Thngs We Are Called that We Are Not

This is a partial list of what the Kate fans have called us. I had thought people could add to the list.

1. Fat (at least not most of the ones I know).

2. Shribbled old cat ladies (Doesn't shribbled mean we aren't fat?).

3. Haters.

4. Cows.

5. Child advocates (At least I am not. Shocking but I have never claimed to be one.)

6. A nosy neighbor.

7. Jealous.

8. Bad mothers. Some of us don't even have children.

9. On welfare/food stamps (maybe one or two with the bad economy).

Please continue and add to the list. Enjoy.


jibberjabbers said...

They're Hypocrites.. Ever see the "fans" that show up to Kate's speaking engagement?

1) Fat? CHECK
2) Old? CHECK
3) On Welfare? Maybe. I mean, It was in the afternoon on a weekday. Shouldn't they be at work instead of attending Kate's speaking engagement?
4) Haters? Yep. They hate on anyone who doesn't support their cause

etc etc.

jibberjabbers said...

One example:

Anonymously Yours said...

1) I weigh ~100 lbs., as I have since about the 8th grade. Don't think I could be considered fat by ANYONE's measure (not that it matters what my (or anyone else's) weight is)
2)I own no cats. I do, though, have a 100+lb German Shepherd.
3) I DO have "udders," but, unlike K8G, what I have is mine and not synthetic. I also lack the cloven feet TwinkleToesOnADanceFloorK8G seems to have at the end of her kankles.
4)As if 'child advocate' is a BAD thing (?!)
5) I could not possibly care less what my neighbors do, so long as they return the favor.
6) Jealous???!!! Seriously, Of WHAT?
7)I doubt my sons would agree with ranking me as a 'bad mom'. Feel free to ask any of them, however.
8)Another SERIOUSLY?? Degreed and fully white collar, but once again, NOT that it matters to a hill of beans in the scheme of things.

My two personal faves are 'jealous' and 'welfare recipient'. Still laughing at those as I sit here gnashing my dentures, wearing my tube socks, Crocs (have never owned a pair) and my rayon gauchos (huh?) (never owned gauchos nor knew anyone who did).

But, hey, K8G's fanbase, thanks for playing. And, we're sorry, but you are NOT smarter than a fifth grader (& we suspect K8G shares this dubious distinction).

nopenotme said...

I am:

5'3", 107 pounds
44 yo
Single mother, work full-time, went to school full time for a second degree.
Have a 13 yo daughter
Got a pair of crocs for nursing graduation present; threw them away.

Rosie said...

I'm a nurse also and I've NEVER had the
desire to wear a pair of crocs, or
"duck shoes" as we call them.
Reminds me of a duck walking. Certainly NOT the most attractive foot attire out there. I'd rather wear a nice pair of sneakers before I succumb to the crocs. LOL

Jane in California said...

I am:

1. Fat? Well, I am above my ideal weight but I prefer to use the term "curvy" and my SO wouldn't have me any other way.

2. Old? Old enough to know better than to idolize someone worthless like Kate. Old enough to have learned how to spell, punctuate and capitalize where appropriate.

3. On welfare. No, by the grace of God and good fortune, I am not on welfare or any other type of public assistance. But I do not scorn those who are - they are down on the luck, and the social services in this country are meant to keep them from starving on the streets. I begrudge them nothing.

4. A hater? No, but I am filled with scorn and revulsion at all things Kate.

What I am:
1. A single mother, one child, work full time. I've worked since I was 16 and put myself through college. I have a generous and kind family that I appreciate every day for all the love they have given me. I have gladly accepted mismatched items, old furniture, and other gifts from my family, all given with love.

2. I am a child advocate. Not for a living, but just in my general everyday life. If I see a child who looks lost or scared, I stop and ask him/her if everything is okay and make sure there is an adult who belongs to that child nearby. I volunteered on my son's preschool board, and was a member of the PTA while he was in grade school. I worked in his classroom, went on field trips, helped sew costumes, donated supplies to his classroom, etc.

I firmly believe that all children deserve to be loved and cared for, and allowed to have a childhood (including privacy!). I don't believe children should be filmed for reality tv, ever. Jon&Kate+8 brought me to this conclusion.

3. I am a college educated woman, and put myself through college. I have been involved in a monogamous relationship for the past 2 years with a wonderful man, but was 'single' for 10 years prior to that. I know what it's like to be a single mom and work hard to support a family. Never once did I consider making my child earn the money in the household. That is not his job - it is mine.

4. I had the number of children I could afford, emotionally, physically and financially. While I would not hesitate to turn to state agencies if we fell on hard times, I thankfully earn a decent living as a professional. I did not wilfully have more children than I could afford to support.

5. I love spending time with my child. I know these years are going to be over soon and he will be onto his own adult life, stopping by to visit me from time to time. I'll look back and wish I could relive my parenting years over again, yes, even the miserable moments. Because they are and have been the best time of my entire life.

And that's me. Kate, you aren't anywhere near my league, nor are the sad girls who follow you around. But at least there is hope for your young fans - they'll outgrow you. You -- you're missing something, something vital that makes us loving, caring, emotionally giving adults. You will never experience the absolute bliss that is loving motherhood, because you don't have that in you. You're broken, defective, unwhole. While I scorn you, I also pity you because all the material possessions in the world don't come close to the selfless, one of a kind love, that a normal caring parent has for his or her child. It's priceless, and truly one of the blessings and miracles on this earth.

Anonymous said...

Is "shribbled" a word? I thought it was shriveled!

Sharla said...

Shribbled is what some Kate admirers have called us. Yes, we know that is not a correct word. Who do we know that makes up words?

IDModo said...

I am 20 lbs overweight, old, am owned by a cat but am really a dog person, was on assistance once for a brief period of time, am definitely not a cow (as far as I know), but spent 33 years as a child advocate because it was my job; I'm a good grandma.
I'm also an excellent dancer for my age, much better than Kate (but nowhere near Nichole!)
I confess that I'm a hater. I hate people who generalize and categorize other people in order to tear them down, and build themselves up. I'm bigoted- against prejudice in any form.However, I think it's kinda funny when people try to be vicious and only show their own illiteracy and ignorance.I hate blind stupidity in all its forms.
Jellus- well maybe- I'd love to see a real alligator in its natural habitat, but we don't have them in Canada...

Ohio Buckeye said...

"Is "shribbled" a word? I thought it was shriveled!"


Despite K8G's own woefully lacking verbal skills, we can all remember how she enjoyed embarrassing Jon about his 'vocab'.....

So, isn't it interesting to note that, if memory serves, it was K8G who uses the term 'shribbled'? Right up there with her "Dustilies" (no offense to one of my favorite posters here) and "sammynella".

Tami said...

Hmm..well compared to how I used to be, I'm "fat". After my first pregnancy I left the hospital in my size 3 pants. Now I have 4 kids and have been breastfeeding non-stop for over 5 years since my 3rd did it so long and still was into month 4 of my pregnancy with my youngest. When I'm nursing I my body hoards calories and I'm always hungry so I keep about 10 extra lbs. Yes, I know it makes you lose weight initially, but doing it long term sucks for your metabolism. Anyway, one thing I'm not is anti-fashion, which they apparently thing we at GWOP are. I like clothes and shoes (not in the way they assume we'd dress either) but definitely not high heels for running around doing errands and hanging out with the kids! I'm not that desperate! Far from being jellus, I am sickened and disgusted by the hag but keep coming around because I have always wondered just WHEN karma was going to come and justice would finally be served. Looks like never.

The Big Wooden Spoon said...

Let's see if I fit:

Fat? sort of, but I'm very fit.

Old? getting there, but I see it as a badge of honor

Hater? Nope. I like people, and they like me.

Cow? Nope. My udders are a little saggy from nursing three babies, but they are what god gave me.

Child advocate? Damn right. I have devoted years to volunteering with kids at the local women's shelter (that means working for FREE, for all you sheeple out there) and I gave up my ex's 6-figure income when I found out he'd abused our children.

Nosy neighbor? no more than any other concerned citizen.

Jellus? not on your life -- I wouldn't take Kart's lack of friends and her all-too-obvious anger for all the tea in China.

Bad mother? Definitely not. When I kicked my ex out, I had three suicidal teens on my hands. All three of them are doing well now, and they adore me. The youngest finishes college next week -- PHI BETA KAPPA!

Welfare? Never. I have enough to live comfortably and donate generously, because I do NOT spend it on fake "beauty".

Guilty Secrets: I wear Birkenstocks and wild, wooly socks that my daughter likes to knit. I also have several cats, so they got one right!

Geri said...

"Shribbled" <----Kate word

HI KATE! I hope your tether doesn't break when you "fly" next week!


Kari said...

Well, let's see:

1) little overweight, but I've seen pictures of people at her book signings so...
2) I'm 21, so unless these are preschoolers posting...
3)Welfare? Not yet. I just graduated though. Thank goodness my parents are helping me while I find a job.
4) Haters? Not really. I just hate the way Kate's raising her kids. Not the person, although it's hard not to.
5) I have the greatest neighbor in the world and trust me, it's not Jon or Kate Gosselin.
6) I am not jealous of Kate's leathery face, ability to hold 6 children in utero for 29 weeks, or her *fantastic* speaking abilities. I'll keep my vampire-like pale skin.
7) I don't have kids, but I think my cat would take offense at the thought of me being a bad mother.
8) I have a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from a respected university, so I don't think so.

Lucy said...

Well the facts and nuttin but the facts:
1) 20 lbs overweight. I ate too much on a cruise and am now going to exercise class to take it off. (wish me luck).
2) I consider myself young at heart although the Canadian government says I'm a senior because I passed the 60 year mark. A 2 year old, 100lb, black labrador retriever owns me.
3) I hate war, child abuse, greed of politicians who were appointed to help their people, flood, famine and disease.
4) I liked Elsie the Borden cow. Is that what they meant? lol.
5) I advocate for anyone who is too young or too old to make responsible decisions for themselves.
6) I could care less what people do with their lives as long as they do not abuse or murder others.
7) I am "jellus" of some world leaders. Wish I had all their brains in my cranium.
8)My adult sons tell me, sometimes daily, they love me. It is a blessing to me to have such love in my life and thanks to my parents, for me to have lived in a happy loving family growing up.
9) Welfare? Nope I actually negotiated early retirement to travel and am, through years of hard work, successful planning, and luck, financially very comfortable. I learned responsibility early growing up in a family of 5 children and, like my siblings, supported myself through university to obtain a graduate degree. My career path was as a Bank Manager and I supervised up to 325 people with all different personalities, life experiences and backgrounds. When I see how Khate deals with reality through her narcissism, I shudder to think how those 8 children will turn out.
So that's me. Not a jellus hater nor a cow nor a croc wearer. Sorry to disappoint the misguided sheeple. Just wish they would not want to emulate such a dysfunctional personality as Khate.

NoUse4Kate said...

Very well said Tami. I am right there with you. I am 41, have had 2 wonderful children and this fat cow wears a whopping size 4, swine size ya know. ;) My husband is an executive at a huge company, we also run a small video production company on the side to keep me busy and out of trouble.

My interest in the Gosselin's started out as they were a cute family, but that changed rather quickly and Hate's behavior towards her husband and her children started to make my skin crawl, then it went downhill from there. I'll be glad when we no longer hear about them and she quits living off of her kids.

readerlady said...

Well, let's see how I stack up.

1. Fat - okay, I admit it and own it. I'm fat.

2. Old cat lady - I'm owned by 2 cats and I'm over 60, so check.

3. Hater - no. I don't hate Khate. I hate some of her behaviors, but I really pity her. She will never know the joy of a child cuddling up on her lap, sticky arms around her neck, hearing those words "I love you" whispered in her ear. She'd be too busy worrying about said sticky arms messing up her hair or her clothing and she'd be too busy talking to hear the "I love you".

4. A cow - no, don't think so.

5. Child advocate - maybe. I was a teacher for a short period of time and still volunteer at a school. I stick up for kids who are abused and mistreated.

6. Nosy neighbor - I'm a neighbor, but not one of Khate's, and I'm not nosy.

7. Jellus. Child, please! What does Khate have to be jellus of? Well, maybe 8 healthy kids she doesn't appreciate. She's driven off most of her family and friends and done her level best to ruin a good man who adored her and tried his best to please her until she finally broke his spirit. She's not pretty, not "hot", not intelligent.

8. Bad mother - nope. no kids. Lots of god children and honorary grand children that I spoil rotten, though.

9.On welfare/food stamps - no. I earned every penny of my retirement benefits. Khate was receiving public assistance when the tups were babies. That's not a bad thing. It's what those benefits are there for - to help people who need it.

One thing we've been accused of I haven't seen mentioned here. Some of Khate's followers have accused GWOPers of being a coven of witches. So - what about it, fellow GWOPers? Should we go dance skyclad, widdershins around a cauldron, then fly off on our brooms?

JFS in IL said...

H'mmm... this GWOPer has four kids - fraternal boys, now 18, and a couple girls, 16 and 14. One of the boys is disabled. The twins were 9 days LATE and weighed almost 16 lbs total - at 5'1" tall I was as big around as I was tall. paid for my own "tummy tuck", though.

Not on welfare - family income in 6 figures (barely. 21 years married now. College educated + (almost finished PhD then had twins, one disabled...priorities shifted! being a MOM took priority!!!!
Don't wear crocs or gauchos. Mom jeans - yes :-)
Am 50, overweight (thanks, kids!)so in small part I fit the part, heh?

tallblonde said...

Another thing we're not...

Un-stylish-ish :-)

You know - because we didn't go for the rabid possum mullett hair style

Hippie Chick said...

My name says is all! I am a Hippie Chick! A peace-loving pacifist who loves being around all & wishes for harmony, love & well-being. I am a good mom, a good wife & a "Green" advocate. (I even drive a Prius!) I am nowhere near "jellus" of anyone, especially Kate. She is a miserable person! I love to shop, and find myself to be pretty fashion forward actually! No crocs for me thanks!
I enjoy coming here because I can anonymously be snarky, something my friends never see out of me. I am usually quite the opposite of what I post here. I like to unload and call Kate out on all the crap she does, because well, let's face it, she is guilty of all the things she has been called out for!
I wish nothing but the best for everyone here, and for all your actions for the 8 kids. It seems you care more about the kids than Kate does.
It IS fun to be kinda bitchy sometimes, but I am NOT a hater. I am a lover through and through. <3 That's me, baby. I wish that these ROL people would pull their heads out of their butts, stop idolizing a women they are so blind to, and get a clue. So there.

K8STFU said...

I would rather be a fat, shribbled (sic), hater, cow-ish, child advocater ,nosy, jealous, bad-ish mother and welfare receiving person ANY DAY as long as I know the difference between right and wrong.

What Jon and esp K8 are doing to their children is WRONG. Child exploitation is WRONG. Being a famewhore mom in a too-small biking is WRONG. Staying away from your children as often as you can is WRONG. Abusing infertility treatments to have a litter of children to pimp is WRONG. Banishing a very ill child to the laundry room floor is WRONG. Playing favorites among your children is WRONG. Treating everyone around you like shit is WRONG. Spending all your children's hard earned money is WRONG. Claiming to be the author of a book you didn't write is WRONG.

So sheeple, I don't care if you look like Halle Berry - as long as you love K8 and hate on everyone who doesn't, you are UGLY.

Speaking of Halle Berry - she is a talented actress who happens to have been blessed beyond words physically. If you look at pap pics of her , she's always running around holding her dauther and wearing modest clothing. She has the perfect body but doesn't feel the need to flaunt it every chance she gets.

Gin said...

Bad Christians ('cuz of the whole "judge not lest ye be judged thing). Lol. I'm not a Christian at all. Never have been, never will be (not that I have anything against Christians - I'm just not one). I just think assuming everyone who posts here is Christian is a pretty big assumption.

rural mom said...

Okay, I confess, I am the 350 lb gaucho wearing croc sporting hater they write about. My twin brother, whom I call hubby, is in the backyard playing his banjo right now. Our cross eyed kids are in the barn corralling the pig we'll eat for supper tomorrow night. We are saving up for a new set of teeth to share between us when we go out on special occasions. I get the upper plate, he gets the bottom. We are very jellus of Kate because she is so purty and we aint.

Hippie Chick said...

Oh, and I'm not fat, thank you. I do yoga daily. And I am not on welfare, I own my own business. I also volunteer at Feline Friends twice a week, cause I love those furry little animals, so yes, I advocate for beings that cannot speak for themselves. Thank you very much!

Sabreena said...

1. Fat - "honestly", obese
2. Shribbled old cat ladies - "honestly", 57 F w/ cat named Jon (named before I ever heard of J&K8!)
3. Haters - "honestly", a lover
4. Cows - "honestly", never moo, never gave milk (childless),
5. Child advocates - "honestly", not professionally
6. A nosy neighbor - "honestly", too busy with my own life
7. Jealous - "honestly", nothing to be jealous of
8. Bad mothers - "honestly", happily childless
9. On welfare/food stamps - "honestly", thank God there were food stamps when I needed them for about 3 months back in 1978

Ohio Buckeye said...

Here's a thought: So WHAT IF some of us are fat, tube sock 'n' Crocs loving, gaucho wearing, cat lover child advocates on welfare?


Are any of these even remotely close to being as off kilter as people who are unable to see through K8G?

Rose said...

I am 25 years old, graduated from college with an Early Childhood/Special Education degree, and am currently working in a before and after school program while I pursue a teaching job. It's not the job I want to have forever, but I am very grateful to be working and paying my bills, especially considering our economy.

My family is everything to me. My mother is my best friend in the world. We go to the movies, out for lunch, and shopping. I help her out in her kindergarten classroom sometimes. I don't know what I would do without her in my life. She and my father helped me and my two older sisters through college and have been a constant source of support to us. We have positive childhood memories as a family, going on picnics, enjoying family vacations, renting videos on a Friday night, and getting Slurpees from 7-Eleven. Our father coached us in soccer and basketball for many years. Growing up, when we had all our friends over for birthday parties, we didn't have lavish public events at the park with cameras filming us, but we had pizza, cake, ice cream, games, and pinatas in the basement, and we absolutely loved it. My sisters have moved out of the house, and one of them is married, but they still come over on the weekends many times, like tonight, and we spend time together. We are happy and grateful for each other.

Truthfully, I do not hate Kate. Her behavior infuriates me, and I am appalled at the charade she is continuing to play out on television, but no, I do not hate her. At this point, I just feel very sad for her eight children. It makes me sad that their mother cries to the press about how she can't take them to the Statue of Liberty because the show has been cancelled. It makes me sad that it never occurred to her to take them there herself, to throw them private birthday parties at home, and enjoy activities with them that don't involve TLC's cameras documenting it all for her own selfish benefits. Most of all, though, it drives me insane that some people out don't see it, and they simply won't open their eyes to the obvious problems this is causing for the kids.

I could go on for hours on how having your privacy invaded and your picture taken by the paparazzi at any given time is NOT a healthy concept for a child, but you know what? It is such a sad waste of breath and time, because those who support her still are not going to pay any attention to that, anyway. I just wish it didn't have to be this way for the Gosselin kids. Kate is not a victim in any way, shape, or form. The choices she has made have been hers alone, and she had the opportunity to take a different road for the psychological well-being of her children, but she did not, because there was too much she wanted for herself, and her kids were a method of getting it. So no, she is not a victim, but her kids defitely are.

IDModo said...

Rural Mom, I think we must be related on my husband's side of the family...
That was the best laugh I have had all week! Thanks a million!

Jane in California said...

ROFL @ ruralmom's "confession" - thanks for agreeing to be our representative ruralmom.

I hope you and your hubby kin save enuf money soon to git them teef.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Rural Mom: LOL! Yours is a great example of why I enjoy GWoP! Thanks for the laughter!

Can't See Sheep said...

Ohio Buckeye said...

Here's a thought: So WHAT IF some of us are fat, tube sock 'n' Crocs loving, gaucho wearing, cat lover child advocates on welfare?


Exactly! Remember, these criticisms come from people who think how kate dresses is the epitome of style, these are people who fall at kate's feet in worship, who seem tho think she does no wrong, who support her child exploitation. They think these 8 are there for their entertainment. Who think we are jellus of kate. Sorry, but I wouldn't want her money or her life for all the gold in the world, look at how it was gained. It's seriously filthy, with a large negativity/ bad karma factor or whatever you want to call it, it's bad. What sane person wants money & a life marked like that, ill gotten gains indeed. I mean at least be bothered to think ahead, what you do today will have a bearing on what happens in your future, kate will find that one out.

Exhausted said...

How about this added to the list as things we're all not: women! There are a lot of male GWOP'ers like myself in full uniform (members only jackets with black socks and sandals).

JTN said...

1. Fat? I prefer the term Fluffy if you don't mind.
2. old? nope, mid 30s
3. Haters? I prefer the term blunt. It's hard to hate what you feel bad for. Don't like her, but I hardly hate Kate. I think of her as entertainment's brussel sprouts. No one really likes them, but they just don't go away.
4. Cows? Nope, never used my udders... for food.
5. Child advocates? Ask Dave Pelzer if that's a bad thing (he's an author/child abuse survivor)
6. A nosy neighbor? Heck, I don't even know my neighbors names.
7. Jealous? Of her jumping the shark before me? nah.
8. Bad mothers? no kids. I'm allergic. But I do send my dog to daycare so I don't know if that makes me a bad or a good doggie mother.
9. On welfare/food stamps? hardly. Between my professorship (yeah, I have a PhD), my coastal summer vacation home on top of my regular home, I think I'm doing pretty well, thankyouverymuch.

StoryLady said...

I have also seen:
10. Constipated
11. Twinkie-eating
I kind of think these two would go together.
Before I comment further, I want to let you all know I am wearing wide legged cropped Yoga pants, which might be considered Gaucho pants by some. FYI.
Now, for the current list:
1)Fat: About 20 pounds over fighting weight.

2)Shribbled old cat lady: We live on quite a bit of land in Southern California, so we have all kinds of animals, a couple of cats among them.
I am 52, not old to me. I don't consider myself shribbeled. I'm still nice and smooth, because I don't tan.
3)Hater. To be honest, yes. I hate the Gosselins and TLC for what they've done to the children.
4)Cow. I have large breasts naturally, if that's what they mean. That's why I can't figure out why Kate would want fake ones. Buy yourself some back pain, Kate?
5)Child Advocate. I try to help anyone who cannot speak for him or herself.
6)Nosy Neighbor. I am a nosy neighbor in that my neighbors are quite elderly and I check to be sure they're okay and see if they need anything from the market.
7)Jealous.Of Kate Gosselin? No.
8)Bad Mother. My twins are twenty one now. I can confirm that while I was certainly not the best mother, they love me and still ask for my advice and come home when they're sick. They are in college and work to support themselves and they are fine young men. I must have done something right.
9)On welfare. No. Fortunately, my husband and I have done quite well, but I would never judge anyone in this economy. Thank goodness it's available when times get hard.

Savannah said...

Name Calling? It just shows their mentality, IMO.

Kate's Nemesis said...

I only (possibly) qualify for one of the above, living in L.A... at 38, I'm not Kate Moss. So- I guess? If fat by Hollywood standards, is over 105 lbs. Poor me... We can't all be anorexic in this town. Someone's gotta eat that great food.

winsomeone said...

Who cares what the sheeple call us? These people are not all there period! Why make them more important than they are?

PATH said...

Remember Kate fans:

Kate was fat; Kate was on welfare; Kate was jealous of her friend Beth; Kate had cat(s); before tummy tuck Kate was definately shribbled (what genius thought up this word?-sounds like a milk shake name); Kate certainly is on her way at 35 to being old;

Kate never interacted with her neighbors unless they could perform a task she needed to her satisfaction;

No Kate has never been a child advocate.

SuzFL said...


In the range of weight for my height.

Married 20 years to someone I love very much!

2 children I love very much!

Masters Degree.

Coupon cutter, and frugal but thankfully so far never on welfare.

1 Dog, 4 birds, no cat.

Rock musician in a band by hobby, fundraiser by profession.

Old enough to have grown up in the "hair band" era but know enough not to emulate those styles now :-).

Those are some funny accusations though.

KatesNoMom said...

1. Fat – well, not as svelte as I used to be, but hardly “fat”

2. Shribbled old cat ladies – nope nope nope. Sorry to say, but I hate cats. LoL I have an adorable shih tzu who thinks he’s the boss.

3. Haters. – only of cats.. LOL

4. Cows. – Yummy! Medium rare, please!

5. Child advocates - ….and when would this be a BAD THING?!?!

6. A nosy neighbor – a good neighbor… a friendly neighbor… a caring neighbor, and yes, I DO have a nose. Don’t we all?

7. Jealous – Of whom? I love my life – my family, my friends – and I am very thankful and blessed. Jealousy is the furthest thing from my mind when I see that nasty, horrible, angry woman. The only feeling that comes up is sorrow for her children. But jealous? NO WAY.

8. Bad mothers – Yep, that’s me. I won’t let my daughter wear skimpy clothes. I send her to Catholic high school to punish her with theology classes every day. My husband & I insist that she attend church with us and be polite and kind. We make her do her homework. We force her to come on vacation with us, numerous times a year. I volunteer for hours on end at her extracurricular functions, so that I can embarrass her. I know all her friends' names. We have raised a young woman who is kind, considerate, loving, well-loved, and successful. What a BAD MOMMY!!

9. On welfare/food stamps – thanks be to God, hubby has a good job and we are financially stable. Thankfully, there are programs to help those who need it. Why in the world would those awful sheeples even list that? It shows their cruelty and pettiness.

Sheeples – you love Kate? – you’ve got her. If that is what you aspire to, I hope you all end up just like her. But don’t you DARE categorize me with your hateful list.

I have a visual in my mind of what all of YOU are, but I have too much class and grace to make a list.

“Class” – “Grace”…. Look them up… You might learn something…..

Can't See Sheep said...

@PATH, lol! Try the all new icy McShribbled!

Gabby22 said...

Kate is the biggest welfare queen of all. And she is healthy and educated. What is her excuse?

Jeannie said...

"Shribbled" sounds like a word KHATE herself would don't think she's the one who wrote it, do you? I have a feeling Khate is one of the sheeple that writes nasty comments on jibberjabbers and ROL.

Jeannie said...

If I remember correctly Khate is a fan of crocs. That's all the little ones wore in previous episodes.
I can remember back when the show first started, my daughter and I were big fans. I even wanted to be her live-in maid and move to PA. Then it all began to turn sour as the freebies began to roll in and the vacations to who knows where began. The negativity and the cutting down of her husband (my own husband passed away when I was in my early 30s) drove me to slowly despise the wretch. Now her head as big as the sky and she has turned her back on her kids. Being a teacher of young children, this sickens me. I would love to be a fly on the wall in Khate's kids' classrooms. Chances are they act out in rebellion of her. Where do I get my info on her, sheeple?...duh! It's all over every tabloid and news show on TV.

Just a note also: I don't own a pair of gauchos, I am in my 40s and am a slim 118. When the sheeple comment like they did about us personally, it's usually because they're insecure and probably dress like that themselves. :)

Mary said...


I am done done done I am not going to read anything Gosslin. I was thing of this while I was lying in bed this morning But when I saw how much the Witch was getting on DWS I am done. I don't want to waste my time with her. While I feel sorry for her kids. There is nothing I can do about it. Looks like PA officials were paid off. The teachers do not seam to mind, then why should I waste my time and engeny on this family. I hope all of you are well but I am more than sick of that WITCH

stepaway said...

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much! lol

Beagles 4 said...

Well, let's rate me now.

Fat: No, I weigh 85 pounds. Actually, too skinny.

Shribbled Old Cat Lady: May be a little shriveled (schribbled must be a word from Kate Gosselin dictionary)--46 so mid-life, not old--no cats but am owned by a 70+ pound basset hound/Labrador mix who eats all my food--no wonder I'm so thin.

Hater: Well, I have to admit I hate my ex since finding out he likes little girls and is bisexual and I hate Kate Gosselin. Otherwise, I love people and they love me.

Cows: I live in a city--no cows near my home but do eat any cow left over after the dog gets her share.

Child Advocate: I see no issues with anyone looking out for children. I am a firm believer in taking care of children and animals -- the ones who can't defend themselves. If that makes me an advocate, then I wear that badge proudly.

A Nosy Neighbour: Actually, I do look out for anything going on that shouldn't be. I am the neighbourhood watch in my area. As for nosy in respect to others' personal business, I happen to live next door to the nosiest neighbour around. I barely know my neighbours.

Jealous: Of Kate, no damn way. I would rather be living a lower economic life and spend all the minutes I can with my 9 year old girl. In fact, I hate when she is not home when I am and miss the hell out of her. That is only when she is at school or I happen to be working or if she is out at a friends. We are so close and I wouldn't give that up for all the fame and money--no way.

Bad Mother: I will let my daughter answer that "What the hell. Just because someone hates Kate doesn't mean they are a bad mother. Even if someone was a fan of Kate, wouldn't mean they were a bad mother either even though Kate is a bad mother herself."

On Welfare: I had a tough time years ago and had to use welfare for a short period. Otherwise, I had various jobs since 17 years of age, went through a rough patch, and commenced working in a few factories in my 20's (the last factory was for 13 years in the same place until I was hurt at work and now have herniated discs in my neck and back). I work when I can at various part time jobs. My husband works full time at the factory I last worked at. In fact, that's where I met him over 10 years ago. The best thing that came out of that job.

So hopefully, Kate, that sums up your picture of what I am like.

JustStop said...

Ha, ha. My cubemates josh around about me being so small they were going to pack me in a box to ship off across town. They make me laugh as much as some of the snark on this blog does.
I've got to scratch my head at some of the conclusions the sheeple draw on those of us that have no use for parents that use thier children to get 15 minutes of fame. I dislike all the reality shows that allow children to be shown as the butt of jokes or whatever the heck they think is entertaining about their misadventures. I just check in from time to time in hopes to find that laws are getting put in place to finally protect those too young to say NO! Do the sheeple feel badly that their parents didn't exploit them? I'm sure they'd love to be a Gosselin kid or the balloon boy, right!
No thanks.

Beagles 4 said...

What We Really Are:

1. We have nothing in our lives to do but watch reality tv shows so people like Kate can get rich.

2. When we're not watching reality shows, we go into every website blog and complain of how we hate people.

3. We can't work or look after our children or homes because #1 and #2 are too time consuming.

4. We wear undergarments so we don't have to leave the tv and computer since we don't want to miss a moment of excitement or hating on people.

5. I commercial breaks, we practice our dancing and dream of being on DWTS.

dustilies said...

I believe I once saw a sheeple's comment accusing someone of being a GWoP "troll," a Little Debie cake eater, and someone who orders "proactiv by the gallon."

1) How on earth can you tell someone's skin condition from a comment online? Or is everyone on video chat except me? LOL

2) aren't we too old and shribbled to have acne, or to care about it?

3) Little Debie? I'm strictly a Moonpie and RC kinda gal. The organic kind, of course. Which never causes breakouts. Ever.

Gotta go see if that load of tube socks is dry yet.

couch potato said...

1. Fat? Yes, but I've been losing weight. Fat can be fixed, but stupid can't.

2. Shribbled old cat lady? Not!
I'm not even sure what that is.

3. Hater. I don't hate Kate. But, I can't stand her, and I do hate her ways.

4. Cow? I'd rather be a cow than a sheeple.

5. Child Advocate? Absolutely.

6. Nosy neighbor? No, Kate keeps popping up on my precious T.V.
I really don't have to be nosy to keep seeing her over and over and over again.

7. Jealous. LOL. This one just kills me! Sheeple are out of their minds to think of this one.

8. Bad Mothers. I may not be the best Mom in the world, but I'm a whole lot better mother than Kate ever thought about being.

9. On welfare/food stamps. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. Not hardly. I have a graduate degree. I worked hard all my life, and didn't beg and whine and look for handouts like Kate. Kate working! What a joke! Kate's the one on some kind of TLC welfare!

noh84k8 said...

This is my first post, but I have been reading GWoP for months and thoroughly enjoy it.

I won’t go through all of this name-calling by the Klovers point-by-point suffice to say that I have 2 cats (if that makes a person a Kate Hater, there are millions of them in North America), and I have 8 children - 5 of my own and 3 step children. It’s incredibly busy having 8 kids in the house, especially when only one is a girl. I am proud to say that they are all incredible young adults now, and not one of them would ever call me a bad mother. We never received public assistance despite some incredibly difficult times. We made do. As parents, we went without. The children may not have always gotten Nikes, but they were happy, well-adjusted and never ever doubted that they were loved.

There is no help for the people who are infatuated by Kate. I will never understand what they find so remarkable and have given up trying. Like many of you, I used to watch J&K+8 partially because I also have 8 and couldn’t imagine having 6 the same age, and partially because I truly enjoyed watching the Gosselin children as mine hadn’t been babies for many years. But as time went by, I found her regular emasculating of Jon incredibly demeaning, especially in front of the children. That’s when I started to do some research. What appalled me the most was her blatant use of the Church and God to acquire things that she ‘needed’. When I found out that she had thrown out clothing and cribs donated by the congregation because they didn’t match, I was done. Now TLC has taken God’s place and she has everything anyone could ever want or need. She isn’t a normal mom; she is simply using her children as a pay check. But I digress.

I recently had a very lengthy conversation with a Klover. I suggested we take the Gosselins out of the equation, and use her and the way she raised her 3 children as examples. I asked her about 15 questions (all things that Kate had done), and asked her if she had done these things to her kids or felt they were appropriate child-rearing tools. She replied “OK, I see your point, BUT…” And that’s what it’s all about. You can show them proof in black and white till the cows come home (maybe that’s what they mean!), but their beloved Kate can do no wrong. It is impossible to ever change these people’s minds. It’s these people that came up with “lovers” and “haters”, terms that I have always found that incredibly immature. I have read very few posts where people say they actually hate Kate. The vast majority hate the things she has done, and will continue to do, that will inevitably cause emotional damage to those 8 little children. The Klovers feel sorry for her, and regularly argue that Kate is “a single mom working hard to put food on the table for her eight children.” They don’t have any valid arguments, so they mimic their goddess. They can call me all the names they want. Sticks and stones. It doesn’t bother me one iota. Not only am I entitled to my opinion, I made my decision on how I feel about Kate based on facts.

Sorry for the long post. After 4+ months of reading GWoP, I had a lot to get off my chest … which, by the way, I paid to have surgically corrected after breast feeding 5 babies.

Closerfan said...

I'm so glad they are able to profile a group of people they don't even know. Perhaps they should apply for a job with the FBI since they have nothing else better to do then sit online worrying about our site.

Fat: I don't think so but my BMI says I am.

Old: I hate to admit it but yeah, I'm old.

On Welfare: I was just laid off from my current job and actively looking for another but I'm trying not to take that route.

Child Advocate: I don't understand that one because I am a child advocate. There are eight innocent children involved in this mess and until they are in a stable and loving environment, I will always watch out for the Gosselin eight.

Haters: You bet. Every time the paparazzi snaps a photo Kate will be in the lime light. As long as TLC is holding the purse strings, the Gosselin train will keep on going. I was reading somewhere that Jon continues to receive a check from TLC even though he no longer works for them. I thought his contract was up by now.

Couch Potato said...

And so what if I was on welfare. I would accept what was given me and stop whining about furniture not matching. I would be trying to become a better person. I would probably even resolve to help others once I got my life back on track.

Actually, the comment about being on welfare is more stupid than the comment that people are jealous of Kate!

Rose said...

I have another one. Aside from being jellus haters, we are basically just "idiots who have no idea what Kate is up against - I'd like to see YOU handle eight kids!" Yeah, because having eight kids automatically clears you to say and do whatever you want, like put a price on your children's privacy and then go ahead and sell it. I can't tell you the number of sheeple I've seen who fire back with "I'd like to see YOU with eight kids!" It seemed appropriate to add here. Ah, yes, the sheeple's arguments are getting weaker and weaker, aren't they?

Oh, and Tony Dovolani recently said something to the effect of "I can't imagine what their own lives are like for them to have that much hate". Someone from TLC is obviously prepared to offer him big bucks to boost her public image, teach the kiddies some steps on an upcoming episode of the show, and tell the media what a poor, misunderstood little sweetheart Kate is, but hey, I'll save that discussion for another time. What bothers me now is Tony's above comment. I lead a full, productive life and am not just an empty, useless person hating on someone else. I just happen to find it appalling and downright disgusting that one woman can get away with hurting her children this much in front of the cameras, and I find it incomprehensible that even just one person continues to fall for her lies. It's just so sad that anyone would look at what she's doing and determine that it's okay because she's supposedly securing her kids for life financially. Where is the line drawn, then? Is there a line at all for the safety of those kids, or is it all just peachy keen because she's got the whole "I have to provide for my kids" excuse?

Can't See Sheep said...

@couch potato, lmao! I love that, fat can be fixed, stupid can't.

@noh84k8, nice to see you, excellent post!

Couch Potato said...

And so what if I was on welfare. I would accept what was given me and stop whining about furniture not matching. I would be trying to become a better person. I would probably even resolve to help others once I got my life back on track.

Yeah, I don't think I'd have been upset because the first van I was given was burgundy, unlike kate. Usually when you're someone in need you don't trifle over things like colour. It's not like someone painted it with vibrant turquoise indoor paint & an old ratty paintbrush, it was burgundy for goodness sakes.

kate would never dream of doing without, like so many REAL mom's do so that they can give to their kids. kate would however make the kids do without so she could have what she wants, she does it all the time.

anotherthing... said...

Eh. Id expect no less. Consider the source(s). These are the same people that adore Kate. Theres an obvious disconect between critical thinking, reasoning skils and morals. If there werent, theyd be able to see plainly all of the things we see and also be able to understand what we have said on this blog all along about the safety and well being of the kids amongst other things (I wont bother to rehash it all, no use).

But I do have a few things for them to ponder while theyre reading through all of our resposes:

"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength." ~Eric Hoffer

"People pay for what they do, and still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it simply: by the lives they lead." ~Edith Wharton

"To be ignorant of one's ignorance is the malady of ignorance." ~A. Bronson Alcott

lifesabeachnyc said...

Are people seriously STILL going on with those damn names, even with all of the change that those of you on this site are largely responsible for bringing to light?? And everybody needs to keep their marching boots on with Kate + 8 in production. Thank God there are people out here fighting for those poor children. I don't need to recap again what we all know: keep doing what you do GWOP. Glad you laugh off the critics. Kudos.

EnoughAlready said...

A quote taken from ROL subscriber :
Yep, they also said she cares "not a whiff for fame and fortunate" but "lives for her children." The GWOPs must be snarling and gnashing their big bucked teeth and stomping around in their big rubber crocs with socks!


EnoughAlready said...

I also do not get the whole Croc thing..I never had owned a pair nor has anyone in my family , however haven't they noticed that their queenie puts them on her children? I am sure if Crocs would develop a shoe with hooker heels she would be the first in line !

Steven Mark Pilling said...

Dear Shari: I consider myself a child advocate (and have for the past four years) so that label doesn't bother me. I've occassionally been referred to as a hater, obsessed, a perv, ignorant, an anti-intellectual, a bomb thrower and (gasp!) a Christian. (I'll have to plead guilty to that last one, too!) But those are just names thrown out by people who are themselves obsessed with the celebrity world and have no answers for reasoned, moral arguments. The only sad part about this is when they are the blind flailings of those who are obviously kids themselves and don't realize that what's being said is in defence of they themselves from the very exploiters they're parrotting.

EnoughAlready said...

I agree with Steven, none of the so called sheeple or Klovers ever have a valid argument to defend her , which is why they resort to some sort of personal attack .Re; calling people fat cows, go eat another twinkie , and so on. Funny these are the same people who leave comments all day which leaves me to believe they are doing nothing all day but sitting on their computers. I am at the gym 5 days a week. I work 6 days a week. I dont sit on the computer all day and glorify a child exploiting loser. I have serious doubts about the sheeples physical attributes though .

Aunt Chris said...

Enough Already said " I am sure if Crocs would develop a shoe with hooker heels she would be the first in line !"

ROLF! I'd love to see those, in some lovely vivid color choices, too!

Elvira said...

I keep waiting for these to show up.,default,pd.html?cid=31Q&cgid=women-footwear

jonandkatewho? said...

I thought that some of you might get a kick out of this. I had recently gone on Youtube and watched old episodes of J&K+8 just to see if Kate was really as bad as I paint her to be. You know, I was trying to be fair in a way and thought there would be no harm with the possible exception of boredom. So I did. Well, after watching of course I had to leave comments on some of the videos. You would not believe how many comments I read to the tune of how cute the kids are and how this child said this or that and wasn't that adorable, as well as reading thru many defenses of Kate's actions. I don't remember exactly what my comment was that got me this response but this is what I got from one ticked off fan of Kate's : "Well Have You Ever Met Kate? I Don't Think So . . . . So You Better Shush Your Ugly Big Mouth Right Know Or I WILL Shush It For You! Got It?!"

My goodness! I had to laugh before I replied that it was sad that her fans were the sort to threaten to hunt you down and harm you if you don't agree with them.

On another video, I was actually BLOCKED from commenting by the owner or poster of the video! And that was just for making a comment on the page and just after I had received a scathing reply I wanted to answer. I never got the chance before the owner blocked me. These sheeple stick together!

It's really funny to me the things they suppose about us here on GWOP when their own replies and comments are so ... violent and simple minded? Who the hell capitalizes every word in a sentence?

I guess this is who the Queen of Shite is stuck with for fans. I wonder if that bothers her.

Oh btw, I was not too rough on Kate, and I wasn't wrong. She is a messed up piece of work. I can't stand the woman.

Montreal Gal said...

About the Sheeple - I think they identify with Kate, they live vicariously through her, and if given the opportunity, they would do exactly what she has done - pimped out her kids for her own fame and luxurious lifestyle.

mama san said...

Love this web site - have commented various times, first I am NOT a kate fan and lost respect for Jon. I am not a nielson[sp] ratings subscriber. So I won't be counted. But, I must admit K8G is to me what the three stooges were to my sons - ROFL and then again. I can't wait for K8's new shows. So forgive me I am 79+ and viewing K8 make an ass of herself is a highlight. BTW, I volunteer at three art museums. A little of crass humor makes me appreciate them even more.