Kate on The View - yet again. Why?

Kate is supposedly going to be on The View tomorrow.  I can't imagine why.  They've shown their disapproval of her in the past.

Kate's segment

What the Sheeple Want Us to Believe

Everyone, and I mean everyone, should remember that Kate and Jon Gosselin were in their home along with many volunteers. Those babies were protected at all times. Neither Jon nor his wife allowed full access to every room, at every and any time they wished to either the twins' room/bathroom access or the babies. The most that was taped is what you saw on TLC. No one from TLC has any other tapes. Plus the Gosselin family owns the tapes from the beginning. All editing was done with either Jon or Kate in the room. This is what happens everyday in this country, pediphelia. Abusing children, boys and girls. We suffer from such serious abuses of children. Yet, the Kardashian Family uses horrendous language, The Duggar Family is not investigated, Tots & Tiaras? That got Jon Benet murdered. Reality TV which has one child on that show under 18 should be investigated. When does this stop. We have gone from the back rooms of filming into the living rooms or homes and it is allowed. How sad this country has become. Remember not all pediphiles are men, women, teens, other younger children all possess this evil interest.

Kate's Future

How long do you think it will take Kate to realize that there is no future for her in TV?  How long before she lets the PR team go?  What do you think she will actually end up doing as a job when she takes one?

It Should Be About Them - Happy Birthday Cara and Mady

At least it's a birthday with no fear of having a camera crew there.

Happy Birthday Maddy and Cara! I googled Queen Kate (can't bring myself to go on her website) and found it interesting that she is planning a "Kate-sized" party for the twins, she talked about "her" delivery and how the twins remind "her" to laugh, blah blah blah.....Its always about you, isn't it Kate? There is a pic that is floating around taken of the girls - you can see an immaculate room in the background (no toys in that family room for 8, count 'em, 8 kids..) A plastic cloth covering the table - god forbid that kids make a mess. And each girl has a cupcake for a b-day cake. I'm surprised that she didn't make them wear bibs.
From Anitia Coffee

Kate Refuses Show? Was she asked? Is she lying?

Kate allegedly has refused to appear on CW show.

Even though Kate Gosselin issued a challenge asking her haters to get to know her before judging her, the mom of eight has turned down the opportunity to win over such a person on Mario Lopez's new hit show, "H8R."