Kate's Behavior as Art by Annie Louise

Once again, this falls into the “why was I using any brain cells even thinking of this?” category. But something occurred to me about how people here are so criticized by the sheeple for the way we point out seemingly small things about Kate. They think we pick on her for things that don’t matter. But it’s actually a lot like pointillism (welcome back to art history class, folks.)

You know it – the style of art (Georges Seurat, etc.) in which the artist uses small dots of paint. Viewed up close, it looks like random little blobs. You step back a bit, and a whole, very cohesive picture appears. (pixels on an LCD TV work the same way to form an image.)So while we may talk about little “dots” a good deal of the time – hair extensions, a scowly photo, a cackly laugh, a sick tup on the laundry room floor, “come and get your popcorn,” a book tour away from the kids – we’re all keenly aware of the big picture those things form. Taken by themselves, I don’t think anyone would think twice about one of the “dots.” But each one fits into the big picture, and it’s a damn ugly and disturbing one.She just keeps supplying us with dot after dot to add to the picture, doesn’t she?

Thank you Annie Louise


SaNdY said...

Annie, that is an excellent analogy! Thank you for 'pointing' that out!

Lucy said...

Yuppers ... Connect the dots and you get a real life Cruella De Vil.

Hippie Chick said...

I was thinking this on the Free discussion board, when people were talking about her big toe. I was wondering why this was such a big deal, when there are bigger, more reprehensible issues about Khate that we should be addressing, like the filming of her kids, how she is never home, etc.
But then I realized, it IS all part of the big picture. She is one big ball of ugly. You can't help but despise all of her, warts & all, down to that toe. (I do not mean to offend any people who have toes like that, I myself have ugly toes). She is a hate-able person, for all she has done, and will continue to do.
That of course, is just my opinion, but I totally see your point. Great post!

konspiracytheory said...

Wow - I never would have thought of the situation in this exact way, but it is a perfect analogy. Well done!

Ohio Buckeye said...

Annie Louise: I love your observation!!!

Makes me think of caricatures, which, while are exaggerations of a person's personality traits or facial/body contours, the final picture is based upon actual features, and, so, an accurate portrayal.

K8G has become her own caricature.

And it's not pretty.

dustilies said...

Brilliant post! Excellent . . . POINTS!

You've nailed the noblest quality of this blog, IMHO. I appreciate the way the DOTS get connected here, and how we challenge each other about the quality of the evidence and the quality of the arguments.

Those out there who speak of "hate" on this blog might want to consider the word "outrage" in its place.

Kate may not be a piece of art, or a work of art, but she is certainly a piece of work.

Jake's Mom said...

Well said!! Great analogy. Let's hope Kart reads it & gets a major wake-up call.

Ohio Buckeye said...

HippyChick: Love your "great big ball of ugly"! A perfect descriptor for K8G!

Re: The toe issue: I've never commented on K8G's toes (except to admit I love the Blogger name, "K8's Big Flintstone Toe!), but, in light of all the other work K8G has paid for with the fake nails, teeth, hair, boobs, and tan, maybe she'll dip into one of her body-guard-toted purses and lay out the bucks for a Toe Job.

Now, if only she'd get a heart and brain transplant, she'd ALMOST qualify as human.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Jake's Mom said, "Well said!! Great analogy. Let's hope Kart reads it & gets a major wake-up call."


Well, if not a wake up call, we can hope for at least a major wedgie and resultant K8Classic tantrum.

Dustilies, love your comment, too! K8G IS a real piece of work. (Let's hope they threw this particular mold away after K8G came off the assembly line.)

Momof2 said...

Oh, I totally agree!
Check these out, HILARIOUS!



call me quasy said...

speaking of toes--no wonder she wasn't able to point those monsters while on the dance floor!

Babs said...

Excellent post!! Well written and to the point.
@Ohio Buckeye, you crack me up. You are a good part of why I continue to return to GWOP. I love all the articles, although I don't always agree with all of the posters here, I respect the fact that everyone is given the opportunity to say their thoughts and beliefs, without hinderance of being attacked. Unlike other blogs that are so hateful and want to attack anyone who does not agree with them.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful analogy. Thank you.

Ella said...

Beautiful post, great visual. Momof2, thanks for posting those, OMG kate on a broom I love it! You all are seriously cracking me up!

Bubbles said...

That was a fantastic way to describe it. Good job.

ChurchMouse said...

I think it comes down to frustration.

Why are we so angry at Ms. Gosselin?

Because she's being rewarded for bad behavior.

She made a bad choice to unnaturally conceive too many children. She was rewarded with a large estate and free food, clothing, and toys.

She made a bad choice to allow her kids to work on camera without the necessary legal benefits and protections that Equity and SAG members have. She was rewarded with more TV offers, more swag.

She promoted herself as a supermom who does all the Household Engineering that normal mothers do--except it seems that she has servants. She is rewarded by being given book contracts to explain how difficult her life is.

Her life is not difficult. I can tell you of a mother of five who has been diagnosed with MS and whose husband left her. She visits our local food pantry and despite her troubles, her kids are neat, clean, well-behaved, polite, and appear to be happy. She herself is always cheerful. "I'm just thankful you folks are here," she says. She's now making plans for who will take care of her kids when she inevitably becomes incapacitated and is unable to care for them. I went home and wept after she quietly and uncomplainingly told me this.

So yes, I can understand the frustration that may vent in personal criticisms of Ms. Gosselin. In my personal opinion, I don't think her big toe or eye should be made fun of. But the amount of time and money spent on pedicures and hair extensions is fair game.

And to end this on a positive note, a quote:
"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." ~Tenneva Jordan

mom of multiples said...

Annie, I love this post. This is it exactly. What a perfect analogy. It just seems that Kate keeps getting rewarded for bad (really bad) behavior. I don't get it at all. There are so many Mom's out there who are struggling to take care of their families, without any help at all. Then there's Kate, who wants to portray herself as a "poor single mom, doing it on her own, having to put food on the table and pay the bills"...are you kidding me??? We all know the truth. I might even have a little bit of respect for her if she would just own up and call a spade a spade. She is not poor, she does not have to work to put food on the table, and she is most certainly not doing it on her own! Why doesn't anyone (interviewers, etc.)call her out on that fact? She loves the attention, she wants to be a star and she IS NOT doing any of this for her kids!
Church Mouse, I was so sad reading about the woman you know who has MS. Now there is a Mom who has it hard. Why isn't someone like her given freebies or book deals or free vacations with her family. It is so unfair...

she is evil said...

Church mouse: perfectly said!! I have a long list of things that I dislike about Kate but have never been able to figure out why she bugs the crap out of me the way she does. There are plenty of bad moms, liars, opportunists, beggars and braggers out there. But how many of them have pulled it off their charade for long and how many have been rewarded for their despicable behavior?

Well, I think kate's exposure on dwts has been a big mistake. Many nice people out there who had no idea who she was or exactly how evil she is now know. Tick tick tick... Her time will hopefully soon be up

Ohio Buckeye said...

Re: making fun of K8's wonky eye and ToeNormous Toe: ChurchMouse, I generally agree with your sentiment that people should not be ridiculed, especially for physical attributes that they cannot help having.

That noted, here is the way the Gosselin situation strikes me:

You know how you sometimes meet people who, by their intelligence, honesty, kindness, and true humility just INSPIRE you to try even harder to be the best person you are capable of being?

Well, for me, K8G has the distinction of being the ONLY person in my entire lifetime who has had the opposite effect upon me.

Season after season of K8G's ridiculing her kids and ESPECIALLY her husband, her apparent enjoyment of demeaning and controlling and criticizing them has removed from me any shred of empathy I may have ever had for the woman.

My wish for K8G is intensive long term counselling, starting off with several hours/day of role playing with the counsellor playing K8G and K8G being the recipient of K8G's usual treatment of others. Day after day of it. Week after week of it. Doing all the work but NEVER receiving any credit. Receiving instead, a constant barrage of criticism, aimed at making its receiver feel absolutely worthless. All the while, the counsellor will add continued whining about just how hard the counsellor's life is. Eeking out a pretend tear or two, shamelessly playing the sympathy card.

After about a year of this kind of therapy, MAYBE a lightbulb might go on over K8G's head, possibly illuminating for her the REASON her life is circling the toilet bowl and why no one can stand to be around her long term.

Even with this forced look at herself in an emotional mirror, I would NOT be willing to bet the farm that even THIS would effect K8G. Such is the extent of her narcissism and brokenness.

And, so I say: yes, K8G, you have a noticeably wonky eye, a waistless torso, tree trunk legs, and a freakishly large set of toes. DEAL WITH IT because it is YOU who has set yourself (and your kids) up for public scrutiny.

Easier2B said...

Great post, Annie Louise! Well put.
@Hippie Chick: All toes/feet are ugly! Sandals should be outlawed. Eww. (hee hee)
@Ohio Buckeye: Toe job! ROFL! Is there such a thing? I work in the medical field and haven’t come across that yet. Maybe Dr. Glassman will attempt this new procedure on Kart.
@Momof2: Thanks for posting the links. Hilarious! Also enjoyed the articles written to go w/the drawings (except I couldn’t get to the first link).

Pity Party said...

Ohio Buckeye - my sentiments exactly. You said it so well!

Toe Jam Football said...

A sick tup? What is that?

Tangerine Tanya said...

..............Well put Annie.............

Ohio Buckeye said...

" Toe job! ROFL! Is there such a thing? I work in the medical field and haven’t come across that yet. Maybe Dr. Glassman will attempt this new procedure on Kart."


With the TLC cameras rolling, no doubt.

And an episode's end, K8G could sit in her chair and self interview (always such a joy to behold) to share with us her rationale for NEEDING a digiplasty.

Though I'm not sure what exactly that rationale of K8's might be, I am positive it would center all around how she endured the surgical procedure (say it with me now) 'for her children'.

And cut. Another Tears And Tissues Special ala K8G.

Irene S said...

Yes, it sure is alot of dots....There are 8 of the dots that though that just don't have a say, proper safeguards & protections. Some days it feels like all is lost in the drama. Then you see their mom going for a photo op to show the world "My tups will be 6" and you realize until TLC pulls the plug this will not be over.

TVSnark said...

Annie Louise,

Great post!

Geri said...

Toe Jam Football said...
A sick tup? What is that?

"Tup" is short for sexTUPlet...so "sick tup" means one of the sextuplets is ill.