Monday, June 20, Giving Back, Episode 8

With so many in need, the Gosselins are giving back! Watch as the Gosselins help pack bags of food for those who are less fortunate, hand out sloppy joe's to the hungry at a local soup kitchen, and join forces with Feeding America for a local food drive.

60 minutes


O-Hi-O said...

Oh, God, another reinvention: Saint Kate.

Spare us, oh lord.

formerfan said...

Storm said...

Is she is suddenly so giving, why doesn't she give her children back their lives and get the hell off TV?

Kan't stand Khate said...

is she was a real volunteer she would have donated all the money she was paid during this episode to the food bank. Wonder if they realize she profited off of this....

Annie2 said...

Local?! since when is TN local to someone who lives in Pennsyltucky? Why cants she give back to the people in her own community? To the people who helped her out when she had the babies? Even a monthly donation to the food bank would help so many in her community.

Crate Kate said...

I too feel she should be helping her own community and not galavanting hither, tither and yon to volunteer. The locals are the ones that rallied around the Gosselins and helped them so much in the early days and giving back locally is the very least they both could do. Jon may not have money to give now, but he could volunteer his name and time to a worth while cause and help them raise money. If Kate just sent her monthly shoe allowance to local charities, she could do a world of good in her own area.

I also do not understand why they haven't had to pay the state back for the medical assistance, the in home nurse and the WIC they received for her and for the babies. I thought that if you received a financial windfall within 5 years of accepting state aid, that you had to pay it back. I guess I am wrong. However, if I still lived in PA, I would be very upset that my hard earned tax dollars went to support them as they don't seem to give back anything to their local community at all, even though they are more than financially able to and have been for quite some time now. I don't think I have ever seen such a selfish and self centered person such as Kate Gosselin.

If they can afford a million dollar home, then they should have paid the state back at least a portion of all the money that they so eagerly took from the state. And even paying that back would just be the tip of the iceberg in the Gosselin Game of Gimme. I don't think I have ever in my lifetime seen a family solicit and receive as much help as these two have. Not only from the state, but from neighbors, volunteers, church members and strangers. It is shameful and most people I know would have been way to proud and embarrassed to continue publicly begging the way they did. Paying something back would be a wonderful gesture, especially on Kate's part as she seems to be the mastermind behind all the begging.

Unfortunately, the Gosselins, Kate in particular, have no idea what the word giving means. She only knows what take means and has gotten very good at doing it. I doubt anything will change with her ever.

heavennoseven said...

Lets hope that the one drops low in viewers.

Yes, she should have to pay the state back out her money not the kids if they have any left.

I worry about the kids when they get older.

8unhappycampers said...

LOL! Oh to be the lucky winner of "kate plus 8 collectible items" And just what would those be? (hint: all of Kate's books are in the dollar bin)

Brummygirl said...

But...but..but....she hasn't any time to give back, she is so busy doing everything herself, looking after her eight..note that...eight children every day except four when they go to that man she married.....because he was the man she married!! :)
She COULD however, consider giving back her soul to the Devil!!!

heavennoseven said...

I think whenever she gives back tlc foots the bill. Like the cheack for the house they stayed at when the tups were little, the freee books and music(all paid back for by tlc) to give to sick kids) the church sale thing when she freaked about a sign.

Kate giving back isnt

returning free gifts for money
taking childhood away from kids
and so much more...

acertaingirl said...

Has Kate done any "giving back" since filming that ep back in the Spring? Will she be doing any more after the ep is aired? Just thinking out loud....

Shoka's Understudy said...

I watched the first few minutes, because I wanted to see the big police escort and 21 gun salute! (snark)

She was sitting on the bus with the kids and they looked so tired. She was lecturing them about people and kids not having food to eat. I said, Ah hum.

Your kids know what that is like. Remember Uncle Henry's? Those kids had a liquid supper that night. They were starved.

They looked like robots packing the plastic bags.

She also looked stupid driving the car.

Single moms of children struggle to feed, clothe and do it all for their kids and kate is has been given carte blanc for years to have FUN raising her kids on TLC's dime, and the kid's work to support her lavish lifestyle!

Please TLC stop the madness!!!

kinman said...

She said she would be contributing to the welfare of the koala bears, as that is her passion now (during the Australian trip). I know we all can get caught up in saying things like that when we are on vacation and caught up in the excitement of the moment, but when you are a "celebrity" and say things like that on television, people expect you to follow through. So maybe she will be "giving back" to them pretty soon.

MayDay said...

OMG saw a few minutes of the show while changing channels. I do not know what tup girl it was but I was shocked and embarrassed when they were talking about getting weighed on the scale and she (the tup girl) made a comment of how Collin's tipped the scale because of how big his head is. If that is not right out of the mouth of Kate passed down to her daughter. Shame on TLC for not editing that out. Poor Collin~ my heart breaks for him.

Bea said...

Kate announced at the start that TLC had formed a partnership with Feeding America. No doubt TLC scripted that because they want to tout their own involvement, otherwise they would have let Kate pretend it was all her idea. So from the get-go there was no pretense. At least Feeding America is a legitimate cause, not some private for-profit resort or business using the kids for publicity.

I was amazed when they showed--twice--that woman who had "Alexis Faith" tatooed on her arm, and the grown man who said he wished Kate would let him babysit. Hard to believe the producers are naive to how that proves the show has put the kids at risk from creepy-obsessive "fans", so my only conclusion can be that they left it in purposely for the shock effect. Way to go, TLC .

Kate driving the car? More TLC putting out feelers for whether or not an audience would tune in for Kate alone? Well, first of all, she had to make it clear that she and the kids aren't NASCAR fans at all, in that snobbish, condescending tone she has. Kind of ironic for someone who dresses like a NASCAR babe and chews gum constantly on camera. Then, she doesn't even know that a pace car isn't a race car. A pace car is just a regular car with some decals on it. She drove a production Mustang with an automatic transmission around a track at half the usual speed. Big whoop. And none of them were wearing helmets.

The kids were back to looking their bored, tired, trained-monkey selves. Cara doesn't say much, but her body language speaks volumes. I was staggered when Mady said "I like people", because she sounded exactly like Kate saying something nice about herself that her actions have never substantiated. I pray it only sounded that way. I pray she really does like people. Even her brother Collin, whose "giant" head she snarked on in a voice-over. I feel so sorry for those kids having Kate as their role model.

formerfan said...

Did anyone see a clip of this episode where it looks like she's wearing a see-thru top??? They are serving plates of food to people and you can see her bra and bare skin...seriously, is she insane?

willmarmn said...

Here's what bothered me. Think about the episode where Kate and Jamie went to NYC to celebrate Kate's birthday and the kids were at home with Ashley. They were 'having fun' with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, toilet paper, etc. and then hosing off water to clean up the mess.

Now fast forward to this weeks episode. SERIOUSLY!?! There are people in our country who have a hard time putting food on the table and this idiotic show shows them wasting food two weeks before. There was a man that they showed working at the soup kitchen who said he and his wife were homeless. How easy is it for the homeless to gain access to a facility to wash/shower? And this idiotic show shows the kids wasting water because they spread sundae condiments all over their bodies. And how many of those kids they were talking about and showing would LOVE to have a sundae, but can't because their family can barely or CAN'T put the basic necessities on the table to survive. Toilet paper. We all need it and most of us, I feel, take it for granted. We don't think twice about it. Ya run out, ya run to the store. And here are the kids running around foolishly wasting it. What are you thinking TLC! It's not the kids fault, they're only doing what they're told. People are on to you TLC and Kate and it's YOU that are looking like morons!

Jenny O said...

and the grown man who said he wished Kate would let him babysit.

That is stomach-churning. Hey Nield - nice job you're (not) doing, keeping the creepy crawlies away. Way to (not) earn your money dude.


Did anyone see where the lady in charge tried to shake Kate's hand as she got off the bus and Kate gave a pathetic "ewwwww don't touch me" shake. I have had it. She repulses me more now than she ever has.

Sharla said...

I hope the lack of interest in this episode was widespread. So far nothing on the ratings.

Sharla said...

Update: It was less than 1.198 million or rather for sure only .4 or below in A25-54. "Cake Boss drew 1.198 million viewers, and an 0.4 A18-49 rating. It was the only TLC show in the top 100 shows for A25-54 for the day." Sounds like good news.

kate can't do sh** said...

Did anyone catch the comment Kate made in her narration when she was reading off her script that she used to do lots of interviews and book signings and how she basically missed doing them?? She wanted to let her audience know she missed the good ol' days when she was at her peak. That is because she really, really believes a TV career is her calling and why can't you all know that and why isn't anyone doing anything about it?

And why is Toady Jamie always lurking about these days. Girlfriend is getting lots of TV time now. Better watch out Kate. I sniff a wannabe reality star making her move. I'm surprised Kate allows Jamie to emulate her hair style, nails, hooker heels etc. I would think that would be threatening behaviour to Kate.

Hannah W. said...

" I was amazed when they showed--twice--that woman who had "Alexis Faith" tatooed on her arm ... "


I didn't watch the episode so I honestly don't know but did the lady actually say it was for Alexis Gosselin? Alexis is a popular name.

If she did say it was for Alexis Gosselin though that really is creepy. The guy asking to babysit is even creepier. It just shows how clueless Kate is.

Sharla said...

Ask enough people and look enough places....

The Futon Critic:
Kate Plus 8 (TLC)
- 0.938 million
- 0.3 A18-49

barbee said...

'ain't' that a GRAND #! We've seen her 'fake' everything and it is too boring to watch. We've seen her 'slut' act and it is too boring AND disgusting to watch. What we'd LIKE to see is the door hitting her saggy butt on the way OUT OF OUR LIVES!

Debbie H said...

Just saw the final ratings(finally) for Kate plus 8 at .938 million and .3 A18-49...The .3 is probably going to be more damaging to TLC than the total number...that age range is one all shows strive for with advertisers so that one hits in the pocketbook..;)I know we aren't supposed to be mention other shows here, but just to put things in context, I did a little research and found out the single lowest rated LPBW show was .994, which is higher than this rating for Kate plus 8...We know what happened to them, so can we safely assume the writing MUST be on the wall at TLC in somebodys office???

UGH!!!! said...

Are there no hungry people in PA? And how much POSITIVE exposure (and, ehem, founds) could Jon and Kate have garnered in the past 7 years if they’d become the face of ANY neonatal care charity that helped THEM?

And oh, the PANDERING!!!!! “It’s a dream of mine to drive a race car”??? And my personal favorite: “I’m just so very comfortable and in my element doing talk shows and interviews”. Problem is, Kate, no one feels comfortable watching YOU because you’re terrible at it with your frozen smile, robotic reading, and absent likeability.

Runner up to the fav: Fan who, even in her crazy fandom, stops short of qualifying Kate as “a celeb everyone likes” and instead says “everyone loves the kids”. CLASSIC (though I don’t condone encouraging creeps like Tattoo Lady with contact, let alone airtime).

heavennoseven said...

After spending two weeks above the one million viewer mark, Kate Gosselin and "Kate Plus 8" are now inching closer again to the low point that was established earlier this year.

According to The Futon Critic, only around 938,000 people managed to tune in to the charity-themed episode Monday night, and that includes an 18-49 demo rating of just a 0.3 (which was not enough to put it into the top 100 cable programs of the night).

So what do we blame this on? While it would be easy to say that this is another occasion of the Gosselins fading from the public eye (which it may very well be), you also have to remember that episodes that are generally of such an uplifting nature often fail to pull in the same sort of large audiences. This is why many inspiration reality shows fail while some more dramatic ones end up succeeding. When the drama comes back into the household, so will likely the viewers.

Continue reading on Kate Gosselin loses viewers for ’Kate Plus 8’ charity episode - National TV |

how about its not carity if you get paid.

nebraska mom said...

There is so much to say about this episode. I have never written here but I have been reading this blog for a long time.

Kate was SO RUDE to the woman in charge of the charity. She just chewed her gum, acted disinterested, dressed inappropriatly......

Several things she said to the kids were not true. She said some kids don't have food because they don't have mommies to fix it for them. Not True. She should have been corrected right there.

WHY did they not EAT with those coming for the meal? WHY did she not talk to a single mom and get her story?

I would have had my children choose a food they LIKED for the donation to the Food Bank, instead of rushing down the aisle throwing cans in the cart.

Sigh. I couldn't look away from this one. I almost threw my tv dinner AT the tv because she made me so mad. This episode could have been SO MUCH BETTER.

nebraska mom said...

I forgot to add the Best Comment of the people were eating, Kate yelled to them "you can't have dessert if you don't eat all your dinner".
WHY did she say that to hungry people?

Annie2 said...

" you also have to remember that episodes that are generally of such an uplifting nature often fail to pull in the same sort of large audiences. "

Wrong on this count. The duggars draw a large audience. Most people just don't want to tune in and watch some fake mom participate in fake charity. She is not genuine and she belittles everyone she meets.

Leigh Ann said...

" you also have to remember that episodes that are generally of such an uplifting nature often fail to pull in the same sort of large audiences. "

Wrong on this count. The duggars draw a large audience. Most people just don't want to tune in and watch some fake mom participate in fake charity. She is not genuine and she belittles everyone she meets.
The story goes on to say this:

"This is why many inspiration reality shows fail while some more dramatic ones end up succeeding. When the drama comes back into the household, so will likely the viewers."

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has been on for years and it's all about inspiration. And millions tune in to watch Oprah give stuff away or volunteer somewhere. Ty and Oprah are just more likable people and have some interest in the other person. And how do they think there's going to be drama unless Kate starts fighting with the kids. I don't think anyone wants to see drama in this show. The people who don't like Kate are pretty much finished with her and the people who do like would probably rather see her happy.

Jodie said...

Several things she said to the kids were not true. She said some kids don't have food because they don't have mommies to fix it for them. Not True. She should have been corrected right there.


This one was wrong on so many levels! First of all, I'm sure a lot of those families have mommies and are still struggling to put food on the table. Second of all, she's just reinforcing her crazy idea that only mommies do the cooking and that her kids should be so grateful to her because of it. No, it is your job as a PARENT, not as a mom to feed your kids. They should be grateful for the food on their table, but shouldn't have to kiss your feet.

Jenny O said...

I really wish charitable organizations would simply decline TLC's offer to have Kate and/or her children show up to promote their organization. She is such an awful person, that no charity should want her representing them, even for a single day.

From the comments by others, I see Kate exhibited her trademark ignorance of others. No Kate, children do not go hungry simply because their mom isn't there to prepare their food. Moron!

But this episode was right up TLC's alley: Making money off of those less fortunate. Keep on keeping on TLC - you heartless b*st*rd$.

cali-girl said...

She said some kids don't have food because they don't have mommies to fix it for them.
please-please-please tell me she did NOT say that! That is so awful on so many levels. And it's ironic. The Gosselin 8 have food, but often not a MOMMY (she's away) to fix it for them.

And what a terrible thing to say about families who care for, and love their kids, but may have fallen on hard times and need food.

This attitude is very insulting. And yes, she should have been corrected.

Glenda said...

I really had high hopes for this episode (don't ask me why I just did) but from the moment it started she sounded bored in a 'TLC wanted me to do this so here we are' Before I start on this episode I will say I am SOOO glad she is not wearing something to cover her cleavage! I get tired of waiting for her to have a wardrobe malfunction in her interview chair.
Back to the this particular show. This was a great organization to work with those people God love em were so patient and kind to the Gosselins. I really feel that the kids would have learned and appreciated the trip more if Kate had stayed home. But since she HAD to come along they totally missed the point of the trip. To the bored look on her face to the we filled 200 bags in 30 min. WHAT?!? it was awful! I really felt at some point she would explain to the kids (especially when she was reading the paper plate things) that one reason they should give back is because when they were first born they had to rely on people for help. What a wonderful way to tell your kids that we all need people's help at some point in our life. Did she do that? NO Not one word about that. Also I am sure this organization has a system when they fill the bags with food. Her comment of 'at one point the workers were moving to slow so I was just grabbing food and opening it' HUH? I bet when they left all 200 bags had to be looked in to make sure they had ALL the food in them. You have EIGHT kids Kate they all could have put one thing in the bag and passed it down so they could all help. But no let's have a clump of kids arms flying throwing things in the bags. Also when they were serving food little kids don't need to put food on the plate. They do small jobs. Give people napkins, cups, silverware, and maybe help people throw things away. But again they all have to be clumped by Kate in people's way. She didn't talk to any of the people there to get food.
It is so time for Kate to go off the air. I think she is even bored with her own show.

Michelle said...

I watched part of this tonight...for the first couch session with the twit, she is wearing a dark shirt and then the rest it's a pink shirt. she does retakes for couch sessions?

Techymum said...

The Gosselin children were over-worked and over-used on this trip.

Taking your children to a charity for a few hours is one thing, but it seemed obvious it was longer than that.

I wrote a letter to the charity - exploiting is exploiting. Sorry, one should not use children like this. Even if it is a good cause.

jonandkatewho? said...

Caught a few episodes in repeats because Animal Planet was showing something I had seen before and didn't care to watch again. It would have been a better choice than Kate, lol.

These shows are intolerably boring. Annoying, too. I speak of the part where Kate drove that stupid car (whoopie, she went 70 MPH) and the kids screamed in the stands. What was the point of the kids screaming as loudly and as annoyingly as they possibly could? These kids are becoming so annoying I can't even stand to look at them anymore. They are AVERAGE, people! Average kids, they don't say or do anything that is clever or cute.

I missed alot of the (I think three) epis I watched because it was so boring I was distracted and doing something else or thinking about something. I really don't remember, I just know I would look away and when I would look back it was further into the show.
I was playing with my puppy, probably.

Which is alot more fun than watching evil Kate and her boring children do anything.

I don't understand how this show stays on the air. Deadly boring.