Off Topic Experiences with the Coupon Special

One of our readers brought up the experience described on a couponing blog of that author's experience with a TLC production.

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Additional information about the couponing special.

My Brief Encounter

One who was on and donates.

Donating on Youtube

We're putting this up for the TLC aspect and how they interact with prospective participants.


NoUse4kate said...

Interesting, but not surprising. They are the "freak" channel. It makes sense that normal people would be shunned.

Over the Top said...

I watched the tail end of this and thought it was great that he gave most of it to the food bank. I don't know where he gets his coupons but getting 40 cents off two bags of a name brand product that I would not normally buy doesn't help me out nearly so much. I would have enjoyed it more if they had shown us how to take $20-30 a week off of what we normally buy at the grocery store.

I did read the articles about how they treated that coupon lady and it is just typical TLC behavior. They go for the extreme in everything and are not looking for conservatism or moderation.

I watched a bit of the Strange Sex show but had to click it off because my child came into the room. And that is the learning channel.

Also the strange addictions - sleeping with a blow dryer, I mean really, her utility bill must be off the charts. A hairdryer uses as much electricity as a space heater. How many people might actually try that and burn the house down. And the Comet cleanser and the toilet paper, how many teenagers or kids might try that and damage themselves. I mean really how much of that was amped up for the show.

Although in all fairness I did have a cousin that scraped mud off the flaps on deisel trucks and ate it. It was something about the combination of burned deisel and rubber and mud that she craved. So who knows?

Monster Breath said...

Although in all fairness I did have a cousin that scraped mud off the flaps on deisel trucks and ate it. It was something about the combination of burned deisel and rubber and mud that she craved. So who knows?


This often happens in pregnancy. It's called pica. I knew a woman who was pregnant four times, and in each of her pregnancies, she craved something weird, like grass, crayons, cigar stubs, and Elmer's glue.

kate can't do sh** said...

That whole show displayed nothing more than obsessive people hoarding things. It was over the top. I kept thinking the expiry dates would come up on most of the products before they even got close to using them. If they all donated most of their stashes (which they were so very proud of, in a weird way) I would have enjoyed the show much more but again, TLC likes to draw in people to watch weirdness. And the strange addiction show, I watched it because I wanted to know how the toilet paper eating woman got over her addiction. I have to admit that TLC edited it so that even I felt like putting a piece of toilet paper in my mouth and trying it. It was like she was popping cotton candy in her mouth over and over. I noticed that when watching A&E, Intervention, they do the same thing. Sometimes when they show someone sucking on a crack pipe over and over, and you hear that crackling hissing sound, you think, hey now I can see why addicts love to watch this show. I am by no means an addict. I work in law enforcement and see this weird side of life all the time. But the editing is very, very clever. And again, that brings us back to the evil side of Kate and TLC knowing people want to see that side of her.

Exhausted said...

This is along the lines of what I always thought with Kate. They encouraged the most outrageous behavior from someone who was already a narcissist who had very little people skills (screaming at Toys R Us and halting the pumpkin carving in the middle of it). It was a deadly combination, I think, and Kate was too dumb to be able to distinguish her crafted reality TV persona from the real life way she would interact with people. Was she already a miserable person with a mean attitude to begin with? Yes. But TLC, I think, really encouraged her to let it all out. She thinks she's their golden child, but I think they sit back and laugh at her tantrums in Alaska and other places. Keep it coming, Katie. They have played her wonderfully, and she wasn't smart enough to know when to turn it on or off. The whole notion of Reality TV is just silly when there are production people telling the participants what do to and not do!

Learning, my foot... said...

I knew a woman who was pregnant four times, and in each of her pregnancies, she craved something weird, like grass, crayons, cigar stubs, and Elmer's glue.


And we'll have "Extreme Cravings" producer calling her in 3, 2, 1 .....

K8. Fan. said...

Sad how that had to turn a show that could HELP people, into a sensational "look at these weirdos" piece of CRAP. it sounds like it makes effective couponing look too hard or over the top for us "normal" people to do.
I would LOVE to learn how to save a few bucks, doesn't seem like this shows gonna show anyone how to do that.

Ohio Buckeye said...

This thread is very interesting, so thanks to the mods for posting it.

Someone like K8G is easy picking for this kind of ploy: appeal to her need to feel more important than others, her need for attention, and a tv representation of her that is hoped to be considered somehow heroic.

Unfortunately, TLC equates 'extreme' with heroic.

I'd like to think viewers are more sophisticated than TLC seems to believe. Surely we want more creativity and thought provocation rather than the 'extreme' slop TLC serves up.

Jane in CA said...

What this confirms for me is that the people who run TLC (and I'm sure this is true for many, many networks) don't have any respect for their viewers. They view their audience as toothless suckers, with the attention span of a gnat, who will only be hooked by extreme characters and "drama." They don't believe their audience are intelligent people who want to see intelligent programming. It's downright offensive.

Moreover, it's such a waste. They have the power and ability to produce some really good programs. The original idea for a program about serious couponers was a good one - then it was taken over by the ones holding the power and totally dumbed down into an exploitive show that makes couponers looks like loons who will dumpster dive and leave their family in the search for 300 toothbrushes or whatever.

There is no soul behind these networks. So the only thing that will "save" the Gosselin children and anyone else unfortunate enough to get into TLC's clutches, is when they are no longer marketable, exploitable product.

When they met Kate, they met a woman that has their same lack of soul and complete willingness to sell anything if it will make a buck. No wonder they aren't eager to show her the door - she's got the same complete lack of scruples and moral fiber as those running the network! She's their soul mate.

NewEnglander said...

At first, I was excited to see the show. I am an avid couponer. To me it's fun and it also allows my husband and me to do something good with free items we get through couponing like donate care package items to our troops serving overseas and other organizations.

I am very active in a couple of online couponing communities. From what I read on the forums, people were less impressed and more annoyed at the amount of stockpiling on the show from both the first and last person. This from fellow couponers who also have stockpiles but not to that extent.

Overall, I think TLC did a disservice to not only the people involved in the program but also to couponers, especially those of us who do not abuse the system. But because of a show like that, many are afraid they will be looked upon in a less positive light.