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Warning: There Is A New Sheriff in Town!

It is only fair that we pass on this threat that we received today to our posters. Please behave with caution. This is a direct copy and paste, but we did want to make sure that our posters here knew that we didn't write this badly, so there are a few suggested corrections.

"Beginning August 2010, I will be Kate Gosselin's spokepernon (sic) for people like you: Haters on Kate.
Here's the deal.......
I will go toe to toe with all the haters. If you dog Kate, I dog you! (sic) If you talk about her parenting skills, I will talk about yours. If you talk about her looks I will take a picture of you, post on the internet and ruthlessly poke at your looks.
If any of you approach Kate with your bull*hit YOU WILL GO TO JAIL (should be a period?)
I will create a blog that specifically targeting blogs like this.(sic) I am hiring a private investigator to get ALL THE DIRT (background checks, credit checks, employment history.(end of parenthesis, sic?) I will circulate newsletters about you in your neighborhoods and on the internet.
Kate's children HATE you and wish you would direct your so-called concern for them somewhere else.
If you don't want to see Kate on TV, change your channel (punctuation, sic)
Stop trying to count Kate's money. It is none of your damn business (as above) Should this be damned?.Stop trying to tell Kate what her career choice should be. It ain't your business (punctuation, damned?).
Kate IS raising her children! How she raises her children is none of your damn (damned?) business. Why don't you mind your family and not Kate's? Go start your hate campaign with Toddlers and Tiaras or Raising Sextuplets on WE TV.
Kate doesn't have to deal with you hags. I will deal with you and I DARE you to harass her, intimidate her, threaten her, come on her property, etc.
By the way, stop calling that hag Jodi, Kate's children aunt. Jodi and Kevin HAVE NOT seen Kate's children for over two years AND in Kate's home they are not liked or welcomed. Jodi is not an aunt. Jodi and Kevin paid off their home exploiting Kate, Jon and the eight children. (I think Jodi is their aunt.)
There is a new sheriff in town and it is me. Mark my words... I am out for blood."

That was interesting. There was an update!

"Here you bitches go again! Why are you worried about Kate and kids getting $700,000 for 4 episodes? Ain't your money. Charlie Sheen is getting 1.78 million per episode and he is a crack head, jail bird and he ain't funny.
Why you bitches are worried 'bout Kate's titties is beyond me. Kate's kids cannot stand you. Her boys want to "whup" some ass."

So you have been warned. I look forward to seeing us all on "America's Most Wanted".