What the Sheeple Want Us to Believe

Everyone, and I mean everyone, should remember that Kate and Jon Gosselin were in their home along with many volunteers. Those babies were protected at all times. Neither Jon nor his wife allowed full access to every room, at every and any time they wished to either the twins' room/bathroom access or the babies. The most that was taped is what you saw on TLC. No one from TLC has any other tapes. Plus the Gosselin family owns the tapes from the beginning. All editing was done with either Jon or Kate in the room. This is what happens everyday in this country, pediphelia. Abusing children, boys and girls. We suffer from such serious abuses of children. Yet, the Kardashian Family uses horrendous language, The Duggar Family is not investigated, Tots & Tiaras? That got Jon Benet murdered. Reality TV which has one child on that show under 18 should be investigated. When does this stop. We have gone from the back rooms of filming into the living rooms or homes and it is allowed. How sad this country has become. Remember not all pediphiles are men, women, teens, other younger children all possess this evil interest.


pinkdiamond611 said...

"All editing was done with Jon or Kate in the room".

Does the OP even know what editing is?

Editing is looking at the film AFTER it is shot.

Sherry Baby said...

Those babies were protected at all times. Neither Jon nor his wife allowed full access to every room, at every and any time they wished to either the twins' room/bathroom access or the babies.


Wrong! Kate turned the light off, walked out, closed the door, leaving one of little boys on the potty. It was filmed by the camera man, the only one in the room.

In another episode, Kate was cleaning the refrigerator in the new home. Jon was outside. A camera man was in the bathroom with one of the boys.

Brummygirl said...

I understand this to a point about placing blame, but it is not about whether Kate or Jon ever had contact with this certain pedophile, the point is that thousands of people saw their children in states of undress.
To some people, this was acceptable because they were babies but to pedophiles it is a very different story.
No one and I repeat no one, should ever have their child's nudity splashed across a t.v. screen, internet etc.
From the very beginning I have stated that by putting your children in the public eye, you immediate lay them out for any disturbed individual out there, be he/she a pedophile, kidnapper or crazy fan.
So in essence, Kate Jon and any other parent seeking fame and money, put their children at risk.
I am really sickened by all this.

barnaby said...

Well done!

One thing I've always wondered - who suggested filming potty training or naked children being bathed as being necessary to tell the story of the family? It was the TLC financed producers, not the idiot parents (Jon & Khart). The ignorant parents simply saw the dollar signs and ignored the potential implications. Which may or may not have come to fruition. I don't know ... but I hope there isn't footage out there of the kids in much more graphic ways. TLC and BOTH Gosselins parents should be considered at fault.

This type of filming was always shameful. Parents must keep their children out of harms way. The Gosselins did not. Something that many of us saw from the start.

WonderButton said...

The above post shows the level of education of the average sheeple - and I will NOT go there.

Fellow GWOPer's have duly pointed out the fallicies of this poster's statement. I second their arguments. Once again, the saga of Jon and Kate holds my attention not only because of the pass given by the general public for the apparent exploitation of minors for monetary gain and entertainment, but also as a model for other questionable situations in which the general public is complacent.....and I respect that GWOP is also not the forum for that topic.

I am horrified that the G8 have been allegedly victimized in this way, and also horrified that the general public continues to provide a pass to the parents who sold out their very own flesh and blood.

hannah said...

Wow. I love this one.

Thank goodness Kate personally checked all workers that came to the house! She is SUCH a great mom. This guy would have been hired if Jon had his way. God bless controlling moms who genuinely LOVE their kids

Um, right. Is that even true?

I Heart My Rabbit said...

Hmm, a controlling Mom or a caring Mom - I'll take caring. A caring Mom wouldn't allow anyone with a camera near her diaper changes, near her toileting toddler, near her children as they were dressing, etc. I was always disturbed by the fact that this was shown on television - not only because it was being made available to the viewing public (which controlling Mom cannot control), but because someone was on the other side of that camera filming such intimate moments! Someone was editing it. It's permanently on film, mass produced on DVD, and out of Kate's control. It's on the internet, out of everyone's control.

J&K+8/K+8 upset me more than Table for Twelve or the Duggars. Some say it's the same exploitation, but the Gosselin children truly had no one looking out for them. Apparently their controlling Mom was too busy doing background checks and organizing her cupboards to notice camera crews filming alone with her pre-verbal children. True, the other families are on tv for the world to see, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't heard of anyone being filmed in a state of undress. Or filmed in a state of emotional distress or verbal abuse that was often featured on J&K.
I feel very badly today. I'm sad that there are people out there who would defend the choices that these parents made for their children. I hope the Gosselins still have some of their TLC income to live on, it came at a very high price.

Pray for the G8 said...

Wrong! Kate turned the light off, walked out, closed the door, leaving one of little boys on the potty. It was filmed by the camera man, the only one in the room.


I watched that clip on youtube after reading the quote -- unreal. So, so, so sad. Having a toddler sit on the potty for half an hour? Threatening to withold food if the kids don't pee? The kicker was walking out of the room and leaving that little boy alone in a dark room.

As a mom it really saddens me to think of the hell those babies are going through on a daily basis.

Anyone else notice that she looks so happy when she is on camera - smile pretty Kate and maybe someone will take pity on you and give you a job on tv - but she looks totally miserable when around her kids??

Annie2 said...

I just wanted to point out to the OP that Kate said that she has NEVER meet the editor in question. This automatically voids your comment about Kate being part of the editing team and having the tapes edited while she was present. I would also like to point out that Kate dose not own the rights to all of the footage. The tapes Kate owns are the final edit for the show.

That being said, I think both Jon and Kate are responsible for this. They allowed their kids to be filmed while they were not fully clothed. I don't understand how the OP can say that this is Jon's fault.

Worked there said...

Actually Kate owns none of the tape. TLC owns the rights to the series in total.

Brummygirl said...

The most fervent of Kate's fans are all over us saying we are latching on to this news so we can blame Kate. They call us sick!!
Well yes, we do blame Kate and Jon for putting the kids on t.v. in the first place.
There is always a consequence to any action.
Sheeple...would you still put your kids on there to reap all the benefits Kate has? I guess the answer would be a resounding yes!!!

Jenny O said...

The level of ignorance of the OP's post pretty much negates anything that person has to say. If they don't understand even the basics of how editing of film is done, then why bother reading further?

TLC owns the rights to all the film.

Jon and Kate were both blinded by greed and foolishness to think twice about the dangers they were exposing their young children to.

Jon finally woke up and realized "hey, this is not a good thing!"

Kate never will realize that, because she sees her children not as her children, but as her vehicles to fame, money and privilege. So if it took allowing them to be filmed in states of undress, why not?

Sheeple are thankfully few in number. They still like to claim "you'd do the same thing if you had 8 kids" but it sounds more and more pathetic each time they trot that sorry line out. No I wouldn't because I'm so careful about my son's privacy, I post only a few pics of him on my FB account, and only friends can view it.

Never in a million years would I allow him to be on a show such as this one; with his entire life exposed, his home address known, his early toilet training on view. Not because I'm the best mom that ever was; but I am a mom who cares about the privacy and safety of her child.

I feel sadly confident that Mr. Blankenship (not sure I have his name right) is not the only pedophile that is connected with these shows. They are magnets for this type of person. He's just the first one to get caught. The parents of Table for 12 should be thanking their lucky stars their stint on reality tv was brief.

Stop defending turkey neck said...

All editing was done with Jon or Kate in the room... Yet Kate claims not to know this editor. So which is it Angelina?

dustilies said...

The point isn't whether or not responsible adults were in the room when footage was taken of children being bathed, changed, and dressed. The real crime is that the digital tapes were given to a pedophile to edit for the program, giving him access to all the stuff that even TLC/figure 8 would call inappropriate. It is then extremely easy to duplicate the footage and edit a whole different episode for an audience of paying pedophiles.

No matter who much Kate widens her eyes and attempts to cry, I will always consider her party to this form of child abuse.

jointhenoise said...

I believe all persons, regardless of age, deserve basic dignity and respect. For a society to function properly, it is paramount that we protect those who, either by situation, condition, or age, cannot stand up for themselves. Parents have a solemn duty to always protect their children. When children are too young to advocate their person rights, it is up to the parents to protect them. Children cannot, by age and reasoning, give consent to allow themselves to be filmed. Parents must act on the behalf of the child to protect the best interest of the child and not their own.
When parents allow their children to be filmed in compromising positions (naked in a tub, potty training, etc) for a broad audience they violate their child's rights to control that image of themselves.
For people to dismiss this idea and simply say "its no big deal, they are just cute at that age" implicitly reject the idea the child has the basic right of security and dignity in regards to their own image and person.
I believe Kate sees her children as a commodity and not as people. Commodities can be exploited for their value without regard like tools.
I don't think the arrest of a TLC editor really matters. These kids were exploited by their parents long before then.

Not a Realtor said...

Sheeple, I hear Kate has a 32 mile stretch of oceanview property in Wyoming she'd love to sell you too.

Can't See Sheep said...

Jenny O said...
I feel sadly confident that Mr. Blankenship (not sure I have his name right) is not the only pedophile that is connected with these shows. They are magnets for this type of person. He's just the first one to get caught.

Great post! This has been on my mind too. He's the editor so someone still has to give him the film & who exactly decided what was shot on that show? Was there one person, was it a combination of a main person or group of a few & some of the cameramen shooting whatever they thought would "work" & so on? None of the questionable footage should have been on film in the first place the cameramen should have stopped shooting, left the area, turned the cameras away & if they couldn't be bothered to do it on their own then Jon & kate should have stepped up, setting the boundaries for what could & could not be flimed to protect their children as much as possible. There are so many shots that we've seen that they shouldn't have been comfortable with, so how much more is there that we haven't seen