Monday, August 30, The Big Apple

Kate and the kids are traveling to the Big Apple - by train! The Gosselin family has visited New York City before, but never like this. The family experiences new and exciting things throughout the city, from Chinatown to Times Square.

60 minutes


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TandLMommy28 said...

Didn't they take the train to American Girl? Why do the show descriptions lie? Does Kate write them herself?

news said...

TandLMommy28 said...
Didn't they take the train to American Girl? Why do the show descriptions lie? Does Kate write them herself?
well it was only maddy and cara.

SquatmunkieRN said...

Wow! We get to see whore Kate in her hooker heels (then barefoot??), with a mini skirt walking around NYC!

Sounds exciting right? NOT!

Guarntee the kids will be screaming, crying, fighting. Can you blame them though? When this was filmed it was about 100 F in NYC right? Heat index around 110.

Hopefully the nannies and production assistances kept the kids well hydrated and protected with a high SPF sun block.

Brummygirl said...

I shall be conveniently absent that evening!!!! Isn't this the show where she does the *lollipop* dance!!! :)

Duckman said...

I guess that's one way to fulfill a season - revisit previous destinations, but use a different mode of transportation to get there every time.

Next up: a return trip to Alaska via limo all the way from Wernersville.

Vanessa said...

I wonder if they'll show a slow-mo of her and the lollipop?

pinkdiamond611 said...

All I can say that when Kart comes to NYC, there is never anything about it in the papers. . .Not even the NY Post which invented Page 6. Upon reflection, I agree that all these "free trips" are merely commercials for the places she drags the kids. Mady and Cara are the perfect age to visit the SOL because I am sure they have learned about it in school. The little ones, can't comprehend the significance. And, we all know they have visited NY several times already, so the wow factor of the first time visitor is null and void. FYI If you have never experienced it, Manhattan literally feels like you are in an oven when it is so hot. There is absolutely no air blowing.

dustilies said...


You are inspiring, as always. Why not take the "lollipop" dance to its logical extreme?

"On this episode of Kate plus Eight, Mommy demonstrates pole-dancing for fitness."

She's already got the nude string bikini with sparkles. All she needs is a pole installed in the basement.

*self-administered dope slap*

But this is Kate--silly me, shopping carts can't pole-dance!

bonehead said...

To SquatmunkieRN, I will save you from watching it. On one of the promos, they showed several melt downs and even mentioned about the trip and all the melt downs. Oh, wow, we get to see 8 kids melt down, I wonder why? could it be 100 degree heat, they would have wanted to be in the pool, at home or maybe they wanted to be with Dad, or maybe wanted to be away from Kate? Questions we will never have the answers to.

bcsurvivor2001 said...

Brummygirl - yes that would be one in the same.

So it's moved to a Monday night now? - AND conveniently the day "after" the Emmy's......hmmmm all the other "specials" were on Sunday nights.

BeDoneNow said...


I admit I didnt see this coming. I thought they would wait until the end of September to show this episode so that viewers would not recall that it was 103 DEGREES THAT DAY!

Instead, they are promoting this as an opportunity for viewers to see Kate have more tantrums. Could that be part of the reason the children were worked that day in the heat? Why postpone the shooting when this little heat twist will likely cause Kate to go ballistic more frequently! Must see TV, brought to you by....

Kate likely sees this as TLC promoting her as "I am so put-upon but still a wonderful mom", because she is too self-centered to notice that they are setting her up for increased ridicule. TLC is shifting into deliberate ridicule and hoping to ride that $$ for a little while longer. They know it's over.

Kate gets the pay checks and the negative attention, but the little children were the ones that worked in the heat.

Aeris said...

I'm with Brummygirl. I have not watched this farce since August 2008, or whenever the first NC trip to the Outer Banks was filmed. Those were my last episodes.

IMO, these poor kids have been put through more trips than is healthy, for such young children. I truly think the Gosselin Compound is so tainted, it's now totally unsuitable for filming. It's just a big house of lies, deception, breakups and coverups. What a horrible place to live.

Catherine said...

Aeris, I'm with you about that tainted house. Gak! The Gosselin House of Pain and Punishment of Severeness.

I hated when my teenage daughter would watch that show. She loved the cute, Asian babies (my kids are 1/4 Asian, also.) The first time I saw it, they were pretending Aaden was lost in a corn maze, meanwhile he's being followed by two cameras, a PA and a boom. That's when I first went "YUCK".

Eventually, I just forbid the show all together, then TLC completely. What they are doing to Kart is borderline criminal. It's obvious she has a SEVERE personality disorder and that her kids are being emotionally neglected and abused, yet they keep encouraging her, daring the haters to miss the ultimate episode where Kate cracks. It's sick what they do to make a disgusting dollar. They know they are out of ideas, the kids are less interesting, the sick marriage dynamic is gone, yet they just let Kate get nearer the abyss. If I didn't hate her so much, I'd feel sorry for her. They are playing her for the fool that she is.

Any new family that lets TLC into their lives is playing a game with the devil, and payment will be required.

After the sick, sad Gosselin saga, nobody can claim they didn't know what they were getting into.

Ohio Buckeye said...

"Nobu, Nobu! I want Nobu!" Will K8 get to dump her kids yet again so she can treat herself to another upscale, trendy Manhattan eatery?

Will she feel the need yet again to treat herself for a day of barely tolerating the presence of her kids in NYC by being pampered at one of Manhattan's trendiest spas as they are dumped back onto the travelling nannies?

Tune in to see how K8G will suck the joy out of even visiting The Big Apple.

Same song, different verse. Nothing ever changes with K8G.

Whatever happened to her big new show, "Twisted K8"? We've been blessedly spared hype, though it was supposed to start in the fall. Since it's midAugust, could TLC possibly have wise up by scratching plans for what is sure to be another failure following "Love is in the Mix" and "I Just Want You to Know"???

Catherine said...

SquatmunkieRN??!! How did I miss your username?? Thanks for a great LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Since we all saw the pics of NYC we don't need the sound to go with them!!! I'll be watching HGTV or BRAVO ---ANYTHING ELSE that doesn't SCREEEEETCH. So tired of this no-talent-lot lizard.

debemac said...

I'm a very long time lurker and an occasional poster. I just wanted to address the subject of us going away. I won't go away until those 8 kids are off the air, bottom line. Even if this blog closed down I would follow those children. I have not watched one episode of the show since the divorce announcement when I lost my rose colored glasses.

Cry Me a RIver said...

Good for you Debemac! I am sick of seeing these kids drug all over creation - melting down from "low blood sugar," which is Khatespeak for starvation and lack of hydration. I would love to see the kids happy and having a good time but not this circus atmosphere that she creates everywhere she goes.

Ryan's Mom said...

If a neighbor you never met invited you over to watch home movies of his kids' birthday parties, dentist visits or haircuts, would you be excited to go? How about every week for 6 years?

I didn't think so. So how come anyone watches this garbage? Can someone explain this to me?

rawdeal said...

tlc really struck gold when they found kate.
she was willing to have her children film continuously, potty and bath time filming were allowed.
when family members spoke out on behalf of the kids, she got rid of them permanently.
if a kids was sick or tired, prodcution went on as scheduled
Jon was acting up, she got rid of him and happily trashed him to any and every talk show.

SquatmunkieRN said...

bonehead said...
To SquatmunkieRN, I will save you from watching it

Thanks, I will defiantly NOT be watching! I really don't understand how anyone can stomach the show now.
Catherine said...
SquatmunkieRN??!! How did I miss your username?? Thanks for a great LOL!!

You're welcome! I just got my registered nurse's license about a month ago! I know who I won't use as a nurse role model...!

She's come undone said...

SquantmunkieRN Said.....
Wow! We get to see whore Kate in her hooker heels (then barefoot??), with a mini skirt walking around NYC!


Hey! Don't forget that she will also be smacking gum. She is one classy dame.

Here's hoping this show tanks another 33% like her last show did! I am hoping against hope that the vast majority is finished with her and her ratings will drop below a million.

hayden said...

Rawdeal said: "tlc really struck gold when they found kate.
she was willing to have her children film continuously, potty and bath time filming were allowed.
when family members spoke out on behalf of the kids, she got rid of them permanently.
if a kids was sick or tired, prodcution went on as scheduled
Jon was acting up, she got rid of him and happily trashed him to any and every talk show.
You are exactly right. Rare (thankfully) is the individual who willingly sells all the things most families value and cherish for the right price. This is why TLC was so spooked after the Rep. Murt hearing and ran out and hired a lobbyist to fight any changes in the current laws.

I appreciate the Huffington Post reporter taking one for the team and allowing herself to be bullied by Steve so she could remain an observer. However, instead of writing about how Kate & Steve were touching legs, how about writing an article about how messed up it is that a major network like TLC has hired people to fight for *their* rights and interests, to prevent a law from being enacted to provide the 8 Gosselin children with basic rights and protection for their futures.

mama mia said...

I too am not going to tune in to watch millionaire tabloid queen Mom and her 8 cash cows board a train for NYC with 3 nannies and 6 crew members aboard, destination 5 star hotel, so mom can portray a cash strapped struggling single mom unable to afford enough water bottles for the 8. And who watches the Emmys? If the ratings keep falling Kate will have to throw Steve into the limelight as her lover, handkerchief tightly clutched and appear on LKL and ET explaining how their love isn't wrong. And if that doesn't keep her show on air, she'll reunite with Jon, who will suddenly start driving Mazarattis and sporting gold chains and having shooters at the Playboy mansion. Whatever it takes, the show must go on!

Cry Me a RIver said...

I find it truly disheartening that they are hyping the children's meltdowns as a selling point for the show as though they think they are cute. This is very disturbing, those meltdowns denote a lot more than frickin low blood sugar. It is a direct indicator of their level of happiness and security. I will not watch them fall apart right before my very eyes and hopefully no one else will either. It's just cruel.

Catherine said...

Cry Me a River, I'm right there with you. Watching kids being tortured isn't my idea of entertainment. Kate can laugh and laugh on her empty couch, and TLC can add in some soapy music, but it's still child abuse.

so sad said...

"I find it truly disheartening that they are hyping the children's meltdowns as a selling point for the show as though they think they are cute"

true, chances are they are really well behaved kids who are simply tired after a long day of filming out in the sun, far away from home.

its sad they are painted as brats who dont appreciated the exravagant vacations just for the entertainment of others.

sad sad sad

Anonymous said...

The kids act like they're drugged while mom kate is dragging them around from one location / vacation to the next. Mommy is the one having the meltdown. Let's be honest here - it's called a TANTRUM and kate is the originator.
Kate wants all the attention with her screetching and screaming.LOOK AT ME >> Utah plane trip,alligator in Florida....ect. This should be the kate + kate show...she pays no attention to her kids.

Lillie Mae Acres said...

FREE FREE FREE, everything they do is FREE. So she should have a pot full of gold in the bank because she doesn't have to pay for vacations, clothes, shoes, etc. Comapanies are so willing to give it all to them. I don't call that a "normal" life. Thosse kids will not know how to survive when the FREE stuff ends. And in the commercial, Kate is looking so motherly with her fake boobs falling out of the sleezy top. Her kids ALWAYS come first though. Isn't that what we always hear?

Lillie Mae Acres said...

Instead of dragging the kids on locations all the time, why can't they just have a wonderful homelife, grow up in a peaceful home, and enjoy being kids? Maybe a simple vacation when mom can afford it (ha ha) w/out cameras! Why is this stupid show still on the air? Have ya'll noticed that other families of multiples are popping on the networks too.
With all the fertility help these days, multiples are NO LONGER a miracle! It's becoming more and more common and you know the risk BEFORE you try the procedure. Enough with the FREE stuff!

laura linger said...

Just seeing still photos of Khate sporting a Non La, the traditional Vietnamese sun hat, with a huge Ain't I KYOOT? smile on her smug little face was enough to give me an attack of my GERD. I don't think I will be able to take watching her disrespect a broken country's culture for her own fleeting fancy during an actual episode.

I've been to is the most beautiful and heartbreaking place in the world.

BeDoneNow said...

Payson48 said...
The kids act like they're drugged while mom kate is dragging them around from one location / vacation to the next. Mommy is the one having the meltdown. Let's be honest here - it's called a TANTRUM and kate is the originator.
Kate wants all the attention with her screetching and screaming.LOOK AT ME >> Utah plane trip,alligator in Florida....ect. This should be the kate + kate show...she pays no attention to her kids.

I agree. I have long detested Kate's cutie use of the word meltdown after the babies were 24 months old. She and her children have tantrums plain and simple. If their blood sugars are that fragile, they would have been hospitalized for testing and Kate would have milked those episodes for every nickel. KATE has tantrums, nothing else.

And I have questioned whether or not the children are medicated while blankly goose-stepping behind their mother with her nose quite literally in the air, knowing that she never even has to glance back at them.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Wow, Friday and only 31 comments.

I am loving watching K8G's 'fame' die the slow, agonizing death it so richly deserves.

Midnight Serenade said...

"However, instead of writing about how Kate & Steve were touching legs, how about writing an article about how messed up it is that a major network like TLC has hired people to fight for *their* rights and interests, to prevent a law from being enacted to provide the 8 Gosselin children with basic rights and protection for their futures."

Because writing about the rights of kids in reality television has been said many times, in many ways. Curious minds are more interested in leg hanky panky. It's a hook that brings in readers.

But I agree. I'd like to hear more about the lobbyists...who they are, what they've done, and especially about their arguments for not having laws protecting kids on reality television shows.

Mary said...

How many of episodes do we need to see of these kids shopping for back to school shoes or just for shoes..

Also on radar when the twins are shoping with kate is kate's falling down> they are not zipped and the button is not buttoned.
Is she gaining weight?

Sidney said...

Kate looks so trashy when they are strolling around NY. She simply cannot see that she looks like a fat cow with her udders hanging out. Disturbing!

bonehead said...

Did you all know it is OK for Kate to dress like she is 20, but Jon can not. Remember all the crap about Jon not acting his age and not dressing his age, well who is doing that now? I see a lot of 20 year olds dress that way, not 35 year olds. Kate needs to grow up, or get on that show: How do I look?.

horrified said...

Hi bonehead,

I just wanted you to know that my daughter is 20, and she and her friends wouldn't be caught dead looking like that skank. It's sad when 20 yr olds have more confidence, class and discretion than a 35 yr old mother of EIGHT.

I'm waiting to see a tramp stamp. It's coming soon, I guarantee it.

IDModo said...

Be done now- I don;t think the kids are medicated, I think they are dissociating; a common experience for traumatized kids. If something bad is happening where you are, go someplace else in your mind until it's over.That would account for the blank stares.

I don't like the word tantrums applied to the kids either, because it implies that a child is acting out for no reason or to show off.

Kate has Tantrums. The kids have normal childish reactions to abnormal situations. Who wouldn't be tired and edgy under their circumstances? Who,at 9 or at 6, wouldn't burst into tears or become defiant at what those kids are told they must do, day in and day out? No privacy, cameras, sound guys, Steve, nannies, other bodyguards, strangers staring...And their mother, and her "penalties of severeness"!

There should be a special place in Hell reserved for people who exploit children this shamelessly, IMO.

Hippie Chick said...

I won't be watching. I haven't been watching in a loooong time. I don't like mothers who treat their children like show-pieces. JMO! And of course, this is the show where her kids had to walk around NYC in 110 degree heat, so again, IMO, this is like abuse, all so Kate could make her money for beautifying herself. I'm sorry if that's going too far, but those poor children had to walk around an unfamiliar city to film, when police horses had the day off.

Hippie Chick said...

So, Kate's show was moved to Monday I just read on GWoP? That's a bad sign. Usually when networks move shows, that's a tell-tale sign that the show is failing on it's normal night, & they are going to try it on a new night to see if it brings in new viewers. We'll see what happens, but it most likely won't help. When shows start getting moved around, only the true fans know. The viewers who only tune in once in awhile won't bother to look & see where it is on the dial. This usually means cancellation to the show. It's happened to some of my favorite shows. I really think this is a sign of bad things to come for k+8. The articles about her are scathing, people are starting to see the true her, people know what she's making, & now her show is getting moved to a new night? Bad all the way around.

Pony said...

I was thinking that the move to Monday was because TLC decided that the ratings on Sunday were lower than they had been when the show was on Monday. TLC probably thinks that people are more likely to look for it on Monday.

horrified said...

Hey Mary, regarding Kate's skirt not being buttoned, I'm sure it was buttoned, but she had her belt hung low in a suggestive, easily- accesible, slut look that companies like Abercrombie are trying to sell to sixteen year-olds. It's supposed to be sexy. I know a lot of sixteen year-olds, and none of them fall for that trashy style, but Kate thinks it makes her look young. Obviously, anyone with any sense knows it just makes her look trashy and ridiculous, but Kate wants to be a MILF no matter what it does to her poor kids.

bcsurvivor2001 said...

Isn't it scheduled for Monday because the Emmy's are on that Sunday? Just wondering

2 days in row of HER ?????

Lillie Mae Acres said...

OK, let's just remember that "shopping" means you are going out and buying stuff. I'd be willing to bet you that their back to school items are FREE, you know for promo reasons.
That's not called shopping, that's just putting on your newest whore outfit & hooker shoes and taking the film crew & tired children to the store to pick up your latest boatload of FREEBIES. I hate the way stars and non-stars like kHATE get FREE stuff so the public scrapes together enough of their own hard earned cash to go buy the same things.

Hippie Chick said...

@bcsurvivor...I don't think they'd move her show just for the Emmy's. Seriously, she's not that special.

txmom said...

Nothing in life is free, you pay for it one way or another.
As far as the free trips, shoes, clothes, et al., all of that is considered taxable income.

SP said...

Wow, the kids got to WORK in New York. I'm sure Kate can justify her actions now, but how will she ever explain herself to those children when they get older?

bonehead said...

Hi, Horrified, Yes, you are right , the area I live in, is very mixed, and the 20 year olds go out clubbing and dress the way Kate does. I do not see any of the 30+ people dressing that way. Most of the 20 year olds wear , shorts, tanks and flip-flops(standard wear here). I hardly see anyone wearing heeled shoes, unless they are going to work, or it's the downtown rich area. Most wear flip-flops or flat sandals. I don't even see Angelina Jolie dress that way. As for Kate wearing heels is she stupid? I've been to NYC and I wore sneakers, cause unless you are cab happy you walk and walk and walk. Course Kate does not have fashion sense or common sense or any sense. Yes, that poor divorced mother of 8, being forced to take care of those, wonderful healthy kids, that she treats like a unit, like 3 kids and the rest clones, like toys. JMO

anonymous said...

Isn't it scheduled for Monday because the Emmy's are on that Sunday? Just wondering

2 days in row of HER ?????


Not on my tv..... not this week, not ever. Over K8 in Ohio.

EnoughAlready:O said...

I do not watch this jerk's show , is she blaming the kids "meltdowns" on low blood sugar ? If they have low blood sugar why aren't their diets being monitored ? Or being fed at regular meal times ? By the way is she still giving them 3 grapes and 2 crackers for lunch ?

EnoughAlready:O said...

OMG!! ROL has her dropping the kids off at the end of the driveway for Jon to pick them up like they are packages !! Almost unbelievable the super slut outfit she is wearing in the pics too ! This woman is off the damn wall!

Margo said...

Has anyone seen the latest exchange with Jon? She really does look like a hooker. Shame on her for not making this private for her kids. God forbid. She can't just let him drive up the driveway to get the kids, or find another place. I cannot believe the morons that think she is just so wonderful. I can't believe that the Emmys will now will tainted with her. I will not watch the first 15 min. So hopefully I will miss her. TLC is really behind all of it. Shame on them.
I do not think there will be an end to her unless someone finds her in an uncompromising picture with her boobyguard.I can dream can't I??Is his wife stupid?? And that will be the day that someone tells me to delete a picture on my camera.I wish she didn't. Boy does she aggravate me!!

bcsurvivor2001 said...

Funny how it seems ever since they installed the big "privacy trees" to block activities and give them some much needed privacy - they are seen out every single day shopping (to get the requisite pictures) and now.....even driving the dang van to end of the drive and blatantly having this unnecessary public "changing of the guard" exchange of the commodities.

Personally, this has gone beyond 15 minutes and necessary. There is not a single other pseudo-celebrity that even comes CLOSE to this extravagent ridiculousness....not even Heidi and Spencer - the king and queen of do-nothing reality celebrities.

Just My Few Canadian Cents said...

Margo said:
I do not think there will be an end to her unless someone finds her in an uncompromising picture with her boobyguard.

Sadly, if such uncompromising pictures surfaced it would only heighten the interest in her.
I agree with the earlier posts comenting that had Kate and TLC played their cards right, Kate could have marketted a "mommy empire." Now, Kate is just reduced to another reality show vacuous moron with no fashion-or-common-sense. The public pays attention to her to laugh at her - her hair, her clothes, her behaviour, her attitude. To a lesser extent people tune in to see the kids and the privileged lifestyle she has courtesy of TLC. But Kate is not famous because she is intelligent, talented or inspirational. She's famous because she's an attention-seeking idiot with no class.

(As an aside Katie Holmes/Cruise and her daughter Suri are currently in Toronto filming a movie. They have been here for a while and renting a house near my parents. The location of their rental has been publicized and there are no paparazzi hounding them. Neither do the public. They are out and about in the city going everywhere from amusement parks to the local Baskin Robbins for ice cream. They blend in just fine with a (real)bodyguard who doesn't carry purses or shopping bags. He just walks behind them empty-handed. The contrast with the Gosselins is quite striking.)

So, uncompromising pictures is the only way for her to stay relevant and marketable. If she doesn't act out, she will fade into oblivion. So, those pictures will surface when TLC needs them to I suppose.

IDModo said...

I live in a beer drinkin', sports-mad,steel town that is not known for its fashion sense. I was downtown today at the centre of the inner city, and didn't see ONE person who was dressed as tastelessly as Kate.

Even the homeless ladies, who buy at Goodwill, looked better; and the ladies of the evening were all wearing bras as far as I could see.

Nobody here has dressed like that since 1985. And we're the fashion armpit of the province....

PattyWithNoPity said...

Monday??? WOW; so many other choices...Antique Roadshow and History Detectives on PBS... Intervention and Hoarders or Obsessed; whatever is on ...Then of course The Big C and Weeds... Let's hope that a lot of people make the right choice and ignore Katie Irene and her meal tickets..
How many meltdowns do we need to see from anyone..its just more of the same..You can tell in the pics that those kids are getting totally fed-up..Cara especially..Revolt won't be long now Lol..and it won't be pleasant for Katie Irene...
And another episode of shoe shopping? Really? How original.
At least it could have been a show about Kate trying to find some FLATTERING shoes; cuz what she wears certainly do nothing for her..

Kate looks like a desperate divorcee in her latest get-up.

Button Button said...

There is an "ad" running now, announcing the Gosselins are in the big apple.

Little Hannah seems to be the only adult around there. She said it is just so hot that she doesn't even care (to be there).

Midwest Teacher said...

In TLC's latest commercial about going to NY she looks like a total tramp. I would be so embarassed if I saw pictures of myself later in life where I was walking around with my children dressed like that. Awful! She has no taste, She looks like a glorified street walker.

fidosmommy said...

Well, at least Steve knows how to help her.

ChurchMouse said...

Why on earth didn't she take the kids off of the tour bus to go into a nice, air-conditioned place to enjoy their cones?

The double decker bus tours in NYC have a hop-on, hop-off policy. THEY TELL YOU THIS. IT'S ONE OF THEIR MAIN SELLING POINTS. You can leave a tour and then get on another bus (of the same company, of course) later on.

Failing to understand that, why didn't Ms. Organized just get cups with lids? Or purchase a couple of the larger sized ice-cream containers to sit the cones in, like a bouquet, as I witnessed once being used by an innovative parent?

Because she has the pea-brain of a high-schooler forced to babysit kids to make some cash.

Cry Me a RIver said...

Better yet why did she buy ice cream in the first in record heat in NYC. Drama. The dummy. She does everything she can to make it look harder than it is to raise her brood "by herself." They should have canceled that trip for another day, but they had to get all they could in the can before school starts fo their "specials." That is not going to sit well with the viewing audience the people that haven't followed the show like we used to and know that is typical Khata. And the people who don't "understand" the hate will soon enough.

Boobage Alert said...

Wow! I know this was mentioned a hundred times before, but that black halter top she wore to the Statue of Liberty is COMPLETELY inappropriate for a 35 year old in charge of 8 kids under 10. Her boobs are hanging out in front and the sides. It is a VERY slutty top to be wearing around young kids.

My husband walked through and caught a glimpse of her steering the boat, and you could see the outline of her breast implant. He said, "When did she get a boob job?" ( yes, he's been under a rock ).

Anonymous said...

Here's the good: The kids really liked the carnival. Kate let them have stuffed animals. They liked the dim sum lunch (maybe it reminds them of Korean food they've had with Gammy?) They seemed to have a good time, despite the heat. Could they have had a similarly good time without being filmed? Sure. But, they didn't seem overall too miserable.

The bad: The ice cream fiasco (mentioned by others. I have nothing to add.) Kate's outfit and Jamie's mysterious matching outfit. Kate shrieked, but it wasn't as bad as other shrieking episodes. She threatened to pass out a few times, but alas, she remained conscious throughout.

The worst? Kate has no control over the kids any more. They refused to sit at her table. Jamie had to pull Leah over to sit with her. She seems to have no rapport with the kids. She barks orders at them, and they either ignore her or roll their eyes. She makes up rules just so she can find a reason to get mad at them. You can't have ice cream until you eat ostrich boogers? Is that like no dessert without your vegetables? Huh?

Hopefully, these will be 8 teenagers with naturally docile personalities. They won't ever want to party, smoke, drink, experiment with sex or drugs, cheat on tests or cut school. But if one or more of them is not--she will not be able to stop them, with the control and influence she has now.

Minka's Tail (the name won't come up any more.)

Berks Has Shoes! said...

"Wow! I know this was mentioned a hundred times before, but that black halter top she wore to the Statue of Liberty is COMPLETELY inappropriate for a 35 year old in charge of 8 kids under 10. Her boobs are hanging out in front and the sides. It is a VERY slutty top to be wearing around young kids.'


I totally agree. I'm sitting here shaking my head. I wonder how those good Christian people who gave love offerings feel about her metamorphosis. I watched a snippet, and it was all I could stand. It was offensive and disgusting. I wonder how many times those boobs fell out of that shirt and the scene had to be edited out. I cannot understand how TLC doesn't see that this woman is a joke -- climbing that ladder in hooker heels, rear-end shot, stringy hair extensions, during NYC's heatwave. I've seen better looking (and much classier) hookers hanging out on the street corner in her city.

What has she done to herself...and WHY? I haven't watched an episode for a very long time, and now I know why.

I see she's still saying the "Honestly, to be honest, in all honesty, truthfully, to tell the truth" over and over and over again. And we all know what that means.

blackisthenewblack said...

Seriously? Who in their right mind wears hooker heels with short shorts and boobs hanging out to tour NYC with 8 small children?!! Oh, right, it's called desperate-need-for-attention-any-way-I-can-get-it and she's got a real bad case! Eeeewww.

bonehead said...

I watched about less than 2 min of the end. (I was watching Nova: about Samurai swords and then Clean House). I wanted to slap Kate, she was RUDE to the people at the Statue of Liberty store. Her comments were extremely rude. We can't shop here anymore because of the people, it's too crowded, we got no shopping done, cause the others would not let us shop. And her reaction to the other customers were they have no business being in the store with us. Well f-you Kate, last I looked it's still a free country, not the Kingdom of Kate. And her comments on the couch were of: I love my fans but, then she complained. And of course I was surfing channels during commercials earlier and she was complaining about the lack of people at the amusement ride, gee I don't know it was what 100 out, maybe that is why no-body was there, ya think! And those kids looked awful. Like they wanted to be in some place cool or in a pool. She makes me dislike her all the more and I hope she falls on her arse. HARD! She is a sorry excuse for a parent, that is about as close to child abuse as she can get, with out getting in trouble. I wonder if this is her way of getting back at Jon? JMO

bonehead said...

Oh yeah, did anyone notice and I caught this, while surfing channels, Kate said that Jamie (who dresses like Kate) who she claims to know for the last 9 years.(funny I don't recall ever hearing about her before) is very close like a second mother to her kids. Could it be possible that Kate is using Jamie, as a double, and people would mistake her for Kate, so it looks as if Kate is there and Kate could be off some where else? Maybe with Steve? or someone other? JMO

MO4 said...

She was so rude to the people at the restaurant.Telling the kids that she could not understand the servers.It seemed like the restaurent were doing all that they could to serve them,I saw carts of steaming hot food for them to select what they wanted but did kate appreciate it?No Way!She complained,it was disturbing to watch!

PatK said...

It was so apparent in this episode how much this is all about Kate and not the kids.

I was appalled at her comments in the Statue of Liberty gift shop about the crowds. Did she really think they would close it down just for her and her entourage to shop, like most stores have done for her?

And telling Jamie to hurry up and take the picture of the kids in front of the Statue of Liberty because the other tourists were also taking pictures of them made me shake my head in disgust. Out of one side of her mouth she tries to convince everyone she loves her fans, yet from the other side it's so apparent she can't stand them.

Just go away, Kate.

cpmomm said...

"Come on 7+8!" Is she now calling her children by the number of their birth order and not their names?
"I will leave you with people you do not know!" I can not believe she said that to one of the twins that did not want to have their picture taken.
Does any other mother speak to their children that way? No only Kate!!

Kate-go-away said...

It was pitiful to see those kids heads hanging down asleep in that tour bus - must have been filming for hours in that heat.

What does Kate do but plow them with sugar. How is this different than giving child stars Judy Garland and Mikey Rooney amphetimines while filming The Hardy Boys movies?

pinkdiamond611 said...

God Bless America! They didn't close down the Statue of Liberty for the Kart! Thank you for posting this little bit if information that has gigantic meaning.

dustilies said...

MO4 said...

She was so rude to the people at the restaurant.Telling the kids that she could not understand the servers.

Was this at a dim sum restaurant? With, I'd guess, Chinese immigrant and Chinese-Americans bringing the carts around. So Kate just reinforced the message that Asians (like them) are a problem (like them), ignorant (like them), and being around Asians (like them) make Kate feel awkward and hassled.

This scene, if I'm imagining it right, is the nail in the coffin of any theory that K actually has a brain and is using it to play a certain part to provide well for her children.

A normal mother would be protective of her children's feelings about their heritage and their father, which are connected.

cpmomm said...

"I will leave you with people you do not know!" I can not believe she said that to one of the twins . . .
Neither can I. There are serious attachment issues on Mom's part if she would say something like this to such young kids.

Yes, kidding around is good. My mom used to jokingly threaten to ship me off to boarding school when I was a pain in the neck. But when I was a teenager, for crying out loud, not nine years old with recently divorced parents. Who go away a lot.

Betty Booop said...

This about covers the whole episode.

Mary said...

I can't Believe it How DARE the shop for NOT closing down so she and her and her kids could shop. I could not believe Steve did not shoot a few people for taking pictures of her and the kids THEN at end she was so happy she could take the kids to NY and not work..

Oh with that howl she be great in those slasher movies... someone chasing her with a chain saw

bonehead said...

Well, watch a little more later, between a movie and K8. How heartless can you be to your children. One of the twins wanted a milkshake and Kate told the kid to shut up. And then say to the camera on the couch I, just for the record did not hear one of the twins asking for a milkshake. I counted 7 cones: Kate had 2, one guy had 3 and the other 2. What an insult to Chinatown. Kate saying : Did not know that Chinatown was a chunk of China. DA!That's why it's called Chinatown . What an IDIOT! What a NIT! I read some more of the comments and people are sick of her. This episode really show how heartless and insulting she can be. I hope the rest of her workshippers wake up from the Cult of Kate. And yes everything is about her.

barhopper said...

Wow ......... that was like a solid hour of Kate screaming at everything.

Who wears high heels with short shorts in 95 degree heat while "walking" ad site seeing the streets of NY with 8 kids.

Loved the arch in her back when she won the Wack O Mole game. Can I say "look, look at my breasts, Look at my breasts."

And of course she didn't hear Maddy say what kind of ice cream she wanted ..... she basically told her to shut .

Who tell's their 6 year old kids the heat makes her feel like she wants to vomit. LOL ..... that the kids didn't care.

Did I already say ............ I 'LOVE' Maddy. She's already got Kate beat in the intelligence department.

Why can't this woman act and dress like a normal mother and stop making everything about ........ HER.

Aggie2145 said...

I hate to do this, but I'll give Kate a pass at the Dimsum restaurant. I have eaten at this particular restaurant - The Golden Unicorn - over a dozen times. It is one of the busiest lunch spots in Chinatown and has a very high turnover per table. Their goal is to put plates on the table as soon as possible. My first visit was very overwhelming and my waitress was softspoken in what is always a VERY bustling restaurant.

I smell a setup - the entire trip was full of chartered buses, coaches, train cars and what looked like a private ferry - why didn't TLC reserve a private room? I think there wasn't quite enough drama and production put 8 hungry children and their melodramatic mother into an unfamiliar, stressful situation to mix things up.

Peyton83 said...

"Come on 7+8!" Is she now calling her children by the number of their birth order and not their names?"

I heard that, too, and thought, what the heck! Isn't it ironic that Joan Rivers said that Kate should stay home and learn her kids' names??!!

Gimme Gimme said...

That was why I didn't watch because unlike Kate I have high blood pressure and the way she treats her kids makes my blood boil.

And this woman got a spot on stage with real showbiz talent? Jimmy Fallon are you crazy! I know you need material for your late night comedy show but she is mean to her 8 adorable kids for no good reason. Watch the show people not just what her manager writes up for ROL.

She has used that threat of abandonment before at the bus stop. If it wasn't for me (stopping what was doing and coming here) you would still be standing here in the parking lot (alone). I suspect it is a common theme along with the I will embarrass you theme.

And it doesn't take a bus load of people to embarrass a child. It can be done when they they are totally alone.

She is a brutal to those kids.

Speaking of amphetamines......

Gimme Gimme said...

In the words of Clint Black - now that I can afford them (good jeans) I get them for free.

Free the Children! said...

I couldn't watch the whole episode. It was just too painful to see Kate melting down and yelling at the kids for an hour. It's amazing none of the kids are sociopathic yet, with the way they are treated. I love how she thinks she is so clever with the "booger" candy idea, and then forces the kids with icecream ("Just sit down, shut up and eat!"). Also, it was Cara who wanted the milkshake, not Mady, and usually Kate listens more to Cara...

I thought it was hilarious when they were walking through Chinatown and Kate announces, "Oh look! Everything is written in Asian!" (Not "Chinese").

All those low bloodsugar meltdowns that she has lately are weird.

And what's with this 'MY best friend for nine years". Why did we never lay eyes on this chick during the entire first four years of filming, during the "Jody Best Friend" years. This Jamie showed up right when Jon left, and I also wonder about the body double thing.

Kate is WAY worse than she was, even with Jon. Hard to believe I could disrespect her less than I did when she was married, but people can always sink to an even lower low, apparently.

Gimme Gimme said...

For those who like me don't understand the one-time nurse and the blood sugar thing, my 13YO son educated me about it after getting certified in CPR and first aid.

One of the first symptoms they look for in people who might be candidates for and/or are diabetic (uncontrolled) is an out of character quick temper/mean/anger, which is a classic symptom of low blood sugar.

It is not grouchy or irritable it is quick-tempered/mean/angry. So unbeknownst to nurse Kate she really should get her blood sugar checked as she does indeed show these symptoms herself, but not the children when they are tired and starved down from their meager doled-out portions of food that must first be man-handled by their mommy.

Which leads to another thing from someone who claims to be a germaphobic and OCD, she never washes her hands at least not on film. If she did there would have been an entire episode about by now.

My son is truly a germaphobic and if we are out somewhere and decide to eat it has to be in a situation where he can wash his hands. It is a really big deal. I certainly would never touch his food either. It would be like a slap in the face to him.

Did the kids eat the ice cream crud once they finally got it after Krazy Khate ran through the streets with it and all the crew - what she was trying to catch the bus and why did it stop so far away.

To me that was just a cruel way of offering them a cold treat and then lousing it up for them. She is nothing if not cruel. I did notice in the video that not one of them was enthused about the ice cream even before it came. It is like they knew she would find a way to give it and take it away in the same breath.

Gimme Gimme said...

One more thought before I go to work --- I am surpised TLC didn't set her up with the "soup natz [sic]." She would of surely gotten the "no soup for you!"

Becca in Birmingham said...

Caught the repeat episode @ midnight and noted a few things:

-Whatever TLC titles it, it's actually The Kate Show. The kids are now just props.

-Kate doesn't even try to project the image of a mom of 8 any more. Her outfits might say "late night club scene" on a younger woman--but on her they say "streetwalker".

-Mady is precocious and cute because she's 9, but you can see and hear Kate in her, and that's unfortunate.

-Caught a glimpse of Cara holding her camera, my gosh her fingernails are incredibly long, and pointy. Not her fault though. Her mother obviously has no sense of age-appropriateness starting with herself.

-The six little ones have been reduced to being "The Tups". They used to highlight them as individuals, but not any more. Then again, like I said, it's now The Kate Show, end of story.

Swissmiss said...

Where does one begin? I thought it was hilarious that Kate was upset because there were OTHER PEOPLE in the gift shop at the Statue of Liberty. Imagine! Having to put up with the 'common people.'

Telling your children you're so hot you might vomit is not a good idea. Didn't one of the younger girls have that problem earlier in her life? We know where she got that from.

Kate's choice of clothing was just shocking. The older kids must be well aware of how inappropriate her choice of clothing is. What type of example does she set (not a good one).

Still making up words which don't exist in the English language.

At first I was going to critize her for taking the kids out in 100 degree heat, but then I remembered I did the same thing with my niece on a trip to New York many years ago. We had to pre-buy our train tickets and hotel rooms and I had gotten discount Broadway show tickets in advance. It was hot as Hades, but at least I didn't push my niece as Kate did her children.

path said...

I have been to the Statue of Liberty many times in the dead of summer with all ages of kids and adults. That gift shop is a tight fit. But, Kate, "the people" were not at the Statue of Liberty to see YOU!!!! They were there to see the STATUE OF LIBERTY!!! And, I bet all of them were NOT fans and felt intruded upon with your antics and camera crew.

CrispyBacon said...

How does Kate explain the differnece between ignoring the terrible paparazzi with their cameras and performing for the other people in New York with their cameras. She trotted out the kids like animals on display at the zoo and wanted them to wave from the bus at the people on the street and pose for pictures in front of crowds of people. Also, in Kate fashion, she had to get a double decker bus exposing the kids to the heat and the sun all so she could be the centre of attention in busy Manhattan. A smaller van with air conditioning would have been more comfortable and private for the kids.

I also noticed how she bribes the kids with candy,treats and souvenirs to get them to co-operate and perform. Candy at the train station, even though it was first thing in the morning, candy on the double decker bus, ice cream on the double decker bus, candy in Chinatown and even though we didn't see it on the show last night, candy at the Statue of Liberty. Who can forget the pictures of Kate deep throating her lollipop as she was strolling without her hooker heels on. Also, souvenirs in Chinatown and the Statue of Liberty. What single mom on a budget can afford all of that??

Lastly, why was there only 7 ice creams purchased (even though she ordered 8). Although, Mady was viewed on the bus at the beginning of the segment, I did not see her in the later part on the bus. Was she removed from the bus at some point because of something?

CrispyBacon said...

Every event and visit is pre-planned on the show otherwise it would be a logistical nightmare. Does Kate really expect us to believe that she didn't know where she was going for lunch and what kind of food a dim sum restarant serves. She really thinks the viewing public is stupid. The restuarant would have been contacted previously and arrangements would have been made to have tables ready and the film crew allowed to come in and film.

Laurie said...

I didn't watch but I'm glad to know that they didn't shut down a National monument for her. Having been born and raised in NYC area I have to say that when it's that hot you just stay inside or go "down the shore" for the weekend. BTW Kate-Go-Away, Judy and Mickey were in the Andy Hardy movies not the Hardy Boys movies :o)

SafetyTrain said...

Her sanity is seriously devolving with every episode. This was her worst "performance" to date. She had the grace and manners of a rabid raccoon last night. I don't know how ANY fan of Kate in the early days can look at this woman and see ANYTHING remotely admirable about her current appearance, attitude, and behavior. She was nothing but bossy, childish, shallow, and rude.There was nothing loving or nurturing in her interactions with her kids. She treated them like they were props - just extras in the drama that is her life and her life only. Her attempts to joke around with them and make the trip "fun" fell flat. They weren't genuine and made her look silly and ignorant and, frankly, like she was on something ("Hi Mr Empire State Building!!!"). I don't see how any sane mother can look at this woman as a role model anymore. God help the kids of those who do. TLC should just get this nasty transition over with and exile her to the cast of Real Housewives or Jersey Shore where she truly belongs.

I don't need to see any any more proof of what this woman is all about. The whole show is just creepy and wrong. God absolve me of the sin of contributing to her ratings. No more. Last night was too much.

winsomeone said...

This was the dumbest show yet..each one is worse than the last. The dumbest thing Kate said...Look kids, the signs are all written in Asian. Is Asian some sort of new language, or what? When various kids were being interviewed, I noticed that now, more than ever, they are becoming mini clones of Kate. Their facial expressions, and the exaggerated hand movements when talking about something.I noticed they left the part out where she walked barefoot.If she wanted to be like any other tourist family, maybe she should have taken the trip without a film crew along?

Please Send Her To Pluto said...

~Rant On

She just thinks she's so stinkin' cute and hysterical, it's nauseating.

The way she wanted attention by "driving" the ferry. Licking the ice cream cone in the shop and then immediately looking to see if the camera caught that because it was just so hysterical of her, the way she had to wear the chinese hat and look around to see who thought it was funny. The way she had to pose like a he-man superhero after beating 8 little children at Whack-A-Mole.

And this is only what we saw in tv. They edited out the lollipop porn and walking around barefoot.

She is a nightmare! I swear I have never seen anybody, not even Paris Hilton, who is as ate up with themselves as Kate.

I think I need therapy to find out why I keep subjecting myself to this mess, but truthfully I think it has everything to do with wanting to see if the kids are mistreated in any way, or what working conditions they are subjected to. My heart broke seeing poor Joel and Alexis falling asleep on that hot bus and all she cares about is waking them up so they will go to bed easier later. That was sad.

And the way the kids were put on display like show-and-tell at the Statue of Liberty so she could get a picture. Why does she need a picture that will stay in her memory card for years and years? Is a filmed show about you going there not enough? She clearly did that photo thing for more attention. And whoa don't even get me going about how she insinuated that other people should not have shopped in the gift shop while they were there.

Man, somebody needs to knock her down a million notches. She is ate-up!!! Totally self-centered, spoiled and selfish.

~Rant Off

Button Button said...

I watched a snippet, and it was all I could stand. It was
Berks Has Shoes! said...
I cannot understand how TLC doesn't see that this woman is a joke -- climbing that ladder in hooker heels, rear-end shot, stringy hair extensions, during NYC's heatwave. I've seen better looking (and much classier) hookers hanging out on the street corner in her city...


TLC has a bird in the hand with this ridiculous clown, and they are going to hang in there until the last dog dies.

Certainly they all know what she looks like and how she behaves.

Nobody cares! Not TLC, not Kate.

For now, at least, they are laughing all the way to the bank.

I love it that Kate is getting so much exposure. So many are beginning to see what we have seen for a long, long time.

Kate is NOT a star.

There is a certain type of person who do see a star when they look at her. Something in their personality longs to be like her.

Kamala said...

Wow. That was hard to sit through. I don't even know where to begin. The inappropriate clothes. The inappropriate snacks (who buys ice cream on a 100-degree day and then carries it 3-4 blocks before consuming? Why couldn't the kids get off the bus?) And news flash, Kate: The Statue of Liberty gift shop is ALWAYS crowded; it's not about the throngs to see YOU, it's just about the throngs.

Alice Bluegown said...

I was HAPPY to see Kate in her hooker-get up!

More exposure of that type is what makes people NOT want to like her.

I bet her feet did ache, and I hope they ached a lot. Maybe she will think about what type of shoes to wear before planning to spend another long day "working."

Yes, remember, Kate is working. The kids are simply playing.

Yeah, right.

Merrilee said...

barhopper said...

Why can't this woman act and dress like a normal mother and stop making everything about ........ HER.


I know! I know! (raising hand)

It's because this woman is NOT a normal mother, and because she wants everything to be about her.

Pathetic creature that she is.

My Eyes My Eyes said...

I thought the episode was named The Big Apple because they went to NYC. Apparently they were referring to the other Big Apples that kept falling out of her top.

I think that episode should have been rated for adults only because of the partial nudity she displayed. The tattas hanging out the front were bad enough, but we were subjected to them squishing out the sides, as well. Ick!

She was a poster child for breast implants in that get-up. You could see at times the outline of the implants, depending on how she bent over. Good bra my behind!

Kitty The Dog's Blog said...

" I will leave you with people you do not know". Doesn't she already do this?

She should have bought 8 milkshakes instead of cones. They would have been easier to carry, wouldn't have melted, wouldn't have made a mess, etc.

She does seem to have lost some control over the children. This is what happens when you're not around them.

I posted a couple of weeks ago that a client of my husbands was at the SOL when Khate was there and how she was observed by someone who really didn't know who she was. She most definately WAS walking around with her nose in the air. She did not liked being with the unwashed masses and wanted special treatment. She did not get it. I don't think she understood that the people there were not her fans, but were gawking at her entourage, including a full crew, and how she was dressed. The client said that the outfit was ridiculous, especially the shoes and everyone was staring because she was a joke.

She's 10 lbs. of crazy in a 5 lb. bag.

CarolS461 said...

I wasn't going to watch last night's show, but I did. I posted this on Kate's TLC blog page, but I haven't seen it printed yet. Just an FYI for those of you who are intersted.

I posted this on Kate's TLC blog page. Just in case they decide not to post it, here's what I said:

"Kate: I watched your New York show tonight.

QUESTION: Why must you always act so awful and ruin outings for your children with your tantrums, antics, etc? Can't you ever just ENJOY yourself? I wouldn't blame your children if they never wanted to eat ice cream again. The way you acted with them on the bus eating the ice cream was "horrendously horrendous" to use your own words.

When you wanted a picture of the kids with Lady Liberty in the background, why couldn't you just ask them nicely to go stand there quickly for a picture. WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS USE THREATS? You said, "I want smiles or you won't get..." Was that really necessary?

Have you ever thought about using "empowering" statements with your children? Maybe then they'd behave the way you want them to behave. Have you ever thought about "you need to..." statements vs. barking one-word orders at them all the time, instead of using your "you may/you may not" statements?

It's NOT all about you, Kate. It's about those Eight Little Faces. Instead of losing your patience and saying "GO SIT DOWN NOW" or "I want you to sit down." Have you ever thought of "empowering" them by saying "You need to go sit down," followed by a consequence if they don't go sit down. For example, "You need to go sit down or you won't have any dessert."

Yes, it is a LOT of work to "empower" them, but I think you'd all be a lot happier if you did. You always have a scowl on your face. Your children walk around like little zombies with blank stares on their faces. You'd all be much happier if you encouraged empowerment instead of always issuing threats.

Remember, they are only little for so long. Why not enjoy your time with them now before it's too late? YOU are the one creating the drama and tension in your household. You need to learn to "act" and not "react."

Perhaps YOU are the one who needs to change your ways. Maybe it's YOU and not everybody else. Why can't you see that? There are literally MILLIONS of people out here in cyberspace who don't really even know you personally, but we can all clearly see that this IS all about you, and that you are using your kids to live the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed.

And would you please do us all a favor and put some clothes on? Your boobs were practically falling out of the black halter top you had on in tonight's episode.

I don't think you will be able to keep up with the Joneses, if you know what I mean. In case you don't get it, that is a cliche in reference to the show with the quintuplets that was on right after your show.

You are a legend in your own mind, and your mind only. Too bad for those precious Eight Little Faces you are responsible for. They're the ones who have suffered, are suffering, and will continue to suffer. That's really too bad. They didn't ask to be born. They deserve so much more than just material things and trips.

For what it's worth, Kate."

Mary said...


Kate saying to Cara do it it I leave you here with strangers. All those kids should have had hats on to protect them from sun. But that would mess up filming

did she put on sun screen for the kids

Please pleaseI hope someone has video of here climbing down the ladder. Did her Bodt guard have to go up and rescue her.

Kate I am not a mother but If I had that many kids I would take them one or two at a time in the store. I don't know with all your help you could not do this.

Kate you have lost the twins. They will be a lot of trouble for your perfect life and if you do anything to them they will tell. You can control the tubs now but they be waatching the thw twins and will act accordingly... Ohh Kate you will be off tv and boy your troubles are just starting

Shoshanna said...

This woman is a total moron. Has she ever been given an I.Q. test? I mean, really - she is as ignorant and uneducated as she is unsophisticated. Doesn't know
such basic things - e.g., There is a North Korea and a South Korea. It's not "Korea." And, no, Dim Sum is not the name of the restaurant.

Her moronic chatter makes me heave. "Kids, say bye-bye to Miss Statue of Liberty!" Teaching them to wave good-bye to a building?? Or saying, "Good-bye, Mr. Empire State Building!" WHAT AN IMBECILE!

I guess it's easier than actually learning something
about the sites they get to take their free trips to,
easier than saying, "The Empire State Building used
to be the tallest building in the world, but now the tallest building is in Dubai." Some kernel of knowledge that they could take with them, instead
of saying inane, ridiculous things like, "Good-bye,
Mr. Empire State Building."

She makes me grind my teeth in my sleep. I cannot
stand her mind-blowing stupidity!!!!

Shoshanna said...

Inscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty:
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."

Perfect description of the Gosselin kids, who are
exhausted, robbed and forced into child labor
by their greedy, selfish, uncaring mother.

Too Much Too Soon said...

Having Steve standing off camera egging her on doesn't help matters much. That is who she was talking to at the house pressure wash scene when she said he is laughing at me over there now that we know he doesn't go home. And you look "fabulous in your bikini" dahling. I have determined that she dresses for him.

I am so glad I did not watch the fiasco. It would have upset me horribly, particularly to hear her calling them out by birth order, when she knows they are sensitive about that. She has crossed over the line in my opinion and TLC is going to regret the day they put their money behind her.

From what I can gather not just here but everywehere there is nothing good about the current situation the kids are in with her, nothing. It is all bad.

StoryLady said...

I watched the midnight repeat after hearing the talk about the episode.
I hadn't seen an episode of the show in ages, and this sounded so horrendously horrendous that I thought I'd see what she was like for myself.
That is not the woman who was on Jon and Kate Plus Eight. She was awful in one way, this new Kate seems to have had some kind of breakdown.
She really, REALLY is not normal. She was so hyper in New York she scared me. I hope Steve and/or Jamie stay around. She needs someone who can make her listen if she gets too crazy.
IMO, this will not end well.

Ravello said...

I watched part of this episode, first one I've seen this year. I was shocked at Kate's appearance, attitude, demeanor. Dressed like a tramp, hooker, the tightest shortest skirt, ugly heels, hair a mess. If I passed her on the street I would turn my head to look at the hooker. Dragging 8 kids around on a hot day. Talking to inanimate objects, jabbering with onlookers who stared at the freak show. Shoving ice cream cones at the kids, barking out orders to eat. Barking out orders to do this and that or there will be no dinner.
She is the mother of 8 kids with Asian faces but she was condescending and demeaning to the Asian people in Chinatown and in the restaurant.
Even TLC had to be shocked at the footage of her behavior. Why is she still on TV?

Eileen said...

And what's with this 'MY best friend for nine years". Why did we never lay eyes on this chick during the entire first four years of filming, during the "Jody Best Friend" years. This Jamie showed up right when Jon left,

It was discovered that Jamie is from Michigan and had been living there, so no way she and Kate could've been best buds for the last 9 years. Also, Jamie has 2 small children of her own, so if she's leaving them at home while galavanting all over the country being (in Kate's words) "a second mother" to the Gosselin 8, then Jamie is an even worse mother than Kate. Since that's quite a stretch, I'm going for Jamie's a paid not-a-nanny, and the best-friend thing is just one more obvious and blatant Kate/TLC lie.

SafetyTrain said...

Please Send Her To Pluto said...

The way she had to pose like a he-man superhero after beating 8 little children at Whack-A-Mole.


That moment really got to me. Takes a warped person to delight in beating her small children at a game - not just once, but twice I believe (I do not want to watch it a second time to confirm). Last night was BAD, even bad for KATE. HORRIBLE for TLC.

rita said...

There is nothing attractive about a saggy chunky woman shaking her stuff in skimpy outfits. It's gross.

You can see her skin is stretched by the implants.

Kateneedsatimeout said...

Clearly TLC should have re named last night's episode as Kate on Display; displays of 'bratty' adult behavior, displays of entitlement, displays of just how 'detached' she is from TRUE 'reality', displays of ignorance, boobies on display, displays of how Kate feels the world SHOULD evolve around her, displays of delusion, more boobies on display, displays of literally 'pouting' at the restaurant ..need I say more!

Hippie Chick said...

Glad I didn't watch. Sounds like I would've needed a barf-bucket. She sounds worse than ever. I will not, would not, and will never watch Kate + 8 ever. Period. I do not want to contribute to *her* ratings.

Tin Box said...

Kate tries on a straw hat in Chinatown-- pretends to be Asian.

Kate borrows a hat from the Amish egg farmer-- pretends to be Amish.

Kate pumps out 8 kids-- pretends to be a mom.

Brummygirl said...

Didn't watch the nightmare, I do hope the ratings went down!!

SKB516 said...

Interesting how Khate pitched a fit about being noticed at the gift shop, yet for most of the rest of the trip she seemed to LOVE the attention. She reminded me of a beauty queen riding in a parade as they were riding around in the open top bus, she was waving and flashing those veneers like she'd just won Miss Universe! If I were to venture a guess, I'd say she was already in a foul mood at Statue of Liberty because they didn't give her & her meal tickets special attention. I assume the bus was rented out especially for the Gosselins (at least I don't think I saw other tourists on the bus). So, she was happy to wave at her adoring fans- close but yet so far away from the little people. I imagine she would have been annoyed there too if she'd had to share her "parade bus" with mere mortals.

Too Much Too Soon said...

Dod anyone tell the kids about the statue of liberty? I am just getting sick for those kids reading the comments from the show last night. How can it be entertainment to watch a mom telling her kids to shut up and threatening them with the omnipresent abandonment if they don't coooperate.

K8STFU said...

Did not watch, nor will I ever.

1)K8 only loves her fans when it's convenient. Much like her children, she tolerates them only when absolutely necessary.

2)Don't even get me started on the whole "asian" ignorance.

3) I don't understand why ice cream is STILL an issue for her?

4) I don't understand how she can abandon the kids any more than she has - why the threats of something she already does? Maybe she should threaten to stay home more often - that's a much bigger punishment for the kids.

5) Dubai is not in K8's volculary.

Auggie said...

winsomeone said...

If she wanted to be like any other tourist family, maybe she should have taken the trip without a film crew along?

8/31/2010 7:33 AM

EXACTLY! I was just going to post this but you beat me to it!

Did she not think that maybe those other tourists saw the cameras and just wanted to be on TV? They could've probably cared less who she was, but just wanted to get caught on camera. This happens every time in my area when the local news crew goes out into the field to report the news and bystanders start gathering around and mugging for the camera, hoping to get on tv.

I can guaran-damn-tee you that half those tourists in that gift shop were staring, but cursing her under their breath at the same time. Not all of those folks were fans.

As a side note, I also loathe Paris Hilton and Levi Johnston, but if I ran into them in a PUBLIC PLACE, I would probably stop and gawk at them. Does not make me a fan, though.

wildflowers said...

IIRC, In the early season episodes of J & K + 8, Kate referenced Beth Carson as being her BFF and a 'like a mom' to the children. Fast forward post divorce and present day Kate + 8, along comes Jamie, Kate's BFF of 9 years. If Jamie is so much like Kate, knows her so well, such a good friend, and like mom to the children, why didn't Jamie assist Kate in the co writing of Multiple Blessings??

Miss D said...

StoryLady said:
She really, REALLY is not normal. She was so hyper in New York she scared me.
I also did not watch the original episode but as usual when I can't sleep I was channel surfing and saw the episode was on again. I haven't watch in a long, long time but thought I would give it another chance.

Well, I don't think I made it through a full 10 minutes. I saw Kate trying to play that game with the candy, going into the store and later saying the kids cannot have ice cream unless they eat candy???

I couldn't agree more with the above poster. The thought that went through my mind was what is Kate on? She was like a person in some manic phase. Talking loud, acting all hyper and trying to be the center of attention. I had to turn the channel. I used to get a sick feeling watching it before and seeing what the kids are going through now is a hundred times worse.

Anonymous said... the gift shop....she and the kids were picking up stuff.....she walked out of the shop.....did she pay for them....I did not see that....or did Steve or the Nanny pay for them?

Anonymous said...

SKB516 said...
Interesting how Khate pitched a fit about being noticed at the gift shop in Chinatown.

Yeah, the Chinese people were probably wondering about the strange White lady with so many kids. I read the local Chinese language papers, they don't know who she is, not one peep about them shooting in Chinatown. And most of the merchants find the cameras annoying because it keeps the real customers away and they have had REAL ACTORS come and film many times before.

Peyton83 said...

"If Jamie is so much like Kate, knows her so well, such a good friend, and like mom to the children, why didn't Jamie assist Kate in the co writing of Multiple Blessings??"


Kate says that Jamie is a replication of herself. Kate has no language/writing skills, so perhaps we can assume that Jamie, likewise, isn't a writer.

The question is...if Jamie has been such a good friend for nine years, why was it Beth who babysat Kate's kids, why was it Beth who was featured in the episodes -- where was Jamie?

Ravello said...

Jamie may be a paid nanny and someone cooked up this story about a best friend. This show has been a fraud for years, pretending Kate took care of her kids. I wonder how a classy lady like Beth Carson got sucked in to be a best friend. She probably felt sorry for the kids..
I agree with the comments Kate seemed manic in NYC. She really needs professional help. The kids are doomed if she does not get help.

Too Much Too Soon said...

Let's face it - just about anybody who is willing can be a fill in for Khate - that is all the kids have ever known. Volunteers to nannies to BFFs to bodyguards - Khate will let anybody step in and discipline her kids. How about comfort her kids - how come that was never mentioned. The kids really got a bad lot in the mommy department.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! This is bugging me so badly! Something looks off with Kate's face...did she get a bad nose job?? Her nose looks big or something.

Good Gawd said...

Apparently she's still in LA. She was interviewing David Hasselhoff for ET and he was saying, "You would have been so perfect for Baywatch!!!! I would have had you in the water everyday rescuing you!" And Kate stood there and giggled and flirted right back.

I immediately barfed.

Protect8 said...

Laughed out loud when Kate talked about the Asian language - as if Asian is a language. And how Grammy or Grandma or whatever she calls Jon's grandmother understands Asian. Honest to God - how unedcuated is she?

Also - especially loved how the kids were just other, regular kids in Chinatown but unfortunately, Kate "Dionne" had to dress them all alike in order to make sure they got attention. Well, that and the cameras, crew and bodyguards who accompanied them - those kinds of things draw attention. Can you imagine how bright the camera lights on top of the bus had to be? And one of the little boys complained about the lights making him hot but they just kept filming him. How I would love to have seen the double decker bus - all lit up with film crew - and kate waving as if people actually recognized her as a celebrity. She was lit up like the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

Her running down the sidewalk in heels and hot pants (of course winning the running competition with those two pathetic PAs running after her) screamed, "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!" She was in all her glory. It was disgusting but I guess this is what the sheeple love. But from my many experiences in NYC I can't imagine that many people were impressed.

I think the producers told kate she had to learn something - probably ANYTHING - about the Statue of Liberty. After all, Cara had studied immigration in second grade and knew the history. So Kate, her insane need to compete having raised its ugly head once again, did her little "Look how smart I am!" quiz while on the bus. French toast?

And of course, she was so, so proud of herself for beating her children at the carnival games. (this, btw, is foreshadowing of the children's future - as long as Kate "wins" everything can be okay)

One good thing: she honestly is so into herself - waving from the bus top ike a queen - she didn't seem quite as mean and angry toward her children as she usually does. She walked ahead and groaned and complained as she wallowed in what she thinks is fame and glory while bemused and bewildered tourists took her picture which meant that fortunately others in her entourage were dealing with the kids.

Had to take a break when she did her "LOOK AT ME!" by driving the boat. She simply can not NOT be in the spotlight. Narcissism in the extreme.

I heard Cara try very hard to tell kate she wanted a milkshake. That's going to be a tough competition for kate to win if she watches the episode and sees for herself that she was wrong.

I hope Mady's comment about Kate killing everyone makes it on The Soup on Friday.

Jules said...

I'm wondering about Jamie--doesn't she have her own kids? How is she available to go on all these outings? Is she actually a paid employee now?

Snerk said...

Another ratings drop.

Kate Plus 8 (9pm)
- 1.613 million viewers
- 1.2/2 HH
- 0.6/2 A18-49

Denise said...

Brummygirl said...

"Didn't watch the nightmare, I do hope the ratings went down!! "

They did:
Kate Plus 8 (9pm)
- 1.613 million viewers
- 1.2/2 HH
- 0.6/2 A18-49

No Emmy spike due to Kate Gosselin’s appearance on the Emmy Awards. Kate Plus 8 returned with numbers good by TLC standards perhaps, but tiny compared to Ms. Gosselin’s ratings heyday.

barnaby said...

My guess is Kate's "manic" behavior is what she considers "acting."

She is - in her mind - acting the part of a fantastic, witty, organized mother of a herd of children.

Any intelligent viewer can see she's clueless.

cossysmom said...

I thought it was wonderful that the kids were going to get to have some ice cream--definitely set up by TLC for the show, as we know Kate would not let them have it--especially while riding on a bus with no change of clothing. however, we soon saw that the bus was parked blocks away, and the temperature was near 100 that day. Why would she buy cones?! (dishes would be more appropriate.) Sadly she took all the fun out of it for the kids by rushing them to eat--no let me correct that, FORCING them to eat. Why in the world would TLC think that was a good idea??? Here's an idea--maybe it would be more fun for the kids to go to the ice cream shop and eat inside!

Interesting to see that the Statue of Liberty was not shut down for Miss Kate! She was not very happy!! and she apparently didn't do her homework. No one has been allowed up in the statue since 9-11 except for just one day not too long ago. I'm sure the kids were disappointed as she probably told them they would climb up. Or,if Kate knew that the statue was closed to the public, she probably thought she and her money makers would be allowed--after all, she has 8, count 'em, eight kids!

Ladylou said...

Kate is so full of crap.. it's a wonder why her eyes are still hazel ( or whatever hell the color they are)

Jamie does have kids... she probably is divorced now too... so much easier to load your kids on an ex so they can have quality time with the kids.
The Gosselins are the true "cash calves" so it's more promising for her to be seen with them.

Beth was just a really nice lady who lived not far from the family and went out of her way to help with the sextuplets way back in their just months old stage. Just as many people did who Kate has long since discarded & forgotten.
Kate latched on to Beth instantly.. she was what Kate envied and wanted to be just like.

Do any of you remember one episode from earlier times when Beth and Kate had the "spa" day? Beth was driving a shiny new Porshe (sp) that let Kate out at the end of the drive.
I could just see Kate's brain a working over time on how to succeed.. succeed.. succeed.

Kate could have never stayed with poor schmuck John...
Steve fits her way of life so much better don't you think?
Hell bent on making all they can at the cost of the 8 Gosselin kids.

fidosmommy said...

Jamie Cole Ayers lives in Michigan.
Kate said once they met at a parenting class when she was expecting the twins. Jamie has a child the same age as Mady and Cara. Then Jamie and her husband (now ex-husband) moved to Michigan.

She can't be a paid nanny except during the summer months. Her kids were probably with their dad for the summer, and Jamie came down to PA to spend time with Kate and the kids. Whether she planned to babysit them as much as she ended up doing is something I don't know. But I do remember right after Kate's divorce she said something to Jamie about moving back to PA, and Kate would see to it that she was financially
supported. I was guessing then it had to do with being on the show
fairly regularly. The reality, so far anyway, is that Jamie is no more than a lunch/shopping companion and built in sitter for Kate's kids. It must be a very hard job to sit children while there mother is right there on these trips.

I wonder if Kate will ever go to Michigan to help Jamie with her kids? Yeah, right.

Babysitting and going on trips seems to be a summer job for Ashley, too.

couch potato said...

Didn't watch.

Kate can get gifts from the Statue of Liberty Gift shop on-line.

She could also do the school shopping online. All my kids ever cared about was picking out the backpack. My daughter might pick out some outfits, but my son never really cared. I did have to take them to pick out shoes -- I mean buy the shoes (like we can just pick out stuff and leave the store -- how silly!)

Kate likes to complain and play the victim.

I've been watching the History Channel. I'm enjoying the Pawn Stars and the Pickers. It's interesting and I learn things.

I watched Danielle Fishel on the Dish and she showed a picture of Kate looking like a "you know what". Everybody has Kate's number.

She's overexposed in oh so many ways.

HW said...

How great would it have been if, when Kate got back on that bus with ice cream dripping down her arms, Mady had said "Joooonnnn. She's ruined. She's completely ruined!" I would eaten my computer to hear one of the kids say that.

Jane in CA said...

snerk said:
Another ratings drop.

Kate Plus 8 (9pm)
- 1.613 million viewers
- 1.2/2 HH
- 0.6/2 A18-49

Oh, that's gotta hurt!

Little People, Big World was recently cancelled, and this is the show's last season. Apparently TLC let Mr. Roloff spin it in his favor, allowing him to post that it was his (or the family's) decision, but really it was about ratings that have dropped and keep dropping, and the fact that it's kind of a depressing show to watch now.

I believe their ratings have been hovering around 1.2 million.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Kate's numbers keep on dropping until finally TLC is forced to cut its losses and cancel the show.

And still - no media push for the season premier of Twist of Kate. Hmmmmmmm, inquiring minds want to know -- what happened? Did even one episode make it into the can?

LittleMissJayy said...

okay so first off she learned nothing about ice cream on a hot day from the Disney fiasco years ago? It melts in hot weather sweetheart...melts quickly!
Oh and when Joel (or Colin) brought up to her that they HAD ridden a train before and she still tried to prove her point by saying they rode Thomas through a corn field so it didn't count. Really?
Honestly she needs to review her old episodes before she opens her big mouth!
Lies lies and more lies. Thank goodness the kids are now getting old enough to expose her.

Elvira said...

Viewership is down 50% just since June. They are falling really fast for a TV show. I can't remember a new episode of J&K+8 that brought in less than 2 million viewers. Time for TLC to cut their losses and stick with the cheaper new families with younger children.

tick tock said...

1.6 million viewers. Excuse me, but bwahaaaahaaaa!!! Snarking aside, what is it going to take to get tlc to finally cancel this mocumentary? They seem to expect huge ratings like back when the divorce was announced. But those days are over. People were temporarily interested in the family because they were imploding, because their entire show had been bullcrap. But Kate was already insufferable by that time and has only gotten worse since. I think she needs psychoatric help, honestly, and the show is only encouraging/accelerating her craziness. How much money must tlc spend on kate's paychecks, maintenance of her home, bodyguard, babysitters, location shoots, etc? All this for 1.6 million viewers? The show us unwatchable; it is child abuse, or at least cruelty, in real time. Tick tock

Mary said...

Now Really Come on Do you really believe Kate would climb those stairs to the top. I don't see it plus No camera No way

Techymum said...

I've watched the show and thought how awful these parents are. Tonight I happened across it, and for the first time thought honest to God, this is child abuse.

Seeing those over-heated children "falling asleep" in the top of the double decker bus - where was the water? Where were their hats? I could not watch.

How awful the families must feel - and when oh when will there be legislation to protect the children?????

Kate-go-away said...

Kate reminds me more and more of Anna Nicole Smith - especially when she waved goodbye to the Empire State Building.

I remember they use to but Anna Nicole on awards shows for a train wreck effect also.

kate can't do sh** said...

Someone mentioned the fact that Kate is having lots of low blood sugars and what's with that. I would guess that she is dieting constantly and eating very few calories each day so her body is constantly in a state of hunger. Or she's hungover every day and needs that big carb boost mid day. I am still in a state of shock that ET is still going ahead with her as a DWTS correspondent even after all the slagging that was done about Kate on their Facebook page. This is the first time I have ever seen a person hated by the public so much go this far on TV. She is an enigma alright and that is why all the stations want a piece of her for their ratings. Unbelievable. Oh and it seems rather odd that David Hasselhoff (remember Kate said she wanted a man like him) is now on DWTS. How coincidental.

Sidney said...

I really, really, really want to see Kate on something like "The Apprentice", or one of the "Housewives of ..." on Bravo.

I want to see her pull her stupid crap on other adults.

Her children are all old enough to be embarrassed of her appearance and behavior, and it is disgusting that TLC and Kate herself does not care one stinking bit.

They simply do not care how her family feels, and they don't care that most of her "fans" can't stand her.

They just do not care.

If behaving like an imbecile brings in the big bucks, well, Kate, carry on!


Alice Bluegown said...

When Her Higness was "waving" to the crowd from the top of the bus, didn't Kate or Jamie say something about a "Miss America Wave"?

Well, no Miss America waves that way.

She looked just like President Nixon did when he waved his entire arm from side to side as he left the White House in shame.

He didn't look like he felt any shame.

She didn't look like Miss America either.

Anonymous said...

Kate's "low blood sugar" is an excuse to whine like a spoiled brat. Real blood sugar drops leave you unable to realize anything's wrong, let alone identify it. Gimme a break. Whoever compared her behavior to Anna Nichole Smith is spot on. This is beyond "fame" getting to your head and she needs help. She indeed is NOT the woman from Jon & Kate +8. Harsh as THAT woman was, she was logical, responsible, average, and loving to her children. No clue who this crazed lunatic is ugly shoes is. Guess she's as obsessed with her "new identity" as she once was with that of being a great mother to 8.

Sugarwater said...

I haven't watched the show since they moved into the big house and I haven't really paid that much attention to Kate anywhere else, but I accidentally caught about five minutes of the show last night. Kate really does dress like a hooker! I thought you all were just being facetious. I honest to goodness saw her walking among the kids and thought that some random, skanky looking woman must have gotten in the shot and then I realized it was KATE. Her boobs were not only flopping out of the front, but they were trying to escape out the side as well.

tami said...

Did not watch but channel surfed through some of the rerun. Um, if Jamie has been a bff for so long, we would have seen here before now because she is a Khate wannabe and just as in love with "fame". Why would grown women play matchy-match with clothes? Hooked clothes at that, meant for teenagers! How humiliating. Reminds me of Diary of a Wimpy kid when the bff says he wore the same outfit because he wanted to be "matchers" with his friend on the first day of school! I'm really sure the tourists would care about her if she didn't have the camera crew along making the souvenir shop even more crowded. Suuurre! They see REAL celebrities in NY all the time!

Tami said...

I'll bet Khate made the smarmy comments out loud about not being able to shop because she was bent out of shape for them not closing shop for her crew. She probably thinks the rest of the crowd should just honor her highness and stay out while she shops. Yeah right.

laura linger said...

I adore dim sum and I parents taking me to Chinese restaurants to enjoy the little dumplings and such, even when we had very little money, and even in the middle of the Midwest. Stuff like that is a lot of fun for children. That is, children who do not have the last name of Gosselin.

True confessions here: I am not a mother. I have no children of my own. And even I thought that the ice cream would have been a wonderful cooling treat after they returned to the hotel and took baths and showers to cool off. Get the ice cream from room service and enjoy it in the calm and coolness of the air conditioning...a lovely way to wind down on a hot day.

Kate's a manic depressive moron.

winky said...

Wouldn't you love to whisper in the kids ear "Guess what? You hold ALL the cards. Yes, YOU! Without you your mother is nothing. Don't let her threaten you again. Don't take her orders. You don't have to play up to the camera if you don't want to. Tell her who's boss."

Sassypaws said...

I would like to share a parenting tip with Kate, since I suspects she (or one of her minion) reads these post:

Next time you decide to run 2 blocks in 100+ weather to "treat" your kids with ice cream cones, ask that the servers place each cone upset down in a small cup. That way, the melting ice cream will be captured in the cup and the "treat" will be much more enjoyable for all concern.

make her go away said...

I watched about 10 minutes before I got so disgusted that I turned the tv off. My thoughts about those ten minutes:

1. Is it just me or did Jamie seen unamused with Kate? Lover or not, she must be tired of being treated like a peon and must hate the way Kate treats her kids
2. Kate was rude to the people in Chinatown. They had heavy accents but were perfectly understandable. She pretended to not understand to be condescending and rude IMO. She couldn't hear "shrimp" and "pork" like I did?
3. None of the kids wanted to sit at her table at lunch. And the germaphobe is still touching the kids' food with her unwashed hands. She picked up a dumpling for Collin instead of letting him get it himself. And not just with her fingers or a fork; it was in the palm of her hand. Yuck, disgusto, unnecessary.
4. Cringed as she SCREAMED at her kids to eat their ice cream cones while she and poor Jamie frantically stuffed paper towels on their shirt fronts. Bitch, how about smoothies or just something cold to drink instead of melting ice cream in flavors the children didn't even get to pick for themselves?
5. I turned the tv off after she accused her kid of lying to save face (?). She claimed "for the record" that she thinks Cara never asked for the milkshake. Yeah, good save there, Kate. That's why the kid was crying. Why didn't she run back to get her one, for pete's sake? She could have jiggled those boobs and clunk those high heels again?

Ten minutes, guys. She is THAT annoying. And for the record, Kate, I think you are mentally ill.

Lulu from Hawaii said...

The kids are 75% Caucasian and 25% Asian but they look mostly Asian.

In Hawaii, we have so many mixed raced people. Hapa Haole is the term we use to describe people who are half Caucasian and half Hawaiian or Japanese or Chinese or Korean or Filipino, etc.

I have seen some Hapas who look full on 100% Caucasian. Genetics can be so interesting.

Given that the Gosselin kids look so very Asian, you would think that Kate would have more respect for their heritage!!!

She needs medication said...

Anyone think Kate was on something? The loud, mile a minute talking, the screeching, the overly good mood at times, the inappropriate behavior (steering the ferry)? She seemed manic to me. Also, she looked like a gorilla when she climbed that ladder in her heels, so unlovely, even though I'm sure she thought it was sexy somehow. And sadly, poor dear Mady is picking up on Kate's histrionics and is starting to sound like her.

Duckman said...

winky said...

Wouldn't you love to whisper in the kids ear "Guess what? You hold ALL the cards. Yes, YOU! Without you your mother is nothing. Don't let her threaten you again. Don't take her orders. You don't have to play up to the camera if you don't want to. Tell her who's boss."


If Kate hasn't faded back to obscurity by then, it'll be interesting when the kids learn about expressing their thoughts via throwing the middle finger at any camera lens they see pointed in their direction.

Hippie Chick said...

Don't know if it's been posted, but...

Peggy Devon said...

I watched the TLC show and I felt so sad about the children. The heat was terrible on the East Coast during that time and most of the summer. 40 something days with that extraordinary heat/humidity. I sincerely hope and pray that someone has the brilliance to take all of these shows off of TV with small children. Every one of these shows are a haven for pedophiles, etc. Kate is pathetic. Where are her sisters, Aunt Jodie, Beth, the Grandparents in these children's lives? The camera staff, who are being paid to be nice to this kids, are the family? Children on TV, reality type, should be banned from television. I watched Kate's 8 on this past monday's show and I could see the anger, sadness, exhaustion and confusion, especially the confusion at Kate's behavior. These children are being photographed by strangers everywhere they go. Does anyone care how this affects their mental stability? I don't know but I will be surprised if School is the only refuge these children have. Kate playing games and winning over 6 and 8 yr old children in Central Park? This is not going to come to any good for these kids, they are confused. They go to school and see normal children with normal families and it will/does affect them. Jon's placing of towels over their faces? Yes, now the children are tired of being photographed and it affects some of the little boys, they cover their faces. Could any of these children be reacting to all this celebrity that Kate/Jon placed on them with TLC's help? Yes. Oh don't even get me started on Steve the bodyguard, he is more than that, but he is only around for the $$, when no one calls her any longer, he will put that wedding ring back on and be gone. She certainly has changed from a beautiful country grown young woman to a horrific much older looking person who screams while talking and doesn't let anyone else speak. Replace Mary Hart? Mary Hart does not speak of herself, she interviews and makes the interviewee feel important. Amen. I am apologizing for going overboard, just frustrated that no one cares about all of these children on TV, every show should be taken off. Peggy Devon

dustilies said...

Saw the late-night rerun in the wee hours.

Truly, nobody here is exaggerating about how awful the episode and the kids' situation look.

Some new Kateisms for the record:

On the smell of the streets in Chinatown: "there's lots of fish . . . and oceanish creatures"

On dim sum (which K has never had before): "I finally figured out that it is all these dumplingy, wrappy things."

On tasting the classic char siu bao, (steamed bun with a filling of roast pork), K yells to Jamie with delight about her discovery "Its pork. And it's inside a sweet roll."

Her ignorance is deep, wide, and just bizarre.

dustilies said...

Sorry--just can't let go of that dim sum lunch scene.

when they get to the restaurant Kate is in her familiar stressed-out, overhelmed mode--"if I don't get something to eat, I'm going to fall over." She's looking to Jamie to fix everything. Sure, feeding eight kids in a restaurant is a challenge, but she should have it down to a science by now, no?

Kate can whine and bitch, but when one of the girl tups apparently complains (didn't hear or see what the offense was), Kate orders Jamie to "take her back to the hotel." Then relents immediately, with no discussion with girl tup of why whatever she did was an offense. Great parenting, there--make draconian threats in response to small offenses. Then show that they are only idle threats. Kate's goose is cooking away at a fast clip.

Back to the food--Kate's table manners are atrocious. To serve the kids she stands up, leans over the table, stabs her fork into dumplings, drops them onto a kids plate. No joy in food, no respect for food, no grace. The kids really don't know how to pass food around the table in reasonably orderly way?

I don't insist on perfect table manners at home, but my girls know that the standards go up when we are at a restaurant. When the boy impaled his eggroll lengthwise on a chopstick, I was appalled. Nobody stopped him as he proceeded to munch on the eggroll like it was corn on the cob.

Did anyone notice that Mady, on the couch, sounded exactly like her mom?
"We ate some innnnn-terrr-esting things" Then she rolled her eyes. I love that kid, and she needs an intervention!

Tami said...

Even when it's not hot out and I don't have to run 3 blocks I still get my kids' ice cream turned upside down in a dish with a spoon to eat it. They can pick up the cone and put it back down without making a mess. You'd think such an organized (ha) mom of many kids would know that by now. They even make a little ice cream holder for the cone to catch the drips. It's sold at Babies 'r Us. If I could find mine, I'd be using that too! : )

Kittie6 said...

I take great pleasure in seeing the latest ratings for Kate's show in the toilet. heeheeeee

DWTNutcase said...

Sassypaws said...
I would like to share a parenting tip with Kate, since I suspects she (or one of her minion) reads these post:

Next time you decide to run 2 blocks in 100+ weather to "treat" your kids with ice cream cones, ask that the servers place each cone upset down in a small cup. That way, the melting ice cream will be captured in the cup and the "treat" will be much more enjoyable for all concern.

8/31/2010 11:30 PM

But the woman's ego thrives on drama, and this tip would take away any need for drama. Without drama, she'd be like regular moms, and if you are a regular mom you probably wouldn't have a show, and with no show you wouldn't have money and fame, and with no money and fame, there'd be no Emmy's or ET corresponding.

Kate prefers tips that INCREASE the drama. That's how she rolls.

MaryB said...

I caught a small part of Kate last night on a rerun.
I had just watched a small part of the new quint show where the mom and dad are very hands on and caring for their children.
Two things came to mind watching Kate along side her children.
Sick. Sad.
Not once did I see her ask any of her children if they were feeling okay in the heat. Not once did she suggest they go back to the hotel and watch a movie in the cool of their room.
Not once did she touch a child in an affectionate way.
I honestly cannot stomach her even in small doses. I would much rather watch the kids with Jon even if every episode was them swimming in his pool or playing around with their dad in his condo.

The new Radar story of Jon's notes to self do not bother me. If he threatened Kate it was because he was giving her back her own medicine.
They say (and we all know how much Radar LOVES Kate) Kate backed down to Jon's threats.
Why would she unless she didn't want the true story of how she handles her children to come out.

Kate makes me sick. The life her kids live makes me sad. Some day they will tell all. Some day the world will know her for the person she truly is behind closed doors.

Hambone said...

She's on an old rerun of The View today from spring. Joy asked her about all the rumors about her being a diva.

Kate says, "It's unfair, unfounded, unwarranted..."

I just don't understand how she thinks it's unfair and unfounded when we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears just how rude and obnoxious she is on camera. She acts like a complete and total diva on her stupid show. How is that unfounded? She acts like a total ass on her show. How is it unfair that we think she's a diva? She is the one who provides us with the material to form these opinions of her behavior.

Hambone said...

MaryB said...

Not once did she touch a child in an affectionate way.


I wouldn't exactly call it affectionate, more like forceful and fake, but she did grab their faces and kiss them after she strapped them into the swings at the amusement park. It was completely for the camera and staged, not truly affectionate, and you could tell because when she did that the kids looked shocked and caught off-guard that she was attempting to show love. You could tell that never happens when they aren't filming.

Sidney said...

winky said...
Wouldn't you love to whisper in the kids ear "Guess what? You hold ALL the cards. Yes, YOU! Without you your mother is nothing. Don't let her threaten you again. Don't take her orders. You don't have to play up to the camera if you don't want to. Tell her who's boss."
8/31/2010 9:55 PM


I hope you are right.

I wonder how many people currently are watching to see the kids, or are they hoping for shock value from Kate?

Kate is very appealing to certain types of people, and these people watch because of Kate, not to see the kids.

Baba Wawa, for one. She thinks Kate will be "A Star!"

We know BM is head over heels in a Girl Crush with Kate.

She is THE draw for certain types of people, and she will be for some time to come.

Beck And Call Girl said...

@Sugarwater..."Kate really does dress like a hooker!"

That's not the most hookerish outfit we've seen. That was kind of "mild" in comparison to her clothing in many photos...

Button Button said...

The Reading, Pa., area reality TV mom told Entertainment Weekly she wants to get professional acting a shot after her experience last weekend with Jimmy Fallon and some other Hollywood types.

"Doing that little part in the skit was so amazing for me, being around so many wonderful actors," she told Entertainment Weekly. "I so want to give it a try! I think it is so fun to be somebody else, to get out of me and be somebody else."

How Funny! She wants to be somebody else!

Who could blame her!

If I was her, I certainly would want "to get out of me!"

Jessica said...

Wow! That's all I have to say about watching Kate this episode, although I really shouldn't be surprised by the awful behavior she exhibits. First, if Jamie is her BFF, why does Kate order her around like that. Who speaks to their friends that way? I noticed Jamie being bossed by Kate to take Leah (I think) wherever she needed to go in the Chinese restaurant, Jamie hauling one of the girls on her hips while walking down the street in the hot sun and she's the only one carrying a bag/purse which I'd guess also holds Kate's wallet, camera and, I'm sure, make up. Why can't Kate carry her own stuff? She was also snapping at Jamie to take photos of the kids quickly at the Statue of Liberty. She can't do this herself? My gosh, she really thinks people need to wait on her every step of the way. If I were Jamie, I'd hand Kate the bag, head for the hills and never look back. Don't enable this woman!! Kate is the way she is because, unfortunately, there are people who allow her to act like this and treat people as if their sole purpose is to make her life easier.

Also, why in the heck was Kate wearing heels to walk through the streets of NYC? Can anyone answer this for me? Seriously, a mother with eight kids who'll be walking all day wears heels. She looks like such a fool! I know she wears them everywhere - to grocery shop, to Target, to get her nails done - and she probably thinks she looks very metropolitan, but she looks absolutely ridiculous. You can't pull it off, honey!

Jessica said...

I forgot to add this point to my original post, but I feel it's valid enough to share: Why were we(and everyone who was at the Statue of Liberty that day) subjected to Kate's side boobage? Eww - gross and disgusting! I would've thought that TLC would have blurred that out - it's a family show. My eyes!

Laurie said...

The story about Jon was planted BECAUSE the ratings are plunging. TLC/Kate have got to create some sort of drama to keep the interest up. Her appearance at the Emmy's didn't do it nor did the announcement that she'd be a "special correspondent" for DWTS. Hmmmmmm, what to do next? I know, Hailey can conveniently come up with something new about Jon to make people feel sorry for kate again. The only problem with this is if she really had something like this on Jon she would have used it ages ago because Hailey is as big a fame whore as Kate.

Who Knows What? said...

"If he threatened her as Hailey states for money by saying he will call CPS, then he knew she would give him money because she was guilty of abuse to some level. No?"


There must be something that he's holding over her head. She knows it. Otherwise she would have made this public, crying that he was trying to extort money from her. Heck, she went on public television stating that she can't pay the bills in her purse because he took her money.

There's a reason she didn't report this alleged extortion -- to do so would be to open herself up to criticism (child abuse) because the public would wonder what does he know...what is she guilty of?

Brummygirl said...

"Doing that little part in the skit was so amazing for me, being around so many wonderful actors," she told Entertainment Weekly. "I so want to give it a try! I think it is so fun to be somebody else, to get out of me and be somebody else."
We wish you were someone else and somewhere else, preferably the other side of the world.

RyzandShyn said...

We stopped watching a long time ago, but my daughter tuned into this episode just to see how the younger children have grown and to see if the older two were any different.
I was so sad to see Kate parading around dressed like that. It's really embarrassing.
I was so sad to know that she hadn't even looked things up about visiting the statue and what it would be like. Who takes their kids on a field trip without looking it up first?
I was so sad to see the kids crowded by crowds like that.
I was so sad to see how bored she was being with them. It's so important and she's missing it.

C said...

I just killed a few brain cells and watched the episode on You Tube. Wow, Kate is an ignorant, self-centered git, isn't she? Hardly a news flash, but she really exposed every negative trait she has in this episode.

Speaking of know, I try not to focus much on her sartorial choices—I mean, she’s hardly the only “celebrity” out there with bad or inappropriate taste--but it was all just too much here. I’m straight, and I could *not* stop staring at her boobs! There was just…just so much out there on display! Top boob, side boob, all boob jiggling with bare arms and bare back too! And of course, just in case she hadn’t exposed enough orange flesh, short-shorts. Lots of people here have commented a lot about the black top, but my jaw about hit the ground when I saw the turquoise thing. I also want to know if there’s anyone else on the planet that thinks that visiting tourist sites in club shoes is a good idea. There are lots of cute and comfortable flats and trainers out there. Had she worn either ensembles to happy hour or a club, she would have just looked like your standard desperate 30-something clinging to her last vestiges of youth. In daylight, she really did look like a hooker.

bonehead said...

Well, don't you guys think, that if Jon did extort Kate, that kate, would have runned to the Media right away? Like she did about him taking that money out of the account. Sounds stage or like someone said here, her ratings have dropped, got to start something to have people feel sorry for that single mother of 8. To LuLu from Hawaii: It is possible that Kate made those insulting comments about Asians to get back or take a stab at Jon. I know the difference between Asian symbols and Chinese ones. Kate must have gotten the stupid genes or just playing(Acting stupid) Cause you know if you are in Chinatown, what language does she think or see or are they talking?, I don't know maybe, could it be, Chinese? You are in Chinatown. How clueless can you be? DA! Korean language is simular but not the same. And the big clue is that it is called Chinatown. And she wants to be an actress, there goes the acting profession.

Mary said...

OK I am done with those entertaiment shows.Also those shows that invite Kate to come on. Some of these shows have mothers hosting. They all knew how hot is was they all saw ONE bottle of water Kate had it. They also see how Kate dresses. Yet if they saw Jon smoking it would be all over the news. I also noticed that Kate read a sign to the kids and said thats for kids who can't read. The tubs can't read yet? Oh wo this is so sad. the little girl up the street from me can read and she is only 3.
I really feel sorry for these kids. Kate you cannot keep them babies for long. I was waiting for sippy cups to come out of BBF bag.

I saw kids that really need hats to protect thme from sun I sure TLC would not allow it as it would ruin the shoot.

I don't what it is going to take a child hospitized for neglect or teachers report to stop this abuse.

Kate also needs to be hospitalized.

stop puttingthis woman on Tv she is a and neve will be a nice person

Oh kate those free trips your kids go on are noting making memories. Ask any adult what they remember about thier childhood and its not some trip. it might be a game the whole family played and there
was not the Mommy winning every game. Kate have you ever read a book to your kids, Not the ones when camera was rolling. kate your going to grow old andalone and none of your kids will come to visit. Whaat comes around goes around

Too Little Too Late said...

@kids and reading

Several of the younger kids have stated that they cannot read. Alexis in particular, unlike Mady and Cara who were prolific readers at that age. They haven't been taught.

my9cats said...

Mary said.....

I remember having tea parties with my mom. This is back in the 50's. I had a little child porcelon tea set, little table and chairs. Along with mom, my 2 favorite dolls sat at the table too.
What fun that was. Even at 60 I remember this.

pinkdiamond611 said...

I want to get back to the use of the children. Why are there not laws protecting these children? Why is TLC allowed to get away with this? If it was a T.V. show or movie filming, there would be strict guidelines as to how many hours the children can be filmed, the conditions the children can be filmed, etc. There would be guardians, not the PARENT to make sure this happens. For the record the horses in Central Park are not allowed to work if the temperature goes above a certain degrees, but the Gosselin children are forced to work in deplorable conditions. On top of that they receive NO SALARY. Surely, there is somebody in the state of Pennsylvania who can help these innocent children.

Teryn said...

Laurie said...
The story about Jon was planted BECAUSE the ratings are plunging. TLC/Kate have got to create some sort of drama to keep the interest up

I think all this was created to discredit Jon and his book. Because of this, it will look like what he writes in his book is nothing but lies.

Peggy Catherine said...

Hi, I've never written before, I also never watched jk8 until DWTS last Winter and then I became curious about Kate. I have watched some old shows and the 2 latest and I am shocked. Who cares about these children? Not TLC, not Kate, not the production company. When I saw those kids falling asleep in that double decker bus in that hot sun. I got angry that it was allowed by their mother. I now understand that laws are trying to be passed in PA to control the conditions that reality show children are governed by, but this takes time.Why is this all allowed? I do not think this Steve is a bodyguard/boyfriend either. I see him touching those children as though he is family. I think that he is the director of everything. A bodyguard would say at the gift shop on Ellis Island "not safe for the kids to be around so many people".....but that didn't happen either. Kate pretends during interviews with The Today Show that she is a Mom, her interview with Billy Bush when he asked "do you have enough money for the eduction of these children....she paused and paused and then said, "not entirely" or something like that. She acted so Motherly. Yet that NY show when we were suffering from the Heat Index on the East Coast for more than 30 days, she is dragging them around. It is beyond sad, really. No one should watch these shows. I do not care what she wears or doesn't wear, her hair or lack of, but that Mansion is one unhappy place for those little people. One of the twins was explaining to the little ones about the history of the Statue of Libery, not their Mother. Something is so wrong on all levels with this show, don't you all think? Can't the State of PA or a Judge or someone get an injunction to keep those kids off of TV until proper and correct conditions are arranged. Where is Jon? Was he paid off? Even Kate driving that van to the bottom of her driveway, Jon pulls up in a car and they don't even exchange a hello. Why in the world can't Jon drive up to the house, so no one can see those children being taken to his home. I am rambling, I know that. Yet, those children were so tired, so sweaty and they did not want to keep walking around or even be in that bus. Someone needs to get into the accounting of all of that millions of dollars and find out what in the world she is doing and who is this Steve?????? not a boyfriend but obviously someone who runs the show and she listens to him. Absolutely.He was in his tuxedo at the Emmys. No one's bodyguard sticks with them at the functions, maybe outside. During DWTS, everyone who was interviewed about the show said that Steve was there for every training, etc. No one had a bodyguard in the rehearsal rooms, no one needs one then, but Steve is there, keeping her away from people. Something is not right, not right. Okay, said enough. Thanks, hope this gets on the sight because I do feel badly for those twin girls going into a tough time for young ladies and is she going to show all of that on TV? Those little ones are sad looking and one little boy keeps putting his head down, he does not want to be filmed or talk. Also, one more thing. No filming inside the house? No viewing of the Mansion and all the new furniture, size of the rooms, etc? Something very wrong. Yes, 7 kids in my family and both parents, 1 bathroom and 3.5 bedrooms and we were okay and we were happy and we were close and we had love. We never had a souvenir (sp) from every place we went into. Okay, thanks folks.


Beck and Call Girl :

Another very clever and appropos handle. K8 ain't no Pretty Woman, that's for darn sure.

As for Hailey, well, I changed my normal handle just for her ( just this once)

Gimme Gimme said...

That was a great post Peggy Catherine. Good to see that people are gaining some insight into the situation.

Hippie Chick said...

@pinkdiamonds611...I agree! Why were the kids working that day in the heat? I did not watch, thank God, but again, even Police horses had the GD day off. Children had to walk around a strange city, with a psychotic mother, working, with no monitor, or whatever is needed on set for children? I don't understand. I though NYC had strict guidelines for child "actors". It does not make sense. I will cop to watching a pre-view of the show on another anti-Gosselin site, (the one where Kate is running wildly through the streets with ice-cream cones) & I must say, she looks absolutely RIDICULOUS walking in heels. She has no clue how to walk in them. It is absolutely laughable. I was literally laughing out loud. You would think, by now, with all the walking in high hooker heels that she does, she would have gotten the hang of it, but nope, she looks like a baby calf that was just born, or it looks like she has something up her butt. A grown woman in her 30's should know how to walk in heels. *Rant over*

Glad I missed the whole show. From all the comments I've been reading, I probably would have had to throw something at the TV. She obviously treats her kids like cattle. So sad. It will be a happy day when those children are free from their awful excuse of a mother. I hope they get away unscathed, but I don't see that happening. I fear those kids will be in years of therapy, (or worse) especially those boys. And she doesn't care. All she cares about is stardom.

Bodyguard my a$$ said...


Oh man! LOL! Brilliant! Funniest handle I've ever seen!! I wish I could steal it :)

MO4 said...

Several of the younger kids have stated that they cannot read. Alexis in particular, unlike Mady and Cara who were prolific readers at that age. They haven't been taught

I have to say that when I watched those earlier shows in which Mady and Cara are reading it looked to me like they were reciting something that they had memorized.The note that Kate left for them while she was still working on Saturdays as a nurse is an example.It seemed to perfect to me,I think that Kate got her to practice it to give the impression that the twins were better readers then they really were.Similar to her made up germaphobe and constant cleaning persona.

Berks Has Shoes! said...

"I have to say that when I watched those earlier shows in which Mady and Cara are reading it looked to me like they were reciting something that they had memorized."


Really? Mady and Cara were reading when they had just finished Pre-School? Do you have a link to that episode?

Regina said...

Berks Has Shoes! said...
"I have to say that when I watched those earlier shows in which Mady and Cara are reading it looked to me like they were reciting something that they had memorized."


Really? Mady and Cara were reading when they had just finished Pre-School? Do you have a link to that episode?

9/01/2010 7:09 PM

Mady was reading a note that Kate wrote her, telling her to be good and help daddy. I think this was the first or second episode. It was before moving to the E-Town House.

Ewwwww said...

I am still shocked at the amount of boob hanging out of the front and sides of her top with no bra on.

That was just nasty.

SquatmunkieRN said...

As a registered nurse I'd think with so many "low blood sugar" incidents she would go see a doctor. People who are hypoglycemic experience, anxiety, sweating, tremors, heart palpitations in the beginning then on to more serious effects like seizures, confusion & loss of consciousness.

I think & have thought from day 1, her episodes of "low blood sugar" where times when she just REALLY didn't feel like dealing with the kids & could no longer act for the camera.

As for the kids having "low blood sugar" episodes, I think that's bogus too. Children have tantrums, especially with all the stress the G kids go through, combine that with hunger & being overly worked and you'll get a tantrum. Not the kids fault.

kate can't do sh** said...

God, I am so sick of Kate's stupidity. First, on one of her stints on The View, after Patrick Swayze died, she said Ghost was "like, OMG, my favourite movie, ever" and then telling Jennifer Grey the other day that Dirty Dancing was "OMG, my favourite movie!". Why oh why doesn't something sophisticated ever come out of her big gob. She is way too old to be talking like a pimply faced starstruck teenager. Sucking up like you do is embarassing for us to watch Kate. My 16 year old daughter said you weren't worthy to be on stage with the 'real' actors at the Emmys. So true. Go away. Please. Just go away.

Tami said...

I also noticed that Kate read a sign to the kids and said thats for kids who can't read. The tubs can't read yet? Oh wo this is so sad. the little girl up the street from me can read and she is only 3.
Sorry, but the average age for reading is not 3. That is a gifted child. It is not a big problem the 6 can't read. Not at all, really. What is bad is the way they are raised. They are not speaking very well yet and are behind a grade in school. But they should just be in the beginning stages of reading right now, so they are probably not too far behind on that.

Berks Has Shoes! said...

@Regina, regarding the reading.

I found it. Thanks.

It's difficult to tell if she's reading or has it memorized. I'm leaning toward her actually reading it. If she had it memorized, she would be glancing from side to side, or looking upward, trying to remember it. But, she's looking directly at words and hesitating, trying to pronounce the words and reading them.

However, here's what struck me (in addition to the destruction of an American family). How could Kate have changed (and aged) so much in only five years? My gosh, she looks twenty years older now! In addition, check out the video at 4:39, 4:40 Kate, in the blue polo shirt, as flat-chested as can be, and then look at the recently published photo of her "girls" in the strapless dress at the gas pump.
If it's a good bra, it must be an inflatable one!

JacJac said...

When Kate came back to the bus with ice cream, which was suppose to be a treat to take their minds off of how miserably hot they were... Instead it was more like torture watching her literally SHOVE the ice cream cones at them and yelling, yelling, yelling, for them to sit down and EAT IT!!! Vacations are suppose to be fun, relaxing, enjoyable, not full of stress and yelling. It all is just so very sad.


Really? Are we all still watching this self-absorbed sorry excuse for a mother?
Other than her bad taste in clothing for a day in NYC with your children (gotta love the boobs spilling out of the side of her shirt - loved my kids being able to see that) the hooker heels(just my choice for walking up ALL those steps in the Statue of Liberty)and the short-shorts, I can not believe that she still has her kids.
She continually had a Fiji water in her hand...why didn't the kids have one? It was a HOT day in airless NYC, for goodness sakes. Would it have killed her to share her water or for the kids to have their own?
She really does think that she is all that and a bag of chips, doesn't she? And I'm not sure why I still even watch this show, except to say it's a little like a car accident that you can't look away from.
She purports to be just a single mom, trying to get by. Really? 8 kids and your boobs are as perky as ever, not a stitch of cellulite to be seen, and a flat stomach, perfect white teeth? WOW.. Can I get some of that too? I had 3 and I look like it. A normal mom.
Jon (even though he's a complete tool) should take a tape of this show to a judge and try to get the kids away from her and into the arms of someone who would really take care of these little kids.
I'm by no means a perfect mother, but I sure as heck do not pretend to be something I am not or put myself before my kids.

Berks Has Shoes! said...

"But OTOH it says something very negative about interracial families that the one they did choose is fronted by a woman who treated her non-white husband like a lower life form and servant, and treats her children's mixed heritage with such ignorance and insensitivity."


I seem to remember that she once made the remark that she wishes that SHE could be Asian because they are such beautiful people. Has her attitude changed?

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