Kate's Lies Part ?

We used to have posts to list the Gosselins' or Kate's lies and haven't done it in awhile.  So fire away with the updated and current version of Kate's lies.  I just approved a perfect comment for the list.

So they close the store for Kate and crew - hence the crowd on the sidewalk. We've seen numerous photos of Kate shopping and is there ever a crowd gathered - NO. She claims if they quit the show, all the paparazzi negatives will remain. It's been revealed this week that there is 1 paparazzi and as we've seen, Kate garners no attention unless she's followed by a camera crew and boom mike. Seriously, if you're out shopping and you spot a camera crew and a guy with a boom mike following someone wouldn't most of us go investigate what the heck is going on. This week's shopping photos - filming vs. non-filming trips - confirms it's not Kate's celebrity grabbing people's attention when she's in public, it's the massive entourage with cameras, boom mikes, bodyguards, etc. that follows when filming.

By Anne on Free Discussion 8/21 -8/27 at 9:29 AM