Reality TV Good or Bad

Does being on a reality TV show help or hinder a family? Does it depend on the family dynamic before the TV show or does the TV show change the people? Does it take a certain type of person to want to put their private life on TV?

Some people say that anyone would do it for the money while others say never. What is the difference in their outlook on life to reach the different conclusions?


Exhausted said...

The problem is that no reality TV show (or most, I should say) deal with just raw, authentic footage. In the last month, we've had contractors in our house all day, we've had houseguests stay with us, and I can tell you this wholeheartedly: when you have other people around your family, your day-to-day routines drift away, and you are not your authentic selves. So having producers and camera people and sound people all around your place will, absolutely, put you into a performance mode. It's absurd to think that we're just getting an edited product that started out as raw stuff with people who weren't influenced in any way.

The ramifications of this awkward, artificial environment are, I think, stress and, especially for kids, an inaccurate view of normal day-to-day life. To make matters worse, not only do you have the production people making it weird, you then have storylines and plot people in these "realest reality shows." My wife was watching the cupcake show on TLC the other day, and it was so obvious that so many parts were semi-scripted. It just came off as unnatural and ridiculous.

I hope the public starts to realize how ludicrous all the scripting is and start just seeing things like the Bachelor as entertainment and not reality. As my wife so eloquently stated when we had company for a week, "I can't wait to be able to not wear a bra at night!" Any normal person will want to go back to normalcy and the comfort that it brings, so it just tells you what kind of wackos sign up for camera crews in their bedrooms and homes.

It Definitely Changes them! said...

Yes, I feel it takes a certain type of person: a person who wants or needs attention. I am sorry but I truly believe that. I know people say well what about someone like Amy Roloff, she is so NICE! etc, but really, I am including her in my amatuer assessment.
Michelle DUggar too (for other reasons I think M.D. is an attention hound anyway, as is her husband)
As for does it change a family: YES. Just look (again) at the Roloffs.
As for KHate, I don't know what went "wrong" with that one: I think she was messed up to begin with and the show was the result of her being an attention hound/laziness/whatever, and everything just DEscended from there, for their entire family.

Ohio Buckeye said...

"Reality" tv is toxic to family life. That said, though, those willing to put their family life on tv are probably at least somewhat toxic to begin with, so the fall to total travesty is not all that far.

This kind of programming is all about creating and maintaining a hook, a brand, that viewers will loyally buy into. Literally BUY into.

From the fams we've seen so far, including the Gosselins and the Duggars, rather than the family definining the program, ultimately it is the program, the brand, that ends up defining the family.

Gosselins were all about multiples and a rather dysfunctional marriage. Jon played the cowboy in the white hat, while K8G continues to be Black Bart of this scripted fictional view of family life.

Then TLC serves up a hefty plate of religious conservatism in the Duggars. We are supposed to believe the Duggars are one dimensional people, and that dimension is the uber conservative concept of christianity.

Both shows are scripted to hit both the chords of admiration and condemnation, as this is typically the result of extremism on either end of any given spectrum. It is this controversy and the ever- tipping balance between viewer worship and viewer disdain that TLC hopes will keep its viewership and resultant ratings alive and lucrative for its advertisers.

It's all a game. It's all scripted to elicit emotion. What kind of emotion matters less than keeping the drama and controversy fires glowing.

As for the families who sell out to be a part of this sick game, as previously noted, it is unlikely these families are toxin-free even before they hooked up with TLC.

Toxic interpersonal relationships, including the supposedly sacred concept of 'family' SELLS apparently.

Those who want to see genuine and healthy family life would be wise to invest their time in their own family life rather than voyeuristically attempt to hook into whatever psychological mishmash of family life TLC conjures up and tries to pass off as 'reality'.

"Reality" tv is just Grimm's Fairytales on steroids. Very grim indeed.

Savannah said...

The bottom line here is always MONEY. The allure of easy cash basically dazzles these reality stars. Then their lives become an emotional roller coaster. And by then, it becomes too late.
However, what upsets me the most is the fact that the children could not speak for themselves. I firmly believe that the Gosselin children will pay the price later in their lives. And that is truly unfair.

If I were in Kate's shoes, I would have stuck with 1 or 2 shows a year. I believe it is too much of an intrusion in their children's lives. There doesn't seem to be any stability. They are pulled this way and that.
I enjoy my privacy. I just feel that people don't stand back and look at the big picture. By now, I would think, the Gosselins are more than set for life. Being greedy clouds one's common sense. Perfect example is Kate Gosselin. Maybe this explains her recent idiotic behavior with Donald Trump. Unbelievable!

Gosselin Diary said...

Reality TV has had positive influences on those who’ve used it to their advantage, and not let it consume them or their lives. An example being Abigail and Brittany Hensel, many would say, who? They are conjoined twins, and even thought their parents were offered a weekly show they refused, from the start and instead do specials, they were on Oprah in ’96, a Discovery Channel special in ’03, TLC in ’06 and a British special in ’07. Besides that the now ‘20’ year olds have had a quiet upbringing.

Bad examples are those who become an overnight fodder. I have learned the price of fame. Kate was an ordinary mother, even looked ordinary and then like a switch went off in 2008, they changed. She sought more attention and endorsements, not pleased with what she already had, and that my friends started a spiral downwards. Jon, who is not at all like Kate was probably pleased when he could just stay at home at first, but all that time alone, doing the ‘househusband’ stuff made him feel really degraded, and emasculated. So when he wanted out, and Kate didn’t want to deal with him she had no reason anymore to have him around. She knew she could run the fort on her own. Now, however, Jon after being a party whore for a year has it easy. He has a humble apartment, doesn’t work, besides a few endorsements and hush money from TLC, and as long as he keeps quiet, he will continue doing what he’s doing. UNTIL, the kids grow up, I mean when their older what does he expect to do?

Kate on the other-hand will keep trying to stay on TLC; she will appear on a few other shows (to bring in ratings) and will continue her expensive lifestyle. I’m sure money is stashed away somewhere, she’s a planner and has probably got plans unannounced that will keep her going for awhile. In about 8-10 years though she will be on the magazines ‘where are they now edition’. She’ll re-marry an older guy, whom she’ll meet on another show and become a rich arm-candy housewife.

heaven said...

I have always felt like something was wrong with JB and Michelle Duggar. I feel like Michelle like the attention she gets from being pregnant. When it came time for her Son to have a child, she just couldn't let him get the attention he and his wife should have gotten, SHE HAD to have another baby. I wish they would wake up and not keep having children for a television show. I believe Khate has been mentally ill from the beginning as well. Reality TV has only increased her illness and the children will eventually have problems because of her and reality TV.

Reality/Schmeality said...

@Heaven Said: I agree with your points about both reality moms, K8G and M Duggar. Further, I think JBD is your basic run-of-the-mill sleazy politician who hides alot under his cloak of weirdly conservative christian family life.

I wouldn't choose any of the lot of them as friends or neighbors. My guess is that there are some unsavory skeletons in the closet of the Gosselins AND the supposedly oh-so-holy Duggars.

Neither would I bet the farm that most of the kids involved with their 'reality' programs will grow up unscathed.

If Josh D is any predictor, I remain completely unimpressed with life at the Duggar compound and the products of this upbringing.

wildflowers said...

Does being on a reality TV show help or hinder a family?

IMO, any time there are outside influences, ie legal contracts, $$$, PR, , media etc.. that are defining, describing, dictating, and scripting the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of life's 'reality', without a doubt , will hinder and ultimately have a negative impact on the family dynamic!

jaxmom said...

I think any reality tv series is toxic. I agree that if people keep things in check, like the conjoined twins mentioned by a PP or the McCaughey Septuplets.. who basically did one show per year... then it can give the family a little extra $$$ without harming them. But, once you're on a series... once the entire family is being forced/pressured to create drama--it's going to affect them.

You have to have a fame-whore type personality to even want to expose your entire family on TV. I don't think anybody who signs up for a series is normal to begin with.

dustilies said...

Ohio Buckeye said:

From the fams we've seen so far, including the Gosselins and the Duggars, rather than the family definining the program, ultimately it is the program, the brand, that ends up defining the family. . . . Both shows are scripted to hit both the chords of admiration and condemnation . . .

And Exhausted said:

As my wife so eloquently stated when we had company for a week, "I can't wait to be able to not wear a bra at night!" Any normal person will want to go back to normalcy and the comfort that it brings, so it just tells you what kind of wackos sign up for camera crews in their bedrooms and homes.


Wonderful insights into this question, especially from Buckeye and Exhausted.

Funny, I was just thinking about the timeline of the Gosselins' transmogrification from cute couple to a case study in marital dysfunction. I think that the TLC producers may have first been interested in the HOM angle, and appealed to K and J on a purely financial level. But then they realized that Kate was the kind of person who has no filter between there most basic thoughts and their public speech.

Kate just doesn't have parts of the Rube Goldberg machine that takes our ideas, wishes, emotional outbursts through several stages of security screening to calculate the potential damage to ourselves or others.

One of my colleagues has a wife like this--after 20 years of knowing her, she still shocks me with the things she reveals about herself and her feelings about others (inc. me). It isn't honesty in any meaningful sense, and it certainly isn't kindness.

Anyway, all of realize from our own experiences in front of and behind the camera that whoever is in charge of the lens is in charge of the story that will be told and the way people will come off. Kate is a fool for thinking she could control the story TLC would tell about herself and her family--Buckeye nailed the way TLC rings multiple bells in every episode.

She's not a victim, though. She fell into a trap that was clearly marked with yellow police tape and many chalk outlines of those who have gone before her. Loud Family, anyone?

Tami said...

I think it's awful for the kids involved. I am sick of it in general. It is so fake now. You can't tell me it's not scripted. I've been watching that Undercover Boss show. I like it but I think that's pretty fake too. The boss gets all teary in every episode. You can't tell me everyone is the same. I'm sure they are told to dramatize. I won't even get started on shows like 'Jersey Shore', which I'd never watch. Completely fake and scripted! Just let kids live their lives without parents these days trying to sell them out and live off them! Everyone wants a reality show and it appears that everyone is getting one!

Brummygirl said...

The Gosselin family was the only family reality I ever watched and I did not see it from the beginning, so my introduction to this side of reality filming, was not a positive one.
All I saw was a sarcastic woman trying to put her husband down at every given opportunity and ran her family like a field commander. I found her babies lovable.
Do I believe that reality t.v. caused this? Yes and No. They definitely perpetuated it but there has to be something not quite right with people who lay their lives open to millions of people.
There used to be a saying in England, "don't air your dirty washing in public", in other words you do not willingly show the bad things going on in your life.
Everyone has two faces, the one you show to the outside world and the one you show to the people who know you best.
Reality t.v. companies know just who to target, who will be money hungry, who will cause the most controversy etc., nice does not sell, controversy does.
In the case of T.L.C., they saw a money making venture regarding six adorable tuplets but even more, they read Kate Gosselin sooner than anyone realised. This is their business, they knew she would be controversy with a capital C!!
One other reality show "The Bachelor" is so staged it is pitiful. There is always one person in the group cheating and so it goes on ad nauseum.
The vows of love and tears shed over virtual strangers is pathetic. Who puts themselves out there like that? Always some one with an angle.
Saying that, it draws in the audience, I have watched it myself, seeing how it plays out for these celluloid people.
The people who are in this show, are adults and choose to be there.
The children in the Gosselin show had no choice and this is where reality t.v. exploits them.
We will not know the extent of the damage done to these unwilling children until they are older. Maybe they will be lucky and Mommy Dearest will live out her 15 minutes of fame sooner rather than later, or maybe they will end up like the Dionne quints when thrown into the real world, who did not deal well separating reality t.v. from reality!!

Elspeth said...

Jane in California said...

I think the nature of reality TV is that it's not actually or totally real. It's contrived. Perhaps the most real of reality TV shows is Deadliest Catch. There is no need to produce drama because the job and experience itself is truly dangerous, dramatic, and wild. But almost every other reality show needs to spice it up. I read somewhere recently that one man who starred on a reality show about man vs. nature, said that often he would pack up and leave a campsite because it would be too good. Meaning - he had no problems to solve. So he'd pack it up, move on and find a less agreeable campsite.

That's not reality, but I can see why he and the show's producers would do things like that. The point of the show was to demonstrate how to overcome adverse conditions - so they go to where the adverse conditions are.

I watch many different reality tv shows and enjoy them, such as The Amazing Race, Survivor, Project Runway, and so on. They involve adults taking on various challenges. That's okay.

Where I draw the line is having children on reality shows - even under the guise of "we're just filming them in their natural habitat" baloney. It is not healthy for minor children to be part of any sort of reality show - and quite frankly, I think it should be outlawed. Until common decency once again takes control, at the very least there should be very strict and clear federal laws in place to prevent the abuses that clearly occur right now.

Lindsey Lohan wasn't a child reality tv star, and she had federal protections in place -- but look at what a mess that girl is! Both of her parents are worthless gold diggers who both seek the limelight, no matter how harmful their actions might be to their own children (sound familiar?). The best thing for Lindsey would be to divorce from both her parents, get into serious rehab and counseling, and try to pick up the pieces of her career. I sure hope we aren't seeing a taste of what's to come for the Gosselin children.

Kitten said...

Tha't why I now enjoy shows like Wipeout and Iron Chef, where there's only a modicum of "reality" in the actual competition, but we're under no pretense that the show is actually "real" and even the hosts and contestants are in on the joke from the beginning. If we're ALL laughing, it's okay.

No pity for the parents that drag their families into these messes, but I wish fervently that all these kids could be swooped up and given the chance to lead normal, private lives!

That said, I suspect if the Duggars hadn't signed up, they'd still have 20 people crammed into a 2000 sq ft house with two bathrooms. That Arkansas mansion of theirs would have been YEARS in the making on their own dime. That combined with JB's obvious desperation to be recognized (by anybody!) makes it easy to understand how they got where they are today.

With the Gosselins, it was just Kate's pure narcissism and greed. The second house they were in was entirely suitable, especially after they remodeled the attic space for the twins. Nothing like their extravagant, over-the-top house they have now, but only one child actually got an "improved" living arrangement in the current house. Everyone else is still sharing a bedroom. Kate, on the other hand, now has the master suite of her dreams, AND she no longer has to share with anyone.

Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ohio takes a certain type of person to even want to expose their families to television crews. I can say with absolute certainty that there is no amount of money that could entice me to expose the daily lives and private moments of my family and ESPECIALLY my children to the world. The list of why is too long to even begin posting.

Brummygirl said...

kitten said:
That said, I suspect if the Duggars hadn't signed up, they'd still have 20 people crammed into a 2000 sq ft house with two bathrooms.
and that said.....they should have more control and NOT have twenty children. If they do, then look after the finance themselves.

Aeris said...

When it comes to Jon & Kate, I think they were messed up (emotionally & relationship-wise) before the tups were born, and long before the show. I honestly think Kate had an agenda way back when, ie. become a nurse, meet a wealthy doctor, try for a HOM birth, etc. Jon ended up being the death of her agenda. He had the cute Asian looks and wealthy father, but he himself was totally unmotivated and lacked ambition. I don't believe Kate ever liked nursing - she was probably lured by the opportunity for a good income, then earned the easiest-to-get certification. I think she pulled the wool over Jon's eyes on her fertility endeavors, getting herself pregnant at a bad time without informing him. Now we have two unmotivated adults with eights kids. Jon's father, the probable breadwinner here, passes away when the tups are a year old. So now we have two adults that hate each other, but can't divorce because of the kids and lack of income. Both hate working, or can't keep a job. Until the one day Kate gets the idea of filming a demo tape to send to TLC. TLC goes for it and the rest is history. Once J&K had made enough money, they were able to divorce. The entire first few seasons ended up being a total farce as far as their marriage was concerned.

Long story short, J&K were two messed up people that sought a great opportunity and it paid off in spades. I don't know if the Duggars/Roloffs/Hayes, etc. have underlying issues, but J&K started something that has gotten other families seeing green.

Brummygirl said...

Sorry, my last post should have read 18 children.

Ohio Buckeye said...

BrummyGirl 9:59: applause for your usual great comment!

and kitten said, "I suspect if the Duggars hadn't signed up, they'd still have 20 people crammed into a 2000 sq ft house with two bathrooms."

That is the truth! Yet some want to believe the place where the Duggars now live (much of it donated for the show) is a testament to JB's business savvy. This alone amazes me that people want to believe this. No, left to his own devices, that is, without his hopping aboard the TLC gravy train, you are so right: JBD would still be cramming bambino after bambino into a tiny rented house like poor white trash.

Also agree with the poster who noted JB's desperate need to be noticed. By ANYONE. I think his 19 kids are more about THAT than about his supposed religious devotion to 'letting god decide'.

IMO, JB&M Duggar are about par with K8G. K8G attempts to cover her need for attention and $ by playing the "I must support my beloved children" card, while JB&M cover with their claim that their ride on the gravy train is simply a religious mission meant to 'encourage' others.

Plenty of B.S. to go around on TLC's gravy train. Round and round it goes, and we, the viewers, are supposed to be dumb and naive enough to believe this hyped up branding.

Ohio Buckeye said...

On this topic, I'd like to just ask any/everyone this question: Who are the people who actually buy into these brands and what IS it about them/their life that makes them so need to hang onto their basic naivete, believing K8G is a hard working, loving mom, and the Duggars are about one thing: loving and serving god.

To me, they might as well continue to believe in The Easter Bunny and Santa.

What is it that makes people this gullible, and what need is served by holding in such high esteem these 'reality' families that are anything BUT great role models, at least IMO.

readerlady said...

I don't think reality television, in and of itself,is evil. Boring, yes, to me anyway. Exploitative, absolutely. There are a few shows out there that may not be, but by and large, that's their stock in trade. J&K absolutely are the worst example of the hazards and drawbacks of TLCs particular type of "reality" programming. Of the families of multiples we've seen on TLC, I think the only one that even approaches "normal" is the Hayes family. I'm of 2 minds re having those kids on TV, but at least the family seems to handle it better, be more stable and much less exploitative than any of the others. I agree that Khate's aim all along was to have HOMs and try to make her fame and fortune off them. Jon - I think he's just along for the ride.

Interestingly, I read an article online today about a fairly famous TV actress, who'd been a star of a popular show, who just had a child. Father is a very hot TV and movie actor. They have not even publicly released the name and birth date of their son, citing privacy reasons. The actress also has said that there is no way she would pose for the cover of People or Us or any of the other rag mags with the baby because she wants her son to have a normal life out of the limelight. Quite a contrast to our Khatie Irene, no?

Brummygirl said...

Ohio Buckeye said:
To me, they might as well continue to believe in The Easter Bunny and Santa.

What is it that makes people this gullible, and what need is served by holding in such high esteem these 'reality' families that are anything BUT great role models, at least IMO.
Please don't tell me the Easter Bunny isn't real!! (Just kidding).
You bring up some provoking thoughts here.
Having read some of the pro Kate sites, it seems to me that many of the followers are people who would grab at the same opportunity should it knock on their door.
I say specifically *knock on their door* because it took a very determined individual to orchestrate the fiasco we know as the Gosselins.
In my day (when the dinosaurs ruled England) our hero worship was directed at the stars of screen and stage. Yes, we may have been captivated by that particular scene, but when the credits rolled by and the curtains closed, that was where the fantasy ended.
To be so involved with a reality person's private life, to the extent that they wished to be in that role and awestruck by the lifestyle they live, copying hairstyles clothes etc., is rather disturbing.
There has to be something missing in the followers' own lives to be so taken up with the scripted and edited trash of a reality show, that they are completely taken in by the smoke and mirrors.
I do not think it crosses their minds that they are putting the very children they seem to be so absorbed with, in danger.
I quote one particular site and we all know whose that is, which posts frequent photos of these children and ongoing news and call this all in the nature of a support group. Getting excited and upset if they have not seen their idol in a long time, is weird.
We all know the dangers of the internet and heaven forbid should I ever give out details of where any child was on any given day.
So, in answer to your question, it takes a certain type of person to appear on reality and a very gullible type of person to believe what is portrayed as the infallible truth.
Anyone want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge? :)

She's Here to Stay... said...

Yes the people who have to love K8 (or the Duggars , or whatever celebrity) at ALL costs, are probably deep down missing something in their own lives, that being my/our amateur pyschology at work , I still don't think one needs a PhD in Psych to figure that out. It's like those people who read all the "fan" mags and follow these people's lives. I have known of a few and the funny thing is, they seemed to have lives on the surface so...don't quite know why they glom on to these ppl so fervently. It's pathetic, in my view. I mean to the point they send birthday cards and gifts to these people! Gah
I read where J.B. Duggar was considered a dweeb or something in H.S.....and that his "landing " Michelle (again: Gah) was somewhat of a feat for I personally think that is where his insecurity and "Notice Me and my Fecundity!!" comes from....Haven't totally figured out M.D. yet but she sure needs to be the Pregnant Queen at ALL times, to the point of upstaging her own DIL. As for Khate, I agree that she has probably had "issues" from childhood and they are just blown-up now that she has had TV attention on her. Gosh she is a piece of work; I quit watching ANYTHING with her on/in it a few years ago, and still see her ghastly face on the tabloids at the market or on the 'net; can't escape her and I sadly don't think she is going away anytime soon.

JanSpec said...

Reality TV is certainly bad for marriages. Even to those people who are in show business - remember Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey?

Bam Margera & Missy are still married, but there have been photos all over the place of him with other women. Montag & Pratt and Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown are all reality star failures.

Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro didn't last long after their show.

There are always rumors that Tori and Dean are in a sham marriage.

Of course, Jon & Kate. And I will be really amazed if Jenny & Bryan Masche remain married.

It appears the "powers that be" that do the scripting grab onto whatever disfunction exists already in a relationship and focuses on it so intensely that eventually it consumes those involved.

Anonymous said...

I just saw an article in People Magazine this morning on the Duggar family. Josie now weighs 11 pounds and has the ususal giant bow on her head. She is eight months old but looks like three months old.
While I am happy that Josie is doing so well, I dont understand why the Duggar family has to publish every little detail of their family. I really think that both parents like the media attention and they hide behind their religious beliefs and say that they like to "encourage" other people. I don't think they would be getting all these freebie goodies if it weren't for TLC and donations. On a few episodes JB and Josh seem to act like little kids in a candy store when it comes to their plane rides, i-phones, golf carts, etc. In one episode( I dont remember which) JB is seem all these golf carts and other stuff to a certain function. It seems like this family is no longer a "normal" family struggling with 19 kids but they have more than the average family has because of the show.

Tom said...

Have you guys SEEN the Masche family on Surviving Sextuplets? The dad makes Kate look like Mother of the Year! He locked a kid in the bathroom until they cried and peed out of fear. How people could call CPS on Kate and not be screaming about this family is beyond me.

Brummygirl said...

Haven't watched the show, will never watch another family reality show.
That sounds a terrible thing to do to a child, but it does not make Kate a better mother especially when you remember she put her sick child on a cold laundry room floor and shut the door on him.
Nothing will ever convince me that Kate Gosselin is Mother of the Year. Exactly which year would that be anyway?

Gayle said...

Hey Tom (Steve) - That's not quite what happened in that episode Surviving Sextuplets...The child was put in timeout (bathroom - maybe I can't recall). She has a history of being timid and pees when yelled at, her mom said that she was the same way at that age. While I don't condone or excuse their behavior, Kate has done much worse to her kids.

Hippie Chick said...

I was never a fan of the reality show genre, the only one I watch is Project Runway. I think that it causes more problems than anything. There is always news of reality "stars" getting in trouble with the law, or reality "couples" breaking up, etc. And then there is the greed. I have never seen more news stories on more self-serving, selfish people than I have on reality TV people, well, ever! Starting with Puck from The Real World years ago, & here we are with Kate Gosselin. I think unfortunately, reality TV is here to stay. But think about this, the reality stars are not. They all go by the wayside. They're 15 minutes all come up eventually, some it takes a little bit longer than others, but it WILL happen. Kate's will too, as will The Duggar's & the Macshe's (sp) & The Roloff's. The next new, exciting thing is always just around the corner, especially in reality shows.

Cry Me a River said...

For whatever it is worth, I don't watch that other show either. I got burned on Kate + Kate + Kate + Kate and her poor, pitiful kids.

Lucy said...

Reality t.v. is not reality ... period! I have been watching Big Brother this season out of curiosity since I missed all past seasons. The challenges are so rigged (ie scripted) as each winner seems hand-picked to create the most drama. So if you want reality ... watch the news ... as depressing as that may be.

Joan W Lowder said...

My husband and I both like the show because the kids are so cute, still. Watched the new show and hooked again. Best of all was that last night (we had taped the show) I saw Kate doing her household book. I have one as well but DUH, never thought about a notes/repairs/pages. WOW what a great idea to have all the notes in one place rather than on bills, scraps of paper, etc. Now don't plan to spend as much time as Kate did creating the pages for the book. I used notebook paper, loose, in the right corner: Kitchen Microwave. When and where we bought it. A/C Unit: repairman 8/5/10. Need a new unit, etc. WOW, as organized as I am, never thought of this and I love this idea. Notebook pages work great, already has lines and saves printer ink. Now I'll get some tabs for the notebook. Now I thought of keeping a copy of the invoice, etc. but I'll just reference it and I can go to the paid bill folder, etc. if I need to find it. No sense duplicating if I'll rarely need it. I may put in some of those pages with pockets, just in case I need them. Woohoo, thanks Kate. I already had a home reference book for restaurant menus, important phone numbers, manuals.

luv my GSP said...

Joan Lowder said:
My husband and I both like the show because the kids are so cute, still. Watched the new show and hooked again....

OMG, Joan-put the kool-aid down...NOW!!! For the love of sanity!!!

Denise said...

Joan, Kate's idea is nothing new! In my bookstore we sole Home maintenance guides and special folders with pockets. She is just copying others - she has certainly done that before.

fidosmommy said...

RE: the famous actors who are not announcing the birth of their son...

Great idea! It's none of our business. I hope they have a happy, healthy child who grows up knowing himself as "Joe" and not as the "son of Famous 1 and Famous 2".

I have noticed that few truly successful movie and TV actors want to drag their children into "the business". It's the wannabes who start moving their children into Hollywood and onto the TV screens. One current exception I can think of is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, whose son Jaden is starring in a movie and LOVING IT. But Jaden is old enough to have some say-so in the decision, and his parents did not force the issue on him. I have heard other actor parents say they either hope their children would choose something else, or would encourage them ONLY if the child seemed determined to give it a go. Other parents simply go to LA to work, and actually have their families living in Connecticut or Utah or Wyoming in order to give them a normal life.

I like sensible parents. Which is precisely why I struggle with the Gosselin parents.

Tami said...

Dear Joan,

I am glad you are impressed with Kate's novel invention of a manual. I myself invented the phone book. And the dictionary. You're welcome : )

annastasia said...

Sheesh,Joan,I made up my own files like kate,and what's in the stores, going on 25 years already! She is just doing what alot of us have already been doing,except she gets to tell us over the t.v! I could have done the same if I had a T.V. show,too! Except I was a great mom, loved my kids always,drove them to all kinds of activites,made them home-cooked meals,all kinds of cookies,tucked them in at night with prayers and a story-AND THEY NEVER HAD TO WORK TO PAY MY BILLS! Now isn't that something special!

a mom's love said...

annastasia said...
(snipped) "She is just doing what alot of us have already been doing,except she gets to tell us over the t.v! I could have done the same if I had a T.V. show,too! Except I was a great mom, loved my kids always,drove them to all kinds of activities,made them home-cooked meals,all kinds of cookies,tucked them in at night with prayers and a story-AND THEY NEVER HAD TO WORK TO PAY MY BILLS! Now isn't that something special!
Yes, in very real terms, it is incredibly special. And you will be rewarded by kids who remember all that and who will always love you for it. Don't shortsell the merits and importance of being a real mom with no agendas. There is no more important job. No fancy words here from me but to say that, you, Anna for short, have my deepest admiration. Kate has none.

Brummygirl said...

Hi Joan:
I didn't watch the show, so did not see this riveting documentary on OCD.
I am a fairly organized person but I am sure had I watched it, I would have learned something from Kate as she is the master of plagiarism. :)

annastasia said...

To A Mom's Love-How sweet you are to tell me this! And coming at just the right time in my life.On September 11, it will be 8 years since I lost one of my 3 daughters to a rare cancer. Thank-you for the kind words, as I truly hope that I did my motherly job the best that I knew how to. Kate just has no idea how lucky she is, to be blessed with 8 precious, healthy children to love. She acts like she only loves herself.

Mary said...

How many times has actully done any of this. I have never seen her cook a meal. I mean Meat and Potatoe. Hug her children I mean a real hug. tuck them into bed not just yell at them and shit off light. there is zero love in that house. I am scared for those kids if She goes off tv.
We have watched on on tv what goes on behind closed doors. The twins look like the are broken,unhappy,deafeated children. I am sure they get the brunt of her wrath. I am also sure she has threated them not to say a word. they are and looked abuse maybe not in physcial sense, btu verbely, I have wooorked with abused kids. So will tell others will not. So will cry like the tubs did some will protect the parents no matter what is done to them.
I wonder how she is going to handle that she broke up a marrage a marrage where children are invoved. I can't wait for her to justify this or the people who love her. There were all over Jon for dating what will they do to Kate where the truth we all knew that she and Steve were a couple.. We also know that Steve was one of the reasons for break-up. If these were real paps they would have had photo's of Steve and her. Oh I love it that Steve will become a Jon to her. But somehow I see Steve as her Daddy and well of Lover... Can';t wait to see fiming in Toy's or Us and Kate screeching S T E V E ,S T E V E , OVER HER STOP PLAYING WITH TOYS< DO YOU JOB..

or these children do not get dirty