Free Discussion October 2011

Please use this post for discussion about the Gosselins that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere. Also please remember that while Gosselin discussion is fading (which is a good thing), this blog is for Gosselins only. We will continue as long as Kate is seeking public attention for those who wish to comment.

How Can Kate Still Have Followers?

I've been thinking of posting this question for awhile.  Thanks to Brummygirl for for sending in a comment that put it in words for me. :)  How can the sheeple have so little analytical ability to not see that what Kate and TLC said Kate was like was not what they were seeing and hearing on the show? 

If Kate doesn't read this blog, then she should. She would find really strong women here as well as literate and also funny at times. She is none of the above. She only appears strong because she is self centered and everything rolls off her back. She only appears strong because of all the help and backing she has received. We know she is definitely not literate, even with an ear piece. She is the only one who thinks she is funny. There are some strange women in this world who actually think Kate is good, strong and funny, but the people of GWOP happen to know the difference. Kate's followers call us haters, but they should also acknowledge that we know the semblance of truth when we see it happening right before our eyes. We all know that the majority of Kate's Tweeters are in the younger genre, but the older generation from Kate's fan sites, are mostly mothers. How can they condone Kate's behaviour? This is something I will never understand.

Kate's Worst Moments or When I Knew She Was a Shrew

What is your choice for the worst Kate moment or your wake up call that Kate was not the person TLC was trying to make you believe?

Will the Grift Go On?

Kate is whining still about how her kids deserve the house and expensive private school and she has turned up her nose at Jon's normal life and called it mediocre.  Will the grift continue and how?

Is that the purpose of her new website?

Is anyone devastated the show has ended?  Are any of her fans truly devastated?  Will they move on to something else in a few weeks?

Kate Whining in People this Week

Kate has her (last) People cover.  She's whining about the show being cancelled.  My question is why does People think that is newsworthy?  Why cover worthy?

Sorry to be late with the comments, but I was out of the house a few hours yesterday and got home about five minutes before the power "zapped" in southern California.  Luckily I was in one of the first areas to get it back but we only got power not cable and phone service at first.  I'm not complaining, hearing the fridge kick in was music to me.

Monday, September 12, The Finale

Kate and her 8 kids have made unforgettable memories over the past 7 years of filming. As the show comes to a close, the Gosselins say goodbye to the fans and reminisce about their favorite memories. Also, hear from family friends about their experiences.

60 minutes

Hopefully the last one forever, but there may be an occasional further "special."

Monday, September 5, RV Breakdown

The Gosselins are halfway through their RV road trip and it has been a vacation like no other -- full of adventure and drama! But when the RVs experience mechanical issues, will Kate finally reach her boiling point? And later, someone decides to leave.
60 minutes