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Any Positive Stories? By Two Clueless Idiots

I don't know if I actually care enough about Kate or Jon to HATE them, but I certainly don't like them, admire them or desire to ever be in the same room with them... They are horrible examples of human beings and parents - both selfish and immature beyond belief.

Here is a question I have for those who call me a hater or jealous, though. Can anyone, anywhere, give a firsthand account of positive interactions with Kate Gosselin? Does anyone who has had direct interaction with her have anything positive to say? You never hear anyone saying, "Yes, she's really personable" "she's friendly" "she's down to earth" "she's kind" or "she was so warm to my children" or anything else even remotely positive. Where are the people who have had direct interaction with her who have good things to say? Neighbors? Townspeople? Shopkeepers? Friends? Fellow parents? Fans? Church members? J&K+8 guests/hosts who have provided all these wonderful "culturizing" activities for their kids?

All I've heard about is a demanding, demeaning, controlling, wacko B*&^H. There are plenty of stories about her horrible behavior...where are the stories of kindness, graciousness or civility? I have always found it very suspect that anyone who has had any contact with her has been required to sign confidentiality agreements. This is NOT normal, and would be totally unnecessary if anyone had anything remotely positive to say about interactions with her.

Please, someone, anyone, come out of the woodwork with personal stories of positive interactions with Kate Gosselin. I would love to hear personal stories of how her kindness or generosity helped mold your image of her. I would love to hear how you were inspired by watching her interact lovingly and patiently with her children. I would love to hear that there is another side of Kate that is warm, genuine, caring, compassionate, considerate and kind. I would be willing to reconsider all the very negative thoughts I've had about her as a person and as a parent if people would come forward and give descriptions of direct instances of meaningful, positive interactions with her. Anyone? ANYONE????

Thank you to Two clueless idiots.