Let's Play a Game

Do you know where there are specific examples where Kate says something about how filming, doing the show, or working is detrimental to the children's lives? Things like "we can't go anywhere without being followed." or "We can't be a normal family" are what I'm thinking about.  If you remember them and can cite the episode or interview so others can see that would be great.  If they are up on youtube or somewhere like that and you know the timestamp even better. 

Let the fun begin.


Ohio Buckeye said...

Since I haven't watched the show in quite awhile and I don't bother with it on you tube, I'm sorry, but I don't have any exact references.

The most recent example of nonsensical K8G rantings was when she was calling the audience's and kids' attention to the photographers 'following' them. She used the word, 'papparazi' several times in talking directly to the kids, but in the next breath, claimed to the camera that she doesn't use the word 'papparazi' because it would be obnoxious for her kids to be telling people about the 'papparazi following us'. She claimed she only uses 'p people' so the kids don't learn the term, 'papparazi'.

K8G pretends to hate all the attention, but the way she's always calling attention to the travails of her public life comes across as just a weird passive aggressive way of bragging about how famous she is.

That scene where she was using the papparazi term over and over but then claimed to use only 'p people' for the sake of the kids was just another one of those classic Kate moments when you wonder to yourself, "WHAT did she just say???!!"

Autumn Sunrise said...

Speaking of p-people, I remember the scene from the battleship episode, where she told the children to aim the guns at the p-people and pretend they were shooting them. This was one of my "what in the world is she doing?" moments...what mother in her right mind tells her children to shoot anyone? I remember turning off the television at that point, just shaking my head.

Anonymous said...

What about the episode where Trees are being planted and Khate,bodyguard, landscapers and the children are there. Khate talks about the paps and they are even shown down by the fence and she talks about how "no privacy" and the paps can watch them all use the front lawn. Now with the Trees, privacy and they can live normal. The kids can play out front and even the kids are talking about the paps, especially one of the boys.

Also, if you google the children's name separately I learned. Each of the worse experiences they had are still on the Net. Yes, even the impaction and removal by rubber glove. The sick little boy being put on the laundry room floor, everything about all those poor kids. Hope this helped.

Sound familar?

Anonymous said...

Kate Gosselin's Saturday business trip to New York City turned suddenly – and briefly – sour when photographers trying to take her picture were blocked by security guards outside a photo studio.

Earlier in the day, Gosselin and her eight children had checked into a midtown Manhattan hotel to prepare for a TLC photo shoot that afternoon, which also included the Duggar family and the stars of the network's reality show The Little Couple.

Sometime after 3 p.m., Kate and her kids left the hotel and were followed by a pack of photographers. But when the group arrived at the City Stage studio in the Chelsea neighborhood, security guards attempted to keep the photographers back using umbrellas, styrofoam boards and folding event tables, according to an eyewitness.

Kate's own security detail tried to keep the children out of harm's way and rushed them into the studio. "It must have been very upsetting for the kids," says one observer.

Jon Gosselin was not seen during the disturbance. Earlier in the day, he was spotted moving belongings, including a flat-screen TV, into his new apartment on Broadway.

The New York Police Department's Deputy Commissioner of Public Information had no information on the incident, and efforts to confirm details TLC have so far been unsuccessful.
from Huffington Post

May 07, 2010

Tizzie said...

I don't know if this counts, but I'll post it anyway:

Sextuplets Turn 4 - in the couch interview after Cupcake-Gate, Jon & Kate were talking about how the kids "had no clue the next day" about not getting their cupcakes and "never even missed them".

But at the end of the episode she was talking about what they can do now that they're 4, and how they now have memories.

we can't go back said...

End of Season 4, where Jon is saying he doesn't know if they'll be back for another season and Kate interrupts and talks over him and makes it clear she wants the show to continue. He looks miserable, they both look tired. Jon says he has lost his anonymity and identity, and is no longer Jon, but 'Jon and Kate plus Eight'. Kate agreed that they had become famous and that they'd lost their privacy, but conveniently didn't feel the need to change anything and said her infamous, "We can't go back." Kate refused to try to make things better for her husband or kids, choosing instead to submit to the fallout of fame because they 'can't' go back, it's beyond their control, they've been defeated by the fame. It was a jaw dropping scene. She really couldn't give a shit about the well-being of anyone but her narcissistic self.

H Bday M and C, Mall, OG, and DAD!... said...

Remember when Jon and Kate got the kids ready for the Oprah satellite interview? They were talking and Kate said about MONEY, There's never enough and they actually had plenty. the look of shock on Jon's face was priceless. he actually looked scared and embarrassed.

And the wayshe treated the young girl that survived cancer and was the tour guide. Jon and the kids listened to her kate just walked ahead of her.

Remember the little boy she stepped on in the toy store? he got on the floor and was crying out in pain. kate just kept on going and hollered, SORRY!

what an idiot! if that was my little boy, i would of went after her and have someone call the police.

her allowing the pirate captain offer the tup boy the idiot kate kept saying she would sell the little boy and that stupid priate captain should of said, why no son, this is make believe! but the idiot didn't.

I wish Jon would drink lite beer

KatesDirtyFlintstoneFeet said...

A video of 2 of the kids are shown down by the white fence, all alone, talking to paps.

Numerous shots of 1 or 2 of the kids covering their own faces, not wanting to be photographed.

Paps at the bus stops!!!

Telling the kids "the paparrazi is following" them while pulling in the parking lot of Party City

Kate pointing out to other party goers at the kids' 6th birthday that the Paparrazi is hiding in the bushes, and she laughs about it!

Kate saying "they cannot go anywhere without being followed, filmed, tracked-down. *Scary

PA G-Ma said...

I don't remember exact dates but I do recall that on numerous "K8 talks to camera shots", she says that families of multiples have problems. One of the "problems" was that marriages are impacted and very often end in divorce. Never did she say that she/he were working to prevent that from happening to them. Her demeanor was that it was going to happen to them and there was nothing to do to prevent it from happening. In hindsight, there were problems in the marriage very early on. The farce of the renewal of vows in Hawaii was a shameless effort to continue the show before the spit hit the fan. So much for "real reality" shows.

Just My Few Canadian Cents said...

I remember an old episode, I think the one when they went skiing in Utah. But it could have been any one of their trips. I don't remember the exact details but Kate and Jon were saying that they just put each child's initial on their respective bags and not their whole name. I think they said this was done to protect them from a stranger learning the child's name from the bag and then being able to befriend and perhaps abduct the child by striking up a conversation. But I guess since their names are now widely known, a stranger would easily be able to strike up a conversation with one of the kids - especially the younger tups who seem developmentally immature - AND are used to and comfortable being in the company of adults - and possibly abduct them.
I have no idea how Kate sleeps at night considering the high risk of abduction she has now exposed her children to. It's no wonder there is much talk here of her boxed wine.

Cry Me a River said...

Unfortunately, I cannot think of very many instances where Kart actually admitted that filming was bad for the kids. It is usually about how much the kids love, love, love the crew and how they are like family and will always be a part of their lives and drivel like that.

But I do remember the time on the ferry when she lined the kids all up and said to the other passsengers sometimes it's just best to give them a shot and then they will leave us alone.

Also the time when the newly single Kart made her debut at the birthday party where she was ordering all the other moms around. She actully stuck a fricking candle up to her mouth like a microphone and tried to pass it off as a joke - not - and made reference to the paps in the bushes - our new friends she called them.

She was really full of herself at that particular time as she was in the middle of her tour across the country with her then Steve.

I just really don't think she has the intelligence to equate filming, and the repercussions of filming as being one and the same. To her it's like what is all the fuss about - they haven't been struck by a boom, no props have fallen on them and they always find their spot and make their que. And the money is fantastic and it comes with complete with a real man who knows how to help me. Why would I ever stop?

KatesDirtyFlintstoneFeet said...

Something that may be detrimental to the kids lives?? Nutty fans like scary BabyMama! The picture she took of her & Kate at the NY book signing is scary--you can see a slight amount of fear in Kate's eyes through a nervous smile!

Susan said...

In a recent episode, the first one back from the filming hiatus, one of the boys ran up to the camera man proclaiming that he was so glad that they (the camera men) were back because then the paparazzi would go away.

So many things wrong with this:
1. Obviously they know the term "paparazzi" thus negating the claim from Kate when she said that she only uses the term "p people".

2. It is very clear that Kate told tham or convinced them that if they started filming again then the paparazzi would magically go away.

3. Is this the same boy that has been photographed hiding his face from the paparazzi. If so, how sad is that?!

4. Kate pretends to be upset that the paparazzi follow them around. Filming a "reality show" is basically the same thing. Neither one is private.

pinkdiamond611 said...

I think the whopper of them all is that the reason why they needed the reality show in the first place, was that with so many kids, Kart didn't have time to take videos of them growing up, so now she will have videos of them. I always wondered why she would insist on bringing her crappy digital camera on all the trips when they had professional camera people along. ROFL

Clomidia said...

Here's the scary part: many people believe that Kate did whatever she had to do to conceive and give birth to HOMs with the express purpose of becoming rich and famous. A reality show was at the top of the list of ways to make this happen once the tups arrived. Kate does not appear to have thought her plan through. She clearly loves the notoriety and money, but seems to truly not enjoy spending time with her kids...even if they're being quiet and well-behaved. She may know in her heart that filming is detrimental to her children's well-being and that it killed her marriage, but she doesn't appear to care at all.

Carol said...

I wish I could find the season/episode, but I vividly remember Kate proudly crowing about how, if ANY of them decided the show should stop, it would stop. That included Kate, Jon AND the kids. She nearly broke her arm patting herself on the back over that.

Fast forward to the end of season 4(?) and Jon saying in NO uncertain terms he did NOT want it to continue and what does she do? Insists that it continue.

She's a straight-up, through-her-teeth liar. I thought that lie was heinous. I guess by "if ANYONE changes their mind about the show" she really meant only her.

Anonymous said...

This may be a bit off track, however, I thought this interview displays Kate's finest Mommie Dearest traits (poor Alexis)...


I just love when she casts the 'ol wonky eye towards Alexis.

CakeIsGreat said...

I believe it was last years back to school episode, Kate said the kids don't really like being asked about the show at school. She said she told them to say something like "thank you for watching but I would rather not talk about it." Obviously they don't "love" it as much as Kate claims they do if they feel uncomfortable discussing with their classmates aspects of their lives they saw on TV.

Cry Me a River said...

Good find on the clip.

She probably opened up a can of punishment of severeness over that.
+ There certainly were not any enthusiastic - yes she is a great mom from either of them.

By her demeanor it is clear that she hates being a mom.

Cry Me a River said...

The battleship scene brings to mind the lighthouse episode where Kart was playing the I'm just little card and asked if they were going to to take care of her and A. enthustically announced that he was going to grow up to be a bad guy but that he wouldn't shoot her. I found that disturbing, but of course it got a cackle of Kart.

Protect 8 said...

There are so many lies and contradictions it's difficult to know where to start. A big one was "I don't bake" but later she wrote a cookbook that was sadly pre-promoted when Kate brought muffins out to the men putting in the free solar panels.

I don't know if this fits the "game" but earlier into the original series when Kate and Jon showed up on Dr. Phil to supposedly ask for advice on how to manage such a large brood, he just gave them advice. No bicycles, no free trip for kate to a spa - just advice. The look on Kate's face when she realizes it is coming down this way is wonderful.

(Also interesting was the Phil (like Oprah and Ellen) had apparently never seen the show because he did not discuss their bad behavior and potential damage to the children.)

KatesDirtyFlintstoneFeet said...

Enough said here:


Cry Me a River said...

That just makes me so angry every time I see the water, she was very deliberate in taking a long drink in front of Mady, and they were sitting under hot studio lights for no telling how long and Mady said she hadn't had a drink all day. I don't think it would have stopped the show if she had been allowed a drink while the cameras rolled.

I also did not realize that was the same day she tore into Alexis' shoulder.

Just goes to show those people never do their homework, the interviewer made reference to the "couple" that had 14 kids not the single mom of 14 kids i.e. Octomom.

It just sickens me to see Khate interact with her kids even the supposedly loving touch to Collin's face at the bus stop. It just doesn't look natural coming from her.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Anyone remember the couple of vacas before she kicked Jon to the curb, when she refused to climb to the top of an overlook and to the top of the lighthouse, claiming a fear of heights.

What happened to that melodramtic fear of heights after Jon was gone and she went up in the hot air balloon?

Is this woman even CAPABLE of honesty?

Boo Kate said...

Can't remember the exact details or episodes but once while on a outing Jon and Kate stopped off at a ice-cream parlor and treated the kids to "ice cream for dinner" Yet in another scene she deprived the boys THEIR BIRTHDAY TREAT because they didn't finish their dinner.

Now can I pleeeeese turn the hose on her?

abitey said...

Also on the matter of Kate's concern for privacy:

Now, I do respect the privacy of the kids so I'll be vague, even though the specific info is available on the show anyway. One episode I watched, she seemed to be giving a lot of info on where they lived. Not directly, but she was describing how they get from their home to this other location. The camera got a picture of the sign at said location complete with a phone number (maybe as a way of promoting the location).

I couldnt believe they were doing that when Kate makes a big stink about privacy. I was curious to see if they gave too much info. I googled the location found it on google maps and followed kate's reverse directions. In fairness, Kate did exagerate and it wasnt as straightforward as it seemed it would be. But in the end, I did manage to locate what I think is the family home (although I could be wrong)

I mean, Im sure its not the most private of info out there. People in the town seem to know where they live and its hard to hide a giant peice of property like that anyway.

Its just that it does point out a contradiction where she seems to be worried about their privacy and in the same breath, breaches her own privacy.

Anonymous said...

This is from way back but is something that still upsets me when I think about it...maybe someone else knows the two episodes where Kate discussed this.
It was at Beth's house and Kate talked about the special relationship Beth had with one of the six and how important it was for that child...and then no more Beth...it broke my heart for all the kids but especially that child. The same thing happened with Jody and Kate saying what a special relationship Jody had with a specific tup (Aiden?)and how important it was for the child...and then no more Jody. I could never understand how a mother could break those special relationships that should have been life-long for her children over her own greedy ambition. I always suspected that Beth saw something going on with Kate and "the bodyguard" in Aspen which is why Beth left Aspen so unexpectedly and how Jody was so loved by the kids that Kate couldn't stand it.

readerlady said...

Jodi also seemed to be the one person who could manage Mady and her moods without freaking out or overreacting. She would call Mady out on her bad behavior and praise and reward her with affection and enjoyable activities when she behaved well. Khate couldn't be bothered to deal with her appropriately and I think Jon was clueless. That's not necessarily a knock on him. I think he bought into Khate's explanation of "low blood sugar" for a lot of Mady's meltdowns and Khate was too pushy and domineering for him to learn how to appropriately discipline any of the kids on his own. I hope that's changed now. At least he's making an effort to deal with them as individuals and not as a pack.

Ohio Buckeye said...

@ReaderLady 4:44: I so agree with your perspective on the dynamics between Mady, K8, Jon, and Jodi.

I recall a couch session when K8 was criticizing Mady and Jon made some kind of vague comment that drew a comparison between Mady's and K8's attitude/behavior and K8 stated "I wasn't like that as a child" and THEN went on to say that it is CARA who is most like K8. Jon just rolled his eyes and said something kinda under his breath, like, 'yeah, sure...'.

Poor Mady. She is working against both nature AND nurture.

With counselling and love there is hope that Mady may enter adulthood with far more insight and better behavior than her mother exhibits.

There is no hope for K8.

readerlady said...

@ Ohio Buckeye

I agree with you completely. In the very early episodes of the show, Mady was bright, engaging and generally a very happy child. She's what I would call mercurial, but properly managed and appropriately disciplined and taught (AND exampled) appropriate behavior, she could do or be anything. Unfortunately, she's been made the scapegoat for a very dysfunctional family dynamic and I'm not sure she can ever overcome that completely. It's going to take a lot of hard work and emotional support from people who love her and put HER needs first. Although I think Jon finallly gets it and will do what he can, I'm sure Khate will do her level best to undermine every effort to help any of those kids achieve and independent and functional life.

zoey said...

how bout the behind the scenes episode when it showed Jon and Kate at the pass port place and Kate threw a tantrum because Jon said South Korea louder than a whisper --- the people will follow us Jon!!!!!!
(cause the whole world is dying to be on an airplane for many many hours with your screaming 8 pack!)

Sobby McFibberpants said...

There are endless scars that will be reopened once these kids grow up and have access to the video library of their hellish childhood. I have put myself in the shoes of the kids, and I don't know what could be more detrimental then watching the footage of yourself as you are screaming in pain from an impacted bowel. As if that isn't bad enough, you're in a furniture store, and your mommy ignores your pain because she can't decide which beds she wants. Cameras continue to roll as they follow you outside while your dad tries to remove the impaction. Some family memories, huh?