DWTS the Rest of the Season

Everyone has seemed to have a pretty good time talking about DWTS so here is a space for to talk about how the rest of the season plays out. Enjoy!


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BeDoneNow said...

AWWWW.... thank you mods! So many of us were really able to see so many positive things about the real contestants and pros, and now more bloggers will be watching since it is 'safe to go back in the water.' Very kind of you, Moderators - you are the best.

Savannah said...

I admit that I never watched DWTS until hearing that Kate was going to be on the show. It is an interesting show. She should have never appeared-definitely out of her league. Truthfully, I think she overstayed her welcome, as far as the other celebrities were concerned. If she didn't go when she went-I think there may have been a huge riot. I just can't understand what it is that keeps her in the public eye. If she were gone tomorrow, that would suit me fine. I am sick, sick, sick of Kate Gosselin already and wish they would just move on! Thank You. Oh, I probably will continue to watch the show. I think that Nicole Sherzinger(?spelling) will probably win.

No Worry, Beef Curry said...

Now that Kate has been eliminated from the show, we can watch in peace. I think I may vote for Pam Anderson, as she was in the bottom two with Kart. There has been talk that Jon should do DWTS next season... I would love it if he showed her up, and actually put some effort into practicing and dancing .

Di the Elder said...

Pam Anderson has redeemed herself in my eyes....the effort and professionalism she showed won me over. I hope she makes it into the finals.
Kate did serve a purpose in contrasts - in showing exactly how *not* to present oneself in public. Boo!

K8STFU said...

Yes, DWTS totally disappointed me with their obvious fix to keep K8 on as long as possible for ratings, but I have watched since Season 2 and will continue to do so, ESPECIALLY since K8 is not there .

I think the dancing is amazing and most of the real celebrity dancers ( b-list or not) seem to enjoy being on the show and making an effort to improve. Plus, I think Bruno is hilarious =)

I also think it's important for people to continue watching to show ABC that K8 was not the only draw. JMO of course !

K8STFU said...

No Worry, Beef Curry -

I love the clever handles here and yours made me chuckle since I remember that tee that Jon wore.

Speaking of tee shirts, I guess the loving Church folks no longer send Jim and Tammy Faye Gosselin freebie scripture-printed shirts - they have seen the light also.

Also, physically, I think Jon would kick butt on something like DWTS. He has shown on many epis that he is very athletic and as I stated in another thread, if you give him a job to do, he does it well (with the exception of protecting his children, unfortunately). The only thing is that it would be fixed to the other extreme - no way would TLC allow him to outshine K8.

NoUse4Kate said...

I'll probably be voting for Pam this week. She has really impressed me in how she totally dove into it and seems to be really working hard to learn and have fun with it. I think Chad needs to go next. While I wanted him to win at first, he just isn't as good as the rest and needs to go. JMHO of course. :)

Cry Me a River said...

Much has been said about Nicole and Evan - Evan the most in my opinion experience wise but Marie and Donny Osmond have been performing song and dance professionally since they could walk and talk. Just wanted to throw that out there. By whatever means Nicole puts on a heck of a show.

I think Pamela is going to give us a great show this week. Kate manipulating the vote almost got her knocked off and I personally would love to see her win. I hope the voting evens out and gets back to what it should be this week.

I also think Jon would do a great job, but he needs to slim down a bit first. He is already looking better, after blowing up there for a while. He would work his butt off unlike his former worst half.

Two Clueless Idiots said...

Kart's undeserved stint has definitely made me question my loyalty to the show. I have no doubt that she was guaranteed a certain number of weeks in a contract of some sort. I'm not sure if I'll ever be a real fan again because the show has lost a lot of credibility.

But I do love Erin and Maks so I might have to tune in to see them!

carrie said...

She should have never appeared-definitely out of her league.

That's kind of missing the point of the show which is to have non- professional dancers compete in a dancing competition. Using your logic Buzz Aldrin should never have appeared either.

Lucy said...

I have watched past seasons of DWTS because dance is joyful (when performed well). It can send your soul to a palace of dreams!

Khate, on the other hand, was "horribly horrible" and she should have remained at Casa Gosselin to only watch the show.

Oh and my bets are on Nicole winning DWTS. Truly a beautifully expressive dancer!

(I wish DWTS would showcase all the past season winners in a special someday)!

franky said...

voting for Pammie all the way!!!!
Now I can watch in peace..even my french daughter was sick of Khate's face...she couldn't understand what was being said, but said she always looked mad and the kids looked scared.

SwingsandRoundabouts said...

I have watched DWTS since the beginning and I am giddy with delight that I can continue to enjoy it without Kartatonic spoiling it for me. I am sooo glad she is gone.

Hit the road Kate, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. LOL

Hit the road.
On your bike.
Take a powder.
Take a hike.

Happy Collin dance for me.

gail said...

To be honest this was really the first season I've watched - at least consistently. I've seen an episode here or there.

I agree - I truly believe she was given a certain number of "guaranteed" weeks - guaranteed due to her polar-popularity. It's just way to coincidental that the very week she's voted off - she has 3-4 consistent weeks lined up for book signings - 2 of which are actually Monday and Tuesday this week. So how would THAT have worked out?

However, be careful - I see the writing on the wall for Pam already - with K8 gone.....seen over the weekend several "not so nice" snippets of her $$$ problems, owing the IRS a LOT of $$$ and living in a trailer (?) So guess she'll be the next tabloid victim

call me quasy said...

I'm counting on viewership going up now that Kart's contract for number of episodes signed for is up. Thank GAWD.

Barbara in VA said...
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Happy Collin Dancing said...

Yes, yes, happy Collin dancing for everyone!!!! Well put.

I'll vote for Pam because I think she deserves it.

anonymouse said...

Evan, Nicole and Neicy Top 3!

Katherine said...

I think people should continue to watch so no one at ABC will think they were just watching because of Kate.

As for myself, I am looking forward to being able to ENJOY the show again! I'm excited about Monday nights now.

I hated her being on the show. So yay!

Anonymous said...

I have always been a fan of the dancing shows like DWTS and ABDC, I boycotted it since Buzz got voted off even though he actually made an effort. Now that the Zombie woman is gone, I can enjoy it and I will be sure to tweet lots about it to get the message out that the ratings will be higher now that the zombie is gone.

I am pulling for Pam, I never had a problem with her and I think she looks for her age.
Her dedication and hard work impressed me and I want her to stay on to get more $$$ to help her pay her bills.

Maggie said...

Thanks for the thanks to the moderators! I don't often comment, but my vote is for Pam, I think she really wants and needs this and has worked hard for it.

Anonymous said...

Now that a week has passed and Kate
has fulfilled the obligatory appearances, perhaps, now she can stick around the house, once the book sales tank.
As I have never hired a nanny, what kind of salaries do they command? Expect those there 24hrs
is pretty high.
Kate is living off both TLC and Jon, anyone in that area can give us an idea of utilities etc??

K8STFU said...

As usual, Kart ruined everything for everyone, sucked the joy right out of yet another bunch.

ITA. She is the antithesis of the Midas Touch.

NT said...

Don't know where to put this,but ROL has pics of Jon at home and telling the paps that he would"pop a cap" if they got to close. Then he ordered takeout form the woods and brought the kids in the bushes to eat!!!!!!!!!! What kind of nut jobs are these two parents turning into??????

Ohio Buckeye said...

Note to the mods: just saw the 'thanks for the thanks' and wanted to let you know that, though DWTS is not a program I watch, I DO appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing a place for those who are interested in watching how a program touched by K8G pans out.

So, please know that even those of us who do not include DWTS in our 'must watch' list appreciate the work done here on GWoP by the mods.

Ohio Buckeye said...

K8STFU (love your name!!) said, "As usual, Kart ruined everything for everyone, sucked the joy right out of yet another bunch.

ITA. She is the antithesis of the Midas Touch."


So true. It's been said before and bears repeating: Kate Gosselin is where fun goes to die.

We have never see this woman happy. Not in the days when her family was supposedly a loving one and not now that she has extricated herself from her entire family and the life she proclaims to love and miss yet chooses to escape from at every possibile opportunity.

K8G is a malcontend. I'm guessing she has been so even as a small child. I doubt she is even capable of true happiness.

THIS is what TLC and Zondervan consider a 'model mom' and watching her systematically destroy her life and that of her kids: THIS is 'entertainment'???

Maggie said...

I have put some comments thru but lets get back to the topic please. Of course I will put all comments through that thank the mods!

emschick1128 said...

I read that Kate has all the necessary paper work in order to start filming the kids again. She makes me so sick, I have never seen anyone so selfish and money hungry. Her actions are appauling and for people to actually condone them amazes me. The kids aren't toddlers anymore and I believe people will find them alot less appealing and not as interesting to watch. I hope both her shows like her book tank. I guess what bothers me the most with Kate being out there is NO ONE ever asks her the hard questions,EVER. I would like to hear her response to "what about the 22K you get per month" or can you not support your 8 children with the millions you have already made?"what about your poor kids being raised by nannies? They all feed in to her poor me, no one has it as hard as I do act. It makes me totally sick. I can't wait for her to finally get hers. Hopefully sooner than later.

BMWoP said...

How long til you think we'll see Katatonic back in LA, sitting in the audience during a show? I give her a week and she'll be right back out there....without the kids of course.

She hasn't been on Ellen yet as a DWTS castoff either ( has she? I may have missed it). I know Erin and Maks, Evan and Anna, Ocho and Cheryl, and Pamela and Damian have been on her show so far. But I haven't seen Kate back on there since 6 or so months ago when she went on to talk about....nothing ( except the usual crap, and she said "Some of us just need to be quiet and cook dinner", as a dig at Jon ).

Maggie said...

AGAIN, this is the thread for Dancing With The Stars and what happens from now on. We are going to reject comments that are off topic.

BeDoneNow said...

Maggie said...
I have put some comments thru but lets get back to the topic please. Of course I will put all comments through that thank the mods!

LOL! Hugs to you guys, Mods! Soemtimes I forget you are there in the background pulling for us!

As for me, I have to keep voting for Niecy. she is just having the time of her life out there and trying really hard. But I think Nicole, cute girl, has it all wrapped up. These things are all fixed, but I still enjoy Niecy.

Ohio Buckeye said...

My 'vote' doesn't count because I'm not a fan of DWTS, and I hope it's ok that I toss out my opinion here: I think Niecey is a HOOT in other venues - I'd love to hear that she won it!

K8STFU said...

Hi fellow Buckeye !

Just to give credit where it's due, Barbara in VA was the original poster about K8 sucking the joy out of everything.

Thanks for the nice comment about my new handle. I really am a nice person but K8 just brings out my nasty side, LOL

K8 is most definitely not a very happy person - wouldn't trade places with her for the world.....

Hippie Chick said...

I hope the ratings go UP!! We don't want Kart to think she had anything to do with the ratings being high. Ugh. Think of her ego. I will watch & vote for Pam and Niecy. They are my faves!!

I just put it in perspective said...

K8STFU said...
Yes, DWTS totally disappointed me with their obvious fix to keep K8 on as long as possible for ratings, but I have watched since Season 2 and will continue to do so, ESPECIALLY since K8 is not there.
I feel the same. I really never watched it for the competition but instead to enjoy the beauty of dance, some good-enough music and pretty costumes. I confess that I knew little to nothing about ballroom-type dancing before DWTS and, of course, it's not on the level of the real thing but, as next-best, I'll take it as relaxing TV at the end of the day when I need to let my brain calm down. Couldn't much do that with Kate Gosselin on but, now, the coming weeks will be different, as long as I don't watch the "open" (with her in it) every time the show comes on at 8pm PST.

Some of DWTS has been fun said...

Lucy, "(I wish DWTS would showcase all the past season winners in a special someday)!
What a great idea! You should write in to the show and tell them that! I loved the season (second?) with Drew when he and Cheryl Burke won...I still have on tape that "free" dance they did at the end to "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy." It was terrific!

K8STFU said...

Ohio Buckeye-

I had never really heard about Neicy Nash until DWTS - I agree that she is hysterical, adorable and really fun to watch. Oh, and she is also a SINGLE MOM if I am not mistaken. (take THAT K8!)

I have also been pleasantly surprised by Shannen's humbleness, Erin's tact and Pamela's overall demeanor thus far.

I know this won't be a very popular comment......but I think Jake the Bachelor seems really cheesy and slimy. Oh, and despite what he says people say to him, he does NOT look like Tom Cruise!

JoyinVirginia said...

Thanks, Mods! I LOVE DWTS and I really do not think it is rigged. After all, this is the show that had Master P and Cloris Leachman hang around much longer than some more talented dancers. I do think the voting was influenced by VFTW and K8 fans and people who were deluded into feeling sorry for her and voting for her (like my friend's dad).
Niecy for the win! Go Pam Go! Evan and Nicole are so terrific! Chad is just fun to watch. Jake has surprised me, will be fun to see how far he will go.

DeKonstruction Zlogger said...

Kan't wait to watch tomorrow night. My prediction it is the best night of the whole season. The dancers left are trying very hard & will be a joy to watch.

Gwop Thanks for everything all these years. I really hope ya'll know you were well on the Kase long before many of us. Keep up the pressure. "Children deserve their childhoods" Jodi Kreider.

Hope for Collin said...

Swingsandroundabouts: "Happy Collin dance for me."
Ah, you made me smile. Love that little guy. Should we all dance with such spontaneous abandon in the face of she who rants. Hope his sweet spirit stays intact. There's hope...my husband was raised by a woman similar to Kate and, somehow, he rose above, stays on even keel for the most part, tries to find the positive in any situation and does just about everything instinctively opposite to what his _____________ (insert negative adjective HERE) MOM would do. Just don't shout in his face, try to infuse your bad mood into his good mood or do a lot of whining because THAT he cannot abide. Frankly, my husband is stronger because of his dysfunctional mother. I just wish he could have gained his strength in a less-traumatic atmosphere than the one in which he had to learn and grow. Keep your fingers crossed for eight little Gosselins!

Jane in CA said...

Thank you mods - you are the best!

Yes, I do like the show and do want to discuss it. I'm rooting for Pam to stick around a long time, and Evan to win.

my9cats said...

Hi all
FYI. a fraud alert. Someone on another thread has been posting using my name. I have not been on GWOP for at least a week.
Please disregard anything with my name from April 16 forward except these FYI posts.

dustilies said...

my9cats wrote . . .
Hi all
FYI. a fraud alert. Someone on another thread has been posting using my name.


Phew--so you HAVEN"T gone into catnip-induced hallucinatory paranoia, after all, LOL.

Thanks for the clarification, and I'll always look for the rein-cat label on your posts.

Savannah said...

carrie said...
She should have never appeared-definitely out of her league.

"Using your logic Buzz Aldrin should never have appeared either."

Nope, Buzz Aldrin shouldn't have appeared, you are right,That's my logic.
By "out of her league" I was basically pointing out that she has no charisma, savvy or even glamour to partake in such a production. It was like sticking her in a major motion picture starring opposite of Tom Cruise or somebody. She just doesn't belong. Am I making myself clear? Now her head has gotten even bigger that she thinks she could start dating David Hassehoff or whatever. Please. lol

mama san said...

Last episode of DWTS I tried voting for Pam. t was unbelievable. I tried until 11a.m.and got busy signal. If that is so how did Pam land on the bottom with all of the votes? I can no longer trust DWTS. Although, Bruno is my Hero, for shopping cart and frock on a hanger. Go Bruno.

Dorothy said...

I don't believe Ellen is impressed with Kate. She asked Kate if the kids could have a car. Kate replied only if they paid for it. WTF, she grabs the salary each week and socks it away in her account[s]. What I do it for my kids mother! Wait until all of Kate's treatment of her kids comes back to bite her in the tush.

mama san said...

Does someone have the truthiness of the following that was published prior to start of DWTS: Kate was to get $50,000. Kate learned that Pam was getting $100,000 and demanded and got it. Read also that contestants get raises for each episode that they survive. Anyone have the skinny on this? Thanks

K8STFU said...

I loved the season (second?) with Drew when he and Cheryl Burke won...I still have on tape that "free" dance they did at the end to "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy." It was terrific!


Drew was of my faves also. Joey Fatone and Emmit Smith were great too.

Lucy said...

K8STFU "I think Jake the Bachelor seems really cheesy and slimy. Oh, and despite what he says people say to him, he does NOT look like Tom Cruise!"

Never a truer word was spoken! He is cheesy, fake and his "fiance" is the same. I wish they, Khate, and all the other reality(???) show celebrity wannabes, see their 15 minutes of fame in the rear view mirror and soon!

LP said...

I have a meeting to go to tonight but now that she is gone I plan to TiVo the show and turn the other TVs to ABC to try and boost the ratings. The TV will be off but hte cable box will be on and tuned in.....

Lorrie said...

I sincerly hope that the ratings for DWTS go up, not down for the rest of the season. It irks the heck out of me that Kate believes she is the sole reason for this season's ratings spike.... and that many magazines and TV personalities are feeding this idea to her and to the public, too.

JoyinVirginia said...

NUMBERS for VOTING for your faves:
Chad & Cheryl 1-800-868-3401
Erin & Maks 1-800-868-3403
Jake & Chelsie 1-800-868-3404
NIECY & LOUIS 1-800-868-05 FOR THE WIN!
EVAN & Anna 1-800-868-3406
Nicole & Derek 1-800-868-3408
PAM & DAMIAN 1-800-868-3411

You can still vote for your faves even if you don't watch. Voting is between 8 pm and 10 or 10:30 pm eastern tonight April 26.

Tami said...

I'm still going to watch, still like the show. But now I'm just not that excited about it. It's not because Khate left. It was because she was on to begin with. She halfway ruined the show. Now I know they just keep whoever they want without thought to votes. Now I know that there is drama that is played up and probably scripted. She was kept there way too long and they basically ignored all the people who called them on it, and even had all the comments by Brooke, Tom, Carrie Ann, defending her. They had that long, pitiful speech they allowed her to give at the end. It's sickening. If the ratings now go down it will likely be because other fans got fed up, too, and are sick of hearing Tony continue to whine about judges and defend her, sick that any dancer was "sacrificed" so she could "entertain" us.

Charlie Rose said...

I hope the ratings go UP!! We don't want Kart to think she had anything to do with the ratings being high. Ugh. Think of her ego.

that is exactly what she is hoping for. Starting a campaign asking people not to watch so the ratings tank to make it look like SHE was the reason the ratings were up. I plan on watching now that she is off. Go Pam or Niecy.

I am telling you there is no bounds to this woman's ego.

nj2az07 said...

I really hope that Niecey makes it. She's hilarious. I look forward to her rehearsal footage every week :)

Hambone said...

How convenient for Kate to be gone since tonight is a TWO dance night for each couple. Everyone is doing The Swing and another dance ( Aregentine Tango and forgot what the other was ).

Can you just i.m.a.g.i.n.e. Kate trying to do The Swing AND another dance on top of that?

Now I really think she sacrificed herself because she knew there was no way she could learn two fast dances in one week.

Monster Mommy said...

Rumor has it... that Kart has demanded each dancer and their remaining star mouth "WE LOVE YOU, KATE!" tonight on DWTS to the cameras.

On a serious note... I crack up every time I see one of "No More I Love You's" posts. I dance around the house singing Annie Lennox, and laughing at Kate's getting booted off... after she told Jimmy Kimmel and the entire world she would take home the mirror ball trophy. We can all watch in peace now, as Pam's puppy dog has been sent back to the kennel!

Can't See Sheep said...

I am hoping the ratings go up too. I don't care if the show is fixed or anything else, I just don't want kate to think she was the reason for it's ratings. Her ego really doesn't need the boost & the TV execs don't need to think having her on anything is a good idea, that is the last idea they need. They need to get off their butts & put a little effort into their programming, a little elbow grease never hurt anybody.

@ K8STFU, I'm in the unpopular boat with you then, because I can't stand Jake, he is slimy! I'll be happy when he & all the other talentless reality wannabe's are off TV. What people tell him he looks like Tom Cruise, blind people, people he made up in his head, his grandma??? Get him off, he needs to go back to his pilot's seat & stay put.

K8STFU said...

Lucy -

I don't even watch The Bachelor, my comments were based on the 5-10 minutes I see of him each week on DWTS. I can't imagine what he was like on a show that was 60 minutes in duration LOL

Lauracat said...

I'm spliotting votes betwwen Evan and Pam, so thankful we can enjoy the show watching stars who really put effort into dancing instead of whining....

Wonder if 8 little faces are home, with popcorn in front of the tube:)?....thinking Monny is somehwere on TV tonight since she's probably NOT in PA

Betty Boop said...

If you've been watching and voting, please keep it up so there won't be a drop off. Kate's sister is trying to get people to not watch so producers will think she had a big impact on the show.

Cheyenne said...

Pamela gets votes from me for that gorgeous little black dress alone. She looks amazing!

go pammy! said...

I voted for Pam Anderson! A working, divorced mother that needs the money a lot worse then Kate Gosselin! She also tries very hard, works, no drama, no excuses and has the weight loss to show for it! ...unlike Kart! (I also threw a few votes to Chad because he's been working so hard, too.)
Could you imagine Kart on that last group dance trying to keep up or Tony trying to lift her? "But, but I'm so tired..., I have 8 kids!"

No Worry, Beef Curry said...

Hey Everyone! I haven't caught the show yet, since I'm on the west coast... but I'll read your posts so I can critique along with you.

@K8STFU... Your handle makes me chuckle too!

I think I'm voting for Pam and maybe Erin and Maks. They never acted like drama queens, even though they have major issues going on in their own lives, as single gals. I hope the best for Pam and Erin, and will be dancing an interpretive "Goodbye Kart" dance. Looks like the only Kart Kate was moving today was the one she used at the GROCERY STORE.

Yay! No Worry, Beef Curry (aka Monster Mommy), who looooves the MODS!

Aislinn said...

Betty Boop said...
"If you've been watching and voting, please keep it up so there won't be a drop off. Kate's sister is trying to get people to not watch so producers will think she had a big impact on the show."


Seriously? Where did you find this out?

Now that Kate's finally gone, this is the first episode I've watched all season. I wanted to watch before, but couldn't stomach the thought of adding to the ratings for Kate. Evan and Anna are so adorable together! And Pam is amazing!

Aislinn said...

go pammy! said...
"I voted for Pam Anderson! A working, divorced mother that needs the money a lot worse then Kate Gosselin! She also tries very hard, works, no drama, no excuses and has the weight loss to show for it! ...unlike Kart (snipped)"


I noticed that! Pam looks even better than ever! You can definitely tell she's lost a little bit of weight (she's so tiny, there's not much to lose) and has gotten even more toned. She's really been working hard at this. And she has such a great attitude about everything as well. I hope she stays this week.

Cry Me a River said...

go pammy, i voted the same way you did and for the same reasons.

Betty Boop said...

Aislinn, it was on her sister's vote for Kate facebook group. She was taken to task for it and then amended it to say OK, please vote for who you want.

Cry Me a River said...

Betty Boop said...kate's sister trying to get people not to watch......I guess it runs the family, huh.

Pamela and Chad got my votes. Jake stumbles every week, he tries too hard and for all the wrong reasons. He is an airline pilot - a hero in my eyes (all of them), why does he want to be a star so bad when he has that - anybody can be a star (as evidenced by frock on coathanger) but not everyone can be an airline pilot.

Evan has a gold medal and is set for life. A great guy and a good dancer but a bit of an over achiever.

Nicole and Erin always get high scores and have never been near the bottom so they are doing fine without my vote.

Vote for Pamela and Chad!! They need us, and they are worthy!

no more popcorn get to bed said...

Contrary to Katie Irene thinking she and Pam are new BFFs, Pam has made a few subtle digs at the most famous mother in America. On the Joy Behar show last week and again tonight in the pre-dance segment.

While they were practicing and Pam was having a hard time she told Damian we are just going to go out and do our dance and not try to manipulate the audience voting. Unspoken was the "Like a Certain Dancer with 3 Left Feet who finally got the boot last week and it was 4 weeks late in coming." Anybody else catch that?

Pam gets all my votes.

franky said...

voted by phone for Pam from here in Canada..you go girl...internet voting now

Whatever Pam's "professional image" is...she has always been a great mother who has shielded her children from Paps, and given a lot of time and money for PETA..and she actually lives what she preaches....Khate..take a lesson or 2 from a REAL star!!!!

Kate's Nemesis said...

I'm voting for Pammie too, as she beat out Kate for all of us last week!

I bet if Pam went home last week, we wouldn't have heard her whine about how she so wanted to sacrifice herself. Go Pam!

JJ said...

Evan is also skating in the ice shows at this time and he even got a concussion during rehearsal. Even though the judges were hard on him you didn't hear him come up with all kinds of excuses. He accepted the criticism and said he would work harder. He handled it like a mature adult with some class.

I can see why they took Kate off when they did (and I believe it was planned). She never could have handled the type of dances they were doing and to have to do 2 dances would have had her in a serious meltdown.

My opinion of Pam Anderson has changed. When you hear her talk about being hands on with her boys, being close to her Mom, working real hard and not coming up with excuses I have respect for her regardless what she has done in the past.

Anonymous said...

Go Pam!!! after all, real dancers don't need to manipulate audiences with never-ending whining and sob stories, do they!

Cry Me a River said...

Kate put her sister up to that, that is so her, using others to do her dirty work. That makes me angry.

I am pretty sure the kids will never get to DWTS again even though they probably enjoyed it, but that is beside the point in her eyes. They only get to watch mommy.

Shoshanna said...

All my votes went to Pamela Anderson tonight,
for her efforts and, I must admit, partly for her
thinly veiled comments about not wanting to
'manipulate' the audience, just go out there and

I thought she looked fantastic - and much younger! -
as a brunette. I think she should keep that look.
The blonde hair makes her look a bit washed out,
but the dark hair really was flattering.

Sho said...

Although I desperately wanted Kate to be voted off,
I couldn't help but wish that she were there tonight
to do the two dances - especially the samba.

The Latina, Frankenstina!!

CityGirl said...

Anyone else read about "Kate Gosselin's Talent Agency" on CNN's site?

It's about getting the work permits for the children to "not work" and it makes mention of this Talent agency. WTH.

Hannah W. said...

All my votes are going to Erin and Chad tonight. Erin should have won the swing marathon tonight, I was nervous about those long legs of hers but she did great, and Chad improved greatly. I'm so sick of Jake and Nicole and their insanely huge egos.

? said...

Maybe they were just referring to the talent agency that represents Kate?

ATL housewife said...

I so agree with Shoshanna about Pam Anderson. She looks much younger with the dark hair: the way they did her make up and the slip dress make her look like Sophia Loren of the early sixties (although it's before my time, I've seen pictures). She gets my vote for attitude and effort. I used to not like her because of all the porn. Is she not doing that any more?

K8STFU said...

Chad: adorable, really good and not too many pathetic flirty comments to Cheryl.

Erin: really good, Len confuses me sometimes ? Maks is smokin'!

Jake: eh

Neicy: too cute, happy for her that she danced well tonight!

Pamela: not my favorite dance of hers but boy did she look gorgeous.

Nicole: of course, amazing, but her facial expressions during the judges' comments are odd.

Evan: I thought he was excellent, just goes to show I know nothing. Why were the judges so tough on him ?

Can you IMAGINE the pain Tony would have endured if he had to swing K8 around for 3 minutes during the dance off?

I voted for Neicy and Chad tonight.

Lisa said...

I LOVED what Pam said about staying as long as possible by being authentic and not falling into the trap of trying to stay by manipulating the audience!! I mean, who else could she be talking about except for Kate. Kate was the only one begging for votes and giving sob stories about her kids being heart broken, how she needed to work to support them, and how hard her life has been lately. Go Pam!

Daria said...

While they were practicing and Pam was having a hard time she told Damian we are just going to go out and do our dance and not try to manipulate the audience voting. Unspoken was the "Like a Certain Dancer with 3 Left Feet who finally got the boot last week and it was 4 weeks late in coming." Anybody else catch that?

Whoa Pamela actually said that? ROFL! I haven't voted at all before, but for that I'm gonna have to register and give her my votes.

Jane in CA said...

Mark me down as another who doesn't really understand the judges sometimes. I really enjoyed Evan and Anna's dance tonight. After their negative comments, I rewatched and yes, his legs were "open" similar to doing ballet I guess, but overall I truly loved their performance. It deserved at least 8's and I was severely disappointed in all three judges.

Niecy's dance was funny and fun to watch. I don't think she'll improve much more, but I still enjoy watching her and Louis perform.

Chad was the biggest surprise, as I actually like his dance with Cheryl tonight. I skipped over their rehearsal footage, so I don't know if the silly flirting is still going on or not, and I don't care ;)

I like Maks and Erin but geez, she talks all the time. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! I also didn't like Maks tossing his shirt cuffs in Len's direction during judging - that's unprofessional and rude. I might not agree with the judges, but I don't like seeing the pros or the contestants be sassy to them.

Pam Anderson is the surprise gem of the season. She is always so polite in listening to the judges, she never makes faces at them just nods. She seems almost embarrassed when Bruno raves over her, as if she's surprised to hear praise. I don't think she ever did porno - she just has the sex bomb image and that unfortunate incident where her honeymoon tape with Tommy Lee got stolen from their house and put up on the internet. That's not "doing porn," but unfortunately, that's what she is often remembered for. This is a nice way to see that she's a truly hard worker, not a whiner, a good protective mom, and apparently quite a decent sort of person all together. Go Pam!!

Ugh - Kate's sister must be semi-twisted herself to urge people not to watch just because her robotron of a sister got (deservedly) voted off. Seriously beginning to wonder if Kevin isn't a fluke and maybe the parents aren't real prizes either. Two daughters that turn out like this? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm.

Snerk said...

Indeed, the whole family just about is looking a bit twisted.

Anyway, tonight was so enjoyable with all dancers who were putting some obvious effort and practice into it and oh not the least personality.

JoyinVirginia said...

4/26 scores and percentages:
Total judges points awarded tonight 209, each dancers score is divided by this to come up with percentage.
Jake 25 for 11.9%
Niecy 26 for 12.4%
Evan 27 for 12.9%
Pam 30 for 14.3%
Chad 31 for 14.8%
Erin 34 for 16.2%
Nicole 36 for 17.2%
Evan's fans better be voting! He wuz robbed!!

Can't See Sheep said...

@Jane in CA, I agree, I too have been delightfully surprised by Pam. I have never been a fan of hers, but that's changed since I've seen her on DWTS. I really liked her comments tonight about not falling into the trap of manipulating the audience.

@ATL housewife, I too was amazed when I saw her with the dark hair, that, the eye make up & her curves made me think immediately of a sultry young Sophia Lauren from way back when. That look really worked for her. I agree she does look younger with the darker hair, she looked stunning & should try it out for awhile.

Katezilla said...

It was soooo great to watch DWTS without the Kart!

Did you notice Tom saying in the beginning, we're down to the "TRUE" competitors. haha

And everyone looked totally relaxed and having fun. I guess they dont have to worry about the non-approach/non-eye contact rules for the non-star anymore!

I hope Pam stays on. She's the dark horse!

Jenny said...

Thanks Moderators for putting this topic out there for us...that is so nice!

Yup, I agree that the show was just so totally enjoyable tonight without sad K8 arguing, whining & crying around. So glad she's gone, it's back to being a fun show again! I'm anxious to hear what the ratings were.

I too was really surprised when Maks threw those shirt cuffs at Len. He smiled right away as if he'd done it for fun but you just knew he was ticked at the comments. I couldn't understand the judges' comments either but that's why they're there and he's not. They're due respect. If the judges say something to him about it, we may see Maks do an apology next week like a celebrity on one of the past shows had to do (I can't remember which one it was). Anyway, that was the only slightly icky moment of the night and it was short lived...it may cost him a couple of votes but for Erin's sake I hope not. She has been such a hard worker and a complete joy to watch. She's just such a genuinely happy & fun person.

I think the remaining celebs are all pretty genuine and upbeat. I find it so refreshing after we had to endure the likes of a sad, whiney, Kate Gosselin casting a depressing pall on the whole show.

Loved Pam's brunette look...she looked classy. She's always adorable in the rehearsal package as they call it and tonight she very wisely lost the "I Am Sex" routine so I think that will serve her well with female viewers. She seems genuinely sweet and I really hope she gets to stay.

Niecy was adorable as usual! She is like a breath of fresh air and at the same time, she's such a hard worker. I really admire her a lot even though she likely won't make it to the very end. Always so positive and you can see her sweet, gentle little spirit underneath all the cute comments.

Evan is so classy. He always has a kind word and positive attitude. I know he's used to performing but doing so on skates is a lot different from dancing. I really was surprised by the judges' comments but he always takes any criticism with such grace. Both he & also Nicole might have an edge because of the existing stamina they have from daily performing but as far as the judging goes, it seems like they're all judged on the discipline and grace of the various specific dance moves. Anyway, they'll both probably end up in the final 2...along with Erin. Although I heard Donny Osmond say tonight on Entertainment Tonight that he thought Erin might be the next to go. (At least I think that's what I heard him say.)

Chad & Jake are both putting in such a great effort and I admire them for that. It'll be interesting to see how far they get. My personal guess would be that one of them might be the next to go but it'll be interesting to see.

I'm just happy that one of our favorite shows is now enjoyable to watch again! If anyone hears what the ratings were, I hope you'll post the news.

PR in PA said...

Shoshanna said...
All my votes went to Pamela Anderson tonight,
for her efforts and, I must admit, partly for her
thinly veiled comments about not wanting to
'manipulate' the audience, just go out there and


I don't watch DWTS but since K8 was no longer there I clicked in for a few minutes and caught the part with Pamela at rehearsal and totally picked up that "manipulate" comment. I was cracking up..total dig towards Miss Diva.

NoUse4Kate said...

I retract my comment about Chad. I had forgotten about the pretty boy, Jake, who seems to have a rather large ego. I don't like him at all.

voter fraud for a fraud said...

Betty Boop said...
"If you've been watching and voting, please keep it up so there won't be a drop off. Kate's sister is trying to get people to not watch so producers will think she had a big impact on the show."

Well, of course there's going to be a drop off in total number of votes - the TLC interns are off the case now.

Kates Blistered Hooves said...

Sacrificed herself? Then why was she here *begging* for votes in a post interview on The View?


sandi said...

''I so agree with Shoshanna about Pam Anderson. She looks much younger with the dark hair''

Younger?? I thought she looked like an old hag. lol

Babs said...

After watching DWTS last night, I was wondering if anyone else caught what Tom said during the narrative at the beginning of the show? After reviewing last weeks elimination results, and Khart now gone, he said something along the lines of "now we are left with the shows real contenders".
Anyone else catch that? He said it twice. What a great dig on Khart! SNAP!

Lorrie said...

How convenient for Kate that she "happened" to get voted off the very week before the really challenging dances occurred. I can just imagine how horrendously horrendous she would have been, dancing the tango.

Kate-go-away said...

As far as Kate's book signing tour - Tony would have had to travel with her just like Anna travels with Evan and others have in the past. Afterall, aren't her book signings about 30 minutes long? Plenty of time to practice!

I'm not sure they guaranteed her a certain amount of time - I was enjoying the train wreck and then started tiring of it about the time she was eliminated - I would have loved to see her do the somba and swing dance though. I can see how the judges skew the results with their comments and scores. I didn't think Evan deserved 7's but maybe they feel they needed to bring him down a notch to get people to vote for him and keep him on. Often people stop voting for people when they stay at the top. It also seemed like they wanted to knock Jake's ego down a bit.

Jake grosses me out with all of his exaggerated facial expressions and hip and pelvic thrusting. I think he is studying Max but Max is well, Max. I'd like to see Jake go next.

I think dancing really shows a person's true personality - that's what makes it interesting to me - and boy did we see Kate's!

Laurie said...

CityGirl said...
Anyone else read about "Kate Gosselin's Talent Agency" on CNN's site?
It's about getting the work permits for the children to "not work" and it makes mention of this Talent agency. WTH.

All that means is the talent agency that handles Kate Gosselin. It does not mean that she has her own talent agency.

Annies said...

Of course TLC had to get the paperwork on the move for the "new" show with the kids and Kate minus Jon. The gravy train is off the tracks-kicked off DWTS and the book is tanking big time and how many shows can she go on anymore related to DWTS and the book since both are a non issue. Her people will come up with some new garbage to promote her.

Annies said...

Her book is tanking and she has been kicked off DWTS so they better well get the paperwork for the show as what else can she do to promote herself but the shows. Guess the kids will be excited as she will promise them she will be going to fun far away places. When she was off DWTS and went right on to being on several shows, then home not to kids but shopping, tannning, nails etc, my hubby angrily said "This woman is an awful Mom"

Annies said...

Insider on DWTS said Kate acted like she was the only Mom with kids on the show. Appears she was hated by the general crew on there. Don't talk to her, don't look at her. Treat her like a queen.. What a wretched creature. Pam and Nicey on the other hand continue to be gracious and no pretense.

Jane in CA said...

Kate-go-away said:

I think Pam does not do as well as some of the others because her partner is new and after ten years people have favorite pros as well as celbrities.
* * *

I agree, plus for at least two other reasons:

I think her partner doesn't stand out at all. He may just be a rather quiet guy or a bit reserved, but I don't see his personality coming through as you do for the other pro dancers like Maks, Tony, Derek (in ridiculous amounts, he needs to tone it down), etc.

Second, I think he's a bit too short for Pam. She's not a tall woman by any means, but at times on the floor, she is clearly a couple of inches taller than he is and it always throws me off the dance.

Plus, she seems shy to me. I think she uses that sex bomb persona as a protective barrier to hide her real self from the world (sort of Marilyn Monroe-ish) and when she's in front of a lot of people, she probably almost automatically goes to that if she gets nervous. In her solo interviews, she's really quite personable and more confident, and I wish more of that showed through on show nights.

Ella's Mum said...

I also caught Tom's real contenders comment!. Ha!. I loved Chad and Erin tonight.

Jake makes me want to throw up a little, I find him annoying and slimey!.

I also caught Pam's comment, but she could be getting a dig a Chad and Erin who both have rumoured romances with their partners, but I like to think it was aimed at Kart.

I would have loved to see her try to cope with last nights dances! Kinda of missed my big ol drag queen!

Ali B said...

I just find it very refreshing that Kate has been removed as the face of DWTS. If you have surfed the net over the past few months almost all of the news feeds (like on MSN/CNN/CBS/NY Daily News etc.) or articles talking about the show in general or advertising the show would have Kate's photo near the link taking you to the story or somewhere in the article.

Today I noticed that of most of the same news feeds almost all now have photos of either Nicole from the Pussy at dolls or Pam Anderson. Kate's mug is now no where to be found!

Nice to finally see REAL stars used to advertise and promote DWTS.

MickeyMcKean said...

On THE INSIDER or ET, I don't remember which show now, before this season of DWTS started, the woman who makes the decision of who should be asked to be on the show was interviewed about having Kate Gosselin on the show.

This woman said that via email she found Kate to be very nice and funny. When asked if she would consider having Jon on in the next season she said, no, she would never consider having Jon Gosselin on DWTS.

Think about it - Kate played the "mom card" because she has 8 kids and the public who never saw the J&K+8 but only saw the tabloids knew who she was. As for Jon, well, same tabloids have him cheating on the mother of his 8 kids and to some people that is all they know. You have to acknowledge what Kate's PR team did to Jon's image and I think he would be voted off first thing because he is a cheater in a lot of eyes (not mine but I am informed as to what really happened).

So Jon on DWTS is not going to happen.

THANK GOODNESS! Besides, I want the Gosselins OFF my TV. ALL of them. Yes even the kids, actually, especially the kids.

I truly am sick and tired of all things Gosselin and I am SO GLAD Kate is off DWTS!


Cry Me a River said...

I really like Niecy. I have watched her on Clean House for ages. Would love to see the Go To Guy be on DWTS. But I have to admit that I am puzzled at her choice of weight gain. It looks to me like she has gained considerable weight since being on the show and I think it is affecting some of her abilities i.e. stamina and leg lifts and must be more difficult for her partner. Not that there is anything wrong with it other than health. I am just surprised a bit to see someone acknowledge that they are not concerned about gaining weight but instead about losing weight.

I see it clearly as a health issue and not cosmetic in any way. But she would be the bomb if she lost about 30 pounds. I have seen her smaller and it is very becoming. I am sad to say, I think it will be between her and Jake tonight.

Chad big ole football player has suddenly become light on his feet and looks like a real dancer. I am glad he stopped the constant almost obligatory macho flirting. It made his partner uncomfortable; however, I do think they are very "close" off camera as it should be (off camera). I personally am uncomfortable with outward displays of affection with sexual connotations in public as are many others I am sure.

I was very surprised to find myself giving him some of my votes along with Pamela.

Cry Me a River said...

As an aside I really did not miss Tony last night either. I think he went above board by defending Frock's horrible, horrible dancing, and make disrepectful about the judges indicating he thought they should have gotten better scores sucking up to Frock big time. I think she brought out the worst in him and he will never be the same.

Cry Me a River said...

One last thing about Pamela, she can set you straight with a smile on her face and in a soft tone (love her voice) and if you are not high up in your game you will never know that you just got shot down.

One can only think that she has been doing this all along, from the makeup chair, and Frock never knew. That is the difference between a classy person and a trashy one that has to throw a temper tantrum to get her point across (kadie kaboom). I hope Pam wins the whole thing, although the Argentine Fandango was just not her dance.

As an aside did anyone see Robert Duvall do that dance in a little known movie but a great one that I cannot thing of the hame but might have had Tango in the title. He was stunning!

So glad we all have each other to share our thoughts and concerns with - you can't talk to someone outside the loop about these things. They would never understand. I have never talked about Frock to any of my friends or family, odd but true, except my son (13) and he is all over the situation. Frock makes his face turn red.

K8STFU said...

And everyone looked totally relaxed and having fun. I guess they dont have to worry about the non-approach/non-eye contact rules for the non-star anymore!


Katezilla - I thought the same exact thing but second guessed myself that I was just imagining...
EVERYBODY seemed much more relaxed, big smiles everywhere. And I don't think any of them gave one crap about K8's rules. I think they were just sick and tired of her nastiness and all the drama. Good riddance Katie Irene.

MentalNote said...

while shopping, once again alone, Kate says she is having post DWTS depression. While I thought, maybe she was joking. I realized she wasn't when she said she couldn't watch it and packed lunches. (yea, suuuuurrrrrre you did)

So she has no REAL sadness over leaving her kids or divorcing their dad but is sad she isn't on a dance contest?

Cry Me a River said...

I was busy at the time but I could swear that I just heard on the Insider that Jon had been asked to be on next season and turned it down because of his kids--most likely because he knew Kate would make a big deal out of it. I think that was a bad career for him though as he does not have a lot of options.

Also Tony now has a gig with the Insider. He was interviewing everyne after the show and they were all laughing and having a good time. He said Kate is back in PA and I am still here with a microphone or something to that effect. Maybe he can get back in with my good graces now that is not being the ultimate brown-noser.

Cry Me a River said...

Oh and another thing they said the ratings were down but still the most watched show and thsy Kate didn't watch because she has post DWTS depression.

Easier2B said...

Several comments: I, too, am thrilled that the Katatonic Kart is off the show.

This show is supposed to be a TALENT contest, NOT a POPULARITY contest, which is ultimately what it ends up being, which is why I quit voting many seasons ago. I watch it the seasons when there are performers I want to see, but then I get irritated with the whole thing and boycott it for a few seasons. Examples - Emmitt Smith was not a better dancer than Mario Lopez, Shawn Johnson was not a better dancer than Melissa Rycoft, and Donna Osmond was certainly not a better dancer than Joanna Krupa and Mya.

Everyone has their opinion, but I don’t understand the logic behind some of your votes. The votes should be going to the BEST dancer, not the ones who are trying the hardest or improved from the previous week, etc. I don’t see the “attitude” some are saying Nicole has. I think she is very pleasant and gracious. She is competitive, but that’s a good thing. If the world was fair, she should win. She is by far the BEST dancer, but that’s just my opinion, of course. :)

I’ve always loved Niecy on her other shows and think she is a good dancer, especially for somebody who is not toothpick thin.

I also think Pam is an awesome dancer, and I like her partner Damien. One thing nobody has mentioned is that horrible look she always has on her face when she’s looking at the camera (not while dancing). I don’t even know how to describe it, but it’s like she’s looking down her nose at others and has a “go to h***” glare. I guess it’s part of her “sexy act,” but I find it very annoying and fake. (Even my husband mentioned it last night, and I never said anything about it to him.) I also think the way Pam talks is fake, but I don’t know for sure. Judging her dancing, though, I think she should come in 3rd place (Evan being 2nd).

Of the remaining contestants, Erin is good, but she is a little disrespectful to Maks and, as somebody else mentioned, talks too much (rather than following Maks’ instructions). Jake is fake and annoying. Chad, well, he pretty much sucks as a dancer (sorry Chad fans), and I think Cheryl Burke is extremely egotistical, which turns me off. Chad or Jake should go tonight.

Jane in CA said...

Cry me a River said:

As an aside did anyone see Robert Duvall do that dance in a little known movie but a great one that I cannot thing of the name but might have had Tango in the title. He was stunning!

So glad we all have each other to share our thoughts and concerns with - you can't talk to someone outside the loop about these things. They would never understand. I have never talked about Frock to any of my friends or family, odd but true, except my son (13) and he is all over the situation. Frock makes his face turn red.
* * *
I think it's Assassination Tango. I didn't see the movie but remember seeing Duvall talk about his love for tango in a few interviews years ago. He's a remarkable actor.

And agree - the good news is that most of my friends have never heard of Kate Gosselin or Jon & Kate Plus 8. But those that have, have only heard the one-sided media blitz and think she's this poor cheated-on wife and Jon is dirt. However, after seeing her behavior on DWTS, one of them has changed her opinion and doesn't think highly of her. Still, she didn't understand why I felt so strongly anti-Kate, so I just stopped talking about it to her.

KyPastor said...

In regard to Tony Dovolani speaking well of Kate Gosselin, who among us publicly speaks ill of a co-worker or a student? No matter how horrendously horrendous they may be, we keep that information to ourselves or only share it with people who are "safe" to share it with. We certainly would not call a press conference.

Kate was his student, he was an employee of ABC, she was an invited
contestant. He had to treat her the very best he was able.

His job was to teach her, support her, encourage her, even defend her. His job was not to publicly humiliate her by speaking ill of her.

I believe he did his job admirably in a very difficult situation. He tried to rise above it in the public arena. If we saw anything negative between them, it was because the producers of the show chose to show that to us. It was not Tony who aired that laundry to us, it was Dancing with the Stars.

SpoiledMom said...

Jenny said...

"....if anyone knows the ratings, please post."

Monday night's episode (4/26/10) of DWTS was still #1 with 20.2 million viewers down from 20.8 million on 4/19/10.

Katie Irene may think "she" was the reason for the ratings, but obviously, she was NOT.

The difference in the ratings between this week and last week is almost the same as JK+8's highest viewership--which was when the ship finally began to sink--when the "big divorce announcement" was made.

I'm positive Kate has her so called fans, but I'm also fairly certain that the majority were watching for the trainwreck effect.

Nonetheless, I am happy that DWTS is still on top without Kate and now we all can continue to watch and enjoy the show without wondering what drama Kate is going to bring every Monday. Thank you voters!!!

SpoiledMom said...

And regarding Kate's "post DWTS depression"..give me a break.

Did she not state that she couldn't "wait to get home and watch all them continue on"...??!!

HEH...Another LIE

I assume that all the bags from Toys R Us were for the "littles'" upcoming 6th b-day party...which I'm sad to say will most likely be filmed--by TLC, not "Mommy", for the entire world to see.

Guess that was the quick rush to get the papers for the kids to "work".

Imagine, "working" on your 6th birthday..what a memory.

K8STFU said...

So glad we all have each other to share our thoughts and concerns with - you can't talk to someone outside the loop about these things

Cry Me a River :
You are so right. All of my close friends know how I feel about K8 - they all feel the same way. I also wouldn't be surprised if a few of my Facebook friends are sheeple but they don't dare say anything because they have seen my posts about K8 LOL

sillyrabbit said...

MentalNote said...
while shopping, once again alone, Kate says she is having post DWTS depression. While I thought, maybe she was joking. I realized she wasn't when she said she couldn't watch it and packed lunches. (yea, suuuuurrrrrre you did)

Do you really think Kate is going to devote a nano second of her time in support of her fellow 'dancers' by watching DWTS. Kate's attention span is only deserving if the focus is all ABOUT AND ON her.

Yes!!!! said...


It was so nice to see Tony actually get to DANCE!!!

The dancing to Melissa Etheridge singing was phenomenal!!!

mnmnm said...

Aw, there was lots of nice hugging when Jake and Chelsie got voted off.

Easier2B said...

In my previous post, I had a typo and meant DonnY Osmond (not DonnA Osmond).

@KyPastor: Very nicely put.

Hambone said...

sillyrabbit said...
MentalNote said...
while shopping, once again alone, Kate says she is having post DWTS depression. While I thought, maybe she was joking. I realized she wasn't when she said she couldn't watch it and packed lunches. (yea, suuuuurrrrrre you did)

Do you really think Kate is going to devote a nano second of her time in support of her fellow 'dancers' by watching DWTS. Kate's attention span is only deserving if the focus is all ABOUT AND ON her.

4/27/2010 4:58 PM

She probably didn't want DWTS to get ratings since she's not on it anymore. Sore loser is what she is.

I KNEW she wouldn't miss a beat in that parking lot interview about being a MOM ( didn't watch so she made sandwiches and packed lunches instead ).

Funny why she would be packing lunches on Monday night when the tups don't go to school on Tuesdays. Unless it takes an hour to pack Mady and Cara's lunch.

Please, Kate, please!!! Please do ONE interview for a change where you don't mention the kids, don't mention how much work you have to do and don't mention being single and having to provide. For the love of all things holy, please do this for America.

And get some therapy, too! You are a miserable person and you showed it AGAIN with your sad, depressed woe-is-me paparazzi grocery store chat. Are you afraid it will ruin your image if you crack a smile and act happy once in a while?

SoCalGal said...

Nicole is a professional dancer. Just "Google" Pussycat Dolls.
This is a competition showing how non professional dancers through work and dedication improve to a level that could be considered professional.
I don't think we should reward people who are actually already there.
While she is great to watch she was already there before DWTS.

KHATE said...

Sorry if someone posted this and I missed it when skimming-
DID anyone else think Pammy was digging at Kate when she said she wasn't going to manipulate the the audience?

K8STFU said...

Am I seeing things?

When Chad and Cheryl found out they were safe, Chad almost kissed Cheryl and she turned her face away and just hugged him. Right before the lights went out, he mouths something that looks like " I'm sorry" to her.

Just curious.

debbiejo said...

Tony would be a fool to bad mouth Kart..ever. If he did, future dancers would not want to dance with him. He has to speak well of the stars for his longevity on the show.

But...the other stars can talk..and hopefully will! :)

JFaye said...

Jon would slim down if he appeared on the show. For all her "I lost 50 pounds on NutriSystem" shilling, Marie Osmond dropped most of her weight because of DWTS. But it doesn't matter because Kate would never let Jon appear on the show -- he, IMO, would be on longer than she was and that is something her ego just would not tolerate.

Jenny said...

SpoiledMom, thanks for posting the ratings. I'm SO glad DWTS still was #1 with 20.2 viewers! Like someone mentioned, the J&K+8show garnered that big of a rating for one show...the divorce announcement show...while DWTS has been routinely getting that high rating for every show. I originally got hooked by seeing the celebrities dancing & having fun, but I also think it's just such a nice break from all the real life normal chores & running around stuff we all have to deal with daily, not to mention stuff like politics and a lot of stuff that's on the news. It's just such a refreshing show to watch and forget about all the cares of our lives. And again, K8 trespassing on it completely ruined it...I'm so glad she's gone!

And even though it grated me every time I heard Tony say something nice about K8, I agree that he contractually HAD to come across as positive with his comments. However, anyone could see how he really felt during some of the rehearsal clips and some close-up camera shots during the actual show. I'd bet money he got it out of his system by sharing the real deal with the other pros on the show! So it really speaks to his professionalism that he zipped his lips when on camera and even forced himself to go the other direction and say something nice each time. I guarantee he & his wife celebrated with a champagne dinner when K8 was voted off!

I was glad to see Jake go tonight...it was just time. It did surprise me how emotional he was...I actually think he's a genuine person but somehow he does come across as being a little sleazy. I do wish him well. I loved the look on Pam's face when Tom announced she was staying...I think she honestly thought she'd be in the bottom two again. I think she's beginning to see that the classier she acts, the better the votes go for her. I also agree that she may lapse into her sex kitten persona out of nervous habit...it also may cover up some of her insecurities. She seems very sweet and I'm surprised how much I like her and how I want her to make it to a few more shows. Isn't it amazing the things we can discern about some of these people even after just a few weeks.

I also agree that Derek is acting a little over the top lately...he's probably realizing he likely has the mirror ball in his grasp for a change, but he shouldn't count his chickens so quickly...we've all seen how things can turn on viewer votes. Nicole is obviously the best dancer but yeah, she does it professionally so in her case, I think she did have a head start over the others. Erin's really coming along given that she's a sports announcer. Maks is a great teacher but he may be getting a bit of an ego going due to his popularity. I still like him though, pretty hunky and fun to watch him & Erin spar. And Evan...I just love his calmness and sincerity...and his work ethic. Niecy is still adorable & fun but I think she needs to cool it at least a little bit with the jiggly parts and fat jokes because when the competition gets this far along, the judges want to see them being a little bit more serious. Just my opinion. At this point, I'd actually be happy for any of them to go on to win!

Cry Me a River said...

Who is Frock trying to kid? She was boycotting the show in a futile attempt to manipulate the ratings just like her sister tried to urge everyone else to do but found it didn't go over so well.

Cry Me a River said...

KY Pastor..

Thanks for the grounding. So glad we have you here to do that for us when necessary. I needed that. Sometimes we just go on a rant and forget that perceptions are made of the type of people we are from what might be a heated moment committed to paper forever.

BeDoneNow said...

RE THE RATINGS: I guess they can spin it anyway they want...

"Non-shocker No. 1: Now that we don't have Kate Gosselin to kick around anymore, ratings have taken a dip. The season premiere drew a big-time 23.9 million viewers, but Monday night's performances attracted just 10.2 million viewers, an 11 percent drop from the week before. "


Maybe I dont get the 'new math', but it looks like more than a 50% drop since the season opener.

Dang, I am sure her head is so big she cant get it through a door.

BeDoneNow said...

Whining with the stars?

"This season, which started out with an interesting-enough batch of celeb contestants, has turned into "Whining with the Stars." I can't remember any season that contained so much diva drama, whining and complaining (and yes, the producers choose to show specific video clips of those incidents) to the point of exhaustion. It's almost as if the couples are told that each week that the cameras will be scouring their rehearsal time for a meltdown scene. After all, it makes for "great television." Frankly, it's become a downer. How many more scenes of stars walking out of rehearsals do we need to see?"


Well, I think since Mary-Sunshine is finally gone, things will perk up. DWTS may have gone too far having Kate on and allowing her to act up week after week.

Lorrie said...

Sorry if this has already been mentioned. Kate's absence didn't hurt DWTS ratings a bit. I'm SO happy to hear that! I guess her sister's tacky plea fell on deaf ears.


CarolS461 said...

Admittedly, I had never really gotten into DWTS before this season. The ONLY reason I watched this season is because I wanted to see Kate tank.

I have to say I am hooked on it now. It was so nice to watch everybody Monday night be a little more relaxed "sans Kate."

I will continue to watch the rest of the season.

I like Jake and I was sorry to see them go, but he, too, has had his more than 15 minutes - Bachelorette, Bachelor, and DWTS. It's time to get back to REAL reality now.

annastasia said...

I read on BM site,that since kate was knocked off,the show is suffering/going to suffer,and the stats for last night showed there were 1.3 million less viewers,than when kate was on, where are the right stats?

shecan'tdance said...

Why didn't Kart watch DWTS to show support for the remaining contestants? It must be in the remaining dancers contracts to have to continue talking positively about her, but she isn't required to even watch or support any of them. The show should drop all the gimmmicks and drama and get back to just dancing. All the remaining contestants can actually dance.

Jenny said...

Annastasia, I'd go with the stats SpoiledMom shared and the link to the NY Times posted by Lorrie. 20.3 million, down just a bit from the 20.8 million of last week. A little fluctuation from week to week is probably just par for the course...so I tend to believe the NY Times over what the K8 loving BM people say. Here's the link Lorrie posted:


Jane in CA said...

Thanks to those that posting the ratings information. I was wondering if the viewership would drop after Kate was voted off (and naturally, hoping it would NOT).

I have been a loyal viewer from the very first season, and I know many who look forward to every new season with fresh hope we'll see some surprises from various celebrities. I still have my favorites from past seasons: Drew Lachey, Mel B (Spice Girls), Sabrina, George Hamilton (so fun, so classy and witty), Emmet Smith, and from Season 1 - the silver-haired guy from Seinfeld who came in 2nd but should have won!

So I am a very loyal viewer, yet DWTS almost lost me by having Kate on. I am now back watching the full episodes live and currently rooting for my favorite, Evan, to win.

Jeannie said...

It was great watching DWTS last night with no Kate. It was so painful to watch before. You could feel the tension when she was around---even 3000 miles away. Now the REAL dancers and stars can get back to what the show is supposed to be about. It's comical to hear Kart is in depression over it. She's a horrible person.

Jeannie said...

Khate probably watched the first 5 minutes last night, noticed no one did the "I (heart) Kate" to her, barely mentioned her and turned it off in a huff---then back under the covers in a deep depression. Poor Khatie!

Lorrie said...

Both Jeannie's comments (above) are spot on; check out this little tidbit about Kate's Monday night activities.


Jenny said...

Lorrie, good article, thanks for the link! Here's her quote (but the whole article was interesting, especially the part about the other celebs!):

"I miss everybody. I have post-DWTS depression. I'm serious," Gosselin told RadarOnline on Tuesday.

I think she'd be more accurate to say she's having, "post-no one is paying attention to me, pampering me, giving me all the sympathy I deserve or paying me hundreds of thousands of dollars for nothing more than showing up and whining" depression.

Sorry...I know that's pretty mean of me. I promise I did make an honest effort to resist...but what can I say...somehow the ridiculousness of her comment made my fingers go out of control and the words just flew out of me!

I honestly do want her to step back after her upcoming show crashes & burns, go home with her gazillions and just be still for a while and really rethink & reflect on what she's doing to the lives of her children with their continued, ongoing exposure to the media. But I honestly think that's not going to happen as long as there's even one Hollywood offer coming her way. For the kids' sake, I truly hope she proves me wrong.

Jenny said...

I just ran into this article at In Touch Magazine which confirms pretty much what we all have guessed already. But since the comments are supposedly from a "friend" of K8's, it lends more credibility (although of course who knows if anything these tabloids write is really true.)


(If this link has already been posted, please forgive me...)

winsomeone said...

"bbiejo said...

Tony would be a fool to bad mouth Kart..ever. "

He shouldn't have bad mouthed her, but on the other hand, he didn't need to suck up to her so much either, and say bad things about Jon, whom he didn't even know, or the facts. I can never like him after that.

Tami said...

Tony would be a fool to bad mouth Kart..ever. "

He shouldn't have bad mouthed her, but on the other hand, he didn't need to suck up to her so much either, and say bad things about Jon, whom he didn't even know, or the facts. I can never like him after that.
Exactly. It is not just a choice of badmouthing her or praising her. He could have just said very little and let that speak volumes. He could have just been like one would be with a stranger. Instead of giving his examples that she is so bugged by paparazzi and has such a tough life, he could have just said he enjoyed meeting her and now is ready to move on to next season and have a new partner as well. He could have shut up about Jon, who he does not even know. He could have not claimed that all women support her and that she is this great example of motherhood when he didn't even know enough about her mothering skills to form an opinion. He didn't have to say he does not understand the hate and that everyone should refrain from posting anything negative about her on facebook and should have just shut up and listened. Maybe he would have learned something instead of making a fool of himself and alienating a large portion of fans. Now I just think of him as a jerk.

GoPoshGo said...

"Post-DWTS depression"?? Puleeze. Kate's just ticked that she's been sent packing back to obscure-ville, PA. Her post-DWTS "depression" has nothing to do with being voted off, and EVERYTHING to do with her NEW "DWTS" gig: "Dealing With Twins and Sextuplets."

Lordy be, how soon can her book tour get her out of THAT gig???

Annie Louise said...

I don't know why I even wasted any brain cells thinking about this, but since Kate left DTWS in her blaze of weepy, defensive, feigned-tragic glory, I was trying to think if ANY other "star" has ever shown the same sort of behavior.

I've watched DWTS since Season 2 and I can't think of one single person who's ever been so much of a whiny jerk during rehearsals, performances, AND departure. Master P was probably the least-likeable of other celebrity dancers(he was lazy in rehearsals and refused to wear proper dance shoes because he didn't like them). But even he was on there because he was filling in for his son instead.

There have been plenty of bad dancers (Tucker Carlson, Steve Wozniak, Macy Gray, and more) -- some just as bad, if not worse, than Kate -- but not a single one has had her unique blend of bad attitude, bad dancing, and nasty stage presence.

And every single other person who left did so with good humor and grace - even Sabrina Bryan, who was shocked to be voted long before her time. Nobody cried like it was some tragic, horrible thing...

So, congratulations, Kate Gosselin. You've proved once again what we've always known - you're truly one of a kind!

NoUse4Kate said...

So who is everyone pulling for this week? I am undecided. Nicole will go continue on so "whatever" with her. She is a good dancer, but she doesn't need my votes. The other dancers are fun to watch and as of right now I am not sure where I will throw my votes this week.

Arabella said...

So far all I'm giving 2/3's of my votes to is Pamela. Not sure the other few.

Lady Madonna said...

Such fun and high energy. I enjoyed everyone. Can you imagine Kate doing that?

Cry Me a River said...

I am giving mine to Pamela and Chad. He has made such a dramatic improvement. They were all great! I would give Evan some but he never has to sweat it. He was fabulous tonight. I just got bumped off on abc.com. Must a lot of voting going on.

Lady Madonna said...

Also got a kick out of Tony showing up to give pointers to Chad. He seemed so much more relaxed and happy.

MareDevon said...

I'm an older bird, not much of a lady Gaga fan, but really enjoyed Team Gaga's dance the most. Pamela danced with two gals over half her age, and still kept up with them. I'm giving her all my votes tonight. :)

emschick1128 said...

I really like all the remaining contestants but my votes went to Pam and Nicole. I'll be sad to see anyone go next week. They all seem to try really hard and enjoy what they are doing. I could never imagine Kate being able to pull of any of the dances this week or last week. It's so nice to have her sour puss gone

Jeannie said...

Again so fun to watch the show tonite WITHOUT Khate. There's no way in you know what she could do what they did. She has not one ounce of talent in her lifeless body. The REAL dancers had such fun tonite and really enjoyed each other. Kate would have been her team's thorn. And as Tom said, "Last week was the best ratings on ABC!" See Kate, hon, it was not all you.

Anonymous said...

I'm with MareDevon, that Team Gaga ChaCha was alot of fun and very sexy. And Pamela actually had more clothing on than the other 2 ladies. I threw all my votes to Pamela and Damien. BM, Khart's weirdo sister and TLC can all go pound sand, DWTS is so much more fun now and you know why? Because none of the actual stars bitch and complain like she did. Everyone works really hard and if something bad happens, the celebrity actually blame themselves.
Ocho Cinco is spending alot of Bengals money though, everyone saw that BIG heart diamond?? WOW!

Jeannie said...

I could be wrong but it seems like less and less news shows and mags have less of Katezilla in them then say a week ago. Is she really fading away? We can only hope. I dare her to move to Calif. where she would be under the strictest child labor laws in the nation. It's not like her kids are talented or anything. They're not the Jacksons or even the Osmonds. Just regular kids. They smiled and were "cute" when they were 1 or 2. Now, Kate should be happy and STAY put with them in Pa. She should think what her life would be like if she didn't have them. Well, she probably does as she sits and dreams of the Hollywood lights.

JoyinVirginia said...

I really enjoyed the show tonight! Everyone has improved so much, and everyone is working hard to stay there, and it shows. Tonight there were individual dances, then there were two groups of three couples for the team cha-cha. Pam, Nicole, and Chad were Team Gaga and danced to Telephone. Niecy, Evan, and Erin were Team Madonna and danced to Holiday. Each couple got a score for their individual dance, then each of the three team couples got the same score for the group dance.

Scores and percentage of judges total votes:
Niecy 49 points, 15.75%
Erin 51 points, 16.39%
Pam 51 points, 16.39%
Chad 52 points, 16.72%
Nicole 54 points, 17.36%
Evan 54 points, 17.36%

It really is dependent on viewer votes, they could put Niecy on top and Evan in the bottom. Who knows? I voted for Niecy because she has shown the most improvement and I like her humor.

Anonymous said...

My vote is with Erin!

Tami said...

I wonder if Kate has decided to risk deepening her depression and taking a peek at DWTS yet now that she has been voted off. She would have been so jealous of the cha cha dancing. I could not even imagine her attempting it! She would never fit in. It was great without her tonight--didn't miss her at alL!

Kate's an idiot said...

Annie Louise, I agree that Kate's behavior on DWTS was odd, inappropriate, and completely ungracious. She was the only one to complain and whine to her dance pro. All other disagreements between the stars and their pros were good natured and related to frustration with mastering dance steps. Not Kate. She blamed Tony for not taking into consideration how she learns. (Huh? You mean like a lazy moron Kate?) And she cried on camera every week about whatever self-created problem was bugging her that day. She's an unstable whiny fool. And she was a terrible winner and self-pitying loser. And worst of all, the bad attitude (eye rolling, etc), breakdowns, tantrums and immaturity were on display for her kids to be embarrassed by. She said she did the show to support her kids and to set an example for them. Wow. Now they and the entire nation know what a bitch, what a buffoon, what a lazy childish fool she is. She is also recognized for the liar and neglectful mother that she is. Those kids must want to hide under a rock; their mom is by turns a laughingstock and a reviled witch.

Jenny said...

I agree with y'all...the fun is definitely back in the show! Did anyone notice that Pam was introduced as "actress & mom?" If it's been done before, I guess I didn't notice it. And you know when they showed that clip of her with the animals, she didn't include her children which she certainly could have chosen to do...it was just her and the animals (and maybe Damian, can't remember). She could have easily paraded the kids out for us all to see because I'm sure she's very proud of them, but she chose not to. Now THAT'S the way you keep your children safe and protected...by keeping them AWAY from the cameras! I admire Pam a lot for doing that.

Nicole was deemed "dancing royalty" by Carrie Anne and I think it was either her or Len that also deemed her the best celebrity dancer they've EVER had on the show. When it comes to the dancing part, sounds like she's pretty much got a lock on it...but that doesn't take the viewer votes into consideration so I guess potentially there could be an upset. If so, I'm thinking Erin or Evan...but I actually do like all 3.

I agree that all the celebs worked SO hard to improve and their judges' scores showed it. I like each one of the remaining contestants for different reasons but the main reason is that they all are such upbeat, positive, happy people who don't come on displaying their personal baggage & whining about how life is unfair and that they're so put upon. That's such a drag. I felt like I was in a private therapy session every time K8 was on.

I may be late in coming to this conclusion but I'm starting to think that the show includes celebs that have a real chance to go for the win of course but for the first 5 weeks or so, they make sure they've chosen a few well known people no matter what their dancing ability is, just for the purpose of drawing in the viewers to help with the ratings. (Ya think?!) Then those few get weeded out/voted out by week 5 or 6 so then they're left with actual competitors. I know, I know, I'm pretty sure I'm stating the obvious that you guys have known all along...but it just kicked into my own little pea brain tonight when I was watching the show. lol.

Anyway, a really fun show tonight! I voted for Pam & Evan but when I go to abc.com I'll vote for Pam and Chad...I couldn't decide between Evan & Chad so this way I can vote for both. Actually my top favorite besides Pam & Evan is Erin...such a sparkly personality...but I figure she's pretty safe. Again, I like all the remaining celebs so much that it's ok with me whichever one ends up winning. As much as I adore Niecy, I'm thinking that, sadly, she might be the next to go.

K8STFU said...

Love. This. Show.

The dancing is just getting better, and it's really fun to watch.

Team Gaga nailed it, they were much more exciting than Team Madonna, although I think the song choice for Madonna was a factor ( a little boring ).

I voted for Chad and Pam, although I am pretty sure that Nicole and Evan will go all the way to the finale.

Lordie Be, Pamela looked just gorgeous tonight - very little makeup , soft pink dress, just wow.

Annie Louise : I also have watched since Season 2 and agree that there has been no contestant as whiny, nasty, miserable, etc as K8. There have been horrible dancers every season, but at least those people for the most part had some personality.

Jerry Springer and Steve O were both horrible dancers but were so engaging and funny, they became audience faves.

wildflowers said...

Since Kate has been kicked off DWTS it has become blatantly clear just how much Kate utilized DWTS as NOTHING MORE than a self serving/self promoting platform. Now that DWTS is void of Kate and ALL her self induced 'drama', the show is now back to what it is REALLY about, DANCING! Last night's show was high energy, great performances, talent, and entertainment worthy on all levels.

Anonymous said...

Was there any drop in ratings? I don't think she had that much pull.

Cry Me a River said...

I wonder who is going to go tonight. It will be hard to call. They were all so good last night. It was like now the ruckus is over we can get down to what we came here to do. I was blown away by Evan. I got tickled at him trying to move his hips. He was so cute. Those spins and leg lifts were awesome. He is so humble and nice. Is it just me or does Nicole seem to be getting a little attitudinal. She was complaining that Derek never complimented her. I was surprised by that. When you can dance as well as she can he doesn't need to spend time patting her on the back.

Jane in CA said...

One of the worst dancers ever to grace the DWTS dance floor was Kenny Maine (sp?). I think Tucker Carlson and Penn of Penn & Teller are also right up there. What is unique to DWTS is that even if though he was booted first off, Kenny Maine has turned that brief stint into a returning cameo role every season.

I missed Maks and Erin's performance last night, but I see the judges really liked it. My favorite couple this season remains Evan and Anna and I absolutely loved their performance last night. Evan cracks me up with his monotone voice, but he seems like a genuinely nice guy and he's giving it his all.

In fact, there isn't a remaining contestant that I don't like, with the slight exception of Nicole. I think the fact she started out so good, there hasn't been any arc of improvement or real struggle on her part (from my point of view, which could be all wrong!), makes me less interested in her. I like to see celebs come in not knowing much about ballroom dancing, struggling at first, then really getting it.

I think Pam may go home tonight, based primarily on a lower fan base. I think Neicy has a stronger fan base and will last another week or two.

SafetyTrain said...

I voted for Niecy. She just did such an amazing job last night - what an incredible improvement. I loved her reaction when she got a 9 from Carrie Ann. THAT was great television - not Kate perpetually whining about how the world is so mean to her..........

mama san said...

Watched DWTS, I like Niecy but the performance did not rate a 9 or 8. She is entertaining but I pray that Pam gets another week. I feel Niecy will stay even though Pam is better and improved more. How could Evan score a lowly 7 ? MHT only.

Dorothy said...

more thoughts, my first viewing of DWTS and I sense that Carrie does not like Erin. Erin has worked hard and improved. Even though I vote for Pam I believe that Erin and Maks should make the final two.

NoUse4Kate said...

I ended up throwing most of my votes Pam's way again, with a couple going to Chad, as did the rest of my family. I really don't want to see any of them go at this point, they are all enjoyable to watch. I do wish Nicole would stop with the pursing of her lips thing, that is annoying to me.

JoyinVirginia said...

For Jenny especially, and any other DWTS recent fans:
Yes, DWTS does try to get a good mix of celebrities to attract interest from a broad audience, hoping folks will be hooked when they see how much fun watching the dancing can be, and the dancers and singers who guest star, like an old-fashioned variety show. Remember Sonny & Cher show, Ed Sullivan, Carol Burnette? All those shows had comedy and singing and dancing, and were fun to watch.

So yes, some of the early celebrities without much talent are referred to as "cannon fodder" - they are not expected to last long. Sometimes they are truly untalented, like Tucker Carlson and Penn Gillette and Kenny Maine. Sometimes they surprise you, and get a strong fan base who vote until their little fingers bleed to keep their faves on the show! Such as the sainted Clorky, blessed be their name! Cloris Leachman and her partner Corky Ballas (Mark's father). Despite Cloris physical limitations, she knew how to play to an audience and HAVE FUN! That is why she is the only official Vote for the Worse DWTS pick in the history of the show.

Then of course sometimes there is the celebrity cannon fodder guest who is outstandingly untalented and is not going to spend the time to try and get better. Master P falls into that category, but he was completely honest and upfront about it, gotta love his honesty! Also it was pretty funny when Len became almost apoplectic when Master P refused to wear the "proper dancing shoes". Master P was promoting his own line of shoes, you see, and wearing them on DWTS was a free commercial for him!

Come on now - don't you all miss just a teensy-weensy bit seeing what horrible costume and hairstyle and make up the "housewife" was going to wear next? And how the "housewife" was almost homicidal and apoplectic when she was CALLED a housewife?!? Lots of entertainment, and the DWTS producers are laughing all the way to the bank! The Vote for the Worst folks tuned in just to see if the "housewife" was going to lunge for the judges throats! LOL, good times!

debbiejo said...

Once again DWTS was the most watched TV show last night.


I never thought Khart/Frock-on-a-hanger/Catatonic stepford wife was the reason for the ratings. Sure she had a certain number who wanted to watch her, but so do all the real celebrities that remain.

I wanted to watch Buzz and Evan, others want to watch Nicole, Erin, etc.

I do not believe Khart is a ratings grabber, she is a train wreck who some watch.

I had my hair done by a new stylist. She is very young, probably 21 0r 22. Even she cant stand Kart. I asked why not, and she said because of J&K +8. The young stylist in the station next to her said "I've never watched that show, I only hate her from what I saw on DWTS.".

Hannah W. said...

Figures that someone who's a fan of Kate's would say something this low, " http://thebiglead.com/index.php/2010/05/04/elisabeth-hasselbeck-vs-erin-andrews/ From what I'm reading on twitter the rest of cast is PISSED.

CarolS461 said...

When Kate returns for the finale of DWTS, here's something they can use when they do the recap of each dancer's time on the show:


NT said...

Kate will be on the finale of DWTS on May 24 and 25. She says she has one more dance in her!!!!

CarolS461 said...

I wonder when TLC and Mattel will collaborate with DWTS to make this commemorative Tony & Kate DWTS doll

Check it out here:


Aunt Chris said...

Kate says she has one more dance in her? Perhaps she should have used it during the competition instead of saving it for the finale.

Elizabeth Cackleback has always been an idiot.

Lady Madonna said...

So sad to see Pamela go. If anyone had told me at the beginning of the show that she would be one of my favorites, I would have told them they were crazy.

emschick1128 said...

I'm so sad that Pam got voted off tonight. I thought she tried very hard and was really sweet. I hated to see her go. Of course by boyfriend is upset also!!

Geri said...

NT said...
Kate will be on the finale of DWTS on May 24 and 25. She says she has one more dance in her!!!!


The Hokey Pokey.

BeDoneNow said...

Yikes. Pam Anderson is gone now. I liked what they said about trying to get her on since season one and this year she finally agreed. She and her hair were fun to watch. i wish her alot of luck in all she does.

Go Niecy!

mama san said...

It is hard to believe Niecy is still on and Pam is gone. I watched this show for the first time. How judging is conducted has convinced me, it is the last. Pam stayed a lady to the end.

Cry Me a River said...

I was devastated to see Pamela go. I don't understand it really. I am a big of fan of Niecy, but she is not of the same caliber as the remaining finalists. Pam was a lady and handled herself beautifully to the end. I will be looking forward to see her at the finale. Keeping practicing Pamela-you have it in you to blow - them - away at the finale.

Cry Me a River said...

Oh and Elizabeth Hustleback is a sheeple.

IDModo said...

Isn't the child custody hearing on May 25? Has it been cancelled, or has Kate just decided that her priority is DWTS? If it hasn't been cancelled, I wonder what the penalties are for failing to show up at a scheduled court appearance.

K8STFU said...

I am sad to see Pam go . I have to admit that I like and respect her SO much more after seeing how hard she worked on DWTS.

I really don't want to see anyone go.... the next few weeks will be tough !

emschick1128 said...

It should be interesting to see what happens with Kate's "career" and her 2 new shows now that her book tanked and she made such a fool of herself on DWTS. In my opinion I think the a-holes at TLC probably thought a good performance on DWTS would maybe sway the public and hope that people would see her in a more positve light but boy did that back fire. I'm sure that didn't know she would be that lazy and suck as badly as she did. If anything I think it has been the turing point for a lot of people who now see her more for the whiney bitch that she is. I really hope the tide is turning and I think it is. She had a great opportunity that alot of real moms would have killed for and tried their best to make themselves and their children proud and blew it thinking her crazed fans would just keep voting for her with no effort on her part at all. She couldn't have really practiced and still been that horrible. I also think her media blitz that whole week and bitching on every TV show feasible did her in. Hopefully some day those poor kids can have a normal, private life before they get to traumatized.

debbiejo said...

"Kate will be on the finale of DWTS on May 24 and 25. She says she has one more dance in her!!!!"


Jumping Jehosaphat! Thanks for the warning.

jonandkatewho? said...

I'm sad that Pam was voted off. I think she deserved to stay over Neicy and Chad. She is a better dancer.

I don't think I'll watch the rest. I kind of like Erin but am pretty sure she won't win.

Jenny said...

Not sure why the comments about Elizabeth Hasselbeck...I either missed a post on here or maybe she said something on The View that I missed. But other than both her & Sherri's support of K8, I like them both, although I don't watch the show much anymore because I don't like it when they all get into a mean argument taking sides...it stresses me out and I don't need any more stress. Ok...now back to DWTS.

Whoa...Erin & Pam in the bottom two...that was a real shocker. And on top of that to see Pam actually go...I really am surprised by that. I agree, she really took the judges' suggestions to heart, and then went back and worked hard to improve. She also seemed to drop the naughty girl act and I think that helped her stay out of the bottom two 'til tonight...we saw her genuinely sweet side.

And then Erin...another surprise. She's been my personal favorite because of her sparkly personality and good natured sparring with Maks. You know what, speaking of Maks...I'm guessing here but it kind of makes me wonder if his attitude of late may have had a negative impact on viewers and cost Erin some votes. I find his sparring & kidding a lot of fun but maybe it rubs some folks the wrong way. I did notice that both he & Erin looked stunned and humbled when Tom announced them in the bottom two...so maybe we'll see a slightly toned down version of them next week. Maks for sure needs to be a little more respectful of the judges' comments. Just my opinion.

And again, as much as I adore Niecy, there's just no comparison between her dancing & Pam's...so as they constantly warn viewers on the show, the judging counts but so do the viewer votes.

By the way, before I forget...thank you to JoyInVirginia for the background info on the show, that was pretty enlightening. Wow, "cannon fodder," who knew! :)

So, in closing I have to say I'm disappointed in how things went tonight...but I did appreciate how Pam left with such kind words...nothing rehearsed, she spoke from her heart...and it was also great to see everyone coming out to hug her at the end. I'm not looking forward to the rest of the shows since I like all the remaining celebs and don't want any of them to go.

Taryn said...

Oh no! More Kate on DWTS! Did I ever mention that one of my favorite cosmetic brands is a Japanese one called Kate? Now when I hear about new products from Kate, her face appears in my mind. It's quite traumatic.

Eh, I don't think much of Pam. A few weeks ago, she was featured on a celeb blog that showed a slew of pictures of her coming out of a restaurant obviously bombed out of her mind. She's got two kids, for crying out loud. Having a good time is one thing, but getting smashed isn't the best example for her sons. Plus she's had a lot of other questionable antics like parading half naked in Vegas.

Kit said...

Kate will be on the finale of DWTS on May 24 and 25. She says she has one more dance in her!!!!

The Hokey Pokey.

Gee, I thought it would be The Hustle.

Dorothy said...

FYI - Penalty for not showing up at a court hearing, in Pennsylvania, is a Bench Warrant. A sheriff is sent to the house and takes you away to the local prison. Ha-ha. Can you just imagine? Kate arguing and then be charged with Resisting Arrest. Nah, that would be to good to be true.

Hippie Chick said...

Isn't the child custody hearing on May 25? Has it been cancelled, or has Kate just decided that her priority is DWTS? If it hasn't been cancelled, I wonder what the penalties are for failing to show up at a scheduled court appearance.

Well, don't you know, super famous people get a pass? They, like, don't have to show up at court hearings & stuff! Look at Lindsay Lohan! She skipped her past 2 or 3 court hearings this past month! Kate is above that. She needs to appease her fans!! Blech.

I was so sad to see Pam go. She showed true class & she worked really hard. It was also really nice to see everyone go over & give her a group hug, unlike someone else, who shall remain nameless. (unless they did, they didn't show it on TV).
All my votes go to Neicy now!!

Lucy said...

Now that Pam has been "voted" off I hope some sharp Broadway producer has seen the talent and hard work she brought to DWTS. Bruno was right. Pam could do a musical and do it well. My whole impression of Pam changed when I saw her on DWTS. Hope she finds a better man to share her life with too.

KHATE said...

It was sad to see Pam go. She was a better dancer than Niecy. I can't believe I see Kate name with DWTS over and over...Kate's return, or Kate misses DWTS. Or the best one, it's the tabloids fault she couldn't concentrate. If that's true, she should never even think of a career in show business, she would always be messing up.

Lorrie said...

Neicy pokes fun at Kate... her comments may be in jest, but they're spot on! :)


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