Off Topic - What Kate Should Truly Consider

We received this as a comment to Kate giving back and are posting it as received.  We have no verification if it's real or not.
Any show that talks about the homeless shelters, kids, us adults and how much we need to get back on our feet is good, even if it is Kate. I was homeless.When I lost my job, kept looking for jobs, stayed with everyone I knew for a week or two,that wears out real fast. I had my stuff in storage and was paying that. Sometimes to get away from it all, I would go to the storage unit and just sleep in there. I desperately needed to be by myself.But you have to return to the shelter by the time they close for the night otherwise you lose your meal and your bed, your ability to shower 3x week, wash your hair, look and smell like a lady. Use a bathroom stall with toilet paper. I did that for almost a year and then got a job again in the computer world, but I had no money, had to sell my stuff in storage. Saved enough to get an efficiency apt, but slept on the floor. I was so grateful when I could buy more than 2 bars of soap at once, had a shower. First purchase was my toilet paper, no paper towels, learned to use rags and I hemmed those and washed them. But I bought a used Futon. I thought I was in heaven. My employer did not know about my living in the homeless shelter and did not hold it against me and gave me a job. Do you know the discrimination when you say you are out of work and living in a homeless shelter? I wasn't with drug addicts and alcoholics, I was with regular families, who had lost control of everything when they lost their jobs, sold everything, out lived their welcome with family and friends. Oh yeah, you get invited to Sunday dinner but you can't take anything back into the Shelter with you.You wake up the next night thinking of food. Yeah. Because when dinner is over at the shelter, it is over. Lights out and that is it. Did I ever live large and have my hair colored? Use to, use to buy the good clothes on sale, now I am so grateful that I have the short hair, don't need half the products I use to buy at the drug stores. Have a moisurizer, mascara, lipstick, blush and that is it. Soap smells so good and a nicely priced body lotion and deodorant. Now, I am the mgr. I have been out of that shelter sponsored by the ARC and I just got my 15 year pin, cause I damn well did go back 2 x a week on weekends and I brought cookies, gum, candy bars for those kids who are stuck there on the weekends, have no family to invite them over for dinner. It gets lonelier in the shelter. I have taken kids to get ice cream, I'll make time during the week to take mothers, kids to doctor's appts. The High school coaches come and pick up athelete students, who could qualify for a scholarship, it breaks your heart, but you feel good the coach picks the boy or girl up,they still keep up with activities while their lives have fallen apart, they are ashamed they are living in a homeless shelter. We do need to bring this out and that TV show, I didn't see it, but was told by some friend who called me that they showed one. I don't care about that women and her inability to be a better mother, but I hope she does more for these homeless shelter. If she went to one each week and filmed and showed how bad it is in this country. We need people to not only donate food, but see if you qualify to help the families, the single people, which I was. I was destitute. I needed any help you would have extended to me. Kate may be using TLC to get all the extras in life like lots of ridiculous shoes, but one pr of her shoes would buy 100 prs of flip flops for kids in a shelter for an entire summer. What do you pay for flip flops compared to those high heels? Please help
By Nancy in Providence RI on Monday, June 20, Giving Back, Episode 8 at 7:47 PM


not buying it said...

You know, I want to believe this person is legit?real. For some reason I feel she is somewhat of a fake. I too am jobless for the last year & half and I too am still looking. The difference if this person is real and me, I saved for the rainy day, I've been through lay-offs 2 time before, an weather both times, thanks to my late mother who drummed into me the rainy day concept. I could for all possible things still live for about another 2 years, without a job, the only draw back is insurance, my pills are covered by walgreens, by medical is not, and public aid insurance, I can't get for another 4 months, the President Health coverage for people who have pre-existing stuff, does not kick in till 2014, that does not help me get insurance now. So I do need to get a job. My unemployment runs out in January. While it is a good idea to let the rest of the country, know what is really going on, with it's citizens, Kate Gosselin was a very poor choice to use. Her popularity is tanking, People are sick of her lies, all of her BS, how she treats her kids, grifting, her fakeness, etc, I could go on. TLC should just do a docu on all of this, and the money they make from the docu shows go to these shelters, food banks etc. Why it bothers a lot of people is Kate got paid a lot of money for that food bank episode, instead of giving at least half to the food bank and not fly to whole camera crew and her and the kids etc to another state, when this food bank has a branch in her own backyard, which the money spent could have been given to the local food bank. And she could have written a check to the other food bank. Having the wrong person to promote any cause will not get donations, just because she has kids, does not make her a good choice for promoting causes. Since, for the last 7 years Kate has taken, and has given back very little. Now they are tryin to change her image, too little too late.

readerlady said...

Wow. Nancy, you said a mouthful, and thank you for having the courage to do so. I just wish that I thought Kate would read this, because she needs to. I already donate to the local shelter - food, gently used clothing, etc., but I never thought of volunteering to drive people to doctor's appointments (or maybe job interviews?). You've given me a lot to think about. God bless you and I hope that things continue to go well for you.

barnaby said...

I think I get the point trying to be made. However, I'm sure that most of us are well aware of the local homeless shelters/safe house, etc. Any many of us, myself included, have raised funds and volunteered our time.

I can't think of any homeless shelter that would need to PAY KG to raise awareness.

Brummygirl said...

I would not like to say whether this person is telling the truth or not. It is not my place to judge. She does, however, bring up some very important points.
As far as using Kate Gosselin to raise awareness, it is a project in futility, as she is not aware of anything but herself, her needs, so how can people believe she would be the role model.
She never gives when she can take. Now there is a concept in to take and not look back!!

Nancy RI said...

I am real and I did write that comment. I was surprised you print it. We do have a country of hungry, homeless people. Some aren't homeless, but they are hungry.

I can verify who I am if that is what it takes for people to stop thinking "always" about themselves and stop, think about those kids out there, especially inner city but not limited to that area. Big homes, no furniture, illness, no insurance.

We need more caring about each other, even strangers.Even Mother Nature has been unkind to many states and cities, look around, if Kate Gosselin brings attention to Dialysis, then that is another area. Did you hear her talk about people who have their blood cleaned, go to work, support families? I know people who have gone to chemo, then on to work and trying to keep living, taking care of their families.

It is real life.

I don't have an opinion about Kate, because I don't know her other than on TV and that isn't real.

pinkdiamond611 said...

If Kart wants to give back, it should be to the Hershey Medical Center. Because of the care received there, all six of her preemies are thriving without very serious medical issues. This is what kills me about the Kart. She is so damn ungrateful. If not Hershey, maybe the local Cerebral Palsy center. That is where preemie babies need to get care if they are born with complications. Maybe Kart will never learn, but if you are reading this, if you have your health, you have everything. Everything else is material. Please think about it.

techymum said...

I still stand by my thoughts that it is just not right to use children to promote your cause.

The children were working - no matter what anyone says. And someone, somewhere made money.

not buying it said...

You know Nancy that is your opinion of Kate, but the rest of us don't agree with that. Kate was not promoting the awareness of dialysis patients, or the food bank, she got paid to be there. When a person donates time, or their name, they don't get paid. That is what donate means, to give, not take, or expect something in return, other than an awareness of doing something to help someone else feel better or good, or have food, not be selfish. Kate lies and treats her kids like toys that can be turn on and off, forgetting that they are individuals and are healthy. As, for thinking of our selves, the people who blog here, are thinking of the 8 kids, who live with a mother who puts herself first, then money, then things, then her kids. Then has the gall to go to the media and cry poor single mom of 8, can't pay bills, but after that one interview(which she claim to have a purse full of bills), went and bought several pairs of $300 shoes. She went to churches looking for hand-outs, then bought a $1.4 million dollar home, and never gave back to any of those churches. I could go on. But I won't.

Jenny O said...

I make no judgment on whether the OP was genuine or not --- because even if it doesn't apply to the person who sent it in, it is certainly the truth for many people. People have indeed fallen on hard times to the point of becoming homeless.

However, I do not agree with this statement: "I don't care about that women and her inability to be a better mother, but I hope she does more for these homeless shelter."

Everyone should care about people who are bad parents, but most especially when it is thrust into our faces every time this show airs. It's not a matter of wondering if Kate is possibly not a good mother. We get verification of her exploitation and complete lack of mothering skills each and every episode. Whether you have a home and a job, are jobless and searching, or even if you live in a shelter, I would hope you would still retain compassion for children who are being exploited.

One episode where Kate makes her kids pack bags of food, hollers at people "no dessert unless you eat all your dinner" and then returns home to her McMansion is not inspirational.

Most people, if they are paying the slightest bit of attention, are well aware that homelessness is increasing in our country; that many people, including children, go hungry every day; and that food banks and shelters are stretched to their limit. Most of us probably give in our own ways - through food drives at our children's schools, through donating money directly to a food bank or meal program, Meals on Wheels, etc. Some of us may actually donate our time by helping prepare or serve a meal, supplying blankets to a local shelter, knitting caps and mufflers to hand out along with sandwiches and a cup of hot coffee in areas of our town where the homeless congregate. There are many ways to give and for those of us who want to give, we don't need Kate and her horrible examples.

Proud Grandma said...

Brummy girl said "As far as using Kate Gosselin to raise awareness, it is a project in futility, as she is not aware of anything but herself, her needs"
I just want to add that they are not "Needs" when it comes to Khate. They are "WANTS, I WANT I WANT I WANT."

irish wonder said...

Kate was only there because they're running out of things to do with her and her kids.

I heard the episode ended with Kate getting to drive a racing car...LOL.

You see it is all about Kate.

This is the same woman who went to St.Judes and made it all ABOUT HER.

She is telling kids with cancer that she was in the hospital, and told one little girl who wanted to be a nurse "you know I'm a nurse".

Always about her. Most people visiting sick children would ask them questions about themselves...not Kate.

Phreddie said...

To the person who wrote this letter, could you please tell me what "ARC" refers to? Thanks

Pony said...

Not the original poster, but I assume ARC refers to American Red Cross.

Phreddie said...

I agree with what you are saying about ARC and the implication as to what it stands for, however, I want to hear them say it.

Nancy, Providence, RI said...

Didn't want to offend anyone. I am not a fan of Kate Gosselin, didn't know about her until a few months ago.

People around me talk about her.

I don't ever know what to think of TV. Guess I got use to not watching too much of it. Just hope that more is done for those who need.

Not trying to offend, honest.

American Red Cross - ARC

The nameless one said...

Alcohol rehabilitation center? Especially with a 15 year pin.

Minka's Tail said...

A couple of points:

There will never be a poor television star. If the attraction to some to Kate was her "poverty" (which was always an act, according to plausible Jodi), her appeal wouldn't last very long. After even a single season, a hard-working, penny pinching reality family would be an upper-middle class, celebrity family. You wouldn't allow yourself to be followed by annoying cameras for less than a very healthy amount.

The same thing occurs with memoir writers. The book about the writer's job loss and descent into poverty is touching. The follow up, about the book tour and meeting with the agent for the movie rights, is not.

Kate is now a wealthy reality star. The show about simple, relatable, normal people is now dead, and it would be even if they were still together, even if she were a nice person, even if the kids sat in normal chairs and chewed gum and colored with markers.

What is unusual is that Kate wants it both ways. She wants to convince everyone she's poor while she obviously lives and dresses as a rich person. The fact that some people believe she's not very wealthy--well, that's why they call them sheeple. They're not very bright.

But don't expect Kate--or anyone really--to deprive themselves of anything and give the money to charity. Even those who do have foundations and do good works still keep a lot of money for themselves and live a grand lifestyle. Google Derek Jeter's new mansion, if you want an example of that. Kate will never in zillion years give up her shoes to buy flip-flops for the poor. So please, don't get upset when she doesn't. Your mental health is too important to be affected by her.

not buying it said...

Nancy, you really did not offend anyone. This is why blogs like this exist. We see Kate for who she really is. She can try and BS the rest of the country and world, but not us. Yes, there is a need to show the country and wealthy people, that people are starving, need shelter etc. Since a lot of wealthy people and big companies, have turned a blind eye to whats happening. A lot of big employers, are only interested in lining their pockets, if it means lay-off a 100 people to give themselves a raise, they will do it. Our Mayor here in Chicago says there are over 100,000 jobs, if true, most of the people in Chicago and suburbs would be employed. As such they are not, probably for one of 2 reasons or more: 1. too old, 2 not qualify 3.they are hired from out of state etc. or the companies are sitting on the hiring, waiting to see what the economy will do. That does not help anyone. So, YES, this needs to be told, to the people, we are turning into a land of not for the people, but a land of 2 classes, rich and poor(company vs worker), there is no middles class or middle ground.

Elvira said...

There will never be a poor television star.

I must disagree. First, Kate is not a television star. She's a reality show sort of star. Second, there have already been many poor and bankrupt real TV stars. I read more celebrity gossip than I should and every week or two there is another story of how some past star is down on their luck, having their house foreclosed, or declaring bankruptcy. Kate isn't anywhere near in the league of most of those people. She was a flash in the pan and is on her way out.

If she had good advice and took it, she may be able to live a reasonable life after the show ends. Given her visible choices to date, I give her three to five years before she's deep in another hole or has had to cut back to the standard she faced before the show began.

Minka's Tail said...

There's a big difference between a bankrupt celebrity's money troubles and everyone else's. They are not really poor. They are stupid (in most cases). They have millions but don't save or invest wisely. In some cases, they bankroll an extravagant lifestyle off of a single hit or album, and can't follow up. I have little sympathy for that type of "money trouble."

Kate, on the other hand, started out as a humble nurse who was devoutly Christian and opposed to a reduction or an abortion. She couldn't handle the food and clothing bills brought about by 5 surprise babies. She was very sympathetic--at least while we believed her story.

In order to live like a regular person again, she would have go give hundreds of thousands away to charity. All of her book royalties, her paid interview appearance money, her thousands per episode of the show.

It ain't gonna happen. Ever. She may wind up as MC Hammer poor, but she'll never be Christian nurse poor again. (And if Jon weren't manhandled by the you-kno-whats by her lawyer, he wouldn't either. He'd be partying in Ed Hardy clothes with some model, I'm sure.)

pinkdiamond611 said...

I don't buy that Kart is that wealthy. She could have been stink'n rich if she played her cards right, kept her brand pristine and became the spokesmodel for supermoms everywhere. Instead, she decided to become a sexpot and compete with Pam Andersen. The Kart's brand is worthless. Soon she will be penniless because nobody is buying the stuff she is selling. Keeping that huge Konpound going along with raising eight kids is not cheap.

Shhhh said...

I agree Kate could have been moderately well to do, but she isn't truly rich. She was riding too high with the show in its prime and when she was getting other gigs. Now she's on the downhill slide and doesn't appear to be cutting back much if any. Only if she has been more wise in investing than she has in any other aspect of her life will she have a sustainable lifestyle in two or three years.

Kate never has been "star" wealthy. She's never made the A list nor has she had a long run of great income. She is like the C or D listers who do truly become bankrupt and end up waiting tables. There are no residuals coming her way after this. No payments every time a movie is shown. No future payments for books or speaking engagements unless something changes completely. No one is seeking out Kate at this point.

She paid a lot to lawyers for the sake of ripping the children from Jon and keeping them on TV. She may never be dirt poor. She and Jon weren't even poor when she was loudly proclaiming it with the tups. But subject to the pitfalls of poor money management? Absolutely. Does she have enough invested to maintain this lifestyle forever? I don't think it's possible. When she and Jon were getting around $22K an episode for season four is when they were spending money as if it were an endless stream. That is not true lasting wealth. Also please don't believe the rumors of what she makes. They aren't true. At the time they were making $22K an episode, the rumors said $75K.