Kate on The View - yet again. Why?

Kate is supposedly going to be on The View tomorrow.  I can't imagine why.  They've shown their disapproval of her in the past.

Kate's segment


Brummygirl said...

Well Kate says she cannot wait to see all her girl friends and chat with them.
I can see when T.L.C. pushed for Kate to go on The View, but who pushed for this one? I doubt Stevey boy has any pull.
Whether they will ask the question which is blowing all our minds about the pedophile, I doubt very much, but I am going to tape it just to see how this turns out.
Surely this is too news worthy for Joy Behar to pass up?

TotallyANanny said...

Maybe she will discuss this and how she has exposed her children to a child pornographer.

Running Bear said...

I hope she has her prepared speech ready if they ask her about the pornography arrest. She better not mess this one up, or she's going to have some 'splaining to do.

kinman said...

Somehow nobody ever hits Kate with the hard questions. She only gets the easy stuff (unless it is a chance to bash Jon in some way). If they mention this porn arrest thing, I'm sure she will hem and haw her way thru it and end up saying nothing enlightening. I am not sure why they keep having her on these shows. There is nothing of interest that she has to say anymore. I always think Joy will pursue these topics, but even on her late-night show, she never gives Kate anything tough to handle. They always treat her with kid gloves.

Escape to NY said...

Now that she's unloaded the kids to a "friend's" house, she's free to get the hell out of dodge. First The View, then the usual press tour with ET, The Insider, etc. And lest we not forget...she has the Halloween date with Jason.
JasonHueman Jason Backe
@Kateplusmy8 I am ready!!!! Let's get ur blond on sister! WE ALSO HAVE TO PLAN OUR HALLOWEEN COSTUMES - U DIDN'T FORGET UR DATE DID U?
21 Oct

barbee said...

they have NEVER asked her any questions yet that would have put her in a bad light. why the hell would they start now? for some inexplicable reason she is the 'golden (platter) girl' and gets a pass on being accountable.

kateisblech said...

She tweeted something about how all the ladies on the view occupied her "dream chair". ugh.

Annie2 said...

I bet Kate is going to promote her donation lunch for Steve Irwan day. She may also promote her college tour. She is trying to change her image.

ronlee said...

Hey Kate....

did anyone ever tell you about a power generator? I have one, costs about $25,000 powers our whole 5,000 square foot home...

What are you saving your millions for?

Shoka's Understudy said...

Even though TLC cancelled her show, don't they still have control over her on interviews like the View or over the radio?

The questions are pre-approved, still?

Will it stop in Feb. 2012?

When she goes and speaks at the Penn State satellite college, I am hoping somebody will ask her the tough questions, get the reaction while taping it.

Hope everyone is safe from the snow storm.

Shoka's Understudy said...

The View show today is called Zombies and they were all dressed up as Zombies and announced that Zombie kate gosselin would be on later.

Is this a subtle way of getting back at her? Because she has acted really really bad since her last sitting on the View.

I am wondering if they are going to ask her some serious questions because of the costumes. There was a man just on and they asked him some, hopefully, they will ask kate some hard questions.

Shoka's Understudy said...

kate posted a picture of Leah on twitter with her dressed as a hobo.

She claims Leah told her she was a "Extreme Hobo".

How does a 7 year old come up with that?

Probably another one of kate's big whoppers.

Shoka's Understudy said...

Just saw kate.

There was no reason on earth for her to go there and dress like a Zombie and sit there and talk.

Joy asked her if she was going to take the kids to Hollywood and put them in show business.

She said she laughed when she read that.

She is probably raving that she would have to take the kids to make it in Hollywood, instead of just her.

Sheri read a quote by Jon that he was glad the kids were off tv.

Of course, kate didn't like that.

She looked rough, dressed like a Zombie. She is going to turn 37 in 5 months.

She looks rough for her age.

Protect8 said...

The View loses all credibility when they have KG on and don't ask her real questions about her bad behavior, particularly the last few episodes of her show.

In the past, Halloween is a silly day for the ladies of The View and they wear costumes. Hard to imagine them doing any kind of serious questioning.

Duck said...

If you read the def. of Zombie on Wikpedia it is "Animated corpse brought back to life by mystical power" and a "hypnotized person person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness". Since most of us feel Kate lacks a soul and conciousness, it is very fitting her dress.

Porcupine Pie said...

Of course, no question about the pedophile........wow, shocker.

gosselinarchives said...

I'm working on compressing it so I can upload it for ya. Hmm. I was surprised they discussed how her back up plan is to be a nurse. At least it used to be until she realized there was no way she could support 8 kids if she did that. And her current aspiration is to stay on TV because she found something she loves. Since that is kinda sorta a pipe-dream I'm surprised they didn't ask her what her new back up plan is since nursing is out.

Pray for those kids said...

You guys are right - she is so desperate its really pathetic.

I don't think she realizes that nobody will "just give" her a talk show or make her the next Julia Roberts - the people on tv have worked for years to get where they are. She hasn't done ANYTHING. And the talk show hosts need to DO stuff - research, etc... even Oprah had staff meetings, etc... I think that Kate believes that she will only have to work an hour a day, just "chat" and get paid 10 million bucks a year, and live high on the hog for the rest of her life.

Kate - you really need to grow up. You are almost 40. That's just about middle age. You are way past your prime to start a Hollywood career. Its not gonna happen. If it did, it would have by now. You have burned too many bridges and have a reputation of being an extremely difficult person to be around. No studio big wig will call you tomorrow and offer you a job. Get your head out of the clouds, stop the pity party, have some self respect and be a mom to your kids. For once.

Mary said...


so please tell me how many lies this woman told today on the View? I never saw a bunch of stupid women in all my life.

the view is filmed in LA am I correct?
Kate the dopes the had a weekend of different and fun things to do

she talks about shoveling snow and her heat going out.

I am on the last day of my vacation so please tell me none of these women asked her where her kids were while she was in LA while her kids were home
snowbound in a house with no heat? but Mommy leaves them

Brummygirl said...

Usual haltering responses by Kate on the View. Same old, same old.
Loved how she tried to hedge the question about Jon not liking the kids on t.v. No ear piece help on this one.

barbee said...

The View comes out of NYC, not LA. She was home with the kids most of the weekend suffering through broken branches and a power outage. Since most of us have probably gone through that at some point, BIG DEAL!

Her gift of gab totally failed her, she had nothing to promote, had nothing to add to discussions and had nothing... enough said.

She better get over her idea of Mady getting them to Hollywood. She has no more usable talent than her talentless mother. The mother figure is fast approaching middle age (and not doing it too well), so her hopes of being scarfed up by someone in Hollywood are slim to none. She has absolutely NO talent, no interviewerish skills, cannot sustain a back and forth conversation.

Sure would like to know just what the draw was to have her on The View this morning. It's not as though she added anything to the mix.

MayDay said...

Mary The View is taped in New York not L.A. I was there for a taping when Rosie had that big flip out with her hair over Donald Trump

Debbie H said...

Ronlee and others who asked about the generator Kate doesn't have...She doesn't have a generator BECAUSE nobody ever offered her one for FREE:)...Surprised nobody else figured that one out..lol..

Bev said...

OMG! Kate on the View! Same old questions...same old answers! Same old bottom line....Poor Poor Kate...mother of eight...has it so so tough. Can't support kids unless she has a CELEBRITY type job! No guys want to date the woman with eight! Um..Um.. Um.. it is really hard.. same canned answer!

WonderButton said...

Here's a WHOPPER of a lie (how fitting for Trick or Treat) Their first ever family meeting was for the show was cancelled? What about the divorce? Or does she not consider anything pre-divorce to be "her" family?

And now, may I indulge in a bit of snarck? It's too bad she got rid of the wonky eye - it would have been great with that costume.

All snark aside - Were those (dead) babies hanging from her headband? How utterly tasteless.

I'm Ready.Mr. DeMille said...

I caught a part of the K8 appearance on the View and there was a question asked of her...something about the film crew, if they keep in touch. Her answer was, "oh yes, they come to the house and help dress the kids to play in the snow". Did I hear this right? She (K8) is one sick loser. With all the recent controversy about the film editor, she should be in more control of her mouth.

cossysmom said...

Kate was dressed like a zombie--the best she's looked in years. No short, short middle school skirt, no plunging neckline, no bare legs, no hooker make up!

She said she wanted to stay in TV because she's found what she likes to do. I wish they would have asked her exactly what in television she thinks she would be good at.

I know Oprah says to follow your passion (which is fine to say if you're Oprah and have already arrived) but the other piece to attaining your dreams is to work at it. To take what you're talented at and run with it. Let's see, what would that be, Kate?

couch potato said...

Really? All Kate can talk about is the weather? Blah! Blah! Blah!

kate can't do sh** said...

I said I wasn't going to post anymore but what the hell. This one is too rich to give up. When Kate was on The View, it was painfully obvious Whoopie is not a Kate fan. She couldn't have looked any more disinterested if she'd tried. She looked straight ahead the entire time, didn't say a word except on one occasion to ask Kate about how she feels when she sees herself in episodes of her show. Whoopie was snarking but Kate didn't pick up on it. Whoopie was indirectly saying you have altered your looks so much and not in a good way. You are trying too hard to be Hollywood, have become so harsh and I can't stand you. In fact, no one sitting here can stand you but Bill Geddes wants to spend some time in your king size bed for some reason and we have to put up with it. Oh, how I wish Whoopie had of expanded on her comment and pinned that dope to the wall. And Kate wanting to "dish" (oh how I hate it when she says that) with her ladies on The View, what a joke. There was no dishing going on when she was there because she talked about herself the entire time. I have to say it was almost cringeworthy watching Kate try and fit in when she was clearly persona non grata. Loved every second of it. TV don't want you no more baby. And I'm curious. Does she think that by constantly saying she wants to stay in TV means her odds will increase somehow that she will stay on TV? I have never seen anyone beg as much as she does for a TV job. It really is pathetic. I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for her because it's just so desperate sounding. Did I just say that.

gr8 wo kate said...

"My goal was always to go further — this thing that was working to provide opportunities.”

So, she admits that she and Jon lied from the very beginning. She admits that she just wanted to be famous. That is why she had the kids, that is why she filmed them..it was all to make the opportunity for her to go "further"...so Kate could be a celebrity.

She's a creep.

Shoka's Understudy said...

I thought the yellow things hanging in her hair was Crosses. I was just looking at her face, and not really paying attention.

Then someone posted they were babies.

I went and found her interview on youtube and watched it again. They are little babies! That was so tacky, tasteless and disgusting!

Couldn't you tell she was trying to grift for a generator?

She could buy one with all that money she has hoarded.

Would love to see a picture of kate the zombie next to Steve with him not dressed for Halloween.

Hannah Leah said...

I really hope the crew isn't really dressing her kids. They are 7 and 11 cant they dress themselves yet?

Gross. Jon needs to get her head on straight and soon. Poor Kids.

terri said...

Caught Kate's appearance on the view and all i heard were a lot of "ums" and not much else. One would think that someone on her "team" would work with her on how to speak properly, especially if her dream is to some day be a talk show host. One of the main criteria of being a talk show host is being able to speak coherently. Kate just doesn't have it.

Jenny O said...

Thank you for those who watched The View and reported back to us, because I sure didn't want to!

"And her current aspiration is to stay on TV because she found something she loves."

Just because you love doing something is no guarantee you'll be able to make a living in that field. Especially if it's the entertainment industry. Join the millions of others who are vying for a coveted spot on tv Kate! You had your turn (for way too long), and now it's over.

I agree that the only reason Kate was on The View is because the producer has the hots for her. I hope this was her swan song.

ronlee said...

Hey Kate...

you can purchase a good sized generator to provide electric for you home....I have one.

Mine is run by propane...uses 6 gallons per hour...at $3.05 gallon..Mine is now running for 50 hours ...do the math.

You have the money....why let your children have to live in a cold home..you are heartless...

Spend your money.

Also the picture on the View...was tasteless...dead babies in your hair? You have 8 healthy children, why degrade yourself.many mothers had children that were born dead - I had one daughter in law that his happened too..

You are the lowest of all people.

I know you read this site by some of the remarks you stated on you twitter site.

Button Button said...

Kate wants to keep TV as her career because she likes it?

Good grief, get a bit realistic, Kate. What an immature statement.

This is true: A youngish woman I know used the insurance money she got after her husband died to move to Hollywood with her teenage daughter so that her daughter could work on television with Justin Beaver - Biever - Beever-- I don't even know his name, but that is what the mom and daughter did.

They don't know him, or how they will do this, but that is what they did with the insurance money.

I guess just wanting to do it was enough for them. It must be all Kate needs too -- the desire will materialize into reality.

Stephanie said...

Whenever Kate has been on The View she just sits there and is quiet. She is suppose to jump in on the Hot Topics and she is so intimidated by the regular hosts (as she should be, one of them is an Oscar winner) she never knows what to say.

There and especially on the Today Show she uses her Michelle Duggar baby voice. She definately hides her regular crummy personality when she is around real TV personalities.

I am kinda suprised The Talk doesn't have her on more. That show is a terrible copy cat of The View and pretends like its an original show. They just fired Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete and I know those two have way more personality that Kate G. Even Sara Gilbert has more personality that Kate G.

Maybe she should do a show about her going back to work as an RN and leave the kids out of the mix. I would love to see her at a real job with a boss. SHE wants to boss people around and that doesn't work in the real world.

I Heart My Rabbit said...

Had Monday off, and there was absolutely nothing on tv to watch while I folded my own family's laundry, so I watched The View. Just in case they asked some important questions... The costumes were a little weird, but I don't like Halloween anyways. I thought Elisabeth swapping out her child's entire bag of candy when they returned from trick-or-treating was a little over the top too. If you're that paranoid, take them to a Halloween party with friends.

Anyways, Kate - I have to agree that the little fetus-like babies hanging from her hair were shockingly tasteless. What is with the portrayal of Kate as Uber-Mom, I thought it was established time and again that she's not a maternal person? Yuck. Also, 36 hours without electricity is not an emergency, unless you have a small baby, are elderly, or ill. You can drain your water heater for clean water, put comforters in your freezers to keep things frozen, bury things you want to keep cool in the snow, etc. The house wouldn't even have had that long to cool off, so layer on some clothing, eat through some of that hoarder's stash of free, prepared food and suck it up! She was probably more upset that the cameras and lights couldn't be plugged in to catch more "family memories".

I laughed my pants off when she stated that she's found something she enjoys in television and wants to pursue it. So what's the plan, Kate? You ran over your husband in pursuit of your dream and now you're alone with 8 kids. And the TLC crew still stops by your house? This must be the 2012 February contractual obligation thing. I caught her lie about the "first ever" family meeting to tell the children that TLC bailed on their show too. I thought the question about seeing herself on the older shows was a snark, but also to see if maybe she regretted the way she acted? Kate really didn't answer the questions, she just talked a lot and said nothing. Same old, same old. Gracefully bow out, Kate, everything you do - including your website, smacks of desperation.

Brummygirl said...

I guess just wanting to do it was enough for them. It must be all Kate needs too -- the desire will materialize into reality.
It may turn out a harsh reality!

Proud Grandma said...

Button Button said...
Kate wants to keep TV as her career because she likes it? ........... OMG I love swanning around in fancy clothes, baking and riding horses, but just because I like those things doesn't mean I get to do them. I have to WORK! Geesh, work sure does interfere with ones social life and prefered activities. However food has to be bought and we have to keep a roof over our head, so we work. I am in nursing and it is exhausting, but boy, is it ever satisfying when I feel I have really earned my pay check and I take pride in doing a damn good job, because that is why I am there. Horses, fine clothes, well, they are just in my dreams. Get real Kate.

And will she learn? said...

Jon did the same thing. He tried to make a carrer out of his 15 minutes of fame from the show. He had the sense to give it up after a year or so and get an "ordinary" job. I use that term and the quotes because that is how kate thinks of it. I don't give Kate that much credit, but we will see. I hear she is going to do something in Vegas? Funny, when Jon did that he was ripped apart. kate is being praised by the Sheeple.

AnotherLisa said...

This was such a missed opportunity for the View!!! Child safety on Halloween should have been reemphasized and highlighted with Kate's horrid lack of judgement in exposing her children to the child pornographer.

It is Halloween--
Kids will be roaming the streets-- They will knock on strangers doors--
Parents watch your kids closely---
Because you don't really know what is going on in someone's head--
Now that is scarier than a ghost!!!

So what if Kate feels uncomfortable with the plastic babies hanging off her headband. The View's panel could have done soooooo much more to tie in Halloween and child predators.

ronlee said...

Kate is going to speak tomorrow at the Penn State Eberly campus, which is near Lamont Furnace Pa...about 240 miles one way
from Lower Heidelberg Township.

What will she talk about? she stated on twitter...she loves to talk/speak
Think she will get paid?

ronlee said...

By Amber Goodhand - Radar Reporter

Kate Gosselin has a lot of hungry mouths to feed, so the reality TV mom has taken up a new gig blogging about coupons, RadarOnline.com has learned.

It’s no surprise that Kate is in desperate need of a job after her hit TLC show Kate Plus 8 was canceled, and RadarOnline.com has photos of the busy mother using coupons while shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

According to E! Online, Kate will be blogging for a coupon-savvy website called CouponCabin.com.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Is One Hot Momma!

"No matter how much money you have, it's just smart to use coupons. It's like free money in your pocket,” Kate said.

"One week, I remember saving more than half my grocery bill that week with coupons. I was beyond thrilled."

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Through The Years

Kate’s debut on the penny-saving website is November 22 and will feature how to shop smart during the holidays.

Do you think Kate’s qualified to give advice on saving money? Leave your comments below...

crazynlazy said...

Funny, in the original series KG mentioned that the family did not celebrate or recognize Halloween, despite the picture of the 6 dressed in Jack O'Latern sleepers.

Also, remember the neighbors who mentioned that the Gosselins NEVER passed out candy. She was a scamming, lying cheapskate from day one-

MossHill said...

ronlee said...
Kate is going to speak tomorrow at the Penn State Eberly campus ...about 240 miles one way
from Lower Heidelberg Township.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

God help anyone on the roads if she drives herself there ...

Portrait Of Jennie said...

What will she talk about? she stated on twitter...she loves to talk/speak
Think she will get paid?


According to the website, the topic is resilience - surviving tough times with determination. Of course she will be paid. Does Kate do anything for free? She's being paid out of the student fund.
No lie.

Trick Me Up said...

Anyways, Kate - I have to agree that the little fetus-like babies hanging from her hair were shockingly tasteless.


They were toy mini babies that were popular several years ago. You could buy them in their birthday suits, or with little diapers. Lots of kids had them. They were not fetus-like babies.

They did, however, look ridiculous dangling there. The whole point, though, was to show a zombie mother. They couldn't very well put a doll much larger than that on her head.

ratherbkayaking said...

Sure. She knows how to shop smart. After all, she shopped the videos of those 6 little babies around until she got a special and a reality series.

Now as far as grocery shopping - not so much. I really don't want to learn to shop grocery smart from her - grapes and crackers bore me.

Brummygirl said...

Portrait Of Jennie said...
What will she talk about? she stated on twitter...she loves to talk/speak
Think she will get paid?


According to the website, the topic is resilience - surviving tough times with determination. Of course she will be paid. Does Kate do anything for free? She's being paid out of the student fund.
No lie.
What does Kate know about struggling through the hard times. From the get go, they had money from Jon's father and grifted the rest of the way. They pleaded poverty but in reality (excuse the pun) they had that money from Jon's father and considered that the state should keep them along with *gifts* from the church.
She has no idea whatsoever what it is like to really struggle as thousands out there do on a daily basis.
Is she going to tell them how she struggles in her mansion trying to decide which Prada shoes to wear or if she should go to the tanning session or go have her nails done.
Sorry, I wouldn't buy one word of it and those people who do, obviously haven't done their homework on Ms. Gosselin.

ronlee said...

OK how much is this company paying her?

Kate Gosselin was out shopping without her eight children on Wednesday, but she did have her trusty coupons in hand, and RadarOnline.com has photos of her money-saving shopping trip.

Dressed in her signature Nike sweatpants and a cozy orange hoodie, the busy mom spent the day running errands and hitting up local stores such as FedEx and the tanning salon in her home town in Pennsylvania, and was sure to have her giant CouponCabin.com bag clearly visible for all to see.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Is A Coupon Shopper

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, the former Kate Plus 8 star, who has been worried about money since her TLC show was canceled, now has a new job blogging about the coupon company.

"No matter how much money you have, it's just smart to use coupons. t's like free money in your pocket,” said Kate. "One week, I remember saving more than half my grocery bill that week with coupons. I was beyond thrilled."

While Kate's new business venture doesn't officially kick-off until November 22, the loyal spokesperson is already promoting the site while doing her own family shopping.

GimmeGimme said...

ratherbkayaking said...
Sure. She knows how to shop smart. Now as far as grocery shopping - not so much.
Kate is an idiot when it comes to food shopping. All those little cartons of yogurt? All those juice boxes? All the bottled water? Individual packets of instant oatmeal? Dumb! Large packages are waaaay less expensive, and not at all hard to prepare if you're organized. A good water filter is far less expensive in the long run than buying all those plastic bottles. Trouble is, Katie Irene is lazy -- god forbid she should wash an oatmeal pan or wash the bowls for yogurt or wash the cups for drinks, not to mention the "struggle" of having to get out toppings! Obviously, if you're out for the day you need the convenience of individual packages, but not at home.
JMO, but her crying poor cuts no ice with me.

SuzieO said...

And I'm curious. Does she think that by constantly saying she wants to stay in TV means her odds will increase somehow that she will stay on TV? I have never seen anyone beg as much as she does for a TV job. It really is pathetic.


Yes of course she thinks it will increase her chances. She can't forget how in the first years of the show she only had to mention she needed something and many would show up and she could sell the extras, lol. Jon had mentioned they had UPS deliveries every day.

I've often wondered what that would be like? To just mention something you want/need and the world responds immediately... she had to have felt smug and powerful and of course deserving. The first time there was a public outcry of her entitled attitude was followed shorty after with an episode where Kate wears a t-shirt that says "grateful mom" across the front. They couldn't count on her acting grateful.. maybe they rehearsed it and finally gave up and said.. hell, just put it on her shirt!!

jonandkatewho? said...

This is what comes across whenever I see Kate on a show like this one (with people interviewing her who have real tv jobs). She comes across as a person who is trying really hard to convince listeners that she is really a nice person when she isn't. Somebody who is lying and pretending to be somebody she is not.

Her voice even changes and becomes all soft and almost submissive. She is just sick. Ugh.

Her "show" is over! What in the hell do these people want with her?

Can't See Sheep said...

ronlee said...
Dressed in her signature Nike sweatpants and a cozy orange hoodie, the busy mom spent the day running errands

Are they really sure it was an orange hoodie & not just k8 running around semi-buff with that nasty orange hide of hers

sorry, couldn't resist...yes, yes I know I'm going to heck

irish wonder said...

Didn't see it this time. I saw her on the show when Patrick Swayze had passed away.

She sounded like an idiot. Whoopi had just done a tribute to him and he was responsible for her getting the part and the chemistry with him got her the Oscar.

Then Kate said something goofy, Barbara Walters asked her a question.

She was so out of sync with the rest of them. Which makes sense, these are seasoned professionals who have performed in plays, films, TV shows, stand up, etc.

She really needs to go away already like Jon did.

It is over.

Pray for the kids said...

Didn't see it this time. I saw her on the show when Patrick Swayze had passed away.


I saw that episode too - what a total waste. She has no business being there.

Patrick was an amazing actor, and Whoopie did such a wonderful tribute...then Miss Kate had to open her mouth and say sometihing stupid like "Hello...I wish I was that girl..."

BTW - using the word "hello" anytime other than answering the phone is annoying....or maybe its just Kate that is annoying..

Kan't stand Khate said...

what? a coupon show? Why didn't TLC just slide her over to Extreme Couponing if she was so fantabulouslyfantasiticish at saving money?

What can that woman possibly have to offer in terms of using a coupon? She didn't use coupons to save money, she used gift cards. gift cards swindled from unsuspecting merchants by someone who had an ulterior motive the entire time. Kate...go back under the rock you came from and give the kids to John.

Jenny O said...

There are numerous coupon sites out there. If Kate got hired to blog by one of them, that's fine by me. I doubt it pays much money and the gig is probably short-lived.

I am going out on a limb and predict that this appearance on The View was either Kate's last (or 2nd to last) time she'll ever appear on that show. Bill Geddes will find another blond bimbo to drool after and Kate will be yesterday's trash.

ncgirl said...

"I saw that episode too - what a total waste. She has no business being there."

That View show ticked me off too. I'm a Dirty Dancing fan, and Kate being there after PS's death and her dumb comment ruined the show for me.

irish wonder said...

Yes it was an idiotic comment. The mood of the show was somber. Whoopi had just done a nice tribute and she made that stupid comment.

Maybe she was nervous, but when you're having a conversation about someone who just passed after a long illness you should think before you speak.

I was embarrassed for her.

In addition to that when they were on the couch you could see her holding her notes, she was like a deer in the headlights.

I hope that was her last appearance.

Shoka's Understudy said...

I agree about her acting so stupid after the beautiful tribute that Whoopie gave about Patrick Swayze.

She said, Hello, I wish I was that girl or everybody wishes they were that girl.

I just wanted to scream. Made me so mad!

Ususally when someone goes on a talk show for an interview, they have some movie to talk about or project or a book or a tour or tv show or event they are going to be going to or be in or host in some way.

When kate was on the Halloween View she didn't have squat to talk about, to plug, to show, to host.


Anonymous said...

Did anybody else notice that Kate avoided the question about what she had planned for the kids for Halloween? She skipped right over it because she knew perfectly well she wouldn't be taking her kids trick or treating that night...KG is extremely self absorbed..