Status of Pennsylvania Bill for Child Labor

Status update.


BerksPa said...

Thanks for sharing this link. I live in PA and have availability through various political community groups to get support for this change in law.

MBach said...

I have tried to put the name Gosselin out of my mind for weeks now. This morning I thought -time to check for some news.

Well, this is great news; IF it works.

I do not live in PA, but I will send letters-REAL letters. I believe that a real letter still has more impact then an email. Wouldn't any concerned person's opinion have some influence? At least I hope so.

I will write a one page letter and keep to the point, expressing my concerns for the well being of young children. I plan on putting my time and postage into the effort.

Ohio Buckeye said...

EXCELLENT article from "Christianity Today".

Such a valid point that it seems SO EASY to pander to some of those who are staunchly "Christian" because of the lack of discrimination between merely calling oneself "Christian" vs. actually measuring up to the standards of ethical behavior.

Sadly, to some, a person who claims to be a 'christian' is, by definition, automatically a morally superior person.

Add to that mentality the phenomenon that some are unable to see beyond the issue of choice vs. abortion, and, so, the Gosselins jumping on the 'Pro Life' bandwagon by refusing to 'cull the litter' sealed the deal as far as winning over these viewers.

This article succinctly points out that there are much greater, more complex issues to be considered and evaluated than simply 'being a christian' and/or being Anti Choice.

Thanks for the info - this is one more reason this is the only Blog (besides an occasional trip to Z) on which I participate.

Brummygirl said...

The only thing in this bill which concerns me, is the time restriction for minors. It says they can work 7.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. which pretty much gives T.L.C. permission to film them any old time.
I know that school hours etc are to be factored in this equation. Surely they were never filmed before 7.00 a.m. and after 10 p.m. so how does this part of the bill protect them? Am I perceiving this wrongly?