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Please email your thoughts on the Gosselins and their role in the media, Thursday, 23 MARCH, now! Even better, Amy Roloff is going to be on for the first half hour, 9:00 AM Eastern time.


Maggie said...

Nina said...
Hi Fans of GWOP -

I am looking forward to interviewing Maggie tomorrow on Living the Dream Mom Radio at 10am est. To listen: and click on the LISTEN LIVE button on the top. Thank you!

3/23/2011 2:39 PM

Irene008 said...

Hey was great hearing you today on LTD mom...

I really liked the perspective Amy Roloff had...she truly understood that the tv show was just a part of her life...not her life...and she sounded heartfelt about it was time to end it also for her boys who are becoming young men.

You guys here were really the 1st to start peeling the onion of this whole spin o rama...I think it is gonna be around for awhile longer as Kate's quest for fame on the backs of those kids seems relentless...((how many school vacations have now involved filming???))

barbee said...

Amy always came across as a real mom, like she really was just living her life. Kate always came across as a real bitch, like she was playing the role of some kids mom, well, that's not really true. It was like she was living HER life and the kids were just some pesky props, when in reality, the kids as toddlers WERE the show and she was the pesky prop. Once the kids passed toddlerhood, they became uninteresting and unenter-taining. There is NO REAL TALENT of any kind in that family. Her persona comes across like she thinks she is emoting on the Broadway stage, overdone makeup, garish garb, exaggerated facial expressions. She is better suited to 'off Broadway', waaaaaaaay off, like, back in PA with NO cameras, no 'family crews', no BG(BF), no 'group of friends(Jamie), just HER off the McMansion in a nice 4 BR house sharing the kids in a more fair way with Jon (OR she could go whole hog and let him have primary custody, leaving her free to flit hither and yon, on little dates here and there, trying to peddle herself wherever and however she can). Sounds a little harsh, you think? Well, look at life as she's shoveled it at the kids for almost 8 years (that is through the tup pregnancy and to date).

Christine P said...

A lot of the same things are true for Amy as Kate. She sold her kids privacy for fame and money. She is a fame monger.

The only difference I see is that she is a better actor and has a nicer tone in person.

Do you all know that Amy and Matt put this crazy camera life in their youngest son's life when he was 5 years old? That's when they started filming their documentaries that led to their weekly series.

Jacob Roloff has never known what normal life is because his parents put him on tv for money and fame.

In one episode, the dad, mocked Jacob by calling him a "little sissy man" as Jacob was filmed crying and running away in a huff.

The Roloffs used to say they filmed six days a week for over 13 hours a day.

In the interview before Magggie was on, Amy says Molly and Jacob did the show because she and Matt said "this is what we are doing".

Amy referred to Jacob's behavior as difficult and she doesn't know how to deal with him.

Lets all ask ourselves why the kid that was forced to be on tv has behavior and attitude problems?

If Kate is awful for selling out her kids than so is Amy.

I also think Amy is lying about the end of the show being mutual. Google Little People Big World Cancelled. The ratings were declining. They had cut the giant travel budget after the Roloffs spent the summer of 09 in Europe on vacation for the whole month of July.

A month before TLC said LPBW was ending Matt and Amy did interviews where they said the show would go on for 2 more years. A few weeks later TLC announces the show is done.

I don't care what Matt and Amy say to save face. The show was cancelled.

The second it was cancelled the Roloffs true nature came out. The first words out of Matt's mouth (or from his fingers on Facebook) was "The show might be ending but it's definitely not over!!!!! Spinoffs, specials, other projects :)))?

Then Matt is posting You Tube videos all the time (with Jacob in them). Amy does her own talk show she streams on the internet. She calls it "Coffee Chat". She also has her kids on her show.

By the way, everything the Roloffs do is centered around the tv show fame.

They get giant crowds at the "pumpkin season" because they are on tv. They are able to charge $7000 to give speeches because they were on tv.

I think the Roloffs are exactly the same as Kate. They both sold their kids childhoods out because they are fame mongerers and saw it as a good way to get rich and famous.

path said...

Love love love your little southern accent, Maggie!!!

Monster Mommy said...

I suppose I'm a little late. I haven't listened to the latest Toginet internet show yet. I usually try to listen to the monthly Kate hour, when I get the chance. It's funny hearing some of the Gosselin blogger community's actual voices. (And Baby Mama is WHACK- I bet five bucks she won't be on Nina's show again anytime soon.) Nice to hear Maggie's a little-slice-of-pie southerner too.

Anyway, I've watched LPBW through the years. The family has some major communication issues. What's worse, is there are sick YouTube videos (and others) everywhere-- in which Jeremy Roloff, and yes EVEN young Jacob are being depicted on creepy pedophillic gay men's links, with deeply disturbing comments to go along with them. Is this what Amy and Kate envisioned for their children? Is the money really worth it? Google "Mady Gosselin" and decide for yourselves. I don't know about you, but I'd blame TLC & my fame-whoring mother for ruining my chances at a normal existence.

Maggie said...

This is probably really late to submit, but I am glad that I was able to express what I think is a point of discussion about the "blogs".

I wanted to make the point that the moderators here keep the site open for you to make comments.

We started it for that premise, and we keep it open for that reason.