Monday, August 29, RV Trip

The Gosselins, Ashley and Jamie are on the road again, traveling across middle America in an RV for 2 weeks -- and Kate's driving! Witness the family like you've never seen them before, visiting the nation's most beautiful landscapes and attractions.

60 minutes


winsomeone said...

Kate couldn't even lead her family through an airport..claimed she had no sense of direction, and that Jon needed to go first. So, how in the world could she drive an RV on strange highways?

O-Hi-O said...

Oh, boy!!! More scripted, manufactured drama ala Kate.

Same old, same old. Kate Gosselin is a one trick pony who needs to be set out to pasture permanently.

Lead Belly Sings Goodnight Irene said...

I do not believe she did any driving on the trip. That was a photo op pic showing how hard a working mom she is and how totally devoted she is to her children. She has 8 you know, did you get that 8 children? Kate is all about photo ops for Kate.

I wish they had taped one more episode. I would have loved to see her put up the 27 bushels of tomatoes, 92 bushels of cucumbers,67 bushels of beans she bragged about on twitter. That is hard work.
Oh silly me. That's why she chummed up to her kicked-to-the-curb mother. So she could sit on her lawn chair with her pink cell phone in hand giving orders to her mother because if this was not done the kids would starve.
Good night Irene.

O-Hi-O said...

Also, the woman who took for granted her husband always filling the gas tank for her is now all about taking a road trip, supposedly on her own?


Anonymous said...

Witness the family like you've never seen them before


How exactly would that be? Oh I know! Kate actually being KIND to her staff and her kids, no screeching, yelling, or tears, Kate actually helping and pitching in instead of complaining....unfortunately, in this episode it's the same old, same old.

Farmer's Choice said...

So, how in the world could she drive an RV on strange highways?


I remember in earlier episodes, Kate made Jon do all the driving, and I remember her words were that she didn't like to drive on highways. I laughed at the time, thinking, then where DID she drive - down farm lanes?

Jenny O said...

The only thing I believe Kate drove on that trip was her mouth - nonstop. I'm sure it was a nightmare for everyone else involved.

RONLEE said...

I own an RV....its like driving a bus....not an easy thing to do...she is so full of bull.

Mary said...

come on she drove the rv. They were in the parking lot so she moved from one parking spot to other. 1 foot. they is no way that kate drove that RV. Kate sat in seat for poto op. I hope they show her driving down the street. I mean can you see and hear it now of kate sceeching as another cars comes by


endofit said...

Haha, clearly TLC is giving her the boot. The editing is purposely showing how rotten she is. They are sticking it to her. They are soooo done with her. The gravy train (or RV) stops here.

Shoka's Understudy said...

This just shows how mentally unstable kate really is.

To make money off your kids, and run the filming in the ground like she has, has got to stop.

Her trying to top Mady when Mady was explaining about the geyser. She couldn't stand it that someone knew the correct information and she was just rambling.

She kept saying FDR was on MT. Rushmore.

I just saw Jamie take Cara to the Queen and throw Cara under the RV. If I was Jon, after seeing this, I would get a restraining order against her for all my children.

There is no telling what Jamie has said or done to these kids and Ashley too. Ashley was letting Cara have it too.

RO for Ashley and Jamie.

Also PurseBoys stops on of the tup boys running down the hill and almost tore his arm off. God protected him from a severely broken rotating cuff.

She kept saying we have to hurry before pics are made and they will tell were we are.

She just wants Steve to take them so they can get the money.

EnoughAlready:O said...

I have occasionally popped on GWOP here and there over the past few months and in the past have also left comments...what I have not done is watch the show since right before Kate and Jon split up.

I did however stumble on this evenings show following Cake Boss. I am completely stunned. Her behavior is horrible . Why has this show gone on for so long ? This is worse then when Jon was there. Are these other women with her supposed to be her friends ? I would never talk to my friends in such a manner and expect them to still be my friends..absolutely horrible , glad TLC has finally woken up !

RONLEE said...

I just happen to be channel surfing and I watch the last 10 minutes of Kate on the RV trip..First she did not drive the RV. It was a least 40 feet long..At Mt Rushmore, she thought Teddy Roosevelt (sp) was FDR, someone in the crown had to correct her....Jamie and the other girl are fighting, the kids are fighting and are "brats"... this trip was a joke.....two RV'S for 14 days....tell you one thing...cost someone a lot of money....the big RV's you get about 6 miles per gallon...Kate please go away....noone likes you....your done FINISHED

Lead Belly Sings Goodnight Irene said...

So if Ashley, Jamie and 5 kids slept in one RV and Kate and her ATM's slept in the other RV, where did the silver-haired bodyguard sleep? Oh, Kate. Ohhoo Steve. Don't come a'knockin if the RV's a'rockin.
She never rode in that RV at all. She rode with Steve in the red SUV while the un-paid hired help looked after her kids.
Good night Irene

shel said...

I think Ashley and Jamie are ready to blow. what the heck is the matter with Cara that Clay isn't even allowed to sit at the table with her. He didn't do anything and Ashley gave her several options on how to let him sit at the table. Kate should be ashamed of herself and embarrassed that Cara acted like that. Were they really playing in crap?

shel said...

I think Ashley and Jamie are ready to blow. what the heck is the matter with Cara that Clay isn't even allowed to sit at the table with her. He didn't do anything and Ashley gave her several options on how to let him sit at the table. Kate should be ashamed of herself and embarrassed that Cara acted like that. Were they really playing in crap?

Yes, I Watched and I Don't Care said...

I don't think the kids are even in these last episodes. It seems to be all about Kate, Jamie and Ashley. Oh, wait, yes I did see the kids. Couldn't tell the little girls apart and they barely showed the boys. All were hard to understand when they spoke. And they're seven now?

So glad this show is cancelled. What a farce.

Aunty Kim said...

what a horrible episode...actually they keep showing her in a "real" light each time...which I wonder is why TLC finally had enough & cancelled the show....I know I would have wanted to be in Ashleys'and Jamie's RV & allowed the children to have fun...especially considering how many hours they spent cramped up in a small place....we're seeing more & more of how the children are becoming like Kate...sad...Cara wanted her own space so much tonight & lost it when one of Jamie's kids wouldn't let her be alone...probably the only thing she can control in her own life & she cannot even do that...these children have suffered so much....I could not believe how Kate said I "love you " to Jamie's son, when I've NEVER heard her say that to one of her own she allowed him to throw mud at her without getting mad, & her children stood around stunned, until Kate joined in & the kids then had some fun......the whole thing is just sad!!!

kinman said...

I cannot believe TLC paid for that episode (and the one next week as well!) All it was was basically one RV park after another with the kids crammed inside 2 RV's fighting over Lego toys, when it was beautiful outside. We did see a glimpse of Mt Rushmore and a Kate freak-out when she was standing on the sidewalk and some of the kids were still on the bus taking a bathroom break. She was griping that "oh we are a photo op". I guess she was referring to the 3 or 4 people standing around who probably had no interest in her at all. After all, she WAS at a national landmark. That woman is so full of herself. She did the same thing at Old Faithful when a few people happened to sit in her vicinity to view the geyser. I'm not sure if she expected the whole place to close down when they heard she was coming?? She was just pretty awful to everyone the whole time ( I know it is supposed to be dramatic etc..) but she just comes across so badly towards Jamie and Ashley and all of those kids, and she acts like she is so much better than everyone else, and treats them all like they are there to serve her. I think it really is the right time to shut the show down, so I think this was the right decision to cancel. I bet the ratings are high because of all of the drama and the pre-show hype....

UGH!!! said...

• Professional drivers?! Tough life… really, really tough life.

• This “raw” editing reveals just how “fabricated” the series was. TLC hates Kate! Although, if they could make it look “nice” before, who knows how deliberate making this look “bad” is.

• “Someone’s gotta…” is Kate’s mantra. Never her – she’s busy playing “stressed out mom” (no one else is allowed to be stressed… or happy; makes her look bad).

• I’m grouchy/sarcastic/loud/stressed – yet I remain LOVING and genuinely ATTENTIVE to my kids despite this. Coldly dismissing her crying daughter (Cara, the repressor, no less!) without even hearing what’s wrong first… wow. I’ve done the “don’t wanna hear it” thing – but… ugh.

• At what point is the sheer number of kids no longer a factor?! Lots of people have 8, and plenty of teachers have TWENTY-8. In a trip like this, what’s the huge deal?

Frosty said...

Who knows what's scripted at this point, but Steve seemed genuinely angry when he had to nearly break his leg to catch kids sliding down the mountainside. Um, didn't anyone consider falling rocks, etc? That was just asinine. Don't know how much of the drama was manufactured, but the show was like nails on a blackboard. Just the usual complaining by Kate about the inadequacy of the rv's. Kate complains about being photographed in public, Kate doesn't know if it's Teddy or Franklin Delano Roosevelt on Mount Rushmore, etc. They did all start throwing what may have sewer sludge at one another, but whatevs. Hard to say if it was her attitude or meltdown or crappy ratings that got this show axed...probably a combination.

fourpatch said...

No seat belts while moving?

Debbie H said...

Well, curiosity got the best of me tonight and I had to watch the trainwreck...2 more episodes of this same trip coming I believe...It is very obvious to me why TLC let her go now...and I think they are showing Kate the middle finger all the way on the ride home...Somebody wanted to be rid of her diva attitude for a long time and jumped at the chance when ratings dipped...They clearly want the world to see what a bitch she is or they would have edited it a lot differently...

Jenny said...

I don't watch this show anymore but was channel surfing and caught the last 20 minutes of Monday night's episode. Ohmylord! This is one unhappy woman! She hasn't changed a bit except to get worse!

The way she relates to people, her children included, is to spout commands. Heaven help those two helpers she has...she treats them like dirt...but thinking back and remembering her 100% bashing attitude toward Jon from the early episodes, I at least detected a smidgeon of restraint, just a teensy bit. Can you even imagine if it had been Jon with her on this trip...she probably would have hauled out her shotgun on him by now!

This woman has major unforgiveness & anger issues and it's all coming home to roost with her precious children! Everyone seems so unhappy and unable to cope with others. Doesn't bode well for future.

Heaven help them...oh wait, Heaven has already helped them by ending this train wreck of a show! Thank you!

Let's just hope there will be at least one other adult who can stand to be in that house once the show ends...I truly, sincerely hate to think what the atmosphere would be like without cameras if it's like it is now WITH cameras rolling!

And btw, did you guys see the other shows TLC was promoting during the breaks...the kiddie beauty queens with their bras and the folks who have weird collections. Yikes...this is fast becoming one VERY creepy network! Just my two cents.

kinman said...

I loved the written narratives explaining what we were about to see, as they were showing things out of sequence. I loved the scenes of Kate at home struggling to load the RV's by herself, of course, huffing and puffing. At one point she even yelled, "Can we stop pretend-filming a tv show for a minute please"? Next we see the screen telling us that two days later the Gosselins flew to South Dakota to meet up with their packed RV's to begin their trip. All of this pretty much summed up the whole show for me. It was all fake. It was all done to show us how hard Kate has it trying to do everything herself, when in fact she had it all ready and waiting for her..all it took was a limo ride to the airport.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting that this is one of the first episodes since the divorce, where Kate was shown in a pretty negative light. Then, around the same time that's it's scheduled to air, we learn that the show is being cancelled. I would love to know if Kate and TLC could not agree on how this episode would play out hence, some sort of fall-out between the two. I could see her putting her foot down and saying "Don't air it, or we're done." but on the other hand, before the divorce, we saw her melt down constantly. Unfortunately for Kate and the kids, this is really the kind of stuff America wants to see...It would be interesting if after this airs, and the ratings are through the roof, some sort of deal is made to keep them on the network. I can't see another network taking the clan on as we've been seeing them prior to the RV drama. I could only see her getting signed if she agrees for them to be taped, warts and all. I could also see her getting some sort of show, minus the children...she's very opinionated. I could almost see her getting some sort of talk show...

She's come undone said...

I watched something else but switched over for about 5 minutes. Kate was disgusting and her behavior towards her children and others was so sad. It reminded me though of why she has a following. There are people who treat their children like she does and watching Kate makes them feel good about themselves. It normalizes their behavior. I could not have watched the whole show. I saw the part where she raised hell because the girls had to go to the bathroom. I remember once when she did the same thing to Jon. She is one sick chick. Ashley seems so normal. I don't get why she puts up with Kate's rudeness. I would be embarassed to be seen with her.

shoptalk said...

The few minutes I caught: Kate was soooo stressed from the packing, and couldn't fit a bag under the RV. She glares at the people standing off camera and says something along the lines of "We need to stop playing 'filming a TV show'..because there are things to be done." Really, Kate? I'm pretty sure the crew's job is to film etc., not help you pack for your trip. Don't you do everything, without any help?

jonandkatewho? said...

Well, they are dragging out the drama, which is not surprising. I couldn't watch the whole thing because it was so dull, so I switched back and forth between this lameness and another lame show. Tv these days, sheesh! No Ashley leaving yet, but the adults were apparently in some kind of an argument at some point. They are advertising the drama for next week too, something about the last two episodes and Kate's life changing. (profanity removed) I saw Ashley and Jamie sitting at a picnic table talking to the camera about Kate (what else?) and they were not fighting. I still think the fight is probably between those two. Watching this family take trips is really terribly boring. How annoying the kids have become! It surprises me that the show has lasted as long as it has.

kinman said...

Interesting camera shot of her silver high heel on the seat next to her when she insisted on trying to drive the RV. So we are supposed to praise her for being such a safe driver for not driving in those heels OR for driving in bare feet? Anyway, she obviously did not drive very long (just enough to get a few camera shots..fake just like all the rest of it). I am not sure what the whole idea of showing her shoe was all about. Anyway, who but Kate would wear those kind of shoes on a trip like that? She has turned into such a diva that she is pretty much unbearable. And she has made herself so unlikeable that she has all but ruined any chance of getting another show.

frugalfriend said...

TLC has had enough of Kate & they seem to be delighted to show what she's REALLY like. I like that they didn't give her any "interview" segments to try to explain away her ridiculous behavior.

I re-watched it this morning, and I really feel sorry for Jamie's son Clay. Cara was picking on him from the very beginning of the trip.

Anonymous said...

"I just saw Jamie take Cara to the Queen and throw Cara under the RV."

I think Cara got exactly what she deserved. She was acting like a spoiled diva. Ashley was right when she said "It's not Clay. It's HER."

Mary said...

I love how tlc is dragging this out. Trying to bring viewers to watch well after the last two episodes. People don't care and probab'y wish the whole family will disappear, Kate going to have a lot of problems with all 8. Cara thinks is a princess and everyone should bow down to her and gets what she wants. So far Maddy is the only normal one


Ileanna said...

Anyone else notice that lately they've only shown Mady even-tempered, articulate and mature, while Cara is always shown sour, petty and acting-out? Is it possible the stress of being treated like trained monkeys has made Mady stronger but driven Cara further into emotional distress? Or is it editing designed to get viewers ready to accept Mady as a solo act?

OverwithKON artists said...

My 10 cents:

~RV trip~ Who packs(ha ha) their RV then has a profesional driver take it to where they fly in? SO they can save time. GEZZZZ

~ Who goes anywhere because they *want to* and does not even know what they are doing or the names of the 4 presidents that are on the rock?

~ Who goes to a beautiful place(and supposedly spent hundreds of hours getting there) in our great country and stays 5 minutes, looks that the big part, then runs away because people might take pictures and *tweet* about where they are?

** I really think that the problems on this trip anyway started when Jamie brought her kids, then Jamies kid spoils Kate's clues to Mt. Rushmore, then after that Kart could not get her beausty sleep and she just coould not handle that it was just so not about her. I dont know what the who breakdown is, but I am pretty sure that TLC hates Kart, and they are sticking it to her! Yeah!!!

Charlez said...

The hatefulness shown on this trip was surely the last straw for that filming crew.

Kate said she didn't even know who Ashley and Jamey were.

What a nightmare they ALL went through.

No wonder it is over.

Debbie H said...

Just a little extra info here...I called the campground to find out if that was sewage they were playing in and the wonderful lady on the phone told me that it was just mud that is very deep down and the camera crew spent a good while digging it up from the creek so it would be readily available for the "mud playing scene"...otherwise you don't even see it....she also told me they all went trout fishing and horseback riding, but none of that made the show for some reason...just a little tidbit you might be interested in knowing...

MossHill said...

Did anyone else notice the look Jamie and Ashley gave each other when asked about Kate's absence in the picnic table scene?

"She'll be gone for HOURS."

Something we're not seeing in filming ...

shel said...

that wasn't one of the tup boys he stopped going down the hill it was Clay. Poor Clay had a difficult time last night. Kate didn't even want him to sit at the table with the kids. I can't believe Jamie didn't step in and protect her kid. I guess they all like free trips. If someone grabbed my kid like purse boy grabbed Clay He would be lucky all he got was a sore arm. Tlc has certainly given up on kate havent they. We havent seen her like that since ever.

anotherchesterctymom said...

I think Kate is developing an eating disorder. This is my personal opinion only. It used to crack me up that ROL would rave about her body and I thought she looked rather chunky. Well, in this episode she DOES look tiny. Her face looks like she is restricting, and if she is running an hour a day like she claims on Twitter, somethings going on. What really struck me was her moaning that Jamie brought full fat creamer. Hello, it's for your coffee! If she bought full fat milk and you had to drink that instead of lowfat I could see it being an issue. For the fat content in coffee creamer to even be an issue does not sound healthy.

Bev said...

There are some interesting comments on twitter since this episode aired and some are not so nice like this one:

Lola Baker
@Kateplusmy8 More friends beth and jodi. where do they all go, kate?
14 hours ago
in reply to ↑
Kate Gosselin
@Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
@LolaBaking hate to ruin your theory.. They aren't gone! :)

I really wish one of those peeps she loves would ask her what happened to Beth!

NDmom said...

I don't watch much anymore because I just can't stand Kate. But I did see the rerun of this episode last night and I thought it was very interesting how "playful" Kate was with Clay when she was chasing him with mud and giggling and having what seemed to be a fun time. The Gosselin kids seemed to be dumbfounded as they watched this, sort of like what the heck, our Mom's having fun with a kid but it isn't one of us! How does that work?!?!

Shoka's Understudy said...

On the preview, Jamie is hollering in kate's face, I can get on a plane right now and leave. And she turned her head in disbelief. Then they show kate and PurseBoy and PurseBoy says "whatever" hateful and kate says and does small circles with her hands, this is sooooo over.

I felt so bad for Cara. And on the preview, I think Ashley is leaving and the kids are all upset and crying.

Cara was really upset.

It is going to be a miracle these kids turn out normal.

kate should be so ashamed.

Soon2BWife said...

Kate is such an icky person. I thought her interaction with the little boy that was with them was very interesting. She was so playful with him and he was pretty aggressive with her. I have never sen her interact with her kids like that. They where all standing around at first like who is this women?

Did anybody notice how the kids where constantly trying to keep the RV clean? I am a neat freak but this is one of those negative things we project onto our kids and it is sad when it gets in the way of there fun.

Cara showed out but think about the fact that these kids where packed in the RV, herded from one boring stop to another, they where cold at night and not sleeping well , and they had to endure for 14dys. I would be pitching a fit too!!!! What sane person schedules a 14 day two RV trip with eight kids? Foolery, take that for a made up word Kate.

Jenny O said...

I didn't tune in, and am very glad I didn't. From what I have seen in prior episodes and what I read here, I am completely certain that Kate is not right in the head.

She really does live in her own world, where everything is about her. Thus, she assumes that other tourists who are in her general vicinity must surely a) recognize her, b) think she's worth more than a passing glance, and c) are hastily pulling out their cameras to get a picture of the amazing Kate Gosselin! Nothing anyone could say or do will convince her otherwise, because she's nuts.

Ashley, Jamie, and purseboy put up with her behavior for money. Considering the way they have seen her treat the children, I find them almost as despicable as Kate. That goes for TLC and everyone involved in this show. They all take a paycheck while watching children be miserable and turn a blind eye. All I can say is karma is a real bitch, especially when it comes to innocent children who suffer because of these greedy choices.

Let's hope Jon gears up for another court battle with Kate, and this time is successful in gaining at least 50% custody. Those children need to be rescued from this toxic environment.

Considering Kate's extreme level of delusion, I would bet she hasn't got much of a nest egg saved at all. She seems like the spend til you drop type. Which means she won't be able to keep up payments on that house for long, and soon it will all come tumbling down. I wonder if some sleazy nudie magazine will offer Kate some money to pose nude, like they did Octomom?

I guarantee, she won't be able to keep that home. She probably won't be able to keep what remains of her sanity either.

Ally said...

Oh my goodness I'm not even sure where to begin on this one!

I loved her comment to stop filming her show and help her pack the rv.

I did like it when Kate played in the "mud" with the kids, so not her. She almost seemed like a loving person.

Also, the first morning at the campground as they were eating breakfast, one of the girls said that Steve was Kate's servant, thought that was hilarious.

It seems to me like the big fight does involve Kate, I mean seriously if you had to be aroud her wouldn't you be willing to get out?!

NanaJen said...

I speculated, too, that the show was edited on purpose to show Kate in a negative light; however, by the end of last nights episode, which I watched on and off between getting things done around my home, I now believe that was the best of what they could get to edit into a seemingly believable timeline for these episodes.

Kate was more obnoxious, rude, condescending and short-tempered in this episode than I've seen her in quite awhile. It's not entertainment worthy.

It's all about her which is of great concern to her stability in taking care of these children. Thank goodness she doesn't. All I saw was how stressed out the kids were but I don't think it's stress from the trip and/or the's their mother.

I could care less how Kate felt about packing the RV's, by the way, I think was all a farce. She is so rude to her children. And she feels compelled to sarcastically thank those that raised their hands to ride in the bus she supposedly road??

It's water under the bridge due to the cancellation of this show....whoo hoo!!....but I'm so happy to never have to see her pack brand new clothing for the kids...taking clothing from plastic hangers, taking tags off stacks and stacks of new clothing...for an undeserving trip. And never having to hear her tell us that she has taught her children that if they want something they have to work for it....uh, sorry Kate they have been working for it...thing is you've been riding on their backs the whole time they've been working.

ugh....Sorry for the rambling....I could go on and on about aggrivating and worrisome details on this one episode, but I'll stop. I'm so angry with myself for even watching what I did.

Liz said...

They have been building up the drama for this RV trip for 3 weeks. No wonder they canceled the show, it's the most boring thing, ever.

Kate is absolutely horrible to watch and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

These children are not enjoyable to watch at all. I forget how old they are because there's so much screaming and chaos. Even the older girls act like 3 year olds. I don't know many children their age that have that many breakdowns and fits.

I'm really concerned. Cara seems to have put on a lot of weight.

I don't think TLC canceled the show because of this RV drama. I think it all comes down to money. They let Kate do whatever she wanted when she brought in the big bucks. Now they're paying for her bodyguard/bootyguard and all these trips and the money isn't coming in, so what's the point. Add to the fact that Kate is a polarizing figure that the majority don't like and they have nothing to sell.

I can see that Kate, since she's a "producer" and the actual producers would have come to a disagreement about how Kate is portrayed in these episodes. The only story left to sell is the way Kate treats everyone (badly) and the drama it creates. Kate can't see herself for what she is, so she will not allow them to show her like that. Therefore, TLC has no angle left to spin this show.

Anonymous said...

I am going to relish watching the last few episodes, especially since I haven't watched in years. Last night's episode was horrible to watch. The show is no longer about a mother with sextuplets. It's all about Kate, and why should she be interesting to anyone? The kids are annoying, spoiled, babyish and homely, and complain about everything. Cara and Mady look like they wish they were anywhere but there. None of them were having a good time. So fake and scripted. Kate the neat freak playing in mud? Come on. Are we really expectd to believe that? She was going crazy about crumbs on the floor. I, myself, am the divorced mother of 8 children, and an ex-husband who NEVER sees his kids, and hasn't in 8 years. Why in the world does this woman need all those people around her to help with her own kids? If I were the ones traveling with her, I would have made sure those brats of hers were in their own RV with their mother, and I would have only kept my own there. I'm sure that RV was big enough for her and her kids. Why did they camp anyway? So she could redeem herself after that Alaska camping fiasco? They FLEW there, so it wasn't even a regular road trip. I am so happy this show is going off the air. I cannot tolerate this woman's whining, and I willnever, ever understand why she thinks her and her children DESERVE everything. There are plenty of other families of sextuplets who get NOTHING, and have given up their homes and actually have to be careful how they spend. Go back to nursing, you old leather faced hag. You can make plenty of money to support your family.

Brummygirl said...

Unfortunately for Kate and the kids, this is really the kind of stuff America wants to see...It would be interesting if after this airs, and the ratings are through the roof, some sort of deal is made to keep them on the network. I can't see another network taking the clan on as we've been seeing them prior to the RV drama. I could only see her getting signed if she agrees for them to be taped, warts and all. I could also see her getting some sort of show, minus the children...she's very opinionated. I could almost see her getting some sort of talk show...
Been there, done that, result...negative.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that this show will be taken off soon for the children's sakes...they all seem so miserable now. I hadnt watched for a year or so, and it was sad to see some of the children mouthing off like they did. Kate couldnt resist telling her heavier friends that they keep FAT loaded creamer in their bus and how glad she is that she is a size 4, but wishes she was a 2...It just seemed like she is a bully to me. Who yells at their friends...other adult she does?! How rude. It also struck me how she mentioned how the children "didnt appreciate" one place they stopped. I fear that they are in a balancing act of trying to always please their mother's narcissistic personality and that they feel they fall short. She seems very much the same as when she used to constantly complain and now that she has no husband to unleash unhappiness on, she is doing what most perfectionists do...they end up taking it out on the people that are willing to stick with them or who cant leave them. It is sad because she is so unhappy!

Ladylou said...

I have not watched in such a long time.... I am watching these last episodes though.
Kate is worse than ever now... you can see the ugliness that she has inside her body reflecting on her face. Does she ever smile a "nice" smile? Her smiles are of the sarcastic type.
She really is the most awful woman I have ever had the non pleasure to see.

I am glad to have her gone from tv.... money made to easy for the likes of her.
I do feel bad for the children, I too noticed the weight Cara has put on.
These kids have her for a mom... there is no changing that. She is vile, mean, self centered and will never change.

She is not a loving person as she doesn't have the humility to put herself in someone else shoes. She sees her world where she is the queen & all others should bow down or else.

May God look out for the Gosselin 8.. I will be praying for them.

Bev said...

Don't all you mothers tell your kids, "If you want to have servants you have to work hard"?? Holy cow who tells their kids that?

Kate, I think your days of so called servants are about to end!

And yes, I think she is looking to thin in the face.

Uninterested said...

Must admit, it takes some real attempt to keep the show on the air with all the drama. Kate seemed to be the one with brains on that RV trip though and Jamie, mother of 3, had the mentality of a teenager with going along with "This is the fun bus or something" well, 2 adults with no sense. I know it is TV, but I thought Ashley went a bit too far with all of the kids. Still has the college dorm mentality. Kind of scary.

So next week, what do we find? Jaime and Ashley have the fight?

laura linger said...

I missed most of the show, but am taping it later on tonight. I did get about seven minutes at the end, and my first thought, and really my only thought, was that the TLC editors were giving Queen Freebie Irene the edit she has so richly deserved all along. Why bother with the soft soap any longer? She's a shrewish anorexic nightmare, the kids are total brats, she's been screwing Steve all along, end of story.

She's over, her "career" is dead. The only way TLC could have completed this more quickly is if they had used a gun. And to think, they're just getting started...there's the next episode.

And she on meth? She looks strung out.

It's Only A Number said...

I would be pitching a fit too!!!! What sane person schedules a 14 day two RV trip with eight kids?


Try 11 kids.

Craig . Kate . Xavier . Cass . Sadie said...

I can't believe none of yall have mentioned the worst line of the episode. While packing, to Mady and Cara:
"You should know by now that when you are helping me, you need to be running AT ALL TIMES!"

Also, notice when Kate was gone for hours finding organic chicken -- the kids were calm, relaxed, helping build a fire, load up the wheelbarrow, etc...
And within moments of Kate coming back, they were screaming, pushing, fighting, crying ... Oy.

Proud Grandma said...

I could comment on so many aspects of the show, yes I watched it. Why? well I guess I had a feeling the TLC would throw her under the bus. She is a horrible human being.
But I think the most telling part of the show was when she did the clue for Mount Rushmore and Mady got it. Did she say "well done Mady, you are a great kid". NO she was so pleased that her clue was so good and it became all about her, not about how clever Mady was, it was how brilliant K8 was at doing such good clues. Argh.

WallyWinnie said...

Kate only looks so thin because she is shown next to her fat helper and friend. Jamie is husky and Ashley is plain obese. I like Ashley, but I am positive Kate chose to "hire" her because it makes her look thin! Sickening.

I do not think Cara is overweight either. Mady has a tiny framed body and Cara is just developing faster than Mady is all. Cara is just in that awkward preteen stage.

Oh, and Kate stating that she is either a size 4 or a 2 is just an outright lie! They probably sew in tags saying those sizes just so she will drop a load of cash on the clothes! Shes living in a fantasy world if you ask me. My husband (who knows nothing about clothes or sizes) outbursts "She wears a 2 and you wear a 12?" I think we are both about the same size, yet I am taller than Kate is. Kate would be lucky to fit into a 6.

NJMom said...

I really wanted to see part of this episode to see the National Monuments as our family has never been there, but I couldn't last more than 5 minutes of listening to Kate's horrible shrewish voice, and the kids alternately screaming as well. What a shame for all of them. The kids will grow up having to face the stigma of having been on a reality show all of their lives, and Kate will probably go into a deep depression or psychosis due to the show's cancellation, if she doesn't get another television gig. No matter how much money they earned, it wasn't worth it at all, in my opinion. Jon might still be there had there never been a show.

Brummygirl said...

Whilst I have boycotted most of her shows, I did watch last night. No, I did not happen on it by surfing channels, I purposely watched it to see how T.L.C. had addressed these last chapters of "Life in the Surreal World of Kate Gosselin!"
I was not disappointed! Except for one fake mud fight where Kate showed she could be human if she was paid, mostly it showed Kate as we saw her when she first began to degrade her husband.
Forget the outlandish clothes and shoes, the surgery, the make-up, the hair extensions which followed, this was Kate in the raw. Still snappy, looking tired and drawn, we went full circle to the earlier days.
Do I believe she drove the R.V.? Maybe a little way but if that was the case, what were the children doing without seat belts, especially with a novice R.V. driver? Just like no life jackets on a boat.
What possessed T.L.C. to include more children in the mix? Probably as an extra irritant.
Do I believe Kate always wanted an experience like this?....only as much as she liked camping in Alaska!
She should not have had to google the names of the Presidents, she should have known them...more evidence of her ignorance and even worse, to latch onto the wrong President.
Her choice of a B.F.F., leaves a lot to be desired and probably the only choice she had.
Was this the last we have seen of Purseboy? As these were filmed a while ago, is he already on to new green pastures?
Will more people have viewed this episode? Probably, but even T.L.C. is not stupid enough to think their Queen has been reinstated in the eyes of the people unless of course their name is Sheep!
If I had not known who the Gosselins were and had tuned in to the program, I would have thought "what a rowdy, miserable, boring program" and wondered why this family rated an hour's viewing. Then, I would have remembered that this is the same channel who show sick children's beauty shows, people's misery edited and magnified in the name of Learning.

Montréalaise said...

I was watching another program last night and occasionally switched over to Kate Plus Eight for about 30 seconds at a time - that was all I could take. Seriously, if complaining was an Olympic sport, this woman would have a fistful of gold medals.

At one point she was screeching that other tourists were taking "unauthorized" photos of the family and I thought - you moron, the only reason they are taking pictures is because you and the kids are celebrities - and the only reason you're celebrities is because you have relentlessly pursued reality TV fame.

Thankfully the fame (and all those unwanted photo ops) are about to come to an end.

Maggie said...

Kate has begged on every entertainment tv program for the past year for a man to date and marry. What man after watching just this episode would be interested in her. Kate sucked the air and fun out of every situation. She showed herself to be a bitch from hell. And sadly her kids behaved very badly.

Kate always twitters that she is so positive and strong. What a joke. She is negative and weak. She has no control of herself. And loves to control every situation and move of others. Kate twittered that when her critics and haters say something bad about her that she loves to prove them wrong. Well Kate, what happened? You had a golden opportunity to behave well but you blew it again. Kate you have not improved one bit in the past 6 years. It is a shame. Stop twittering all the positive attitudes, platitudes, and quotes. Your attitude is disgusting especially since you have been given so much. It is all words and no action when it comes to you living a positive life.

If Kate has a dating show, men would only sign up for the money and fame. A healthly minded man COULD NOT be interested in her and her kids. It is a shame she blew great opportunties to present herself and her kids in a positive, fun, gracious way.

Criket said...

I think America is finally seeing the real Kate! Did you see how she yelled at Kara and Maddy and said any time they're helping her they should be running? If she speaks to her kids like that while filming, imagine when the cameras aren't there! I was really struck by how mean Kara was to Clay. she obviously has lots of anger, and is not being corrected for her terrible behavior by her mother. I felt like Kate wanted to hurt that little boy while playing in the mud, but was restraining herself and making it look like a game. Did you see how she was rubbing that stinky mud all over his face and on his mouth? I think she's a nut case and needs therapy!!

Hannah said...


Kate Plus 8 TLC 9:00 PM 1.372 0.6

HW said...

So many things I just want to scream at Kate for in this episode:

*How dare she mention that her kids were "unappreciative" on this trip? Did anybody else hear that one?

*Complaining about the conditions of the RV - made me furious. We just drove our mini van 16 hours to visit our son on his Marine base. Sure it was just three of us, but we were packed in like sardines with all of our luggage and the personal belongings our son finally gets to have with him. And guess what? We had a great time because that's what families do on vacations. She is so selfish and ungrateful.

*Unbelievable that she told Jamie to "control Clay" when she wasn't even in the RV with the kids. She had no clue what was taking place and had no desire to interact with any of the kids. And then to tell Cara to remove her shoes before entering the camper? Ugh...they were CAMPING!

*And finally, how on God's green earth does this woman think it's logical to complain about people taking her photo when she has chosen to live her life as a reality tv "star?"

Paper Plates Forever! Yay! said...

The one scene that really disturbed me was when Collin cut his arm in the RV and Kate wanted a paper towel and Jamie wasn't getting it fast enough. I got a real good idea now of how Kate treats her girlfriends. I guess that is why they don't seem to stick around very long. The control that Kate commands is beyond anything I have ever witnessed before. And directing her two friends how she wants the salad done "wash this, don't wash that, put the tomatoes on top of the lettuce, don't tear it, cut it". I also thought Collin has some serious anger issues. He is going to be trouble. No doubt about it.

Iggy said...

That was the worst show ever! Did anyone else find the formatting of the show strange, instead of Kate and the kids talking between scenes, its a screen with words explaining everything. It reminded me of a war documentary. The majority of the show's focus is Kate. Kate packing,Kate cleaning the floor, Kate complaining, Kate covered in mud, Kate driving. I liked how they showed Ashley saying, she doesnt know why Kate freaks out about people taking their photos. I think TLC no longer tried to maker her likeable. I mean all Kate did was complain about everything, the RV, the lack of help, the bed, etc. No one wants to see that Kate, especially when most families can not afford to go on any kind of trip. It was so tacky when she refered to Mt Rushmore as "a place to check of the list". Travel isnt about checking locations off a list. They were hardly there and I doubt anyone told the kids who built it, how long it took, how it was built, about the presients, about the native americans in the area, etc. But I did see they left with a huge souviner bag. That just shows how materialistic this woman is. lol, Sorry for venting.

acertaingirl said...

Did Kate ever think that people were staring at her because she was traipsing around a National Monument site with a camera crew in tow, screeching all the while?

What a narcissistic shrew, tourists were there to see Georgie, Tommy, Abe and TEDDY (not Frankie), NOT HER.

She's so ignorant, that she didn't even do research on the places she visited. The kids could have learned something - instead she uses the "banana and rock" clue. What a dope!

I will admit, I have watched this catastrophe since the beginning, and have always had a soft spot in my heart for those kids (who never had a choice in this life), but the scene that turned my head was that they wanted "servants". What 7 year old can even grasp that concept?

I hope those kids get the therapy they will no doubt need once this train wreck is over.

Canadian viewer said...

I think TLC finally made an episode to show Kate's true colours. This time they were not holding back on showing us how disturbing a woman she is! It was so uncomfortable to watch....I felt sorry for her children and her adult slaves. There were so many things wrong on so many levels. I hope this was an eye-opener for all of Kate's fans.

txmom said...

Am glad that the show is canceled, for the kid's sake. I watched last night, and last week's ep also, due to the cancellation notice, and wanted to watch TLC throw Kate under the bus.
Much has been said that Kate was unusually rude the past two episodes. I think she has ALWAYS been that way, but editing took out the obvious nastiness. Since the show is canceled now, TLC decided to show her in all her glory.

I think the show is being canceled for two, and only two reasons: First, the PA legislation recently passed concerning minor children working on camera, and two, I believe that the contract expires soon, and TLC would have to gain Jon's permission to film the kids. I think they just decided they had wrung as much out of this family, and decided working around legislation and getting Jon to sign just weren't worth it.

The scene with Kate and Clay slinging 'mud', was interesting, in that she was playing with a child that wasn't her own. Her kids just stood there and watched.

Her 'boring bus' scene was so sad--she could have played games with her own kids while traveling.

It was also funny, that in the beginning of the ep, she narrates on about how she wanted to show her kids this and that, yawn..then, later on, is shown to say to someone off camera, what are we doing tomorrow, I haven't received my info sheet, or something to that effect. very sad.

She looked absolutely miserable the entire time.
She was a total shrew, when disembarking off the rv at Mt.Rushmore, she was screeching about the the kids using the restroom...she was screaming for an adult to get the kids...uh, does she do anything at all, or just give orders?
I have no idea what this poor woman is going to do to earn a living. She is certainly an uneducated, ignorant, person. I cannot believe she somehow attained qualifications to become a nurse.
This comment is jumbled and rambling, there is just so much to ponder.
Last thought...I hope that Jon can change the custody agreement, whereas the kids can be with him half the time, that seems to be popular these days.

PA Woman said...

Brummygirl said...
Whilst I have boycotted most of her shows, I did watch last night. No, I did not happen on it by surfing channels, I purposely watched it to see how T.L.C. had addressed these last chapters of "Life in the Surreal World of Kate Gosselin!"
I was not disappointed!

I'll admit it right with you, I haven't watched in a couple years but intentionally dvr'd this program and watched it later.

This is a show the few remaining Kate fans need to see. The real Kate. Although, I'm sure they are making plenty of excuses for her.

The kids though, I was shocked at their behaviour. Rude, demanding. Plus some of the six need real work on their speech, considering they are what, 7 yrs old now. They need more time with Jon.

Seattle sees said...

I got the feeling that the friends basically did everything on the show that Kate didnt want to do. If anyone was always with the children, it wasnt Kate! I noticed that she made efforts to go shopping by herself, to "organize" (meaning = delegate work) to the other women, and to clean by herself, etc etc. It reminded me of someone at a job who didnt feel like doing the real work, so they tell everyone else to do it and they pretend to be super busy. I believe that all of that hides some very deep issues of insecurity. Insecure people are really the only ones with something to prove...and Kate spends most of the time on camera trying to prove uncomfortable it is, how hard she has worked, what new things she has overcome, how inept her friends and children are compared to her, how thin she is, the bit about "servants" that she had to point out to a little boy...and the list goes on and on! What is sad to me is that she hides behind so much control and part of that control is her temper and her verbal abuse, when deep down she is insecure. If she deflects all of her own fears and weaknesses onto others, then she will look superior in every way in her own mind. I truly believe that is why she HAS to put down everyone around makes her a bully who then can sit back and act superior to others. What is heartbreaking is that she even does this with little children. I hope she will get the therapy that she needs in order to raise her children through the teen years and they wont end up leaving her and lying to her about why they dont want to be around.

Cindy said...

Kate claims to be a germaphobic yet she was shown walking barefoot at a gas station and worse yet she played with that nasty mud. Oh and BTW. Kate would never take a road trip with 11 kids in tow if it wasn't for the $.

KHate Don't Rate said...

Proud Grandma said...

I could comment on so many aspects of the show, yes I watched it. Why? well I guess I had a feeling the TLC would throw her under the bus. She is a horrible human being.
But I think the most telling part of the show was when she did the clue for Mount Rushmore and Mady got it. Did she say "well done Mady, you are a great kid". NO she was so pleased that her clue was so good and it became all about her, not about how clever Mady was, it was how brilliant K8 was at doing such good clues. Argh.
You are so right, Grandma. I, too, thought that this segment displayed KHate's dysfunction in a nutshell. To put the spotlight on herself like that, fishing for compliments over her stupid clues, was shameful.

Jenny O said...

txmom said:
I have no idea what this poor woman is going to do to earn a living. She is certainly an uneducated, ignorant, person. I cannot believe she somehow attained qualifications to become a nurse.

...I hope that Jon can change the custody agreement, whereas the kids can be with him half the time, that seems to be popular these days.

I agree with your points txmom. Not only does Kate have limited job skills and possibly a lapsed nursing license, what adds to her dismal job prospects is the fact that she's so completely unpleasant. We can speculate all we want for the reasons why she is unable to interact cordially with the rest of the world, but it doesn't really matter why she is the way she is.

In this competitive and tough job market, Kate doesn't stand a chance. As someone who might interview her for a nursing position, I'd first see that she's been out of the field for years. Second, during the interview, I'd move her to the "no thanks" pile the minute she began talking about the show, her fame, the papparazzi, blah, blah, blah. Third -- I might have taken a gander or three at some of the shows before the interview and realized right off the bat that she doesn't have the right temperament for nursing.

So strike nursing out. What else is Kate qualified to do? Nothing. The only thing she knows how to do is talk to a camera and bark orders. Last time I looked, there weren't any jobs in the papers seeking those qualifications.

I do worry that she will try to push the kids into child acting, and make them even more miserable than they are now when no doors open for them.

I also hope Jon can get at least 50% custody, but I bet you she continues to fight him on that -- solely because the more custody he gets, the lower his child support payments.

TLC Throwing K8 Under the RV said...

Ileanna said..
Anyone else notice that lately they've only shown Mady even-tempered, articulate and mature, while Cara is always shown sour, petty and acting-out? Is it possible the stress of being treated like trained monkeys has made Mady stronger but driven Cara further into emotional distress? Or is it editing designed to get viewers ready to accept Mady as a solo act?

1. Very interesting point Ileanna. When they were doing the races (forward, backward, carrying another person, etc), Cara got upset about something. Ashley yelled at her that if she didn't behave she'd have to go stay in the RV "like her sister". I believe Mady was the only one missing, so that means there was something bad Mady did to get her sent there, but it wasn't shown.

2. Glad Jamie's kids FINALLY got to go along on a trip. She's gone so many wonderful places with the Gosselins, while leaving her poor kids behind. (I remember one trip was especially great - Florida beach or something? They went swimming with the dolphins - though Jamie remained at the hotel with a sick child for that mini-expedition. I'm sure her kids would have loved to do that).

3. All I notice anymore about her is her "good bra".

babysitter twins? said...

OK, I don't watch this show but I do enjoy reading the posts here on GWOP.
How old are the twins now? Are they - according to PA law - old enough to be home alone and care for siblings?

I think Kate will be relying on the twins to pick up the slack when all the camera crew and other helpers are gone.

I hope I am wrong but I fear that is what will happen.

txmom said...

This family, and adding a reality show to the dynamic, will certainly be analyzed and studied for decades to come, imo.
I never watched this show in the beginning, frankly, because I was in the midst of raising my own kids,and wasn't at all interested in watching someone else do the same! But, my mom watched it, and got my young-at-the-time twins to watch it as well. They would tell me all about this really mean mom, I thought it was sort of amusing. So when the divorce and the media splash hit the fan, I already had Kate's number, so to speak.
I watched a few eps here and there, less than 10 I would guess, but kept up with the child exploitation on this blog.
I intentionally watched the past two eps because it was canceled, and wanted to watch TLC throw her under the rv (oops, bus, lol).
There is so much dysfuntion to address, it would take a week to dissect!
I have never driven an rv, but do you have to have some sort of special license for that, especially since it was a 'company' bus?
And secondly, where did the crew sleep? They had to have had another rv for the crew, perhaps it just wasn't shown.
I always thought Kate and Steve had a thing way back when, but after watching how she treats everyone, including her children, he would have to be the stupidest man on the planet.
I feel sorry for the kids, there is no way in heck those kids are not damaged due to living their lives for public consumption. Disgrace.
I could go on and on....

txmom said...

Since I am on a tirade, here she is, shreeching (sp?) about the 'unauthorized photo ops', is she so stupid as not to think, maybe they are some of my fans??? She should have been waving at the common folks like a politician on Election Day!haha!

Another thought, burned meat of any kind, gives off carcinogens..I would not have let my kids eat that burned meat.

She is a real parodox...sweet as honey, just loves loves loves everyone on twitter,yet spews hatred and nastiness on the 'real-ist of reality shows'. How can her followers be so stupid? I know most of them are teens, but good grief, I have raised 6 daughters, ages 11-24, and none of them think this lady is a good mom or a decent human being. Kate is to be pitied, really.
Have really enjoyed the good fight this blog has given in sake of the kids. kudos!!

NahnCee said...

I sincerely hope that the judges who found for TLC and Kate and against Jon and Paul Peterson in their efforts to get this show taken off the air years ago are forced to watch these last episodes and then feel good in their souls about what they have wrought.

I also hope that the kids, when they are old enough, get a better lawyer than Jon ever found and drag Kate AND TLC AND the legal system through whatever mud and mire is around for allowing this outrage to happen.

Finally, if Kate is this deranged when she's got oodles of money coming in for her different reality gigs, what's going to happen to her (and those small already-crazed children) when the money stops flowing and she discovers the economics that the rest of America are already suffering from: she's unemployable and her house is worthless.

HW said...

Craig . Kate . Xavier . Cass said...
I can't believe none of yall have mentioned the worst line of the episode. While packing, to Mady and Cara:
"You should know by now that when you are helping me, you need to be running AT ALL TIMES!"
YES!! I did hear that and forgot to put that in my list. When I heard it I thought of my son, a new Marine out of boot camp for less than a year. All I could think was "That's how a drill instructor screams at recruits....!" I was waiting for Kate to start counting down "TEN, NINE, EIGHT...."
She is such a horrible excuse for a mother.

acertaingirl said...

The way Kate abused that vacuum cleaner reminded me of the time she threw the kid's play grill down the stairs. Also, when she went ballistic in the twins room and starting chucking things down the steps. She has no appreciation for anything or anyone (wasn't she complaining about this about the kids last ep?). Wonder where they learned it from Kate?

PoeticJustice said...

I loved the surly Kate broiling the "organic" chicken at the fire pit, while one of the other women was applying makeup to one of the younger girls. Kate said to the camera, "I'm here cooking, while they're over there playing with makeup. What's wrong with this picture? So not fair."

Really, Kate?

I've felt very sorry for the children for a long time now, but last night's show was absolutely stunning in the way it spotlighted the truth of those kids' daily lives. Their mother is unhinged, uncaring, non-protective and mean-spirited. The twins are especially feeling the effects of having a narcissist for a mother, because Maddy and Cara are old enough to understand cray-cray when they see it.

The younger six are also closing in on what it means to have Kate as a mother, but, sadly, many of the tups are exhibiting Kate's personality traits already. There will probably be many behavioral problems ahead for all the goslings.

Tiggersmema said...

I decided to watch the RV episode yesterday to see how bad she was. Haven't watched show in years, but I was in the mood to see a "train wreck".

I laughed when my husband woke up, looked at the TV, and said "Who invited THAT woman into our house?" He watched 5 minutes, got up and left the room in total disgust.

Once cute kids have turned into mouthy brats, and the aggression shown by pushing, threats, and clenching of fist by Mady? (Cara?) were especially disturbing.

Kate a martinet, as usual, isolating herself from the kids in another RV, expecting appreciation for all she does. Seriously woman, what 7 year old ever comes up to you and says they appreciate anything?!?

Good luck and good riddance.

last2cu said...

I just met Michelle Duggar parked right next to me in the Wal Mart Parking lot.. She apologized for maybe bumping my car with her door! we spoke for just a minute and she was the nicest people in the whole world. Her sweetness is what shows through on their show.. no bodyguards or cameras.. just a mother of 19 shopping..if Kate could have only learned..

Friend In Pennsylvania said...

I think the show is being canceled for two, and only two reasons: First, the PA legislation recently passed concerning minor children working on camera


HB 1548 passed the House in June. It has not yet passed the Senate, which it must do before it is written into law.

Marilyn said...

Khate prides herself on her organization and cleanliness, she was picking up the horrific ants off of the floor with a vacuum cleaner. I don't believe we saw her empty the vacuum, so where are the ants???

Kat - said...

here is what I'm seeing... Mady was always expressing her emotions... Cara was bottling up... we all know they have been in therapy since the divorce... well, now we're seeing Mady matured and worked with... as she needed to be... so she's now controlling how she expresses her emotions and becoming the wonderful young woman that I knew she could be (she reminds me of my daughter and my younger son and always has)

Cara, on the other hand, is how my younger son was when he was little... she bottles... so now she's doing what he did back in first/second grade (because we got him in therapy early)... she's expressing... and having to learn how to do so.

Now, with the clay incident... it is because these kids are not being taught the "pack" mentality... that when you are in a big group... a family, a class, or just a group of friends... if one of you has something, you have to share it... if one or two of you want to do something, you have to include everyone.

If you throw a fit because you don't want to share and you want to be alone.... fine... you can go in a corner/space/room by yourself with nothing while you think about your behavior and calm down.

Not saying she's not entitled to private time and that maybe she and Clay just butt heads... but there are right ways and wrong ways to get your private time and to still include him.

Ashley and Jamie were handling it so perfectly... Kate needed to back them up, not stand there and argue and basically show Cara that she doesn't have to listen to other people in charge.

Mary said...

who was the one or ones that broke all that stuff on one of the rv's.We saw them using tape to fix somthing Fridge? which camper was this damage done. I say Kate broke every thing in Kates RV. Funny I think that rv was just for Kate and steve and after the first night Kate was at a hotel. If kate thinks it hard now she is in for a big surprised. I see her shiping the kids to Jon. she will keep her Golden child with her. Why does a 7 years old have to be carried all the time. She ot someone is always carrying her. Ohwait until school starts. I gave up on twitter I am sick of it. Did you see her twetter about her wanting to donated 6 high chairs to other fanily in PA and asking Twitters if the had a contact number. Some one must have givin Kate 6 new chaiars. Oh some of her lovers want to hold a fund faiser for her


Kate = Syrup of Ipecac said...

I was apparent to me that Kate does not want to be involved with refereeing/diffusing disputes between the children.

She seems to remove herself, from any environment where disputes will/would possibly happen, to elsewhere... and solely focus on cleaning.

I imagine that when together in the Konpound, Kate is likely busying herself with something other than parenting her children.

Sure, she probably directs and expects the kids to work equally as hard as she, but when it comes to disputes she likely resorts to "survival of the fittest".

I've read complementary comments about Mady, but I thought she was exhibiting bossy behavior at Old Faithful.

I, too, agree that it was likely Mady who was in the RV as a punishment when Cara was threatened to be sent there, too.

Because I was raised by a single mother much like Kate, I predict estrangement from Kate in some of the G8's future.

If like me, the oldest, the twins will most likely be estranged. I took the brunt, experienced the most, and was expected to do everything. Horrid childhood.

I have no relationship with my mother. I will be kind to her at family functions and holidays, nothing more. I haven't acknowledged her birthday or Mother's Day in years.

Two of my three subs tolerate her, the third rarely contacts her. She, and her narcasistic ways, moved well over three hours from us all years ago. I don't miss her at all.

It did take decades for me to become estranged and her being so far removed was likely a contributing factor.

Sorry for ranting, but Kate's behaviours drive me up the wall! I hadn't watched the show in years, but caught most of the RV episode. Why? Glutton for punishement I guess. Aargghhh!

Brave New World said...

I sincerely hope that the judges who found for TLC and Kate and against Jon and Paul Peterson in their efforts to get this show taken off the air years ago are forced to watch these last episodes and then feel good in their souls about what they have wrought.


Paul Petersen, as far as I know, was never involved in a court case against TLC regarding the filming of the Gosselin children. A judge did rule that Kate could make the decision in regards to filming, but Petersen never was present at the hearing.

laura linger said...

What I have taken away from watching Kate Gosselin:

I resolve to be a better, kinder person.

I may be chubbier than Kate, who looks strung out on something these days, frankly. There was a time when I thought all people who are thinner than I am were better than me. I now know, with absolute certainty, that this is not the case.

I see that money cannot buy you happiness, and that all of the hair extensions, fake nails, carcinogenic tanning, and porcelain veneers will not cover up the fact that you lack a soul.

I see that no matter how long or how fast you jog, you cannot run away from the fact that you are an absolutely miserable human being.

I know that no matter how many underhanded, bitchy, sneering comments you make about the father of your six little meal tickets, you still miss him, Kate Gosselin, and you still love him, and deep down, you know it was YOU who caused your marriage to end. Sure, it takes two to tango, but it was your bitchiness and nastiness that nailed the coffin shut. I am as a result even kinder and more loving to my own husband.

I know that your life is what you make of it. There are always those who have it better than you do, and those who have it far, far, far worse. I resolve to never be the kind of piss poor excuse for a human being who has the audacity to complain about a tricked-out air-conditioned luxury RV with a private driver while on an all-expenses-paid vacation in some of America's most spellbindingly beautiful countryside.

I resolve to be a better friend to my friends, and to always be grateful to those who serve me, from the bus boy at IHOP to the concierge at The Plaza Hotel.

And lastly, I resolve to remember Kate a constant reminder of who I DO NOT WANT TO EVER BE.

I'm off to make super-spicy kung pao chicken for our dinner, and to laugh all night at It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia reruns. My kitchen is far too small, much smaller than yours, and my house needs some isn't a showplace like yours. Then again, my husband and I pay for it through our own hard work, not the hard work of our children.

You might do that, too, Kate Gosselin...have a good meal and a relaxing evening at home, enjoying your family time...that is, if you weren't anoxeric (you are) and if you had a sense of humor (you don't) and if you had a husband who loves you (you haven't). You have your children, true...but I don't think that you love them. Not really. You love the lifestyle they have afforded you, sure. You love the notoriety you have for now. But now it has all ended, and those kids are still there. They aren't going anywhere. What's more, they are starting to see, with dawning horror, just what a shrewish mess they have for a mother.

And even with the children there, you are alone. Desperate, sad, broken, and alone. Katie Krieder of the trailer park, still desperately clutching to the notion that she is somebody.

Hope that ever-dwindling pile of cash you made while selling your family's souls is a consolation.

Hairdresser, of course said...

No what surprised me? That I would dislike Jaime, Ashley even more than Kate. I thought Jaime was a disgrace, her kids could do anything. I don't even think that woman combs her own hair. What a lousy friend she is. Even the NY trip with Kate, she worse Jeans and Kate was dressed as everyone else in the nightclub.

Did someone say she married a doctor as a second marriage? She is acting like she is still on the farm. I was shocked at how she took the "being in that RV with kids" and trying to act like one of the kids along with another woman, who was the babysitter? Ashley is frigtening.

I think all 3 women lack intelligence to be around children. Kate screaming and worrying about every little thing. Ashley playing always like one of the kids and Jaime doing what exactly? She doesn't seem to be the friend that Kate professes her to be. She is even more a lounger making some money.

Comb your hair Jaime.

Mary said...

Kate empty the vacumn you have to be kidding why do you think Steve was there for. The only people I feel sorry for were the two RV drivers and people touring the area who by some bad luck happened to be there at same time.


tups don't chew gum said...

OMG Not sure where to begin on this one. It started off bad with that mean comment to the twins about when they help her do anything they need to RUN!! Also how she belittled poor Mady while waiting for a roll of paper towels!

She is such a poor excuse for a mother! Same old Kate! Under all that plastic and fake doll hair is the same depressing pathetic beotch.
I agree she did nothing on this once in a lifetime trip but complain and give orders to everyone. She definetly did NOT do her homework and research this trip beforehand. She could have made wonderful lifelong memories for those kids, but instead bought them some cheap souvineers instead.

Why the hell did it take hours for her and Steve to buy organic chicken? My dog would not have eaten that burned crap of a meal!!

(Maybe they stopped for a quickie)

I think Ashley has it out with Kate and thats why she leaves. Not with Jaime. Those poor kids are always losing people they love due to their stupid mother!! So sad...

I am going to make a prediction now that I hope does NOT come true:

Most of those kids if not all of them will either be heavy drinkers, drug users,wife/husband beaters or commit suicide because of their childhood.

I hope to God I am wrong, but I see it coming. Reality TV is not a way of life, look at the husband from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. His family says alot of his problems were from being on that show (along with financial problems)

I think Kates on laxatives or diet pills, she looks so gaunt and old.

Jeannie G said...

The old saying "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see" applies to all these so-called reality shows. "Reality TV" has to be the grandest oxymoron in the history of the English lexicon. Digital has made editing so easy, fast, inexpensive and undetectable that it's a snap to cut-and-paste tiny increments of video and audio to produce footage that is almost entirely fictional. That said, Kate has proven in public appearances that she is pretty much what she appears on the show, or at least she's morphed into her own caricature.

Just My Few Canadian Cents said...

I've been reading posts suggesting that TLC is finally done with her and no longer interested in portraying her positively, etc.etc.

I don't think Kate coming across negatively on camera is TLC's way of turning on her and throwing her under the bus.

I think each show is meticulously scripted, produced and directed to attract as many viewers as possible. Since Kate has relatively few fans, they figure the more obnoxious Kate is the more people tune in to see her and write about her on message boards and other sites.
I don't watch the show but that's why Kate is behaving badly. It makes the show more profitable and popular.

New York State Of Mind said...

Why the hell did it take hours for her and Steve to buy organic chicken? My dog would not have eaten that burned crap of a meal!!

(Maybe they stopped for a quickie)


If the trip took hours, it wasn't a quickie, but a longie.

Anonymous said...

I caught the rerun. I was flipping back and forth between this and The Waltons(that should tell you something)so I didn't see the parting of the ways between Kate and whoever. The whole thing reminded me of an Erma Bombeck column. She wrote about the time her family and another went on a weeklong (or maybe two weeks)camping trip and what a disaster it was and how everyone was ready to kill each other by the end. That is the kind of thing that can really stress a friendship. Then throw in someone with Kate's personality and it's going to be worse.

These kids do all kinds of educational things and get nothing out of it. Kate wants to make everything a surprise. They should have been learning about Mount Rushmore and Old Faithful and even the Statue of Liberty a couple of years ago before they left. They should have been doing the wonderful Junior Ranger programs. They just whip in and out, buy a couple of junky souvenirs and it's off to the next thing. We get our share of souvenirs, too, but we try to make the most of educational opportunities. Their just missing out on so much that way.

I had to agree with the other ladies when they were saying Kate shouldn't get all upset about people taking pictures. She wanted to be famous and famous people get their pictures taken. And all her yelling is bound to attract attention even if people aren't particularly paying attention to the cameras.

And why are the sextuplets still dressing alike? Well, their mother makes them. I wish she'd quit. Some multiples do enjoy dressing alike but I can't believe all six are still agreeing to it.

Reality Bites said...

QUOTE: [Know] what surprised me? That I would dislike Jaime, Ashley even more than Kate.

The dour personalities of Kate's friends don't surprise me at all. Who else would be friends with Kate, other than sour, bitter people? People with kind hearts and warm personalities, for example, Jody and Beth, have fallen by the wayside very quickly because Kate's demeanor is impossible to endure for any length of time. IOW, people of good will need to remove themselves from Kate's orbit in order to survive with their heads straight.

When I see people like Jaime and Ashley, too, still around after a longer period, I am sure that's because of their own ulterior motives, whatever those are. Even Steve gives me pause because, as far as I can tell, he's the longest-lasting employee ever who has stuck it out with Kate Gosselin. He is one tough bazooka there.

I've always enjoyed this blog and though I haven't been a faithful, regular reader for a long time now (as I was at the height of this show and the Gosselin divorce drama) I still check in to read the opinions expressed here. The insights are often interesting.

However, I've always thought, and this is my opinion only, that people make the mistake sometimes of personalizing the fiasco that is Kate Gosselin by comparing her to themselves. E.g., "I would never do this...." "I never had that...." "My children were never allowed...." "My clothes, my hair, my weight, my makeup are opposite of what Kate chooses...."

The travesty that is Kate Gosselin shouldn't be personalized to be a comparison contest. IMO, that feeds into her supporters' misguided opinions that others are "jealous" of her or "covetous" of what she has. We all have our own way of doing things. Maybe we're right, maybe not. That isn't the point.

Kate Gosselin was given the gift of 8 healthy children. Instead of nurturing their souls and spirits, helping them to grow in maturity and mental strength, she chose to go down the path of materialism for materialism's sake, in my opinion. Those poor kids will have a tough time adjusting to and trusting in anybody's motives in the future. That's the real tragedy of Kate's genuine legacy: 8 messed up, miserable kids who will probably act out in ways that will surprise no one but Kate.

Next stop in a year or less: The Dr Phil House, where Kate Gosselin will rail against her children and blame them for being born.

Anonymous said...

Khate at "Old Faithful"..."let's get out of here before people photograph us to pieces"..........WHAT?????..........arent you being "photographed to pieces" when you are on TV for the WHOLE WORLD to see????

Big Fat Hypocrite!!! Mean mean mom!

Kate = Syrup of Ipecac said...

To me the whole episode seemed planned. I don't buy that Ashley and Jamie intentionally complained about Kate on camera.

I think the production crew, Kate, Ashley, and Jamie sat down and brainstormed about how to create the most dramatic episode... 'cause drama brought in the numbers before.

I imagine they all treated Kate with kid gloves during the BS (brainstorm, of course) and asked her to suggest some over the top plot ideas.

Likely all shook hands after coming up with drama, complaints, and a falling out. Of course Kate's true self had to come out in between the fights.

I don't think any of them acted their parts well. Ashley tripped on her own words during her supposed to be "knock down, drag out" quote. She and Jamie could hardly keep a straight face when the were filmed 'complaining' about Kate. So fake.

Toss in the fact that Kate's tweeting that she, Ashley, and Jamie are all good. We know that Kate does not take kindly to people trashing her.

I don't buy the concerted effort to create drama. No awards for the lot of them!

Anonymous said...

"Just a little extra info here...I called the campground to find out if that was sewage they were playing in and the wonderful lady on the phone told me that it was just mud that is very deep down and the camera crew spent a good while digging it up from the creek so it would be readily available for the "mud playing scene"...otherwise you don't even see it.."


I knew it was just mud but it's interesting that it's not normally there. I wonder why they went to all that trouble to set up a fake activity when they could have filmed the horse riding or fishing?

Shoka's Understudy said...

Oh, kate is trying to do a fundraiser and the charity has not been identified yet. She is letting her twit twitters do all the grunt work for her.

I believe it is a FRAUD and she is dragging innocent people into it. kate wants on this charity trip, 5 star hotel room for her and Steve, limo to event and first class tickets.

She could very easily take cash out of the proceeds and put it in her deep pockets.

She did it all the time at the churches.

appearance fee 25K
love offering ??? K's
$20 picture 50 pics 1K

I have always wondered if something bad happened to kate, would steve be the beneficiary of life insurance policies on kate, remember steves name was on that piece of paper Jon scribbled on?

acertaingirl said...

Kate was flipping out over tourists possibly taking pictures (they weren't p people you dolt!). What about those tourists who probably saved for years to take their families on a once in a lifetime trip? Did she even think of how they might feel being filmed without their permission?

No she didn't, because she was filming a stupid pointless TV show that no one watches!

Anonymous said...

Where in Idaho did they camp? I swear we camped at that same little campground after yellowstone - and there is a BEAUTIFUL lake right near there that the kids would've had so much fun fishing in.

Patti said...

Cara is picking on Clay because she has a crush on him for gosh sakes! I've seen it with both my girls. Cara's at a confusing age, and berating her is only going to make her more confused. Sure, if Cara was actually hurting him you have to stop it first, but she wasn't. Gosh it was so infuriating to see those three clueless women totally not get what's going on, and mis-handle it so badly.

groovymom00 said...

Amen, Laura Linger, beautifully said.

Jenny O said...

laura linger - your post was awesome. For any of Kate's dwindling fanbase who thinks we dislike Kate so much because we are jealous of her and what she has - your post shows exactly why we are NOT jealous and would never trade places with Kate if it meant having her soulless existence as well. Perhaps to people looking from the outside in at my own life, they might think I'm a financially struggling single mom with an older sort of dinged up vehicle and rarely any money to tuck away in savings at the end of each month. But when I look at my life, I am very content and grateful for every thing that I do have. A child who I very much wanted and hugged and kissed very much when he was younger; a son who I listen to and help with homework; a son who makes me laugh sometimes while other times drives me crazy as he goes through his teen years and thinks his old mom is annoying as all get out Close friends and family, who have been there for me time and again; and I try to return the favor whenever I can Yes, that dinged up car yet it runs so reliably and gets us where we need to go every day My sweet-natured boyfriend, who is always kind and helpful. Yes, he's got a little paunch and his hair is thinning, but his heart is generous and he's a keeper, so you better believe I don't berate him or belittle him, but treat him like the wonderful person he is. Kate is indeed an important example to us all - of all the ways we don't want to behave.

An RV Owner said...

By the way, there were 5 RVs, the big one, the med size one, 2 other med size for crew and equipment and 1 for Steve and the RV drivers took turns sleeping them.

True. Kate was in the RV with her kids and she slept there also. Plenty of room, not your bed at home but everyone was belted in during riding and also at night in their bunks.

RVs are very safe and seat belts are a must and in accordance with the law.

We have one and we were in the park watching Old Faithful when we saw all caravan of K+8 show. It was hard not to stare, but we did and we were in the film footage on TV. She was nice to everyone and signed autographs.

Not trying to make you all feel that she is a Saint, but she was very pleasant to my 2 teenagers and me and my husband and my sister and her 2 children. The kids are very well behaved and interested in meeting also. A couple of them talked to my sister's children.

Friend In Pennsylvania said...

"Cara is picking on Clay because she has a crush on him for gosh sakes! I've seen it with both my girls. Cara's at a confusing age, and berating her is only going to make her more confused."


Um, no, I seriously doubt it. Cara will be 11 next month; Clay is eight. It's not a Mrs. Robinson thing.

Another thing... said...

For the first time in months, we had TLC on. And a commercial came on for... K+8. I hadn't seen a pic on a mag,Internet or otherwise in ages. And my word. She has morphed I to another person. And not in a good way. Not to get so snarky as to pick apart her looks but my goodness. She's aged faster than anyone I've seen in my life... The tanning? The dead eyes. And the clothes of a teenager just make the age gap look exaggerated.

Anyway, that is not why I'm here, on the commercial, the babysitter quit, and the long time friend and k had words. Finally. And I thought. Is this it? Is this the end? Could it be?

And I came here. And yes. My goodness. At long last.

:) I hope those kids can find joy and peace and have happy lives from here on out and find some way to deal with the mess their parents have created for them. At least they have each other.

Another Gate, Pizza said...

I saw the video of Pizza Gate. kate has lost her mind. She beefed, griped, scream, tantrumed, hollered at Mady for picking up with her bare hands a piece of the precious (steve reserved it the night before pizza) to him.

She was mad because Mady didn't wrap it in foil and hand it to PurseBoy.

She chewed Jamie out about letting them have the adult food. This is all we were going to have. They said we have mac and cheese, she got really mad and stomped and said he doesn't eat mac and cheese.

I thought that was very telling. She knows exactly what the Kiwi man eats.

She reminded me of a 13 yr. old teenager having a fit.

She made fun of Jamie and said that she would it.

That kate is such a jerk.

I twitted her and told her that when her lover said whatever then kate says this is so over, I told her when he said that, why didn't you go over and give him a love tap HARD, like you used to do JON!

Shoka's Understudy

Brummygirl said...

Kate = Syrup of Ipecac said...
To me the whole episode seemed planned. I don't buy that Ashley and Jamie intentionally complained about Kate on camera.
Of course it was all planned, Kate is not a good actress and when she said "it was so over", you could tell it was fake.
Fake Kate the whole nine yards, smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors!!
Pity we are not all buying it!!!

NotaKateFan said...

Here is a link to the preview of this coming week's episode. This will prove that the fight is between Kate and Ashley, not Jamie and Ashley. I love the comment "it's always about HIM" (meaning Steve). Hmmmmmmmmm . . .

momof3 said...

What I thought was interesting is that there were no couch scenes, just words on the screen. I don't recall that ever being done before. Was Kate so mad at TLC for cancelling the show or for portraying her so negatively that she would not sit down and do the couch scenes?

Daisy said...

Did anyone catch the remark when Jamie and Ashley were talking about Kate running away? One said she ran away( in jest) to Anne Taylor's. Ha ha.

irish wonder said...

Does Jaime have custody of her kids? I thought I read somewhere that her former husband has custody.

If true it says a lot about her character.

Anonymous said...

What an ordeal over a piece of pizza. If you want to keep your leftovers, put your name on them. You'd think they were stranded in the Sahara. "This is all the food we have!".

Anonymous said...

And if Kate were as organized as she claims to be she would have posted meal plans in the little kitchenettes and everyone would have known what was for when. And for a last-minute left-over meal she could have written on it "Adults: pizza, kids: mac and cheese and salad". And since when does Kate eat pizza anyway?

jonandkatewho? said...

It appears I was wrong and the fight is between Kate and the other women. I was only guessing it was not because I doubted at that time that TLC would actually show her being such a bitch, or allow anybody to tell Kate what they thought. Apparently they did.

I could agree with those saying this is scripted and fake, but in the clip, Kate's anger seems real to me as does Ashley's. I think it would only be natural that these particular women would be at one another's throats given the situation. Which is probably why it was a road produce all this drama. They evidently want to go out with a bang. Or maybe they want to see if the show can be saved. I just don't trust TLC, I guess. I'm afraid to believe this crap show is actually over. I don't want to be disappointed so I'm cautiously believing.

The fighting and drama is the only interesting thing left in between scenes of camping, etc. The rest is still unbelievably boring.

If this scene was real, then I say GO ASHLEY AND JAMIE! it is about time somebody took Kate to task for her nastiness. I don't like either of these other women very much, but I would imagine you might not be at your best around Kate. It's good to finally see somebody be allowed to let her have it.

Daisy said...

Kate freaks over pizza handled with dirty hands and yet walks barefooted on the streets of N.Y city and a gas station. Lets a man kiss her nasty toes while at a night club but worse yet she has that disquisting mud all over her face and very near her mouth. BTW Kate pizza is made my a stangers hands. She is plain nuts!

barbee said...

doesn't make much sense that 4 pieces of pizza would be considered lunch for 4 adults and that is all there was (although, we have seen the size meals she dishes out for the 7 and almost 11 yr old kids). But then again, 'she' only eats salad, so precious stevie could have her piece.

zoey said...

I saw the extended clip of tomorrow's episode and she treated Mady like she had the plague (giving Steve a piece of pizza with her bare hands) and THIS is what sent her over the edge with Jamie and Ashley. What a freak. It is very telling that Ashley whispers "It's really all about him, isn't it?" when Kate rants like a lunatic over Steve.

kinman said...

I'm sure Jon (I'm sure he watches the show, right?) hated to see his kids crying out by the RV as Ashley was leaving. They were obviously heartbroken, but Kate just took it in stride. She just took it as "one more person in my life who leaves me, so I just keep going". It's all about HER as usual. She should have comforted those kids, instead of going off on a self-pity rant by herself. I know alot of it is editing, but it still was shameful to have those kids out there crying by themselves. How do you think they feel when their school friends watch this stuff? I bet they are glad it is almost over, especially Mady and Cara. But apparently, according to Kate and Twitter, the finale is very important for everyone to watch, so I guess the "truth" will be revealed. There are interviews with Steve, Jami, Ashley, Kate etc.. but the real interview I want to see is Jon! I bet THAT won't happen....

Kateheels said...

The scene with her and the mud was so fake. My thought: she had been drinking. It was around dinner time. I do believe this is the cause of her poor appearance. Her life is out of control and I'm sure she drinks too calm herself down.

I don't understand why she isn't on some kind of anxiety medication. When someone cares more about a dirty floor than peoples feelings they are OCD. I know, my mother was that way. She would rather have a clean perfect home than to love on her kids. Sadly she's still that way and it's sad to see her treat her grandkids the same. Kate is going to be one out of control grandma. But if her kids work hard enough they will not need her to babysit. They can afford their own slaves. Come on. Who says that to your children?

What would be nice to watch? Kate checking herself into a mental hospital. She has serious anger and OCD issues. Her children will spend the rest of their lives in therapy trying to heal from the pain and rejection she has caused.

Lori said...

I really wonder if TLC broke the news to her about the show getting cancelled just as she was preparing to go on this trip. She was already in bitch mode when she was trying to load the RVs. Did TLC set her mood with the news of the cancellation so they would have some fireworks to film. Her shows since it became Kate plus 8 was excrutiatingly boring.

P.A. to kate: kate...line 2, Dr. Drew said...

She needs to go on Dr. Drew, by herself and get on meds and get stablized. I agree about the mud fun that she was drinking.

By her looks over the years, drinking and smoking will do that to you. She is jealous and can't handle the kids, the staff, the crew eating regular food, like pizza.

She starves herself and eats like a rabbit and expects everybody to do the same. She has no right to do that, especially to her children, they are growing, they have to EAT!

I wonder if the reason why Steve didn't go and make that man delete the pics he took from his phone was because of our postings on here, especially from me, lol, that I would call the police! I think that Steve thought if he did, the guy would get agitated and be a problem.

kate, I have news for you. You were out in public, he didn't harrass you in your face. He simply took a pic or two and you could not stand it.

It would of been funny if Steve would of convinced the Princess to go over and take her picture with him like he did the reporter at Bald Head at her family's beach house!

Shoka's Understudy

lastthoughts said...

Almost seems as though this episode set Kate up for a final failure. I am not supporting what she does, but it seems her faults were exploited to their fullest in this episode.

They sent her on this trip knowing full well:

- Kate doesn't like camping.
- She would be in cramped quarters with all 8 of her own kids, plus 3 more.
- She would have no servants.
- That not all RVs have the beds, refrigerators and bathrooms people usually have in their homes.
- Kate would be lost without a working microwave and DVD player.
- She does not like to get wet.
- She can take any potentially enjoyable event and squeeze every last bit of fun out of it.
- The only other adults officially on the trip were a babysitter and a "best friend" who love the kids but aren't so crazy about Kate herself.
- The children have little track record of getting along with other kids, other than Aunt Jodi's, at least while the camera is rolling.
- The 2 other adults are capable of mocking her in front of her twins AND taunting her by telling her they have the last of the pizza.
- Kate doesn't like anything remotely dirty (yet for some reason, throws what she thinks is sewage at the kids???)
- Kate feels the need to be in control all the time, yet is sent of an adventure type of trip, where the unexpected can happen.
- She is a finicky eater, which doesn't go well with an on-the-road lifestyle.
- Kate doesn't have a firm grasp of history or geography and would not research the stops ahead of time. Yet, has such confidence in herself that she corrected the kids about which Roosevelt was in the monument when they had it right.
- She didn't really have a place to hide when her anger flared.
- Everyone is mostly outdoors and are capable of being filmed at all time.
- She would be complaining about the free/amazing trip in an economic time when people are losing their houses.

Unless Kate had a major change of attitude, viewers were going to be left with a last image of Kate showing her worst faults for the world to see.

Am praying for those kids.