Kate's Worst Moments or When I Knew She Was a Shrew

What is your choice for the worst Kate moment or your wake up call that Kate was not the person TLC was trying to make you believe?


Pony said...

Since I first watched Jon and Kate + 8 near the end of season 4, and had to catch up a bit, I can't say that I ever didn't think she was a shrew. The first time I saw the show, I thought she was one. It might have been one of the episodes where they were taking each of the kids out alone - and she wouldn't go with the boys. How does a mother reject half (3/8) of her children like that? She continues to show her true colors, though. It's mind-boggling to see someone who is that self-absorbed and that unaware of how other people might perceive them.

great without Kate! said...

The cupcake episode; followed by the gum episode.

Until then, I could see getting "snippy" because you are tired. But, her cruel nature shined through at that time. Followed quickly by the buying of the mansion and the "mine! All mine!" and the humiliation and degradation she foisted on Jon because he didn't use the coupon. Then I knew she was evil. Pure selfish evil. No one treats their dear husband that way. Especially a Christian. She threw Jesus away with her marriage. Hopefully Jon will find his way back.

woobielover said...

Gumgate! How could a mother throw away a child's "woobie" like that?

SusieQ said...

I think it was in Toys Are Us. I felt such pain for him. It was awful.

Shoka's Understudy said...

I felt bad for Jon when he was loading up the shopping from Toys R Us. Wasn't she just beefing with her arms folded and not helping him load the van?

Then he told her to take the stick out.

I promise, I thought I heard the brakes screeching because the earth was stopping in mid orbit.

She let Jon have it right there and wasn't even paying the kids no mind.

Hopefully, she gave Steve an earful in the RV about blowing her off like she gave Jon at Toys R Us.

You might in a marriage have something like this happen once or twice in a span of say 5 to 8 years, but kate did/does this on a daily basis.

It was everyday on the RV road trip from well, you know.

And a small piece of cold pizza broke the camel's back.

MomIAm said...

I caught the show on a marathon weekend and then watched a couple of new shows about the time they bought their "all mine" home. I had already noticed, that Jon had a job and not only took care of the kids when home, but also worked around the house. I related more to Jon than to Kate, because she often sat around and barked orders. It seemed odd that he would be working hard on a chore while she would often stand there whining and complaining to him because she had to take care of the kids by herself. I never saw her as a good wife or mother. It fascinated me that others had a completely different view. I guess people listened to what she said instead of watching her actions.

The most odd thing was seeing her sit in that chair watching the kids. I always interacted with mine or worked on something else, while at the same time keeping an eye on them. Did Jon ever do that? I don't remember anyone in my family doing that except for an older Grandfather who had a hard time walking.

Those episodes were enough for me. I never watched another. I was shocked at how mean she was to Jon. He always seemed to be busy with the kids or working on something. She sat around, complained, made nasty comments, and rolled her eyes. How in the world did she get placed on a pedestal? I guess that is a puzzle for the ages.

ratherbkayaking said...

I haven't watched the show for so many seasons, but the shrewiest moment for me was the Toys R Us screeching episode and the couch session after. She was so in denial of how awful she acted.

MaryQuiteContrary said...

The "Holly Jolly Hissy Fit": the Christmas shopping trip that aired in 2007.

I remember thinking this episode was not only painful to watch, it was unnecessary! Why set up a situation fraught with maximum stress by bringing the kids to the toy store if you're on a "Secret Santa" mission?

Of course, this was back when I thought we were seeing their "real lives": holiday-stressed parents Christmas shopping on a budget.

Despite all subsequent terrible episodes ("Gumgate", treatment of the puppies, the dude ranch, "Bed Shopping"), this was a shrew at her finest.

Stlmommy said...

I stopped watching the show after seeing how horrible she was to her sick kids. Making Adien (I think it was him), lay on the laundry room floor when he was sick so he wouldn't get vomit on anything that she might have to clean
I found that abusive and the kids were so young!

I'm Ready, Mr.DeMille said...

First of all, I love the title of this article.
I really gave up watching after Toys R Us and the Crayola shows. They were particularly disturbing because there were other "REAL PEOPLE" in the area, who to were forced to experience a "dose of K8".
I had noted early on that there was NEVER a moment of motherly love on K8's part. You know..how a mother's eyes smile with pride and love when their child does something on the spur of the moment. She was always too busy kvetching or on her cell phone to find out what the child wanted. Yes, I acknowledge that sometimes kids get on your nerves BUT there are times that require immediate attention. These kids were told to go away and to settle it themselves, so it was no surprise that the 2 were told to leave school. That instance was K8's fault alone, she encouraged bullyism. I'm glad it (the show) is over for the kids' sake in more ways than one.

MayDay said...

It is so hard to pick one to be the first~ gumgate brought me to tears, cupcake episode, lying on the cold floor, Toys are us... why does someone who is so evil seem to get so much attention?

se said...

I actually avoided the show for years, but it kept being shoved down my throat with every commercial. Even though I didn't watch it, they kept showing pieces of it during other shows I like. The problem I had with it was that I felt that it didn't really provide a realistic view of high order multiples. For example, to other sets of sextuplets born since were extremely premature, and in one, 5 of the 6 passed away, and the other, 4 of the 6 perished. All of the survivors (3 between 2 sets) have obvious special needs. I thought the show glorified HOM, and only saw the risks as a way to add drama, and make Kate appear courageous.

So the first time I actually saw Kate flipping through channels, I had a VERY negative view of her, although I admit, I was already irritated with the concept. It was the first part of the vow renewal ceremony, and she was complaining that her first wedding was not in Hawaii, because her family was not willing to eat the expense, and she spent the whole ceremony thinking "how much nicer it would be in Hawaii" I thought of my own simple "mediocre" wedding ceremony, with people I love, a reception lovingly catered by my sisters, and I dislike her immediately. Then she went on to tell her kids mommy and daddy were going to be together "forever", and said smugly to the cameramen, because you know a lot of parents don't, and I thought that was a very hurtful thing to say when so many families to have to contend with divorce, very much throwing her fake happiness in everyone's face.

So that was my first real encounter with her, and it was not favorable. I never really liked her.

Scruffy's Mom said...

I have read that Khate always has had the "gimmes" but the beginning of the end for her as a human being was her tummy tuck. Now, everything on her body is fake, and she is quite the fake. If it hadn't been for that tummy tuck, we wouldn't have had to endure all of those bikini shots or, most likely, most of the photos of her.

Brummygirl said...

I had not watched the first shows, my daughter told me that there was a show about cute multiples, but the mother was a witch and though she liked seeing the children, she was not watching any more.
So, I tuned in and couldn't believe my eyes how she treated Jon and the children.
So I guess you can say I have always thought she was a shrew but it grew to such enormous proportions, I wondered who else thought this woman was awful. That is when I found GWOP and realised that this was abuse and like minds wanted this stopped.

Anonymous said...

So many moments but how about the time when she and Jon were going to California for Jon to get hair plugs...how she could leave her kids when half of them were sick with the flu and her sister in law came to babysit and she and some of her children were also sick...I thought how in the world can a mother leave sick children and go on a trip, especially for something so vain ?

kate can't do sh** said...

For me it was when John was rollerblading down the street and she screamed at him from the driveway that he was supposed to be looking after his kids. That did it for me. I saw her as an unhappy, evil, resentful bitch.

Anitia Coffee said...

I never watched the show until Jon was caught in the white car with the bimbo. Then, since it was on all the tabloids, etc...out of morbid curosity I watched just to see what the fuss was about.


What if it was Jon who was giving her the "love taps" all the time, barking orders at her, etc...he would be called an abuser and she would, understandably, be the victim.

The shows I did see - wow...just...wow... Gumgate? Threating to get rid of the dogs that the kids clearly bonded with because one did what dogs do - poop on the outside patio....Having her sick child lie down on the floor so SHE would not be inconvienenced?

I have 2 sons, who are the light of my life. My 8 year old is autistic. It blows my mind that Kate, who has been blessed with 8 typically developing kids - no signs of any developmental problems, etc... can be so blind to what really matters.

The kids are getting older - high school is coming soon for the twins....kids can be cruel as it is, and it should concern K8 about the things that the other kids will say to the girls. But - I doubt that she cares.

BTW - who the heck goes to the grocery store in designer clothes and hooker heels? Give me my mediocre jeans and tee-shirt. But then again, I treat everyone I meet with respect, still am in contact with my sibs, and not shunned by the neighbors. I guess that is what "mediocre" is...

K8 is almost 40 - past her prime if she think she can still be a Hollywood star. She should really start to focus on those 8 little mealtickets....I mean blessings...

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure when my first moment was. When she got a tummy tuck, I actually didn't blame her because I felt like if I had the chance to have a free one after giving birth to multiples, I'd take it too.

However, the cupcake episode, gumgate, Kate screeching at Jon to "don't abandon your children!" when he was trying to help Cara ride her bike...all those made me realize she was not just "stressed out and tired". That was just bullying.

I also remember an episode where Jon and Kate took the family somewhere for a photo shoot, and Kate was sitting down, and she asked Jon where the kids' clothes (for the photo) were. He replied that they were in the van, and Kate said, "well, can you go get them, please?" My jaw dropped. She was sitting down on her butt ordering Jon to get the clothes. There was another episode where she sat on the white throne while Jon was cleaning out the garage, and she kept bossing him around. When he said, "Kate, you're just sitting there," she made up some dumb excuse about why she had to sit down. That showed me how truly lazy she was. Yes, every moms deserve breaks, but she was over the top.

On the second to last episode before J&K was cancelled, there was an episode called, "You Ask, Kate Answers." I remember they showed her famous meltdowns, and Kate actually seemed embarrassed and even said, "I was wrong, BUT I was tired, stressed out, etc." I decided to give her a second chance when Kate Plus 8 premiered. It didn't take long for me to realize that she will never change. She can apologize and say she was wrong, but until she actually REPENTS and makes some serious changes, I won't believe her. I'm wondering if the producers had told her to apologize and look embarrassed to keep her fan base, or if she really was.

O-Hi-O said...

So many examples, so little space...

They were at an outdoor ice cream place and she was, as usual, sucking every bit of fun out of the experience. She screamed at the boys for rolling down a small, grassy slope - we can't have grass stains now, can we? Those poor little boys, trying to avoid further wrath from their mother, actually tried to roll down that little grassy hill WITHOUT THEIR BOTTOMS TOUCHING THE GROUND. After all, when having a family outing at an outdoor ice cream place, THE MAIN OBJECTIVE in childhood is to avoid grass stains on our play clothes.

THIS is an example of good mothering, TLC???? Do any of you HAVE mothers??????

8unhappycampers said...

When Alexis pooped herself and Kate had no clue how to bathe her because it was 'Jon's job,' and then I realized that even though the babies were awake Kate refused to get them til 8:30/9:00 because SHE wasn't a morning person. And then I realized how much time she didn't spend with her kids...but the icing on the cake was when she blamed Jon for HER obnoxious behavior at toysrus. Good lord.

Takes the Kate said...

I watched this show from the beginning and regularly for quite a long time. I think the first thing that really got to me was when she and Jon went to get their teeth whitened and left all their kids (and I believe some of them were sick at the time) which Aunt Jodi. That was just a low moment in my mind. No one really NEEDS to get their teeth whitened.
There are other 2 other things that stick out in my mind one is the "gum-gate" thing I've seen mentioned on here. Why the heck didn't she just stick the thing in the freezer or rub an ice cube over it. Most of the gum would have come right off.
The other thing is any time the kids might get dirty. Has she ever heard of play-clothes? If you take your kids to get ice-cream or to the Crayola Museum chances are they are going to get dirty (you think?) I know she loves all her kids to be dressed in Gap or Childrens Place attire but for heaven sakes have some clothes that are specifically for playing and getting dirty in, then you don't have to worry about it at all. In my mind these are just simple, common-sense solutions.

Jane PA said...

Two that stick out for me were the Toys r us episode and an episode where they were carving pumpkins in the garage when the kids were very small. She was yelling at Jon and making him stop carving while she rolled up the white paper to clean up the mess! What a witch!!

Captain of the Titanic said...

Easily Kate's worst moment for me was when she was changing on of the tup's diaper and picked that poor baby up BY ONE ARM!

This was a baby, in a crib and she lifts is by one arm? What mother does that? I don't care how messy that bed or diaper was, there are other ways to handle that.

sglily said...

Obviously not the worst moment, but "it's the little things"...

I will always remember the scene that really brought me to my senses on the real Kate. It was an episode where the kids were all home and Kate was "finding something for them to do", and I believe it was either the edible play-doh or monkey munch--but I think edible play-doh. Kate very rudely asserted to all her fans not to bother writing in for the recipe, actually ordering us not to write in, and that too many people write in about stuff like that and then proceeded to look extremely annoyed.

At that time, the show was probably at its peak of naiive moms admiring Kate, wanting to be "just like Kate", and that's how she treats them? Ugh! It made me sick that she was that outright rude to those of us she didn't even know, but yet were paying her bills!

Yes, she had been rude to her husband, snippy with the kids...stress?, maybe it could be justified, but to treat her fans like unimportant nobodys? True Colors at their best.

Vanilla Sky said...

I remember thinking things were not quite right with this woman during Toys are us, gumgate, and a sick child on the floor in the laundry room but the clincher for me was choosing and buying furniture while one of her children was in agony. A good mother would stand up and have the cameras turned off and give their child relief. And she wasn't taking the kids opinions into account so why didn't she just take the catalog and order from home? Mom of the Year....NOT!!!

DUCK said...

I think the question should be "Can you name ANY GOOD moments (that involved Kate that is)"?

I was always horrified by how ungrateful she was for her healthy children and all she had, but I stopped watching all together when Jon and her took each child on it's special day. I have 3 kids and still can't manage to do this. And don't know anyone who does-it is usually family time or a special outing is when they are all in school and one goes to the dentist or Dr! All the yelling and bickering, the matching free clothes and trips was just to much to relate to when we live on a budget and try to treat each other with love and respect!

Now if she would just GO AWAY! At least she did do one thing-she is forever recorded on TV as a shinning example of how to be a bad parent.

Jenny O said...

The two worst moments (out of many worsts) for me remain:

1. She put one of the little boys down on the laundry room floor when he was sick, feverish and vomiting, because she didn't want him to vomit on his comforter. NO WORDS. What kind of mother does that? Answer: One who doesn't really love her child. Simple as that.

2. Gumgate, when she literally screamed into little Colin's face that she was going to throw his "lovey" away because there was a little bit of gum on it. And she repeated the threat over and over, while he got progressively more hysterical. Shocking.

I had to once throw out my son's beloved stuffed Tigger after he had thrown up on it. I tried to clean it but was unsuccessful. I cried because I couldn't get it clean again, and then we had a little farewell ceremony and my son cried too and we said our goodbyes to faithful Tigger, and I went out and got him a new one right afterward. And I still feel badly about not being able to clean original Tigger!!

Why would a mother scream at her child and make him absolutely miserable like that? Answer -- because she doesn't really love that child.

To realize that there are some people who saw those episodes and STILL claim Kate is a good mother, is almost as shocking as Kate's behavior.

hannah said...

When she was whining about her Aiden was "not prefect" for needing glasses really bugged me. I heard of a family who had sextuplets and all six died a couple of years or so ago.

Lights, Cameras, Platitudes said...

"And she wasn't taking the kids opinions into account so why didn't she just take the catalog and order from home?"


Because then there wouldn't have been an episode!

E said...

My "aha" moment was when Kate actually said to Jon "...do you HAVE to breathe so loud?" I looked at my daughter - did she just say what I thought she said? She had. After that it's like my eyes opened up to all the little acts of meanness and the bigger ones. I stopped watching after the "vow renewal" episode because none of it felt sincere. I ache for those kids.

Boston Bonnie said...

I didn't want many of the episodes but caught bits and pieces. For me her treatment of Jon at Toys R Us, at the Crayola Factory and 'gum gate'.

As someone who had a "gigi" that gave me lots of comfort as a child my heart broke when she was yelling at the poor little boy that she was going to throw out his lovey.

Knowing what I know about KG that little one needed that comfort/soothing that he obviously wasn't getting from his witch of a mom.

Allie said...

There are several for me.

The time she found a dresser knob in the girls room and went ballistic over it, screaming at all the kids. A dresser knob. Really.

The fact that she never picked up the boys to love on them for a second, like she did with the girls (Hannah especially). I get that they're boys and you can't baby them, but you can pick them up and kiss them occasionally and say you're proud of them. ugh.

The time she got breakfast in bed and made all the little kids get out of her room.. Except Hannah.. Who was being fed little bites from mommys plate as she sat in kates bed. Would she do that for Collin, Joel, or Aaden? Never.

Talking rudely about her parents on tv. What ever happened to honor thy mother and thy father, miss Christian?

Someones already mentioned this, but the family photo shoot day where she humiliates Jon by berating him for "not listening to her" and instead listening to the HOST of the house they are in by putting the kids clothes "a mile away".

When she sasses aunt Jodi to the camera about the gum. I loved Jodi.

The fact that she lefts her kids in their cribs every day for 4 hours to "nap" so she could google herself.

And finally, when they were decorating for the little kids 3rd birthday (carnival day). She quickly and subtly said something about having a neighborhood carnival in which they would charge people to come.... Yeah... Great way to make friends. Charge them to come to your party.

Shoka's Understudy said...

hannah said...

When she was whining about her Aiden was "not prefect" for needing glasses really bugged me. I heard of a family who had sextuplets and all six died a couple of years or so ago.


kate is such a tightwad about spending money on her kids, she is willing to beef about Aaden having glasses. I remember her beefing about having to buy them and they were 400 dollars a pair.

Well, have you heard of the chain stores that offer glasses cheaper?

The reason why those children don't have play clothes, she takes every item they have outgrown and takes them to the consignment shop and sells them.

Remember, her community brought clothes and other items for the kids and she went and took them all to the consignment shop to make money.

She is going to pay for treating her kids like ATM's and her community like fools.

I wonder who owns that consignment shop and did they have to sign a confidentiality agreement?

Anonymous said...

I watched the episode where Jon cooked Korean. This could have been a very educational episode. It could have even led to a "Jon and Kate+8 cookbook."

Jon was in the kitchen trying to cook. K8 was bitching to Jon to get out of the kitchen, because she had to prepare the G8's lunch. Seiously tho, how much room does she need to portion out a few crackers and some grapes? She then went on to critisize Jon for actually following a recipe. She was making insulting remarks such as "ah so". When the attention was turned to Jon, and he was trying to explainn some of the recipe's. Kate sushed him and said "ancient chinese secret" to which Jon replied angrily "Korean"

That incident right there showed a lack of respect for Jon's culture. When she insults Jon's ethnicity, she is also insulting her children's ethnicity. This shows how ignorant K8 really is.

One good thing came out of the episode tho. When Mady came home from school, and found out that her daddy cooked Korean food, she was so happy, her eyes lit up and she jumped for joy. Probably the only genuine happiness you could see from that little girl.

readerlady said...

For me, it wasn't any one episode, it was an accumulation of episodes. Pumpkingate, where she spoiled Jon and the kids' fun by forcing them to stop carving the pumpkins because she couldn't stand the mess even tho they were being very neat about it. Gumgate, ToysRUs, Joelgate, Collins constipation, all the jibes and nasty comments to Jon, the constant whining and complaining about having to do everything herself, when Jon clearly did the bulk of the childcare and household maintenance. At first, I didn't believe her behavior. I thought that TLC must be playing it up to make her seem more outrageous, but over time, it became obvious that she was a witch.

hannah said...

Giving Hannah her own room.

Mocking the kids on TV.

The comparing of the twins esp when it came to how smart one was.

Anonymous said...

I was always horrified by how ungrateful she was for her healthy children and all she had, but I stopped watching all together when Jon and her took each child on it's special day. I have 3 kids and still can't manage to do this.

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be naive, but what's wrong with taking the kids out for special days?

jenjen said...

The Disney ice cream incident where she took their ice cream away and yelled at the cast members that gave it to the kids. Yes the kids were going to get sticky but they were about 3 yards from a gift shop and I am sure the cast members would have given each child a free Disney t-shirt if Kate had simply asked.

Jennifer said...

I never thought she was nice. I used to give her a little credit for taking care of the babies and a house, but then I found out she's always had behind the scenes help with meals and laundry.

The last episode I ever watched was the bed buying ep. Seeing Kate sit there while the kids bounced on all the bed and poor Colin was crying from being constipated...crying "mama" and Kate is just totally focused on a brochure for the free beds she wants.

She is vile and disgusting, and I'm really sad for the poor kids. Poor rich kids but still such a sad story, and they're only what, 7?

This, too, shall pass away said...

I started despising Kate when...
(not in chronological order)

1. When she dragged the kids with that ring to and from the parade.

2. When she ordered the kids to, "Walk with purpose!" while dragging one girl tups whose bottoms were falling down... train episode.

3. When the poor tups were left in cribs upstairs alone, sobbing their eyes out, for who know how long while Kate bossed Jon around... decorating front yard for tups b-day party.

4. When Kate remarked about Jon breathing too loud.

5. When she freaked out before and as she rolled up the paper during the pumpkin carving in their garage.

6. When she denied the twins a chance to have fun at an activity table.

7. When she had a #$%& fit at the Crayola place.

8. The way Kate treated Jon about his father's items (purge!) and how she behaved at the parkinglot sale.

9. The way it had no effect on her leaving sick kids behind in the hair plugs episode.

10. How she treated Jon, time and time again, multiple episodes.

11. BUNDLE: Toys R Us, Gumgate, Cupcakegate, and all the gates I've forgotten (luckily).

There are many, many more I don't recall.

This, too, shall pass away said...

Just read most of the posts here and I have to agree with most I'd forgotten...

a. "They're RUINED!" ice cream with Princesses made me want to slap her silly.

b. Sitting on her butt browsing the catalog while Collin was in agony made me want to shove Collins diaper in her face.

c. Simply watching her sip her coffee in PJs after Jon had been up for hours tending to the kids and making coffee.

d. Threatening the children of severe severeness, or something like that, if they entered the Konpound master-bedroom.

e. Verbal assaulting and berating Jon because he was having fun with Play-Doh in backyard with kids.

f. Her inflexibility when it came to sweatshirts and shoes.

e. Raging on Jon from the BBB passenger seat as he did pretty much everything in preparation for a trip.

g. Watching her sitting on her white plastic lawn chair barking orders.

h. Watching her with folded/crossed arms (defensive manner), pointing her finger, and the evil faces she made.

Dang, now I'm getting grouchy! Oh how I despise that excuse of a mother!

hannah said...

Didn`t Kate plan the boys special days along with the girls or at least some of them?

Totally over Queenie said...

I was convinced Kate was a Shrew when she had the NY trip on the K8 show, in the sweltering high temperatures that Summer.

She has converted her once healthy look into a caricature of false breasts, too much make up, distorted facial structure due to Botox? Add the too orange skin with the too blonde hair which was once thick and had lots of body into string.

The show became about her and her life as a Celebrity. A woman who stands on the backs of her children as she continually picks the finest apples off of the best tree in the Orchard because she firmly believes she is "entitled" to everything without working as hard as a mediocre mother.

She has managed to "get too much, too fast" and complain if all the goodies don't come in faster and bigger.

It is not a matter of when I knew but how in the world does this woman still have any type of fan base? She is not to be admired, as she collects the finest, the newest, the best for no work

The purchase of that Mansion and all the acres is indicative of someone who lives ABOVE THEIR MEANS. Not my problem is she loses the house and her kids have to go to public school. It is her spendthrift ways.

When the heck did she last cut out a coupon?

Exhausted said...

Her treatment of Jodi and the other kind people who would babysit and do household chores for her--for free--astounded me. We have two kids, and have no family member who would take them once a week to give us a break. Nor do we have someone who would ever help us fold or put away laundry. The fact that she didn't ever appreciate these things bothered me tremendously. One would think that she would have returned the favor to Jodi even once a month, but oh no!

DUCK said...

Smileygril752 said I was always horrified by how ungrateful she was for her healthy children and all she had, but I stopped watching all together when Jon and her took each child on it's special day. I have 3 kids and still can't manage to do this.

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be naive, but what's wrong with taking the kids out for special days?


Nothing. It is a great idea and a loving thought, except-it is a logistical nightmare getting everyones schedules to mesh and getting a sitter 8 different times (Yes, I know she used Jodi but still...) , the expense (if it was a normal family) expecially when you cry poor all the time, and for some of the activities the kids got to do things only because TLC was behind the day-like when one of the boys went to the PA RR museum -they were the only ones there and he got to drive the engine. This is not a "normal" day there. For me, it just really drove home how this show was not about a family struggling like the average "mediocre" family. It just made it really hard to releate to them and feel like you had anything in common. From there on out it seemed the show was about trips or day trips and ones that would be outside the budget of a single income family of 10. For some reason for me, it was the nail in the coffin to stop watching.

Lead Belly sings Good Night Irene said...

I see numerous mentions of gum-gate, cupcake-gate, toys-r-us-gate and the constant berating of Jon.
One episode that I have not seen mentioned is one in which Kate did not appear in the segment but played to me a pivital role.
Jon had taken the boys to a minor league baseball game. The boys were playing on the field with the players. One of them fell and got his clothes dirty. He was unconsolable and could not stop crying. Nothing anyone said could make a difference because this poor wee lad knew what was in store for him when he got home and she saw the dirty clothes. He knew she would not ask if they had had fun. He knew she would scream at him and scream at his dad for letting him get dirty.
Cause that is what Kate Gosselin does best.

Type (little) a said...

When I saw her asking for a free boob job to go with the free tummy tuck, I thought she was a little presumptuous. Also, when she said "we're doing this every year" to the free makeover Mrs Glassman/TLC paid for, I also thought she was a little phony and greedy.

Also, her "altitude sickness" was so bad she couldn't dress her kids, but she sure sucked it up for the spa.

Poor sweet Joel on the laundry room floor made me HATE her though.

kate can't do sh** said...

I think the point being made is that the general public could no longer relate to how rich the Gosselins were becoming. For doing NOTHING. People starting watching the freebies come again and again and it became too much. Especially when Kate NEVER showed any gratitude for what she had. I've often posted that very point. If she had shown just one little bit of appreciation, people might have accepted her more. But her selfishness, combined with her bitch attitude, took people over the top.

Jenny O said...

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be naive, but what's wrong with taking the kids out for special days?

I'm not speaking for the OP, but the special days episodes on J&K+8 were contrived and paid for by TLC. It wasn't really something that Jon or Kate ever considered doing on their own, and I imagine they only did those special days once, for filming (i.e., money making) reasons, not because they wanted to spend special one-on-one time with each child.

Second, Kate only went on the girls' special days, but not on any of the boys' days. Now, this was probably a good thing, since she would have ruined the day one way or another -- but it was also another clear example of "I like the girls, but the boys are yucky" attitude she has.

She's come undone said...

Honestly, I took a strong disliking to her the very first time I watched which was the beginning. But what really made me sick early on was the shopping for bunk beds when Collin (or maybe Joel) was constipated and she could have cared less. That show made me so uncomfortable and I felt so sorry for those children as well as the sales people. After the 5th birthday party I quit watching until the very end. She had not got any better without Jon. She was possibly worse.

CT MOM said...

The coupon episode (coupongate?) was pretty telling.

How many times have I forgotten to use a coupon (or my husband has done so) - Kate, focus on what's important!! Here's a hit: Coupons ain't it!

Sidney said...

E said...
My "aha" moment was when Kate actually said to Jon "...do you HAVE to breathe so loud?" I looked at my daughter - did she just say what I thought she said? She had. After that it's like my eyes opened up to all the little acts of meanness and the bigger ones. I stopped watching after the "vow renewal" episode because none of it felt sincere. I ache for those kids.

She was very insensitive to say Jon was breathing too loud, but then she "demonstrated" how loud he was breathing, and she was so exaggerated, and I felt so sorry for him.

How rude!

Mary said...

What bother me is what was filmed off camera. If any of these people write books of how abusive Kate was to the kids they should be arrested for not reporting it. I am sorry how can a camera crew and production crew juat atand by and watch this. I am horrified to think what is on the cutting room floor. Kate is a horrible mother TLC has no honor to stand by and watch abuse taking place. I know a few left the show and are working else were. I see scott on the Duggars. Kids might be able to sue Kate but will have a nice suit against TLC.


Too broke to party said...

Some of us don't have a support system that will take 4 of my 5 children while I take one out for the day.

I do take a child out for their birthday and do something fun but it is for 2 hrs at the most. No one will babysit, without being paid, for longer than that. So a movie or the skating rink is all I do.

Life is harder today with the economy and everything from fruits and veggies costing more to trying to take your children to the movies.

We make decisions and weigh the consequences of using cash vs a credit card.

Never saw Kate pay for anything, ever, never. It must have been nice while it lasted.

Please TV shows stop sending your limos to bring Kate to NY.

Read that her trip to LA to the Emmys was coach and by herself with a brown wig on. lmao.

Mamie said...

Had to look at some of the spots on you tube to remember the worse. I think if you go back, you see Jon and K on the couch at the end of the show. For the first couple of years, Jon was so excited about what was occuring. But that was when the kids were tiny and small.

When those kids started to grow and got to be toddlers, all heck broke loose and Kate & Jon on that couch got further and further apart.

So like everyone, the baby times are fun, but the minute the kids can walk and talk, well, it is real work and it gets harder and harder.

Looking back, you could see that Collin and Alexis had problems, but their parents were already saying terrible things about them: Collin ate too much, Alexis was a wild child. Guess they lived up to those descriptions.

J&K said Mady never adjusted to the 6 being born and it shows in the first magazine cover, Redbook and Mady was throwing a fit on the deck while 23 crew members from Redbook were there plus TLC's crew and Mady was the one who wouldn't continue to pose, Cara sat on the railing so very, very sad.

J&K created a terrible situation with the multiple births, the incapability to handle it and now, children with problems.

All sad but not as sad as what Kate looks like, she got so old with all the work she had done.The big boobs are a joke when she looked so good after the kids were about 2. Shame but true

She's nuts said...

I saw a marathon of this show on LD 2008, and never watched another show. The constipation epi, Toys R Us, Disney (she's ruined), Crayola (No fun for these kids), Joel on the laundry room floor, leaving the babies in bed until she had her coffee after an 8AM wake-up, the flight to UT when she fell apart, sitting on her fat arse doing nothing while criticizing everyone else......but the final straw was her cruelty to the boys in Cupcake Gate. The end.

All those horrible You tube clips..she was an out of control, manipulative biotch from the get go-

Anonymous said...

Colombo in Pajamas

1) Potty training in public.

2) She was about to be filmed with
the children on some talk show.
One of the twins said (several
times) that she was really
thirsty. Someone handed Kate a
bottle of water. The thirsty
twin was sitting next to Kate.
Kate denied the child water and
drank some for herself. GRRRR !

Bridge Over Troubled Water said...

The thirsty
twin was sitting next to Kate.
Kate denied the child water and
drank some for herself. GRRRR !


You're forgetting -- the saddest thing about this was when the twin said, "Mommy, you're mean."

hannah said...

I hated Watergate.

Or when she whined about the kids called the sitters mom, but kept leaving.

Didn`t she once tell them that daddy is leaving, when he was rollerblading. I think it was something like that.

Saying if the kids threw up on thesleves due to crying they had to stay in the cloths all day long.

Brown Betty said...

Kate yells and berates John and the kids in public yet takes Steve quielty inside to "yell" at him. What is wrong with this picture?

Mom to 4 boys said...

Life is now happening with the Gosselins in their Mansion. Now is when Kate will wonder how to clean that Mansion. Now Kate will wonder how she ever did laundry for babies, but those jeans get bigger and bigger and the loads of laundry become bigger and bigger, the folding, unless Hannah has mastered it, the ironing? Oh come now, never saw Kate do anything but pretend to be cooking in the kitchen, never saw her cleaning. Changing those beds? Well, she won't have to worry about running to keep her weight down, try making those beds everyday for all 9 of them, especially on sheet changing day.

Think it was hard to bath them when the tups could fit in the tub at 3 at a time? Try it now, when they are requiring at least 7 minutes of hot water in a shower. Everything gets harder, cost more, and those little shoes are now bigger shoes and not so easy to carry change of clothing and shoes around.

The shoes for the boys will get so heavy that hopefully, Cara will help the boy tups. We haven't even touched on the boots, have we?

The winter coats, the hats, the gloves and all the extra clothes.

Oh well, now Kate you will find out how to be a mother to 8 as they grow into young men and women, their clothing gets bigger and they get bigger and you cannot just grab an arm and throw them around as now is when they can throw a punch versus just their tiny fists.

Waiting to see the pictures of the tup boys as they march into the police station with black eyes from Kate swinging and punching to get them to listen to her. Then Kate crawls in with bruises all over her. She then gives her children to the police and says "I can't control them anymore" and she will not be able to control them.

When she is 46, not 36, those tups will be 17. Let's see how "young" she looks then.

Laughing my butt off.

PA Woman said...

Anonymous said...
Colombo in Pajamas

1) Potty training in public.


This is the kind of thing that will haunt these kids the rest of their lives. Especially as teens, I can see schoolmates using this kind of thing to belittle them.

HW said...

One of their first episodes shows them taking the kids to a Fourth of July parade. She let the kids collect candy during the parade, knowing she wasn't going to let them eat it. Then all the kids were heartbroken when she took the candy out of their hands.

In their first special, Jon was in the nursery changing all the babies and she walked in and said "it doesn't look like you are making any progress." Of course she didn't bother helping....

When a dentist suggested better brushing habits, she rolled her eyes and blamed it on Jon since that was his Job.

She often told her kids "don't listen to Daddy." "Daddy's mean." "Daddy doesn't care about your safety."

The Crayola factory was heartbreaking, when she wouldn't let the twins use markers. I think there was an episode where one of the little ones wasn't allowed to eat a bagel that the older girls had. She denies her kids things just for the sense of power it gives her.

And of course "She's ruined!!!!" when ice cream dribbled on a little shirt. The queen of organization did not have clean clothes for her children. Only Kate could ruin Disney World for her children.

Not Disneyland said...

Didn't every one of those boys suffer and where exposed on TV? Only some of the girls went thru this, but never the favorites and I think we saw who the favorites were.

Every child will have problems but I fear the most for Cara.

To have those 6 new babies, all at once in your life, wow what a change.

You know how your children act when they aren't the youngest anymore with a new baby. but to have 6 new babies and all that attention on the 6, well I think we watched Cara get quieter and quieter.

Chelle said...

Honestly, something didn't sit right with me when she asked for a boob job with her tummy tuck. Also, the fact that she left six babies who were barely crawling to fend for themselves in a gated room for most of the day because, as she said on that "special", "I'm too busy." So I guess, all the way from the beginning I thought, "Something is NOT right here."

Then there the really long naps she made the kids take. It seemed like she got them up and dressed, gave them breakfast, let them play for a little bit, gave them lunch, made them nap until dinner, gave them dinner, made Jon bathe them and then sent them to bed. It seemed neglectful and abusive to make them stay in bed that long, especially knowing that they were usually laying there awake.

Then came the sick kids laying on the cold, hard floor. I couldn't fathom how anyone could send kids to the laundry room, banished, during an illness. Because when SHE was sick, she got to lay on the couch. That wasn't fair.

All through that, I told myself something wasn't right but nobody's perfect. I was stupid and made excuses for her. I guess I didn't want to believe that someone could really be THAT HORRIBLE. Even though the evidence was clearly there.

But when she threatened to throw away that darn teddy bear, that was the final straw for me.

aunty pam said...

The worst moments show was when I'd had it she blamed Jon for everything.You know if only he'd been helping I wouldn't have to be such a shew.

Tizzie said...

HW said...
I think there was an episode where one of the little ones wasn't allowed to eat a bagel that the older girls had. She denies her kids things just for the sense of power it gives her.
IMO Jon & Kate both handled that situation poorly. Since only the twins were getting bagels that day, they should NOT have been given them in front of the tups. It was THEIR fault, yet Alexis was punished.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite scenes was when Jon took the boys golfing. And the boys were running up and down those stairs. Man that was cute.

Holly said...

One of the initial "specials" when they repeatedly said they missed their family of four. The next day at work I could not help but tell my coworkers how awful it was to watch and how someday those babies were going to see this special. Little did I realize how many other horrible episodes were going to be out there forever.

RiseandShine said...

I remember kitchen scenes where feeding her children was an annoying chore. I remember thinking that there were stressful time constrained meals at my house sometimes, but she seemed to feel this way about EVERY meal.
I remember hating the sense of entitlement she seemed to feel when speaking about that lovely older woman who used to come and fold baby laundry.
I remember a scene when they were all in the living room and she was getting the tups dressed to go someplace special and she gave Jon a bad time about hair bows or ponytail holders.

Annie2 said...

I stopped watching after she made one of the children stay in the laundry room because he kept throwing up. It reminded me too much of my abusive mother. She once made my sister clean up her own vomit while she was sick. My mother even laughed about doing it. That just hit way too close to home.

I would have given the child a bucket to throw up into. If its within reach then it greatly reduces the risk of them throwing up on the carpet. If they do throw up on the carpet, break out the carpet shampooer. I live alone and I have a small portable one to use for just incase.

katehasnofriends said...

I could go on and on about shrew moments but the clincher was when she told the children that they can NEVER enter the master bedroom of the mcmansion. Seriously, I'm thinking what if a child were sick,had a bad dream, or heaven forbid a child was kidnapped, the house was on fire, etc.

pinkdiamond611 said...

When I watched Cara in the last episode so sad and dejected, it reminds me that in the beginning how cheerful and animated she used to be. Then I recall when a school pal of Cara's had the "audacity" to call her and Kate wouldn't allow Cara to take the call. At that moment I realized what a hell those kids are going through.

disgustedinpa said...

I though she was a PITA the first time I watched the first special. I figured her stress level was high.
However, like other posters it was a cumulation of things that couldn't be blamed on the stress of having sextuplets. She was controlling and mean, it seemed, just for the sake of it.
Number one (tie) for me was Joel on the laundry room floor. The machines were going, so how was Kate to hear if he cried "Mommy?" Also, the room was off of the kitchen but also had a door leading outside--it must've been drafty on that floor.
Potty training on camera also takes the cake. No excuse or reason to film that, period.

John Birch said...

The Toys R us episode. When she yelled at Jon in front of the entire store, that was the second that I knew that this woman was not the person that I thought she was.

My wife picked up on some things earlier than I did, since I'm a dumb male...but even she would say "Oh, that's probably editing, so it just makes her look bad", and she'd go on to defend Kate because having eight kids would stress one out.

But there were no "editing" excuses when she yelled at Jon. From that point on, we began to notice the hitting and the fact that she did the same thing time and again to Jon in public, like at that farm where the kids were playing in the stable on the hay, and she started on him in front of everyone.

A pox on the woman.

CT MOM said...

HW - I had forgotten the Disney ice cream nightmare!! That was unbelievable.... just, wow.

I remember watching that with my husband and we just looked at each other speechless when she took the ice cream away from those little crying kids. How sad!!

dd said...

I knew she was bad news early on. When she wouldn't get up with her babies. When she locked the babies up in their room for a 4 hour nap. I was shocked. She denies food. Not just snacks, real food. She's creepy and abusive.

SammysMom said...

All of the above, but what clinched it for me that I could no longer watch her one more minute was when they did the recap show where she and Jon sat on the couch and rehashed all of HER bad behavior. Not once did she apologize to him, she only defended every word or action as justified in the moment vs. owning up to her piss-poor behavior. I just could not take that level of outright sociopathic behavior on TV. so·ci·o·path/ˈsōsēōˌpaTH/Noun: A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

That sums up Kate to a T as far as I'm concerned.

MossHill said...

Oh my - GumGate, the laundry room floor, "love taps", Crayola, CupcakeGate`... it's all so sad ...

The last straw for me was the crossover episode with Planet Green, when environmental enhancements were being made to the McMansion.

I was floored by K8's horrific rudeness to the ?Renovation Nation crew, her dismissive attitude towards the gift of solar panels, and topping this, blowing the handed-to-her chance to be a Green maven.

I remember just watching with my jaw hanging open.

All I could think was that someone at TLC [did the editors get something past the brass?] must really have it out for her, because that episode was POISONOUS.

I couldn't understand how all this stuff could be going on, much less televised, and no one was saying anything ...

And that, my friends, is what brought me here.

Elvira said...

The shrew continues:

Brummygirl said...

Elvira said...
The shrew continues:
Not a very flattering picture of Kate!

susie said...

I don't remember the actual episode, but it was fairly early on when Kate was taking all the kids to aunt Jodi's for their (I think) Friday free babysitting and was asked if she ever watched Jodi's kids? Kate acted all shocked and put out and said something like "Me watch 12 kids? That's like, illegal!" I was astounded by her idiocy. Uh, duh Kate! Jodi's watching 12 kids every flipping week and you can't return the favor EVER?

Kirkland said...

Regarding the at Hollybaby, I have two comments:

1) Is Kate never happy to see her kids. Just once, I'd like to see her with her arms held out for a hug and a smile on her face.

2) The kids don't have socks on. I'm sorry, but I think that's being lazy. With those type of shoes the kids are wearing, they need socks!

fidosmommy said...

Kate started wearing on me after about 3 or 4 episodes. The couch interviews got worse and worse.

What finally did it for me was the Korean dinner Jon was trying to prepare for his family. From beginning to end, Kate did her best to set him up to fail. But then, when she tasted his meal, she declared he was to do that again every week from now on.

I hope Jon cooks his kids and Ellen
a traditional Korean meal in his apartment on occasion.

Nancy said...

The Toys-R-Us episode did it for me, and the episode where Kate and Jon were supposed to switch vehicles was the confirmation to me that Kate was a shrew. She had just gotten her hair done, they were going on a trip and Jon had come to the hairdresser's to switch vehicles with Kate so he could go get the trailer they were renting for their road trip. Kate barked and screamed and told Jon to come right home and HELP HER. Jon had to rent that trailer that day, but Kate wanted him to postpone it because she was "tired" (from getting her hair cut?) and needed HELP!

cali-girl said...

Well, of course, ALL of the above ^, but the fairly recent one that disturbed me was when they were in NYC. The kids were on the top of the double-decker bus, and she was running wildly through the streets with dripping ice cream cones for them (even tho Cara asked for a milkshake).

Anyway, she very roughly SHOVED Collin down in the seat to eat his cone. I had to re-wind to be sure I really saw that..and yes, she did.

Parent and Alumna said...

2) The kids don't have socks on. I'm sorry, but I think that's being lazy. With those type of shoes the kids are wearing, they need socks!


They are wearing socks. They are called No-Show socks. My kids prefer them. I don't like them, but they claim that they are comfortable. They must wear socks to school - dress code.

GimmeGimme said...

One of my favorite scenes was when Jon took the boys golfing. And the boys were running up and down those stairs. Man that was cute.


Wasn't it during this episode that one of the boys cried while warning another that he'd get in trouble if he got his clothes dirty? It could have been another episode, but that did it for me --- who punishes children for getting dirty while playing outside? Absurd and mean and nasty and cruel and controlling and unrealistic. (Whew! That felt good) Kids get dirty - kids are SUPPOSED to get dirty. That's why God made washing machines!

Barbara M. said...

I have never watched a single episode of the show, but first became aware of who Kate was in 2009 when her face was plastered on every single tabloid cover. I did watch her interview on the Today show, however, and I was thoroughly disgusted by the way she trashed Jon and discussed the details of their divorce in public.
Other celebrities go through very nasty divorces, but they don't do the rounds of talk shows to publicly diss their exes. She came across as extremely self-centered and vindictive. That was my first view of Kate - and it was an overwhelmingly negative one.

readerlady said...

One thing that always struck me when I first started watching the show is that Kate always claimed to be super-organized. However, time after time, they were out with the kids and something unexpected happened that resulted in damage to a kid's outfit and Kate never had a change of clothes for them. What kind of a parent goes out with young children, to an amusement park, on a picnic, to a parade, whatever, and doesn't bring a change of clothing? I don't have children and even I know better! The other thing was how anything that ever got done for or with the kids was done by Jon, not Kate. When she was "alone" with the kids, they were either confined to their cribs or dumped behind a baby gate and ignored. Jon was the one who did all the child care -- feeding, dressing, bathing, hugging, snuggling, putting to bed. Yet Kate was always soooooooooo exhausted from caring for her 8, count 'em, 8, kids all by herself. I don't think I've ever seen a mother who was less involved with her children.

Jenny O said...

Wasn't it during this episode that one of the boys cried while warning another that he'd get in trouble if he got his clothes dirty? It could have been another episode, but that did it for me --- who punishes children for getting dirty while playing outside? Absurd and mean and nasty and cruel and controlling and unrealistic. (Whew! That felt good) Kids get dirty - kids are SUPPOSED to get dirty. That's why God made washing machines!

Yep, I think it was Colin, who had a little freak out in the golf cart because he had gotten dirty. Sadly, Jon got grumpy with Colin, telling him that "your mother has gotten you so freaked out over getting a little dirty!" That was wrong of Jon, and he should have assured the little guy that getting dirty was fine. I hope Colin didn't end up getting punished for daring to be a little boy and playing outside.

Oh Kate - she has consistently sucked the joy out of all their lives, but the boys get the worst of it.

Protect8 said...

The gum incident with Collin and not letting the boys have cupcakes on their supposed birthday.

This and the realization that Kate is aa pathological liar and will belittle her kids at any given moment.

SuzieO said...

What I noticed first was that she never took the time to teach the tups any proper behavior. When they hit each other over the head she just ignored it and made it be about her. "Imagine if I had to break up every fight" she would say. All of the fights were about one taking something away from another and it was about more than just breaking up a fight. She should have taken the time to teach them to take turns or teach them anything!! And the thing that I hated the most was how oblivious she always was to the example she was setting by her own behavior. The only thing she ever taught them was that meltdowns, screaming and even hitting was the way. It was almost as if organizing and cooking are the only responsibilities a mother has and as long as she was doing these things she is being a good mother. Later, the Sarah Palin episode was another where the example she was setting was horrendous. All of the kids were being good sports and she was being a spoiled brat. I swear it never occurs to her that she is teaching by example or takes responsibility for the example she is setting.

When they were no longer toddlers I never saw her hug, kiss or show any physical affection towards the kids... did I miss it? or was there nothing? It seemed to me that all her focus was on barking orders and making them obey all the orders. I realize that with so many little ones it is important but not at the cost of them not getting any affection. You can almost see all the children walking on eggshells when around her and so many of the pictures they look unhappy.

I remember one episode after the divorce where they are having ice cream sundaes and Joel wants to give her a hug and she pushes him away because he is sticky... and he says "but I like you" and she says something like I like you too but don't touch me... it was so sad and telling.

Jenny O said...

When they were no longer toddlers I never saw her hug, kiss or show any physical affection towards the kids... did I miss it? or was there nothing?

Even when they were babies and toddlers, physical affection from Kate to any of them was a rare sight. Her favorite, Hannie, did get to sit on her lap and help fold clothes. But simple everyday expressions of love and affection? Just can't recall any.

What makes this even sadder is that Kate has driven way or banished almost everyone who did provide the children with love and affection: Beth, Jodi & Kevin, Jon's family, Jon, and finally Ashley.

I hope now that the show is cancelled, Jon can get the custody order revised and obtain much more equal amounts of parenting time with his children. Children need nurturing, affection, love, and fun. Kate provides none of that.

ncgirl said...

"I hope now that the show is cancelled, Jon can get the custody order revised and obtain much more equal amounts of parenting time with his children."

According to Jon on twitter, he gets the kids almost every weekend.

Jenny O said...

According to Jon on twitter, he gets the kids almost every weekend.

I tend to believe Jon tells the truth more often than not, so I'm glad to hear this news. I was afraid it was only two week-ends per month, which is very little time in the overall scheme of things.

It is hard to split custody when children are young and in school. Still, I do wish those kids could be in a healthier environment the majority of their time, rather than just 2 to 3 week-ends a month. Still, it's better than nothing!

MayDay said...

I thought Jon's tweets were protected. Someone is still getting tweets from him? Does he have a new twitter name?

khater said...

I think the worst thing we can do is pick on Khate's clothes, hair etc.
I wear some very pricey clothes. My husband (and heck, myself) have pretty impressive jobs. That doesn't mean anything. Khate always had an attitude and it is only exemplified by her money (that she know claims she has none of) BUT prancing around in heels and designer clothes has nothing to do with it. It is KATE. I am a very normal, gracious, helpful and caring person. I could care less if someone shows up in walmart or thrift store clothes (also got some of those myself!). It is Kate's attitude towards everyone and everything around her. She was ALWAYS bossy and inconsiderate. Jon did a ton...I would venture to say more than most men lol. Yet it was never enough for her. I can't even seeing wanting to sleep in hours after everyone is up, never getting kids ready for school, never bathing them. I knew she was a shrew because she could have cared less, from day 1 about the amazing family she had.

Becky said...

I knew I couldn't watch the show when the kind people from her church came and decorated the nursery before J+K brought the tups home. She was so mean and dismissive of what a wonderful FREE job they did. It wasn't "her taste" or something. Oh, and turning down donations of furniture because they didn't match or weren't new.

Then when I learned that while touring the churches for their "love offering" speeches they charged $25 if you wanted a picture with them. I know this was all Kate's idea and Jon had to go along with it. I have always wondered how much non taxable income they scooped up selling their "woe are we" story to the unsuspecting.

The only way I have kept up with the show is through this website. If I see her on any channel I will quickly flip off of it.

A lot of Jon bashing has gone on, but I really believe he loves the children and they would be much better off with him.