe that she would buy extra gifts for her children with money she "saved". As it is, she doesn't let them enjoy their presents too much anyway. She sucks the fun out of every holiday and situation. Her children are merely here for her to exploit, not enjoy.

But, all and all, good on her for the column. It was short on money saving details, and long on info about Kate..but, if they are willing to pay her to do that, and folks want to read it....why not? I wouldn't have went there to read it.

Proud Grandma said...

There is an ad for Target on tv right now, my husband looked at it and said "that looks like that crazy Kate woman with the 8 kids. You know what? he is right. Check it out.

Hannah Leah said...

Can`t read the whole thing. Its sounds awful. She tells people not to go shopping on the best sale day of the year. She also talks about her stupid run. Do you get a discount on each mile she runs?
what a joke.

Brummygirl said...

I guess Kate never listened to the Beatles' song "Can't Buy Me Love".
There were many stars attending the final of Dancing with the Stars this evening, I guess the Coupon Queen didn't receive an invitation.
I would say she trod on too many people on her way up and now that she is descending, those people remember.

E said...

Yoo Hoo posted:

Thanksgiving dinner… only to overeat and become slugs (once cleanup is done, ladies!)

..."once the cleanup is done LADIES!"???? Seriously? What is this, 1974 where the little woman cleans up?

PA Woman said...

Proud Grandma said...
There is an ad for Target on tv right now, my husband looked at it and said "that looks like that crazy Kate woman with the 8 kids. You know what? he is right. Check it out.


Actually, since she is a Target shopper, that is not a bad job...doing their commericals as long as she keeps the kids out of it. Will it support her life style? NO!

Jenny O said...

If Kate is suggesting that people avoid shopping on Black Friday - I won't ding her for that. I absolutely refuse to participate in that craziness. I feel bad for people who work at Wal-Mart - they are re-opening at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving and staying open all night. It turns Thanksgiving into a commercial venture rather than a day for giving thanks, and I abhor that.

However, that Coupon Cabin column was not written by Kate, and it's so condescending toward women as to be offensive. "After clean up is done ladies!" Apparently, we're back in the 1950's, where the men just show up at the table to eat, and the cooking and cleaning is done by the ladies! I live in the year 2011, and Thanksgiving is a community effort. My brother and his wife are hosting this year, and both of them shop for and prepare the feast. Their kids help, and we all pitch in for the clean up.

Stupid Kate and stupid CouponCabin.

Barbara M. said...

Of course Kate wrote the column! Who else would go on and on and on about what a martyr she is, how much she does for her eight (8!) kids, how much work it is to cook Thanksgiving dinner for eight (yes, 8) kids and clean up afterwards, how tough it is to buy presents for eight (that's right, 8) kids and by the way, don't forget she's training for a marathon. All that on what is supposed to be a blog about couponing.

ronlee said...

Go to Radaronline. A Doctor states she had "fat transfers"

Hey Kate, take off the makeup and you see your real self. not pretty

barbee said...

she wouldn't have to shop for, cook, serve and clean up after the meal all by herself if she hadn't dumped her husband, family and friends. Is it a 'down under' thing that Steve doesn't help with the clean up? Can the crap, kate!

Mary said...

Hi Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

I would love to see kate cook LIVE mmo breaks a thanksgiving meal. I want to see her unwrape the turkey. veggies and peel potates,total prep. Nothing done for her. I want to see shopping bags of food I also want to see end results. I do not believe Kate cooks a whole meal. she buys everything all ready all she does is stick in oven to heat up

Mary said...

some of her post has been copied from another author. I remember reading parts of her post a few years ago she is still a fraud

Kate = Syryp of Ipecac said...

After reading Kate's blog it became abundantly clear to me she'd not received a broad/well rounded post-secondary education. Submitting a writing such as hers would surely result in a failing grade.

One would think a blog about "Black Friday" would be about "Black Friday", not her rambling on about becoming sluggish, "wash, dry and store", or backaches.

Kate's blog fails in my book.

I can't imagine what filler BS she'll use in her "Cyber Monday" blog as she's already referenced the holidays, internet shopping, and her being shock at the realization that "The holiday season" is upon her in this one.

Coupon Queen said...

Money was "extremely scarce" yet she purchased 10 monogramed stockings from Pottery Barn?! At their best price that would still be $250 spent on stockings. Ah, more baffling logic from the one and only Kate Gosselin.

ronlee said...

Hey Kate Gosselin. when you read this site, and I will say it again, show us the grocery store receipt where you saved $58.00 by using coupons. Until you prove it, I don't believe you. As you lie all the time.

You can get good deals by going to the retailer direct, either on line or in the store. You don't need CouponCabin

Heather H. said...

I loved this article:


So true we haven't learned a think about saving money this Christmas.

Sharla said...

Someone asked a question about what happened to all the money the Gosselins earned. I didn't send it through because I don't want to contribute to the erroneous internet rumors of inflated salaries. They didn't earn nearly as much as the internet rumors would have you believe. They were paid by the "freebie of the week" for the first season. The second season was around $2 to $3K per episode. Season three was about $4.5 per episode with small increases each season to the final season with Jon was around $22.5K per episode. Any money that they had left was split in the divorce. At the rate that they began spending at around the $22.5K point I doubt there was much left from the earlier seasons. After deducting for paying taxes, the PR person Julie May, and the house payments, there wasn't a lot left.

RONLEE said...

This was on her recent tweet.

Here’s what’s in my kids’ lunchboxes!

Hummus and pita chips, grapes, squeezy yogurt, almonds, juice, and our new favorite – a smiley cookie!
This was their favorite lunch in awhile – all items requested and approved by them! :)

What lunch box ideas do you have for us? Email me at kate@kateplusmy8.com

RONLEE said...


Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
Dear @JasonHueman you hav saved my Christmas...thank u 4 solving my Christmas light debacle!Love, K8 PS love me blonde! http://img.ly/aYXk

RONLEE said...

hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply » Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
RT @TrippenIn @Kateplusmy8 Dear Kate,u hav the pwr 2rattle so many cages. U&U alon control the minds of so many lives&they freely giv2u LOL!


Fact Or Fiction? said...

Hey Kate Gosselin. when you read this site, and I will say it again, show us the grocery store receipt where you saved $58.00 by using coupons. Until you prove it, I don't believe you. As you lie all the time.


She didn't say she saved the money at the grocery store. She said she saved it shopping, which is totally possible:

Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
GN tweeties! It's been a long day of shopping&Saved $58 with coupons and gas points 2day=good day!;) Tomorrow TGiving turns2Christmas here!


Jailhouse Rock said...

There is an ad for Target on tv right now, my husband looked at it and said "that looks like that crazy Kate woman with the 8 kids. You know what? he is right. Check it out.


It's not Kate. Check it out on YouTube. It's under crazy target lady.

Kateisblech said...

This made me laugh hard. Her gig at Coupon Cabin is already under siege: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/celebritology/post/kate-gosselin-coupon-blogger-what-shes-taught-us-so-far/2011/11/29/gIQApab28N_blog.html

Proud Grandma said...

To Jailhouse Rock.... re It's not Kate. Check it out on YouTube. It's under crazy target lady.

No I know, he was saying it was LIKE her and I agreed, he was right, it did look like her (nastiness). Sorry for misunderstanding. :)

Proud Grandma said...

What lunch box ideas do you have for us? Email me at kate@kateplusmy8.com ...........
Why, so you can copy them and have another NY best seller called "All from my own mind - Lunch box ideas for your Kids" by Kate Gosselin.

Jenny O said...

"Hummus and pita chips, grapes, squeezy yogurt, almonds, juice, and our new favorite – a smiley cookie!"

Does this sound like less than a filling lunch to anyone else? Some chips and dip, a few grapes and nuts, a yogurt and a cookie?

When my son was younger, I used to pack him a half sandwich, a stick of string cheese, some chips or crackers, a couple of cookies, and a GoGurt.

I also find it hard to believe that all six kids have exactly the same favorite lunch. I grew up with a lot of siblings and well remember how different each of our tastes were in food. One didn't like mayonnaise, while another hated mustard. One hated pork chops, while another hated lamb. One couldn't stand onions. There were always at least some slight variations in the lunches she packed for each of us.

barbee said...

We ALL KNOW her kids don't all like the same thing from the wonderful example of her making lunches, asking kids for choices and then S C R E A M I N G at them when they all shouted out different condiment picks.

Mrs. Teacher Woman said...

Jenny said,

"I also find it hard to believe that all six kids have exactly the same favorite lunch."


There are eight children, and they don't all like the same thing. During the episode when she was preparing the lunches, she said that one likes mayo, one likes this or that, one wants cheese on the sandwich, and so forth, and that the lunches were all different.

Crate Kate said...

Proud Grandma said...
What lunch box ideas do you have for us? Email me at kate@kateplusmy8.com ...........
Why, so you can copy them and have another NY best seller called "All from my own mind - Lunch box ideas for your Kids" by Kate Gosselin.


My thoughts exactly!!!! She will take any ideas given to her and spin them as though they were her own. After all she did invent the 4th of July flag cake, Chex Muddy Buddy mix (she calls it Monkey Munch) and sandwiches. I would never give her any ideas or recipes. She needs to do like everyone else and think some up on her own.

Techymum said...

While I really don't want to give Khate any room at all, I will just throw in one thing - I do believe that if you are a child in a family of 8, it would not be unreasonable to be given a lunch where there may be something that is not your preference.

For times' sake, if I had 8 kids, I would make 8 lunches assembly line. Sometimes we have to give/take a bit - and this is just one area that I think it is a good idea.

I do, however, feel that isn't much food for growing kids who are gone for a long day.

ronlee said...

No communication from Miss Kate yesterday or today. Guess she is prepping for the marathon.

Is Steveo with her?

Elvira said...

I think once again Kate has missed the boat. Those kids are all old enough to be making their own lunches. They will need a little supervision, but they should be learning to care for themselves. Kate talks about all the work on her shoulders but she has never been shown growing the children up to be self-sufficient. Also these snacky lunches are a far cry from what she packed for the twins at that age. I have a feeling she's lying and merely saying what she thinks a "good lunch" should be rather than the fluff sandwiches she probably sends.

Leigh Ann said...

That Washington Post column was funny. I'm not a big bargain hunter but even I could find what Kate came up with. CouponCabin must be hoping that having Kate will increase traffic to their site. I just can't think of any other reason to have her. I'm sure they don't need her help finding the deals and she doesn't talk about anything most people couldn't figure out on their own.

PA Woman said...

Elvira said...
I think once again Kate has missed the boat. Those kids are all old enough to be making their own lunches. They will need a little supervision, but they should be learning to care for themselves. Kate talks about all the work on her shoulders but she has never been shown growing the children up to be self-sufficient. Also these snacky lunches are a far cry from what she packed for the twins at that age. I have a feeling she's lying and merely saying what she thinks a "good lunch" should be rather than the fluff sandwiches she probably sends.


I actually think she relies on the twins to take care of the six. I think kate does little herself. I suspect also that the twins make the lunches under Kates "supervision". JMHO

RONLEE said...


Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
GM all! The excitement is building! So so nervous&excited! Saying 2 self-what have I done,lol! So so determined to do this!thx for support!

nancimarci said...

I just emailed couponcabin and told them that if they are going to allow K8 to promote herself through their website, I will be using couponcorner.com to access online coupons. I told them I felt like her "blogs" were an insult to mothers and all consumers. Please consider sharing your feelings with them as well

RONLEE said...

CLICK ON RT @kliou_KateGosselin

teplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
RT @kliou_ Kate Gosselin (@Kateplusmy8) Will Not Get The Kids On #Christmas Day: kliou.com/kate-gosselin-… MADE UP LIES AGAIN.0 TRUTH!

kinman said...

I just read her Dec 5 entry where she printed out Ulta coupons and performed several separate transactions at the register to get the huge savings. I think some of our stores in Indiana (I heard that Kroger was going to start instituting this policy) are going to start limiting the number of computer-printed coupons that can be used, and limiting the transactions that one person can perform per visit. Has anyone else heard about this? As seen on Extreme Couponing, it makes it really hard when one person goes in as soon as the store opens and "cleans out the shelves" with all of their printed-out coupons and then the merchandise is sold out for everyone else. I'm sure Kate is not that extreme by any means, but I have heard that some stores limit you to one transaction and one coupon per item, and are starting to scrutinize the computer-printed coupons more. Maybe they are more lenient due to the Christmas season. At any rate, her blogs are not really all that useful, and not that enlightening really.

kinman said...

She has a new entry ( Dec 12) and all it does is talk about herself and her own family traditions with her kids etc... I thought this was supposed to be about shopping with coupons and helpful hints etc.. She mentions the current coupons at the bottom of the article, but the whole article is about herself and Christmas morning etc.., and how she has to do everything herself, and put all the toys together for everyone (how tiring it it for her ...)I just got the impression she was being paid to blog about coupon hints and how to save dollars. Nothing useful there.

Brummygirl said...

kinman said...
She has a new entry ( Dec 12) and all it does is talk about herself and her own family traditions with her kids etc... I thought this was supposed to be about shopping with coupons and helpful hints etc.. She mentions the current coupons at the bottom of the article, but the whole article is about herself and Christmas morning etc.., and how she has to do everything herself, and put all the toys together for everyone (how tiring it it for her ...)I just got the impression she was being paid to blog about coupon hints and how to save dollars. Nothing useful there.
That is because she is as thick as two planks!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't think she's being paid to come up with the coupons and deals. She's just there for name recognition. The company is hoping people will want to read her column and increase traffic to the site. But that just makes her think she has something valuable to offer the readers and reinforces her opinion of herself that she's something really great.

ronlee said...

Don't know if any of you saw this on Coupon Cabin...Ms. Kate is a joke. They are paying her for this? It’s about that time to start thinking about and planning out our holiday meal. In recent years, I’ve noticed a few things concerning our Christmas Day meal. The main thing is that my kids are too excited about their new toys to eat! I typically cook a huge feast, only to have the kids sit, take two bites and disappear to play with their toys. I always get up early to put in the ham and spend the day slaving over the sides much the same as I do on Thanksgiving. But, unlike Thanksgiving, the meal at Christmas is far from the main attraction and so it falls by the wayside untouched, especially when entertaining primarily wee ones. So, during dinner the other night, I asked the kids if they would be opposed to a NEW tradition. I always do this gently because they are SO painfully tradition-based for the holidays, even more so than I am, and that’s really saying something! I proposed that I cook all day on Christmas Eve and we have our big dinner before we attend our Christmas Eve service that night. Then, with a quick reheat, we could eat those leftovers for Christmas lunch the next day. The kids happily (and surprisingly!) agreed to this change in plan, mainly because they knew I wouldn’t be in the kitchen for hours on Christmas Day but rather, I’d be able to spend more time opening toys (I’ll spare more hurting ‘hiney’ discussions)! The new plan makes me extra happy because I will get two meals out of one. What mom wouldn’t love that? Feeding leftovers means saving money, effort and time! Woo hoo! So, I’m hoping that a minor tweak in tradition this year will make for a more enjoyable holiday for all. Certainly I can’t change the meal contents AND the day of the meal all in one year so I’ll stick to my standard dishes: crock-pot Christmas ham, candied sweet potatoes, pineapple casserole, baked beans, homemade bread and assorted pies (not sure which ones yet) - all on Christmas Eve day. Now that that’s all settled, I’m off to the grocery store to shop for my ingredients. Happy Christmas meal making, everyone! And to all, a good meal!

Button Button said...

She faulted Jon for having a mediocre job. What the heck does she call her job? And she is doing less than mediocre work herself.

Proud Grandma said...

There is a lot of talk about K8 taking the kids to church the night before Christmas, but are there any photos? I can't find anywhere that she mentions it. Can someone help me?

Techymum said...

Proud Grandma said...
There is a lot of talk about K8 taking the kids to church the night before Christmas, but are there any photos? I can't find anywhere that she mentions it. Can someone help me?

I don't know exactly where I saw it, but it is a dark picture, taken while holding candles in church. Sadly K8 took her own photo since there are no longer paps out shooting them. In all my life I have never known anyone to actually take a picture in church, during a service, especially at such a special time as Christmas Eve when candles are being held and singing SIlent Night.

ronlee said...

Tell me what she brings to CouponCabin? My opinion not a thing. Anyone know how much she is getting paid? Don't understand why they keep her. She is no star, just a mom with 8 kids...

RONLEE said...

wow....she is busy...hey Kate, OCTOMOM is busy,...you have help and money.


Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
FYI-getting a lot of emails thinking I'm ignoring/forgetting u all. I'm doing my best 2 read&respond.Pls b patient w/ this busy girl!XO2all

Yoo hoo said...

A new year always means New Year’s resolutions. It’s a fresh start for everyone and a time to start new and better traditions and habits.

I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions because I’m not one to make drastic changes just for the sake of making them or just because the calendar starts over.

However, I do aim for certain things as I organize and prioritize my life all year long. For example, I make goals to fix or finish certain projects around the house, goals for giving the kids certain life experiences and fitness and career goals for myself. Beyond that, there are always dreams…those make my list too!

For this year, I made a goal of having the patio and pool redone at our house. The patio was not built for a family of 9 plus a dog and I felt that if we expanded it, we would spend more time outside doing barbecues and making more memories. I accomplished that goal around the little kids’ birthday in May.

The main thing that the end of a year causes me to do is to reflect on what I’ve learned that year. The year of 2011 for me was a year of gaining complete independence, and learning to look for solutions in every situation instead of focusing on the problems.

This year, I learned that if I want to accomplish something, whether it’s hanging a picture in my home, building a chicken coop or running a marathon, it’s all possible if my mindset is one of determination and positivity!

I also learned to step back and survey the situation before acting on something. For the most part, this has worked and overall I feel more peaceful and more confident that I can handle whatever life throws at me. I’ve also noticed my kids are becoming problem solvers, too, which is very encouraging!

I truly believe that at the end of very year, it’s important to look back on what you have done well and what you have learned. And it doesn’t have to wait until the calendar adds another year!

I’ve always said that I don’t live apologetically; I live passionately! A great way to do that is to learn from the past and make it better in the future.

Happy 2012 everyone!

- K8

Yoo hoo said...

Her latest.

My Tips for Getting Fit…On The Cheap!
Posted on January 9th, 2012 by Kate G
Filed Under:
Best Deals Kate Gosselin Money Saving Tips
As you know, I have always believed in being fit. Many people say that a gym membership or exercise equipment is too expensive and they can’t afford to get in shape.

In most cases, I don’t disagree; however, many people sign up for the gym and don’t even go more than a few times or they buy a treadmill and use it to hang their clothing on (sound familiar?)! Both of these things are well intended, but both of them waste money.

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered a huge love of running, as you may know. One reason I started running was because I had a lot of frustration to get rid of but also because I wanted an easy, affordable way to work out. Since it didn’t require any equipment or a gym membership, running was the perfect solution for me. All I need is a pair of good running shoes and off I go! Anyone with enough determination can become a runner. A few tips for first-time runners:

It’s very normal to begin by walking fast and gradually increase to a walk-run (walking for a few minutes then running for two minutes, etc.) before eventually acquiring the ability to run for any length of time.
Make sure to get yourself a quality pair of comfortable running shoes. Avoiding injury is very important to your future of running!
You don’t have to spend any money on workout clothes but if you want to, stores like Sports Authority and Target have great reasonably priced fitness clothes. I buy my favorite sports bras at Target, as a rule. Don’t forget to use a coupon!
If you have time, keep a running journal. Write down how far you ran and how long it took. I keep track of my runs with an app on my phone called RunMeter.
Eat healthy! Carbs two hours before and protein after your run is helpful for better performance. Think of everything you put in your mouth as running fuel.
So, when people come to me and ask me what to do to lose weight and get started, I always tell them that the cheapest way to get fit is to buy a good pair of shoes and start running. How else can you get fit for $100 or less?

Looking for other fitness deals? See below!


heavennoseven said...

Really? About working out. So moms don`t have the time to even run. The tips are all about her. What about a young single mom who needs to get diapers.food etc and still make rent. Where is that?

Yoo hoo said...

Kate is currently in Vegas representing Coupon Cabin and wearing a rather astounding dress.

Yoo hoo said...


heffner road said...

Who is the other lady with her?

I just wonder how Coupon Cabins business increased or decreased with the "great one". In my opinion I don't see what she has to offer.

Also, a new note, the busted metal mail box has been replaced with a wooden one, looks like a house.

It appears she gets some mail at her home.

Yoo Hoo said...

Everyone knows Shoka, right? If not, he’s our two year old German Shepherd. We got him and his sister, Nala, in December of 2008 when they were only 8 weeks old.

They were both named prior to us meeting them and we had decided to choose two puppies… Because we seemed to have all multiples in our house, it just seemed normal!

Shoka got his name from a very big security guard we met during our family trip to Hawaii in 2008. Nala was always on my list to name a pet because I loved Nala in the movie The Lion King.

I had never had or been responsible for my ‘own’ dog before and was more scared to bring them home than I was to bring any of my kids home from the hospital! It honestly scared me to think I’d have to choose food, bedding and supplies for a dog– let alone two! I had no idea what I was in for! Who knew dogs had tartar issues or that choking on a certain toy was a concern?!

As time went on, we learned how to care for them but realized that Shoka and Nala were a lot to care for. Together, they were a bigger handful than I could manage, along with the care of 8 kids. So, they returned to their furry family for a year so that I could focus on my kids during a difficult period in our lives.

Fast forward a year and Shoka returned to us as a surprise for my kids! One dog felt manageable for our household and what a great decision it turned out to be. He is easy, calm and a huge part of our family now! We are so thankful for the unconditional love he doles out to each of us daily.

I have also figured out a good schedule for him including his two meals a day, trips to the groomers and vet twice a month and his inside/outside schedule. Luckily, the kids help me take care of him. They feed him each morning and night. They also let him in at night and out in the morning. They are also very good at remembering to let Shoka in when even the teensiest drops of rain begin to fall. We like his fluffy fur to stay clean and fluffy and not get wet and (gasp!) smelling like dog!

Like my kids, he is very expensive to feed, but well worth the “investment.” He eats roughly 15 pounds of dry food per week and 4-5 large cans of canned food, which adds up!

Needless to say, I have become good at watching for sales and stocking up on his food and supplies. I also use my store sale card and coupons whenever I can find them! A few additional tips for saving on pet supplies are below.

Focus on only the essential items for keeping your dog happy and healthy, and skip the clothes and other novelties. Your wallet – and your dog – will thank you.
No bones about it, there are tons of good deals for dogs to be had online. A lot of the items that your dog needs, such as food, toys and personal care products, can be bought in advance online and shipped right to your door. Check out all of CouponCabin’s deals on pet supplies here.
Stick to what works. If your dog prefers a particular brand of food, don’t spend money on a new brand just because it’s on sale. Many dogs get used to their food and can get sick from other brands. It’s not worth the risk!
Here’s some barking great deals for you!


tiffches said...

Why does she take Shoka to the vet/groomer twice a month? We have a little poodle. We get her groomed every 4 to 6 weeks. Poodles do not shed so they have to be groomed often. German Shepards shed so they are not groomed that often. Also why would Shoka see a vet twice a month? I think that is a lie to make people think she loves the dog. I have never seen her love on or play with the dog.

Yoo hoo said...

I don’t know that I’m an expert on all things savings, but I do know that the many methods I use to save DO work. The following is a list of things that I do regularly to save:

1. I buy in serious bulk.

I buy ‘half a cow’ at a time in different cuts, which equals about 400 pounds of organic meat. This alone reduces my beef prices to a fraction of what I would pay in the grocery store if I bought one cut at a time.

I also do this with chicken. I visit a local organic chicken outlet and buy straight from the factory store. Most times I package it myself into portions that are right for us, using my Food Saver (which I LOVE!)! We use about 3 whole chicken breasts per meal at this point.

I also buy bulk products wherever else I can. Typically the bigger you’re buying, the lower the price per unit.

2. I recycle and reuse.

Before I throw anything away, I put it aside and try to think of a new use for it. When my kids get too tall for their jeans, I cut them off to use as summer outside play shorts. I reuse Ziploc bags by rinsing them out and reusing them. I could go on and on.

Don’t get me wrong– I LOVE an organized house and I LOVE to throw stuff away, but if I set it aside and think for awhile, chances are I can come up with a new cost-saving use.

3. I use my calculator…a lot!

Don’t get tricked into buying the 28.4 ounce bottle of lotion because it is on sale at Target. The 36 ounce bottle sitting next to it actually costs 2 cents LESS per ounce – not on sale. That’s why I win whenever I use my calculator (and I LOVE that hidden bargain)!

4. I cook from scratch and pack lunches.

Just by cooking every meal and packing 40 school lunches each week, I figure I save $125 per week on school lunches and at least $450 per week because I cook every night for dinner.

Takeout or dinner out averages about $100 per meal for us. By cooking, I’m not spending more than $250 per week.

Our average school lunch costs about $5. For me, that’s a cost of $200 per week. I can pack a week’s worth of school lunches for about $90. And those lunches are even organic!

5. I teach my kids to be cost effective.

Unless kids are taught that things cost money, they won’t know. I teach my kids to save electricity by turning off a light when they leave a room, to save water when they can and to wear an outfit a second time.

I teach my children that by working hard, you make money and that you should choose wisely how to spend your money. It will help them to become successful and responsible adults.

6. I’m organized.

Sometimes organization alone can help you save money. I keep a running list of products I need to buy from Target, Whole Foods, Giant (our local grocery store) and others. When we are on the second to last item of its kind, I mark it down to buy during my next trip to that store. By knowing what we need, I don’t spend more than I need to because I’m not guessing – my list is always right there on my phone!

7. And, of course, I use coupons.

I keep coupons in my purse at all times. I carry a small silver coupon organizer in my bag so it’s handy when I need to save! Coupons are truly money in your pocket as I’ve said a hundred times before. Why pay more for an item when you can pay less? I truly live by this.

Hope my saving tips help!

- K8

Shoka's Understudy said...

Just read kate's 7 tips. I almost choked. Delusional and crazy. http://www.couponcabin.com/blog/post/kates-top-7-savings-tips/?s_altid=t.co She says that she buys a 1/2 Organic cow and that gives her 400 lbs. of meat. What about the free WHOLE ORGANIC COW you got for free and forced Jodie and Kevin to pay 1500 dollars for their half. SO, you got a whole O. cow for free and got paid for the other half of it. Way to go, Grifter! She says she also does this with chicken: I visit a local organic chicken outlet and buy straight from the factory store. Most times I package it myself into portions that are right for us, using my Food Saver (which I LOVE!)! We use about 3 whole chicken breasts per meal at this point. Are you kidding me? She is going to go buy and drag home and hand pack O. chicken? Don't believe it. Also, what struck me is the portion control she does to those kids. She only uses 3 chicken breast for a meal for 9 people? If you quarter those 3 chicken breasts, 9 will get 1 bite of chicken and 3 will get an extra bite. Those kids need protein. What is wrong with her? I hope the spaghetti that Jon and Ellen made for them a couple of months ago, I hope the meatballs were as big as golf balls! My boys ate a full chicken breast by themselves at their ages. I would buy the family pack of bone-in chicken breasts and roast them in the oven. Only took 45 mins. and they were done. The lies get worse as you read along. Says she before she throws anything away, she tries to find a new use for it. Cuts jeans into shorts, lets the kids re wear clothes to keep from washing. What about the Christmas ornaments of Jon's dad? His golf clubs? The kids artwork? Cara's embroidered pillow, thrown into a trash bag by a crazed ranting out of control woman that happens to be her mother. There is more but I can't read it anymore without getting upset, because we all know how she really is!

tiffches said...

There are better ways to save money than what she claims to do. But nobody who lives in a house like that, buys for herself the way she does and takes multiple trips is destitute like she pretends to be or as frugal.

Even though it is not much fun, she could save money in the way most of us have had to do. Downsize, public schools, vegetabe supper nights, a big pot of chili with enough left over to make chili burritos or chili dogs the next night.

She could, if really hurting for money, disconnect cable and the children are various sizes so they could wear hand-me-downs from each other. She has plenty of clothes and does not need any.

I would hate the kids not to have cable but if she was telling the truth about only watching DVDs, they do not need it. Her phone could have no perks and just be kept for emergencies. She could get a job where she works double shifts all weekend, until she gets 40 hours. It can be done because my sister had to do it. She didn't have private schools or a big house to deal with though. She just has a lot of people with 3 bedrooms and a den with beds, since she has 3 grown kids who have moved in with their kids but do not work. And my sister is thanklful she is not under a bridge somewhere. Until Kate is there, she has money and needs no help. She is just a leech and not a mom

SuzieO said...

Shoka's understudy,

She said she uses 3 "whole" chicken breasts so that means both sides and would equal 6 breasts after cut in half. Also, I'm sure she doesn't eat the same food she cooks for the kids so it would feed 8 instead of 9. Hope that makes you feel better :)

Chicken Little said...

I hope the meatballs were as big as golf balls! My boys ate a full chicken breast by themselves at their ages. I would buy the family pack of bone-in chicken breasts and roast them in the oven.


It depends on the size of the chicken breasts. I buy the super large boneless, skinless ones and cut them in half. My kids can only manage a half, if that, especially when there is a variety of sides, liked baked or mashed potatoes, salad, crusty French bread, and green veggie. They are never hungry with half a chicken breast, plus everything else on their plates.
Now if she were only serving half a breast and nothing else, it might raise some eyebrows...but I doubt that is the case.

Brummygirl said...

True Lies a.k.a. Kate!!

I don’t know that I’m an expert on all things savings, but I do know that the many methods I use to save DO work. The following is a list of things that I do regularly to save:

1. I buy in serious bulk.

REALITY: I eat salad, so I can skimp as far as the kids are concerned and I have it delivered.
2. I recycle and reuse.

REALITY: I wear something different every day, even to take out said garbage.
3. I use my calculator…a lot!

REALITY: Gotta save some bucks somewhere so Momma can visit the Salon!

4. I cook from scratch and pack lunches.

REALITY: That of course is when I am home and not eating at Nobo's!
5. I teach my kids to be cost effective.

REALITY: This is when I cannot get freebies by product placement.

7. And, of course, I use coupons.

REALITY: I have to say this now because this is now my source of income. Did not use coupons when on my myriad of trips.

Hope my saving tips help!
They would Kate, IF I belived them!!
- K8

heavennoseven said...

I teach my children that by working hard, you make money and that you should choose wisely how to spend your money. It will help them to become successful and responsible adults.

She never worked hard once TLC came. She is not responsible with money or herself.

Yoo Hoo said...

I’m heading to the grocery store today so I thought I’d jot down the ways I save to help you save, too. In order to save the most money, I do the following:

1. I research sales and print coupons for specific items on my list from the Internet. I’m on CouponCabin’s grocery page right now!

2. I sort other store coupons that I have on hand and put the ones that I’ll use aside to take with me.

3. Once at the store, I take note of the sales and stock up on sale items. If something is on my list that is NOT on sale, I’ll keep that item on the list for next time. Usually I keep a few backups of each item so it could wait if need be. If an item is on sale AND I have a coupon, I’ll buy extra of those.

4. I plan my menu for the week before I leave for the store. This way, I am not aimlessly buying and the chances that fresh produce will spoil is decreased.

5. I cook dinner, from scratch, usually 4-6 times per week and have a night or two of leftovers. I usually cook slightly more than necessary in order to have enough for leftover night. This not only thrills me, but it ensures that all the ‘bits and pieces’ of leftover dinners don’t go to waste!

6. Many times, in order to avoid waste, I’ll also turn one dinner into another dinner. For example, baked chicken and all of the odds and ends of steamed vegetables can easily be made into chicken vegetable soup!

Additional things that I do to save are:

I have four chest freezers to store my large bulk purchases of meat and grocery items. I freeze anything from cheese to milk and everything in between! When it’s on sale, I stock up and my freezers are ready to store it.
I only do a large grocery shop about every 4-6 weeks at Whole Foods or Wegmans -mainly because we live a good distance from either store.
In between, I buy fresh produce at my local grocery store. I try not to go too often because typically I buy things we don’t need instead of sticking to that ‘quick’ fresh produce list!
I look at saving money on groceries and food as a challenge. I love to calculate how much I’ve saved and how healthy, yet inexpensively, I can feed my family. Hope these tips help you save too. Happy shopping, cooking and feeding! See below for some great grocery, food and kitchen coupons!

- K8

I'm Ready.Mr. DeMille said...

How much money could she possibly be saving on groceries when she uses 4 freezers to hold them. Is the cost of electricity that cheap in her area? she says that she LOVES her Foodsaver appliance (as do I) BUT the bags are somewhat pricey and do add to the actual cost of the food that is home-packaged. Grocery stores have weekly specials and shopping every 4 to 6 weeks may not be so thrifty, as you can miss out on deals and variety of product specials.
I think that she lives in a "nether world" and cannot cope with the real world. She will say anything at a given time to make herself seem important to others. It's not working K8! Not too many people are buying what your trying to sell.

Proud Grandma said...

I'm Ready.Mr. DeMille said...
she says that she LOVES her Foodsaver appliance (as do I) BUT the bags are somewhat pricey and do add to the actual cost of the food that is home-packaged
**********I also love my foodsaver and I am pretty frugal, but for bargain buys, when I buy in bulk, they are well worth the money. My hint is that I reuse the bags. NOT the ones I have used for meat. I reuse them when I have made batches of soup (with bargain priced veggies. Any bags can be cut down and resealed. Rinse them out well, soap and water and air dry. It works. Bet K8 never does that, too much like work.

Reading news said...

I think that she lives in a "nether world" and cannot cope with the real world. She will say anything at a given time to make herself seem important to others. It's not working K8! Not too many people are buying what your trying to sell.


actually, I don't think she even writes these pages. She isn't into correct punctuation or sentence structure so I have a feeling Beth isn't her only "ghost-writer"

heavennoseven said...

all the advice seems to be taken from the extreme coupning show

Yoo hoo said...

This year, I am lucky to have eight reasons to celebrate the love on Valentines Day. I always do little inexpensive things to make heart day special for them.

This year, I bought a very inexpensive foam craft set at Target and I will make each of my kids a handmade Valentine. It’s a mommy tradition! I typically sit up ALL night to handmake paper Valentines for each of my kids but I thought I’d mix it up a bit this year and make them a foam art “card.”

Each year, I hang their Valentine pouches from Pottery Barn on their dining room chairs and fill them with inexpensive but thoughtful trinkets that show them my love.

I also make all meals heart themed. In the past, I have made heart shaped pancakes, sandwiches and hamburgers! This year I’m thinking I’ll make heart shaped muffins for breakfast, heart shaped peanut butter crackers for lunch and heart shaped pasta for dinner!

None of these things cost a lot, but all of them add up to mean a lot to my kids! I have always said that Valentines Day is a great day to remind your family and friends how much you love them. So, this year I’ll be busy making all sorts of fun heart shaped stuff for the 8 that I love. And, in case you’re wondering, you won’t find me out on a date this Valentine’s Day. My date is with my 8… They own MY heart!
- K8

She gets paid for that drivel?

Yoo hoo said...

As I sit here drinking my morning coffee, I realize just how much I rely on this morning “jolt.” Some days, coffee – the smell, taste and caffeine boost it provides – is the reason I get out of bed!

No matter what, I always have 8 hungry mouths to feed, but I purposefully get up a bit early so I can brew my first cup or pot of coffee and drink a cup before I have to begin feeding the masses! It makes me a happier morning mommy! Because I drink so much coffee (about 4-5 cups per day minimum) I have to replenish my supply often, even though I am the only coffee drinker in my house, obviously! It is an expensive “hobby”!

I recently tweeted at length about my love of coffee, my broken coffee machine, and Keurig. The company’s wonderful customer service department replaced my machine (and according to your tweets back to me, many of your overused machines)! Regardless, coffee is quite an expense, albeit a necessary one, when you’re a mom. As a mom of 8, I need all the energy my caffienated coffee will dole out to me… and more!

Not long ago, I altered my coffee routine to help me cut costs. I recently bought a French press to make a quick pot of coffee. It is not as quick and convenient as my Keurig machine, but it does help me save money as it uses ground coffee versus those ever expensive K-cups. So, I use both methods daily, but I do use less K-cups since integrating the French press. By having two wonderful home methods to make coffee, I also save money at Starbucks because I make a cup of coffee and take it with me instead of running through the Starbucks drive thru, which saves me up to $80 a month!

Coffee may be an expensive habit, but it flows through my veins! It is never something I could cut completely out of my budget, but I CAN caffeinate wisely. People ask me, “How do you do it?” and I always say “Lots of determination, prayer… and coffee!”

Hope you enjoy these very caffeinated deals below!

WonderButton said...

UGH....Can she (or her ghost writer) write something without mentioning her 8 kids 8 times?

Random thoughts on the two recent posts.....

Fishing for free K-cups, I see.

Starbucks must have burned her (figuratively), or possibly this statement is just for "show" since it's a blog about saving money.

Now, I don't know about you fellow GWOPers, but when I'm trying to save money, of course I buy all my goodie-bags at Pottery Barn, since they are so much less expensive than the dollar store. I can't believe Kate wasted column space to tell us this well-known money saving tip. (snark snark snark)

Finally, was that ".... [kids]own MY heart" a dig at Jon? As in HIS heart doesn't belong to his kids? I would have emphasized the THEY or the OWN, or left that part about not going on a date out completely. It makes her sound like an unconfident high school girl trying too hard for a date to the prom.

barnaby said...

I thought she was supposed to be writing about using coupons, not about how much coffee she drinks, how much she spends on coffee, Starbucks (guess she isn't going to get any free stuff from them any time soon) or what uber expensive coffee maker she uses.

Mr. Coffee is good enough for my husband, the only coffee drinker in our household. And he's never spent a a cent at Starbucks! Guess that's just another reason why we aren't worried about where our next dollar is going to come from.

I really have to wonder just who the audience for these bizarre blog entries might be? Upscale people - who probably don't read coupon blogs or people who really are counting every cent?

Considered me confused !!!!!!! (! in honor of KG).

Proud Grandma said...

OK Miss "but those little Keurig coffee cups are expensive" Didn't your idiot brain realize that Keurig has a great invention called your Personal K cup. It is a little invention with a tiny filter cup. Into it you place your own coffee grounds. It is a fantastic tool and our consumption of coffee has been drastically cut. You love your French press? I do too, but the Personal K cups rock.

Just sayin' said...

Proud Grandma said...
OK Miss "but those little Keurig coffee cups are expensive" Didn't your idiot brain realize that Keurig has a great invention called your Personal K cup. It is a little invention with a tiny filter cup. Into it you place your own coffee grounds.
Too icky for her?

Mary said...

when you cook from scratch. Katie dear if you give your child a peanut butter sandwich... you have to MAke the bread also you have to make the bread

Heffner Rd from Florida said...

Hey Kate Gosselin....go you Suzy Coupons....now that is coupons one can use... check it out....

GOWPers....if you have not going to this site, please do. you will know what I am talking about...Coupons are printable and for foods, candy etc.... usually $1.00 off...

I would how much she is getting paid for the transmission of coupons that you and I can get going directly to their site.

Hey everone...am in Florida...81 degrees today...

SuzieO said...

I had to laugh when I read her boast how much coffee she drinks. She obviously doesn't realize how unhealthy it is to drink so much of it. It pretty much cancels out anything going organic could do for her.

Heffner Rd from Florida said...

Kateplusmy8: ...now they are double teaming me... Hurling out the parts of speech requests so fast, I can't think straight! oh my!

Hey Kate...you can't spell and don;t know parts of speech, and the english language.

Kate...you may have 75,000 people that are following, but only 29 followers.... and those are mostly kids..

Mary said...

Kate do you ever spend any thing but cheap junk for your kids. We know you will never spend that much money on them. Have you already throw them out

heavennoseven said...

How does the blogs get past the the site owners?

It common knowledge that star
bucks cost money. That you can buy a pack of generic coffee for what they charge.

Yoo hoo said...

I pack 40 school lunches each and every week. That’s a lot of lunches, I must admit!

With eight kids, the option to buy 40 school lunches weekly at roughly $5 per lunch from the school cafeteria is not at all feasible for us. That would total $200 per week and $800 per month. Oh my goodness, that’s crazy!

I’ve managed to develop a very orderly and organized system to purchase, make and pack school lunches so that it takes me roughly 20 minutes per day to prepare and pack.

First of all, I require a main course which is any of the following: a sandwich, a green salad, chicken salad, egg salad or tuna salad, hummus and pita or chips and guacamole.

I also require a fruit, a vegetable, a “crunchy” (any type of chips or pretzels), a dairy, a dessert and a drink. I also pack a daily bus snack to eat during the 45-minute bus ride to school and a school snack as required for during the school day.

To save money, I purchase only large size bags of crunchies and repackage them into individual sizes in Ziploc bags.

I also do a baking day every few months. I bake all desserts and individually package them and freeze them. This saves A LOT of money because organic desserts are especially expensive and do not go very far when packing for eight!

For dairy, I buy very little individually packaged cheeses and yogurts. I usually purchase blocks of cheese and slice and package them. I also buy mostly 32-ounce tubs of yogurt and package them in small Ziploc containers for each lunchbox.

I also purchase little disposable containers at a local restaurant supply store and package extras like granola for yogurt, nuts or trail mix to add to lunches to make them more fun!

For drinks, we prefer Juicy Juice always, but when that is not available, I hunt down different “all juice” brands at my local discount grocery store. The brand I’m using now cost me only 16 cents for a 10-ounce bottle!

Obviously, I use grocery coupons on top of sales to purchase ALL groceries in order to cut the overall costs. This helps me to save even more beyond my already frugal method of packing lunches. My kids are known to have the best lunches at school so I think my method is working!

I enjoy knowing what my kids are eating and that, like at home, they are eating a healthy well-balanced meal while at school. It is especially important to fuel their brains properly while they are learning.

Need more inspiration? Check out this article from Parents.com. I hope you find some great lunch savings below…
- K8

Katherine said...

I got to say that the kids eat a lot for lunch. What happened to a sandwich and a piece of fruit?

She acts like she has 2 or 3 dozen kids.

Those kids are all big enough to sit around the table and make their lunches and put them in the bags. No way am I going to believe Kate waits on anybody.

I never saw her wait on her kids ever. Not on any TV show. John did.

Look those kids are getting big, they are not babies, they have to learn to do these things, including helping to fold clothes.

Darn, all my brothers knew how to cook and iron before they left home.

Who is she kidding? She gets paid to bull __ _ _ _ everyone?

I'd like to have the $$$ it cost to have her makeovers and there were so many, I can't count them.

Kate how about coloring your own hair?

Katherine said...

O NO, here comes the "kate gosselin breakdown" from what a month or two ago with Dr. Drew and her alum foil dress and she gets "teary eyed" when the "little kids" were 5, yada,yada,yada.

This woman acts like those kids do not have a father. John is right there.

I don't believe John is not involved in supporting them and also has a lot to say about raising the children.

So how is she raising 8 children by herself?

Tears, Dr. Drew has to hold her hand.

Right before the Academy Awards show, Kate comes along trying to grab an Oscar. She wins!

Tetotomom said...

Dr. Drew doing this interview with her makes me rethink my respect for him. She knows how to turn on the tears when necessary.

Kate's Fate said...

I never saw her wait on her kids ever. Not on any TV show. John did.


Who filled their trays at Discovery Cove? I seem to remember that she wouldn't let the kids get their own food. Who ran like a maniac with ice cream in New York and shoved some into one of the boys face on the bus? Kate did.

Kate waits on those kids. It's all about control. She even tells them what order to eat their lunches.

Kara said...

She claims school lunch costs $5? I don't think so!!!!!

kat said...

okay, reading the post about saving money on lunches literally made me ILL. The woman who had solar panels installed and claims to be all "green" yet uses so many paper plates is now advocating saving money by wasting constant outpouring of money for disposable food containers and baggies. Instead, start by not buying a new lunchbox each year (and we know she does this), and that will save tons. Second, get one big enough to hold REUSEABLE containers or buy a bento-style lunchbox (like planetbox, laptop lunches, etc.) now the little round 4-oz glad containers... okay, I use those, but that's because they are reuseable AND disposable... they serve as inexpensive lightweight small containers for things... and don't cost as much... but we never throw them away (unless one is somehow stepped on and broken or something) I have literally not spent one dime on baggies this year. I bought additional containers that were cute because the kids wanted some in their stockings, but that's fine, just means I don't have to wash out the same ones every day... also, I have bought a pack of bottled juice ONCE (it was on super sale and was 2 bucks for the whole six pack)... and why? because I then could re-use those perfectly sized 8oz bottles... although 2 of them went to my daughter's teacher to be used for art projects, but that's fine. Just looking at all that plastic destined for the trash makes me sick, as I know it will never decompose.

Sharla said...

Full lunch is $4.45. So she slightly exaggerated. However, they also have "ala carte" where a deli sandwich is $2.50.

Leigh Ann said...

Those are huge lunches. Do the kids really eat it all? My daughter is 10 and usually gets a sandwich, two servings of fruit or one fruit and a veggie with Ranch dressing and a bottle of water and she doesn't always eat all of that. Sometimes she'll get a cottage cheese or yogurt and a mini bagel or graham crackers in place of the sandwich. Yes, I know, no milk. I was pouring most of it down the drain everyday. She barely touches the water, too, but it's cheaper to pour out. Once in a while I put in a dessert for a special treat. That always gets eaten even if all the fruit doesn't. But since I know she doesn't eat all her fruit all the time and dessert is rare I don't pitch a fit over it like Kate says she will if her kids eat dessert and leave something else behind. It just sounds like a lot of food but maybe they're only getting a couple of bites of each item so the total volume isn't much.

kissy said...

Shoka, I think when kate said a whole chicken breast she meant both sides. we have an amish market here and when you ask for a whole chicken br east you get both sides. considering where she lives and that she has shopped amish meats in the past I can only assume that this is what she was referring to. The use of the word whole is a huge in decatur. otherwise she would have said half breast

heavennoseven said...

Why must she always talk about her 8. People who have 1 kid would not get any help by buying so much food at a time.

I wonder if really feeds them this much.. Or she just claims to as she got slammed in the past for making the kids eat week old sandwichs.

Yoo hoo said...

Spring break is on its way! Wow, just typing the word spring and having it be relevant is exciting to me.

Typically during our very long ten day spring break, we have a fun trip planned. This year, I must admit it has crept up on me and I just realized the other day that I had planned absolutely nothing exciting. After my panic attack subsided, I decided that a rather relaxing home based ‘staycation’ may not be so bad after all. By staying home, we will not only save money, but we will truly be able to relax and that may turn out to be a different kind of fun. So, for our staycation, I decided the following things are a must in order to make it memorable for the whole family:
1. Many mornings of late sleep-ins. We typically are all awake on school mornings by 5:45 a.m… yawn. So a few days of sleep-ins until 7:30 a.m. at least will be a welcomed schedule change in our house.
2. Mommy’s homemade Belgian waffles with fresh strawberry compote syrup and whipped cream. Yum! This is a breakfast that takes time, so it’s not one I can put together on school mornings. All the kids know they’re in for a real treat when I break out the waffle maker.
And of course, for dessert, I’ll be whipping up leftover waffles with ice cream in the middle. That means delicious waffle ice cream sandwiches and really happy kids!
3. At least one (if not two or three) movie nights with popcorn with a “surprise.” I’m known for burying a small candy treat in the bottom of each of my kids’ popcorn cups, so It has become an expected tradition (God help me if I should forget the surprise!)
4. A picnic lunch at a local playground– weather permitting, of course. This small adventure always proves to be a great day out in the fresh air for all of us.
5. And now to get to the teamwork of a large family: reorganize the garage and move the kids’ toys to the large shed I recently relocated to the right of our garage.
I love family projects where we all pitch in and help improve and organize our home. The kids, especially the boys, actually enjoy helping with outdoor projects so it’s a win-win for all of us.

Check out these great coupons and deals for everything you need to keep your brood entertained over Spring Break!

barnaby said...

Shouldn't her blog read -

Since TLC isn't planning and paying for a trip during spring break, we aren't leaving the house. The end.

Instead, more nonsense from her.

heavennoseven said...

Saving on Clothes for 8 Kids
It’s just about time to take the winter clothes out of my kids’ dressers and start shopping for warm-weather wear. They’re growing so fast that I know last year’s duds won’t even come close to fitting them this year. Even over the course of the last couple of months, many of my son’s pants have reached the high-water mark, and some of the shirts that fit my daughter in September now show her belly button if she raises her arms too high. (Naturally, those are the clothes they insist on wearing every day!)

But at least I only have two children to worry about. Larger families, like Kate Gosselin‘s, have bigger challenges. However, with a little strategizing and a thrifty mindset, keeping a family dressed nicely doesn’t have to be a budget-busting affair.

In her latest blog for Coupon Cabin, Kate shares her secrets for saving on kids’ clothes.

One advantage she has is having two older daughters – Mady and Cara – whose outgrown clothes can be passed down to younger sisters Leah, Alexis and Hannah.

“Each season, I take an entire day (it’s on my to-do list right now!) and spend it in my basement sorting clothing,” Kate writes. She has an assortment of bins labeled by size, all filled with hand-me-downs from both her girls and from friends. She sorts what she needs, takes the clothes up to the kids’ dressers and switches out the previous season’s items.

“I can’t tell you how much money I have saved by “shopping” in my basement!” she exclaims.

The clothes outgrown by the younger Gosselins are either donated or put into a consignment store where Kate can earn a few extra dollars toward new items. “Typically, I’d say that I have to buy the most clothing for Cara and Mady and the boys,” she says. “My bins don’t quite stretch to fit all of their needs.”

When she does buy new clothes, she chooses ones a size or two larger so that her clan can wear them as long as possible. And the hand-me-down strategy even works among the sextuplets, three of whom are a little bigger than their siblings. “I take advantage of the fact that even Hannah and Alexis can pass their clothing and shoes down to Leah,” she says. “Collin can also do the same for Joel and Aaden!”

The family also saves on school clothes because the kids wear uniforms. It costs about $700 to outfit them for the year, but there are no hassles about what to wear on school days or worries about buying fashionable gear.

“I try not to let the expense of clothing 8 kids overwhelm me,” Kate concludes. “I take it one season at a time and one year at a time.”

Sensible philosophy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a drawerful of too-short leggings and jersey shirts to sort. The 3-year-old down the block will be well-dressed in a year or two!


heavennoseven said...

How is her blog about spring breaking about saving money? She never even paid for the trips

heavennoseven said...

I bet she made the kid pay or just pretends she gives it away. She also was gifted a lot of clothes.

Yoohoo said...

Keeping appropriate sized clothing in 8 kids drawers is not only an expensive endeavor, but a huge organization and storage challenge.

Each season, I take an entire day (it’s on my to-do list right now!) and spend it in my basement sorting clothing. I have countless bins of hand-me-downs that are labeled with the size of clothing each bin contains. I also have many smaller bins containing shoes that are also marked with sizes.

The hand-me-downs come from Cara and Mady and from friends’ kids. I have been doing my bin method since I’ve had 8 kids. I can’t tell you how much money I have saved by “shopping” in my basement!

Once I have sorted piles of each size needed, moved all of the current season of clothing out of each drawer (about 20!) and each closet (8!), I then move all of the upcoming season’s clothing into those spots.

When I am done, I always donate large piles of clothing to friends and others in need. I always have sizes of these kids in mind when I’m sorting and make piles for them as I go along. I always consign some too so that I can buy the next season of “odds and ends” — the pieces of clothing that my bins were not able to supply! Typically, I’d say that I have to buy the most clothing for Cara and Mady and the boys. My bins don’t quite stretch to cover all of their needs.

I try to be as efficient as possible when I do buy my kids’ clothing. I always buy the biggest size possible so they can wear it longer. I buy coats with the intent of wearing them for two years and I take advantage of the fact that even Hannah and Alexis can pass their clothing and shoes down to Leah. Collin can also do the same for Joel and Aaden!

I shop at outlets and always watch for sales and use coupons! Nothing makes me happier than to come across a Gymboree outlet sale when shirts are on sale for $3 each – that alone could make my week!

I am thankful that although a school year of uniforms can easily cost me $700 per year, it saves me from having to purchase additional expensive school clothing. I use the hand-me-down method for uniforms too.

I try not to let the expense of clothing 8 kids overwhelm me. I take it one season at a time and one year at a time. That is the way we’ve learned to live in our family so it is my job to make the most of what we have at any given time!

I hope my tips were helpful – make sure to check out some great deals below on kids’ clothing!


WonderButton said...

I just don't get the wisdom of the folks at coupon cabin for hiring Kate. 99.9% of the coupon cabin audience likely has only 1 - 3 children per family. To them, I'll bet Kate's blogs are nothing but useless drivel.

txmom0f6 said...

I just don't get the wisdom of the folks at coupon cabin for hiring Kate. 99.9% of the coupon cabin audience likely has only 1 - 3 children per family. To them, I'll bet Kate's blogs are nothing but useless drivel.
3/18/2012 7:43 PM

It's my opinion, but I believe this was done through her publicist to keep her name relevant (although the relevancy of a coupon site puzzles me,lol).

Kate has no useful info for anyone. She can't speak properly, dance, sing, parent, organize, bake,cook, clean, manage,or write...
The only thing she can do, and do very well, is GRIFT.

Yoo hoo said...

I just heard that gas prices are going up AGAIN! I’m hearing that prices will go up to $5 per gallon in my area. Obviously, I am not happy about this. Here are a few things I have always done to conserve gas:

1. Since I have the option, I drive the appropriate-sized vehicle according to who and what I’m hauling. When we bought our first Dodge Sprinter, diesel prices per gallon were lower than regular gas prices. Fast forward a few years, and that is no longer the case. So, if I am “only” picking up four kids at the bus stop or “only” taking five to the dentist, I’ll take my SUV because it costs less. The same goes for me doing errands. It saves me money to drive my little car to do my daily errands while my kids are in school.

2. I use my gas points that I accumulate at my local grocery store. Yesterday, I saved 40 cents per gallon of gas because I used my points. Yay! I set a reminder on my phone so that I don’t miss the opportunity to redeem them.

3. When using my gas points, I always make sure my tank is on empty to get the best savings.

4. Sounds odd but I am not one to prestart my vehicles. I’m too thrifty to run an idle vehicle!

5. Whenever I find them, I take advantage of gas giveaways and contests. Click here to enter CouponCabin’s Great Gas Giveaway sweepstakes for your chance to win the grand prize of free gas until the end of the summer! You’ll also be entered for a chance to win the secondary prize – one of fifty $50 gift cards for gasoline.

Hope I didn’t “gas” too much on the subject, but here’s to you saving money on it! Below we’ve put together some of our best offers for everyday items. Stay home, order online and save money (and gas!).


Alaskan Mama said...

Ok that was such a waste of time for her to even type out to post.

Point 1. The kind of vehicle she takes....ok so owning that many vehicles, insurance and maintenance would compensate $5 a gallon gas? Seems like an expensive idea for those of us that have an average size family. I know the BBB would not be the ideal mode of transportation for every errand but how many of us have so many kids that we need something so big? So that didn't help me save.

Point 4. Living in Alaska, I have to let my car warm up for several minutes otherwise it is hard on the battery etc. anyone who lives in cold climates face the same (not just Alaska). So that doesn't save me money.

I guess I am beyond understanding how she is helping people save money!

Yoo hoo said...

First of all, just the discussion of spring cleaning makes me happy! Not the cleaning part, but the spring part. I’ve waited all winter to discuss spring!

It seems that when the sun begins to shine early in the morning and longer throughout the day, I notice more dust and clutter throughout my house. I honestly think that is where spring cleaning got its origin. I don’t have a method to my spring cleaning madness; I just clean what bugs me when it bugs me! Cleaning supplies can be expensive and here are a few things that I do to cut the cost:

I watch for sales on cleaning supplies and, of course, I use coupons.
I don’t stick to any one brand of all-purpose cleaners or spray cleaners. For example, I do prefer Mr. Clean but if Lysol brand is on sale and is cheaper per ounce, I will buy that. The same goes for Soft Scrub spray, Lysol, Orange Glow or Clorox spray cleaners. Whatever brand has the best price is the one I will buy!
It is always less expensive to buy cleaning agents in bulk and since they don’t expire, you are safe to keep a two-gallon bottle of Windex until you move to the retirement home!
I am very fond of saving on paper towels and dry Swiffer pads. I routinely clean with white “utility towels” (as we call them) instead of using two or more rolls of paper towels. Since we use so many paper plates in our house, I can “balance it out” with reusing towels to help reduce our carbon footprint. Plus, it helps me cut costs. I wash the towels in pure bleach and reuse the next week. I am also known for attaching a dry Swiffer to my mop, and then I flip it over to use the other side so I get two uses for the cost of one. I also have a dry mop with reusable mop pads that I machine wash as well. Often times, I’ll use that instead of the Swiffer altogether!
Don’t forget your grandma’s way of cleaning! My grandma used to clean windows with vinegar and newspaper and she cleaned almost everything else with good old fashioned soap and hot water! I’m betting the Internet could teach us all how to do some retro cleaning.
Good luck this spring as the mood to clean every nook and cranny strikes us all. I’m off to move all the furniture and clean under sofa cushions. Check out the offers below to save money on your spring cleaning endeavors!

- K8

Heffner Road fm Florida said...

I have one question...

how is Radaronline and other media outlets getting this information on Kate, Jon and also Haley?

Are they calling the outlets?

Why can't the gosselins go away?

Crate Kate said...

Don’t forget your grandma’s way of cleaning! My grandma used to clean windows with vinegar and newspaper and she cleaned almost everything else with good old fashioned soap and hot water! I’m betting the Internet could teach us all how to do some retro cleaning.


Didn't Sarah Snow already come to her house and teach her how to clean without all those harsh chemical cleaners, like her grandma used to clean?

barbee said...

Buuuutttt, Sara Snow didn't know how to teach her so she could learn it and remember it. OR, then again, she is probably just too dumb to remember it. And why would she have to remember it? She is tooooo lazy to do it in the first place.

bbeau said...

I feel so enlightened after reading Kate's tips on spring cleaning. I learned that you can save money by buying cleaning products on sale or with a coupon. Also, not to stick to one brand, but buy whatever is on sale. Use old rags to clean instead of a whole paper towel roll. WOW, I never knew that!

I can't believe coupon cabin is paying her for this drivel.

Betty said...

Kate wants us to believe she really does all the cleaning?

Reading news said...

Kate said..........

..........Good luck this spring as the mood to clean every nook and cranny strikes us all. I’m off to move all the furniture and clean under sofa cushions. Check out the offers below to save money on your spring cleaning endeavors!

I really laughed at the above. Does anyone else remember when Jon was putting bookcases together and moved some furniture in their rec room..........there was so much dirt behind the piece he moved. She is so full of you know what that it is comical.

Yoo hoo said...

This turning a year older thing is starting to get, well, old! Certainly no pun intended; I don’t joke about MY age!

My kids often remind me how old I’m getting with comments like, “You were born in 1975, Mom?!! Wow, that was a loooong time ago! It was last century!” In fact, just this morning, Joel said, “Your cake said 37? Hannah thought it said 73!” and Mady has repeatedly announced, “You’re 37 with no wrinkles,” as if reminding me of my new age AND that wrinkles are around the corner is a NICE thing to say! I told her to get her eyes checked because I, in fact, have plenty of wrinkles! Ugh! Kids say the darnedest things, don’t they?

Well, fortunately for all of us “old-timers,” turning a year older isn’t the only thing that comes with birthdays…how about the gifts?

My kids each hand made me an adorable card and hid them under their beds until they couldn’t stand it anymore. They’ve already presented them to me a bit early and I LOVE each cute little creation! Aaden’s message was plainly precious and so typical of him. It said, “Hey Mom, I hope you like this. Love, Aaden.” That’s my boy – short and to the point!

On my birthday, I wanted to share a secret money-saving tip. It’s a little known fact that when you buy a daily deal, let’s say for $20 for $40 worth of services for a hair salon, that $20 you spent never expires.

After the expiration date, you will no longer be able to get the $40 deal, but you can ALWAYS use your $20 like cash at that particular hair salon! The daily deal sites don’t tell you this but if you check the help sections for the expiration dates, you’ll see I’m right here.

Also, there are a number of sites that allow people to sell unused daily deals. If you can buy an unused daily deal for less than the paid value, you may want to think about buying it since it’s like buying a gift card for less than face value. Do some research – you’ll be amazed at some of the incredible deals you can find!

Happy Birthday to me…Now if only this extra year could be traded to someone who is looking for an extra one…I’d give it to you for a really great deal! Any takers?! : )

What are you hoping to get for your next birthday? Let me know in the comments below!


Yoo hoo said...

Surprise, surprise! Tony Dovolani was recently interviewed by Anderson Cooper following his short run — first week elimination — on this season’s Dancing With The Stars, and with it came a lengthy discussion about… Me!

Since I was mentioned, I have a few things I’d like to say on the subject. First, I think it is a shame that Tony has been left only with a negative impression of our time together, especially after we spent SO many hours, days, nights and weeks working hard together doing our best in the competition.

Let’s face it – he didn’t have a lot to work with as far as my dancing abilities were concerned. I’ve admitted and laughed about this many times over the last two years! Where I’ve been given credit for trying, the world saw my efforts and the majority agree that he had a tough job making a dancer out of a girl who had never taken one single dance step in her life.

Kate Gosselin & Tony DovolaniSecond, despite the many obstacles I faced at that time, I was left with a very positive impression of the entire experience! I very much enjoyed the challenge and the comradery. I made many lifelong friends, have tons of great memories, and learned a lot about myself, so I don’t regret a single moment! I wish nothing but the best in future seasons for Tony and his prospective dance partners.

Third, to Anderson Cooper I’d like to say this: I’d love the opportunity to be a front row spectator for your first dance as a competitor on the next season of Dancing With The Stars. C’mon , you know you’re hoping for a spot! I can only imagine how your view of the subject may change 180 degrees, not 360 degrees, if you are given the opportunity to cha cha cha! Hey, Anderson, if it does happen for you, what do you say I give you some dancing pointers over pizza sometime? I think there’s one piece left….talk about Ridiculist!

Aunty Kim Kim said...

how was this last post about Anderson s' comments with Tony a coupon saver? Really , this coupon site needs to hire someone who stays on the job, not shares personal jibes... unbelievable!!

logical said...

if I tore down someone publicly as part of my job I'm sure my boss would fire me. this is in poor taste to use your job to attack a public figure. you got something you want to say to someone why didnt you use your twitter? like you always do? for shame on you and for shame on coupon cabin for allowing it to happen

heavennoseven said...

How is about saving money. A lot of people know about "daily" deals. Why should she say that Hannah flipped her numbers around or what Aiden`s card said. Its a private. Please, give them some privacy.

She never says how to get them. Or. what place has them. It doesn`t help if you don`t say "Walmart, has a special deal today on Shampoo. Buy 1, get 1 free".

Instead, I went to the store and got a daily deal 2 shampoos for the price of 1.

Shoka's Understudy said...

I just went to CC and clicked on live help and poured out my frustrations about kate:

When are you going to drop kate gosselin from coupon cabin? she has just posted on her cc blog post an attack on Tony her dance partner on DWTS and Anderson Cooper. She mentioned the pizza that she screamed and screamed about that hurt Mady her daughter so bad and shot her nerves! kate was upset that Mady just handed her boyfriend steve the last piece of pizza with her bare hand. she upset her child so bad. then she wants to sit down and eat pizza with Anderson then she says their might be one piece left talk about the Ridiculous. she goes way to far. how can you continue to let this leech embarrass CC and believe me she has, her advice is so minimal and stupid. Coupon suzy is much better. kate is bringing you down. better cut your losses before it is tooo late. Is all this bad publicity worth it in the long run?

Maybe they will bring this subject up in the next meeting.

PA Woman said...

Shoka's Understudy said...
I just went to CC and clicked on live help and poured out my frustrations about kate:

Maybe they will bring this subject up in the next meeting


Maybe, maybe not. Keep in mind that websites get advertisers based on the amount of traffic their site generates. If Kate's presence is generating traffic on the site, it's a good thing. It really doesn't matter if people are there because they love or hate Kate. What matters is the number of hits she is getting on her page.

Shoka's Understudy said...

Pa woman, I know!

Sickening, now kate gets free publicity on ROL and more followers on twitter when she gets into a twitter fight with somebody famous.

kate and the other twitterer battle it out, ROL reports it and kate gets more free publicity and more followers.

Can't wait till the kids all get 13 and 17.

PA Woman said...

Shoka's Understudy said...
Sickening, now kate gets free publicity on ROL and more followers on twitter when she gets into a twitter fight with somebody famous.


I don't mind if Kate gets publicity, as long as she keeps the kids out of it. Unfortunately, she hasn't she discusses their personal matters openly. And she still takes a dig at Jon at every opportunity, while I haven't heard him say anything negative about her in over a year.

Kate's big mistake is going after Tony and Anderson. Both are well liked by the public, much better known, and both have larger followings. They were joking around and she has taken it much too seriously and is attacking them. They are gentlemen and won't respond. She should have made a joke of it back. Yes, her devoted fans will stay with her; the make excuses for whatever she does...but those on the fringe, well, that's another story.

Yoo hoo said...

I've been blogging for CouponCabin for almost six months so I thought I’d highlight some of the money-saving tricks I’ve learned so far. Here are some of the greatest things I’ve discovered:

1. Email alerts. Did you know that you can sign up for email alerts for your favorite stores? I signed up for email alerts for Target so I get an email whenever a new coupon is added! That way, I never miss out on savings. Just go to any store’s page and enter your email in the purple box to sign up. With so much going on in our house, it’s easy to miss stuff unless it comes right to my inbox!

2. Deals are often better online. I never leave the house without checking CouponCabin.com first! Last week, I took my two oldest girls shopping. They printed out coupons from CouponCabin.com for Old Navy while they waited for me to get ready!

We each used a printable coupon for $15 off our purchases, and another coupon for $5 off. We saved a total of $50 during that trip! Even my 11-year-olds were thrilled because that meant Mom bought them more and spent less. Yay!

3. Coupons for Troops. Did you know that expired coupons can be used on military bases? Isn’t that the most creative and helpful thing ever? We all have expired or unused coupons laying around. Let’s help military families by donating them to CouponCabin, who will package and distribute them to bases overseas and stateside. Check out the Coupons for Troops page to learn more.

4. CouponDetector. Get free savings alerts while you shop. Just install CouponDetector and it will alert you when there’s a coupon available for the store you’re shopping. It’s a totally modern way to save and if I can figure it out, you can, too! Oh, and the best part? It’s free, easy and safe. Check out the CouponDetector page to learn more.

5. CouponCabin Rewards. You can earn rewards just by doing your everyday shopping! Visit the CouponCabin Rewards page to to sign up and you’ll receive 100 points for every $20 you spend at qualifying stores. Once you earn 1,000 points, you can redeem them for rewards. Rewards range from $10 to $50 gift cards for everything from restaurants, department stores and more. The savings just keep multiplying…kinda like the number of kids in my house!

Hope you learned something new and that these tips help you save. Check out some great offers below to save even more! What’s your favorite savings tip? Share in the comments below!


Alaskan Mama said...

Her coupon for troops is misleading. That only works for overseas bases. I am in Alaska and it doesn't work here. So that comment was misleading.O how I wish she go away!

Yoo hoo said...

Kate’s Top Tips from Twitter

Posted on April 16th, 2012 by Kate G
For my blog this week, I asked my Twitter followers to share their best saving tips. The answers I got were very interesting. Some seemed pretty obvious, but good to be reminded, others were ingenious and still others were just plain humorous! Take a look at the ones I thought were most useful!

@joanne1law said she doesn’t buy what she doesn’t need!

This is a great reminder to all of you impulse spenders out there.

@tnladycat said she stocks up on items that are on sale. Especially if those items end up being FREE using a coupon!

Just reading that made me excited. I LOVE when that happens!

@MrsWeinland reminds us to go shopping with a list to avoid buying unneeded items.

I totally agree – I have a running list at all times on the notes section of my phone with lists for Target, Whole Foods, Giant (my local grocery store), AC Moore, Lowes and the list goes on…

@Madreof1 takes it a bit further and says that she reviews all fliers, writes lists for each store and attaches coupons for each store.

I have always done this as well. I also look online for printable coupons that I can use at each store on my list. I am always amazed at how much money I can save if I just pause and print before leaving my house!

@tahliamayte never buys anything without a coupon and not on sale. Paying anything more is throwing money away.

@SiobhanR111 agrees and says that she uses coupons on sale items and that equals savings! She goes shopping knowing what she needs and what’s on sale and with her coupons in hand.

I hear you both and I totally agree! I remember very well the days when I was a stay-at-home mom. I made it my job to find sales and coupons and match them up. My savings became an additional income. I call that real F.U.N.!

@NoraSaysNo reminds us that store cards are a must. You can save on gas with rewards and bonus coupons at the register.

I must admit that when life was beyond hectic, I lost track of using my local grocery store bonus card gas points for savings. I am ashamed to admit that because more recently, I have been such a stickler for writing the date for redemption down in my phone, and I redeem my points faithfully. I sometimes get up to 80 cents off of a gallon of gas. That is surely not something to sneeze at!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I calculate and make sure my gas guzzling SUV is displaying its gas light as I pull up to the pump too. This means I get a full tank of gas at a reduced price and, ultimately, the most savings.

@ESchlerf says that she shops online and puts things in her online cart and leaves it for a day or two. She then checks out and purchases the items when she receives email offers from the retailer for free shipping or a percentage off her purchase!

I must say, this is creative and smart! Don’t forget, you can always go to CouponCabin.com to find coupons and deals without waiting for an email!

And now for a few funny tips and comments:

@proudmama121974 says finding a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon doesn’t happen often but when it does she does a happy dance!


@markee48 says to bottle your own water, don’t pay for somebody else’s!

Sounds funny, but true. I do it sometimes too!

And finally….

@Prettybowes says her top savings tip is listening to Kate Gosselin! : )

Awww thanks – I feel the love! I’m doing my best to help “save” the world, one dollar at a time.

Thanks for your input, everyone! I loved reading your ideas on how you save!

- K8

Reading news said...

I absolutely fell on the floor when she said "when she was a stay-at-home mom". Am I missing something - is she now working a 9 to 5 job? Also, Miss fancy pants bottled water says she sometimes bottles her own water. Wasn't it reported on here at one time that she would only drink one particularly expensive brand? She is a compulsive liar. I don't even think she knows when she lies. Very sad!

Heffner Road said...

she drinks well water, just like I do.

Reading news said...

Heffner Road said...
she drinks well water, just like I do.


You and I both drink well water. She has been photographed on many occasions with "boutique" bottles of water - only the best for Kate

Katherine said...

Kate buys bottled water, we have seen it on her shopping cart coming out of a store. She, no doubt, refills those bottles for the kid's lunch bags.She said she encloses a bottle of water in each of their lunches.

Also, the mentioning constantly of Target and several other stores insures me she is getting "kick backs" and "free items" from all of those stores. It is publicity. No way that Kate Gosselin is doing anything for free.

The cleaning between the glass on your oven doors? Be very careful about doing something like that. There is a seal that is put around that glass door for a reason. My oldest son is a Fireman and he said: never fool with the oven doors, if she destroys the seals, she could cause problems with the glass itself. So be safe. Do not fool with the oven/microwave/toaster oven doors ever.

If you have time to sit and stare at the oven door in the middle of the day? Then you have too much time on your hands!

One other thing. When Kate "wishes Tony luck with his partners now and in the future" it proves to me that she never listened to this man.

When she criticized him for "not teaching her the way she learns" and he quit, everyone remember that week on DWTS? He was upset and he said on camera "I teach dance instructors to teach, I have participated in world competition, don't tell me I don't know how to teach" and he took off his mike and wiring and placed it on the floor of her basement floor in the mansion.

Tony is a very talented instructor. Read about him and his background on the Net. Kate never listened to him, never got to know him or his background, never.

If I remember correctly the Bodyguard was always there between Tony and Kate, remember? Kate and Bodyguard would walk, Tony would follow.

That man has been with real celebrities, never do I see a bodyguard in the middle of he and his partner, never.

Kate said, "I made life long friends during my time with DWTS" and I would love to know who that would be? Pamela Anderson texts her? Doubt she hears from anyone except the guy who spray tanned her for tips.

Her phoniness about the military coupons is bogus. Why doesn't coupon cabin just post the address where they send the coupons to the military reps for distribution? Why would we have to send them to CC and then they send them out? Could it be that they don't?

Okay the lies continue, the inaccuracies continue and Kate continues.

Would I buy Jon's book? Yes, when I can get a used copy on the Net. I feel this man is going to have something to say that we are not aware of regarding the reality show industry.

One of the gals I work with said that she did hear that Kate is trying to get an exercise show on a cable TV station; but, she couldn't remember where she heard that.

My lunch hour is over and I spent it writing about Kate? I must need therapy too.Move over Tony!

Heffner Road said...

She may buy bottled water, however she still has well water....am sure she does not use bottled water to brush her and the kids teeth...

As far as kickbacks...I dont think Target does that, could be the manufacturer of the products may.

You just can't trust her...she lies all the time.

Katherine said...

Okay found out that Kate is shopping the exercise show with Andy Cohen's Bravo group.

Kate also wanted to pitch a Working Mom's Show along the lines of the Housewife Shows.

She just doesn't stop trying to get back on TV! But she still has those sheeple people, just amazing.

Oh my friend said that Andy Cohen revealed all this in an interview he did on TV. I don't know if he was joking or not.

Katherine said...

The girls I work with said that Kate was threatening, over Twitter, a lawsuit against someone who gave her free stuff and a calendar named Kate's calendar? Guess I better get in on the lawsuit since my nickname is Kate. Is Kreider that desperate for $$$ now that she is going back 3 or 4 yrs to sue someone for free items that were used by her and her children? Sadder and sadder this woman gets

Yoo hoo said...

I think by now you know that I’m pretty cost-effective around the house and that I’m really into saving money. When I hear the term “going green,” I interpret it as “a way to save yourself money while also saving the environment.”

The first thing that comes to mind is that we recycle. All recycleable items are specifically placed into recycle bins in our kitchen which later fill (and I DO mean fill) our large recycling trash can in the garage. Our bins are all labeled for easy identification with “Trash” and “Recycle.” My kids are well-versed on which items are trash and which items are recyclable.

Second, I use dishwasher and dish soaps that are friendly to the environment. I haven’t yet switched to eco-friendly laundry detergent but that is still something I aspire to do.

Third, I received an education a few years ago on solar panels so we had some installed. Solar panels use the sun’s energy to heat our water, which saves us money and decreases our strain on the electricity grid.

And finally, my favorite way to be “green.” I look for ways to reuse what we have already used:

•I reuse used dryer sheets to clean cookware that has food stuck on it. Works like a charm!
•I also rinse and reuse quart and gallon size freezer storage bags.
•I use hand towels often instead of paper towels. (Okay, not always! I just can’t switch over completely!)
•I use daylight instead of electric lights whenever possible.
•I use plastic store grocery bags to line small trash cans instead of buying liners.
•I use paper shredder shreds to pack packages.
•I feed our chickens our vegetable leftovers and Shoka our meat and carb-based leftovers whenever I can. (No, Shoka does not eat spaghetti!)

I need to do my job to keep our earth green and healthy and teach my kids about preserving the earth…where someday THEIR kids will run and play!

Yoo hoo said...

This is on a coupon blog? Why are they continuing to have her pretend to blog?

Aunty KIm Kim said...

what about all the dozens of paper plates that she still uses daily to "save on washing"!! That's a huge waste and NOT GREEN!

Hannah said...

I also use plastic bags for trash can liners. I also reuse plastic zip locks at times.

Mary said...

hey kate stop using your dryer. I have a wooden hanger and clothes line.. Stop using thoses smelly dryer sheets they are full of all kinds of bad stuff. We know know that poor dog get very little food

Katherine & co workers said...

If you have the newest washers and dryers, you do not have to use dryer sheets in the dryer, read your instructions, nor fabric softener in your washer.
You also should not use fabric softener with your towels or sheets.
Towels cannot absorb the water on your body if you have the fabric softener blocking the fibers.
Your sheets, if made in the last 12 yrs are wrinkle free and when you use fabric softener, they have a sheen on them that is not a natural feeling to your body.

Where did I learn this? From reading the Eloise columns or something similar while waiting in a doctor's office.

Kate must get free fabric sheets and fabric softener, that is why she pushes it.

Also swifters are the greatest invention, but a dust mop with a bit of Endust sprayed on it does the same thing. Again more $$$ wasted, swifter sheets are expensive.

The swifter sheets are treated with a chemical, so why would you put that in between the glass panels on your oven door?

We can really cut back on windex by mixing vinegar and water in a spray bottle to wash our windows, inside and out. I still use old newspaper to dry the window, it absorbs better than paper towels. You save $$$ with the windex and paper towels.

What a farce Kate is on CC. She uses paper plates, why? If she used dishes, she pops them in the dish washer and they get the hottest water, limited amount necessary to clean and sanitize and no running water.

If she would put one container of bottled water in the bathroom where the kids brush their teeth, they could wet their brush, no running water, brush their teeth and then rinse their mouths with a plastic cup (again, put it in the dishwasher when you wash dishes and it is sanitized, no disposable dixie cups that cost $$$)Each kid could have their own bottle of water, marked for brushing and keep it in the refrigerator after brushing in the morning. Or take it to school.

No way does this woman know how to save money. Old tee shirts are the best rags for cleaning; all of you girls know that. Just do not wash them with fabric softener.

Okay, do I get a job at coupon cabin? I just saved Katie $$$.

Remember if we don't buy as often as she does, we do not spend and then don't need the coupons.

Empty bottled water bottles? Put them along with used zip lock bags *turned inside out* in the dish washer for a quick cycle. Just don't use the zip lock for any other meats or chicken, but you can use them for snacks for school.
Or you can just wrap them in saran wrap (instead of expensive zip lock bags)yes, most snacks, if wrapped correctly can be put in saran wrap and put a piece of tape on it or a rubber band to keep it from separating.

Don't you love that we have so many ways to save $$ and the earth?
You can start seedlings in an old zip lock bag by putting holes in it with scissors. Same thing with waxed paper (that sits in the drawer never getting used any longer)and is inexpensive to buy.

I come from a family of 9 children and my Mom reused every piece of tin foil, tin pans, waxed paper and none of us developed any diseases.
We are on our lunch hour and we are brainstorming about the uses of the things we have around our houses to use versus spending money on name brands since most coupons are for name brands. Generic is the way to go.

If Kate truly lived in the country and took care of animals as written, her mother knew about saving $$$$ when it comes to household products for cleaning.

The only thing we all agree on that we like to be a name brand is our laundry detergent and toilet paper.
We know Kate reads this column so we expect you, Kate, to steal some of these items.

Oh Kate, how do you eat spaghetti on paper plates?

Amy 2 said...

Who has gone to a store with a coupon and gotten the item for free?
Don't you have to buy more than one of the item?

AC Moore? More expensive than home depot, loews, Michaels, etc.

She is full of it. Of what? crap.

lemonwafer said...

There are companies that occasionally mail out coupons for free items with no purchase. A coffee creamer company had one recently. You had to sign up for it on a specific day, while supplies last. Sometimes companies promote new items or new flavors of existing products.

Hannah said...


barnaby said...

Regarding free items - I currently have a coupon for a dozen free eggs from Target. Target just finished adding a fresh grocery section and they have been sending mailers with a lot of coupons. Free is a way to lure people into the store!

I've seen free items in the Sunday coupons as well, usually as a way to introduce a new item.

As for KG's work for CC, from what I read here, she's nothing special.

Yoo Hoo said...

Kate’s Financial Lessons for the Gosselin Kids

One of my most rewarding and entertaining parenting experiences so far has been teaching my kids about making smart financial decisions.

As a kid, I would watch my dad spread his bills all over the dining room table. He methodically paid each one and instead of just watching, sometimes I even got to help by playing “mailman” and affixing the return address labels and stamps, then stacking them neatly. He often discussed how important it was to always pay your bills first to help keep your credit score perfect.

He also gave us a $5 per month allowance. No, I’m not that old, our allowance was low even for that day and age. (Sorry, Dad, it’s true!) He created a punch card using an index card for each of my brother and sisters and I. On the first of the month, we would get our cards punched and get paid. We did a lot (!!!) of chores and work around our house and property including feeding and caring for our small farm and helping to cut and stack A LOT of fire wood. We also had assigned rows of our two very large gardens that we had to keep weed-free! Our allowance was given in honor of our work contribution around the house.

These lessons made a big impression on me. I followed through in my adult life and feel that this is the key to financial freedom and success. I teach these important lessons on to my children but I have added and changed a few things.

I am instilling in them the importance of paying their bills first and I also talk about credit scores with them. I discuss buying things on sale and the reasons that I shop at discount grocery stores and why I use coupons.

I’ve already discussed an ATM card, checking accounts and how a check works, explaining that an ATM machine is NOT free money and that even though a check is a piece of paper, it is a promise that the money will come from your bank account, and so on.

And just today after I started writing this blog, the conversation on the way home from the bus stop was how a credit card works. The kids wanted to know how I paid for our sushi that we had just picked up, so we all discussed a credit card transaction at length.

Yoo Hoo said...

One thing I don’t do is pay my kids a regular standing allowance. When my kids ask why, I explain that nobody pays me for “doing nothing” and that in order to make money, I work a job and in turn, the employer pays me a rate that both agree is fair. I explain that I am willing to pay a rate per job that we agree on and because of it, our home has become like a mini society.

This plan gives my kids the opportunity to make as much or as little money as they wish. It also helps me to cross things off my list (beyond the chore chart, which are chores I expect to be completed by the kids) that need to get done. As an example, Mady, Cara and I had this conversation the other day:

Me: “Girls, thank you for helping with breakfast and lunch today. I said I’d pay you. How much do you think it’s worth?”

Mady: “Well, I’m guessing since we both helped, you will pay us less because you have to pay two people.”

Me: “No, thats not necessarily true, because you both did a big job, but keep in mind, the total has to be fair to me and to you.”

Cara: “Um…” (thinking)

[whisper, whisper, giggle between them]

Mady: “We say $4 each.”

Me: “Wow, that’s $8 for me…that’s a lot…” [thinking with many jobs each day, this rate could quickly send me to the poor house!] “I was thinking $2 each. Can we settle on $3 each?”

Both: “Yes!”

This is an example of how we negotiate in our home. I feel there are SO many valuable life lessons to be learned by this method of operating. Essentially, this is preparing my kids to negotiate work, be hard workers, to learn the value of money, to think before they spend and to spend wisely, knowing how hard they worked to earn that money!

I especially enjoy the focus of a child who is saving for something. Currently, Cara is saving for a Kindle Fire. Because she has a goal, she asks for paying jobs often and we both win because a lot of work gets done around here. Eventually, her hard work will pay off when she has enough money to buy what she wants. She deserves it for for working so hard!

Teaching our kids solid financial principles is the first step in helping them succeed when they get out into the “real” world. I encourage all parents to follow suit and start teaching their children the value of a dollar at a very young age!

Reading news said...

With all of this financial advice coming from Kate I think it is just a matter of time before she takes over for Suze Orman.

linda said...

With all the financial info surfacing, wonder how soon K will be filing bankruptcy. Doubt if she'll last another six months.
Champagne appetite on a beer pccketbook!! Easy come, easy go.
What's good for the kids.
(OT snipped)

Debbie H said...

"Nobody pays me for doing nothing"...Come on Kate...Are you serious???What was the reality show about???Oh yeah, they paid you TO TAKE VACATIONS..And I think your kids worked EVERY BIT AS HARD if not harder than YOU ever did...I am not surprised you are refusing to just "give"them money...Lord knows they have done nothing to earn it...Givin g up your childhood and inviting the entire world to watch your most private moments is nothing...Aren't you glad YOU got paid for them doing "nothing"??? You make me so sick I can't stand it.....

Hannah said...

The kids did work. They made the 3 bucks you gave them.

Bashing your dad. Geez, maybe thats all he could pay.

I don`t think she teach`s the kids anything.

Credit cards talks for 7 yrs olds.

Katherine said...

What a bitch "no body pays me for doing nothing".....all that money she spends is the money from the reality show and TLC did not hire Kate and John, they wanted those 8 kids, especially those 6 who were naked most of the infancy and into toddler years on potty chairs.

Oh yeah, the kids did not know what a credit card was and how it worked? You mean TLC payed for everything, we never saw her pay for anything anywhere, did we? It was filmed, then she shopped everywhere she went and left without signing a credit receipt or taking out a wallet and paying cash.

Am I right? So they kids never saw her pay for anything by credit card?

Kate's description of her father makes him sound mean when he was just paying the bills and keeping her in a nice life style while she was growing up. She didn't have to work on TV, show her underwear and sit on a potty chair in the driveway for pedaphiles, did she?

Yep she makes me mad. Angry and I wish her no bad luck, but when she gets a job, let me know, okay? She counts out the kid's money not her money.

That woman got plastic surgery, makeovers, free clothes, shoes, makeup, limo rides and that was because she was famous? Not without those kids she wasn't. Now
write that book Jon, please, I need to know what really happened since she lies so damn much.

Heffner Road said...

While passing the house on Sunday, the eight kids were taking the trash down the driveway to the street...wonder if they all got paid?

Yoo hoo said...

Mother’s Day at the Gosselins

Many of you may remember the year we filmed and aired Mother’s Day on our show, “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” The kids were too little to actually make me breakfast in bed, as is our Gosselin tradition, but oh, how things have changed!

Fast forward to 2012… my two almost 12-year-olds and six almost 8-year-olds have all been plotting and thinking for weeks already about what to make me for breakfast. Mady has even asked me for a list of foods I will eat, knowing how routine and “boring” my food choices can be to them! So, I’ve given them my Mother’s Day breakfast choices with foods that are easy and safe to make and serve:

* My favorite bran cereals including All Bran, Cascadian Farms Raisin Bran or Multigrain Squares or different Kashi varieties. I typically mix a few of those cereals together, add skim milk and sometimes slice a banana on top.
* I also suggested an egg white omelet with feta cheese and veggies as an option.
* And don’t forget the coffee! I’m set because Mady and Cara know how to make the perfect cup of coffee using my Keurig machine. On Mother’s Day morning, my feet won’t even have to hit the floor before having my first cup of coffee. That’s my kind of pampering!

The bottom line is, my kids are excited to join together and pull off our Mother’s Day tradition of breakfast in bed. And after church, I may even get to take a nap! Woo hoo! A relaxing day for Mommy… and no one had to spend a dime! Here are some other gift ideas that are cheap and easy for kids to make.

Beyond breakfast in bed, and a possible nap, the kids usually sneak in some extra surprises like homemade cards telling me how much they love and appreciate me ( my absolute favorite!) and sometimes even kid-created coupons for back massages, redeemable when I’m most stressed out. Um, is there one for, like, every day? ; )

Someday far down the road, when I have eight teenagers, I envision a spa day for all six girls or even a pedicure where we are all side by side in chairs, chatting and laughing and spending time together. Maybe we can even leave the boys home to make us dinner? Or not…lol! Pizza, anyone?

A loving mother is the most important part of a child’s life. Although we do like to think we are mostly appreciated, if most moms would be really honest, they would probably say that they feel taken for granted and stressed out sometimes.

The greatest gift you could give is to show your mom that she’s not forgotten, that she’s really important and that you’re really thankful for her. That costs nothing – but will mean A LOT to Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL you moms. Remember, being a mom is the most difficult of any job ever, but it is, by far, the most rewarding. You are not only caring for your own children, but you are also educating and forming the future citizens of our world -and you have just one shot to do it right! For all of your tireless efforts, take the day off on Mother’s Day…you deserve it!



Heffner Road said...

Interesting...no word from Kate about cancelling the cruise..

Also did you note, hardly a word about jogging...

An the info about her message about Mothers Day.... can you believe her...I dont

june2012 said...

Has Kate had anything to say about the 8yr olds birthday?If so I missed it .But not to worry she just moved on to her Mother's day.It's a big day for her being the only mother in the worlld is a heavy burden,lol

Amy 1 said...

Didn't the wanna be diva just spend a couple thousand on her hair in new york?

Reading news said...

Just reading her beautiful thoughts on motherhood and spending Mother's Day with her kids is so inspiring - NOT. I think she has been traveling on most Mother's Days, hasn't she?

She is so full of you know what that I almost want to gag!

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to the real mothers out there.

Yoo hoo said...

If your summer routine is anything like at the Gosselin house, it goes a bit like this:

School is out and the kids scatter, they swim in the pool and have endless ideas to keep themselves occupied and happy. That lasts until about June 30 and then the cries of “I’m bored” and “There’s nothing to do” starts. I’ve come up with a secret list ahead of time of inexpensive fun things to do at home over the summer to get ahead of the “boredom!”

1. Swim in the pool if you have one. I have gotten creative and made up a diving scavenger hunt game. Each random item has a different point value assigned. I’ve picked up all kinds of items to dive for at the dollar store for just $5 total!
If you don’t have a pool, there are the affordable little wading pools and water slides that can still make water play a lot of fun. Just the other day, while at Lowes, Mady and Cara saw the little blue wading pools on a tall stack and asked me to buy some. I had to laugh because they obviously have fond memories of those little tiny swimming pools from years ago!

2. This may sound odd, but it saves my sanity every year! I always save my plastic eggs to reuse at Easter year after year. So, during the summer, I get them out and hide them, unfilled, for the kids to find. It absolutely thrills them and doesn’t cost me a cent!

3. I always have rolls of paper on hand. At my local newspaper, I can pick up the ends of the rolls which have quite a bit of paper left on them. I roll them out either outside or in the basement on a rainy day and let the kids go crazy with crayons and markers (if you’re brave enough!)

4. Make pudding pops! I buy waxed Dixie cups and popsicle sticks. I have my kids help make the pudding, then we pour it into the cups, add a popsicle stick and let them freeze. I usually ask my kids to go play outside until the pops freeze and then deliver them to my eight hot sweaty summer kids!

5. I pack a picnic lunch and spread a blanket in the shade many days during the summer. It’s so nice to feel “lazy” and enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re feeling especially stir crazy, take that same picnic lunch to your local park. Let the kids tire themselves out on the equipment, eat lunch and then hopefully they will fall asleep. This is one of my kids’ favorite summer memories!

6. Water gun battles! I always set up buckets of water throughout our yard and we split into teams and have a water battle. It usually gets really competitive here but it’s always fun!

7. My final idea that always always thrills everyone is “Ice cream for dinner.” This is a famous Gosselin tradition and it usually happens on a July or August day when it’s too hot to cook and the kids are bored. I call out, “How about we do our yearly ice cream for dinner tonight?” and the loud screams of delight times 8 unanimously answers my inquiry. The funny thing is, by the time we get home, they are usually hungry for “real dinner” so we end up eating again! ; )

Hope these really easy, inexpensive and fun ideas help you keep your sanity this summer!



WonderButton said...

Since she wrote about it, and I read it, here's my reply on Mother's Day - which I imagine alot of the "real" moms share.

I spent Mother's Day celebrating my daughter for making me a mom. I am so very thankful to have her, especially being 38 at the time. She is my child; I love her unconditionally. She owes me NOTHING. No breakfast in bed. No coffee. I would never think of giving her a list of items to make me for breakfast. When you are a mom, you sort of have to expect to be taken for granted. That's part of the definition of selfless love.

Amy2 said...

Hey Kate,
Try having your kids read out loud, a book a week, even some math DVDs from the school library would be a good way to spend some of their vacation.

I know you think all time away is vacation but Summer is also a time to learn.

What no free trips to historical sites? Do your kids know how close they are to Gettysburg? Do you? Or don't you know about the Civil War?

Saw so many alumni in the audience of DWTS tonight, but not Kate?

Did Kate make any money from reality tv like Bethanel Frankel has. I hear she made millions and millions and sells cooking books and a special drink. One smart woman, kept her mouth shut on the reality show, fans loved her, she loved the fans.

Oh and Kate, kids learn to play by themselves too, they interact with each other, play board games, visit friends and relatives during the summer.

I'm Ready, Mr. Demille said...

Oh, good grief!
She is getting nuttier and more consumed with herself every day.
She spent a "WHOLE $5" at the Dollar Store? That covers one "prize" for each of the 5 girls, I'll bet. It wouldn't surprise me if the boys were ignored as usual. Her boasting of serious "Gosselin traditions" is really getting stale. Really K8, we saw the ice cream "tradition" take place in NYC and it was NOT pretty! Picnic lunches in the local parks? Yeh right! Crayons AND markers in the house? LOL
This tweet was definitely written by someone other than K8. Someone who is tying to humanize her but it's too late.

Reading news said...

Most mothers don't need any of these ideas because their summers are no different from the rest of the year. They take their kids to daycare on their way to their own jobs, pick them up after daycare, home to cook dinner, do laundry, give kids baths, put kids to bed, get into bed, get up and start all over again.

The diva would know nothing about this.

june2012 said...

Guess she had to hatch summer plans ,as her Cruise was canceled.

Kate you could take a row boat to China,no one would miss you.

Yoo hoo said...

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m always on the go. Whether I’m grocery shopping or taking my kids to or from the bus stop, it seems like I’m always in my car (or bus!). I do everything on my iPhone – it helps me with all things from updating my list of needed household items to answering work emails and even tweeting!

You can imagine my screech of delight when I found out that CouponCabin has a new mobile app. It combines two of my top favorite things – saving money and my iPhone!

Some of my favorite features are:

Coupon Codes: This section is filled with coupons for my favorite online stores. Imagine how great it would be if you were dashing through Target trying to figure out the best prices on things. You could easily take out your iPhone, launch the CouponCabin app and compare prices online and in store to find the best deal. I have actually done this many times before. I have placed my order online while standing in a store (lol) – I saved money AND got free shipping!

Printable Coupons: You can also browse printable coupons right on the app. At some stores, you can just show the cashier the coupon on your iPhone (!!!). For other stores, you can simply email the coupon to yourself to print it out from your computer at home later.

Favorites: I love Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Dicks Sporting Goods so I made them all “favorites” on the app so I can have them all in one spot for easy searching!

Gas Prices: You can also check out the gas prices in your area. I spend so much money on gas so it’s nice to be able to quickly compare prices in our area to find the best deal!

With the CouponCabin app, you can also:

Redeem coupons immediately right from your iPhone.
Save coupons to be used later.
Share deals with friends and family.
Seriously? Savings right on my iPhone?! Does it get any better than this? ; ) See for yourself – download the CouponCabin mobile app today!



Once a Friend of Yours said...

Wow, what happened, did the coupon cabin company ask for their money back for paying your expenses to NY?

Yesterday was just sad. She was not fawned over by the staff as no one who was fond of her on The Today Show, like Meredith Veira and possibly Matt Lauer were not there. So Kate didn't even get to use the Green Room to get another NBC swag bag with that tee shirt, baseball cap, all the stuff with NBC logo' on it. But she has to have enough for all of her kids now, unless she keeps these for her consignment shops.

Kate is losing it, she no longer has control. Her tweet late last night was what she was suppose to say on TV yesterday; but, we saw someone who is very sad that she cannot get another job in TV.

Remember this woman never thought she had to treat people well. All the Talk Shows she once was considered for including Paula Dean's show, The Talk, The View (as a fill in co host) and she was considered for Mary Hart's job at one time, but her ego, her darn ego took over. Why is that? Why would you shoot yourself in the foot just because you are bypassed for shows? It is the show business world and nothing is permanent. Anyone in that business will tell you how hard it is to get a job, how hard it is to keep a job. Plus no one is to be believed.

Kate, you should have listened to all the production people who told you it was not about how you looked but about how you treated people. Now, although you have some friends left in the industry, you have nothing to offer without your children is what you believe. Yet, yesterday you could have sold your CC's product and appeared knowledgeable, put in your 2 minutes on air. Instead we heard the same thing all about your wonderful children with no problems excelling in school.

You and Jon need to just get regular jobs, even part time jobs, several of them locally. Kate you have to come down off that mountain. I don't know if you can afford to stay in that house but if you can't, get out now, get a smaller home, reduce your expenses but get a job as a nurse, if you can. Otherwise, you will be working at Target instead of shopping at Target.

All of what happened yesterday made me very sad for you. I am watching Tony Davalani on GMA giving his opinion (professional) of the last 3 dancers. See Tony was treated so badly by you in the press, at your home, but he is doing well since you left. As he told you, he teaches dance instructors, he has been around a very long time, he has dance studios on the east coast, supports a family and he really tried to make you look good.

No one can tell you what to do. Why is that? It is your ruination.

Elvira said...

As for Kate being considered for all those jobs, I think that was more her PR people and rumor than true consideration. She did try out for the talk show that never was though. A lot of people guest host on The View who are never in contention for a job there.

Heffner Road said...


Apparently the Gosselin kids are ready for their close-up again!

After taking a hiatus from reality television, Kate and Jon Gosselin’s brood of eight are anxious to get back on television, Kate admitted to the TODAY Show’s Ann Curry on Monday morning in a revealing interview – and RadarOnline.com has the details.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Through The Years

"They really, honestly miss filming,” Kate told the morning talk show host about her kids, who just turned eight. “They’ve recently been saying, ‘when are we going to go here or there?’ They miss the crew.”

Kate admits that the kids may be in luck, because there may be something in the works.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin’s 10 Sexiest Bikini Looks!

"We're hoping to move forward and do more fun projects. Fans are begging.”

Since the follow-up to Jon and Kate Plus 8, Kate Plus 8, was cancelled in August 2011, the kids have been focusing on school, while their mom has been blogging for the Coupon Cabin.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Reports For Work At Coupon Cabin

"Everybody is excelling in school across the board. It’s amazing. Totally doing amazingly well. We've had a great school year. They love school," Kate said.

Aunty Kim Kim said...

she just doesn't get it does she...they stopped filming in Aug...went back to school full time and now are doing well...probably because they're not stressed doing the TV show...
Then the reason they probably want to be on a show again is because that's the only time they went anywhere outside of the home....Kate doesn't take them anywhere as it would cost money....money that she only spends on herself....she couldn't possibly spend $$$ on them to take them anywhere!!

School Teacher in Reading said...

Know what a trip means something to childen under the age of 5 or 6? When it is the only place they are taken to. It is then a very big experience that they remember when they are older, grow up and take their own children to see.

Take a kid every month to some exotic place and all they see is the airport, the hotel room, hiding from camera people and being screamed at.

If those kids are excelling across the board in school then it is because the teachers and counselors worked their butts off to get those kids use to being among other kids, be nice, read, write, learn their disabilities and they worked hard. Those teachers did everything their parents and I do mean both Jon and Kate did not do. Never saw Jon and Kate sit those kids down and work with them with reading/writing/understanding playing without fighting. I think that little Alexis would just jump and throw her whole body across any one of the tups anytime she wanted. /They were becoming like wild Indians and no one ever taught them to play without hurting each other.

School was the best thing that happened to those children. It saved their lives. I remember Australia and how tired those tups were and they were being made to sit for the cameras and enjoy the fireworks and they were crying and whinning and Kate was screaming at them and carrying them by one arm as though they were ruining the evening but the time change was so hard on those kids that I do not think they enjoyed or will ever remember Australia. Most of those trips will be nightmares they will try to not remember unless they seek counseling and explain how their parent's fighting ruined their trips, how their mother's fascination with herself ruined their trips to the ocean or the beach.

Yes, school saved their lives. Now, Kate go get a job and leave those kids in school so they can continue to "excel across the board in school" and be normal.

They have a pool, all the land to run and play, they have a dog, chickens and they have 3 months or less to enjoy sunshine, swimming, picnics on the grounds. So why do they have to go anywhere exotic? They have it all right where they live.

You are the one who cannot stand to be at home, not using TLC's credit cards and shopping until you drop, loading up the back of your van at the Post Office with all the big boxes and mail packages. You miss all of that. Those kids would not even miss the big house as long as they continue to excel in school, have friends their own age and can see both of their parents.

Grow up Kate or give up and give the kids to Jon. Just make a choice. Either you love those kids and you get a job or you give them to their father and you go back to Hollywood and take your purse carrying boyfriend with you. Bet he doesn't hang around as much as he use to either.

No he is not around for free, someone is paying him, he owes you nothing, he just figured he would wait around to see if you became famous again, now, well, he is probably gone most of the time.


Yoo hoo said...

I have figured out the key to saving lots of money on anything and everything: ORGANIZATION!

You may watch the sale fliers, browse CouponCabin.com for online deals or printable coupons, clip coupons that come in the mail (in my case, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Petsmart, White House Black Market, etc). But if you drop the ball in the organizational department, you haven’t saved money; you’ve gained frustration!

I know this from personal experience. In my crazy schedule of juggling eight kids and their myriad of needs, my work and travel schedule, a home with constant upkeep and repair issues, one big hairy dog, a fish, a tadpole, two frogs and twenty something chickens, there have been countless times when I have clipped a coupon and left it somewhere and didn’t have it when I needed it. Or worse yet, I have proudly whipped out my huge money-saving coupon, only to find out that it expired yesterday. Ugh!

To avoid this, I have developed a system:
•I have a small alphabetized coupon file in my purse that can fit small coupons and store savings cards. Small is the key word there – if it’s too big, I tend to leave it aside because it fills my entire bag! I keep that with me at all times. It’s a must.
•I also carry a small manila envelope that isn’t organized by store or coupon – it holds the larger-sized coupons. It’s a sure bet that all coupons will make it into this sort of “coupon catch-all” because I don’t have to worry about the alphabet. This envelope stays with me throughout the week at home.
•Next, I plan my week on my phone. As you know, I love using my iPhone! I add “use coupon” next to the store name to remind me that I have a coupon. I also list stores I have a return for on my schedule.
•Part of being organized is keeping receipts together in a safe place. I also write at the top of the receipt what I purchased for quick reference…especially if it’s a purchase that I’m quite sure will be rejected (think pre-teen clothing items!).
•Before I go to the stores listed on my daily schedule, I remember to go to CouponCabin.com and check for printable coupons to add to my stack. Recently I saved $55 at Old Navy just because I paused to print!
•The night before my planned shopping trip, I make a pile including returns with receipts taped to them, because returning something you won’t use also translates into savings. I also pull out the coupons I plan to use the next day.
•And finally, I’ve recently conquered my biggest savings trip-up: I have to remember to take my “big bag” into each store, because I’m famous for just grabbing my wallet, leaving all my organized coupons in the car! I ALWAYS go back out to retrieve my coupons, because to me, saving money is always worth the hassle, but it annoys me to waste time just because I slipped in the organization department!
I hope these tips help you to get yourself organized. It doesn’t take much more time or work, but it saves you a lot of money at the end of the day. To me, that’s just gr8! See below for some great deals to get yourself organized!



Katherine said...

Wow, how much intelligence in that writing, BUT, oh yes, there is a BUT, if you use "re usable store bags" like I, who is ego friendly.....then you keep all of your coupons in that Reusable Bag, which you keep in your vehicle, unless you have 3 or more vehicles, I am luckier than some, as I have only 1 vehicle which I ALWAYS use when shopping.

Funny thing, I would not be shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond, even with coupons when there are stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross and other outlet stores, like QVC has outlet stores all over, even one in Lancaster where you can buy all your household linens and just about every item in B.B.B...if they don't have it, then you go on Ebay and most products are slightly used and good enough for anyone's home.

So before any of your who work, earn a salary and have kids, learn the way to save money is try to buy when you see a SALE and sometimes that coupon means nothing if you are shopping at an overly priced store to begin with.

Someone told me a while ago, do you realize that coupons generally are for the high priced stores and brand names.

Also, guess what you can do if clothing shopping? You can go to a store, look at items, feel the materials, judge the sizes, etc., like a high priced store Black & White and then you go on line and eventually they will have their first, second and third sales ON LINE and not in the store and you have already made a list of the items you would buy if the price was reduced. How about that. Then as the Seasons change? You can buy with 3 or more mark downs and another 50% off. So you are buying a $100.00 item for less than $20. I just did it again at Chico......love it, just love it. Original price on one jacket I bought? $149.99, got it for $29.99 plus I got a discount for my birthday.

Yep, don't forget a lot of stores, record your birthday and you get up to 15% off that month.

Are you recording all of this Kate?
You should I have given it to you in the past. No need to run around in that sports car, using that gas and carrying your attache case of coupons,do not forget the ego friendly re usable bags we should always throw in the back of our cars after we unload it, so we always have them.

Okay, gotta pack, maybe I will be going away soon myself, not to run a marathon though and not to get that far away from my kids.

Guess that is why Kate is manic with the tweeting, she is so happy to be leaving home to travel to San Diego where I am sure all the people are nice.

Yoo hoo said...

My kids are growing up. While the baby gear and equipment is now gone, it’s slowly being replaced by sports equipment and is quickly getting expensive!

So far, I have only one child who regularly plays at least one sport per season, but I have already devised a plan that I hope will work when that number becomes six, seven or eight kids who are playing sports.

1. I gladly accept hand-me-down sports equipment from friends. Leftover shin guards, dance shoes and so on are saved in bins marked “sports equipment.”

2. I try to plan ahead and know what equipment I will need for the next sport coming up so that I can watch out for sales.

3. I do the usual. I shop on the off seasons when equipment is on sale and I use coupons.
4. I teach my kids to take care of their equipment so that we can reuse it the next season. Things like lacrosse sticks and helmets can be salvaged and re-used. If cleats and clothing are outgrown and have survived the season, they are saved and handed down.

5. Although I don’t think our school has anything like this, I know of friends who participate in an “equipment swap” where they trade leftover reusable sports equipment. What a great idea! This is especially useful for that first season when our kids are just trying out a new sport. It’s always a strain to buy all of the equipment needed for a given sport, only to find it collecting dust after a few short weeks.

6. Finally, since it is quite likely that kids’ gear will only last one season, I try to buy items that are sturdy, safe and protective enough to that amount of time. But I save by choosing to buy an “off” brand.

I feel that it is important to allow my kids to try any sport they are interested in so I am trying to keep it affordable so that they have those experiences. In the meantime, I’m thinking about painting the side of our Big Black Bus so that it reads “Team Gosselin” because very soon I’ll have a team of players of various sports on board!

Check out some great sports-themed offers below to save money on kids’ sports. Make it a gr8 day!


Mary said...


What the hell is she talking about. One hand she saves used equiptment then says it usually only lasts a year. then she says she buys the best safquality equiptment then says she get off brand.. She is all over the place.. Must be nice to be her kid first day kids have all new stuff and her kids with used old equiptment.. I guess she have to give up one week a month at the tanning place... Please sent all NEW only NEW sports equiptment to her any used equiptment she will trade. She is a piece of work.. Inside Edition Billy Bird she is calling you she needs to have some free stuff for her kids. Remember she has 8 kids 8 kids


lori said...

1....you can go out and spend 15 bucks on NEW shine guards for each child..even if it's only for one season they get a lot of use out of it.. dance shoes borrowed, your kidding right..... have you ever smelled a shin guard after a kid has wore it all season..

2...Sports are the same season each year, like chirstmans, it doesn't come as a surprise..sales, for what, soccer balls. makes me belive this women has never shopped for sports equipment...

3...in 15 years and 4 kids doing sports year round, i love to know where their are coupons for equipment.. tell me what sport you have coupons for...a sale on cleats, yes..coupons, please.......

4.. teaches the kids to take care of the equipment for next season,. And i have been telling my kids to break their equipment...

5...equipment swap.....money is tight,, make those kids share that soccer ball... ..buying starbucks is expensive.. those kids have to understand mommy comes first..

6..i think she puts a little something in that starbucks,, which one is it..you buy only off brands.. this is not food, there are no off brands for sports equipment... so do you buy, swap...you have to keep it straight...

.wow, you allow your kids to try any sport... have you ever really signed them up for a sport.. that takes a commitment of time for a parent... practices, games...not for a minute do i believe these kids were signed up for anything, unless Jon did it... kids sports are so time consuming, and there are 8, yes 8 of them... women with 8 active kids, doesn't spend her time training for out of freaking state races... your kids have one childhood, you pimped them out the first part of it, was hoping you would at least feel some regret, shame, but its still all about kate...
5 teenage girls at the same time, this will be her payback...
what is she now, 35,36.. too freaking funny she still believes she is going to be a star... go tweet some more to feel important.. the rest of us are mom's, not mothers, we are busy with kids.... maybe you should find out the difference of being a mom or a mother..

Katherine said...

She is crazy, crazier than a bed bug. How does her writings get printed on CC? No editing, proof reading? Nothing? Each one of her points contradicts the other.

Only 1 kid in sports when she has 8? None of her little kids are in T ball or any of the other sports?

Why would she collect old/used dancing shoes? Shin guards? There are some things you do not re use and one is dance shoes with the sweating and foot diseases if dancer is/was also a swimmer. There are all kinds of foot fungus type situations.

Oh she is nuts and I guess I always knew that but now? Life is really all about her.

I also want to know where you get sports coupons. One store I buy from only gives you discounts of 10% after you rack up points by buying. So who is she kidding?

You have to go to Goodwill/Salvation Army to find any equipment today. There is no off brand equipment. There is equipment and many names.

She has her head up her butt and continues to keep it there; sometimes, I thought she had a mirror there and that is why her head was always up there.

God help those kids. Now she drags them out of state and puts them in front of strangers? Why? So she can run.

Never was about the kids but it is and always will be her scam.

Katherine said...

I do hope that Kate reads us "haters" or at least her body guard the great Steve does. Are either of you aware that you have a Blog and you have a web site and you do nothing but complain Kate? You have nothing to add to other mother's lives, you don't, so how would you be back on TV having your children vomit on a boat as entertainment?

Why aren't you doing something real and authentic and concerning about children? You do not have a career, you cannot separate yourself from those 8 kids. You can't. Your past is something that will always and ever follow you as you do not change your ways, you repeat and repeat. Whether you are speaking of your dog and how dare he be lazy and not carry your bags and you wishing you had his life? How does a mother of 8 find so little in her life that she envys a dog? You, Kate, have an enormous home, land, nice interior. You have a blog on CC which you do nothing with. You could get help for writing that blog and make yourself so well read. But that is not what you want. You won't let go of wanting a TV show again and you cannot, for whatever reason, understand you will not get it. Not with running, yoga tapes, no one believes you. You have had 2 or more years to re do yourself. Make over yourself. Get help from a therapist in understand how your whole life fell apart and understand how to start over as a non celebrity person. You refuse to do that. You isolate yourself because you do not trust anyone. You fell as though you were harmed by your relatives in committee meetings with the congressman but they were trying to tell you that you were not doing right by those children. You were so "into the limelight" that you lost track of what you were doing in Hershey having those children. You did want them, right? I don't know now because now the real work is ahead of you. You need friends/family/people sitting around your pool feeling comfortable and you being comfortable letting people into your life. I fear you will stilt the lives of your children. I watched you run with those little kids as you pulled them around. They were so underwhelmed being there and being pulled by you and that look on your face? Not happiness. You will not listen to anyone, so I guess Steve is just making money from you and just making sure you do not scream at another person. Therapy is what you need. It is therapy you need. Maybe it will save you from yourself. That is how I feel. A lot of us have divorced, lost in laws, lost friends, but you wouldn't do it quietly, you kept lying on shows that people challenged you. Jon was right you have to get back to the humdrum life we all have. But the celebrity people have hum drum lives also. No one stays on the air forever, no one is completely happy with everything. What you did to your face, your figure with plastic surgery was sad. You always were a lovely natural looking person. Nothing like breast implants, hair, teeth, facial work changed what you needed? Personality, enjoyment in life and your children. You cannot go on forever thinking back to "what you lost with the Brand" because it is gone, like money spent. Get yourself some help. Steve if you continue to take her money without steering her toward help, God help you for taking that money that will never put her back on TV or anywhere else. She is a Twitter fanatic, doesn't concentrate on her CC job and looks down on that. Her latest blog was a disaster.

Yoo hoo said...

I am a fanatic about healthy eating and fitness. Just thought I’d mention it in case you didn’t already know!

In the recent years, since my six youngest are well on their way to growing up and I’m finally out of the diaper and sleepless night phase, I have rediscovered my love of healthy eating and incorporating organics when possible. I’ve also become an avid runner. Don’t forget to sign up to run a mini-marathon with me!

The most exciting part is that my kids have also taken an interest in making healthy food choices and have joined me in family runs. In fact, we were able to complete Rod Dixon’s KiDSMARATHON program and run our final mile together, along with 900 other kids this past weekend. It was definitely a rewarding and enjoyable time and a very proud moment for Mom!

I love running for the obvious benefits of stress relief, alone time and physical benefits it gives me, but I also love it because it’s a rather inexpensive sport; all you really need is a good pair of running shoes and a sports bra. Otherwise any old t-shirt and shorts will work as “equipment!”

Having said that, it’s important to invest in a good pair of running shoes to avoid injury and to be a stronger runner. A quality pair can cost up to $100 or more. In order to cut my costs, I like to use coupons and shop when my favorite shoes are on sale. Typically, I save my Dicks Sporting Goods coupons and wait for my Asics Gel Kayano shoes to go on sale before buying my next pair.
However, sometimes I can beat that price by going to CouponCabin.com and searching for the best offer for my specific running shoes. Whichever sports store has the best price gets my business. I recently saved $25 just by using a deal I found on CouponCabin. That amount of savings alone makes me run faster! : )

Eating organically and healthy is another very expensive commitment, but a very worthwhile endeavor. I am determined to feed my kids and myself healthily which not only helps me log faster and more efficient miles, but it wards off sickness and disease. I’ve always made my kids’ diets a high priority and that was initially the reason I began buying and preparing healthy and organic foods. I started to research and switch over about 10 years ago and eventually allowed myself to join the healthy quest.

I believe there are ways for everyone to make it affordable. I buy in bulk, prepare meals from scratch, use coupons, buy organic produce locally from produce stands and even shop at my local discount food store, which carries many of the same organic brands that Whole Foods and other leading healthy and organic stores do. It thrills me SO much to find bargain prices on healthy foods. Through CouponCabin, I’ve also signed up for many mailer coupons and have added them to my coupon envelope to use while shopping at any number of stores.

It’s certainly not an easy feat to shop for and save on high-priced healthy and organic foods. It requires stops at many stores, time, research and determination but I feel that the benefits of staying fit and eating healthy foods will, in the long run (pun intended, lol) help my family grow and thrive!

As a mom, health and fitness is high on my list of passions. What you put in is what you get back. I hope that my dedication will help to produce eight really strong, healthy and successful kids. I challenge YOU to switch over to a healthy lifestyle. Your determination will lead you to find ways to save while heading towards health.


Katherine said...

Yada, yada, yada and why then did you get breast implants and why all the face reconstruction as well as the tummy tuck and lipo?

Oh yes, that is being healthy. But others watch their weight by balancing nutrition and others buy athletic shoes at Marshalls and Target for far less than you pay Katie.

No, I did not see your children willfully run that mile with you and Steve. As a matter of fact, one of the little kids was crying and her teenage sister had to try to grab her hands but the little kid folded her arms and cried. That is what I saw as well as you running and pulling 2 little kids of yours.

Who is writing her blog? Walt Disney?

Hannah said...

Isn`t she too cheap to buy them milk. She never tells us how to get the "deals". Its all about herself and how she saved 25 bucks on so and so.



Kate Gosselin‏@Kateplusmy8

Grill Momma making yummy summer dinner......wings and veges marinated in Italian dressing..yum! http://img.ly/jYgg

Collapse Reply


Mary said...

did you see that sandwich. I bet one child got that poor excuse of a lunch

one slice of a tomato
a slice of lettace
One slice of bacon
a slice of cheeze

What a cheep person FEED YOUR KIDS

Heffner Road said...

Anyone hear if the film crew arrived? Kate mum on the subject.

Yoo hoo said...

Kate’s Tips to Saving on Laundry
As I just finished putting in yet another load of laundry, I thought I’d discuss my ways of saving as much as I can on the many loads of laundry I do each week for a family of nine.

As with anything else, I watch for sales on laundry detergent. Ever since my kids were little, I’ve used the “free and clear” brands of laundry detergent and dryer sheets to help with wintertime sensitivities and eczema. Since fragrance-free types are a requirement in our house, it limits my ability, to a degree, to save where laundry is concerned. However, as always, I do use coupons and watch for sales. I also buy my laundry products in bulk sizes so the price per ounce is decreased significantly.

I use only as much detergent as necessary and pay close attention to the load size and the amount of detergent that is recommended by the manufacturer. Beyond the purchase of the necessary products, though, I also save in other ways:
• I only run full loads. I wash loads on cold water, therefore maximizing the load size because I can wash all colors together.
• Each person ( or age group of people as in our case) has one load of laundry run each week. I don’t do “special item” or single item washes if a certain article of clothing is desired (think pre-teens!).
• We reuse towels and other items in a sanitary way.
• I don’t use all the newest and greatest stain-removing items. I like old fashioned bleach and my OxiClean spray, which I add to bolster my detergent when necessary. Less is more in the case of stain removers, in my opinion. If nothing else, buying less of them is saving me more!
• I also have six or more drying racks and use them often instead of the dryer or the dry cleaner, which saves me a lot!

Overall, I probably run 8 to 10 standard large loads of laundry each week on a schedule, which is key to savings. Because I am organized and do laundry on a set schedule, I am saving money on detergent, dryer sheets, water, electricity and my time, which is right up there with saving money in my book!

- K8

Hannah said...

don`t the kids use the same sheets for like two weeks or so?

She would run a special load for her.

I doubt she uses drying racks.

She doesn`t even tell us where to get the savings.


Katherine said...

If she changed the kid's sheets once a week, not too much, you know. Plus used a liquid soap with some moisturizer in the Winter, like Dial has a good one, then her kids would not have so many skin disorders. Did she think that once the kids were out of diapers that they didn't need some lotions after a shower or a bath? Today some of the bar soaps are hard and if she has well water, then it is harder still.

What is wrong with her and these blogs? She can't have a brain in her head when it comes to her kids. In the Summertime with sweating, naps in the afternoon sometimes, those kids need a quickie shower to wash the hair and get the chlorine out or if she has an outside shower, then the kids need some Aloe on them for the sunburn, etc.

Why did this woman have kids? Change the sheet lady, you do not have to pound the sheets against a rock, you throw them into those mega washers and (without fabric softener today since she buys at Bed Bath & Beyond, she must know this about the sheets) and just hang them on a clothes line (oh yeah want to see a photo of thatone) or put them in the dryer without dryer sheets, those mega washers and dryers do not need fabric softener aids except on jeans and heavy material.

Oh my, everything for Kate is difficult and so hard when it comes to the kids, doesn't it? Yes, I think so. She is tired, she has to feed the dog herself, she is lazy, lazy, lazy. Where are those housekeepers, cleaners, etc.?
We know she does not do the house cleaning, no way.

Reading news said...

Katherine said...
If she changed the kid's sheets once a week, not too much, you know. Plus used a liquid soap with some moisturizer in the Winter, like Dial has a good one, then her kids would not have so many skin disorders. Did she think that once the kids were out of diapers that they didn't need some lotions after a shower or a bath? Today some of the bar soaps are hard and if she has well water, then it is harder still.


when did we learn the kids had skin disorders? I never remember hearing that. Please elaborate.

Katherine said...

Hi, Kate mentions in her last Informative Blog about Laundry that her kids have eczema in the Winter and one other disorder like dry skin, I think.

That does happen in the Winter, even when I was a kid my mother used the petroleum jelly on my feet after a bath, then put socks on my feet so my feet would be soft.

Maybe Kate is grifting for a trailer for her acreage plus all kinds of liquid soaps with moiturizers.

I'm sure Kate has her share of Beuuuuty Products with that face always changing like it does.

Katherine said...

Also there really are no discount coupons for generic laundry detergents (which have the same ingredients as the big expensive brands) but all the coupons I see are for Brand Names, so how do you save.

Can I add something? I went into MSNBC.COM and signed into their sales/coupons/bargain/steals & deals and it lead me into so many different coupons/printable coupons/food coupons/store coupons that coupon cabin has nothing on these.

I spent a couple of hours, while waiting for a patient's testing, that I signed up for so much and immediately got coupons and free stuff coming out of my ears. I even called one company Aveda hair products to get some coupons for their new product line Ivinta? Well, they automatically sent me $30 off coupon. See, I think Kate is nuts and coupon cabin is not really getting you the most you can get, but MSNBC had so much that I could have been filing in my e mail address for hours more. There truly are discounts out there. I even got a $15 off per month on a big name fitness center bringing my monthly cost down to $14.95 by calling and telling them about a new fitness center that opened near me that only charges $10 a month. I think we can get along without Kate and her phoney baloney hints and lack of real coupons.

Like most people I want to see the clothes and feel the material. I do not want to buy everything on line and that is what CC.com makes you do. I would rather walk into Target or wherever with that printed coupon, not hit a button that says "discount will be included" and then you enter a store, cyber store, and you don't know if you got a discount or not.

Just my info to save money. None of us want to drive around but most of us go to the same stores, don't we? Yes.

Saw a gigantic bottle of Aloe in Walgreens just this afternoon, something like 32 oz and it didn't cost $5, that would be perfect for a family with kids in the summer after a shower or bath, right?

Gosh I could start a blog, maybe take Kate's job away from her. lol

Katherine said...

Has Kate just said, above by Yahoo, that her children completed the twenty something miles of the Dixon Summer Program Run?

Her nose must be growing so long. No way did those kids all run 25 miles and they "ran the last mile together" I just don't believe that woman. Since when did they all want to do the same thing at the same time in the last 2 or so weeks out of school? Liar, liar, crotch less panties on fire.

Katherine said...

Caught her again, she loads her washer with color and whites and uses cold water and likes to use old fashioned bleach. Duh?

So how are the tie dyed clothes looking Kate? You wash whites with whites even though using cold water, but it should be warm as underwear needs some hot water in there with that bleach.

She is crazier than a bed bug, but I am thinking the Bed Bugs are ahead of her!!!!!

Reading news said...

Right now I think the fsct that the kids are leading a "normal" life without being filmed is much more important than how Kate does her laundry.

Katherine said...

Hi Reading News, I would definately agree with you that if the G8 were leading normal lives with some therapy to go along with what they had to live through from the time they were born, then yes, it is the most important.

Yet, their mother writes a blog and gets paid to advise and she lies.
She cannot stop lying.
So are the G8 leading a normal life? There are isolated but she puts those photos up on her web site, she tweets about them. Kids should not have their lives exposed like that. Kate will not allow them privacy and that is why we write on this Blog. We want her to leave her kids to a normal life from here on in. Will that ever happen?

I seriously doubt it because Kate needs those kids to get any publicity or attention. So she uses them.

Yoo hoo said...

Each year, we get especially excited for our favorite summer holiday, Fourth of July! It is steeped in deep tradition here in our household and brings warm temperature and fond memories of celebrating the birthday of our nation, locally and afar, with my family.

Many years ago, when Mady and Cara were infants, I worked long hard hours designing and creating a blue ribbon winning red, white and blue adorned stroller to enter the local Wyomissing Fourth of July Parade’s “stroller division.” One year, I even asked a friend to make shimmery dresses for Mady and Cara to wear! Yes, I was crazy exuberant about the biggest parade in our community and I wasn’t the only one. Nearly everywhere you looked, everyone was putting forth their best efforts to win in their category. It was so much fun!

One year, Jon and I even tucked our babies into bed and as we began to decorate our double jogger stroller, we felt compelled to cover our garage windows so that no one would catch a glimpse of our masterpiece ahead of time. The competition was fierce, I tell you! It makes me laugh to remember the energy and creativity the we turned loose on such a contest.

We won first and second place the years that we entered. The prize was simply the fun, memories and photographs we had to share for years to come. Fast forward to present years and that same thrilling excitement comes to mind!

Although our Fourths haven’t always been “traditional,” especially in recent years, there are some elements that keep the feeling alive.
We always line our driveway with the American flags that are routinely handed out just prior to the start of our local parade. We have collected many over the years and I’ve purchased a few to add to our collection– especially since our recent long driveway has required additional supplies! : )

Beyond that, I typically plan a barbecue with a red, white and blue theme. A few of my favorite Fourth of July traditions:

•I make all of our cookout foods from scratch (as usual) as opposed to buying pre-made dishes. This allows me to keep with tradition while saving a whole lot of money!
•For starters, I make a traditional flag cake that I saw in a magazine years ago. With a white cake box mix, blueberries and sliced strawberries and Cool Whip topping, I create an “edible flag.” It’s a light and delicious treat that has become a standard tradition in our family! In the past, I have also made a layered dessert using ladyfingers, homemade whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries for an “adult’ version. It has a beautiful holiday themed look if displayed in a clear glass bowl.
•When cooking, I usually go with hot dogs and hamburgers and all the fixings. It’s inexpensive and has a very summery feel.
•Additionally, I typically serve macaroni and potato salad, baked beans and the always popular (in our family) deviled eggs! Fruit salad, veggies and dip and any other light dishes can be added. It all screams “summer fun cook out time by the pool” and it’s hard to go wrong with that! Make sure to check for grocery coupons before you head to the store!
•For decorating, I resist buying all flag-themed items. To save, I typically use red plates, blue napkins and white tablecloths, or any combination I find on sale or have on hand. I also tend to purchase decorations AFTER the holiday when they go on final sale or clearance. I save them along with my Fourth decorations, which I also use year after year. Reusing decorations is a great way to help with creating traditions and it also helps save money over the years.
Whatever the Fourth of July means to you (beyond the obvious celebration of our great nation’s birthday), I hope that is a day to come together with family and friends while celebrating your own (affordable) traditions!

- K8

Merry said...

"1. I gladly accept hand-me-down sports equipment from friends. Leftover shin guards, dance shoes and so on..."
NO. Just no. I danced for over a decade and NEVER would you accept used shoes. Hand-me-down leotard? Sure. Costumes? Of course. But not shoes.

Be they for ballet, pointe, tap, or ballroom, used shoes are a trap and a hazard. Aside from the smell, they've already molded to someone else's feet, they won't provide adequate support, AND there's a risk of athlete's foot or fungus.

I found a dance store that had a "buy 9 and get the 10th free" program, and there are often sales. On a related note, I found that I can save $30 on running shoes by buying "last year's model." They're really just the same, so why not?

Kate is such a crock.

Stupid Kate said...

Smart runners don't buy last year's shoes because they are flat and compacted. Last year's shoes are OK if someone is a casual jogger but no one truly, knowledgable is going to really run in what are already old shoes.

expat said...

If they're paying someone to write this blog for her, they're not getting their money's worth. I think Kate writes it herself, it bears all her hallmarks...the me-me-me attitude, the inconsistencies.
First she babbles on about decorating the twins' stroller, how she worked "long and hard"; really, how labour intensive could stroller decorating be?
And then this bit "I make all of our cookout foods from scratch (as usual)" and in the very next section says she makes her flag cake (which at least she admits to have seen in a magazine, instead of claiming she was the originator) using a cake mix! Maybe I'm wrong, but to me "from scratch" doesn't mean using a cake mix.
You'd think she could keep track of the lies at least from one sentence to the next.

Scratching With Kate said...

...instead of claiming she was the originator) using a cake mix! Maybe I'm wrong, but to me "from scratch" doesn't mean using a cake mix.


To her, that is "from scratch." It means she is not going to the bakery section at Giant and buying the cake.

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