Kate's MSN Interview

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Elvira said...

Can she not ever give an interview without slamming Jon?

Interesting that even Kate admits she doesn't make the rumored figure.

O-Hi-O said...

Pile it high. Pile it deep.

Yes, Jon's no longer the the same guy she married - he finally reached his tolerance level for being controlled and abused and was no longer willing to be her obededient-but-still-beaten puppy. Therefore, she had no further use for him and he was discarded, still claiming herself 'victim'.

Re: what she can afford: she never honestly takes on her purchase of such an expensive and unnecessary residential property, surgical and dental procedures to improve her appearance, spa trips, and $ spent on her tacky attire.

The one honest thing stated by Ms. Kreider-Gosselin is that she does not care what anyone thinks of her. Narcissists never take criticism seriously.

Someone really ought to teach K8G how to make her eyes smile along with her now-equine mouthful of sparkling teeth. She's as phony as they come. On all levels.

formerfan said...

HOW do people have such completely opposite views of this woman?? How do people overlook the way she "spins" their "story" or some of the outright LIES?

Did the person conducting this interview ever hear Kate say how they don't film anything that the children can't watch? So it's ok with her that they view the divorce episodes? (Who in their right PARENTAL mind would have even filmed that for tv??) Ok that they view her clubbing episoding, where a complete stranger licks her foot??

I can't believe she can look around at her million plus $$ property, their vehicles, the clothes they wear, the food they eat (which according to Kate herself is $2000), and the trips they take and STILL consider them to be struggling? How sad and sick her point of view is considering the people in this world who have been thru TRULY tragic times, losing people they love, everything they own, and have nothing to eat.

How in the world was I ever a fan?

Just My Few Canadian Cents said...

Lame interview.

But noticed this gem from the great 'communicator.'

"I married someone that turned out to be the person that I married." - Huh?

And then there's this: "I finally saw before my eyes when he said, "This is who I really am." That doesn't fit who I need to be married to...Our goals are different. I don't stand for what he stands for."

Does she not realize she's talking about a responsible adult in a stable relationship, with steady, honest employment, who took responsibility for making a bad decision about exploiting his children and tried to rectify it? The Jon she was bashing was the Jon who enjoyed his freedom and acted out right after the separation/divorce. He got it out of his system and grew up and is now living a respectable life. Kate is bashing a person who is living a more respectable life than she is. She's got to find something else to talk about in interviews and stop looking like a desperate, attention-seeking fool.

And lastly, there was this: "No, I will never film another frame of TV with him simply because I don't want to, which is why we got divorced." - That's why you got divorced?!? Just when you think she couldn't get any more idiotic...

Mary1438 said...

she couldn't get any more idiotic...
"Clearly" you are right

Jenny O said...

To formerfan:

Your question is one I ask often myself. How can there be such different viewpoints of Kate Gosselin and the lifestyle she leads? I haven't come any closer to figuring that out. However, take heart -- you were a fan, but have now seen the light. Perhaps in time, those remaining fans will follow in your footsteps.

I don't know that I was ever a fan of Kate specifically, but I began as a fan of the show. I thought the babies were adorable (I mean, who wouldn't?), I could understand why Kate would seem frazzled and sometimes a little short-tempered, with 8 young children to care for. I thought Jon seemed like a nice guy, maybe not the brightest person but certainly trying to be a helpful, hands on daddy.

I am so tired of Kate slamming Jon publicly. He has been taking the high road for a long time (in fact, even when they were divorcing, I think he often still said nice things about Kate).

I remember learning that Doris Day had married an abusive man. They had one child, a son. However, she never spoke negatively of him, but would merely say that being married to him had given her the greatest gift in her life -- her son. Because she loved her son, she did not want to speak ill of his father. Now that's how a classy lady handles that sort of situation. Too bad Kate doesn't even have an ounce of real class to balance out her overwhelming crassness.

Jenny O said...

What a snow job! I am irritated that there didn't seem to be any place to leave a comment about the article. The very first sentence repeats that tired old story line that Jon is a womanizer.

Fact: Kate lost interest in being married, yet wanted to stay married for the show. Jon reacts by behaving as many men do when their wives tell them it's over -- they drink more than they should, they go out to bars and flirt with young women to try to revive their masculinity, and yes, he even dated a string of goofy young women, much to his detriment.

But how long has it been since he settled back down, and got together with his current girlfriend? A year?

The first sentence of that article makes it sound like Jon is still "catting around." It has to be infuriating to be Jon, have cleaned up your life, settled down, gone back to a regular job, and yet articles like this one completely disregard all his efforts. It's very wrong, and sounds like it was written by a TLC PR person. I didn't even bother reading beyond that point, because it is clearly a slanted piece.

For Jon's sake, he should just keep living his life out of the public eye, hopefully get remarried and be very happy, and let Kate moan for the rest of her life about how she was "done wrong." Kate doesn't realize how fortunate she was to have any man stick with her for ten long miserable years, much less one who loved her and the children. She'll never find anything close to that again. Any man who sticks with her will be either after her money, or a wimpy guy who enjoys the punishment.

Tanks 4 the Mammaries said...

"Do you think you were edited wrong on some of the earlier episodes? One famous scene showed you yelling at Jon for breathing too loudly.

"[Laughing] I think that was hysterical. [...] so many wives told me, "Oh my god, I don't feel alone anymore. I say that same thing to my husband.""

There it is. Abusive behavior is nothing to worry about, nothing to be ashamed of. It's just funny. Other (abusive) women have backed her up that it is so. In turn, she helps them to avoid feeling ashamed of their own nastiness. That way, none of them have to face what they are doing/have done to their relationships.

O-Hi-O said...

Applauding, Just My Canadian Cents! Well stated.

Kate Gosselin is a user and an abuser yet she sees herself as the triumphant victim, blameless and honorable.

In short, delusional in her narcissism.

O-Hi-O said...

"There it is. Abusive behavior is nothing to worry about, nothing to be ashamed of. It's just funny. Other (abusive) women have backed her up that it is so. In turn, she helps them to avoid feeling ashamed of their own nastiness. That way, none of them have to face what they are doing/have done to their relationships."


SO TRUE! We women call 'abuse' when we see men treat their spouses like K8G treats Jon, so it's unacceptable to give women a pass for the exact same kind of verbal and emotional abuse.

Kate is abusive, emotionally and verbally. And not just to Jon.

Yet, like most abusers, she scoffs at the idea that her treatment of others is abhorrent and unacceptable.

Kate Gosselin's whole personality is abusive to others - narcissistic, critical and demeaning are her defining personality traits.

P.S. - LOVE your sign-on name, "Tanks4TheMammaries"! Too funny!

O-Hi-O said...

One more thought on the subject: I recall at least one episode where she and Jon disagreed on something minor (letting the child decide which shoes she wanted to wear, I believe), and K8G, as always took total control, nastily telling Jon, "Stand with me or stand against me!" Translation: "My way or the highway".

When it comes to narcissistic, abusive people, anyone who disagrees and stands their ground can count on incurring wrath.

Once it becomes clear to the narcissistic abuser that their partner is going to persist in disagreeing, the abuse is likely to escalate until the abused chooses to escape. The narcissistic abuser will then blame the entire situation on the abused, claiming they are not worthy of the abuser's 'love' and 'devotion'.

It's all just part of the abuse cycle, and Katie Irene knows her way around this particular cycle.

dustilies said...

KG does really try to stay on message, bless her heart (that's Southern-style sarcasm). But her narcissism shows through. When asked if there is an upside to being a single mom of eight, Kate gives a self -pitying response and ends with "no, basically no upside." Can't even manage a half-hearted "but I love being with my kids so much that I am never miserable" (a lie, but one that her kids need to read and hear).

Also, her self-aggrandizement seeps through. She proclaims she has a "recipe" for salad where she takes any vegetable in the fridge, including lettuce, and puts dressing on it (which she makes herself). I am so impressed! Salad made of lettuce and dressing. Gotta try it some time. Hope she does have a chance of publishing that cookbook.

logical said...

she came across as totally self absorbed and totally lame....i do NOT know why i wasted my time reading such trash....

Kate the Flake said...

All these interviews are the same fluff pieces. When will someone do an interview where all her lies and deceit are exposed and she is forced to account for her actions? I don't watch her in interviews, I read the transcripts posted by others. I could never watch her show because I thought it was horrible who she treated others. And when I see her picture I look aways. She just looks like a mean person.

Brummygirl said...

Exactly who is Minh Nguyen? Did someone feed her the questions for Kate to answer, as in every other scenario?
What a snow job. When stating that Kate looks fabulous and questioning how she does it, did she not realise that it is not the running Kate supposedly does each day, but the artificial help she has received.
How could she believe Kate when she said she does everything alone? What is wrong with these interviewers, do they not have a brain in their heads that they cannot total up the number of hours and things Kate says she fits into her days and still has time to twitter all evening long?
As for the statement "I married the man I married" shows what an ignoramous she is on many levels.
She wants someone to date in his forties? Just how old IS Steve?
I question that Jon only has 4 days per month with the children.
I did not watch anything about her show this week, have visitors from England and they are far more entertaining than a practiced liar.

HUH?!? said...

Kate boasts in the interview that it's easy for her to be filmed and be in the spotlight, while it's difficult for "most people". How can she not see that her children are likely included in that "most people" group? She wants to have it both ways...

go away gosselins said...

That's hilarious. The page is blank.

Go away Kate said...

Just My Few Canadian Cents:

Kate admitted that they got divorced because she didn't want to film with him anymore? NOT BECAUSE HE CHEATED?!

Now that is news. She admits that what Kevin, Jodi and Jon stated, that she gave him his walking papers...was the true cause for divorce---and Jon did not actually cheat on her at all! She was already "DONE!" Yet, she still capitolized on Jon's supposed "cheating"...garnering sympathy from those who didn't pay attention and believed the cheating story.

That is evil.

And of course what Jon said about her having an affair with Steve is also true. She might as well admit that too, since it is obvious.

She's come undone said...

What I want to know is why can't Jon do a rebuttal interview? Does TLC still own him? Why? I cannot believe that he can't speak out. I would be busting a gut if someone were lying about me like this. I would absolutely have to say something to set the record straight. I know Jon is not good with interviews, but couldn't someone help him. I just can't stand this witch getting by with her crap. She makes me sick.

Sunrise, Sunset said...

I know Jon is not good with interviews, but couldn't someone help him. I just can't stand this witch getting by with her crap. She makes me sick.


Why would he do that? Jon couldn't win, and all it would do would be to set the stage for more interviews by Kate to "set the record straight." That's what she wants. She cannot move on. Jon is doing exactly the right thing by not saying a word. He's taking the high road; she continues to throw him under the bus. Sometimes you just have to remain silent and not set the stage for more tabloid fodder. Nothing would be accomplished, and he'd look just as bad as his ex-wife.

Not only that, but think about the kids! Their parents sparring in interviews. The kids are going to remember that their father cared enough about them and that he did not speak ill about their mother when he certainly could have.

Good for him.

fidosmommy said...

Yes, I agree that Jon is doing the right thing by keeping quiet. He can blow off steam to Ellen, to his therapist, to his best friend, but he cannot do it in public.

One day Jon will be known as the man who dealt with Kate Gosselin in a mature, even-toned fashion.
He could make it in relationship textbooks as a "do it this way"
example of dodging the bullets the ex-spouse shoots your way.

Does anyone remember the perfume
(?) commercial from the 1970's where the catch-line was "If you want to catch their attention, whisper."? The less attention you call on yourself, the more appealing you are. Jon is whispering, and we are taking notice. Kate is yelling, and we're ignoring her.

Good for him and good for the Gosselin children.

heavennoseven said...

Yea, it is best for his kids to not talk. Jon knows the truth and the kids know he loves them. Just let his wife keep on lying.It will soon cacth up with her.

Brummygirl said...

Good reply Fidos Mommy, I totally agree. Jon is definitely taking the high road and Kate is in the ditch!!

UGH!!!!! said...

I don’t think either Jon or Kate are great (or Jonathan and Katie as they were before TLC came in), but I’ll bet at this point Jon doesn’t require public validation nearly as much as Kate. Why? First, he’s been really stupid too (all the junkets and Mary Hart “therapy sessions” with his flavor of the month, etc). But mostly (I hope), because he’s now reunited with the MANY friends and family that Kate kicked out of their lives. Amazing how little attention you need when you’re fulfilled by actual people who actually love you (and you love back).

Philly Gal said...

Jon is good with interviews, but he should have stopped with Larry King and Chris Cuomo and GMA. Mary Hart and that group over there made him look like a fool.

It was poor Katie time then.

Now the latest pics of her running around Reading with short/short/shorts, orange thick legs and red velvet 5 inch hooker heels on a Sunday is more of her needing everyone's attention.

Look for the Red Bow on the top of the shoe and her big toe hanging out.

The Carnival is still in town.