Monday, September 5, RV Breakdown

The Gosselins are halfway through their RV road trip and it has been a vacation like no other -- full of adventure and drama! But when the RVs experience mechanical issues, will Kate finally reach her boiling point? And later, someone decides to leave.
60 minutes


O-Hi-O said...

"...a vacation like no other -- full of adventure and drama!"


Puhleeze. Every single 'vacation' is identical as per script. Any and all 'drama' is just 'same song, second verse' material, because Kate Gosselin is simply never happy.

Boring. As usual.

Shoka's Understudy said...

Seeing the air coolant boiling in the motor of the RV, one of the driver's said that they are going to have to get a tow.

I believe when they were trying to fix the door on the refridgerator, I think kate slammed it so hard that it came off the hinges.

It was said that she slammed a door in someone's face. So it wouldn't suprise me there for her to slam the refridgerator door.

Someone posted that they called the campground to ask about the "mud" they were throwing on each other. The nice lady told the crew dug it up.

I would love to call the RV rental place and ask how bad the damage was when they brought the RV's back to the shop.

Would love to hear what the driver's have to say about kate's nastiness on the trip.

Kate = Syrup of Ipecac said...

Although I saw a good portion of last weeks RV episode, I have absolutely no desire to watch one moment of the 2nd half.

TLC ratcheting up the drama (per previews which I've only seen through links, I rarely tune into TLC) strictly for rating purposes makes me ill. If done so to show Kate's bad side, equally sickening. WE know Kate's bad side.

Even if the thumb screws were purposely put to Kate during the trip for dramatic effect, the fact that the G8 were present while it happened really fires me up.

If adults agree to rant, rave, instigate, and/or "go for the throat", so be it, but to include minor children in an intentional fiasco is abusive. Those children appear to be rocked emotionally for one reason or another, and apparently all for not (as Kate claims all is well between the gals now). I, for one, am not curious as to why.

Additionally, I am not enticed, or intrigued, one iota to watch the RV 2nd part. I liken it to voluntarily watching helpless creatures being victimized for sport. Not my cup of tea and never will be.

Hoops said...

So, is this drama real or scripted?

Is TLC finally showing kHate's unfiltered nastiness, or is kHate desperate enough to play up her "dramatics" to capture higher ratings and thus hang onto her show a bit longer?

shel said...

I wonder how kate will react when the white water tour guide agrees with the producer that kate had be difficult and he states yes and some of the kids too. OMG she went white water rafting and didn't want to get wet. I don't think steve and kate are an item he seems annoyed with her.

Kan't stand Khate said...

Where to begin...I have only watched 5 minutes of this train wreck and have never laughed so hard. What a bitch! White water rafting and not getting wet? come on! and the whole peeing in the river just cracked me up! I think it speaks volumes when the rafting staff indicates that she is impossible!

my my my....what a terrible thing. Get a free trip to the west, fly there instead of drive and do nothing but bitch. If I was in charge the suits would have been here.....BLAH BLAH BLAH! Surely she isn't in charge. This just shows how little she really has to do with her kids and the daily operations of such a large number.

My final favorite moment of my 4 minutes of viewing: when she bitched about being in the boat with the little ATM's. I swear she said the little ones were ALL going in her boat. Holy Crap! WHAH WHAH WHAH. There is a reason this show is done.

teacher/mom said...

I think that this episode is hysterical! Kate is being so mean, and even Steve is making fun of her. I think that Jamie did what was told of her buy packing for two days. I also thought it was funny that she mentioned they get one snack a day and that is all!! Nobody seems to be tolerating her complaining and being nasty.

shel said...

they never used to show people being annoyed with Kate the first time I noticed it was when they were in Australia/new Zeland and the guy at the top of the building was getting annoyed with her because she was wasting time on not jumping not the guide on the raft annoyed with her. I can only imagine what a B**** she has been all these yrs. Cant wait until the crews start telling their stories.

Sandy said...

Oh my. I'm watching and, even though I *KNOW* how she is, I'm still in disbelief at how bad she can be. She is treating her "friend" horrible! Gotta say I LOVE the whitewater guide! Call it like it is!

cat said...

After watching these road trip episodes, I don't wonder why Kate can't find "love" and/or someone to share her life with her eight darling children. Kate is a drama queen. Everything is a huge trauma for her. She needs to learn to relax, find a sense of humor, and appreciate what people do for her. The world does not revolve around Kate Gosselin! I have to wonder how her neurotic behavior will manifest itself in her children as they grow into adulthood. I treasure the many times when my grown children talk about the fun they had with mom and dad. My advice: Don't sweat the small stuff. Before you know it, the kids will be grown and gone and Kate will sit in her neat, organized house all by herself!

Beagletime said...

No words for the Kate hate I have. Kate, your upset that you have to do work? It's called being the parent of 8 kids.

It is so obvious that Kate and Steve have had more than a bodyguard relationship. I can't for the life of me understand what he sees in her. I don't want to be crude but you know she's a dud in the sack. Why would he want to be with her?

Those poor kids to have to have a wonderful trip ruined. There is little hope for them with that mother.

On the whitewater trip it's a wonder Kate didn't get a paddle upside the head. She is disgusting and vile and Steve is just as bad for putting up with her crap.

My blood is boiling.

Alexis said...

I'm switching between this and another program, so I'm really hoping I missed something important...please tell me Kate didn't just get all the kids together for a picture at a sign for the Grand Canyon only to send the twins back to the RV so they didn't get to see the canyon at all.

Anonymous said...

Well I watched the monstrosity. I left when Ashley did, so I missed the last 10 minutes. Kate just complains about everything. She should organize less and have more fun. Why does she keep calling those kids pre-schoolers? And why did Mady and Cara not get to look at the Grand Canyon? I didn't see that they did anything all that bad. Why drag your kids all that way and then not let them see it? Surely there was another punishment that would have worked.

I hope she sees the film and realizes that Jamie and Ashley were saying they should order pizza when she was giving the orders to barbecue the chicken. And there was no need to pitch that fit. Order pizza and eat it. Grill the chicken, throw it in the fridge (like Steve suggested) and have cold grilled chicken for lunch the next day. It's Arizona in the summer. Who wants to cook and eat a hot meal anyway?

shel said...

I was thinking the kids were crying so bad not only because they will miss Ashley but now they have to put up with the wrath of Kate by themselves. I think this was not staged the producer seemed very kind to Ashley and once she said she wanted to leave they turned the camera away. Cara and Mady seemed the most upset probaly because they know what to expect from Kate. I wonder if they ever tell Jon who they want to live with and if they said him, would he fight for them. They are older now and probaly have a choice who they want to live with. Hopefully Ashley can visit them when they are with Jon. I think she knows Kate will try to turn them against her as she said she will always love them no matter what anyone tells them.

Ally said...

Also, it seriously bugs me that Kate keeps calling the septuplets pre-schoolers. Aren't they 7?

Anonymous said...

I'm shure the sheeple won't remember these episodes when it comes time for the specials and whatever else freakshow TV puts together in the future. I'm working on the laptop while my wife is watching this travesty.
At least we got to see a bit of Steve standing up to K8.

zoey said...

I love the part where she whines about how she has to "forage" for food and the camera man zooms in on her arms as they are overflowing with a ton of tins full of food plus a huge platter of some sort...all while crying over a piece of pizza for her boyfriend

O-Hi-O said...

At the conclusion of the FUBAR that is Kate Gosselin's life and tv infamy:

Kate Goselin clearly has MAJOR unresolved issues from her childhood that play out, over and over again. Sadly, she seems to have ZERO insight into her own psyche.

Kate absolutely needs to see herself as The Hero. The Hardest Working Woman on the Planet. The Long Suffering and Courageous Martyr, Who Rises Above All, Even When Loved Ones Let Her Down. She sees herself as a human Timex watch: life hands her uncountable 'lickings' yet she, thru courage and perseverance, KEEPS ON TICKING.

She sets up her life to have the same basic scenarios play out over and over and over again. The supporting actors in her self-scripted life come and go, but Kate G's machinations remain the same. Clearly, she gets some weird psychological reward from setting up her life to repeat these same and now very obvious basic themes.

She DEMANDS to ALWAYS be in complete control. She demeans others in her belief that NO ONE can ever do things as perfectly as she believe she does. She uses this to relegate everyone around her to being her absolute subordinates, there only to jump to her every whim, no matter how nonsensical, no matter how demeaning.

It is impossible to please her and all attempts to offer suggestions are inevitably and insultingly shot down by K8G, therefore, those around her eventually see the futility in trying to offer any of this type of help. The only help K8G is interested in receiving is a running at full tilt trying to devine her next need and then immediately filling it even before SHE recognizes her own next need. Since this is humanly impossible to pull off on any consistent basis, it is in this way she sets everyone up to fail her. This is the psychological game she uses to make herself always the hero, always the hardest worker, the most organized. This is why she will NEVER comprehend that it is SHE who is unable to work well with others RATHER THAN her ongoing complaints that no one 'knows how to help her'. There simply is no right way to 'help' her. The object of K8G's game is to fail her.

While she euphemizes her own propensity toward negativity and criticism by labeling them mere 'crankiness' which is always blamed on all her (self induced) stress, she is incapable of offering this same insight and compassion to others for shortcomings that are far less severe than her own personal failures and pathologies.

Two observations: a)K8G needs to see herself as altruistically ("for my kids") rising above even the most challenging and unfair life situations, b) she absolutely CREATES situations to ensure the outcome where SHE is the hero, while all around her are failures who are unable to adequately appreciate the K8G she sees herself as.

In short, she is a psychological hot mess and it seems very unlikely she will EVER have any meaningful epiphany that will include any true insight to just how deep her own issues are and how much of her own life's precious time she chooses to devote to setting up the exact same scenarios to play out over and over again, all ending with the inevitable psychological paycheck to her: a belief that she is superior to all others in her courage, hard work and supposed 'organization' yet amazingly (to her) under appreciated by all.

God help those kids being raised by such a very dysfunctional mother. Get her permanently OFF tv (and INTO long term counselling). She is a truly disturbed individual.

Lead Belly Sings Good Night Irene said...

Katie Irene some people don't think you are a B-I-T-C-H. After watching you for all these years they know you are a B-I-T-C-H.

You have no friends other than paid ones. You said as much on this episode saying that both Ashley and Jamie were paid and you expected more help out of them. Paycheck or no paycheck the first time you snipped at me I'd be gone after giving you a Whatever which where I come from is a non-swearing FU.

Was it Jamie or Ashley who contacted TLC to plan this outrageous trip this summer? Or was it Kate wanting to wring one last money spender off them when she could see the fingernail marks on the concrete of her last remaining fans sliding down to nothing. You plan the trip you do the organizing. Simple and quit complaining. And try asking someone nicely instead of telling them exactly how big the dimensions of a piece of lettuce should be in the salad. And who cares if the tomato is on top in half inch squares. You're camping for cripes sake, not hosting a dinner party.

The grey haired bodyguard is a paid employee and he gave you 2 Whatevers in a row. You summons him into your trailer behind closed doors because he scoffed at you, which you had on tape, and then you cause world war 3 the next day because the kids ate Steve's pizza. No one is that chummy with their bodyguard unless he is their Body guard.

The drivers were paid, the camera crew was paid. Everyone always leaves you and you haven't figured out why.

Kate needs to be put in a room with tapes of all 150 episodes, fed the organic chicken twins, Sam and Ella, 3 grapes and a Juicy Juice, and made to watch them over and over and over again until she sees what the TV audience has been subjected to for years.

After what she has done to her family, her friends and her children, whatever she has planned for the future she can do it without me.

So it's not so long Kate it's I'm so done (hands waving in the air) Whatever.

Markie said...

Also, it seriously bugs me that Kate keeps calling the septuplets pre-schoolers. Aren't they 7?


If the twins lived here (Canada) they'd be starting grade 2 tomorrow. NOT pre-schoolers!

I lked the rafting guide's reaction to Kate and how the guy form the crew started up the grills just to have some semblance of peace - too bad it didn't work. Kate really is a piece of work...

irish wonder said...

"We don't go on posh trips". Does she have any idea what it would cost to pay for all those people to rent two RVs and go river rafting? To travel from Mt. Rushmore to the Grand Canyon?

No they're not posh in the sense of fancy hotels, but they're still very expensive.

So many families are now doing "staycations" and she has to whine.

Beagletime said...

And I have to add...The fiasco concerning Steve's piece of pizza. Good grief man up Steve. If you want leftover pizza go in the motorhome and get it yourself. If you don't like it being handed to you unwrapped speak for yourself. The fit Kate pitched was unbelieveable.

Am I expected to believe there was nothing else to eat with all those production people around? If Steve wants some lunch let him find his balls and go get something.

Poor, poor Mady. Crying that she was sorry she started everything by handing him the pizza.

Those twins are going to need intense therapy. Being made to think everything is their fault. Seeing the twins sobbing when Ashley left broke my heart. I don't blame Ashley. I would have pushed Kate over a cliff, headed for Mexico with the twins and started a new life.

Those poor kids. I actually feel ashamed I watched that. It was like witnessing child abuse.

Hannah said...

Kate had that much of a freak out about pizza? Is she still in the mind set of anyone under 5? They didn`t get to see such a major site. It would of been a good learning experience for them.

Kate claims Mady is super happy. I hope that girl is, but I doubt it.

one more week.

shel said...

the peeing in the river was hilarious. Love how Clay was the first one to do it. That is how normal kids act. who the heck drags their kids to the grand canyon and then sends them to the bus because they were fussing because one of the "preschoolers" had on their underwear. Kate kinda overreacted there Ashley should of snuck them out and let them see the grand canyon. seriously kate your kids are 7 and if you would of spent time with them in their preschool years they would be in beginning grade 2 now.

deeg said...

Scripted or not, this is the real Kate! Maybe now she realizes how lucky she was all those years that Jon put up with her because he loved her. Jamie and Ashley are just her friends and they don't have to tolerate her treating them poorly. I'm glad that Ashley left to show that enough is enough and Kate can't treat people the way she does and get away with it. Even Steve and the rafting guide had enough of her! The final straw was not letting Ashley, Mady & Cara see the Grand Canyon. You go all the way to Arizona and then make them stay in the RV over some stupid infraction? Get over yourself.....TLC has.

laura linger said...

I'm speechless...need a day or two to gather my thoughts for a rant.

My one thought right now above all else is the lack of gratitude shown by Hate and, let's be honest here, the kids. (Children live what they see on an everyday basis.)

I mean, are you kidding me? You have the opportunity to go white-water rafting on the Colorado, amid scenery that frankly defies description in its beauty and majesty, and all you can do is be a shrill ungrateful shrew the whole time? And spoil everyone's fun? And actually have the audacity to *contradict* the man who was running the expedition?

I would have been off of the raft and swimming in the Colorado so fast, there would have been a blur! What an opportunity! In the cold water and you can look up at all of those beautiful rocks. What a stupid, foolish bint she is.

Hands up if you would have LOVED to have had a trip like that with your loved ones, RV breakdowns and frustrations and all of it. Right there in the middle of God's Country, and all she can do is complain.

laura linger said...

p.s. What O-Hi-O said. 100%

Berks Has Shoes! said...

Also, it seriously bugs me that Kate keeps calling the septuplets pre-schoolers. Aren't they 7?


When did she do that? Are you sure you heard her correctly? They're in first grade.

Nothing Funny said...

I think that this episode is hysterical! Kate is being so mean, and even Steve is making fun of her. I think that Jamie did what was told of her buy packing for two days. I also thought it was funny that she mentioned they get one snack a day and that is all!! Nobody seems to be tolerating her complaining and being nasty.


I don't think it's hysterical at all. Watching a mentally ill woman treat all of those around her like they were trash; making her child cry for taking a slice of pizza, and having the one true constant in their lives who the children love and adore (and who would die for the kids) leave because of this woman's snotty attitude and controlling ways, is sad. I didn't find one funny thing in this whole disaster.

It was, in my opinion, a very revealing look at a psychotic person and her emotionally abused children.

She needs treatment. Now. Not later.

Go away Kate said...

Well, I must commend TLC for at least showing the truth for a change. They have exposed what a hateful wench Kate is; that she has Steve-o by the balls and he is a putz; and the fact that Kate and Steve are a couple---(also all doubt that Gina Neild is a complete idiot to allow herself to be used as a beard for this selfish woman's affair) and last but not least; that everyone owes Jon Gosselin a HUGE apology for portraying him as the reason the family broke apart, when TLC and everyone in Kate's life KNEW Kate was the one having an affair and who kicked heartbroken Jon to the curb.

They showed Kate's complete disregard for anyone else's comfort, including her own children. They allowed her abusive nature to shine through.

I think this was the only "realist reality" show on K+8. For once they didn't even try to edit out her hatefulish behavior, or her ignorance.

Bravo TLC. Your turn, CPS.

corrin said...

Oh how I hate that they got to go to Moab and that women destroyed it. That town is one of the most fun places to go if you like the outdoors and is beautiful. It has a great little ice cream shop down town and you can walk from one end of the town to the other in no time. I hate that she can't appreciate something that me and my family have enjoyed doing every year.

Angela said...

I haven't watched this show in over two years, but I had to tune in knowing that the TLC editors were taking off their gloves ...

Wow. TLC hates her, her "best friend" is only there for the kids, even the rafting guide thinks she's a bitch.

You'd think, with all of Kate's "masterminding", that she'd packed enough clean underwear so that Hannah would not have had to wear Cara's.

Diane Maxwell said...

Wow, I knew Kate was a bitch, but this was unbelievable! I'm sure what goes on behind closed doors is far worse than what we see. No wonder Jon hit the road. I mean he was no prize, but really, who could live with this shrew? I feel for these kid. I hope someone can step in and do something- Kate seriously needs to be put on medication!

lara said...

Wow...if i had ever acted like that on a camping trip, i would've been left along the side of the road!!

Who goes on a trip like that & doesn't bring enough food with them...15 people & she's whining about not having enough food- but yet she's "master-minded" the whole trip- honey you better plan better!!! TLC could've atleast given her a 15 Kids & counting Road-Trip dvd to watch & maybe she would know how to plan an RV trip better. Oh Kate you master-mind you!! I'm so jealous of your ability to plan everything to the last detail! (snark)

On the subject of the food/meals, I have to ask- who feeds their kids mac&cheese with FRIES??? She's a nurse, surely a dietary class is a requirement... Starch anyone, not to mention the carbs. Was she out of grapes & yogurt??
Does anyone want to venture a guess on what exactly was on the "picture" that Steve was suppose to confiscate....Could it be her affair with Steve will finally be outted?? Is this why she's now allowing a 'behind the scenes' & allowing all the questions about her personal life. (Personally, I think his voice is annoying, but then again so is she!!) It was fairly obvious when he had to go into the RV to calm her down that something is/was goin on. What was with the tarp betwen the two RV's?? Poor kids!

Those kids are going to be obnoxious if they dont get some form of mental health therapy- it was cute when they were toddlers, but not so much anymore. Kate's payback will be when she has 5 girls PMSing at once- HA! Poor boys, i hope they can be with their dad when that starts. Jon, I hope you're taking notes...

If TLC really wants to do a true behind the scenes episode, then please bring back Jenny for atleast one segment. If there were ever a tell-all book, I'll admit it - I would buy it. Oh to be a fly on the wall when the cameras are finally gone.... poor kids

RealityBites said...

I think it's obvious that Kate wants as little to do with her children as possible. She especially isn't interested in the nitty-gritty of what any good parent needs to do, which is to nurture, to play, to teach by example, to support, to be kind, etc. Just a listening ear, which is what M-o-M should always be counted on for, seems out of reach for Kate.

Looks like Kate's children are there strictly as her tv and photo ops and nothing more.

This episode also played up Kate's emotional immaturity. She's pre-teen-like in her maturity level. The scene where she shouts out the window of her bus toward the women in the other bus's window was really distasteful. Kate said something like, yeah, she was stuck with the preschoolers, but Jaime and Ashley had the "two drama queens," meaning Cara and Maddie. Nyah nyah nyah, Kate seemed to taunt Ashley/Jaime.

How awful for a mother to speak like that of her young daughters, especially in front of a camera and strangers? And is this what goes on in the home? Do Ashley and Jaime complain about the older girls, with Kate automatically supporting the women every time and never attempting to understand her twins' mindsets? She better start sleeping with one eye open every night.

And I think poor Maddy and/or Cara didn't even get to see the Grand Canyon? Is that right? The girls were punished and had to stay behind in the bus. God, Kate.

She slipped when she was on her rant about Ashley and Jaime. Kate said maybe they expected the usual "posh vacation" and not this difficult RV trip. Then she recovered quickly to say, "not that I've ever gone on posh vacations." LOL. Then, she referred to the women as "paid help." oh boy.

It was interesting to watch her interactions with Steve. She definitely reins herself in a bit with him, and doesn't give him her disrespectful lip. Which shows that she knows how to behave like an adult human being when forced to.

I do agree that the Kate/Steve thing goes beyond a paid bodyguard/security detail. Now that she's not working for TLC anymore, she can't pick up the huge tab he requires to bodyguard. I remember reading on his company website that their guards require six-figures. So if he remains with the family, we'll know the truth of why, soon enough.

A2Mom said...

Oh, Lordy-bee, I'm a genius! I've finally solved the riddle of Kate! It came to me suddenly tonight, as I watched her in the raft.

Think about it:

1) She has an extreme aversion to water.

2) Her horribly dark fake tan must be covering up something.

3) She is often seen with a broom in her hand.

4) She has an unnatural affection for overly gaudy shoes.

5) She is mean to young girls and small dogs.

6) She is inevitably surrounded by munchkins.

7) She lives in a make-believe world where someone behind the scenes is pulling all the strings.

8) She knows someone who lacks courage, someone who lacks heart and someone who lacks bravery - oh, wait - sorry, it's the same person and he's gone now, so that doesn't really count...

Got it yet?? Quick - somebody throw a bucket of water on her and be done with it: "I'm melting, I'm melting!!!"

Me? I'm off to see a Wizard about some pesky flying monkeys... :)

Jenny O said...

God help those kids being raised by such a very dysfunctional mother. Get her permanently OFF tv (and INTO long term counselling). She is a truly disturbed individual.

Excellent comment O-Hi-Oh, in its entirety. I happen to agree with you - that Kate is a deeply flawed and disturbed individual, but that she is incapable of recognizing that she needs long-term and indepth psychological help. She will never change, nor improve, and she is incapable of loving even her own children.

Those who wish she would just stay home and be a mom to her children are missing these important factors. The children's lives will always be miserable, on tv or off, as long as they are under Kate's control. It is a form of abuse, psychological abuse, they have endured their entire lives.

This is why TLC sickens me and I won't watch any of their shows -- because they aided and abetted this woman in her delusions, and watched the suffering of these children and did nothing.

Sarah said...

OMG, what a gigantic trainwreck. I think Kate is completely mentally ill, like off her rocker and in needs of hospitalization. I hope that she can become stable again, because her children need a mother who does not act psychotic. I seriously think they are in danger with her.

Her shrieking and freaking out tonight made me so uncomfortable. I had to turn the channel at one point because it was totally horrible watching her behave so uncontrollably.

The saddest thing is those twins, who I agree will be scarred for life with what they have witnessed. When Ashley and whoever the other blond woman was were b*tching about Kate, Cara and Madie were right there, listening to all of it. It's bad enough that they have to hear their own mother go off the deep end day in and day out, but they still do protect her (as all kids do). It's really bad when other people start dissing her in front of them.

Their sad faces...particularly Cara. How dare Kate send them into the RV and miss the Grand Canyon? She is a cruel woman.

And the way she was ranting about Steve and the pizza and "what he likes to eat"...everyone is right. No way is that just a bodyguard relationship. But again, she sounded like a rude, petulant child whenever she talked to him too.

Basically, I think the show should end and Kate should be committed to a mental hospital. Hopefully the right combination of medication and therapy will stabilize her. I don't think her children are safe with her at the moment.

Sad, so sad.

RealityBites said...

More than anything else, I was struck by Kate's complete disdain for her children. She didn't care about their fears, their feelings, their discomforts, their worries. She did nothing to reassure them, for example, when Jaime up and split. Nor did Kate try to soothe any fears during their rafting.

Everything, all the time, at all moments, in all ways, is about Kate, Kate and Kate, again. Nobody else is in her universe.

I could see the fear and hurt in Maddy's and Cara's faces as they listened to Jaime and Ashley talk down their mother. That kind of stuff should never be said in front of the children. But I thought it was interesting that neither of the twins tried to interject a word in their mother's defense. Something like, "oh she's not that bad" or, "she's so tired cause she works so hard." Those girls are keenly aware of the truth of their mother.

At this turn in the road, I wish Kate would get a highly-paid, time-demanding job in show biz that would require her to stay in LA most of the week. Something mindless and stupid, so she could excel. She'd do well as a bitchy judge, a la Simon Cowell. As long as the kids don't have to work, that's a plus. And if Jon can manage to convince the judge, even using last night's footage as an aid, that he would be the better caregiver in his ex's absence, better than Ashley or Jaime, for example, it would be a win/win for the kids.

Last: I see that Kate still favors Hannah and keeps the child always by her side. She did it in the raft again. This is so wrong and hurtful to the other kids. Why does she do such a thing?

Kate just doesn't like her kids. Period.

RiseandShine said...

Oh my! While waiting for another show to begin, I sat to fold laundry and tuned in to TLC. I caught the last 15 minutes of this
episode and shamefully couldn't look away, like I was watching an accident unfold.
All three of those women talking like that about each other in front of the children! Terrible!
I thought it was both funny and tragic that Kate has demonstrated zero personal growth. The attitude and mind-set is exactly the same as when we first witnessed her hurtful interactions with Jon so many years ago. People leaving her, people disappointing her, no one helping, me, me, I, I, I..and no reflection, empathy, or insight.
Geez, so depressing.

Kat - said...

I got the impression Steve didn't care one bit about any of the nonsense Kate thought was so vitally important.

Yeesh... the kids in their bus were hungry, so they were feeding them. Last I checked, kids come before adults, however much or little food there is.

Anyone that controlling of food is just looking to create a family full of eating disorders.

I hope Kate sees where, when asked which they liked better, all the kids were saying they liked Jamie and Ashley's bus best because it was the fun bus.

barbee said...

She better NOT be allowed back into nursing with her propensity to create a situation where she inevitably ends up THE HERO/THE SAVIOR of it. We see story after story in the news of nurses who do this to the patients detriment.

She stated over and over last night that 'she' is the most organized one and has to do everything. Well, dear, THAT is what you GET when you are so controlling. YOU have to be in charge and it must be done YOUR way. Most often this results in YOUR doing it yourself (at your demand; case in point, if Jaime was going to WRECK the salald by tearing the lettuce rather than 'cutting' it into perfectly straight edged little pieces then YOU will end up doing it.

If YOU are so organized why was there such confusion in YOUR directions for how the 'Party Bus' should have been exited (i.e., luggage/etc. removed)? YOU specifically told Jaime ON CAMERA (in the realest of ALL reality) to 'take what they would NEED FOR TWO DAYS) but later you were screaming about needing 'carry on bag for plane' and some other crap.

When will YOU see what a fool you are making of yourself and absolute jackass you are making out of HIM with your married coupleish spats on camera? And like someone said upthread, 'whatever' is a non-swearing FU and he said it to you twice in that one little scene.

When it was determined that Mady and Cara did something SO HEINOUS that they had to be 'sent to the RV' and could NOT go see the Grand Canyon, WHY were you not intelligent enough to realize that as THEIR MOTHER it was YOUR place to remain with them, NOT Ashley's.

One of the crassest things I have EVER heard you say what that Jaime had let you down and it was probably because her kids were along, which took away from her being in charge of YOUR kids as she was there to do. WHY are YOUR kids NEVER your responsibility BUT YOU are the one with primary custody? Oh yeah, that's right, you need that designation in order to have control over THEIR MONEY!

And your other almost equally stupid comment that Ashley and Jaime were apparently disappointed that this wasn't one of the typical 'posh vacations' was PRICELESS. The disappointed ONE was Katie Irene, the other two adults were having a great time doing 'whatever' with the kids.

YOU were RIGHT with ONE of your comments... "This is SO over!" WE all are praying every day that this is TRUE!!!!!! !!

Petra said...

Honestly I am not so sure I believe what was edited to make it seem like. The adults could have been acting. Even if they just suddenly told the twins that Ashley was going home, it woulda been enough to get those twins crying, they're so stressed anyway. And c'mon, it was the last day of the trip. Do we really believe TLC sprung for special not-pre-reserved transportation so the babysitter could leave of her own un-scripted decision? The producers and TLC think the entire audience are a bunch of gullible, illiterate fools. In one caption they wrote Bryce Canyon, UT as "Price Canyon".

Bev said...

Regardless of what we think of Kate, I thought it was totally inappropriate for Jamie and Ashley to trash talk her in front of the kids. Jamie especially who is supposed to be her best friend should know better and used language that had to be bleeped at times. Too bad she ran Jodie and Beth off. I think Jamie is totally classless and I don't get what Kate sees in her to want her as a best friend.

Diane said...

It was very sad watching the children crying in this one, and being punished and yelled at and blamed. I also thought the same thing about the adults too! It was pretty obvious that the two women, Ashley and Jamie, were spending days trying to avoid Kate and her temper fits and anger issues. I know people hate K8, but I feel pity. To be a perfectionist/controlling person is extremely difficult because the person can never ever unwind enough to feel safe, peaceful and happy and content with what they have....they are always consumed by what isnt perfect and what they dont have. I have known many ppl who are controlling and their homes are simply beautiful...everything is polished, organized, in its place and squeaky clean...AND they always have the most miserable children I have ever met. The children are walking on eggshells because they can never meet up to the unrealistic expectations put upon them...and they are expected to have no emotions or feelings about anything except perfect ones that always show how "happy" they are and how "wonderful" their "perfect" family is because the parent is demanding that. Emotions are messy and the controlling parent never knows how to handle that and woe to the poor child if anything is ever brought out to a non family member that something isnt happy in the family! The wrath is unbelievable and odd and confusing. I believe totally that Jon took it as long as he was able to and then he rebelled against being treated like that. Ppl can say what they want unkindly about him, but I have witnessed over and over again the spouses of the control freak and they either reach a point of shutting down and living with the abuse, or they move on like Jon did. Cant blame him for not wanting to be around that mess day in and day out. Until Kate deals with her own childhood issues and insecurities and owns that she is the one who needs help, it will be like this forever for that poor family...or at least until the children grow up and leave her too. She can keep busy to not face herself for only so long, but the years are passing quickly. Ppl like her always beg for help and more help constantly, but in reality, the help they are seeking can only be found in therapy for their unhappiness from their own past. Hope she gets it and I hope those children can one day live with Jon who is the kinder parent.

Sooverit said...

I L O V E D the comments the raft guide made to Kate!! That was the BEST part of the entire show to me. If I could have recorded it, I would play that part over and over! I am happy that Ashley left and hope that Jamie left when the trip was over. I know TLC is building all of this drama up so we will stayed tuned in, but seeing someone put Kate in her place is fresh air!! Kate, I don't LIKE-ISH you one bit!!

DianeD said...

Fair enough that Jamie and Ashley are fed up with Kate's crazy (it took them this long?) but to trash her in front of the twins, while they're hanging in the bus together, is just so wrong. No one should ever rip apart a child's parent in front of them. Cara and Mady were hanging on every word, and taking it all on board.

shegone said...

Just wanted to come on and say that I always watched the train wreck that is Kate. Last night I KNEW the show was on. I had better things to do than watch it.
If even *I* didn't watch it....then the show is soooo over. Bye bye Kate.

UGH!!!! said...

WOW. What a psycho and what a display from TLC. Before I rant, I seriously appeal to anyone who knows this family to urge Kate Gosselin into therapy. Something far beyond theatrics/control/diva is going on. She’s GOT PROBLEMS. Those poor kids need help because she’s horrid to them.

I do wonder if TLC didn’t stage / encourage rants from Jamie and Ashley because they were ending the show. If TLC was footing the bill for Jamie, they might have paid her extra to “quit” in this way to not have to deal with the “they took away what little help I had” accusations by having her resign of her “own accord”.


- All 3 women are childish and classless. Producers too. Having Jamie berate Kate with her child right there was beyond the pale (and I’m sure Kate returned the favor with Jamie’s kids there too). Producers are “kind” enough to turn the cam away from Ashley when she wants to leave but keep rolling when a kid is hearing nasty comments about their mother right next to them? Classy, TLC.

- 7-yo’s are NOT preschoolers.

- “Help” from friend does NOT = “subservient service”. Ashley’s paid for that, not that she should be needed at all.

- “Who cares if someone “in flip-flops outside a trailer in ‘gravelish’ stuff” snaps her pic? Afraid of looking right where she belongs??

- Why doesn’t it deter her that her kids think it’s their fault when she breaks down?

- Why freak out over needing bathing suits for an activity in which she then insists no one gets wet?

- Raft’s too hot. Now it’s wet. It’s too hot again. You ALMOST got wet… in a RIVER. Hard life.

- Have you ANY CLUE how most people can only do ONE (if any) of the activities you did before they die? Any appreciation for getting to do it all for free and with your whole family?!

- Boo hoo, the RV died. You’re not alone, you’re not deserted, you’re not on a budget, you’re not out of vacation time at your job, and TLC will send something new. What’s the problem again?!

- Can Steve not fight his own battles or stop by a drive-through? Never subscribed to their “coupling” rumors but that “private talk in the RV” thing looked very “couplish” to me! What, exactly, is “sooo ovah!!!”?

-“Sooner or later, everyone leaves me. They can’t take it. I have to take. I wouldn’t leave even if I could.” It’s not “it” (the situation), they can’t take, it’s YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's morning and I've had some time to think about the traumatic events I witnessed last night. Unfortunately, Nothing Funny and Sarah got it right. She's always overreacted, but last night was far different. Getting upset that your kids spilling ice cream on their tops was bad. Being obsessed with the organization was something different entirely. She is not ok. She is short-circuiting. I hope Jon is watching this, as he made need to step in and rescue his children. The minor scuffle should not have led to not being able to see the Grand Canyon! She's losing it, and her kids won't have us anymore to call her on it. Not trying to be overly dramatic, but this situation is grave.

OverwithKON artists said...

Hands up if you would have LOVED to have had a trip like that with your loved ones, RV breakdowns and frustrations and all of it. Right there in the middle of God's Country, and all she can do is complain.


My hand is raised high! We did a trip similar to this 2 years ago and we stayed in Moab UT(awesome place btw), and so that we had enough gas money to get all the way (so that my 2 daughters could) see the GRAND Canyon we had to forgo white water rafting. It looked like it could have been so much fun and not scarey at all. She is such a shamefull witch, I have no words. I really hope that she looses custody and dries up an old prune, those kids deserve so much more.

We had a great trip and both of my daughters still say that the Grand Canyon is the best thing they have ever gotten to enjoy. And we have have been to Disney.

Nichole said...

I am not Kate's fan. At all. Please let me start by saying that. I also feel disgusting for having watched the last episode. It felt like watching child abuse unfold before me, and as someone who works in social services, I feel like a bad person. However, I think the people that should feel awful are Jamie and Ashley. Guess what guys? Those cameras are PORTABLE! If you want to trash talk Kate, take it away from the children. I am sure those children here terrible things about their mother on a daily basis, but to hear it from people they truly care about and trust? How could you?!

Kate gets no pass from me here, believe me. She talks about how she has to be the master-mind of everything, organize everything and no one offers to help? Hey...Jamie and Ashley can't read your mind. If you need help with something, ASK! Also, they were a little busy doing your job as a mom, weren't they? You should ask them to take care of that type of stuff and spend time with your children.

Here's a bet people: when the kids talk about this trip later, who do you think they will talk more about? Jamie and Ashley or Kate? My bet goes to former, since they didn't seem to spend much time with Kate...except when the "pre-schoolers" were in the RV with her. Pre-schoolers, Kate? You are infinitesimally rude to your children. *shakes head in disgust*

As far as the comments about the Steve/Kate relationship? People are saying they appear to have a relationship, but are unsure because she treats him badly. Can no one remember when she and Jon were still together? She treated him the same way. Remember that and re-watch it. It is obvious they have something together. I guess he is paid-help...of a different kind.

I am just upset at myself for having watched it and incredibly upset with the whole situation. I wish that TLC had been showing this side of her (and they sort of have, but not to this extent) all along. However, she wouldn't have agreed to be their cash cow if it had been projected like this the whole time. Now that it is canceled, they probably figured "why not?!"

kinman said...

I would like to know why Kate was not comforting those kids as they stood there crying by the RV as Ashley was leaving? If Jon was watching (and I'm sure he must have been) I bet he hated seeing that scene. It could all be creative editing, and it might not have really been as bad as it seemed..but it looked to me like all Kate cared about was herself in that moment, and the fact that "everyone leaves me anyway and oh goes on". But she should have been more concerned about the kids and how sad they were. They were really attached to Ashley, and they were really sad. All Kate cares about now is her 10 mile runs, and how great she looks to all of her "followers". She swears that she lives for her kids, but she really seems to be all about herself most of the time. ( I think I posted some of these comments under the RV trip 9/29 by mistake)

Anonymous said...

When did she do that? Are you sure you heard her correctly? They're in first grade.
I heard her say it twice. When they were whitewater rafting she said she got in the boat with the pre-schoolers because they were the most vulnerable. (Although I don't see Kate having presence of mind to jump overboard and save anyone.) Then later when they were in the RVs she said she had the quiet bus with the pre-schoolers and they were going to learn numbers and how to tell time or some grossly age-inappropriate activity. It's no wonder the younger kids are behind in school. Behavior aside, she doesn't do anything to challenge them intellectually. Judging from that I wonder if their being held back is not due entirely to social issues.

Brummygirl said...

WELL!!! I recorded this and watched it late last night. Yes I am going to watch these last episodes to the end which means T.L.C. got what they wanted, people to watch Kate's last hurrah.
Was this acting? Probably most of it, but the fact remains, it showed Kate in a light that has any form of future employees in entertainment running for the hills, unless it is on something as diabolical as T.L.C.
Acting or not, scenes like that in front of and including the children, were totally disgusting. The part where Ashley and coarse Jamie were dissing Kate, should not have been done in front of Cara and Mady and to make the kids cry when Ashley supposedly left, was cruel.
The way Kate defers to Steve on every level, is really telling. This is no ordinary bodyguard.
What makes me think this was scripted...gasp..not reality, is when Kate went into her long diatribe about being the mastermind, she repeated this almost verbatim in the R.V.
I am not saying this is not Kate's true character, they caught it really well and let her run with it, plus some clever editing.
I have to say something about the three little girls, when they are speaking to the camera, they are a carbon copy of Kate with her mannerisms. Oh my, another three Kates coming up.
Kate has intimated on her Tweet site, that it was a lot of editing. Kate, you cannot edit what a totally unfeeling, unstable, selfish woman/child you are. In this instance, T.L.C. got it right.

SobbyMcFibberPants said...

In true hypocritical fashion, I watched the last 20 minutes of Throw Mamma From the RV:Pizzagate Edition. It took less than a minute to relapse, as I found myself once again speaking in tongues while trying to rescue those kids through the television. I thank you in advance for allowing me to rant. Thank you.

I spent the majority of the time trying to refocus my eyes(after they rolled all the way into my brain) but, I did find a few things interesting.
First, It was the first time I have ever seen Sobby being openly ridiculed by her 'friends'. That Jamie was actually pretty funny when she replied 'ok or 'yeah sure' when Sobs repeated for the umteenth time how she looooves to organize.
Cue Pizzagate. This is the only time I've seen Sobs lose her implants out of concern for someone other than herself. She went batshit because Mady ate a slice of pizza, and in order to guard her body properly Steve must have left over pizza! Jamie gets schooled and now knows that Steve doesn't eat mac n cheese. As for salad, don't even go there. This sends Sobs into a full on monologue(lordy bee) punctuated by throwing Ashley and Jamie under the fun bus, and runnning them over.

Then it happened.

The B-I-T-C-H(aka-the 8's secret code name for mom?)accused the hired help of having a hard time because "maybe they are used to going on posh vacations, and we DON'T take posh vacations". B-I-T-C-H PALEEESE, Posh Vacations starring Kate Poshelin, could be the working title of this entire posh awful series. I wanted to pick up one of those pebblish thingies under her flip flops and toss it at her noggin. Thank God I missed the first 40 minutes.

Sobs concluded her audition for 'victimized poor little single mother of 8 that someone else should take responsibility for' speech by announcing that everyone leaves her. Sniffle.
Everyone keeps going away, it's all just too much, but she can't leave. No sir, she needs to be there for the children. And once again I was left totally disgusted. Watching her blame her children for everyone going away is exactly why I can't stand this self serving martyr. She will never get it, because she doesn't blame herself for anything. She sees her kids as too much responsibility, so that's how she thinks everyone sees them, so they leave her. She doesn't recognize that those who leaves HER would have left HER alot sooner if it weren't for the 8. Ashley said it all when she hugged them goodbye. "I love you with all my heart, and don't ever let ANYONE tell you different". sad.

Proud Grandma said...

Sooverit said...
I L O V E D the comments the raft guide made to Kate!!

Please, tell me what he said.

Colleen said...

One of the saddest things I saw was the hysterical reaction of one of the girls because she was forced to share an article of clothing with her little sister.

Was anyone else struck by the sheer selfishness displayed?

Also, I don't recall seeing any of the siblings trying to comfort one another when they were distressed or crying.

I'm not that familiar with this series. Could someone more of an expert on this show please tell me if this type of uncaring sibling behavior towards each other more of the norm or the exception?

Either way, I firmly believe any selfish, unloving behavior was learned from observing their mother.

nolovelost said...

I didn't watch, won't give them a second of ratings by my viewing. I think she'll come back for some other crappy show, she's not nearly freaking out enough over the cancellation. If they TRULY did the scene with Ashley quitting just the cameras and caused those kids to cry, well, i just hope there is a special place in H#** for them.

nolovelost said...

Oh, what is it that the rafting guide said to her? out of curiosity?

Can't See Sheep said...

A2Mom, LOL!
O-Hi-O & laura linger, you hit the nail on the head!

k8 continually confuses organizer with control freak & the two are nowhere near the same. Every control freak I have ever met claims to be a great organizer & is far from it. They tend to be sloppy, miss manage, have short attention spans, are poos listeners, miss easy details, keep poor records & are over dramatic, as if to keep your attention off of them lacking in skills they've claimed to have, much like the old slight of hand trick.

the other thing that bothers me is it's not enough for k8 to tell a person off in private, the shrew likes an audience & that to me indicates a particualry sadistic streak, something more than narcissism I suspect.

thank goodness those children were born physically well, because they will not escape their mother without emotional & mental trauma that they will be dealing with for years to come, poor darlings. They really do need to be away from her. Jon will have his hands full just helping them get the help they need. He, himself no doubt has needed help after 10 years of k8, no one gets away from that shrew unscathed.

it might be nice if I could feel pity for her, but I can't, she willing does this to everyone around her, just like she willingly chooses not to get help & CHOOSES to be in denial. She knows right from wrong, she just chooses to use or ignore it when it's conveinent for her. I have no sympathy for those who cannot be bothered to get their issues dealt with & continue to willingly inflict trauma on others, especially children & especially when they can easily pay for the therapy. Children being happy & healthy would be at the top of any well organized mother's "list", but sadly the G8 are not, money & attention seem to trump everything in k8's life. It's all about k8 & to heck with EVERYONE else!

This reality show has truly shown off what a monster & how out of control k8 is. These people never see it, the more they try to control the less control they end up having. This shrew could have built an empire & had pretty much anything, but instead this is where she is. Pathetic!

Gina said...

RealityBites said...
I could see the fear and hurt in Maddy's and Cara's faces as they listened to Jaime and Ashley talk down their mother. That kind of stuff should never be said in front of the children. But I thought it was interesting that neither of the twins tried to interject a word in their mother's defense. Something like, "oh she's not that bad" or, "she's so tired cause she works so hard." Those girls are keenly aware of the truth of their mother.

I didn't see fear and hurt in Mady and Cara's faces, I saw the same boredom we always see in their faces unless they're melting down. It was probably the 10th take of that scene. And I think the reason they didn't say anything in their mother's defence is because it wasn't in the script.

What??? said...

Kate called the children preschoolers several times - not just once. These children will be 8 years old this coming May. She is certifiable. The show was just sad and again I felt as though I was watching something sick and that I should not be looking.

Anonymous said...

Kate is awful and needs therapy. If we ever have the misfortune of seeing her on TV again, I hope it's on Celebrity Rehab. She needs HELP!

Anne said...

laura linger said...

Hands up if you would have LOVED to have had a trip like that with your loved ones, RV breakdowns and frustrations and all of it. Right there in the middle of God's Country, and all she can do is complain.

My hand's up! Can you imagine not only the luxury of those beautiful RVs, but professional drivers so you don't have to worry about driving the thing. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery. If it breaks down, not your problem - production will line up a replacement.

I could handle that vacation pretty easily. Even if someone ate my bodyguard's piece of pizza!

And this is Kate's job!! HER JOB!! She gets paid to do this and still bitches the whole time. She's getting a HUGE paycheck to go on amazing paid vacations with her own children and still bitches the whole time. Amazing!

THE-ASHLEY said...

No one can judge unless youve been through it, no one knows what it was like being stuck listening to constant b*tching and ungratefulness while you bent over backwards to make her happy just to get her to shut the heck up. I do. And yes Mady and Cara are extremely aware of what their mother is REALLY like- so are the littles.

Dar said...

Last night was the first time I had watched the show for a very long period of time.

I was simply appalled. Wat a miserable "b#$%$" of a woman. I have never seen her happy.

I would not like to see the children suffer, but it will look good on Kate to have to find another way to finance her massive ego. It is about time she had a dose of reality. She has absolutely no talent. She has really contributed nothing to humanity. She gave birth to 8 children and somehow feels "entitled". "Everybody leaves me", she cried. Perhaps she should look to herself as to the reason.

Free trips for the children, being paid a lot of bucks for the show and all she does is complain and complain and scream. What a fiasco. The children are beautiful and I wish them all the very best. They deserve it.

Kate should learn that children need more than an organized, "anal retentive" parent.

dustilies said...

To be a perfectionist/controlling person is extremely difficult because the person can never ever unwind enough to feel safe, peaceful and happy and content with what they have....they are always consumed by what isnt perfect and what they dont have. I have known many ppl who are controlling and their homes are simply beautiful...everything is polished, organized, in its place and squeaky clean...AND they always have the most miserable children I have ever met. The children are walking on eggshells because they can never meet up to the unrealistic expectations put upon them...and they are expected to have no emotions or feelings about anything except perfect ones that always show how "happy" they are and how "wonderful" their "perfect" family is because the parent is demanding that. Emotions are messy . . .

Spot on Diane! Kate seems to dream of a Martha-Stewart-with-eight-kids life. Which of course is impossible, bcse MS is all about childless domesticity.

And actually even Martha Stewart isn't Martha Stewart. Her home office at the Turkey Hill house was a completely disorganized mess (she only once allowed cameras in there).

PA Woman said...

shel said...
I was thinking the kids were crying so bad not only because they will miss Ashley but now they have to put up with the wrath of Kate by themselves. I think this was not staged the producer seemed very kind to Ashley and once she said she wanted to leave they turned the camera away. Cara and Mady seemed the most upset probaly because they know what to expect from Kate. I wonder if they ever tell Jon who they want to live with and if they said him, would he fight for them. They are older now and probaly have a choice who they want to live with. Hopefully Ashley can visit them when they are with Jon. I think she knows Kate will try to turn them against her as she said she will always love them no matter what anyone tells them.


I think the twins end up taking care of the six a lot and probably don't want to leave them alone with kate, so they won't move in with Jon, even if they could.

Of course pure speculation.

Lilac said...

I don't get why TLC would pay for a 14 day, 2 RV (w/drivers) trip across the states and show only 2 40-minute episodes. I get that they edited the footage to concentrate on the drama but I would assume that Kate & Co saw many famous sites. What's up with that? Maybe it was really only a five day trip!

seasidebreeze said...

Add me to those who were shocked that Ashley and Jamie thought it was a good idea to trash Kate in front of the twins. What?! I know Kate was behaving horribly, but take that talk outside, away from her children. They are 11-years old for goodness sakes - how confusing for them. And all on film for all to watch last night. Those poor kids.

If this was in any way scripted, SHAME on the adults. The kids were devastated when Ashley left, so if this it was somehow contrived for ratings, we all just witnessed a sad form of child abuse.

I do think Ashley was fed up for real though. And for Kate to refer to her friends as paid help, what the heck? And her comment, "Everyone leaves me eventually" or something like that - she really has no clue why. She's the martyr, she's the victim. I knew someone quite similar to her once, horrible memories.

All she talked about was her organization skills, as if that was the most important part of the trip. Wow Kate, good for you that you were organized. You just alientated your friends and hurt your kids. But, yeah, awesome that you were organized!

Poor Mady. When she cried about the pizza, all I could think about was the damage being done to that girl. Kids adore their mothers, flawed and all, and it must have been so hurtful to see Kate causing such a scene and Mady believing it was all her fault.

Please just end this show. So telling that TLC didn't have Kate on the couch for this one. They are to quote Kate, "so over" this.

Sammi Joe said...

Bev said...

I think Jamie is totally classless and I don't get what Kate sees in her to want her as a best friend.

A) I don't think Jamie is her best friend, she just plays that part on the show. Kate made it very clear (or the producers "forgot" to edit it out)that Jamie AND Ashley are paid helpers.

B) However I DO get why Kate would want Jamie as her on-screen best friend. It is EXACTLY for the reason you said. Kate figures the classless part doesn't make Kate look worse by comparison, and the rest (weight, dress, looks) makes Kate look better.

BTW I think a lot of the stuff that got into this episode is that I'm sure the producers and crew knew the show was going to get cancelled, and this was their final chance to give Kate payback for how she treated them over the years, and aimed straight at anyone in TV who might be contemplating giving Kate a job...see how she really treats her crew.

NotaKateFan said...

Wow. Just wow. I have no words to describe what I saw last night. Yes, I watched. I will not lie about it because it was like watching a car crash in slow motion. You know the final outcome but you don't know exactly what the carnage will look like when it's all done. Jamie is one of the most disrespectful friends that I've ever seen, mocking Kate in front of Mady and Cara, backtalking in a nasty way, etc. Ashley obviously had reached her own breaking point on the trip but who could blame her? Six years of working with and for Kate G would probably "break" most of us long before 6 years. I felt so sorry for the kids, who were crying their eyes out while their mom and her purse boy just stood by saying "whatever." Are we now 15 years old? "Whatever" is the new insult of the too-tanned adult set? Those poor kids will be able to watch their mother's most horrid meltdown over and over again on tape. Everything from the nasty comments to the raft captain to the punishment for doing (what did M&C do to get punished anyway?) and then missing the Grand Canyon! For real? They're right there, right at the rim and she sends them inside a hot RV with the babysitter? Punishment at a national park? That's one of her most horrific parenting moments, making her child miss natural beauty for some minor offense. Even Steve seemed annoyed with the whole thing. I'm sorry but I still don't buy the fact that they are "dating" somehow. I think Kate WANTS to get Steve to notice her but he strikes me as someone smarter than a fool that would be attracted to an emasculating beyotch.

Glad to see it all ending next week. I hope she goes away from TV and gets her life back in order. Maybe some humble pie (losing the house? losing the bodyguard and posh trips?) will do her some good. We can hope at least.

Oh-Hi-O said...

"I L O V E D the comments the raft guide made to Kate!! That was the BEST part of the entire show"


Agreed! AS IF she was Cleopatra floating down the Nile, servants fanning her with palm branches.

Oh, wait, it's Kate Gosselin and she LIVES on that River of DENIAL!

"Don't get me wet," she haughtily says on a flippin' RAFTING trip. She is certifiably crazy.

Sweetp said...

Other sites are saying that the show was edited to make her look bad. There is a bigger possibility that TLC limited the editing of this episode to show her true colors. If I were just guessing, which I am, I would say that getting enough footage of Kate being not so nasty, probably was nothing short of a creative editing miracle. Kate blames it on stress, being in an RV with lots of people, mechanical issues, but we've all seen enough of Kate to know that this is just how the woman is. When she said... "Everyone ends up leaving except me, which I can't.... I wouldn't even if I could", made me think that she blamed Ashley's leaving on the inability to take the stress of helping out with 8 kids, when it was actually due to Kate's outrageous behavior. She has never taken responsibility for her behavior and she never will. She lives in her own little world where it's all about her and how much she can do and blah, blah, blah. It was telling that the thing she enjoyed about a trip that to a lot of people would have been a trip of a lifetime, was the "organization of it all", sad, just sad.

Susan said...

Kate was live-tweeting during the show, making comments and answering some questions.

According to her tweets:

-Ashley and her are fine now.
-She apologized for the 2 bleeps and said that the show has only had 2 bleeps and they were from Jaime.
-Mady and Cara saw the Grand Canyon later

I asked her why there were no couch interviews but she ignored me. Maybe because I said I wondered if the next time we see the Gosselin's is when the tell all book from the kids comes out.

Kate tweets a lot - @Kateplusmy8

I want Pizza said...

Lara, Kate wasn't complaining that there wasn't enough food! Ashley stated that both refrigerators were so filled they were hard to, Kate was having a fit on STEVE'S BEHALF! She was looking out for his lunch. She was having a fit about keeping Steve's pizza for him...Pizza she had a fit that he wanted in the first place, and that she emotionally punished him for wanting! Notice that Steve, the "employee" answers to Kate for being 'unsupportive' of her desire to cook; and that he was "scoffing" at her. She was hysterical that he "scoffed" at her! She cried over the fact that an "employee" scoffed at her? Why? If he isn't emotionally invested in her---why would Steve matter? All the employees were scoffing at her, and she didn't care! Gee, why did Steve get a private consult in the bed on wheels, when BFF Jamie didn't? When Ashley, who is 'like family', didn't? Why didn't Jaimie and Ashley's harsh words merit tears?? Why only Steve's "scoffing"?

How about because Steve is really a BOYFRIEND?! HELLO!...WAKE UP AND SEE THE TRUTH!

I notice that the poor RV drivers didn't have Katie Irene looking out for their food needs. She was with them for DAYS. Did she know their food likes and dislikes, as she does "steve"? She didn't fight for them to get fed....the PA mentioned that EVERYONE was hungry. Kate didn't care. She just cared about dear, paid boyfriend, Steve-o.


Ally said...

When did she do that? Are you sure you heard her correctly? They're in first grade.


She said it a couple of times, one was while they were white river rafting and I belive she also said it in the RV.

I want pizza said...

Reality Bites,
You are so right. When Mady went up to the window and kept saying, "I'm sorry, Mommy!"...she felt responsible for the argument.

Kate makes them feel as if they are the cause of all of the misery in her life. When in fact, they are the cause of all the good things in her life! She has been truly blessed and she doesn't appreciate one bit of it.

Not-A-Fanny said...

This episode definitely makes it look like Kate & Steve are more than she claims. Did anyone see the clips on TLC's website? They show more than the actual episode did (that I noticed anyway) one point during the pizza incident it shows Jamie saying "it's all about him isn't it". I found that interesting...

I want pizza said...

I pray that Jon would marry a normal woman and give his children a real home.

He should have custody. Even with his flaws, he is a much better, loving parent than Kate. Any judge who would read "multiple blessings" and then watch this show, would see that Jon should be the one living in the big house and taking care of the kids.

True justice for those kids would be for Kate to be kicked out and Jon to move in with the dogs and such. Kate has had her time, and wasted it on treating herself to employees, trips and power trips. Jon gave everything he had to that horrible woman. Please people speak up and get the kids away from this psycho. She is crazy!

I want pizza said...

Susan, I read Kate's tweet about how she didn't know that Jamie and Ashley were bad mouthing her UNTIL she saw the episode!

This happened WEEKS ago! Pretty telling Kate. Your girls do not talk to you. They don't tell you their fears, hurts and concerns, because they know you DON'T CARE! It is all about YOU.

Kate your grandma and grandpa would be so ashamed of you. They taught you to be non-judgemental and to exude LOVE. You exude, untolerating, controlling HATE for anyone else's feelings.

You were mad that a person in the trailer court took pictures of YOU...are you aware that your cameras constantly take pictures of everyone else around you? Are you aware that you are LOUD and abnoxious and disturb the vacations of hard working parents? You should have went around to the trailers and asked if anyone what wanted to pose for pictures with your family! That would have been the nice thing to do...but, unlike grandma you have no idea what nice is...

gloria22 said...

There's been some stress, the understatement of the season. "It's to be expected when you're in a tiny box" (or 2 large RVs) and you're with an unreasonable clean freak who always needs to be in control. Kate, maybe you could ask Michelle Duggar for some suggestions, they travel with more than double that amount of people in 1 bus and 0 stress. Kate looks like a fool, trying to cook over a fire wearing a stupid hood. Jamie is rubbing in the "boring bus" stuff again, it's about 7am, is she crazy, why try to set off Kate already? Kate says if they had been on the same bus they would have killed each other. Kate, if it were not illegal, Jamie would have killed you a few days ago, it's not the seperate bus that is stopping her. Ok kids, time to give mom props for her pancakes, remember she needs constant praise for being the undefeatable hero that she is, and you 8 are the only ones she's gonna get it from. Now Kate is telling Jamie to take a picture of her, "look at me everyone"! Calling attention to herself as usual. How about a photo of the 8, Kate? Utah for One of the RV's has overheated. Here comes Kate strutting down the street in her low cut top and hooker shorts. Way to not bring attention to yourself Kate. Stuff is now spewing from the back of the RV, it looks about as nasty as the stuff that comes spewing out of Kate's mouth. Kate is out of the RV, making sure that all the passerbys get a good look at her, yeah, she really doesn't want any attention and photos from the regular folk. But have no fear, Steve is there to protect her from the throngs of admirers trying to get a piece of her. Oh, they must have edited them out. Kate makes a comment that there are "2 adults to split the kids". I guess Steve gets stuck with Kate again. Kateis marching onto the "Party Bus" and she's in her element - she's giving orders. She tells them to pack for 2 days, (and we have the footage to prove it). As she's giving orders she gives Jamie the look to get moving, doesn't Jamie know that when you're helping Kate you should be running. Some best friend.

Jamie's in the back of the bus packing and Kate is still droning on. Jamie acts like a pre-teen and says "I can't hear you" as the children watch their adult role models in action. Kate comments on how they all zone out when she is speaking. She probably reminds them of the teacher in a Charlie Brown cartoon. Jamie makes an inappropriate comment to the camera. I can she why these two gravitated toward eachother, they really balance each other out.

Kate and Steve are stuck together like glue. They are confronting Jamie about the bags. Kate wants to say "are you a complete moron, I tried to explain this to you you idiot". Now Ashley and Jamie are talking about Kate in front of the older kids.

Kate is now praising the merits of her best friend - lazy, sluggish, slow, giving Kate an attitude. And from Hannah, her mother's daughter, "That's what they get". These are nice people.

Swimsuitgate begins and it's all Jamie's fault. Come on Jamie, get it together, what kind of paid friend are you?

Paula said...

I have never posted here but read your comments at times.
Many years ago my youngest son and I watched the Gosselin's show while my husband helped my older son with homework. I always looked for something on Animal Planet, Discovery or The Learning Channel to watch with him. My son thought all those kids were funny to watch. We soon grew tired of "the mom" and the way she treated everyone and stopped watching. I have not watched much of K8 in a long time but did tune in to see the last RV show.
I could not help contrasting it with a trip my family took to many of the same places and more.
Six years ago after my husband retired from military service and before he started his next career, our family of four took an eight week cross country trip. We traveled in our SUV and stayed in cabins, hotels, lodges and tents. We had a folder for every state with things to do and places to go. We would read up on the next state while we were driving. We did not bring any technology aside from one cell phone and one lap top for researching destinations at night. My oldest son was 14 years old and read 30 books on the trip, the youngest was nearly 10 and kept a drawing journal of the trip. We sang songs, told jokes, played trivia games, found license plates on cars from 40 different states, and mostly looked out the window at the amazing sights our country offers. We were never bored, my children never fought and to this day when we hear a certain song we all remember that car trip and how much fun we had. It was such great quality family time without any cares or disruptions. The trip of a lifetime really. We saved for a long time to go on that trip and I wish we could have had an RV and driver so my husband did not have to drive so much. Kate is an embarrassment. So uneducated about her country. So clueless about her children's fears and curiosity. So ungrateful. She is not a "champion mom" as the Ab machine people would have us believe. She is an insult to mom's everywhere and TLC is anything but a learning channel.
I wish TLC would send the kids on an RV trip with Jon for all the trouble TLC has caused them.

The Good Mommy (uh huh, sure) said...

As proof that Kate could care less about her kids, please note how she complained about the hot seat on the raft but never once thought to ask her kids, who were wearing just swimsuits, if they were comfortable. She was wearing shorts so far less of her legs would have been touching that hot plastic (rubber?) compared to what a little kid in a swimsuit would be experiencing. It was all about Kate -- all Kate, all the time.

Protect8 said...

Mady and Cara sobbing at the end when Ashley left should never have been shown on television. Kate says she has the power to prevent them from being humiliated - that she has final call on edits when it comes to the children so once again she failed to protect them. Calling her seven year olds pre-schoolers is demeaning and such an obvious attempt to inhibit their maturity for the sake of exploitation.
Don't know who is worse - Kate or TLC.

Can't Say said...

Hm, someone thinks Kate has edit approval? No she doesn't.

Porcupine Pie said...

I am ashamed of myself that I watched last night.......I was flipping channels and my kids said, oh let's watch for a good laugh. No laughs, we were all disgusted. Scripted or not, it was just ridiculous! And it appears to me that Steve is a "nut-less wonder" like Jon. What purpose does he serve, if they are not gettin' it on? Does his wife think it's okay to travel around with her like that?

By the way, we have a travel trailer and my 3 kids have FUN when we go camping! We've had all sorts of weird/bad things happen while camping (mosquito attacks, snakes, frozen pipes, forest fires, food poisoning) but I hope one day when my kids are grown they will have good memories of these trips!

ASH23 said...

Kate was tweeting during the show, of course blaming editing, but the tweet that I could not believe, she said, "I think they called Sarah Jessica Parker "kate" in this movie after me." Im guessing she was talking about SJP's new movie "I dont know how she does it," about a mother who is juggling a million different things. It doesn't get much more narcissistic than that!

I want Pizza said...

Wow, TLC showing it all! The next video on it's site, for this episode..."tentions run high doing laundry"..."footage proof" of Kate's selfishness...she yells at her kids to stay away from her in the laundromat, then she shops for a long time buying expensive jewelry, while her little kids sit in the hot sun...

You know she is "Narcissistic-ish"!

Brummygirl said...

Kate’s Song:

Please Mr. Boatman, I don’t want to get wet
Have put on my make-up and it hasn’t set yet
If you start rocking and rolling, you know what you’ll get.

Hey Mr. Boatman, that seat is way too hot
Don’t care about the kids, as long as mine is not
If I get just one speck of water, I will go all to pot

Hey Mr. Boatman, don’t you dare go near the waves
Haven’t got my Bodyguard with me, I’m the one he usually saves
If you don’t know how to help me, want to see me really rave?

Hey Mr. Boatman, that was an awful trip
I heard you in the background, letting remarks really rip
Don’t you know who I am?, you had better get a grip.

Hey Mr. Boatman, your career is at an end
I am Kate Irene Gosselin and T.L.C. is my friend
This whole trip has been awful, sending me around the bend
And as we see Katie Irene disappear over the horizon, we give thanks that rubber rafts rarely come back!!!

ratherbkayaking said...

Tee Hee. Kate was on Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist tonite.

Liz said...

This episode was like watching a slow-moving car accident. I couldn't stop watching.
Kate has never appeared to be the most normal and stable of people, but you can almost watch her mentally lose it as the show goes on. By the end she looks like she needs to see her doctor for some meds.
I am so glad this show is over. What a horrible woman, she's totally clueless. She claims everyone leaves and makes it seem like it's because of the chaos of having 8 kids. Everyone leaves because of her. No one can stand HER.

Great Expectations said...

Lara, Kate wasn't complaining that there wasn't enough food!


I thought that she was complaining that there wasn't enough food. She said, "That's all we have," implying that they were stuck out in the middle of nowhere and were going to starve. She also said something about "foraging" for food. It certainly sounded to me like she was complaining to them that food was scarce.

Mrs. Teacher Woman said...

Then later when they were in the RVs she said she had the quiet bus with the pre-schoolers and they were going to learn numbers and how to tell time or some grossly age-inappropriate activity. It's no wonder the younger kids are behind in school.


They are behind in school (not a fact) because their mother called them pre-schoolers? Um...I don't think that's a cause-and-effect issue. Children usually learn to tell time in first grade...somewhere between the ages of 7 and 8. Younger kids, four or five, can often recognize 6:00 or 8:00 on a clock, but really aren't able to grasp the workings of the time system (such as 1/4 or 1/2 hour increments until much later. They should be learning numbers now, simple addition or subtraction. How is that age in-appropriate?

Why would she say that they were pre-schoolers? I heard it, too. Can't she wrap her brain around the fact that they aren't babies anymore?

Not Funny Anymore - She's Sick said...

Thought seeing an essentially rude and mean woman get her just desserts would be enjoyable, but I only felt sick seeing her children be yelled at, belittled, dismissed, ignored, snipped at, heartbroken, and sobbing from thinking it’s all their fault (and mom pretty much saying it IS in regards to people repeatedly leaving). Trauma unfolding before me.

Social Services-wise, they’re fed, clothed, educated and safe from harm – so there’s little to do there. But CUSTODY-wise, they’re exposed to psychological harm from a spiraling disturbed mother. Jon is no saint, but I’d bet as long as he’s surrounded by decent people, his household will be equally providing yet far more loving. I hope. Kate moaned about the kids crying over missing the filming/crew during that brief hiatus - how about using that argument against her? Kids should NOT be traumatised but NOT being on tv.

Shame on Kate Gosselin for doing and enabling its airing for 6 yrs, shame on TLC for exploiting it, and shame on me for expecting any different. This family (and the “friends” chosen to accompany it) needs help on or off tv.

Kris said...

I can't even bring myself to watch TLC programs anymore, because I don't want to see any previews of these shows. Makes me feel as if I'm witnessing child abuse and can't do anything to stop heart cringes.

barbee said...

The nanny and paid 'friend' should not have dissed her in front of the twins, however, SHE disses everyone in front of everyone. Guess its a case of tit for tat!

Since WHEN is 'a' piece of pizza enough lunch for a grown adult? Sure, she and the other two women could have supplemented it with a salad and mac n cheese, but HE doesn't eat either. And if that was ALL the food, what were the crews and drivers eating? AND WHY was it up to HER to fight HIS battle anyway? Find it hard to believe he is dumb enough to WANT to be 'involved' with someone like her and find it harderish to think SHE would be involved in 'that' kind of a relationship. Isn't 'that' all kind of messy and ickyish?

WHY was Ashley banished to the RV with the two detainees at the Grand Canyon? They are HER kids, if anyone stays behind with them it should be their MOTHER, especially when she's the one that feels the Grand Canyon is a waste of real estate.

WHY did she allow Jaime to bring her kids along, adding 3 to the already overblown number of 8, when Jaime's JOB is to be there to help Ashley CONTROL kate's 6 wild little preschoolers and 2 disgruntled 10 yr olds?

If SHE is 'Miss Organizationizerist', why did so many things go missing, why was there such a gross shortage of food (EVEN THOUGH the pizza was a last minuteish addition to the menu), why was she complaining aboard the raft about 'you said we weren't going to do this and you lied to me', when in the promos (and during the show as they always do), they showed the clips over and over of her saying next we are going white water rafting, why hasn't she learned where you DON'T wear hooker clothes (like out in public) and especially the hiiiiiigh heeled shoes? They showed one scene of her stomping back to an RV where you'd swear the 'stick' had gone as high as her neck. She is the poster child for you can dress her but you can't make her look/act like a lady, graceful, gracious, interesting, fun, ... how long the list could be if I had the stomach for it.

'I don't get it, I JUST don't get it. This is so over!' See, SHE CAN be right sometime, those are her lines and they are true. NOW, let it be over and preferably in the most demeaning manner, just like SHE treats everyone else.

NOTE TO KATE: everyone leaves because decent people can only take sooooo much before, for the sake of their sanity and to avoid going to prison for murder, they have to get the hell out!

Mary said...

they were not out in the middle of no where, There were fast food stored across the street. Ok your running out of food, because Jamie and Asshley are giving the kids full meals not a salad and some grapes. they did not pass a supermarket why driving> They are other cars following the crew and I think Steve has his own car.His escape.


Anonymous said...

They are behind in school (not a fact) because their mother called them pre-schoolers? Um...I don't think that's a cause-and-effect issue.
I know it's a fact they are behind in school. I didn't say they were behind because she called them pre-schoolers. Everyone has said they are behind in school because they are socially immature. I said I wonder if they are also academically behind because they aren't (as far as I can tell)intellectually stimulated at home. I don't remember exactly what she said they were going to do on the "quiet bus" but it sounded just like a pre-k agenda. I believe learning colors and nap time were in there. It's just another example of her treating them like babies. And I'm with you, why would she call them pre-schoolers? I guess she just can't face the fact they're growing up and she doesn't seem to know what to do with children. As opposed to babies and toddlers.

Liar, Liar said...

I wish everyone would stop referring to KGs bogus "organizational" skills. KG is neither neat nor organized. Remember her closet at the 2nd house? KG admitting that she never made her bed? The basement? The inches of dust behind the furniture that the newly hire "housekeeper" obviously missed? Kate is a slob- shoving vitamins in a suitcase is not indicative of organization. Further, she has always had "others" to do the real work....

What does she do? For a purported distance runner, how come there is no footage of those daily 10 milers? My guess, those are only happening in her imaginary world.

I agree she needs professional and pharmacological help.

God help those 8, exploited kids-

Anonymous said...

why was she complaining aboard the raft about 'you said we weren't going to do this and you lied to me', when in the promos (and during the show as they always do), they showed the clips over and over of her saying next we are going white water rafting,
I wondered about that when they showed the little pre-view before the commercial. I thought she was talking about the rafting in general. It turns out she was talking about a particularly rough section of water. He said they weren't going to go through it, then they did and she said he lied. He said they had to go through some of it to get to the other side, but they missed the roughest part. Then he asked why she didn't go on the other boat that seemed to have calmer waters. I think he sent the boat over slightly choppy water just to get her goat. I would have. (Of course I would have shoved her off the sky tower in NZ, too, knowing she wouldn't be hurt.) The kids would have loved it, so he wouldn't have been needlessly scaring them just to get at her.

Elvira said...

I absolutely love how Anderson Cooper poked fun at Kate's crazy over the pizza and at Steve the bodyguard's stupid behavior.

Good point he made - Kate found someone willing to help her take 8 (really 11) kids around in RVs for two weeks and she's yelling at the babysitter over a slice of pizza? Way to get your priorities straight.

PA Woman said...

I finally sat down and watched the entire episode last night. How can anyone (fans) find a way to defend Kate's behavior? And yest Jamie could use a little maturing right along with kate, Ashley is what, in her second year of college? In a lot of ways she is still a kid herself and should not be expected to work 24/7 to meet Kates demands. How did Ashely ever put up with this for 6 years?

The only thing I don't see that most of you do is the affair betweek Kate and Steve. I see a woman (Kate) obssessed and dependent on a man (Steve) but I see absolutely nothing returned on his part. I think he humors Kate to keep a major client (TLC) for his firm. I always think back to the scene of them in the car during DWTS and she didn't want to go to rehersal. It was like a little kid being handled by her dad. I honestly don't think there is a physical relationship there. What there is a major dependency by Kate on Steve, and Steve "handles" her to keep her on the job for TLC. And that kind of dependency can be even graeter emotionally for kate then any kid of physical relationship since she has pushed away any family and friends and is left with the "Paid Servants".

Kelly said...

Is Ashley a professional, paid nanny? She seemed really immature and not very professional. I've seen daycare workers do much better with just as many kids.

And none of the adults seemed to ever have fun on this trip. And its sad how many people those children have lost from their daily lives.

I'm no fan of Kate, but it did seem like the adult "helpers" were sitting around a lot. And they got a free trip.

I want pizza said...

Kate thinks of herself as a "great mom"?

She literally took food out of the mouths of her children to give to her paid boyfriend!

And as another good mother pointed out, during the rafting trip, Kate couldn't have cared LESS if the seat of the boat burned her babie's legs! She was only concerned about herself! Then she threatened the kids with NO DINNER if anyone got her wet. A parent's job is to protect their little ones from harm, and to clothe and feed them. She would withhold food if the bodyguard wanted it, or if the kids made her mad. She didn't care if their legs were burned, as long as they were getting paid, so she can live like a millionaire.

Seems as if she doesn't care about the kids AT ALL...

Ash23--Kate's tweets make me so sick. Those kids are nothing but servants. She makes the older kids give her massages until she falls asleep! She also said that the kids have "little to claim for themselves only". They have nothing that they can treasure as their own; and Kate brags about that! She is a fright. A cruel witch. She tweets that she doesn't even allow those poor little children to choose their own seats on the school bus. Nor does she allow the bus driver to decide where the kids will sit, Kate assigns the seating, putting 3x5 cards on the seats!

Why do people allow her to behave this way? Where are the other parents, the school board and the bus driver? Why do people sit back and let this creature abuse those kids? Why?

Shoka's Understudy said...

I went to kate's twitter yesterday or the day before and kate had a message on her twitter that said:

Shut up Steve.

I forgot to see what Steve's twitter name was or if it was a different Steve.

skeptigal said...

Not that I'm a huge Khate fan, but please... I call "BS" on these final episodes... Jamie and Ashley are obviously ganging up on her (a phenomenon known as "triangulation" and esp. common among three women friends) and intentionally irritating her, no doubt at the prodding of The Loafing Channel producers. I actually found Khate's responses pretty moderate and explanations reasonable if they're supposed to be helping and are instead lazing around making snarky comments. Joke's on Khate, I guess, but the other two adults here are coming off as very immature and catty. As for Kara, she seems "troubled."

Jenny O said...

Thanks for sharing the Anderson Cooper clip. I love how he poke merciless fun at Kate (and Steve, aka "big baby"). I especially enjoyed his little tips to Steve on how to properly reserve your pizza when traveling with a horde of hungry children.

"He doesn't eat mac and cheese or salad! That's the point!" While little Stevie stands in the background pouting because his piece of pizza was ruined by Mady touching it. Could it be that Stevie is just as big a drama queen as Kate? Perhaps that's their bond lol.

AC has a pretty good-sized audience. I love that both Kate and Steve were skewered by him in front of that audience. They both come off looking like absolute losers. How you like them apples, Stevie?

Anonymous said...

Here's my take on it. All Moms HAVE to have a sense of Humor. We just have to. Don't think I've ever seen Kate giggle behind her hand at Anything those kids have done. I have 8 kids, not at once, but in 12 years. And really, they crack me up,even if they shouldn't.

fidosmommy said...

RE: Kate calling them preschoolers.

Maybe they had been acting like 3 year olds, so she called them that.

With Kate it's hard to guess what she's thinking.

laura linger said...

Restaurants in the Moab/Grand Canyon area, site of the first Great Pizza Controversy ("this is SO over!"):

Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Denny's, Wendy's, not to mention any number of other restaurants where they could sit down, relax in the air conditioning, and chill out with a good meal together.

The problem, of course, is that Queen Freebie Irene couldn't CONTROL everyone's dietary choices to validate her own obvious anorexia if they ate at a restaurant. Queen Freebie was fixated on chicken because SHE will eat chicken. To hell with everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they had been acting like 3 year olds, so she called them that.

With Kate it's hard to guess what she's thinking.
They weren't really acting like anything at all. In the raft, they were just sitting there like regular kids behaving themselves and enjoying the trip. I have a theory, though. I think Kate needs someone to need her. Like babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Once they get independent she just doesn't seem to know what to do with them or how to transition herself to that stage. When the twins were four and getting independent, she had six babies who needed her so the twins were allowed to mature. When the six started getting older and more independent, she was still needy so she tried to hang onto that need-mommy toddler/pre-schooler age. She couldn't part with the baby stuff (high chairs, bibs), she can't give up the baby talk or actions (wave bye to the Statue of Liberty) and with no more young children to focus on, she just keeps treating her seven-year-olds that way. If that's true, she's really missing out on the joy and experience of interacting with children as they grow on their own level. If she didn't have fertility issues, I think she'd have been the kind of person who has one baby after another so she would always have a baby around who needs her.

Just my two cents. I could be totally wrong.

TandLMommy28 said...

So I didn't watch and I haven't read all the comments but this is what I get of it:

1. Kate bragged about her pure genius and skill and planning and packing for so many people for this huge trip.

2. Kate screwed up and didn't pack enough underwear, but the twins were punished for Kate's mistake. At this point, Kate disregards the fact that she bragged about her planning skills. *THIS* was clearly not her fault.

3. Kate screwed up and didn't plan properly for meals but EVERYONE else was punished. Again, Kate disregards the fact that she bragged about her planning skills. *THIS* was clearly not her fault.

Sounds like Kate. Bleh, I feel sick for those children.

UGH!!!! said...

From Kate’s twitter: "If it causes damage to another's heart mind soul and being, it does not belong on TWITTER OMG COULDNT SAY BETTER MYSELF!THANKU!"

…no, it just belongs on your kids and on a weekly tv show. Her tweets about the episode are filled with excuses and blaming the editing. Well, Kate, you FOUGHT to stay in bed with TLC, so it’s all still on you.

Jenny O said...

Steve "handles" her to keep her on the job for TLC. And that kind of dependency can be even graeter emotionally for kate then any kid of physical relationship since she has pushed away any family and friends and is left with the "Paid Servants".

I agree with you PA Woman. I could never fathom a romantic relationship between Kate and anyone, and certainly not between her and Steve. But a relationship where she depends on him to get her through her daily life and demands of filming? Yes. It's part of his job. He manipulates her very well. But at some point, he's gone over the line of simply being paid to make sure Kate arrives on time to PR events, or completes her filming schedule, and is now more of a Svengali influence over her.

It's definitely a twisted sort of relationship. When he moves on (and he will when the money dries up), she's going to totally spin out of control. Jon better be paying attention and go pick up those kids when that happens, whether it's his custodial time or not. Hope he's paying close attention.

jonandkatewho? said...

She's playing the martyr. I hate this more than anything else about her that I can think of at the moment.

It's so f*#@!d up that she blames "everybody leaving" her on her 8 children. She has been given an embarrassment of riches via those kids; some people who love children and would make wonderful parents have none. Yet Kate cannot appreciate them. I have never felt she appreciated what she has.

I noticed in the previews for the final episode that Ashley and others are interviewed. I would bet they are going to make excuses for Kate and talk about how they behaved badly. I doubt the show will end with any revelations about how awful Kate really is, but I hope I am wrong.

She's just one of those people; you want to see them really get what they deserve.

Frosty said...

Um, I no longer have any doubt at all that she is involved with Steve. The producers are no longer agreeing to hide it from the viewers. Why would she care so much about Steve's pizza and not the rest of her paid helpers? Why does she pull him into the trailer to yell at him for scoffing at her? Why does she consult him on every decision? How could he ever think that he could get away with telling her to sit down on the raft if not her boyfriend? Remember how she used to tell Jon that she wanted him to be more take charge? Well, she gives Steve that latitude. She didn't want the kids getting in the river, but she was ok with it once Steve got in. They took several hours to buy organic chicken. I don't think that Steve is so much smarter than any other guy. They've been traveling around for a few years now. Doesn't really matter that much at this point as long as he is decent to the kids. I would not be surprised if she hides it from them still knowing that if it got back to Jon, she would loom reallllllly bad in the media as everyone speculated about when they actually got together.

YoYo said...

Did anyone catch kHate looking at the Grand Canyon and saying "what a waste of land. There's nothing you can do with it."

She sees one of the most beautiful spots on earth and can only be negative?!?! This woman is truly and deeply disturbed.

This show was the first I'd watched in a couple years and kHate seemed unhappier than ever.

ncgirl said...

"Is Ashley a professional, paid nanny?"

Ashley is really a family friend. She's the daughter of Kate's friend Carla. Carla has been seen since Jon and Kate days acting as a helper. Ashley is around 20 years old and is in college. She has been on different trips on the show since Kate went solo. On twitter, Kate said she was paid. Ashely may be taking something related to taking care of children in college, but she is not a professional. Ashely and her mother are the last few people the 8 have known for a while, and I hope there is no rift.

As for Kate trying to keep the children as babies, it's said that narcissists don't like their children to be independent. They want to keep them little so they can exert control.

Somebody on another site said Kate's organizing just equals being a control freak. I agree with that. She's not so much organized as bossy and controlling.

Sharla said...

1.655 million viewers for this episode.

Becca said...

Here is One of my problems with Kate. I dont take my kids to endless kids movies, Chuck-E-Cheese, crowded fairs and museums, because that is my idea of a perfect day. I do it because my children benefit from the experiences. I experience it with them and I get joy from their joy and learning and wonderment. I do almost everything I do for my kids, and I love doing it because I am thier mommy. She does everything for herself and never gets any joy out of anything her kids get to experience. She makes every experience about her and sucks the fun and joy out of every experience they have. Sad, she is no kind of mommy.

Debbie H said...

I noticed that in this last episode, Steve is NOT wearing a wedding ring....It would be interesting if someone noted in earlier pictures when he first came on if he was wearing a wedding ring THEN...I definitely think they are an item...It's so obvious on this trip that they have something other than working relationship going on...

Oh please! said...

This is one awful woman. That was my first, and ONLY, glimpse of her (well, apart from a show of older clips when she seemed sweet, kinder and more like a real mom). She is a diva that wants all of the attention to be ON HER and WITH HER at all times. She can't even enjoy and be grateful for all of the trips TLC has sent her on! They've created a monster and they've pulled the plug just in time. Fifteen minutes are over, Katie: Buh BYE! [Sadly, her kids are going to have to deal with NOT being filmed for the first time in their lives and she is going to be whining and carrying on and not there for them at all...]

Brummygirl said...

Sharla said:

1.655 million viewers for this episode
Thank you for that Sharla although the only people who will be celebrating that will be the Sheeple. They will be calling for reinstatement on those numbers.
I would imagine that the majority of viewers were there to see Kate go down in a blaze of true colours.

Anonymous said...

I thought she was horrible on this last episode and was always that way with her husband. The episode on Alaska and camping with Sarah Palin showed her true colors - acted like a spoiled brat and a prima donna.

She needs to sell that HUGE house and get something she can afford, plus start working as a nurse again. Just hire someone to be with the kids when she's working - just like the rest of the world.

I feel sorry for her children that they have to be ordered around by her. Good to have it off the air.

Been there done that said...

Is Ashley a professional, paid nanny? She seemed really immature and not very professional. I've seen daycare workers do much better with just as many kids.


Kate is so dysfunctional that I sincerely doubt she'd ever hire a professional nanny. I can't even imagine how she'd behave if Supernanny showed up! (Come to think of it, imagine how Supernanny would behave when Kate whacked her with that wooden weapon of hers!)

Katie Irene hires fat people so that she looks thinner.

Katie Irene hires seemingly inneffective caregivers so that she looks like a good mother.

I always figured that she dumped Jodie for that very reason:
Jodie is gorgeous to look at; she did a fabulous job of handling all those children; and she NEVER lost her temper.
Kate couldn't stand thecompetition.

Big Wooden Spoon said...

There once was a shrew name of Kate
Whose temper could never abate --
She whacked kids with a spoon
And went over the moon
When her boobyguard's pizza got ate

(pardon the grammar)

cossysmom said...

Kate has no joy in her life. What a sad existence.

Anonymous said...

Kate is rude. I met her once where I worked. I'm so glad that TLC canceled her show. I find it funny how she's now freaking out about not having any money. Why? Because people realize how mean and nasty she is and stopped buying into her lies, I mean books? Because she didn't save money and put all of her eggs into one basket with a reality show? Dumb move! Either way, now she's going to be forced to get a real job and get back to the real world. She raised these kids on fake circumstances and now that the carpet has been pulled out from under her, I wonder how the kids are going to adjust to living to an average life style? No more lavish kid parties, no more posh organic food lifestyle, no more trips. I couldn't care less about Khate, I do however feel for the kids.

N.E. Psychologist said...

Laura Linger said
Queen Freebie was fixated on chicken because SHE will eat chicken. To hell with everyone else.
Absolutely, it’s ALWAYS been about Kate.

BTW, the recap that you wrote that was dedicated to Kate’s boobs was one of the funniest things I’ve read and still makes me chuckle when I remember it.

Shoka's Understudy said...

Anonymous said:

No more lavish kid parties, no more posh organic food lifestyle, no more trips. I couldn't care less about Khate, I do however feel for the kids.

I feel for them too. But the good thing in this is when they go and stay with Jon and Ellen, they FEED THEM! Remember back a couple of months ago, J & E fixed them spagetti! I don't think kate has EVER fixed them spagetti! I hope the meatballs were big as softballs! lol Ample portions. Remember when Jon took them to the local minor baseball game, he let them pick out anything they wanted.

kate is obsessed with her weight being as low as possible and makes everyone else suffer along with her. She is so selfish this way!@ If she would take that obsession energy and redirect it to having the strength of sitting down to a meal with your children, and talking to them, finding out their day and you eat your food and let them eat normal healthy portions.

A hummus cup, a yogurt, 3 cracker and 3 grapes just don't cut it every day for lunch.

Also, I think they are sick and tired of traveling with their cranky and unstable mother.

KhakiOKC said...

Let me start by saying that I am no expert but I do know from experience...
Kate's behavior in the RV episode looked like someone in withdrawal. She couldn't have any fun if she tried. She was distracted, jittery, impossible to please and lashed out at everyone for everything. Absolutely no patience, picking fights and creating drama at every turn.
I remember speculation that she drinks and smokes. There was no place for her to hide in the close quarters and with so many people around her all the time.
Just my speculation but I've seen it before.

Shoka said...

KhakiOKC, wow, what a great deduction! I think you may have something there. 14 days with 11 kids in your face, Boyfriend, 2 other adults, the TLC crew and professional drivers and not being able to take a sip or take a puff.

She was wild as a buck, IMO. Rude, cranky, hateful, aggressive, spiteful.

Wedding Ring Blues said...

I noticed that in this last episode, Steve is NOT wearing a wedding ring....It would be interesting if someone noted in earlier pictures when he first came on if he was wearing a wedding ring THEN...I definitely think they are an item


I have not seen any photos of him wearing his wedding ring. This one is from 2009.

twittering katie said...

Last week she tweeted she had to pay for photo ops with the paps(chris one and only),but now she is saying he had pictures of her and her new car for months and just now is showing them,humm think he was po because she never paid him for all the other photo ops,and held on to them waiting for the chance to get back at her,just wondering.

CarolS461 said...

permalink Just watched this clip from ABC News:

Think of the contrast between this little girl and the Gosselin children. This little girl doesn't really have any memories of her mom. The Gosselin children have all their so-called "memories" on DVD, in tabloids, and on TV. Let's face it, their memories are far less "memorable" than what this little girl has.

Wouldn't you rather see your mother helping someone out of a burning building and being called a hero versus a mother who is screeching like a banchee and popping a gasket over a piece of pizza that was touched by human hands?

I don't know...I couldn't help but think of the Gosselin kids when I saw this. At least this little girl has a mother she can be proud of. I don't think the Gosselin children can say the same.

Couldn't Sip, Pop or Puff in RV said...

I believe that when kate dragged the vaccuum cleaner and bounced it over the rocks and went into the RV and vaccuumed the floor and did you see her wiping down the floor, on all fours?

I think she did that to reinforce to people that she does everything!

Including floors and windows!

I thought it was so horrible when kate, ashley and jamie were fixing the food and kate was barking orders. Don't tear the lettuce, Chop it. And telling her how to layer each item.

She wants it to look like it comes from a restaurant, instead of a campground. Like she is accustomed to.

Love SobbyMcFibberpants new aka Sobs Poshlin!

Shoka's Understudy

ncgirl said...

"Last week she tweeted she had to pay for photo ops with the pap"

That was from a non fan. I thought it was Kate herself at first, but the nonfan just copies her.

ShesLostIt said...

It broke my heart when Mady (who sounded like she was crying) said "mom, I'm sorry I didn't know, ok?" during the stupid pizza issue.

Is this Kate completely falling apart, or has this been hidden from us all this time? Did Kate know the show was canceled and she was having a tantrum? Or did the producer know and he has had it up to hear with her and is letting her have it? And why no interviews?

Ravello said...

Kate is the biggest danger in her kid's lives, she is a cold hateful woman who should not even own a guinea pig. And to think the PR hacks promoted her as Mother of the year.

You've Got A Friend said...

"I don't know...I couldn't help but think of the Gosselin kids when I saw this. At least this little girl has a mother she can be proud of. I don't think the Gosselin children can say the same."


Yes, but then again, Kate is their mother and they love her. She's the only mother they have (unfortunately), and she doesn't need to be a hero for them. Maybe in their eyes, they are proud of her because they haven't known anything else. Maternal role models are sadly lacking in their lives. They have nobody else to look up to.

Rose said...

This is truly like watching child abuse play out right in front of you. How unbelievably sad. Did you hear one of them (I can't tell who it was, maybe Ashley?) who said to Kate "You're acting like Mady" when she was throwing a fit? Nice. Really nice. To be honest, though, Mady is far sweeter and more mature than her mother could ever be.

At least half of this stuff has to be staged. It absolutely has to be. The kids' reactions are the only thing that can possibly be real, because children don't lie, but I truly believe that Kate, Ashley, and Steve are acting out a script. They know that at this point, the only thing that might keep Kate in the limelight is the train-wreck side of her personality--that completely irrational, coldhearted cruelty that makes you wonder if any human being could ever possibly behave that way, child or adult. What's sad is that those poor children are true victims. Through all of this, they're the ones left feeling horrible the guilty. My heart goes out to them.

Mom to Twins said...

Oh. my. gosh. I've always known that Kate is a raving lunatic but she is downright awful, terrible, mean and nasty in this episode. And on camera. It's not just that she's a little unkind. She is evil.

Plus, she is hateful to Cara and Mady. And I mean really hateful. And poor, poor Ashley. She's awful to her too. Truly awful and arrogant and dismissive and completely and utterly delusional.

And then she says that she "enjoys the organization factor." Is she actually crazy.

I really can't believe she was willing to be on camera saying all that stuff.

I am so glad that this train wreck has been canceled.

kateisblech said...

My son is 7 going on 8 and in 3rd grade (he has a September bday). He would be mortified beyond belief if I ever referred to him as a pre-schooler.

Pre-school is before Kindergarten. Even though the tups are behind by at least a year, they have gone to Kindergarten and are *many* years passed being pre-schoolers.

I am just gobsmacked by her calling the kids preschoolers... and by denying the twins the chance to see the Grand Canyon after 13 days of Hell on the road. The consequence did not fit the infraction. Take away their tv or something, but let them see the Grand Canyon.

Morla C said...

I just wish Jon would subpeona the TLC tapes to use in court to show just hw much of a nut his wife is. I saw what she was like in the first shows and couldn't stand her then when he left I wasn;t surprised he looked beaten down and exhausted. I pity those kids who will grow up not knowing what a normal relationship is at all and feeling that awful love/hate towards their mother.

Never a fan said...

I watched this train wreck or rather RV wreck. It had to be scripted by TLC. TLC could have given them a different RV, as they kept breaking down, putting the family in danger on the highways, but it is TV, RIGHT? Kate gets in rubber raft but doesn't want to get wet? Kids have to pee but Kate doesn't want to know about that? But what really would have gotten me angry? That Ashley & Jaimie were so lazy and did not save some food for Steve. If it was scripted, okay, it worked, they knew what to do to get Kate really upset. Otherwise what was with Jaimie and Ashley acting like 2 loads just laying around, being 2 of the kids? I am glad the show is over, but the thing that really made me angry was the hard time Kate gave that rafting tour guide. You don't want to get wet, don't get in the raft. What was with Steve? Even he is afraid of Kate. She sure orders him around. Their relationship has certainly changed, hasn't it? Even he jumps when she yells, use to be she listened to him. Hmmmm. Seems there is no employee/employer relationship there. RV travel can be nice unless you make up your mind not to like it. I did also notice when Kate said, after so many breakdowns with the RV, "can't we get a new RV" and Steve said something like "I'm not the person to ask" and I thought he was the one who did everything to keep the family safe, remember he was the Security Person. Well, sitting on the side of the highway is not good stuff and it happened a lot. TLC sent her down in flames on that film shoot (see I learned the lingo for TV too, now maybe I can get a show, lol)

Does 2 + 2 always = 4...? said...

I truly believe that Kates rv behavior is because she just heard the news of the show being canceled. She's acting like a brat who was told no. A scared brat who may not be able to afford a $2000 NYC hair salon.

Did anyone else hear her saying how she 'texted pages of instructions to them' regarding what and how to pack. Gosh, what does Kate herself do all day?

Proud Grandma? said...

Just a quick question, Was last night's show the finale? If it was, what was her big announcement?
Ok that was twoish questions.

Susan said...

I wrote a blog post on this mess( and was interested when today, someone commented that they camped next to Kate & Co. at the Grand Canyon. Sounds like she did a lot of yelling and NO interacting with her kids.

Shoka's Understudy said...

kate is so cruel! She treated Mady and Cara worse than animals when she sent Ashley, Cara and Mady to the HOT BUS!

I heard her threaten to send the kids to the hot bus. kate, do you realize out in the desert in the heat with no A/C in the RV that, that would cause a problem?

She claims they saw the GC later. But even if they did, it didn't matter what was going on, she could of taking a privilege away, and let them see the beautiful Grand Canyon!

To cover kate's @, there was a picture of kate, in between Mady and Cara, all smiles.

So glad TLC showed the real truth about kate banishing the girls.

Why would you put so much stress on your children and walk off ecstatic because they were not going to get to see the GC.

Oh, I forgot, it is a waste of space that you can't do anything with.

I have never, ever heard anyone say something so mean and stupid about the Grand Canyon before in my life!

It is a 7th Wonder of the World!

kate you are the 1st Wonder of NPD World!!!

Wilamina from Wyoming said...

Okay now to thank the moderators. You did such tremendously good work, were patient, stayed on target and it was so appreciated.

Unlike other Blogs, you keep the language clean, you deleted horrendous anger (when you do not know someone, it is not something you should do, tear them apart) and you keep the frauds off the site.

I applaud you all for your work on this site, for making some noise so that Laws were passed and for helping children now and forever who appear on Reality Shows to be protected.

Double applause for always, always posting. Even Holidays seem to have had posts.

I don't know how to say this other than "You Did Good"

Thank you and this is from the heart.

By the way, I always got a laugh or two out of some of the posts and it was much appreciated. As Kate did not tumble down quickly, she is made of steel!

ncgirl said...

Kate may have had suspicions they were being cancelled on the RV trip, but I think another reason for her ornery behavior was it was not her kind of trip. She's used to the beaches and fancy hotels. The RVs were nice, but it was still like camping for her. And you know how she feels about camping!

"what was her big announcement?"

I believe it was on the Today show about the new website the family has.

StillDisgustedinTX said...

was anyone else even disturbed by the comment Kate made to the rafting guide? it speaks volumes about kate the bully.....and so here is what happened.

the river rafting guide quickly figured out kate's number, and was amused by how silly she was to think she was in control, because, after all, he was the one handling the boat. as jamie's boat was passing kate's in the river, they were shouting out that they were the party boat and kate was stuck on the boring boat, yet again. and kate responded "that's because you stick me with the preschoolers."

to which the guide quickly interjected to kate "i thought you chose the children to come with you?"
and brace yourself for this reply, because it speaks volumes about kate the bully: "i did because they're the youngest and they're the most defenseless."

StillDisgustedinTX said...

Kate's "they're the youngest and most defenseless" comment is scary and is the most on point statement to summarize her behavior with the children. She confirms her intention of being a bossy bully, who insults their intelligence, and worst of all abuses them in every way she possibly can.

Will one of these so called journalists who is interviewing her PLEASE finally give her the kind of scrutiny she has had coming to her for the last seven years??? Please stand up and defend those kids because she doesn't think they can defend themselves!!!

There is an infinite list of examples of her abusive behavior and disrespect towards anyone she encounters, not just her children. In this episode alone, which is the only one I saw this season because it was the finale, I was watching it with my jaw on the floor.

StillDisgustedinTX said...

Another sad commentary on the lives of the Gosselin children came near the end of the RV trip when the producer spoke to Hanna and Alexis alone outside and asked them which was their favorite RV to be on--and the picked Jamie's because it was the fanciest and they could do whatever they wanted on that bus. On their mom's bus, they sadly said they they couldn't do anything on that bus but watch tv. The expressions on their face were heartbreaking when they repeated "it's boring, very boring. so sad...." Hannah reaffirmed. Wow. that is "so sad." That sums up their life with their mother--they are not allowed to do anything.

Jenny O said...

"what was her big announcement?"

I believe it was on the Today show about the new website the family has.

The website is unintentionally hilarious. I checked it out, and there is a big picture of Kate sitting on a chair that has been plonked outside randomly, like in the driveway or off to the side of the yard or something. I think she's wearing a pink sleeveless top, white pants and silver high heeled sandals and she's attempting to look chic and sexy, but just looks ridiculous.

No picture of any of the kids. All the links bring up "under construction". Why put up the web page when it's nowhere near completed?

I forgot to check if there was a Paypal donation button.

pinkdiamond611 said...

I believe that the last two episodes were aired to show Kart, EXACTLY how she has behaved the past Five years. But during the past five years the producers cut out all the disgusting behavior and made it all seem like a bed of roses. . .this time, for whatever reason, they decided to show the truth. How many times have we heard that Mady was locked in the room and couldn't attend because of her behavior? What kind of mother doesn't allow her daughters to see the Grand Canyon after 11 days of driving there? Why? Cause Mady touched Steve's pizza with her bare hands? This is the first time that I recall Steve having such a prominent speaking role. What a piece of garbage. He certainly does not care one iota about those children.

Annie2 said...

I have been thinking about this episode for over a week now. I did not know what to think so I let it go. Today, I had a thought. Perhaps Kates behavior about the pizza had nothing do with the pizza. It has to do with her ability to deal with stress. The pizza was just the last straw.

I have been in that position before. I yelled at someone over something small. It was not the event that caused the freak out. It was the fact that it was just another thing added to load I was carrying. It was not my finest moment. I did go to consoling because I realized that I needed to find a better way to deal with stress. I kept bottling it up until the bottle broke.

I think this happened to Kate. I am NOT excusing her behavior. I can just relate to her freak out over something small. Its not a big deal to anyone except for you at the time. She needs help. I know I did. I knew at the time that I did to. I even thought about it during the freak out. What was I don't? Why did this matter so much? What is causing me to behave this way.

Kate like myself needs to learn to deal with the stress and not let it build up. I don't know if she will ever learn what I did. Its sad, because I know that her kids suffer when ever she has one of these moments. I hope she gets the help she needs. I don't think that she will until she realizes that she has a problem.

Anonymous said...

Does Steve apologize to all the folks that Kate is rude and mean to. I wonder about that. If it was scripted that she tell that boat capt "don't get me wet" that made me angry. I can't feel sorry for her. I can't.

Wondered about Ashley being 100% responsible for the kids when Kate wasn't there. I would not trust her. But I wondered if TLC has Ashley say goodbye to get a reaction from the kis, then after the taping, told the kids it wasn't real. Like that Christmas when they were small.

Eileen ChiTown said...

Saw parts of the RV episode, during the commercials on American Pickers.
So Fake! The drama, the pizza, the quitting -all scripted.
I don't believe this was done without the 'queen's' OK.
She's nuts and everyone that works with her & for her are guilty of childabuse.
Those poor kids are going to need TONs of therapy.
God help them.
And God, please make Kate stay off of television.

p.s. - Board Moderators - Thank you for allowing us a place to talk about this show.

Reality said...

If Kate would get the photos of her children off of her web site, I might have a tiny bit of respect for her.

She still wants those kids on TV otherwise take the kid's photos off the web site. Let them retire.

Go get a job. Stop begging and stop complaining, we all have it rougher and the budget is tighter.

Jenny O said...

Annie2 said:
I hope she gets the help she needs. I don't think that she will until she realizes that she has a problem.

Thank you for sharing your own personal story about how you recognized that you needed some help when your behavior was not something you were proud of. I believe most of us can certainly relate to occasionally behaving poorly due to stress.

The difference between you, us and Kate -- is that we are sorry afterwards for our poor behavior and usually try to figure out why it happened, and learn better ways to behave. If Kate has ever truly been sorry - they have never shown that on the show.

I don't think Kate believes she ever does anything wrong, or that she needs to make any change in her own behavior. It is always someone else's fault. That's why we're never going to see any real change. If she was going to accept responsibility for all her meanness and pettiness, we'd have seen it already. It's been nearly 7 years since this family first was in the public eye, and Kate has only gotten progressively more selfish, more rude, and more "wrong-headed".

txmom said...

I, on the other hand, don't believe any of the rv shows were scripted. (I don't think any of them are intelligent enough to make it appear 'real').
I think all the 'seasons' have tons of footage just like what was shown on the rv episodes, only it was never shown.

Crissylea said...

I'm certainly not surprised with Kate's behavior on the RV trip, it's typical, however what really surprised me was how Steve just stood by like a little boy and let Kate scream at everybody on his behalf (over a piece of pizza) Steve could have stepped up and sacrificed a slice of pizza for the kids.. instead he watch Kate unravel & disrespect the only two friends she has, that do everything for her and her children.. What a Man !!!! They desesrve each other...