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Where Will They Be?

I can't wait until 5-10 years from now when someone does a "Where are they now?" about the Gosselins. What do you think? Where will Kate, Jon and the kids be in 5 years? 10 years? I think Kate will do her show on TLC. It will draw some viewers in the beginning out of curiosity and then the ratings will drop. TLC, out of principle, may keep it on their line up for 2 years but then it will be cut. The kids will be filmed but the focus will be on Kate as the single mom dynamo. Kate will come out with her tell all book, she'll recommit to her faith, she'll try and reconcile with her family (both things for appearances only) and then she'll do the talk show circuit about how resilient she is and how great the kids are doing and how she's so glad Jon's out of her life. She will hang out with her "BFF" Jamie, who will become her personal assistant.

Thnks to silimom.