Will Kate Ever Get It? by Judgement Day

I wonder if the Kate we don't see, actually tosses and turns in the wee hours, knowing she's attained her notorious fame and substantial wealth on the backs of her eight children...admitting to herself in the quiet of night that she is truly Kate The Fake.

I wonder because of my own experience...as a fake. You see, I inherited a small house. I could never own one on my own because I mismanaged my money. During this time, a friend of mine was frugal and made great sacrifices to buy his home. I feel like a fraud compared to him because I came by things too easily. He has a quiet, unvoiced pride and peaceful contentment I'll never have, because I didn't do it on my own like he did. I didn't come by my gift of a home in an authentic way. I'll never have his satisfaction that comes with honest achievement and hard work.

Kate thinks being a mom is hard work; exhausting. But, really, her often-touted, long bedrest before delivery of those tups was a small price to pay for how easy it's been to triple her investment hundreds of times over. Just take a look at how she lives and the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

She didn't get that on her own, through individual endeavor...she has what she had because of her kids. Friends tell me I'm too hard on myself as I search for my own humility and atonement...but, I have to wonder, will Kate ever search for hers?

Thanks to Judgement Day


Ohio Buckeye said...

K8G's credibility has shrunken to zero for this GWoPer.

IF the K8G we have all seen on TV is at all real, then the answer to your question is a resounding "NO." IMO the character we see on TV is narcissistic to a sociopathic level, so introspection, empathy, remorse, and, sadly, redemption, will never be associated with this character.

After having enough PR hype crammed down my throat over these last few yrs about the Gosselins, I wonder at this point if the entire character of K8G has not been largely scripted from the beginning with all its various re-inventions of loving, organized mom/wife, CanDoKate, CleanSlateKate, and now, TwinkleToesKate. Who knows.

More importantly, who even CARES anymore?

If what we have seen is a fairly accurate portrayal of K8G, then when the Karma train pulls into Gosselinville, it's going to be ugly.

I just have zero faith in anything related to the Gosselins at this point, and, frankly, am tired of the whole PR manipulations.

When it comes to the Gosselins, my own train has been steaming toward Apathy City for quite awhile now.

Nanny Deb said...

I think that it would take a truly devastating event (accident, mortal illness, etc.) for Kate to even begin to consider the role she has played over the last 5 years and how it has destoyed her family. And even then, I believe Kate's first instincy would be to blame someone else for the disaster.

I hate to think anyone (who is not a criminal sociopath) is incapable of learning and unable to be redeemed, but I think Kate comes pretty close to irredeemable.

Kate is not normal said...

She is a text book narcissist; so the answer to your question is no...she will never come to the conclusion that she is a self absorbed user, and abuser. She is void of all normal human emotions and conclusions. It is only and will always only be about her and what she gains. Jon, family, friends and yes her 8 children are nothing more than props in her life to be used until they are no longer useful. This is why she is able to so easily cast off anyone who she deems more trouble than they are worth in her perverted world.

Gessica said...

OMG I just saw Kate's dance and WHY IS SHE DANCING AS IF SHE HAS 50LB WEIGHTS ON HER FEET???? This is ridiculous. She dances as though she is annoyed that she has to dance. She really has no rythm!!!

Rose said...

When Tony almost "quit" as her partner on DWTS, Kate said two things that convinced me beyond a doubt that she will never truly change. Those two things were...

"I don't get it. I just don't get it."


"So many people have quit on me in my life."

No, Kate, you don't get it. And what's more, you don't want to get it, because that would force you to make some changes in how you treat others and why your life is nothing but a huge mess right now. You have no sense of accountability for your actions, and nobody seems to be asking you to do so. You have the television world eating out of your hand, portraying you as the person you are not despite all the evidence to the contrary that YOU YOURSELF are giving by behaving the way you do.

So no, I don't believe you will ever change, because any opportunity to do so will be squelched by your constant tendency to blame others for your shortcomings. You're not the one making any mistakes, after all - it's the entire world that's quitting on you. Poor, poor, misunderstood Kate, with the entire world on your poor little shoulders. Grow up and get a life, for all our sakes.

AllAboutKate said...

No, Kate will NEVER get it. Everything is about her perception of herself. Not her kids, and certainly not Jon.

I still feel very badly for the kids, as they are the aftermath of her need for fame, attention, and constant need for more money. It is as if she validates herself based on her income.

Kate has become a "through whatever means necessary" person who has to valdiate herself, no matter what the cost to her children. She could simply live at home and survive off book sales, but no, that will never be enough for Kate, ever. It is all about her being a "star." God help her kids in pursuit of fame.

Bleeting Sheeple said...

To the writer - Honey you will never be like Kart.
You understand that you received something, a gift. You also are humble enough to realize that you did receive a gift, where others around you worked for theirs (i.e. a house).
Your awareness of this, along with a heart of gratitude at the gift you received makes you well above her.
God Bless you for your humility. For this, you will be further blessed.

kate is a cocky bitch said...

I think you're being too hard on yourself. You did not exploit 8 innocent children. IMO there is nothing worse than what Queen Kate is doing. And I am totally convinced that she will never change.

Red Shapeless Brick said...

When she insulted Tony by saying he wasn't teaching right & he quit and left Kate should have went after him to apologize. But no she sat there like poor pitiful me.

How much convincing do you think the producers had to do to make Tony to go back? He seems like a nice man, he deserves a better partner.

too bad,so sad said...

First I think the OP is being too hard on herself (himself) We all have things in our lives that come easy and others that are difficult. You are not a fraud because you were gifted something not everyone has. You are grateful and that is all that really counts.
Kate will never get it. She even admitted that on the clip tonight. It is soooo easy to just dislike her. When Tony came back and apologized for over reacting, Kate just accepted that it was indeed all his fault. She never reflected on her own part of that problem and realized how very insulting it is to tell an experienced teacher that your lack of progress is because of the way they teach and not your lack of talent or effort.
I work with kids and have had several that have different disabilities like aspergers a form of autism. They do not get social cues and have difficulty dealing with other people. They can not understand how other people are feeling or how other people may be hurt by their actions. Kate does not, in my opinion, want to hurt the kids, she may not be able to see or understand how they are feeling or being hurt. She just doesn't get it and never will. I do pity her.
Having had my pity party for her I now have to admit I laughed myself silly this evening during her dance (I use that term loosely.) She couldn't walk down the steps. Her knees were bending out to the side with her wide legged walk. OMG! Her feet must have weighed 100lbs. each. She just didn't move. I'm a senior citizen but I still go to the school functions with my students and can dance the jitterbug with the best of them. I can't believe she couldn't even get her feet off the floor. She didn't have a nanosecond of fun.
Judges said she wasn't a dancer-well guess what-she isn't a star either!
Oh, and didn't she say she had to wear dresses that were modest because she was a mom??? That red number tonight!!! I hear all the kids chanting: I see London, I see France-I see Kate's underpants!
She will never get it. She should have been nicer to the wardrobe people. I think they hate her. The gowns tonight for the waltz were beautiful and the jive dresses were so cute-and then the red fringe mess! Reminded me of the shade on the leg lamp from the movie Christmas Story!

kitnkaboodle said...

No she will never "get it" because she has a probable personality disorder, either Narcissism or Sociopathy not sure which but probably the former, and those people , trust me, NEVER "get it." It is ALWAYS someone/something else that "makes them" do this or that, or say this or that, or other things that "HAPPEN" that result in this, that, or t'other thing. There is NO INSIGHT there, never will be, quit hoping for it. I believe I have read that "therapy rates" /cure rates? not sure the term, are VERY LOW for people like Khate. They simply do NOT believe they are EVER CULPABLE for anything. I have dealt w/several in my life, can you tell. You either learn to avoid these people (lest you raise your B/P to chronic unhealthy levels), or, you choose to continue to be their pawns. Your choice. Unfortunately, her minor children HAVE NO choice (for now). I can totally see some of those eight kids becoming estranged from Kart . It will be "THEIR" fault, however, should that occur. Just like her parents "Didnt know how to help us." God what a piece of work; one HAS to wonder what MADE her this way. ??
And re. the wide-legged stance: remember the "IT"S A BEAUTIFUL LIIIIFE!!" promo they had a year ago?? The one where Kart and Jon and the moneymakers were shown walking down a grassy slope? I remember thinking then "My Gawd that woman has VERY poor posture (stomach /pelvis tilted outward) AND she walks bowlegged.!" So while I did NOT watch DWTS the past two weeks (nor will I, till Kart is gone), I can completely see in my minds' eye that wide bowlegged walk from that grassy knoll! lol
I truly hope the Steve rumours are NOT true and never have been, because really, if he HAD ever found this clodhopping narcissist attractive in any way, I would forever wonder about his judgement and sanity, not to mention his characteristics as a MAN.
Not that I think muchof his judgement already, he being on the Kart assignement this long and all. I'd be embarrassed were I him.

silimom said...

too bad - I'm sure you weren't saying this, but as the mom of four kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (asperger's and autism) I want to make it clear that Kate DOES NOT have Asperger's. Kate may not mean to harm the kids and may not "get it" but that is because she is a narcissist which is COMPLETELY different than having an ASD.

Again, no disrespect but there is enough misconception about what autism is without people confusing that reality with Kate Gosselin.

IDModo said...

Thank you silimom for being so clear about the difference between Narcissism and ASD.Kate was able to form the intent to defraud society by deliberately having multiples and then using them for her personal gain.In my experience working with children with ASD, this is not a path that would even occur to them. They would not be capable of the deliberate intent for self-aggrandizement that Kate displays, and would not have the overwhelming need for the approval of others.
That being said, although challenging, they can be extremely lovable children and make a positive mark on the world, often bringing moments of great joy to their families.
Narcissists are really quite different.The above positive qualities are not there, unless in a calculated way, to draw attention to themselves.
May God go with you on your challenging and joyful path.


Kate's behavior and performance last night on DWTS made it clearly obvious that Kate has become so accustomed to a life of ENABLERS that she has ZERO self awareness and how she continues to use the 'victim card' to avoid any OWNERSHIP of personal accountability when faced with a challange/situation that doesnt go her own way! IMO, the problem with Kate can be summed up quite simply, a LAZY mind and LAZY attitude.

PJ's momma said...

I don't think she will ever get it either. I posted elsewhere that all my brothers are addicts and alcoholics. People with substance abuse issues are often very narcissistic, creating drama constantly to keep the focus on themselves, despite the trail of destruction they leave behind. (Watch that guy from Grease on Celebrity Rehab for a perfect example.) But they also constantly point to everyone else for THEIR failures. It's all a big conspiracy. It's never them. Never ever. And if you tell them that, they'll agree with you (and point out that you tell them that all the time because it's your favorite thing to say). They are always the victim. They never apologize for a thing. They dole out abuse when they don't get their way. And on and on and on.

At least in those cases, they have the benefit and excuse of having burned out a bunch of brain cells that won't ever come back. Their impulse control is the first thing to depart and it doesn't come back. Kate has no such excuse. She's just a witch.

kart with a weave said...

How prophetic that this question was posed the very morning of the DWTS show in which Kart wailed, "I don't get it! I just don't get it!" I believe her hiney has answered your query her very self.

And Kart says she doesn't read these blogs, HA! LOL

Anonymous said...

"She could simply live at home and survive off book sales,"

What book sales? The books they put on the bargain rack at fifty cents each? LOL! How far do you think those proceeds would last?

Anonymous said...

When she was asked (while waiting for the scores) what happened, wouldn't you have loved to have heard her say, "I'm a rotten dancer. I just plain suck."

Sheri said...

I apologize wholeheartedly if this has been said but I just watched on YouTube the whole exchange between Kate and her dance instructor, where he walks out.

At the end Kate is wiping her crocodile tears with her manicured fingernails saying, "I don't get it. I don't get it."

Of course she doesn't. At the beginning of the clip her instructor is telling her "a woman is always right, so remember that and start with your right". Should be easy for her, right?

Kate goes on about how she doesn't get it and that he's not teaching her properly. He should be teaching in a way that makes it easy for her to learn.

It's a very telling exchange and leads me to believe that no, Kate will NEVER get it.

I haven't watched the show and all I've seen are clips on YouTube and frankly, that's more than enough Kate for me.

Beagles 4 said...

First, I would like to say that Kate achieved everything she has through the exploitation of her children. That is the worst way to make money.

Second, she has no feelings of remorse for any wrong doings. She is a firm believer, IMO, that the world revolves around her and thus, owes her everything.

Third, Kate lives in a world of make believe. I believe she thinks that she is a wonderful actress, dancer, writer, mother, etc., yet I have to see any of this proven to be true. People haven't given up on Kate--she only thinks they have because not everyone will give her everything she wants, thus leaving her to walk away from everyone who has been in her life.

Lastly, I am tired of hearing "I do everything for my kids". She does everything for herself and herself only because that is the only person she believes is worthy of anything/everything. Kate claims to have to prove to her kids that she can dance which blows my mind, when what she should really be proving to her kids is what a mother is all about. She has only shown her kids how to gimme gimme in her wannabee world.

I feel bad for those children and hope that they learn what real love is all about. I hope when they have their own children, they will see how messed up their mother really is. All she did was carry them and birth them. Any positive behavior they have has been taught by other peoples' influences in their lives.

GoPoshGo said...

Kate is incapable of any meaningful soul-searching. Afterall, how can you search something that isn't there?

She is an entitled narcissist who (1) has no sense of personal accountability, and (2) seems to genuinely believe that the rest of society "owes her" somehow. Perfect example: her claim that since the medical community allows/invented fertility treatments, society should financially support her kids. *No* accountability for her role in spawning the Gosselin herd; *no* plan for how SHE would support them. It's always everyone else's fault, and everyone else's responsibility.

Five years after the tup's birth, we'll likely see much of the same mental gymnastics and illogical assertions. When Kate gets voted off, do you think she'll admit to the truth of why her performances were so horrendously horrendous: namely, that she didn't take the competition seriously; and that she didn't rehearse as long or as hard as she should and could have? No, she'll deny responsibility: "I'm not a dancer;" "With 8 -- count 'em 8 -- kids, I didn't have time to rehearse." Or, she'll blame: "Tony didn't know how to teach me;" "I'm the only celebrity who had to make the bi-coastal commute;" and "Jon cheated on me" (because Kate NEVER disappoints with the gratuitous Jon-dig, no matter how unrelated it is to the current topic).

Based on what I've seen and read over the past few years, Kate will never change.

Ohio Buckeye said...

"So many people quit on me in life..."

And YET, K8G STILL refuses to see that SHE is the problem.

I rest my case.

K8G is hopelessly narcisstic and will never see the light. She will go to her grave believing she is an under appreciated hero who triumphed over all, despite everyone's unfair treatment of her.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Oh, and one more thought: as dreary as the comment I just posted is about K8G never finding the light, what's even worse IMO is that at this point, I believe K8G and her handlers have begun to exploit her this part of her persona as another hook in the Kate Gosselin brand - it keeps the drama factor high, which seems to be what many viewers love to see. Go figure.

too bad,so sad said...

I sincerely apologize to anyone or everyone who read my last post and thought that I meant that Kate G. suffers from autism. I would never want to give a label to anyone. I was using some of the behaviors of some of the people who have autism to highlight that one can have behaviors that they have no control over. I agree that Kate also has behaviors that do not match the descriptors of autism. It is a very misunderstood condition because there are so many different types. I have had high functioning autistic kids in my class, they are nothing like the autistic kids my son in law has in his class in a specialized school that is affiliated with a hospital.
So my point is, it is easy to see Kate's behavior and really dislike her, but just maybe there is something about her that we do not know that makes her unable to see other people's needs, feelings and is therefore unable to interact positively with them. I have read many posts that claim that she has a narcissistic personality. Even if that is true, she probably can not choose to act differently on her own, the same way my mom who suffered from depression could not cheer herself up. So, seeing it in this way I do pity her.
Having said that, just because I do feel sorry for her because she can not fully accept joy in her life, but keeps running after superficial, material things-I still don't really want to see her anymore. She needs help to make a change not a group surrounding her, feeding her celebrity status and making her indulge in more negative behavior. Yes, that is you TLC.
Again my apology to you my GWoP friends if in any way my post seemed indifferent or critical of any autistic child.

Can't See Sheep said...

too bad,so sad said...
I have read many posts that claim that she has a narcissistic personality. Even if that is true, she probably can not choose to act differently on her own, the same way my mom who suffered from depression could not cheer herself up.

Depression is a serious medical illness, it is not a behaviour disorder, which is what narcissism is, they're not even in the same ballpark. There's a vast difference. People with behaviour disorders CAN change, but they have to want to. The first step is that they have to be willing to HONESTLY admit that what they're doing is wrong & then actively work to change that. Since narcissists are very rarely willing to sincerely admit they could be wrong they don't change.

The doctor I spoke with said a number of narcissist can only be diagnosed by the harm they cause others. He said he never gets to speak to the people that he should be speaking with, he always ends up only speaking& helping those the narcissists have harmed in one way or another. Narcissists don't go in for therapy because as far as they're concerned they've done nothing wrong, there is nothing to fix or correct, everyone else is at fault for one lame reason or another. Lying is like breathing for these people, something kate very clearly demonstrates in spades.

Once you have had a narcissist in your life it makes them dead easy to spot, because the behaviour is very similar from individual to individual, despite how much they try to convince you that they're unique. Like kate & telling Tony he doesn't know how to teach her because he's not taking into account how she learns. This is just kate trying to make herself top dog in this relationship, trying to keep control, forcing Tony to do things her way, rather than shutting up, observing & learning like so many others would.

kate will never soul search, she's never going to stop & think. kate will never get it, because kate chooses not to get it. "Getting it" would be being culpable for some or all of what happened & hell will freeze over before kate ever admits that she's done anything wrong. kate only thinks about kate & that's as far as her thinking goes. A walk in the depths of kates soul would be a fruitless ramble through a very dry & barren wasteland.

BarbMae said...

I don't get her at all. She astounds me. How can anyone be humiliated like that on national t.v. and in the media like that and not want to crawl in a hole? To not be emotional to the horrible things that are being said about you day after day? How can she actually be able to go out and dance next week with her angry emotions? But, alas my one and only sister is the same way. Always thinking about herself, that is why after many years of butting my head against the wall I have resounded myself to who she is. She is even worse since I have been divorced and live alone. She has only been to my home twice since I was divorced. During the holidays I just show up at the time I did the previous year, cause I know I'm going to get the last minute phone call inviting me to dinner. I know that if I'm ever in a crisis that she will not be there for me, heck my 2sons even know and that is why my best friend is my emergency contact cause I know she will consider every option before pulling the plug, I can't say that for my sis... He! He! Getting back to Kate... I just don't get her. It is a darn shame that she will never ever get it.... so sad... that she could be surrounded by very loving people and because of her self love will destroy any relationship she will ever have, including her kids... it only took 4 weeks for Tony to see through her. I just feel sad for soul-less people... they miss out on so much....

my .02 said...

I truely wonder how Katie sleeps at night.

She is lauded as the writer of a books- there are 3 people's name on one cover and its understood she had minimal input.

She is a reality star- her show exploited her kids, was scripted, lied to fans and boring.

She got the huge mansion she believes she and the kids deserve. ITs far from the school and the kids have to get up "wicked early" just to get to the bus stop.

She threw her husband repeatedly under the bus with lies and more lies concerning their divorce.

She is onto week 3 on dwts, yet it is not because she was successful, but rather she is a attention grabbing item. Tony's contract and reputation is all that is keeping him there.

She is lauded as a supermom. Yet in her heart she must know that she received oodles of help from so many people before and after the cameras.

I never believed the "one more" claim. I think she likes the ateention of multiples and was secretly hoping for twins again or triplets.
Just enough to get lots of attention and have cutie things to display, but few enough for more financial purposes.

Vanessa said...

The worst thing that could have happened to kate is to become famous. Looking back now at the early episodes we see what was always there. But because she's been enabled by so many people, I think she's too far gone to come back to any kind of "normal" human being. Because she was in this unique sitution with the multiples, and the world really was curious, TLC ran with it. But the fame and TLC fed her disorder and grew it into the monster it is now. We all see how she is MUCH worse today then when we first set our eyes on her. She DID try and think before whe spoke, now she just spits out whatever and has no
remorse for anything or anyone she hurts/offends. Just the look on her face say it all! Even if she TRIES to apologize or acknowledge her wrong doings, it's like she's got vinegar in her mouth. There are sooo many people, I am sure JUST LIKE KATE, but they are not "celebrities" and they are not the $$$ makers that she is to this grand of a scale.

Sharon said...

Viewers were left a little dumbfounded after Kate Gosselin said in the confessional "so what?" about missing a few steps in her Monday night performance. Pro dancer Edyta Sliwinska is giving the reality star a pass on the remark. She feels that you can't lament missing a step or two in a performance, but in rehearsals you should because that's when you have the chance to do it over. "When it comes to performance it is 'so what?'," Sliwinska says.

"I didn't mean 'so what?' in the form of I'm flippant and I don't care," Gosselin explains. "I showed I was having fun [during the dance] and [what I meant was] if that cost me a few steps, 'so what?'"

Gosselin's partner Tony Dovolani tried to keep her spirits up while they were waiting to be called safe for next week. "Once the dance is over, it's up to the viewers," he says. "On Tuesdays, I try to be cool."

N.E. Psychologist said...

Judgement Day - Your friends are right, you are being too hard on yourself. You've been given a gift; give it forward. Donate time or moeny t w worthy cause in your comunity.

As for K, she has had SO MUCH given to her and justs keeps expecting more. I do not imagine she is willing to accept the thought that that will ever change. When it does someone will pay dearly and as far as she is concerned it won't be Katie Irene.

On the other hand:

"Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience he stands waiting, with exactness grinds he all."

'Retribution' by Friedrich Von Logau.

Kate the Phony said...

So now Khate is claiming to have been having "fun" during her second dance performance to excuse her atrocious dancing? Ha ha ha.

There was not an ounce of "fun" on her face. I have never seen such a liar in my life. She simply can not keep her insane lies straight. Don't walk on hotel carpet without shoes, but walks in a dirty parking lot without shoes.

A thread should be started listing all of Kate's lies as they are coming daily now in her embarassment on DWTS. How much time she spends with her kids, did the kids watch her live or was it past their bedtime. The list goes on and on.... I am starting to think she has Borderline Personality Disorder, in addition to Narcissism.

Christian_N_Daniel_Mommy said...

I think your screen name tells us when Kate will ever "get it"... sadly, I think she will only see the reality of who she is on Judgment Day... Can't you see her arguing with God? "Don't give up on me, God. Everyone in my life gave up on me, I don't need YOU to give up on me too!!"
Hahaha, what an eye-opener that will be.