Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all and may 2010 be a good year for us all.

What are your wishes for the ten Gosselins in 2010?

Yes, Call Me a Hater from Nova

Yes, call me a hater.

I hate reports that Kate (possibly Jon, too) sought attention for having twins, cue reports (and pictures) of Kate pushing a stroller carrying the twins, along with a sign that read "The Gosselin Twins".

I hate that it is quite possible that J&K became parents of sextuplets through devious means, and that at the time they showed no ability to care for so many children.

I hate the reports that Jon told colleagues that since he and Kate were having sextuplets, that he "would never have to work again", while searching the internet for sponsers and freebies.

I hate the reports that Kate spent much of her time while pregnant with the sextuplets also searching for sponsers and freebies.

I hate that J&K shopped around a video tape of their infants looking for a TV show.

I hate that TLC signed on to this and gleefully kept it going long after it should have been obvious that what they were doing was detrimental to the children involved.

I hate all the lies they told to the public and churches to keep the freebies coming in.

I hate that the friends and relatives that were concerned about what was happening were blocked from the lives of both the parents and the children.

I hate that Jon took so long to pull filming, and all the immature actions he has since taken.I hate that while TLC was coddling Kate and protecting her, Jon turned to people who didn't have his or his children's best interests at heart; instead of turning to the people who have loved them before the whole stupid reality thing blew up in his face.

I hate that Kate was given a pass from the media for so long.

I hate that it still seems that no one who has a direct ability to change things are still not putting the CHILDREN FIRST!

I hate that every time it seems that events are moving towards a better life for the kids, something always seems to derail it.

I PRAY that something happens very soon to turn those kids lives into a happier, more loving, enjoyable, and normal childhood.

I PRAY that they get the love, support, training, and guidance they need to divorce themselves from the toxic influences of their early years and go on to become happy, healthy adults.

So, yes, the sheeple can say I'm a hater, but not for the reasons they think.

By Nova