I Don't Get It Either

Can'tSeeSheep said...They're just trying to keep that idiot creature in the news & fresh in people's minds until her new show airs so that she doesn't become last year's news. These are incredibly silly & childish things they're putting out there. It's obvious she's not a cougar, she's not old enough & many men have sounded off about her lack of hotness, just look at the comment boards on other sites, especially when they ask if kate is hot, men tend to sound off with some pretty negative responses.
Kate does not appeal to men. No man wants to be henpecked and hounded that way. She has certainly let the world know how she feels about men.

Kate does, however, appeal to a lot of women. For some very strange reason there are some women of every age group who absolutely worship the ground she walks on.

Why is that?

Do they wish they could treat men the way she does? Why do they see her as incredably organized? Don't they understand Kate gives orders and other people carry them out?

How on earth can they see her as a wonderful mother?

I don't get it.

Thanks to Merrilee.

Kate Too Controversial?

Kate is no longer associated with Paula Deen according to radaronline.

Story copy is here.