DWTS Second Show Mar 29 AKA She's Out of Her League

Laser eyes.

Bruno's Stepford comment.

It's the jive. Can Kate move that fast?

Kate answers the question. No she not only can't jive, she can't contain her evil personality.

Will Kate Ever Get It? by Judgement Day

I wonder if the Kate we don't see, actually tosses and turns in the wee hours, knowing she's attained her notorious fame and substantial wealth on the backs of her eight children...admitting to herself in the quiet of night that she is truly Kate The Fake.

I wonder because of my own experience...as a fake. You see, I inherited a small house. I could never own one on my own because I mismanaged my money. During this time, a friend of mine was frugal and made great sacrifices to buy his home. I feel like a fraud compared to him because I came by things too easily. He has a quiet, unvoiced pride and peaceful contentment I'll never have, because I didn't do it on my own like he did. I didn't come by my gift of a home in an authentic way. I'll never have his satisfaction that comes with honest achievement and hard work.

Kate thinks being a mom is hard work; exhausting. But, really, her often-touted, long bedrest before delivery of those tups was a small price to pay for how easy it's been to triple her investment hundreds of times over. Just take a look at how she lives and the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

She didn't get that on her own, through individual endeavor...she has what she had because of her kids. Friends tell me I'm too hard on myself as I search for my own humility and atonement...but, I have to wonder, will Kate ever search for hers?

Thanks to Judgement Day