Will You Celebrate the End of Kate Plus 8?

Will you do anything special to commemorate the end of the show when we're sure it's done?  If so, what?

I think I'll go to the local bakery for a slice of their special chocolate fudge cake and perhaps splurge with whipped cream on top.  Not organic, not "healthily," but very delicious and a true "rare treat."


Carol R. said...

I'm morbidly interested to see what becomes of Kate during the Great Humbling, but mostly I wish the kids a lifetime of anonymity! Or at least enough to last until they're 18 and can make that choice for themselves.

I also have to admit I hope at least one kid writes a tell-all someday.

catfan said...

I think I'll go and buy a showerhead and NOT use a coupon.

Brummygirl said...

I will join you for cake Sharla!! It won't be organic, but a nice treat!!
I will also wish the eight children a happier life without cameras in their faces as they adjust to not being the centre of attention and receiving everything under the sun.
I also hope we are not celebrating too soon!!

pinkdiamond611 said...

I am going to chew gum;
eat a piece of cake on my birthday without eating my veggiess;
eat a ice cream cone and allow it to drip on my shirt;
color with markers;
smother my kids with hugs and kisses

dotsicle said...

I won't celebrate with cupcakes, as it would be too much of a reminder that Khate's "icky boys" didn't get their birthday dessert. I might, however, do a nice quiet Happy Dance.

barbee said...

I'll celebrate with a 3 pack of chocolate eclairs with the 2" thick fudge frosting, and I'll eat all 3 of them myself! I will say thanks that the kids will be Free of the cameras and HOPE that they will not suffer to much at the hands of the vengeful horrible witch-mother-figure. And I will definitely HOPE & PRAY that SHE DOES NOT GET ANY KIND OF ANOTHER SHOW! I want her to go back where she came from in all aspects of her life - OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT!

capslock said...

I'll celebrate with a Fried Ice Cream ONLY if I don't have to see Kate on other morning and talk shows crying and complaining that she no longer has any money to support her children!

Katykat517 said...

This is very bittersweet. It will be such a blessing for the children to have their private lives back, and to just be children...not the family wage earners. That having been said, I believe their lives are about to get even harder. 10 and 6 is far too young of an age to have the guilt of unemployment and lack of family income placed upon their shoulders...especially when the guilt is placed there by your mother. Their self-esteems will undoubtedly suffer as they feel it is their fault the show has ended, that they're not cute anymore or not likeable enough. I just pray someone in their immediate surroundings is able to get them into counseling. They will need it.

Exhausted said...

The whole thing is just bittersweet. I certainly look forward to the Great Humbling, as Carol puts it so well! Kate needs that. But I just feel bad that we get to say goodbye to Kate, but the kids are stuck with her for a long, long time. She will probably blame them for the show ending, blame Jon, ultimately try to put them all against each other through the years. It's just sad. I guess there are a lot of kids with bad parents whom I don't know about, and I haven't watched the show in forever, so it's not like I'm keeping an eye on them. But I just hate the thought of these kids being their unstable mother's emotional punching bags.

I hope they all have the strength to stand up to her and to stick together.

Anonymous said...

Pink Diamond wins for best answer!

I think I'll raise a glass of Juicy Juice and wish the Precious Gosselin 8 a life of normalcy, anonymity, and success.

O-HI-O said...

I will declare a "NO Organic Macaroons!" day.

I will eat those orange triangular thingies. All day. I will belch in the direction of Wernersville, PA.

I will burn all my coupons and go shopping couponless.

In honor of those poor Gosselin rent-a-dog Shepherds, I will be especially kind to my own German Shepherd.

I will remember my parents and the gift of a peace-filled and private childhood they gave all 5 of us kids.

I will gratefully remember that both my parents unfailingly showed respect for one another and NEVER criticized each other, at least not in front of us kids.

I will breathe LOUDLY the entire day.

as I reflect on this... said...

This is an interesting question, that of celebration. And some of the comments are definitely funny. It's liberating to think of Jon & Kate and the whole thing going back to where they came from; "you go your way and I'll go mine." But, yes, indeed bittersweet to think of what those kids have gone through and what's ahead for them. I think they'll have the intelligence to figure it all out...and they'll have each other as brothers and sisters to also talk it out between them when they're older; there's real validation and comfort in that (I know, because it happened for me). But don't look for anything magical to happen too soon. It can take years and years to confront the demons, then get right with it and move on. Those tell-alls could be decades away because you'd be amazed at what doesn't bubble up to the surface until a person is maybe in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Everybody buries it at different levels. Some can never get reconciled with a troubled past. It's so complicated. Thankfully, the kids as adults can break away, seek out whatever helps them and from so many sources...faith, great friends, loving spouses, good therapists, etc. I just wish them a wholeness I sense they probably don't have, and I know we all definitely wish them peace. And total anonymity (maybe taking a false surname, so it won't be recognized)...if it's what will bring them closer to that peace, and a calmer life than what it appears they have now as children...by all means, kids, fade away as if you're in the witness protection program. Reclaim your life!

ChurchMouse said...

I will take lemons and graciously make lemonade.

Something Ms. Gosselin should learn to do.

SafetyTrain said...

I will run through the streets of my town dressed as a screeching hooker carrying ice cream cones.

dustilies said...

O-HI-O wrote

I will breathe LOUDLY the entire day.

Too funny!

Anyone know where I can buy some moose hot dogs?

the old neighborhood said...

I will be making a donation to a Minor Consideration to continue his work on behalf of those that do not have representation in the entertainment industry.

Celebrate No More Kate said...

I will buy a box of wine and sit and tweet "Hallelujah" to all of my followers!

I'm Ready, Mr.DeMille said...

I'll have to go to Philadelphia and get a cheese steak "WIT" and devour it lovingly.

For the kids said...

I will celebrate by smiling frequently through out the day.

I will offer up prayers that the children are ok and can now spend more time with their father.

I'll continue to write to advertisers of other reality shows that feature minors.

E said...

According to her most recent tweets she is already in Kentucky for the Derby.

Shoka's Understudy said...

As Shoka's Understudy, I would love to send him a new chew bone, a new collar and my love.

Would love to send the kids my love, the boys cupcakes that their mother wouldn't let them have, Mady a salad with grilled chicken on it.

The kids a grilled hamburger from Beth's husband. All they can eat.

A years supply of milk from Henry.

Baskin and Robbins ice cream coupons, because we all know we don't buy anything without a coupon.

Buy each kid the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich that they want to eat, not what kate forces them to eat.

It will be WHOLE, not quartered!

Just My Few Canadian Cents said...

I will have a piece of humble pie on her behalf.

And then sit back and wait to see which of the Gosselin kids, when they are grown, advocates for proper legislative protection for exploited children in the entertainment industry. If anyone would be able to fight for the proper protections for children from greedy and unscrupulous parents and network executive, it will be one or more of the Gosselin eight.

NPD=insufferable said...

Oh, Safety Train, bwahahahaha!! But if you do that, then people will notice you and STARE!! Wink.

N.E. Psychologist said...

Dustilies said: Anyone know where I can buy some moose hot dogs?
You'll have to find a hunter!


or settle for a real Philly cheesesteak.

Reading news said...

pinkdiamond611 said...
I am going to chew gum;
eat a piece of cake on my birthday without eating my veggiess;
eat a ice cream cone and allow it to drip on my shirt;
color with markers;
smother my kids with hugs and kisses


Don't forget to get grass stains on your pants and puke on your quilt. After that you should definitely take a four hour nap and split 20 grapes with your seven siblings. Oops, I almost forgot - reward yourself with half a triscuit.

Jenna Does said...

Hopefully Kate makes it a smooth transition for the kids & she is there for THEM, & not making it all about her.

O-Hi-O said...

"According to her most recent tweets she is already in Kentucky for the Derby."


And she's sure to be The Biggest Horse's Arse present.

Pattypanda said...

The books her children will write will tell the real story behind mommy dearest. They will look back on their childhood with not the happiest of memories. Why didn't we have any family, aunts, uncles, grandparents, like other kids. What happened to the cousins we loved? You never took us anywhere with out the cameras in our faces. You didn't let us play soccer, softball, baseball. You lied about you and daddy always being together. Why did you show us potty training - we were always bullied in school and turned into adults with addictive behaviors to cope. Have a good life mother, you will never see your grandchildren.

Just Dwindle Away said...

Honestly? I might call my ex husband and ask him to breathe.

In all honesty I might buy a box-o-wine and have some non-organic cheese and grapes with it.

To be honest, since all my kids live in different states from me now, I might send them all gift certificates for a full meal deal at a greasy fast food place. And tell them not to worry about dribbling on 'the clothing'.

To take the high road, I might put down fresh blankets for my DOGS on the LAUNDRY ROOM FLOOR.

Even though no one knows how to help me, I might go shopping during the time the store is the busiest and smile kindly at lots of people. Perhaps even say hello here and there. And wait patiently in line without screeching in a disgusted manner. While wearing my good bra.

Being a contract honorer, I might call each of my children and tell each one I love her/him and tell them how proud I am of how hard they work and how kind they are.

To make memories, I might ask my kids if they remember when we all went to a petting zoo and the baby goat started eating my shirt and how we all laughed and laughed about that at the time.

And to culturize myself, I might do all of this while leaving some pots and pans soaking in the sink. Which I will then wash all by myself, by hand.

pinkdiamond611 said...

Oh yeah one more thing. :-) I'm going to make a flag cake using strawberries, blueberries and coolwhip, claim that I invented it, but really it has been on the cover of Family Circle magazine since the year of the flood, and then allow all the boys in the neighborhood to help me make it, and allow them to lick the spoon.

dustilies said...

Just Dwindle Away wrote;

And to culturize myself, I might do all of this while leaving some pots and pans soaking in the sink. Which I will then wash all by myself, by hand.
But how will you know how to do that, since nobody knows how to teach you new things?

Since you do it all for the kids, you should not spoil your manicure, as they will be very worried about mommy's ragged cuticles. Instead, throw away the dirty pots and buy new ones after your nap.

But, to tell the truth, I'm in agreeance with the rest of your plan.

Fantastic post, Dwindle!

O-Hi-O said...

Just Dwindle Away, love your comment! LOL!

Don't forget to also:

- Crack open a can of Campbell's Soup, but tell everyone how you slaved for hours over your hot stove in your too-small kitchen to make OLD GRANDMA SOUP as part of your annual beloved Preparation For Fall Family Tradition.

Plan an ALASKAN trip for yourself, because you are, afterall, SUCH the Adventurer who loves and excels at CHALLENGE.

Serve half-done Sammynella Chicken from your grill regaling all present with claims of now being a "So New!, "Can Do!" version of your former self.

Carve pumpkins and actually wait til the fun is finished before issuing your militant 'CLEAN IT UP NOW, RIGHT NOW!' order.

Have yourself an ice cream cone and run, shrieking through your house, "I'm RUINED! I'm RUINED!" then complain that those who witness your bizarre outburst are to blame for YOUR behavior because of their ongoing failure to instantly intuit how better to help you.

Embroider yourself a pillow with the phrase, "Kate, How can I help (serve) you?"

Wallpaper a wall or two with Post Its containing detailed How To directives about EVERYTHING (including how others should prepare and serve you your coffee). Intersperse a few biblical quotes along with the directives because in your world, Being a Bitch is ok, so long as you are Biblical.

Pretend to go to church. Later, put on a tshirt with a catchy biblical chapter/verse written boldly across your 'good bra' chest. This will PROVE what a holy Christian you really are.

Don some kid candy wax teeth, spike up your hair beyond all reason, pay someone to sharpen and polish your talons, stuff a couple of large, firm melons into your bra, then strut around in your tackiest "Frederick's of Hollywood" hooker attire, proclaiming yourself to be 'just an ordinary mom like the rest of you. Times Eight.'

Complain in a loud and incessant, militant but whiney tone that your life is hell due to the paparazzi who simply can't get enough of YOU.

Go to Toys R Us and angrily SCREAM at anyone 3 aisles away that they are 'PLAYING WITH THE KIDS INSTEAD OF DOING THEIR JOB!' Theatrically shake head and frown in disgust, making everyone around you grossly uncomfortable.

Dance. Laughably clumsily. Childishly mime "I Heart You" at yourself in the mirror. Repeat ad nauseum.

Tell your spouse, parents, in-laws, neighbors, dance partner, sky jump instructor, that your poor performance on all levels is THEIR fault for not knowing how to teach/help you. If not for them, you'd be just excelling in all endeavors.

Cling with a deathgrip to your formerly-married last name even while dissing at every opportunity the former spouse who gave you that name.

Write a book on Narcissism. Entitle it, "I Just Want You To Know ALL ABOUT ME, ME, ME".

Brummygirl said...

Just Dwindle said:
Just Dwindle Away said...
Honestly? I might call my ex husband and ask him to breathe.
Priceless ha ha

Protect8 said...

The exploitation and degradation of the Gosselin children has been the basis of Kate's sole income. Combine this with her addiction to fame and publicity and it adds up to Kate never "going away." We see it all of the time with reality show celebrities and other famewhores when their 15 minutes are up. Kate will jump on the bandwagon of self confession interviews and revealing books: eating disorder, abuse as a child, sexual molestation as a child or a number of other "reasons" for why she did the bad things that she did. She will boo-hoo a lot hoping for sympathy and love. And she will go on other reality shows like Celebrity Apprentice.

But even if the children hopefully aren't involved, it is difficult to celebrate the demise of the show because so much damage has already been done to them. Even if their egos miraculously remain intact they are clearly behind in education and social skills which will make moving ahead very difficult. The poor kids need some kind of gentle boot camp to introduce them into real society and catch them up.

fidosmommy said...

I'm just going to get a self-satisfied look on my face, smirk, and say "See? I told you so!"

That will do just fine, thanks.

Barbara in VA said...

Yes, I'll celebrate not having to see her big, stupid horse-grin as I flip through channels or glance at a mag rack as I pay at the grocery store.

I would celebrate more if she left the planet and left the kids (damaged as they already are) for Jon to raise in the "kids' house".

Sobby McFibberpants said...

One last Sob as I pour out a little Starbucks to my cancelled homie, then I am off to Target. I like to have my 10 year old snap my picture while I park in the fire lane. It makes me feel famous. I wonder if Tony Robbins can erase this entire show from my memory? If you've seen Shallow Hal, you know what I'm talking about! Thanks for all the laughs. This blog was the best thing to come from that show. :)

last2cu said...

White trash at the Kentucky Derby? Oh, Kate, I didn't think that even YOU could pull that look off...I WAS WRONG!!! The classiest of sports and she has to dress like a two cent hooker..on half price no less!

O-HI-O said...

SobbyMcFibberPants, you will be missed!!! Thanks for all the laughs!!! I agree with you that this blog was the best thing to spring from the entire Gosselin debacle.

jjl said...

I will always wonder if those kids are really OK. I feel sorry for them. Yes they did get to go to some really great places, but they also had some very very private moments on TV.

I remember one episode when they lived in a normal size house. Maddie was pushing the camera away she looked mad. They just kept shooting her like it was joke. That really ticked me off. That's when I stopped watching. Just sicking.

Kate will have a hard time finding a job because everyone has seen what a horrible attitude she has. That's why I'll pray for those kids. I hope they have some sort of peace after all this is over.

Mary said...


I have a question... when Kate was in Australia she went to a supper market for grape jelly. Is jelly organic


Ampersmom said...


Yes there is such as thing as organic jelly. A product does not have to be 100% organic to get the organic label.

Tanks 4 the Mammaries said...

Could it possibly be almost over? At long last?

Yes, I will celebrate the end of Kate Plus 8, but I will miss the camaraderie in this blog.

I'm one of your (probably) many lurkers. Found my way here long ago after Kate's astounding additional request of a boob lift when the doctor was giving her a tummy tuck. Felt the jarring disconnect of Kate banishing a sick child to a cold basement floor while being lauded for her great mothering skills. And was appalled at her consistent nastiness toward Jon.

I remember watching flashbacks of her babies in the NICU with special poignancy. All those children and every single one of them survived -- and many of J&K's fellow parents saw losses.

We lost our own grandbaby, of a brain tumor. We're grateful that we still have his brother, but it's so ironic seeing her with all those healthy children, and obviously caring so little about them, bullying and using them.

I will miss this blog, with its spicy irreverence and its note of reassuring sanity. Thank you.

Brummygirl said...

I will miss this blog, with its spicy irreverence and its note of reassuring sanity. Thank you.
I wouldn't quite say goodbye yet. I am sure Kate will try and dig her teeth in somewhere and our Mods will find it.
I have had so many laughs on this site and feel it was quite a feat for so many to step up to protect the 8. That's what it was all about, but Kate was a comedy bonus!! From hometown girl to spectacle in six easy lessons!!
Maybe our Mods would be glad to have a rest, they have worked tirelessly on this forum.

nogrape said...


Regarding the grape Jelly, she may have been in Australia, but she would have been very disappointed, because 1. our supermarkets don't stock more than 100 organic products (mostly fruit, vege and carbs) and 2. we don't have grape in Australia like in the US, no soda, candy or jelly (either the wobble kind or what we call jam - the spread)

Leigh Ann said...

Smucker's makes an organic grape jelly and I'm sure others do, too. I wonder if Kate tried any Vegemite while she was in Australia. Oprah tried some on camera and thought it was good.

readerlady said...

I'm curious, nogrape. Why nothing grape in Australia? I know they make wines there. Are they not using grapes for that? Or are Australian wines made using some other kind of fruit? Inquiring minds want to know.

Amy too said...

Yes, I will smirk when K8 goes off the air. She became so unlikeable and so untrustworthy and she made a fool of everyone. It became so sad to hear about.
I don't know if we were also to see to see the worse part of her, but we did.

I do hope Jon writes the tell all about TLC and how they work, that I hope for when he no longer has any ties to TLC and his children don't. I also hope he fights for his family of children.

She is so over, so very over and so unlikeable. Sorry but she really is.

Amy too said...

and I will always think of those kids and wonder if she will ever allow them to live or will they inherit her ways because she lives with them and rubs off on them.

Erin said...

I'm going to eat a lollipop.

And it won't be organic.