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From Z's blog at the Baltimore Sun.

I confess that I did not stick around for the full second hour Sunday, which was titled "Inside Kate's World." I could not care less about Kate or what's "inside" her world anymore. It is too packaged, phony, compromised and debased for me. Life is too short to spend too much time with this kind of television. Besides, I was embarrassed for some of the folks from the world of TV entertainment journalism who agreed to be part of the hype, hype, hype, sell, sell. sell. Not to be holier than thou, but they should look in the mirror Monday morning and ask themselves if this is what they want to do with their careers.
How absolutely true it was along with his saying the entire episode was hype, hype, hype, and sell, sell, sell.

That it was Kate has become isn't it a shill for TLC to simply push the show and whatever they are giving us an ad for that week?


NoUse4Kate said...

It's the Truman Show.

Monster Mommy said...

Z is spot on. I don't know anyone, that watched either show last night.

There was a brief mention of Steve Neild, on Showbiz Tonight today... making light of the claims he makes about Katie Kreider.

He compares Queenie to royalty? Really? More like a royal pain in the ass. TLC is a joke for bringing this nightmare back.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Applause, applause for Z, whose column is always on target.

My hope is that those in the biz, including the likes of Natalie Morales, Barbara Walters, Meredith Viera, and any and all who pretend to believe what they hear fall from the mouth of K8 during their interviews. None of these staged/scripted 'conversations' qualify as interviews because seek not to identify any truth, but, instead, as Z points out so well, simply shill the latest version of TLC's creation, K8G.

TV can sink no lower than this.

Teryn said...

I found it ironic that Meredith Viera's JOB is reporting news and celebrity news/gossip. So I found it very hypocritical of her to tell Kate's naysayers to "get a life", when she has done THE SAME THING about other celebs on The Today Show, and especially when she was on The View where she was big on snark.

Pot meet Kettle

Irene S said...

Yes, Z, took one for the team last night. I hate it that he lost an hour.....

Ohio buckeye...I never will underestimate how low the bar is at the Lying channel...they never cease to amaze me.


emschick1128 said...

LIZ123 You are totally right, your points are not invalid. You sound like the only logical one in the crowd. She is a mean, miserable evil person. Jon may have made some bad decisions but he is still the children's father and she should not be throwing him under the bus at every turn. People that do that are usually very bitter and angry. Why don't you remind your family of the 22k she gets from Jon and the 50-75k she got from her over 100 episodes of JK plus 8 and the list goes on of her financial gains off the backs of her children. If she hadn't landed a reality show she would HAVE to make ends meet on an RN salary and it can be done,they make good money. Maybe she couldn't have a million dollar home,60k SUV $400 shoes,chiefs, nannies etc, but she could manage. I have zero sympathy for that witch. How anyone can support her actions is totally beyond me. I am an nurse in MA and have worked hard to take care of my 4 kids with 1k a month from my ex which includes having sent my older 2 wot college(still have 2 teens) How awful it must be to be scrapping by on only 22k + per month. I don't think Kate is really capable of ever being happy. She seems to delight in being mean to others especially her own children. I know a psychiatrist would have a field day trying to figure her out. Some day she'll be sitting alone in her her mansion old and lonely with all her millions stashed in the bank wondering where her kids are and why everyone else of course has "betrayed" her. She is always the victim. Poor hard working Kate.

Lillie Mae Acres said...

I could only watch the first part of the first part. I've never been real faithful at watching from day 1 so finding something else on tv is easy. I just tried to watch it out of curiousity. Tried I said! She bragged, moaned, complained, etc.
Then I caught a part of the airport where she was tromping around half naked in heels like the hillbilly big mounthed want-to-be star she is.

Hard to Keep Loving Jon said...

Jon stated they made over a $million the year before their divorce. And she hasn't made less than that since........... so cry for me Pennsylvania.

Ahh, just another typically ordinary divorced mother trying to make ends meet!

couch potato said...

Didn't watch. It was painful enough watching her on TLC webiste when they were watching the space shuttle launch. The kids asked, "why do they have to go to space?" Kate said someone with more expertise than her had to answer the question. She is just so stupid! Why can't she talk to her kids? I would have probably said something like "they want to explore and learn about outer space". Or maybe I would have said "Some people think it's important to explore space, and other people think it's too much money for the space program and we should spend money helping others. Kids, what do you think?"

But heck, these trips aren't educational. They're all about camera time for Kate.

I just had to stop watching.

Just wait until her kids are teenagers and start asking about sex. Is she going to get an expert to answer their questions? I hope it's not going to be aired on T.V. when they ask.

I just made myself sick.

Rose said...

Just wait until her kids are teenagers and start asking about sex. Is she going to get an expert to answer their questions? I hope it's not going to be aired on T.V. when they ask.
Are you kidding? If it gives Kate the attention and the paycheck she hungers for, her only question will be how quickly they can get it filmed and televised. The teen years are not far behind for those kids, and you can bet your bottom dollar that TLC is already cooking up ideas for when that time comes. Anything to get those kiddies through college, right? Anything to add a few more million dollars to the pot, and if it happens to take away any inch of privacy and dignity those children have left...well, then, at least they will have gotten an education, right? That's Kate's motto, after all.

enoughalready said...

For the love of God - I think there surely must be some madness to the methods of TLC. There is absolutely Nothing appealing in this woman and her brood. Methinks TLC was in a bind knowing how they went aboard on the child laws, etc. So, in fear of a lawsuit they quickly conjured up a deal with the greedy greedy mother. Its very cheap to asskiss her and they played her like a violin and boy did they make beautiful music together (TLC & Kate Kreider. Well, as we all know, partnerships usually come to an end one day - bitterly or lovingly, time will tell.

No Worry, Beef Curry said...

@ Couch Potato...

Kate really told the kids she couldn't answer a simple question about Space Exploration? Oh my... Buzz would have a field day with that comment- and I DON'T MEAN BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! (snark, snark... Aaden called him that on a recent clip). On that note- here's to hoping Ms. Kreider never teaches Home School!

@ Rose...

Exactly- nothing is sacred, when it comes to the kids.

What's to come? TLC presents, a very special episode of... "Mady's First Bra". Join us in the tears, the humiliation, the laughter (by her own mother), all at a helpless pre-teen's expense... Coming up next on Kate Plus 8!

Hungry Journalist said...

There is a must-read article on CNN.com entitled...

"Two Hours of 'Kate Plus 8': I watched so you didn't have to"

(Courtesy of EW.com)

I laughed and cried 'til my sides hurt! (He makes a "Breaking Bad" series reference that kills me)

If you want to know what happened on the show... that's certainly the recap. I don't have the exact link, but maybe a pal here will post it, for this lazy old wench (like Kate)

evil-doerk8/TLC said...

Z is spot on. So who thinks TLC has been sitting on what they think has been their back-up plan and Hailey's revenge?


Just like the old days, think it will be boost poor, poor "widow" Kate's ratings? Because you know, people never have gotten divorced with kids in this country before, Kate. Just YOU.

Twitter @greyson_chance said...


by Lynette Rice

The premiere of the first of two Kate Plus 8 specials was a boon to
TLC on Sunday: The episode titled “6th Birthday Surprise” averaged 3.4
million viewers while “Inside Kate’s Worlds” attracted 3 million.


I *hope* it's nothing more than morbid curiousity and future "specials" will bomb.


What is it they say, there is no wrath like a floozie scorned. HG is going to make a career out of her time with Jon. What a big mistake that was. That was a nasty video. I feel sorry for Jon in spite of it. She was clearly more messed up than he was but I hate nasty talk. He is not the brightest bulb in the lamp. Never trust anyone with a video camera if you are in the news unless you are on your way to church.

Marianne said...

Yeah, Z's posts are always interesting to read. It's nice to finally see someone - besides us "hateful" GWoPers - calling Kate out for who she really is and what her motives really are.

I also suggest everyone check out the Small Town Gosselins blog. Not sure of the URL, but just type that into Google search and a link will come up.

Irene - good to see you on this blog! I've read many of your comments at Z on TV.

Laura said...

Ohio Buckeye said...

TV can sink no lower than this.


Don't give TIIC out there such a challenge. ;-)

Give it time ... I am sure that a new TV low will be reached. Sadly.

Kate's Angry Beaver said...

Big deal if Kate's shows did 3M... MTV Movie Awards did 16.4 MILLION, on the same night! Hardly seems like ratings gold; especially for the Premiere of a new show... given so much "hype".

My ratings source is Google, by the way! Okay, it was CNN.com

Just My Few Canadian Cents said...

I've enjoyed reading the posts. I didn't watch so my info about the show comes from this board.
I find it disturbing that Kate showed her daughter's vomit in a bag on television. And I'm embarrassed for her that she paraded around in a bikini while at that Disney place.

But that said, my biggest beef and disappointment from the show would have to come from Meredith Vieria (spelling?) and Kate Coyne from People magazine.
I read that they sang Kate's praises and questioned why people hate Kate or care about her hairstyles. And I heard they argued that Kate can provide better for her children by being on television than by working as a nurse. (Although Kate's television career seems to take her away from the kids quite a bit, but I digress...)
What disappoints me with Meredith and Kate Coyne is that they are so caught up defending KG that they have missed the point as to why she is controversial - you know the minor point of exploiting her children and how it's not in their best interests to have their personal and family lives out there for everyone to criticize and laugh at. Did Meredith or Kate Coyne acknowledge the physical and emotional dangers the children are exposed to on a reality show? Did they acknowledge that maybe at the tender ages of 6 or 7, Mady doesn't deserve to have Facebook pages dedicated to hating her or calling for her to receive therapy? That Mady doesn't deserve to be named one year in the top ten "most useless television characters" in one prominent American tabloid.
And if Kate's decision to be on television with her children is so innocent and smart, what do they think of the family's need for security now and the children being repeatedly hounded by paparrazi while boarding their schoolbus?
A career choice that has resulted in the need for security and paparrazzi at bus stops does NOT seem like a wise one to me. It's too high a price to pay for a large home and luxury vacations.
I also wonder what these two women or any of Kate's public supporters would say should a child predator actually stalk, abduct or harm any of the Gosselin children. (My guess is they'd turn on her pretty quickly.)

And I'd like to ask them what is the point or purpose of the Kate Plus Eight show. Does it educate the public on any of the following: proper nutrition, effective and appropriate disciplinary measures, how to economize/budget/stretch a dollar in these trying economic times? Does the show do anything to raise awareness of anything? No, it's there to sell products and services and vacation spots. It's an infomercial and a way for Kate to get and get and get and do and do and do without having to pay for anything. And if we gave Meredith and this Kate C. a list of families who deserve such trips and free services and goods and included in the list military families, and children of firefighters and police officers, how would the Gosselins rank against such families that actually sacrifice and contribute to society? I'd guess dead last.
I don't think Meredith or Kate Coyne did themselves any favours by appearing in Kate's ridiculous show.

jonandkatewho? said...

Kate Coyne (can't stand the harridan, never could) and Meredith Viera now have egg on their faces, if you ask me. I will never respect either of them again, not that I ever really did, but I did think Viera was smarter than this.

I didn't exactly watch it, I couldn't stand it but I caught a few remarks they made in defense of Kate and it just makes me sick.

If Kate is so wonderful, why does TLC have to invest so much time and money setting up shows to defend her? This is not the first time we have seen interviews set up to make her look better. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it?

Sorry TLC, but Katie KREIDER G. is no breakout star. She's pure trash. They need to get real.

Vanessa said...

Meredith actually seemed more outraged this morning when they reported on a new trend for "Pet Parents". You can now get a dye job for your dog to make them look like a tiger, a panda bear, koala...she asked something like "Now does that dog look happy to you?" Yes, Meredith, you're questioning the happiness of a dog, but nary a mention of the Gosselin 8. Why don't you ask Kate, "Now do your kids look happy?"

readerlady said...

@ Just My Few Canadian Cents

Brava! Very well-said. What a shame none of the parties involved will read it.

Aunt Flo said...

"What's to come? TLC presents, a very special episode of... "Mady's First Bra". Join us in the tears, the humiliation, the laughter (by her own mother), all at a helpless pre-teen's expense... Coming up next on Kate Plus 8!"


To be followed by..."The twins are now women -- the anxiety and frustrations (and cramps) of the first of many monthly visitors..." Product placement: Midol Extended Relief and Always Flexi-Wings.

silimom said...

Just My Few Canadian Cents...

You made some excellent points.

I didn't watch, but I don't fault those who did and I appreciate your insights into the episodes, especially Z's. The one observation I have is I wonder if anyone else finds it interesting that the only people making these testimonials to Kate were people who had something to gain - Steve is her employee, Kate Coyne and Meredith Viera make money when she appears in their magazine or show, and Jaime Ayers is her "spokesperson" who regular shares information with the tabloids (and probably gets paid for it) and who Kate takes with her on freebie trips to help with the kids, so she gets free vacations.

No other friends or family stepped forward to speak on her behalf? I have read on this and other blogs that her parents and sisters support her television gigs. Well the, why not come out and give their public support? No friends from church? No "man/woman on the street" from Wernersville or Reading cared to step up and speak in her favor?

That alone says volumes to me.

ToTheMoonAlice said...

Monster Mommy said...

(Steve) compares Queenie to royalty? Really? More like a royal pain in the ass.


And another spot-on comment from an extremely amusing GWOPer! I swear, this is one of the funniest (as in LOL) blogs on the Internet!

susan said...

silimom said...No other friends or family stepped forward to speak on her behalf?
I was wondering the same thing, I had read that celebrities would attend the whinefest to defend poor, pitiful Kate but, apparently, the only people who showed up were paid sycophants. I guess all her new bff's from dwts were too busy working or parenting or something.

Jane in California said...

sillimom said:
No other friends or family stepped forward to speak on her behalf?
* * * *

Exactly. That does indeed speak volumes. The Jaimie woman is the closest to a friend, but she appears more of a hanger-on person than anything else, and will be allowed to remain "around" as long as she is useful to Kate. But if she gets too uppity, tries to upstage Kate or otherwise begins to demand decent treatment, she'll disappear from view just like Jodi, Beth, and so many others.

I don't think Kate has any real social life. Her entire life seems to be composed of getting up after the kids have left for school, spending time debating what to wear that particular morning, perhaps going to Target, then again on other days going to the nail or tanning salon, posing for pictures, returning home and probably changing into a different outfit, retiring to her portion of the house before the children get home and try to interact with her, and watching old show episodes and interviews endlessly through the night.

She lives for the moment when she can pack up and leave on a trip somewhere, to stay in an upscale hotel, have an excuse to dress up in tasteless clothing.

But friends? I don't think she has any.

Family? Supposedly she is still friendly with a sister but you never see any pictures of any of Kate's family stopping by for a visit, sharing an Easter meal with her and the kids, or Kate and the children going to visit Grandma's house for the day. Never. I think at most she may talk with her sister by phone once in awhile and that's about it.

Church? Don't make me laugh. She never darkens the doorstep of any church now.

She's a lonely, pathetic woman who still believes that money buys happiness.

fidosmommy said...

Well, I've finally figured out what the Gosselin 8 are going to be doing once their show goes off the air. Their mother is paving the way for them each to get a job in the "real world". One will collect garbage, one will be a server in a diner..... each of the jobs Kate does on "Twist of Kate" will be filled by one of her kids when she's done. That way, everyone will be happy. The public will be glad the kids are off TV, their hours will be regulated, and they can support the family so Kate can keep getting her maicures on a regular basis, and she will love them for it. What could be better?

acertaingirl said...

I just read that the next special will air July 11.

Monster Mommy said...

Thank you... To The Moon Alice-

I love your contributions here. They are to the point, and I remember them... which is refreshing. It's my favorite blog too- and the best out there. Exposing the truth is the key. Why waste time anywhere else?

I recall coming here years ago, a few times, and someone said... "If I hear Kate talk about how poor they are, then how they eat ALL Organic meals, in the same breath- I'm gonna burst!" Still cracks me up.

momto5inFL said...

@just my few canadian cents,

as the wife of a retired firefighter, thank you for your thoughts on the children of firefighters, military and police. Since 911, many companies have been generous to these kind of heroes, offering big discounts or a few freebies for them and their families. It is sad that it took 911 for these heroes to get the recognition they deserve(not that they are asking or looking for it, many of these people do this job for the love of it and because they are very brave). Everytime my dh left for work, I never knew if this could be the last time I saw him, but as much as he loved and adored his family, he was a firefighter who had made a promise to serve the public and that was very important for him to uphold. Then when I think of Kate who gets EVERYTHING she gets FOR DOING NOTHING OF VALUE, it is sickening. Dh and I do not need riches, we like our simple life, but it would be nice to have a yearly vacation, a little more spacious house and have all the bills paid on time, lol. But not complaining, we are managing. We have 5 kids, count em 5 kids and we have managed to raise them with very very little outside help and limited resourses. It is beyond me, how Khate does not see all that she has. She only sees what she doesn't have. What is even more appalling is that she is not a very charitable person, and when she is, she advertises it. I just feel so sorry for these kids and their future. Their lives are nothing but a sideshow and their mom says this is fun for them. Maddy is slowly losing her patience with all this. I pray that these kids get a chance to live a normal life one day. And Khate needs to shut up and count her blessings. She has health and wealth for her and her kids. Most firefighters, police and military can only hope to have at least one or the other, especially with such dangerous jobs, that do not pay what they really derserve. The world can be backwards at times, when underserving people are getting rewarded for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL!

Fitzgerald said...

Vanessa said...
Meredith actually seemed more outraged this morning when they reported on a new trend for "Pet Parents". You can now get a dye job for your dog to make them look like a tiger, a panda bear, koala...she asked something like "Now does that dog look happy to you?" Yes, Meredith, you're questioning the happiness of a dog, but nary a mention of the Gosselin 8.


Meredith Viera needs to GET A LIFE if all she can do is snark about a dogs hair. Geesh.

( I'm being a smart arse, of course, in reference to her saying that people who yap about Kate's hair need to get a life. )

Claudia said...

Here's a link to another excellent Baltimore Sun article:


I hope they keep the heat on this issue!

Vanessa said...

Good one Fitzgerald!

Kate's Nemesis said...

Yes... Good one Fitzgerald!

(And from an avid dog lover!)

Kate's hair still sucks- and she exploits her kids. Can't get around that fact.

Can't See Sheep said...

@Claudia, thanks for posting the link, that Z, he's always bang on with kate & the exploitation! I hope they keep the heat on it too.

Rose said...

On "Inside Kate's World," she said something to the effect of "I might be making someone mad over here, or insulting someone over here, but whoever it is, just pause, because I need to sleep." That just makes me absolutely sick! The implication is that we are all revolving our lives around her and the decisions she's making for her family. We all live and breathe on it, and we can't be at peace until we know what she's gonna do next. And if she has to take a few hours and sleep, then our lives are going to stop turning until she comes back to us. My goodness, that woman's ego needs to be brought way down.

The whole episode was just funny. I have to hand it to TLC...they did a remarkable job of trying to make us believe that not only are we constantly criticizing poor, innocent Kate, but we are slowly killing her. We are making her sob uncontrollably from her limousine. We are making her feel like she can do nothing right in life. We just don't understand her heart and her goal, do we?

I have to clarify that I am not a person who easily thinks negatively of others. Truly, if you knew me, you'd know that. It's just that Kate doesn't even try to portray herself as an honest, caring person. The charade isn't even a good one. You'd have to be flat-out stupid if you could look at her at this point and not see that something is terribly wrong with her.

All I can say at this point is that if she needs help (and that's a given), I sincerely hope that she gets it SOON. Too much is at stake with those children, and time may be running out to help them. If this is all causing her so much emotional pain and trauma, then I would encourage her to look at what it must be doing to her kids, because unlike her, this is all they've ever known. Kate had her entire childhood and young adulthood to just be a normal person, and no matter what, she will ALWAYS be able to say that it was her choice. But her kids will have to live with the fact that it was chosen for them. Kate may think she is struggling deeply, and maybe she is, but every single choice she's made has been her doing. This wasn't done to her. It was done BY her. If nothing else, she needs to suck it up and acknowledge that she has made these decisions herself, and if she's unhappy with them, she's the only one who can fix it. Stop playing Supermommy for the cameras, Kate, and just be a mommy when the cameras are away. Your children are depending on it. You can be a good mother--a great one, even--if you really want to, and if you work for it. We aren't the ones making you a good parent or a bad one. That's all on you. It's the same for every single mom out there.

Can't See Sheep said...

Rose said...
The whole episode was just funny. I have to hand it to TLC...they did a remarkable job of trying to make us believe that not only are we constantly criticizing poor, innocent Kate, but we are slowly killing her.

It would be nice if kate could realize that even the stars aren't liked by everyone & get their fair share of hate mail. Perhaps that's where she should attempt to start behaving as a star & deal with it as they do. I have yet to see Angelina Jolie or any other REAL star on TV blubbering because people hate them. Erin handled her stalker with far more grace than kate has handled pretty much anything. You certainly don't see any of the star's bodyguards or paid pals trying to explain them, saying if you only got to know them.

I agree completely with you Rose, the woman needs help, she really does & someone else needs to be keeping an eye on the kids full time, someone less narcissistic. She's unstable & I just don't trust her around the kids.

It's real simple, if it is killing kate, perhaps she should consider GETTING OFF TV!

Rose said...

"It would be nice if kate could realize that even the stars aren't liked by everyone & get their fair share of hate mail."
This quote makes me think of Taylor Swift...one of the sweetest, most gracious and down-to-earth young stars out there, and even she can't dodge the haters. She is a rare famous person who does nothing but focus on her craft and try to be kind and appreciative while in the limelight, but you don't see her flying into hysterics because certain people bash her in the tabloids, online, etc... Her classy behavior speaks far louder than Kate's chronic lamenting over how hard her life is.

Kate needs to understand that EVERYONE in the public eye deals with the "naysayers," but the kicker is that everyone handles it in a different way. If she thinks she's got it rougher than anyone else in the business, then maybe it's time for her to evaluate herself and think about why that's happening. Could it be because she's asking for it? Perhaps it will take a little longer for Kate to see the light, but the sheeple should have figured it out long, long ago.

Vanessa said...

Well said Rose!

PA448 said...

It really irritates me when people (like Meredith V) stick up for Khate and compare her to stars such as Angelina Jolie as far as "Angelina is away from her kids, why can't Kate be?".

I see the point they're trying to make, but its just not VALID.

The big difference between Khate and someone like Angelina is that Angelina made herself famous by acting and working hard to be a success. Khate used her kids to be "famous" and is exposing them for cash.... Big difference!!!!

I wish others would just see this and stop giving her the fame that she is trying to keep up with at the cost of her children.

NumberedDays said...

Bravo Rose! Well written!

Kate has that odd "poor me" attitude. In her mind, she is blazing through many uncharted waters!!!
1) I'm the only single mom with twins and higher order multiples.
2) I'm the only dwts contestant who is a single mom and has no dance experience.
3) I'm the only reality star with haters in my audience.
4) I'm the only type A that can think three steps ahead of you, you, and you.

readerlady said...

I've been reading about the trial for Shawn Johnson's stalker. This loony actually managed to get onto the grounds of the DWTS rehearsal studio. He was caught with weapons, duct tape and rope. But Shawn didn't whine about needing a body guard with her at all times and being unable to concentrate on dancing because she felt threatened. She worked her behind off and won the competition. AND SHE WAS ONLY 17 YEARS OLD AT THE TIME. The difference between self-discipline and class and Khate.

@ PA448 - Another difference between Angelina Jolie and Khate - when Angelina is working and away from her kids (which is rare, because they travel to location as a family) the kids are with their father. Khate goes out of her way to minimize the kids' time with their father and to dismiss his contributions to their care.

IDModo said...

Rose, all your posts are full of good sense and compassion for those kids. Thank you for them.
How did your audition go? Did thinking about the "succubus" help you with the part?

Rose said...

"Khate goes out of her way to minimize the kids' time with their father and to dismiss his contributions to their care."
Glad to see that I'm not the only one who noticed that. It makes me so sick the way she described the kids' time with their father on their sixth birthday. "They came home chewing big wads of gum, and I don't know, they seemed to have a good time, I think. But I don't know. I didn't like it."

It's such a shame that Kate can't just say something completely simple and devoid of drama, like "Jon and I each took the little kids for part of the day, so they got to spend time with both their parents on their birthday." That's it. No melodramatic tears or dumping negative, back-handed comments on Jon. But then again, that wouldn't be good enough for a juicy episode of Kate Plus 8, would it? TLC wants their little golden girl to be portrayed as a single mother who is working herself to death to support eight children because they have a deadbeat dad who dares to let them chew gum, goof around a little, and just be kids. TLC wants us to think Jon has no control/discipline over his own kids and just lets them run amok, chewing "big wads of gum". They want us to pity Kate for having to share child custody with that monster who simply isn't doing the right things for them. You see, Kate can't look at it from the perspective of "The kids spent an afternoon with their daddy and came home smiling and happy," because that wouldn't look good for her, now would it? What would happen if people saw that Jon has the love and affection of his children, and that he was actually contributing? What if people no longer sympathized with Kate for dealing with a loser ex-husband who never does anything for his kids anymore? Surely they can't have that, so time and time again, Jon is just the spineless jerk who does everything wrong, wrong, wrong.

Yes, he has his imperfections (kind of like someone else I know...) that will have an impact on the kids as they get older, but if there is true love there, those children are going to know that...and they're also going to be able to see their mother's subtle ways of tearing him down every chance she got. Honestly, I don't care if Kate and TLC never allow us to see the good things that Jon does for and with the kids. If they shield that from us so they can build Kate up as much as possible for the public, then fine, whatever, but if those eight children know it for themselves, that's all that matters. Someday they may ask, "Mom, why were you so hard on Dad? Why did you have to go in front of a camera and gloat to everyone about how you thought you were doing everything so much more effectively than he ever could? Why did you undermine every little thing he did while we were with him? Why was it such a bad thing that he gave us gum to chew on our birthday and hot dogs to eat at a baseball game?" All I can say is that I hope she's ready for those questions when they come...and trust me, they will come.

Rosie said...

The one that got me, was the Editor
from PEOPLE magazine, the brunette woman.... What does she mean, Kate would have to work six, 12hour shifts at the hospital to make the money she needs, when she can do the "work" she's doing now and be "home" for the kids.
I am an RN and believe me, its THREE 12h shifts we do, NOT SIX.
If she worked from 7a to 7p or 7p to 7a, she be home plenty.
Plus, if she worked as a nurse, she'd come HOME at the end of the day,not to a hotel in Calif. or wherever. What nonsense they are trying to sell. I couldn't believe what I heard.

Marisa said...

She'd probably have to work six 12-hour shifts to make the kind of money she's making now, but if she could be happy living more modestly, then yeah, three shifts would be plenty. And in that article, Kate asked if working as a nurse and enduring all those grueling shifts would really be better, since she'd still be away from the kids for long periods of time. Yes, Kate, that would be better, for many reasons, including:

1. You'd actually be the one working to earn the money for the family, and you wouldn't be dragging your kids into it, forcing them to help bring home the bacon.

2. You would learn what it's like to actually hold down a real-world job that sometimes feels grueling and thankless. You wouldn't be rewarded with manicures, pedicures, spas, designer clothes, and other little freebies, but you'd be doing real, honest work without all the vanity and the "all Kate, all the time" motto that you carry with you all the time. Your work would require you to think of other people before yourself, which would teach you AND your children a heck of a lot.

3. Your kids would get to be kids. What a concept! They'd be able to go to school, come home, do their homework, play, be outside, and walk around the outside world without being constantly photographed and hounded by the "P-people". There would be no hate websites dedicated to your children online, and they wouldn't have to deal with that fateful moment where they discover those sites for the first time.

So yes, Kate, it WOULD be better if you worked shifts as a RN, but as usual, you can only think about yourself. The question isn't whether it would be better for the kids. We all know the answer to that. The question is if it would be better for YOU.

Rose said...

Thank you for the compliment, IDModo. I am so grateful that this site continues to be run so well by the moderators. I feel like this is the only place where people truly see Kate and the whole situation for what it really is. When I go on youtube or actually talk to people about it, it's like talking to a brick wall. It's as if nobody understands or is interested in seeing the truth. Their arguments in Kate's favor are weak, and most of the time, they don't even make sense. Visiting this site and reading all the comments reminds me that despite all the sheeple, there are a lot of people who think those kids deserve so much better. Thankfully, when I come here, I know I'm not completely insane to think Kate is wrong to humiliate her children the way she does, like when she held a plastic bag full of Alexis's vomit up to the camera for all to see. On youtube, there are people who will fight you when you bring something like that up, and they'll say something to the effect of "If you don't like it, don't watch it" or "Hey, I'd like to see YOU handle eight kids!" They aren't even worth responding to anymore, but at least this blog speaks the honest truth.

I know I shouldn't care so much, and maybe I'm just contributing to Kate's success by paying attention to all of it, but it just makes me so FURIOUS. I can't wrap my mind around it, and I certainly can't ignore the injustice of it. I think that's why we're all here, adding our thoughts and opinions - because we see something horrible going on, and turning off the TV and ignoring it isn't the answer, either. It needs to be stopped somehow. As a teacher and a human being, I see eight kids being put through hell, and I just want it to stop, for their sakes. They're so young. They're innocent, and they didn't ask for any of this, and yet they're the ones paying for it.

Midnight Serenade said...

"She's unstable & I just don't trust her around the kids."

She's not going to do anything to the kids. They are her meal ticket, and she's nothing without them.

Kristine101 said...

Great Rose, and very well put!

I went on a gossip site this week, and found the same. Not worth trying to lead the sheeple to pasture.

Instead, I was called a Grammar Nazi... Which I found hysterical, given their level of education- that they can even spell "Nazi", or grammar for that matter!

Can't See Sheep said...

Midnight Serenade said...

"She's unstable & I just don't trust her around the kids."

She's not going to do anything to the kids. They are her meal ticket, and she's nothing without them.

She's already doing something to the kids. Being raised by a narcissist is not a good thing, it is in fact terrible & I know a number of people here can attest to that. That alone is why I do not trust her with them. Thanks to their mother & what she does & doesn't do these children will grow up with big problems & not just because of the camera crew. I don't trust any narcissist with children.

IDModo said...

For everyone's information- I have been having trouble using my Google Account to post on this site so sometimes I use Name/URL. They're both really me.

Midnight Serenade said...

"That alone is why I do not trust her with them."

This statement is nebulous. Of course she's done something to the children. She's exploited them, sold them as commodities, etc., etc. But in what way do you not trust her to be with them? Do you think she's going to physically harm them?

Monster Mommy said...

@ IDModo...
Me too! I had to fix my server connection, etc. tonight.

From now on, I'm just using my regular login- no Google account.

Monster Mommy said...

Sorry for being an over-zealous poster... but this is GOLDEN-

If Meredith is so concerned about dogs being objectified... She must check out the new show on TLC, this Sunday.

I think it's called "Poodles" something- at any rate, they are giving them sick haircuts... dye jobs, and exploiting them.

Meredith get on top of it... PRONTO!

readerlady said...

@ IDModo and Monster Mommy

I've been having Google account problems too. Sometimes I have to click on "publish your comments" 3 or 4 times before they "take".

Khate's done more than exploit her children. She's infantalized the 6 younger ones, to the point where they seem more like 4 year olds than 6 year olds, and she appears to have terrorized all of them. Only Mady seems to have the courage to stand up to her mother, and for that she gets hate webpages set up about her and is called foul names by supposed adults. I, for one, AM afraid that she's going to physically harm them. When she's in a blind rage, I don't think she knows what she's doing and strikes out at the closet things to her. That, I'm afraid, includes her children. We can already see the psychological harm she's causing them.

Unbelievable said...

Meredith made a complete fool of herself on Kate's Inside Story show. I'm surprised the Today Show managment allowed her to do this. Does Meredith have a clue what Kate Gosselin is really about? I doubt she ever watched the Jon and Kate Plus 8 shows to know. So, Meredith told the world to "get a life", because we don't have any business worrying about Kate's hair, & then proceeded to add a number of other ridiculous and totally off the mark comments. WTH...is she really this dumb? She also turned up her naive' and severely ill informed nose while discussing Jon.....the children's dad of all things. Just pitiful.

IDModo said...

ReaderLady-I agree with you about Kate's lack of impulse control.There were stories earlier, when the show was on, that it was difficult to get enough material to film because of the screamimg and fighting going on between the parents in the household.There was the infamous report of the plastic spoon beating that one of the boy tups took, not in sight but in hearing of the crew.Then there was Kate hitting the girl tup in public for blowing a whistle.
I think Kate is a loose cannon with a short fuse, and that what she sees as parental "discipline" is actually Kate going ballistic and hurting her children.
I will be glad when and if the new law is passed so that there is achild advocate "on set", but I also fear for the kids' physical safety when they are not surrounded by staff.

readerlady said...

Um, that's supposed to read "strikes out at the closest things to her", although there appears to be a lot of things in her closet that are "strike outs" LOL.

Rosie said...

Kate's Mantra....
Take, Take, Take, and give

Rosie said...

When someone in the room heard the name Kate Coyne (from People Mag.)
they said "Oh, the one that always looks like she's constipated."
I laughed so hard, because it is SO true of her facial expression.

maynard said...

Meredith and the others are certainly not newpeople. They are tlc rol pass me the money people. How much longer can all this go on? I wonder if there are any relatives behind the scenes who would question the exploitation of the children? But we saw what happened when they tried. Is there any hope at all?

N.E. Psychologist said...

@ Ohio Buckeye: TV can sink no lower than this.
I hope you're right, but I'm not hopeful.
Remember Kid Nation? and the "real" Beverly Hillbillies show that didn't fly because the people of Appalachia are not stupid,although they were assumed to be by the idiots who came up with that idea?
Not everyone will sell their soul for money, but there are some who will and there are those waiting to pounce.

Fran said...

The 3.4 million viewers is not really that impressive. The 2009 season priemere was 9.8 million. Nice spin attempt by TLC, but not so ratings gold!

N.E. Psychologist said...

@ readerlady: Khate's done more than exploit her children. She's infantalized the 6 younger ones, to the point where they seem more like 4 year olds than 6 year olds, and she appears to have terrorized all of them.

@IDModo: I think Kate is a loose cannon with a short fuse, and that what she sees as parental "discipline" is actually Kate going ballistic and hurting her children.

I agree with both of you. I cringe whenever someone encourages K8 to stay home and mother her children. I do not believe that she is capable of nurturing and after years of being catered to she has lost any coping skills she may have once had.
I will not diagnose someone that I have not evaluated, but based on what I have read (extensively) and seen (stopped watching when they announced the 9-year vow renewal -that's when they jumped the shark, imo). Not only are those children exploited, they are resigned. (Stay strong Mady!)
It always made me uncomfortable that 2 year olds would go to time out with only a verbal cue.
God help these children when karma bites katie in the arse; it will be their fault in her mind.

IDModo said...

@NE Psychologist: Resigned is a good word to describe the children's reactions. They remind me of the poor boys in Oliver Twist; instead of gruel, they are looking for crumbs of Kate's approval and maintaining low profiles so as not to incur her wrath. "MORE????You want MORE??? I'll give you MORE!!!"
They are all in survival mode except Mady, who seems to be willing to sacrifice herself for the truth to be known.What a horrible position to put a 9 year old in!
In my farthest-out fantasies, I have Kate in my former counselling office with the door shut, and I'm telling her what she needs to hear; I am doing this under a court ordered assessment process.
I wouldn't want to do this in real life- it would take a whole multidisciplinary team of therapists to unravel the mess that is Kate +8.

N.E. Psychologist said...

@IDModo: "it would take a whole multidisciplinary team of therapists to unravel the mess that is Kate +8."

It would indeed.

Kate Squared said...

My sister is an RN with 3 kids. She works sixteen hour shifts twice a week. The days she works, she sees them in the mornings. The other 4 days she is home all day with the kids. She SEES her kids EVERY DAY.

It is laughable that Kate Coyne and Kate G think being an RN would take her away from the kids more than being a celebrity in LA would for weeks at a time. They must think the general public is really ignorant about RN's.

I would've had more respect had they just admitted she can't keep a mansion and live the golden high life on an RN's salary. She'd also have to give up the mani's and pedi's and massages and give up rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. How sad that she would return to being a normal peon like the other 99% of America.

organized said...

After about 15 minutes of actual show, I started fast forwarding and finally deleted this FAKE woman.

I was especially disappointed seeing the woman at People Magazine and some other show totally sucking up to Kate. I know People is just a PR rag, but come on. Her popularity
is fantasy. I suspect the ratings will continue to decline and the free trips will soon be over!!

honestly? said...

I can't decide which show would be better:

Kate -vs- Amarosa


Kate is crucified by the housewives of NYC